Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Trump Landslide

One can be delusional in an echo chamber message board without consequences for a very long time. When it comes to politics, reality only intrudes about once every two years. Until that time, anything you want can be true, and all your friends will back you up.

Along with the liberals control all media despair, you also have hope. No small part is for Civil War 2, but one can't be a political message board without having some hopes for the next election. Hopes that said delusional echo chamber is rapidly turning into faith in miracles.

Like unskewing the polls, but worse, Freepers are furiously convincing themselves that Trump is going to win all the states in the general election. From New York to California, he's totally going to pull a Reagan!

dp0622 knows New Yorkers aren't super political:
they dont see him as an evil republican. He’s the guy from The Apprentice and who used to have his name on a casino.

He’s also the guy that gets jobs done in NYC when no one else could seem to.

Cruz and Trump. Both great points and some issues. I’d take either one.
GrandJediMasterYoda worries Americans just aren't political enough to understand how awesome Trump is...
I can’t possibly see how Hitlery can beat Trump if she agrees to a debate unless the Democraps cheat as usual or she is able to forgo a debate with him entirely and the low infos are too numerous to overcome.

The low infos are Trumps biggest threat, I see a LOT of them on the net, it’s mind blowing how in the dark they are. They totally and utterly buy into the Hitlery myth and nothing you say will convince them otherwise. It’s like telling children Santa doesn’t exist, they go into tantrums and scream and stamp their feet “ No no no no!”

That’s Hitlerys voter base, she is like a God to them. Somehow Trump has to get through their cement filled skulls and to me the only way to do that is to debate the witch, and I don’t think she is going to do that.

Remember: She has absolutely NO obligation to debate him. She doesn’t NEED to debate him! She has almost the entire US press promoting her as well as the Democraps and the backstabbing lying Ryan GOP-Es, she could quite easily beat Trump by simply keeping him at arms length and letting him mouth off. The MSM/Democraps and treasonous GOP_Es will continue to bash Trump to protect the Queen and she will win the Presidency.
TigerClaws explains how he's going to get loads of blacks, and California too!
He going to win California too.

Between that's 40% of the delegates needed to win the nomination.

He's going to win Illinois, Penn and FLA too.

Those 5 states are enough to win 50% +1 of all GOP delegates, and they each are winner-take-all.

He’s polling 25% of the black vote.

There’s a reason ALL the networks and newspapers in the country are attacking Trump non-stop. He can destroy the Uniparty and create a new coalition of Reagan Democrats, conservatives, and young people suffering under the Obama recession.

Exciting times!
Beyond mistaking the primary for the general, dennisw allows only 48 states for Trump:
California and Hawaii are the only states that Trump cannot win. Every other state is a either a Trump lock, a probable for Trump or a possibility for him.

TRUMP is slamming the shyte out of Hillary for lying about Trump being in ISIS recruitment videos. Trump is not going to let this one go. Hillary has never been slammed like this and this is just the beginning of Donald Trump bringing down Hillary’s poll numbers by highlighting all her lies and extreme incompetence at the State Department (Benghazi etc)

Hillary is going to wish she never entered this Presidential race
Yeah, Hillary has never had to put up with anything negative before!

Awgie marvels at how awesome his imagination makes Trump:
My My My, what an amazing contrast with your traditional politician. Donald Trump defies every traditional category. We the people see him, hear him, feel him. The establishment shivers in fear.
Uh-oh, Little Ray's delusions are getting in the way of his hatred.
That actually worries me.
Just like I didn’t think much of the Republican Governor of a very Democrat state, I have my doubts about any ‘Pubbie who can win the People’s Democratic Republics of New York or California.
SamAdams76 has New York figured out:
I work in Manhattan. A lot of people are jazzed about Trump.
Jim Noble has also done some informal polling, and things look good!
I was born and grew up in NY and lived in MA for 22 years.

Trump is a lock in both of these states.

I agree about CA, although the autopsy on the GOP collapse there is yet to be written.I do not believe it’s about minorities, I believe the white liberals on the coast have developed a form of collective insanity. They believe things about the world that nobody else does.
Wallace T. lays out Trump's path to victory through Illinois and New Jersey:
I see Trump as being stronger than any Republican candidate since Reagan in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, all heavily blue collar industrial states that have lost a lot of their industry since the 1980s. Illinois and New Jersey are not impossible, either. Trump, unlike Cruz, Rubio, and the rest, is an economic nationalist, more like Buchanan and Perot. His positions will not hurt him in the Republican base states of the South, the Plains, and Rockies.

If he wins the key Rust Belt states, adding New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, etc., would be an added gift. My key concern, whoever the GOP nominee is, is voter fraud. If Trump has a comfortable vote margin in western Michigan and the rural areas, ballot box stuffing in Detroit, Flint, Ann Arbor, and Lansing would reverse this victory. Voter fraud cost Nixon the election in 1960, and probably Ford in 1976. Trump has the resources, both in cash and otherwise, to fight this.
Yeah, Ford was super popular in 1976.

cradle of freedom shows how far Freepers have gone:
Reagan was the last one like him.

False flag forever

Free Republic didn't spend a lot of time discussing the Richmond Trump supporter who was making explosives to blow up Muslims. I say he's a nut, but Freepers are so eager to tie all bad actors to liberalism, I was interested in their rationalization here.

Joke's on me - I spent a long time hunting out the thread, and Freepers don't even bother with spin anymore. It's all false flags off the break nowadays.

UPDATE: Looks like some Mosque member in Texas tried to burn down their Mosque, so now Freepers will be even more certain that the Muslim persecution they call for isn't actually happening.

TigerClaws wonders:
No one was injured.

Read the last sentence. False flag?

How quickly will the media jump nationally to blame Trump for this? He should say, "This has nothing to do with Trumpism!"
TigerClaws blames liberals for reporting what the GOP is saying:
How is preventing ‘refugees’ coming to the country causing such unfounded fears?

The left causes the fear then blames Republicans for fear mongering. Typical tactic.
TigerClaws then runs off into tinfoil crazytown:
Clinton knew about McVeigh before the attack but helped him do it so he could win a second term. Hope it doesn’t come to that before next November.
So long as facts don't matter, GOPJ has his own pet theory:
Someone needs to check his online activity and see if he’s been connected with the Southern Poverty Law Center... they seem to find the nuts and ‘groom’ them...
MNJohnnie thinks it's very suspicious how the media stops speculating when there's a suspect in custody:
Meanwhile we know next to nothing about the woman who ran over all those people in Las Vegas. Odd how the “News media, has to be so careful about those saying anyting about those people who actually comite violent acts but are free to endlessly speculate and rumor monger about anyone who is merely accused of something.
Yeah, they're not careful, where are you getting your news from?!



Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas lonliness

Freepers like to spend Thanksgiving being spiteful, and Christmas has in the past been no different.

But this year there were at least a couple of threads of Freepers in solidarity of being alone on Christmas. Many newer Freepers have had spouses die recently, but the veterans usually have family drama. Seeing Freepers stoically ask for compassion from their little community illustrates both that even people as hateful as Freepers need love, and how Freepers manage to rationalize that only members of their little enclave deserve compassion.

For those of you who prefer schadenfreude, I've linked the greatest hits of these lonely Freepers alongside their laments.

Paranoid Detroit native cripplecreek has British sci-fi to keep him company:
Watching Dr Who Christmas special reruns tonight and the new one will run tomorrow night.

They do a pretty good job with their Christmas specials. They’re usually secular-ish but not really.
Old, anti-immigrant, and tax-hating LongWayHome spent his Christmas with Trump's twitter feed, Hang in there....check out some Trump tweets tonight. The guy is all over Jeb. Makes you laugh:) When not enjoying some hiring discrimination, umgud tries his best to revel in the fact that his daughter's family live with him and still abandoned him:
I don’t have to be alone, but I’ll piss off somebody no matter where I don’t go. I’ve been happily divorced over 25 years, so no wife. My youngest daughter, son in law and 2 grandkids live with me, but are going over to his kin for dinner, festivities.

