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Sorry, been a touch under the weather. Staying home from work today and sleeping it off. But soon I'll get to Baltimore, and Lynch, Freepers’ ambivalence on Walker, and other such amazing and delightful nonsense.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Monday Potpourri

PieterCasparzen is advising some Nazi tactics:
We need to outlaw hallalal meat and deport or concentration camp all muslims immediately.

They are enemies of the U.S. and we should declare war on them immediately.
jpsb doesn't like the wimpy bombing we get up to these days:
The Saudi-led coalition pounded Shiite rebels in Yemen on Tuesday, killing 20 in a city in the country’s west as the civilian death toll rose to 38 from airstrikes the day before in the capital, Sanaa, officials said.

That not bombing!

This is bombing. Dresden (1945) after three days of heavy bombardment by the RAF and USAAC.
FreedomStar3028 is all about dancing in the streets to celebrate death:
If they sunk an aircraft carrier with thousands of lives aboard I think Obama would not be able to stop the floodgate of bloodlust that will engulf America, much like 9/11.

We would celebrate in the streets as Israel bombed them. We would celebrate in our bombers too.
But caww hates it when Obama bombs Muslims:
Obama’s playing schoolyard bully in Yemen.
Dr.Zoidberg only eats pork, due to fear of demons:
Unless koranimals don't do the ha-lalalala-lala-la-la with pork products, I'm safe from their demonic taint.

Bacon, ham, sausage, pork chops and ribs etc... are my protection against muzzie contamination.
erm, WayneS...
Leftists cannot grasp the concept of being able to staunchly and vigorously disagree with a person and/or a person's actions, without also hating that person.

The thought that some people might not be as mentally ill as they are is alien to them.
Leep's imagination is working very hard to invent future horrors:
You will have to get use to men kissing men, and playing grab ass,in your place of business or in front of your children. You must act like homo marriage is no different than any other marriage.
Actually, you better act like homo marriage is better than any other marriage or they will sue you.
Once this is accomplished we have nowhere to go but downward.
NorthstarMom married an asshole to be sure he wasn't gay:
I know of two women who after 20+ years of marriage had their husbands come out of the closet and leave their families for a man.

One woman was my third grade teacher-for awhile I wondered if I could be fooled and marry someone like her husband, a nice guy who was very involved in their church. It must have affected me as a I married the manliest man I ever met. It’s a trade-off, thoughtfulness and sensitivity are not his strengths ;).
rockrr won't let facts and math stand in the way of his narrative:
The [Oklahoma City] attack killed 168 men, women and children, injured hundreds more, and remains the deadliest act of domestic terrorism in U.S. history.

OK, judged by raw body count it was the deadliest. But the most diabolical act of domestic terrorism remains Waco.
zzwhale believes all recent terrorism is false flags:
THE fbi HAD PAID INFORMANTS IN ELOHIM CITY AND knew exactly what mc veigh was planning.... to the extent of where and when.... SO WHO IS THE TERRORIST AND WHO NEEDS TO BE WATCHED...???

the fbi had a chechen paid informant who informed them of 9/11 ..... and we all the kinow the result... they did NOTHING

the fbi was warned 3 times by russia and seperately 3 times by saudi arabia about the Tsarnof brothers and did what????? NOTHING.... so i ask again WHO IS THE TERRORIST ???????
mdmathis6 is eagerly hoping for World War 3.
I’m looking for a ship to be sunk...a kind of “remember the Maine” provocation...then the war with Iran will be on. I wonder what Obama is willing to do if one of our ships is sunk...the Iranians may have some of those Chinese Sunburn antiship missiles...!
LeoWindhorse doesn't like all southerners, I guess:
the real South needs to rise again
Fry Panny finds honesty to be secondary to The Cause:
To be honest, one picture of trash that did not fit into an already full trashcan does not tell the correct story.

That is just reflection on the trash removal people not getting there soon enough.

Leftist apologists are as destructive as leftists are. Light headed for the record books, too.
reasonisfaith on Ted Cruz's histrionics:
He’s already acting like the leader of the free world.
MrB hates liberals for trying to give him AIDS:
That’s a common theme with libs, though -

whatever the issue, they want to FORCE you to care.