This is one of the downsides to being single.
A lunatic who thinks God demands we kill all homosexuals Yosemitest's mother has Alzheimer's.
With no children and overseas, I usually worked on the holidays, so others could be with their families.
I'm familiar with Divorce and it's one of the hardest things in life to go through.
However, there are times when my aging mother makes me desire to be somewhere else.
I do what I can, but her approaching second childhood is a real load.
Do what you can, and live where you choose, but service to others is rewarding in the end.
Man trying to win a hate-America contest greene66's companion is bitter nostalgia for his childhood:
Not entirely alone, but almost. The only thing special is my traditional Christmas dinner of shrimp-and-crawfish gumbo. Then, I’ll spend at least an hour sitting back and listening to some old-time jazz recordings. Followed by putting in a dvd-disc and watching some beautifully creaky old B-western from the days of the early talkies. Top it off by sifting through my vintage magazine collection, and maybe listen to an old 1940s-era radio show, or some such endeavor. Anything, however fleetingly, to help me forget what a hellishly sick and perverted culture that this nation has devolved down into. I live for those moments.
Slavery enthusiast and 2007 Hillary supervillain believer Publius spends his evening remembering how everyone in his family died, and how he hates them:
The "huge table" ended when my maternal grandmother died at age 89 from a heart attack. She was cooking Christmas dinner when she felt the elephant sitting on her chest. A drama queen to the end, she laid down on the floor, crossed her arms and arranged herself as though she were in her coffin. Her elderly unmarried daughter found her.

From that point on, I simply watched as her middle aged progeny died from alcoholism, pneumonia, a perforated duodenal ulcer (my mother), advanced Parkinson's, and senile dementia.

I left that whole thing when I went into the Army in 1971 and went from Philadelphia to the West Coast. I never looked back, and I don't regret it. They were always at each other's throats when they weren't at the "huge table."
Racist schoolteacher and creator of strawman liberals A_perfect_lady is just an introvert, which is why she can't stop posting on this message board:
I’ve been a lone wolf for about 12 years now. I just can’t handle too much companionship, and my family lives a long ways away. So the cats and I chill by the fireplace. Cheers to you!
New World Order paranoiac Chickensoup's daughter has an improbable number of mental disorders:
My I will be alone til noon, then a couple of my children are coming over. I have a daughter who has torn apart the family with her splitting ways and I am most not favored.

Borderline Personality disorder and narcissistic traits are a bi***. Literally

One child dropped in this evening and we played a game and talked a bit. She left the family gathering because the drama of the borderline who manipulates heavily and requires constant positive affirmation, is wearing. I am, as she said, a safe haven.

The ex is eating this up.

In the morning a young friend is stopping by for some egg nog and goodies.

I am ok. I just have to realized that I have some children but no family, and am beginning to place myself into the lives of others.

Been doubly difficult this year because all three of my good adult friends have moved away to warmer climates.

On the positive side two friends I have not seen in years have stopped in. Great glow from the catching up.
Believer that all conservative women are happy, and that Obama's gay Yaelle feels alone despite having four kids:
Even with my four beautiful kids, I feel so alone so much that I need to start to create more of a family even of friends around.
Stormfrontish Confederate, Gadsen, and upside down US flag flying usconservative is getting ready to divorce his wife due to stubborn lack of communication:
This is highly likely to be our last Christmas gathering as a family. As much as I'm trying to make the best of it, knowing what's coming after the first of the year isn't helping.

I'm on a 30 day heart monitor. It filled up once already today and I had to drive 60 miles to get to a place where it could get a cellphone signal to send the data that accumulated, then drive 60 miles back. Didn't want to tell family what was going on, my hand was forced today and now everyone's upset at me. Wife wanted to come up to the middle of no-freaking-where with nothing around for 60+ miles to see her perfectly healthy parents, knowing I'm on a heart monitor and need to be monitored 24x7. Sure enough, closest cellphone signal for the heart monitor is 60 miles straight south.

Why I came, simply to please her I don't know. This bullshit is over after the first of the year. It's all going to be a matter of who races to divorce court first.

If I could curl up in a corner and just die right now, I would because I've just had enough this year. Well, at least not until I've changed the revokable living trust and gave everything to the kids and leave the wife without a pot to piss in anyway.

Yeah, Merry Christmas indeed.

lesbian Air Force officer killed in Afghanistan

anonymousB led us to this piece of wonder.

Reuters has a story about one of the servicemen killed December 22nd in Afghanistan. She's a lesbian with a wife and son. The thread starts out with most Freepers deciding her service supercedes any culture war BS, but as is often the case the thread devolves into a Freeper than you contest for who can discount her service more:

ohioman is one of about 3 Freepers in a row to talk about turkey basters:
Sent condolences to “her wife and son” - that is not biologically possible. I feel worse for the turkey-baster child.
Alluva sudden E. Pluribus Unum doesn't care when US soldiers die:
Why does that even matter?

I guess the homosexual supremacists are supremacists even when dead.
Teacher317 has decided she probably didn't fight as well as the straights with her:
Some are more equal than others. I’d be willing to bet that some of the other five did far more than she did, but suffered from a deplorable lack of potential victimhood status claims... but we will likely never hear much about them.
soycd focuses on less confusing hate
Never trust a muzzy. homo or not.
Justa assumes the suicide bomber was motivated by her being a woman:
She was probably the target and got herself and five others killed pushing PC. We’re supposed to be sensitive to Muslim values and not drink, disparage Islam or play music around them while in country. Yet we’ll put an armed woman over them to patrol amongst then feign surprise when she’s VBIED’d. Fools, evil fools.
longtermmemmory just isn't getting a big enough hate-boner with mere lesbian, and so tacks on some other sexual kinks:
substitute wife swapper, swinger, lethe fetish, or whatever sex recreation in for homosexual and the article has the same diminishing effect on the normal soldiers.

Her only true claim to fame is “being there.”
fwdude knows the culture war is more important than any actual war:
I don't give a dam if she went with men or women or was black, white, highyeller, or green. If she fought and died for my freedom...

I hope you eventually come to realize that the homosexual agenda, which this dyke pushed, is decidedly ANTI-freedom, for everyone who does not grovel at its feet.

She can burn in hell, which is her lot.
Hulka grandfathers in her hatred!
Did this gay female go into our AirForce with the intent on disrupting our effort? no.

I’m not so sure.

Major, at least 10-yrs service. Don’t ask don’t tell. She signed up when it was still a violation of UCMJ to be a homosexual and serve.

It can argued it was all about her, placing her wants over the UCMJ and that disrupts (undermines) the law.
dbehsman knows hatred means you don't even need to engage:
A disgraceful dirtbag was killed. Pardon me for not weeping.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Tuesday Potpourri Pt. II

re_nortex is back! And his satire continues to have plausible freepability. But for how long will his crazy remain ahead of the curve?
Just envision how Great the FREE-again Republic will become under the inspired leadership of President Trump. From border to border, the muzzie cockroaches will be crushed. The wetbacks will also scurry back across the Grand River (it will be renamed from the Rio Grande). The criminal gang led by hussein will be doing continual hard, back-breaking labor under a burning sun! Good times and prosperity ahead! Woo hoo!
StAntKnee's analysis that Hillary Clinton has a secret colostomy bag shows what a challenge nortex will have:
Observation: That’s not just a huge pocket in the tarp. It’s a huge pocket with something heavy in it. See the vertical fold? C-bag.
mouse1 is analyzing a picture of Chelsea Clinton, and is pretty sure she's never held her baby before:
She’s holding her baby, but the pose doesn’t look natural. Maybe it’s the firs time she has held her. Most people would sit the child sideways and look at the child - not plop the kid between her legs.
What would make lentulusgracchus enjoy the SpaceX launch/landing even more? Making an elaborate scenario where Obama hates it!
Hearing all the SpaceX employees chanting USA was great, too.

Must have been molar-grinding time for Barky. Here he thought he'd neutered all those white boys by turning NASA into a "Moslem outreach" agency ..... and damned if the pimply-faced engineering crowd didn't go private and do The Forbidden on their own, anyway.


"I forbade it! .... I FORBADE IT!!!"

Once again, Liz exhorts her fellow Freepers to call their Congressman and ask for outlandish crap:
Americans need to consider the worst...that Obama (and the Clintons) are being bribed into taking no action on terrorism.
More egregiously, we need to know the scope and dimension of our tax dollars being used to finance terror squads invading our country.


NOW IS THE TIME TO COME TO THE AID OF YOUR COUNTRY: Contact your Representative and Senators
Capitol Switchboard 1-866-220-0044

Americans demand to see wire-transfers, emails, disk drives

(1) in and out of Valerie Jarrett's office,

(2) those in and out of Obama's two foundations (two that we know of), and,

(3) wire transfers into his library fund....

Investigate other networks (perhaps CAIR) they might be using to money launder, and pocket bribes, payoffs and kickbacks.

Moreover, Americans demand reparations from any Washington
official that used US govt power and govt office to aid and abet terrorism.
Trying to keep his rage up is hard. Angels27 tries to convince himself Obama's last year will be the worst:
0bama is the enemy within. This last year will be worst in his reign of terror. He will step up his efforts to destroy this country. Make no mistake, he wants us dead.
Long a Freeper dream, Wilhelm Tell has examined a collection of strawmen and must reluctantly conclude that liberals and Muslims are one and the same:
If you look at any cause the left claims to champion, but if this cause gets in the way of Islam, suddenly to the left their cause is forgotten and Islam is preferred. The left champions gays and women, supposedly, but the left ignores the plight of gay people in Islamic countries. The leftists in Western countries visciously attack any feminist who appears in a Muslim country. The left claims to support ethnic minorities but if Islamists attack some minority, the leftists will ignore it or even express solidarity with the Islamists.

I think the left is basically run by Islamists or Islamic sympathizers when you look at their leadership, but most leftists are in denial or are too ignorant to see that the left as a movement has for a long time been co-opted by Islam.
Add in Nazis and Commies and you're all set!

Remember Palin's constant masterstrokes? Revelation 911 has convinced himself Trump's a similar genius:
Trump is now baiting her with the “schlonged” comment. If she makes a big deal out of his “vulgar” comments, Trump can then say what is worse, words or actions, and point to a President getting BJs in the oval office by an intern and sticking cigars in her vagina.

nothing worse than a very smart very sharp knife...This guy dominates media like nothing Ive ever seen. Every time he opens his mouth in seemingly random dialogue, he is later proven correct. Either he researched ahead of time, or he is very very lucky.....I vote researched.

This guy is 3 moves ahead of them
Yaelle goes for the bluster to defend Trump:
Trump used a term to say Hillary got beaten, which is a word for a penis.

Hillary terrorized to keep them quiet, women her husband RAPED with a penis.

Jack Hydrazine wonders about a Freeper hero:
I wonder if Bernie Goetz is a Trump supporter?
Patton@Bastogne fancies himself a political genius:

Memo to Donald Trump ...

Executive Summary:

By helping to DESTROY Hillary in the first three (3) Democratic Presidential Primaries, Donald Trump can "accurately claim" that he KEPT HIS PROMISE to the GOP that he CAN and DID DEFEAT Hillary ...

1) set-up a Hillary Lies website (

2) Purchase a $ 100 million national TV ad buy to air a "Hillary Liar" video featuring Bill Clinton on the ISIS Recruitment Video ... featuring the website link ...

3) Massively Broadcast national TV ad (everywhere) until everyone in America has seen the video at least three times ... including in movie theater ads, Liberal newspapers and Women's magazines ... EVERYWHERE ...

4-A) FOCUS "Hillary Lies" TV ads in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina so that Bernie Sanders can DEFEAT Hillary in the first three (3) Democrat 2016 Presidential Primary States ...

4-B) FOCUS "Hillary Lies" with a massive Outdoor Billboard campaign in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina so that Bernie Sanders can DEFEAT Hillary in the first three (3) Democrat 2016 Presidential Primary States ...

Again ... By helping to DESTROY Hillary in the first three (3) Democratic Presidential Primaries, Donald Trump can "accurately claim" that he KEPT HIS PROMISE to the GOP that he CAN and DID DEFEAT Hillary ...
Come for the super lame negative add, stay for the massive billboard buy!

detective has a suggestion that Trump just rant on about all Freep's past Clinton crazy until the Clintons cry!
Trump should go after the Clintons for “Arkanside”, Vince Foster, the banks they looted, Paula Jones, Johnny Chung and all their other criminal acts. Trump can also bring up the murder of Ron Brown, the Khobar Towers bombing, the embassy bombings, the attack on the U.S.S Cole and don't forget that ugly as sin Monica Lewinski and the many six figure no show jobs Clinton got for her.

Keep up the pressure until they're both crying uncontrollably and begging him to stop.

Then really turn up the heat.
drypowder makes a joke that is as lame as it is racist:
the Toys R Us in Oakland CA changed it's name and is now called, We Be Toys and Sh!t.

Sorry, I couldn't help myself.
VanDeKoik uses some strong logical fail to tar his fellow Freepers:
It’s funny seeing the people on FR that despise Trump having to find themselves on the same side with Hillary and the GOPEs.
Ruy Dias de Bivar is having none of Doodledawg's grudging allowance that Obama did a good golf thing:
I don’t care who you are. Draining a forty footer like that is worth a cheer.

News caster Paul Harvey hit a hole in one but NEVER bragged about it. Many years later he mentioned it happened on Nov 22, 1963. Not a day to brag about anything.
DoughtyOne seems to have a sitcomesque hatred of his wife:
The Wife/Sanders 2016
MadMax, the Grinning Reaper us wrapping all the conspiracies up together:
Hillary’s medical records are in the same place as Obama’s birth certificate and school records, and Bill’s balls.

Whoever finds them can set their price and is set for life.
dsc is hoping for the 1968 Democratic convention, but with old, old Freepers:
I just had a flash of ex-Republicans appearing at Stupid Party rallies with megaphones, chanting FU, FU, FU, FU, (but not abbreviating) as a statement that the Republicans no longer have anything to say.

Then, instead of cooperating, forcing the police to billy-club them into submission.

Once some blood is shed, something might get started.
dsc goes to great lengths to explain why being an alarming asshole is vital for America:
There are things that are so bad that one has a moral duty to say terrible things about them at every opportunity. Liberalism is one of those things. That duty is more important than class, dignity, or manners.

It is long past time for decent people to wake up and realize that when dealing with scumbags, civility is nothing but a self-imposed handicap.

After a hundred million innocent dead in the twentieth century, no liberal is entitled to the slightest consideration, courtesy, or civility. Liberals should be reviled, abominated, spat upon, even beaten, whenever they have the gall to show their faces in the presence of decent people.

We act wrongly when we pretend that liberals have a right to a voice in human affairs. We act wrongly when we fail to excoriate them for the horrors they have wrought, and those they still lust to wreak.

When a human being appears in public with a liberal, at a political debate, for instance, he should preface his remarks with a statement to the effect that the proximity of the liberal is causing his gorge to rise and his flesh to crawl.

It is not humanly possible to say anything sufficiently critical and insulting about liberals and liberalism. Indictment, trial, conviction, sentencing, and execution would be insufficient punishment for their crimes against humanity.

Human beings arise! Computer science will allow a tyranny so complete and horrible that it has yet to be imagined, unless these loathsome swine are stopped.
I'm amazed by Freepers like Maelstorm who know normal Muslims, but still work hard to hate all the Muslims they don't know personally:
I’ve worked with Muslims and I know a few true Moderate Muslims who do everything from celebrate Christmas and drink causually. The problem is that being a moderate Muslim almost always is aligned with not being devout or orthodox Muslim. The last thing we need is to grow Muslim political influence in America.
Jimmy Valentine is hoping Bill Clinton's appeal has faded:
Billy of the bent penis hasn’t got the Mojo he once had. Plus I think he would rather be on Pedophile Island.
Flintlock hates how the police won't let him preemptively execute Muslim looking people:
The main problem will be that we have to fight our way THRU OBambi’s armed thugs in order to get to the Islamic targets in the first place.

They will be protected by our idiotic Po-lice and we must get past THEM for a clear shot at the invaders.

Long-range marksmanship will be essential.
Oh, dear, I'll bet SandRat is serious, and dresses like Rambo every evening:
Albion Wilde excuses Trump's 'Happy Holidays' card, because Trump doesn't really mean it:
What's with the "Happy Holidays"? I thought he said we would be saying "Merry Christmas" again, not giving the two equal billing.

He realizes Jews and atheists also vote, and has two Jewish in-laws, so...

I think he is against the banning of Christmas greetings by companies wishing to profit from Christmas, and the punishing of store employees for not being allowed to say "Merry Christmas" to shoppers, and things like that.
BroJoeK knows high IQ means conservative:
it's been noted that in the past 100+ years average IQs slowly increased, even amongst, or especially amongst, those groups which score lowest.

And that is a HUGE problem for Democrats, because any people eventually reach the point where they begin to grasp that Democrat political-economic diagnoses are false and their nostrums quack, intended only to maintain their class dependence on Democrat Big Government.

Such people begin to seek more uplifting ideas less committed to Democrat politics.

It's why Democrats constantly bombard us with not just high quality new immigrants, but more to their purposes, the worst of the worst, future Democrat voters.
Paradox hates his fellow Hispanics:
I’ve always chuckled at the graphs showing comparative IQ’s for groups, by ethnicity. My modest 135 IQ, while nothing to sneer at overall, makes me a freakin Einstein among “my fellow hispanics”...
In a fond memory, Alberta's Child was asked id she saw a burglary, and just smugly described the last black person she saw:
Years ago I was questioned by the police about a burglary that took place in the town where I lived. I wasn't a suspect. I just happened to be working outside in the general vicinity of the place when the crime was reported.