With the AIDS epidemic, they were intentionally trying to get the general population infected.
annalex has an interesting analogy of what gay marriage is like:
If someone, especially a relative, whom you love, invited you to witness him masturbate, would you attend?


Both masturbation and a gay wedding are disorderly (and often legal) acts a loving person should not encourage.
It isn't enough to say that fathers are a good thing. Perseverando must make up BS as to why:
I’ve heard it said for years that if there’s no father living with the family then it’s basically open season on the children for pedophiles to try to gain access to the children.
Regulator on our soon to be Chinese overlords:
Open Borders for 1.3 billion Chinese “workers”.

Buy a Little Red Book now, avoid the compulsory rush.
hal ogen hates...Maryland?
owe-mally's state (maryland... THE Freak state) has been a "sanctuary state" for years under this buffoon. More than likely he sees all migration as legal. maryland has state-funded La Raza to help illegal alien invaders.
skeeter is all on board the white victimhood train:
Its almost easy to believe there is a global conspiracy to obliterate western countries populated by ethnic Europeans.
ROCKLOBSTER is super skeptical that Oklahoma is having a bunch of earthquakes:
here in Oklahoma, you don’t have to know a single statistic to know SOMETHING IS VERY WRONG in the last few years with these earthquakes

How do you know it isn't a historic earthquake hot zone, but has just been calm for the last 200 years?
x_plus_one is still unskewing the polls in his delusions:
Granny clinton will be elected to the presidency in an election where all minority districts go 120% for the democratic party. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me - get sucker punched by the under-the-radar democrat election rigging team for the third straight time and you end up in their gulag.

No one wonders why the GOP never protested the election results in the swing states in 2008 and 2012. And they did not register any protest against election financing of democrat candidates by foreign cash.

The mainstream media, Rush Limbaugh and just about every talking head wont talk about the stolen elections since it is too controversial. We are drowning in polity.
afraidfortherepublic loved JFK, I guess.
I am so sick of the Clintons! What Lee Harvey Oswald started (the destruction of this country), the Clintons are quickly finishing.
Pecos knows the Nazi hunters were biig liberals:
The flaw in your argument (pursuit of former USSR personnel) is that the Nazis were prosecuted by U.S. liberals who would never attack the USSR or its minions.
PoliticallyShort thinks Valerie Jarrett conspiracies are the key to taking Obama down:
I’m more than convinced though that Jarrett is the one who is running this country. Iv’e been saying it for years but the best way to bring down Obama is to exploit Valerie Jarrett for who she truly is.
bert explains the Clinton Foundation:
the purpose of the Foundation is to provide a shadow government of salaried hangers on ready to hit the ground running once Hillary is elected. The Foundation is a scam to collect money to pay the loyal Clinton minions to have them on call constantly to clear the path for her election

there is only one certain solution and it can not be spoken
DoughtyOne clearly knows alla about liberal theology:
Aww you’ve got to Love the Left don’t you?

God the Father is supposedly hateful and vengeful.

They think Jesus was a homosexual.

You’ve got to wonder what they think of the Holy Spirit. Tinkerbell?

What a depraved ideology...
TontoKowalski is clearly more than ready to start petty BS about Chelsea Clinton:
I'm not much of a fan of dragging family members into political issues, but she's not the homely little teenager in the White House anymore.

She's an adult ON THE PAYROLL of this foundation. She is absolutely fair game.
mrsmel has no idea how altruism works:
I have read about something called “suicidal altruism” and various related complexes. The left is especially prone, but they more tend to practice it with other people’s lives and money. A few really believe the hype and do it themselves.
bert sees the conspiracy behind General Patraeus's sentence
the probation is the leash to keep him from recanting the truth that would be harmful to the treacherous tyrant that is president

there will be no pardon
Super manly Baltimore ken wants lots of Democrat blood.
I wouldn’t mind seeing a couple of heads roll.....literally.