I gave the police an description of the person they were looking for -- a middle-aged black female. My description included her approximate height and age, the location and direction she was walking when I saw her, and an exact description of everything she was wearing.

The cop didn't seem to believe me. He asked: "How do you remember all that?"

My response: "Something didn't look right about her, and I figured she didn't live around here. I guess I just made a mental note of it when she walked past."

Tuesday Potpourri Pt. I

ButThreeLeftsDo gives us a strong contender for the Freeper slogan:
It’s the end of the world, as we know it...

I don’t feel fine.
mothball knows Putin loves Trump because Putin loves a challenge:
Maybe he just wants a challenge. He knows that Obungler is like dealing with a toddler.
patq has his thumb on the pulse of the world:
Most Admired World Leaders:

1) Trump
2) Cruz
3) Putin
4) Everyone else (except Obama)
5) Obama
No Netanyahu!

In explaining how Trump will rule us all yet not be a tyrant, GBA comes upon a very unusual definition of strength:
Sometimes the physically strong are internally weak and use their physical strength to compensate for or mask their inner weakness and/or to service their ambition rather than the needs of those they lead.

These types will demonstrate how "a chain is no stronger than its weakest link" in the right/wrong circumstances.

I see Hitler as such a person and would characterize him as weak: no integrity, no virtue, no morals, no heart, just ego and the results to match.

Perhaps Stalin was not too different and the Russians suffered his weaknesses under the Soviet heel which Stalin's weakness made necessary. Were he not weak, no jack booted thugs would be needed.

North Korea has a similar sort of problem.
In Jack023's unbiased judgment, Democrats talk like a fag and their shit's all retarded
Does anyone notice what lousy public speakers the Dems are?

Odumbo, IMHO, is way overrated as a speaker. All of his “uhs” and other annoying pauses make me want to tear my hair out. Plus all he does is drone on and on and on and on.....

Bernie “The Commie” Sanders sounds like his dentures are loose.

And Der us from the Wicked Witch of the Beast. Her voice is beyond annoying. Can you imagine 4 years of her? God help us.

Give me Sarah or the Donald anytime.
Tzimisce on the corruption of Bernie Sanders
He’s a socialist pos.

He’s not sorry. He’s corrupt.

And if elected president, he’ll just multiple the corruption a thousand fold.
RginTN is pretty sure he knows why universally hated douchebag Martin Shkreli got in trouble:
Was his crime NOT being PC?

This administration doesn’t mind the crooks...

He’s a lefty who donated to bernie sanders
Wait, I thought Obama hated Hillary. Ah well, that cloak and dagger fantasy will have to be put into storage until the next time it's remotely plausible: thinks the whole Sanders server fiasco is a Hillary/DNC conspiracy!
Now why would a candidate who is known for its paranoia regarding secrecy (.... private email server while at state) agree to have campaign data on the same server (and worse, the same database) as other candidates? Does not make any sense.
This was a trap to begin with. The story about the mistakenly removed “database firewall” is total rubbish.

I would be very interested to see the access logs from the Clinton campaign.... LOL

How funny. This is all a great show when looking from outside.
Utilizer thinks debunked rumors are the key to Hillary's downfall:
This would be a great response in a debate.

Trump or Cruz:

“The only budget cuts we can expect from Hillary would be on White House furnishings, since she’d likely bring the old china back”

Unfortunately, just one set of china would probably not be enough for Her Heinous.

I’m just surprised she didn’t make off with a large amount of food and alcohol as well.

Wonder if she stil has all those “W” keycaps from the keyboards they vandalized on their way out.
fision is hardly alone with this new conspiracy theory:
Then we thought we had hit rock bottom with Holder. Now we have muslim for ag!!!
cuban leaf is unclear on what a donation is:
I’ve given,quite literally, gallons of blood. But I have not given since 1989. Its my way of protesting the system. The source of the blood is the only part of its use that is free. I’ll begin donating again when they PAY me for my precious bodily fluids. $1,075 a pint seems about right.
arthurus explains why Islam cannot be reformed, and describes Catholicism right before Martin Luthor:
Islam cannot be reformed. Those facets that need reforming are basic to Islam. Any reform is basic heresy and creates another religion. It is thus Apostasy and at best will lead to another small sect such as the Druze. Reform has happened before. Tha Assassins were a reform. The Druze are a reform.
Lizavetta is unable to believe compassion towards refugees is a thing some have:
I have NO DOUBT that Canada and the American cities that have said they'll gladly take them are being paid to do so by the U.S. Treasury i.e. Obama. No doubt in my mind.
JudyinCanada has bad news about Canada:
For what it’s worth, Trump should put up a wall on the norther border while he’s at it. We’re SWARMING with jihadists up here.
JayGalt has gone Rubio birther; could Cruz be next?
I follow politics fairly closely but I did not know that Rubio’s parents weren’t citizens when he was born. He clearly was not born of parents who held an undivided allegiance to America at the time of his birth. Unless we are redefining natural born citizen by stealth he does not qualify. He is a terrible choice for President for many other reasons but the fact that there has been so little mention of his parent’s citizenship history is another example of the media shaping the message they want us to hear ... aka lying,
kiryandil loves how Trump acts like a bully, the highest form of leader:
Trump already took out two of Barky 0Muslim's Media spearcatchers - he trotted F. Chuck Todd & Georgie Dwarfanopoulus into the school bathroom and gave them both Swirlies...
In a similar vein, dhs12345:
These cry wolf liberals need to be slapped around a little. It will make them think twice before making such a horrible accusations of racism and sexism and classism.
Ancient Man stretches a metaphor rather too far:
WaPo’s just trying to slave-drive blacks to the polls.
hadaclueonce's been studying his Bible:

introduced by the Devils own servants, Progressives, MSM and Obama.
I wonder if metmom has looked into the hijab to help men with their otherwise uncontrollable lust for female flesh?
I have issues with how many Christians dress in church. The girls often look more like hookers out for a night on the town.

I do not understand how some men can focus on the Lord under such conditions.
One could argue lack of respect, but to argue inflaming men's lust is pretty Victorian!

GrandJediMasterYoda does the math, and proves New York is going to be destroyed by Muslim cabbies:
So glad I moved out of that cesspool. I like to point out to people there are 17,000 taxis that run 24/7 all year round in that city. 60% of them are driven by Muslims that are right off the boat. That's 10,200 potential car bombs. If even 3% decide to coordinate attacks all around Manhattan, that's 306 car bombs that could easily take out tens of thousands of people, and you damn well know they've already thought about doing it. HELLO!
In 2002, thegreatbeast is pretty smug about Hillary's lack of electability:
There is a constant 30% of the American populace (with me among its numbers) that would not vote for her were she to gain universal brotherhood, world peace, a cure for cancer and bowl a perfect 300 all in one morning! The Republicans will raise billions working on peoples' fear that Hilary might one day gain real power.

Simply, Hilary is a catalyzing agent who could not gain anything like a plurality in a national election. Too many of us...uh,...dislike the woman.
bestrongbpositive knows Hillary's bathroom break during the debate was planned:
You can bet this was all planned. She doesn’t do anything her handlers don’t tell her to do.
MrBambaLaMamba is having trouble reconciling conflicting bullish rumors about Hillary:
She was in there guzzling liquid courage.

How does she reconcile her alcohol consumption with Islam.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Freepmas

I was planning on taking today off, but then I saw this shorty discussing what Freepers really want for Christmas - a terrorist attack on NY!

yarddog just has Freepers usual bad feeling:
I bet there is some kind of terrorist event over Christmas.

Whether it will be successful or not, I don’t have any idea.
Mark17 finds NYC not freaking out very suspicious:
Keep in mind these people ALWAYS deny things when theyĆ¢€™re serious.

Yep, and then something like San Bernardino happens. I tend to believe the opposite of what they say.
Secret Agent Man preemptively declares false flag:
Cant disrupt any false flags beig planned by ny/fed sources.
At this rate, are terrorists even real?

ExSoldier, on the other hand, is excited - a few thousand deaths is all we need to lock in Trump!
As our own Travis McGee has already speculated and I agree, if this country is hit again in the same manner as either France or San Bernardino, and if it happens before the election, whomever is the Republican nominee (even Trump) will win in a landslide that will make the Reagan win in 1980 seem tiny in comparison!
Caipirabob prefers to think all terrorist attacks are false flags to grab his guns:
I feel a terrible strike will occur because it suites the agenda of idiots who want to use it as an excuse for gun grabbing legislation or dictate.
If the worst happens, Randy Larsen is planning to only use his gun heroism on conservatives!
We as conservatives have no duty to protect the liberals any more than they would protect us.

Now, we have a decision to make. Should we protect the liberals that hate us or do we protect our country in spite of the way the liberals treat us.

We must make a huge decision.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Thursday Spotlight: CivilWarBrewing

Christmas time is here, whether you're into that or not.
I'm back in NY with the fam so no weekend posts, and Monday will be late. But I prepared a pretty sweet spotlight for y'all.

He joined in 2012, but he's so beyond Freep I have to believe he's a retread banned during the pro-Romney purge. His name recalls Jim Robinson's "Rebellion is Brewing!" signoff from that era.

Not a troll, I don't think, because he posts so often anyone not actually this crazy would have gotten tired by now.

Not a big thinker, this guy. He'll just post whatever his id is screaming at any given moment, often in ALL CAPS AND HUGE RED LETTERS. There's no philosophy for this guy because he's not considering anything, so you just get a scattershot of contradictions factless speculation.

The best you can hope for with these types are themes, and for Mr. Brewing here those are false flags, secret Muslims, and hating women.

Paul Ryan is building a fence around his house. PROOF!
Looks like 0dunga has blackmailed Ryan or he is just a flat-out traitor trying to sabotage the Republican party.

Ryan KNOWS he is betraying his party. When a politician fortifies the fence around his mansion that means he KNOWS he is angering MILLIONS of his constituents.

'FUPR' isn't good enough. Insert your most heinous comment here: _______________________________ POS RYAN, MF'er TRAITOR TURNCOAT BA$TARD.
Everyone knows the occupation is easier than the war!
0dunga killed over 3 times the number of troops in Iraq and Afghanistan than Bush did, and you would EXPECT your greatest number of casualties to occur DURING INVASION, but this is NOT the case if you look at the numbers.
Debate analysis:
'Snoozefest'? HARDLY. I feel the terror discussion clearly illustrated Team 0dunga/Hillary's outright submission to Islam quite CLEARLY.

I also think CNN wanted as many bodies behind podiums as possible in an attempt to MINIMIZE THE IMPACT OF ANY ONE CANDIDATE. That CNN tactic didn't go unnoticed by FReepers, I'm sure. I thought Christie did a great job of sticking it to Hillary. Almost every remark included a jab at Hillary.
Speaking of Obama's submission to Islam, Proving Obama's a Muslim. And Bush too!
Immediately following the worst Islamic terrorist attack in the U.S. since 9-11, only a MUSLIM president would reach out to governors for help with gun control and NOT ISLAMIC TERRORIST CONTROL efforts.
Another secret Muslim found:
It's now been settled..

Muslims are everywhere!
The Pentagon has been consumed by Islamo-Fascists just like the State Dept.. America is doomed.
All car accidents are due to MUSLIM SLEEPERS!
..and am I the ONLY one who thinks that the cop who drove head-on into an oncoming truck in NY, KILLING BOTH OF HIS FELLOW COP PASSENGERS, was an ATTEMPTED SUICIDE TERRORIST ATTACK by a Jihadist cop? 2 INFIDELS DEAD.

And what about the taxi driver who drove down a sidewalk in NY? Cab Jumps Curb, Hits 4 in NYC; Man, Girl Killed; 2 Injured

Black protests are a problem that can only be solved by shooting them:
Blacks live under their OWN rules. We see that everyday in our White House, and THEY SEE IT, TOO. There is NO REASONING with people who defend a THUG who pushed a cop, reached for his weapon and then turned on him and charged at him a SECOND time.

There is only ONE language they understand and it's called "DOUBLE TAP".
And soon...the Chinese will strike!
I’m going to go out on a limb and say that well over 75% of the Chinese in this country are ACTIVE spies for China. How long before Americans with high security clearances start disappearing off the streets? And we’ll know why, as well.
Turkey shoots down a Russian plane. Thanks Obama!
Our Satan-in-Chief is trying to start WWIII.
Democrats are blackmailing everyone:
Maybe Hillary has a revised list of people she wants Barry to have the NSA eavesdrop on.. She needs phone conversations, emails, etc., of all Republican candidates added to the list..

It's no wonder the Dems seem to ALWAYS get away with EVERYTHING, eh? Even SCOTUS isn't immune from Barry's NSA.
There is only one saintlike man who cannot be blackmailed:
There’s probably not a single person in Congress who couldn’t be blackmailed by SOMETHING, other than maybe Ted Cruz. Cruz is a rare bird, unfortunately.
That was 2014. Now it's Trump versus the UNI-PARTY.
Just as we FReepers have, Trump now realizes we have a UNI-PARTY and that is why it is HIM against the ESTABLISHMENT. This accounts for his skyrocketing popularity.
Obama's post election plans to flee to Cuba:
Yep. He’ll pardon ALL Gitmo detainees, Maj. Hasan, Tsarnov, blah blah blah.. If Hillary is elected he’ll stay in the country because she’ll cover-up his crimes. If Trump, Carson or Cruz is elected, he’ll flee the country for Cuba where he’ll replace Raul Castro and attempt to organize a communist revolt in the United States.. Uhhhh errr, I mean, CONTINUE THE ONE HE’S ALREADY STARTED HERE.
Benghazi explained!
The hacking of Hillary’s server is the CAUSE of the attack in Benghazi. The bad guys knew ALL of Ambassador Stevens’ security arrangement (or lack of), scheduling, times, dates, personnel..
I want the unvarnished TRUTH as to WHAT WAS THE U.S. DOING IN BENGHAZI??? After 3 YEARS, we STILL don't know the answer to that question!!!

Also, WHO were the attackers and WHY did 0bama fail to actively go after them? Were the attackers the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD assigned by Morsi/Hillary to take Stevens hostage to be later used by Morsi to gain the release of the Blind Sheik before the election?

San Bernardino and Planned Parenthood - both false flags:
Tin foil hat? You're not alone..

If the anti-gun cabal wants to enlist the sympathies of the public in a HUGE way, they choose targets that are UNTHINKABLE for attack such as A CLINIC THAT OFFERS "HEATH CARE SERVICES" TO WOMEN, AND NOW A GROUP THAT WORKS FOR THE DEVELOPMENTALLY DISABLED.

Oregon State shooting - false flag:
School officials had their orders to allow the shooting to happen. False flag. You mean to tell me the shooter’s Internet rants weren’t reported and they didn’t know this was going to happen? Of course they did!
A failed Freeper protest? Another false flag!
False flag, I agree. It was designed to fail from the start for the purpose of demoralizing the Tea Party movement ahead of elections. As if oppression by the IRS isn’t enough.
Pamela Gellar being shot at by enraged Muslims? Also maybe a false flag!
Could even be a false flag to rally Americans’ support of Jade Helm and infiltration of our streets by U.S. troops. We THINK we know why they are there, but the real reason turns out to be something else.
And those that can't be blackmailed will just be assassinated by a false flag:
So, how many 'psycho Army veterans with PTSD' are lying in wait for D'souza at the Community Confinement Center? We all know this is what's going to happen to him.

Mark this thread for when it happens. This is a travesty. I'D RATHER BE IN PRISON THEN BE UNDER THE TERMS OF THIS 'OVERKILL' PROBATION!
In fact EVERYTHING is a false flag, from the Pope to Syrian refugees to Obama:
this is all nothing but a U.N/NWO PSY-OPS PROPAGANDA, and Boehner is part of that team. He's been one heck of an agent for the NWO while speaker, huh!

The WORST Pope ever comes to America for the first time ever, at a time when America has the WORST president EVER?

TWO of the largest immigration crisis EVER in the history of the world, one in Europe, one in the U.S., while the WORST U.S. president EVER is in office? JUST A CO-INKY-DINKY? HELL NO!!!!

This has all GOT to be a global conspiracy against America. This is a political attack, not a religious experience. Team U.N./NWO flooding Europe with Islamists and flooding America with third-worlder Democrats to change our election outcomes to favor THEIR MISSION of undermining America. Cuba favored over the U.S. by the Pope? HORRIBLE!!
So the UN rules us all!
It’s the U.N. who tells 0dunga, Loretta Lynch, Jeh Johnson, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett, etc., what to say to the American people!
So Obama is backing off of Assad because the UN told...the Caliphate is in place.
I guess Team 0dunga feels satisfied now that the expansion of the Caliphate into Europe and the U.S. via ‘refugees’ is now sufficient so the administration can ease up on stoking the civil war there by no longer arming anti-Assad forces.
Wait, no it was a PR move by Obama:
Odunga saw his sinking poll numbers on his handling of ISIS at 43% approval and has decided his anti-Assad policy is BAD OPTICS, and with a year left in office an even WORSE legacy.
Did I say UN mandated Caliphate? I meant soon Russia will rule the world:
Russia will defeat ISIS, thus dominating the Middle East and thereby replace the United States as world’s #1 superpower. 0dungo says ‘Mission Accomplished’!
Or maybe it will be Iran:
Yep. King Zero’s method is clear: Allow ISIS to take Iraqi cities then Iran Quds force comes in and retakes cities from ISIS. Rinse and Repeat. Iran has their agents in our White House, namely VALERIE JARRETT.
The point is, we live in the worst of all possible worlds:
One thing is GUARANTEED.. Whatever is WRONG is what WILL happen.
There's really only one solution to this bewildering conspiracy:
BOMB Iran and orchestrate a MILITARY COUP on the corrupt and traitorous Muslim insurgents in our government (Obama, Jarrett, Kerry, John Brennan, etc.)