They couldn’t kill enough Democrats to satisfy me.Civil War II coming.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Spotlight Friday: Old Yeller

Only a Freeper since 2012, I suspect he may be a retread, since he's so well practiced in the culture.

He's so standard Freep, I'd almost take him for a troll. But I don't think so - his ambit is so wide, and his posts vary so much from pushing the envelope to contentless insults that I think he's for real, and just gets all his info from Free Republic.

Israel should assassinate Obama.
Wouldn’t the Mossad have every right to take out the enemy no matter what country he is _resident of?
After all, Obama's evil.
Obama has almost the entire middle east in a chaotic disaster.

But he knew what he was doing because it is all by design.
After all, Obama can always flee back to Africa:
If the entire workforce sat at home cowering in their basements, the country will come to a standstill. What's the good of being Emperor of that?

His desire to destroy this country outweighs his desire to be emperor. He can always flee back to Africa and become a Mugabe there.
Obama's only talent:
The only thing barky can do well is lie without showing any signs of doing it. The she-devil is obvious when she lies because she looks all over and never makes eye contact.
How to stop black people.
Take their damn obamaphones away so they can’t coordinate these attacks.
It's hard to avoid the gay companies:
No Wal-mart, No Gay C Penneys, no Homo Depot. Running out of places to shop.
How he sees the IRS scandal:
All the criminals at the IRS had their hard drives crash at the same time. And those odds are astronomical.
I was recently in Israel, and every Palestinian controlled area was a trash dump. Which leads me to conclude that Muslims are pigs.
Everyone is being blackmailed:
Issa is setting us up to fail, and I believe that it is deliberate. I believe that he is being blackmailed.

You mean like John Roberts and his S.C. decision on Obastardcare?
The purpose of the IRS:
The purpose of the IRS is to be used as a political weapon.
Can't be a coincidence:
Strange. There was an outage in Sacramento today too.

Gotta be more than coincidence
The Knee and the Jerking:
FCC chief: Obama didn't dictate Web rules.

Translation: Obama dictated Web rules.

Yep. Always the opposite of what they say.
A similarly thought-saving assumption:
If hillary was involved you know it was a treasonous, criminal activity.
God is for Hillary, because he hates America:
One reason why she will be president. America is under judgment and God will put her in that position to continue His judgment upon this country.
Or maybe Obama will kill Hillary:
Hillary could REALLY burn his azz if she wanted to

Wouldnt that be ironic if she got Ft. Marcy Parked?
But Hillary is just as evil as Obama.
The she-devil is just as vindictive as that bitch Barky.
Actually, it doesn't matter - America is going to fall before the next Presidency.
I don’t see the U.S. Making it through 2016.
Or maybe Obama will kill everyone:
if Baraq becomes a cornered rat he will go scorched earth on this country and it will probably involve nukes.
Upon Civil War, Target #1 is...
When it becomes a shooting war, might I suggest that Sharpton be taken out right away. The head of the snake and all.
What happens to liberal professors:
She gon burn in de lake of fire some days.
Iran says Obama has devilish intentions:
The AC [Anti Christ] has devilish intentions. Makes sense.
Which is worse, Obama or Iran?
I hate and distrust both equally because they are co-partners with a common mission. Destroy Israel and the U.S.
Taking a brave stand if Obama comes to town:
I would have worn a Molon Labe t-shirt if Barky showed up.
The left:
The left is full of self hate.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

And Now This Word from outer space

Freepish Hitler edition:
The Plague of Islam

If the civilized world is to survive, it must recognize Islam for what it really is: It’s not a religion, form of government, or anything recognizable to the civilized mind. Islam is a disease, an incurable disease of the mind that is highly contagious among the feeble minded and is now spreading among the world’s feeble minded at an epidemic rate. As with any disease, one can’t reason with this disease, negotiate with it, or treat in any manner other than how one would treat any other incurable disease.

Past efforts to contain this disease have failed. Now, carriers of this Plague of Islam must be eradicated wherever they're found, for if they're not, this disease will eventually end not just Western Civilization, but it will undo over 5,000 years of human civilization.
Hitlerish "Muslim Peril" rhetoric straight out of Mein Kampf provided by DJ Taylor (Once again our country is at war, and once again the Democrats have sided with our enemy.)