Toy guns are the key to manliness:
single moms + boys without toy guns = EMASCULATED MALES
Vaginafest 2016:
Either way, Hillary or Faux it’s a mass catharsis ‘vagina fest’ hosted by Sandra Fluke. Same chit as 2008 and 2012. There’s no reasoning with bimbos immersed in women’s issues.
Estrogen rallies for Elizabeth Warren!
I think the Dems are planning a MAJOR 'courting of single females' all over again with Warren, the War on Women, Sandra Fluke speeches, giant 'estrogen rallies' and other massive gatherings where hypnosis and catharsis sweep through a sea of "vaginas for Liz".
The bitterness of divorced women are the key to Democratic success:
I think single/divorced females view the Republican party as “their ex-husband’s party” and seek to RETALIATE by voting Democrat! There’s probably a shred of truth in this dynamic. Their vote is an act of retribution. Unfortunately, they’re killing their children’s futures in the process but it’s more important for them to make a statement against their ex-husbands or the man who jaded them. It’s the ‘War on Women’ “GET BACK AT HIM, LADIES.. GET BACK AT HIM!”
We need to declare a war on women:
Females voted America to its death and they're luvin' it! It's bad enough females abandoned their children for their careers but they had to see to it they'd wipe their futures out, too. What would we do to Russians, Japanese or Germans if they assaulted America like females are?
Females love the black cock:
Females? Ben Carson fantasies. The ‘Obama syndrome’.
He talks like he knows...
Cocaine is her best friend. Makes her animated and VERY outspoken. Oh yeah and it also makes her snort every 30 seconds and lick her gums. She's been raiding the evidence locker.

If that woman wasn't coked up I'll eat my shorts.
Not without medication. But then you're clearly having so much fun...

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Chelsea Clinton having a second child

Nice find, anonymousB! Dense with lame hatred!

It's an election year. If you thought Freepers were petty when she had her first kid, you ain't seen nothin' yet! kcvl, off the break, is sure this child is actually a cynical ploy:
I see the Clintons are playing all the political cards for this race! And, yes, I do think it is all political. Everything these people do is political!
SeaHawkFan agrees:
How much did Hillary have to pay Chelsea to make this happen?
kcvl does not take kindly to any Freeper allowing Chelsea to just have a child:
Chelsea is having a second child. Young couples sort of do that sort of thing. I hope it goes well for her.

Yeah, right, if you really believe that, go ahead. You are wrong.
re_nortex is back!! But he doesn't have much to add to this thread's craziness:
There is nothing political about Chelsea having a 2nd baby. It happens all the time. Certainly Hillary gains nothing in reminding everyone how old she is and that she is a grandmother yet again. So I wish Chelsea well

I don’t. All KKKlintoons are subhuman scum.
Sarah Barracuda gets in her dig that pro-choice means pro-abortion:
Will Chelsea be taking one for the Pro Abort crowd and aborting this pack of cells as Planned Parenthood calls it
Sarah Barracuda also wants to add that Chelsea is super ugyly:
I doubt Chelsea’s hubby is the father, can you imagine anyone sleeping with this nasty woman, imagine turning your head, opening your eyes and seeing a Hillary Clinton clone looking back at you
digger48 is sure no one had sex with ugly Chelsea:
The turkey baster probably gnawed its own squeeze bulb off afterwards
Idaho_Cowboy wants to preemptively attack this new Clinton:
Whatever that is has been wupped with the ugly stick.
Sirius Lee also attacks the kid:
It will be, in all ways, ‘tard.
Similarly, xrmusn attacks the husband:
From what I gather, the husband’s family is no less guilty or jailable than hers.

Guess back in the day it would have been called a ‘power marriage’ bonding two criminal elements together for THEIR common ‘good’....

In a real just society we could call it ‘grouping’, making it easy for the authorities to jail the whole lot of them.
South40 has nothing on Chelsea, and so relies on speculation:
Will she tell her kids their grandfather was Webb Hubbell and that the man posing as their grandfather is a sexual predator and the only president to be accused of rape?
And dfwgator:
Webb Hubble is going to be a grandfather again.
Also danamco:
2md congratulation to grandpa Webb Hubbell !!!
Mouton too...
Hubble has another grand child on the way.
E. Pluribus Unum as well. Um what the hell?
Webster must be so pleased!
Arthur McGowan chimes in. This is just sad.
Congratulations to Grandpa Webb!
Webb is so proud.
xrmusn speculates about incest!
since she ISN’T(?) WJC’s kinfolk, did she spend any time under the desk OR fetching the cigars????
I wonder if Dacula is pro life.
Somebody PLEASE get her fixed. She needs to stop breeding. The world already has too many Clintons.

Bombing Agrabah

Much merriment has been made over Public Policy Polling asking voters if they would bomb Agrabah, which is the fictional city from Disney's Aladdin. 30% of GOP voters said yes.

It's being reported as a "Republicans are dumb" story, but in reality it seems like a dumb polling story to me. The only 3 possible answers are "yes," "no," and "I don't know," none of which are exactly correct. I know I'd screw with the pollster given that question myself.

This is illustrated by the fact that 36% of Democrats said they oppose bombing Agrabah.

But analysis is not Freepers' strong suit. A few seem to realize this is an uncommonly dumb poll. But many others just reflexively retreat to their usual partisan reflexes, thereby proving that they are indeed as dumb as this poll implies:

doc1019 has clearly only read the headline:
Bomb Mecca first ... might take some of the steam out of the militant islamists.
sten doesn't care how dumb his fellows seem, so long as he can construct strawman Democrats that are worse:
that’s ok...

meanwhile, democrat LEADERSHIP is pushing support for muslims and sharia

i wonder how their feminist base feels about that
cashless blames schools fpr educating people who knee-jerk hate Muslims:
We have these polls because dupes, like suckers, are born every minute, just like PT Barnum said and the American educational system excels in reinforcing fantasy and revisionism vs. truth and reality.

Basically, I am not shocked.
FlingWingFlyer thinks maybe they polled only those dumb liberal Republicans!
[T]hey could have polled the “republicans” on their mailing list. You know, the “republicans” who are veterans of the Iraq war, voted for Bush, TWICE and drive a “Honda” Prius.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Obama most disgusting act: visit the families of San Bernardino victims.

In the latest level of knee-jerk idiocy regarding Obama, Freepers rage that he's going to comfort some San Bernardino families.

They don't have a really good reason to rage, and they fill this little hole with MOAR RAGE!

Texas Eagle makes a rather lame jab:
Haven’t those poor people suffered enough?
And then, of course, ridesthemiles takes it seriously:
Haven't those poor people suffered enough?

Obama has to pile on the punishment, as usual.....Everything is all about him. .
Texas Eagle throws out that he bets Obama visited the shooters' graves:
Will that be before or after he visits the graves of Sayood and Mashik? I know I misspelled their names. I did that on purpose.
Ruy Dias de Bivar is sure he did! And there was totally a funeral!
A side trip from the muzzleman terror team funeral he may have secretly attended while on the way to Hawaii.
ridesthemiles explains that Obama doesn't mean it:
Nothing sincere in this gesture-——

AF 1 needed to be refueled, anyway, & March AFB is nearby.
US_MilitaryRules would like Obama to know that the goal posts are over here:
What about the wounded? I guess they don’t matter.

“Playing through, coming through, excuse me, excuse me!”

Oh he’ll stop by on the way home since he forgot them.
KeyLargo imagines some words for Obama to say, and then hates him for saying them:
Following criticism of his seeming insensitivity to the largest terror attack on U.S. soil since 9/11, Barack Obama is reluctantly making a brief pit stop in San Bernardino to express scripted condolences before continuing his flight to a 5-star multi-million dollar vacation in Hawaii.

Based on his previous comments about the slaughter, we expect him to spend most of his time telling victims’ families how great Muslims are, how important it is not to hold grudges (”especially at a time of year when many Americans, immigrants, and refugees celebrate the holiday of their choice”)
maddog55 has had it with any family that isn't a full-on partisan Freeper:
Anyone who would even think about meeting with him is a fool.
digger48 thinks this comforting thing is really a plot to take his guns:
They probably found the anti gun family members so he can get them to join with Bloomberg for the next gun control push
BlueStateRightist doesn't consider any victim that likes Obama to be an American citizen:
...this is California, a liberal utopia. I’ll bet there are quite a few Obama worshipers who will kiss his feet when he shows up.

But, of course, you should also consider the American citizens.
HarleyLady27 is bad satire:
Oh Lardy Bee, more embarrassment thrown at grieving American families....

Go away and leave Americans and America alone...your not one of us!!!
Sasparilla doesn't even bother to specify why he's so pissed off at Obama for this:
This man child is beyond disgusting.
from occupied ga also concentrates on the level of hate, and doesn't bother with a rationale:
Every time you think the narcissistic hard core Marxist hypocritical lying POS in the white hut has sunk as low as he can go, he manages to astound with a new nadir of human vileness.
FrankR seems to think Obama killed those 14 people:
The perp always returns to the scene of the crime.
Truth29 is sure Obama is secretly mocking those families:
Obama can go and look at the family victims and think, how dumb can they be to believe that he is concerned about their non-Muslim welfare.
JLAGRAYFOX knows all non-idiot family members will shun Obama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Instead of welcoming should turn your backs on him and boo him with the intensity he rightfully deserves!!! Making nice with Obama, only shows how uniformed and gullible, all of you are!!! Welcoming Obama certainly is not honoring your innocent fellow San Bernadion murdered citizens!!! SAD!!!
Terry L Smith really wants some swearing:
I would like to see one of the fathers actually lose it on live camera in the following manner:

“It’s all your g88 d888 m88888 f888888 fault, you Muslim loving s88 o8 a b8888! where is your protection, now? Huh?”
and immediately spit on his shoes!
Vermont Lt prefers less anger, more creepy Muslim stuff.
All they need to do is sit down, take off their shoes, and turn the soles of the shoes towards him as he speaks.

He will know what they mean.

Silent, yet very insulting without threatening.
exit82 doesn't care about the families, or healing, or anything except witnessing some discomfort of Obama, no matter how slight!
Please, Lord, let some family member tell the jug eared clown off on camera!

The omnibus budget has killed America

The Boehner-Ryan tag team has managed to pass a budget. Not under normal order, but an omnibus budget. It's got tax cuts for the rich, it's got government spending over the sequester, it runs the usual huge deficit, and it's the best we can hope for with the current GOP.

The right hates it. On the radio and blogs, the debt comes up. But here in Freeptown, it's mentioned seldom. That silliness is washed away and we are left with a tower of sour grapes that Republicans worked with Obama to do a thing. Because once you've decided a government shutdown is a good thing, all this law passing just seems like surrender.

Nextrush wants Freepers to go scorched earth on the GOP incumbents, this time for sure!
I don’t care about all the Republicans who will vote against it to look good.....236 of the House members picked Paul Ryan as Speaker.

Those 236 Republicans should never receive our votes under any circumstances even if it allows a Democrat to win, because there isn’t any difference between the two parties in the end as the Uniparty drives this country down with more spending and more debt.
Jim Noble thinks the problem is that the major parties believe what normal people do about things:
Republicans and Democrats almost all believe in "free trade" and "immigration". These things are good for various constituencies of both parties while they wreck the economy and the nation.

Many of the People, perhaps a majority, do not believe in any of these things. But in our existing system, captive as it is to the MSM-mandated "process" for choosing two candidates for POTUS neither of whom will change a thing, leaves the People with no voice.

Something's gonna blow.
St_Thomas_Aquinas is really excited about President Cruz beating Congress, or something:
I can t wait until [Cruz] takes office and does battle with these sell-outs.

He won t work with them, he will take his case to the people and defeat them.
GrouchoTex likes his radio extra crazy, and thinks this budget passing has destroyed America. Or the 2016 election will...
Listening to Breitbart radio on the way to work this morning...
We’ve lost the country if this passes.
We will be just another European nation.
What was the point of the American Revolution, if we just become another European nation 200+ years later?
We might as well anoint Obama as King and be done with this charade.
This may be the election of our lives, literally, as a Sovereign American nation.
Rodamala called the GOP cocksuckers and got his post pulled by "JR." So he posted this.
Supine catamite BuffaloHead had a problem with me writing that these traitors need to be hauled from their offices by their ballsacks and be curb stomped. Reported me to Jewish Republic, I guess... and the post was yanked... I think the user actually wants me excommunicated from here so that they may further their uniparty agenda.
Say what you will, but Mat_Helm's prepper American Pie cover sounds hilarious!
The music just died and the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost caught the last train from the coast. Drove my 4X4 to the store and picked up some more ammo and beans. Just waiting for the economy to implode completely more sooner than later now.
Steamburg thinks this is a well thought out plot to piss of Freepers and keep them out of the primaries:
It looks like this may not be as much about raping America on the budget deal as it is an attempt to force conservatives to abandon the Republican Party before the primaries.

Their only hope is to shrink the party to a level that they can force their libtard candidate on those so loyal to the party as to let them screw us again. For the GOPe, Hillary is their only hope of retaining power.

Don’t donate. Stay in the party and fight through the primaries. Support any non incumbent. After that, screw them.
Arlis calls Ryan an adulterer:
What flipped him? He’s done a Justice Roberts type flip. Something flipped Roberts. Something flipped Ryan.

Above all, I see this as a MORAL failure - different from adultery only in nature, not different in degree.
Zenjitsuman knows Reagan was all about that balanced budget:
Trump is the last hope, I wish he could have gone 3 party, the GOP is a disgrace, Reagan must be turning over in the grave.
Slyfox has the best scapegoat:
What we have here is a failure of Republicans to see through the fog of Satan.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Monday Potpourri Pt. II

It's amazing. Freepers like Flintlock are always finding new secret Muslims:
Ryan is growing his Islamic beard.

Just whose side do you think he’s on??

Hint: it isn’t JUST the Democratic side.
Remember those BS rumors that Jews were warned about 9-11 and didn't come into work? Well I suppose it was only a matter of time...hoosiermama:
My cousin Taught in bay area. Their student of Arabic decent didn’t show up the day before and were never heard from again. Entire families flew back to ME before the attack. Yes they knew ahead of time. If not exactly what was to happen enough to fly days before it happened out of the USA
hoosiermama also thinks Trump's birther BS is still legit:
I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump has some interesting information about Obama’s dubious background.

Know for a fact he has it. -— at least he was sent it.
I checked his profile, and COUNTrecount isn't joking!
Then you were watching him a few years ago when Trump said that the private investigators he'd sent to Hawaii to look into Obama's birth certificate and that what they were uncovering was "absolutely unbelievable". What ever happened with that? Could it be that he used the same crack team of investigators to come up with his claims abut hijacker wives fleeing the country pre-9/11?

What was found was so unbelievable that Trump decided the only way to save the country was to run for president.
MeshugeMikey has taken to calling Muslims 'Others.'
imagine the hundreds ...if not thousands of Others...who have arrived in various locations carrying phones that are not even phones...if ya know what I mean...
TheTimeOfMan has some harsh proposals for the author of an anti-Cruz editorial:
Ted Cruz must have done astonishingly well last night with the voters that matter. There have been near a dozen cites today on articles why Cruz is ‘in trouble’ or ‘has a problem’..

Put her in a burka. Burn off her clitoris. Do not allow her outside unless accompanied by a male relative. Do not allow her to drive. Do not allow her to speak in public.

I think she’s Jewish so hell, let’s just kill her.

Stasi - living in your own leftist fantasy world is not moral. You are allowing real evil to proliferate.
A former Secret Service agent was killed. momincombatboots seems to think this is like superman going down:
I cannot Imagine an instance where a secret service operator would be so unaware, as to be murdered.. Maybe an overwhelming number or a lucky shot.. But is our secret service going the way of our armed forces? Another scenario.. Perhaps a sacrifice to save another.
Old Sarge weaves a complex story of how this is an Obama plot:
Baldwin was charged with first-degree attempted burglary and destruction of property in an incident from April of this year. Following the incident, Baldwin was put on leave and his security clearance suspended.

Where else but the Obamanation could a felon remain on the government payroll?

MY take is: the burglary was a "Chicago Plumber" job that went south, he couldn't stay loyal to the regime, so another Plumber was assigned to stop the leak.
arthurus quit TV during the Bush-Dukakis debates, in super dramatic style!
1988. I came home late from work one night and saw my wife and three oldest kids laid out in the living room, all with their mouths open staring at a presidential debate. None of them seemed to notice me coming in. I took the box out to the alley and put a piece of cement block through the screen. There has not been one in the house since. It took wife a couple of months to get over it but she came to despise TVs, too, and won’t stay more than a few minutes at a friends house if the friend has the TV on and is disinclined to turn it off. Three of my four do not watch TV nor do their own children. The fourth makes videos and wins prizes with them. He is entwined with it all.
RJS1950 has some harsh (and somewhat magical) plans for Muslims:
Kick them all out.


Disappear them all, down to and including their toenails. Leave nothing but scattered dust.

Repeat as often as they are found.
Stayfree has a question about Obama consoling the families of the San Bernardino victims:
Why? Are they all black.......
More on Freepers' pettiness on this front next week.

Enlightened1 takes exception to Lindsey Graham saying the rage against Obama in the GOP is unhealthy:
Lindsey Graham is a Democratic Operative.

No conservative would ever say this.
Personal Responsibility thinks European elites are using Muslims to return it to the feudal ages!
I think the move to change the demographics is planned by the “betters” in a long-game attempt to revert to feudalism. We all know the muslims will not assimilate and become Dutch. They will remain muslims from their homeland, first and foremost. We all know this eventually leads to violence. Either sooner, if they don’t get their way on everything or later, when they represent a significant minority of the population.

Knowing that, what is government’s response to violence? They can fold, sure. But remember, they’re doing this on purpose. This means they have a plan to handle the violence. I think the plan is for increasing crackdowns on the violence until they have “no choice” but to move back to an autocratic rulership situation. Remember, this is Europe. That’s in their DNA. In short, I think they want to move back to a “Ruling class Lords / everyone else Serfs” situation.

It may be a generation or two down the road but that’s the likeliest outcome

Lords and serfs. Just like the good ol’ days.
I'm amused every time a Freeper like CPT Clay wants to go back 1,000 years:
Keep it up, they will run across the wrong christian, and the Crusades will be on again.
central_va often generalizes about groups based on one data point:
I’ve hired a lot. In a data center I managed I tried one of the H-1B’s HR was pushing on me. Well he lasted about a year. 4 DUI’s later and he was back home on Pakistan. See these third worlders from Muslim countries get a taste of freedom and the hang out in topless bars and drink constantly. I’ve talked to others with similar experiences, it is a cultural thing.
central_va isn't afeared!
I’m not scared. My dad’s not scared. Mom’s not scared. None in the family scared. Friends are not scared. Co-workers? Not scared.

I’m sure there are a bunch of libs throughout the country that are cowering in their homes. But around here no one I can find is scared. Vigilant yes. Scared? Hell no.

Liberals are confusing fear with anger.
Speaking of no fear, miserare thinks LA shutting down their schools over an obvious hoax is super brave:
This whole incident tells me that Angelenos care much more about their children than New Yorkers do.

DiBlasio and Bratton dance to the tune of Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Thank God for the Superintendent of LA Schools and for his courage and fortitude!
Luircin explains why drastic action about illegal immigration is the only issue:
This election, to me, is a single issue election. Immigration. I'm not just looking at THIS election, but ALL future elections. We know that the Democrats are importing illegal voters for the purposes of fraud, and it's getting close to the point where the combination of gimmie voters, fraudulent voters, and other trickery will overwhelm law abiding Americans. After that point, we're screwed. Tyranny or civil war.

And of all the candidates, R and D, Trump is the only one who has even proposed a plan that will reverse this trend. Even if we take everything that Ted Cruz said about the immigration problems facing us at face value, and all you have to do is look at his past statements to see that he may very well be compromised it's still not enough.

So here are the possible futures I see.

1: Hillary wins: We're screwed.
2: Any candidate other than Cruz or Trump wins: We're screwed.
3: Cruz or Trump win and cannot get a handle on this invasion. We're screwed.
3: Cruz wins and manages to get his entire agenda implemented, and was telling the truth about everything. We are STILL screwed.
4: Trump wins and was lying through his teeth about everything. We're screwed.
5: Trump wins and manages to turn this invasion around with his agenda. Then we have a chance.

That's it. That's the only thing that matters. Every other issue hinges entirely on this one, because unless we restore the rule of law to immigration, we lose on every other issue. Abortion: we lose. Property rights: we lose. Gun control: we lose.

And that's why it doesn't matter how liberal, moderate, conservative, or populist Trump is. Because he is the only candidate in the race who is proposing something that will give us a chance to turn the country back around without a civil war.
TomGuy thinks Trump is really winning over Democrats:
There is an irony with the Trump candidacy.

He IS creating that ‘bigger tent’ that the GOP establishment have been clamoring for for decades.
Objective Scrutator wants to arrest and execute the UN:
When Trump or Cruz becomes President, one of their first actions should be to disband the UN and have its socialists tried and executed for being enemies of its hosting nation.
mumblypeg thinks Sikhs saying they've been the targets of anti-Muslim violence is probably a false flag:
Prolly just Muslims putting on turbans and practicing tacquiyyah.
With Obama’s encouragement. I put nothing past this administration.

After all, ISIS encourages lone wolves to blend in by wearing westernized clothing and feigning interest in rock and roll.
They even give permission to wear a Crucifix, as this especially encourages the infidels to trust them, right up to the moment they murder you. ISIS actually has this on their training website.

Be courteous, but be watchful.
Dagnabitt doesn't like Jeb Bush's wife:
"Today, I am suspending my campaign for President of the United States"

Say it Jeb! Just say it.

(Extra points if the Mexican dwarf woman is sobbing at your side.)
sergeantdave wants to kick it Looney-Tunes style:
Little Marxist mice squeaking from their holes. Aw! Shaddup, you freaks, or we’ll stomp ya until your eyeballs squirt from your heads.
bray's nickname for Muslims continues to drift:
Just remember everyone on that stage said Trump was wrong about the Mooselips and the people agreed. See what they say after the polls spoke.

Merry Christmas
Well, Night Hides Not is from Texas, so maybe...
I'm so pi$$ed off, I told my wife this morning that I was going to run for Congress in 2018, after I retire. My congressman, Kenny Marchant, is turning into a squish, and he's always been a back-bencher.

The major difference this morning was that my wife said, "good idea."

He's been there over ten years, he's now part of the problem.
yefragetuwrabrumuy still has at least some part of the military he can still fetishize:
I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a lot more to this story. This is because the SF are trained to think unconventionally, so are always on the lookout for holes in systems they can exploit.

A great example is how someone in the conventional Army staff decided that the SF needed uniformity in their weapons, and that all their unconventional weapons should be taken from them. A truly brain dead idea more intent on harassment than accomplishing anything.

But when the IG inspectors showed up, bags in hand, to the SF armory, all they found were uniform weapons in compliance with the new regulation. It took them a long time before they figured out that the SF had moved all their unconventional weapons to an official “field storage site”, that as such was off-limits for IG inspection.

Not feeling themselves constrained by their own regulations, the conventional command ordered the IG to break the rules, and inspect and confiscate the weapons in the field storage site anyway.

The epilogue is uncertain, but it was suggested that by the time they broke through the door of the field inspection site, they found a room filled with bows and arrows, crude clubs, and assorted frivolities.
yefragetuwrabrumuy would now like to take you on an extended rape-revenge metaphor:
An interesting comparison to the GOP-e and its relation with both conservatives and the public as a whole, is made by comparing the GOP-e to a drunken, frat-boy athlete bully and rapist.

As he usually does, he has led a girl, representing conservatives and the public as a whole to *his* “safe space” where he can rape her to his heart’s (or whatever’s) content after overpowering his victim.

However, this time, the girl refuses to submit, and kicks him squarely in the crotch. He lashes out at her, but she dodges him, and he screams at her that he “is her only chance at “love”, and if she doesn’t submit, then the psychotic radical lesbian Democrat will win.”

So the girl kicks him again, in the knee, hard. At that point, he starts screaming for his wealthy billionaire frat brothers to help him. And though they scream all sorts of encouragement to him, they don’t dare try to grab the girl because they know they will get more of the same.

Then things get much worse for the drunken frat boy rapist, as her two younger brothers, Donald and Ted, enter the room and start beating on him. Half blind with rage and liquor, he can’t hit them, and can barely stand upright, and he knows that if he falls, when he falls, he is done for. And likely his whole fraternity of scoundrels as well.

And the girl laughs derisively at him, and encourages her little brothers to hit him some more.