And Now This Word from Outer Space

The perfect storm of Marxist, black, and Muslim edition:
Obama is not “Unplugged”. He is becoming more UNHINGED day by day and his announced programs show it.

Plus the fact that Obie is a Marxist, closet Moslem, and black racist all rolled into one. IT will take a whole gaggle of psychologists and psychiatrists decades to unravel the mental Gordian Knot that is Barack.

However, he is the “perfect storm” convergence of Marxism (from his parents/grandparents’ side; his school chums and his schools/universities teachers; his political associates from Axelrod and others(one documented KGB asset as his mentor plus very significant Communist Party USA friends, mentors, funders, guidance/advisors); black extremists as his mentors/guidance counselors - Rev. Wright, ex Moslem, pro-Castro/Cuba activists, neo-Marxist, and now back with the Nation of Islam, also black “reparationist” with the Black Radical Congress and Reparations Movement; and Islam-influences from his stepfather in Indonesia/his attendance at Islamic educational organizations, etc.

Obama is one pretty fucked up mental case and the American voters (a curse be upon his supporters), put him in power, not caring to find out who he really was/is.

Now we are paying for it in lives, political power, and an emasculated Constitution, a nearly bankrupt economy with more disasters coming, a potentially fatally weakened defense establishment, and the physical loss of the few remaining allies we have around the world (both either intimidation or invasion.

The Madness of King Obama provided by MadMax, the Grinning Reaper

And Now This Word from Outer Space

America was never a Republic edition
Even at the onset, a number of the Founders recognized that, for instance, the checks and balances built into the branches of government would become null and void if political parties were allowed to come into existence, and that is EXACTLY what has happened. There has been no check on Obama, as an example, in his entire reign because the Democrats who dominate the judiciary and, until recently, the Congress were more loyal to the "D" than to principle, or even their own slice of power. The weakness and increasing leftism of the Republicans is a separate issue, but also extremely dangerous, where we would have a system of only one party, thus COMPLETELY destroying the system of checks and balances.

In spite of all that, I think we could have survived nicely as a functioning free republic if we had 1) kept the franchise limited to male landowners (it could have been increased to business owners, veterans, etc. but only to men with skin in the game), 2) not allowed the interpretation of the 14th Amendment to include giving the federal government the power to strike down state laws and policies, 3) not shifted the election of senators to popular vote.
Yearning for 1859 brought to you by fr_freak

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Freepers protect the gays

Via anonymousB. Awesomesauce!

Former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer says Eric Cantor set off his gaydar, probably because he's one of those effeminate southern types. It's in pretty bad taste, all told. But what makes it AMAZING is that Freepers, who love the schoolyard tactic of calling people gay they've begun to actually believe it about Obama, rally to Cantor's defense.

Which is unexpected. I thought RINOS are basically Democrats, and Democrats are clearly all ugly gaylords. Perhaps Freepers protestations of purity may be a bit more...performative than they at first appear...

Anyhow, enjoy the massive hypocrisy!

napscoordinator thinks calling someone gay is low. So low it's a gay thing to do...
Wow. Pretty low. I am glad Cantor is gone but to disparage him with something like this is beyond politics. What is he doing looking at guys for anyway? Perhaps he may be light in the loafers himself and hoped that Cantor is too. Democrats are mentally deranged big time.
buffyt takes issue with the southern effeminate thing:
“ in the South, they are a little effeminate”

LOL Ha ha ha ha ha..... NOT!!!!!
Men from NY are effeminate! Southern men are rough, tough guys, real men! You have to be born in NY to be a feminine “man” LOL
LOL. Time for Civil War 2 - the dick-waving!

Speaking of dick-waving Da Coyote
Say that to a Texas politican, Obamahole.

Even a limpwrist dim-bulb-crat will punch you out.
bgill - thought Cantor was gay, but liberals don't get to say that!
Libs will twist everything. Either Southern men are big hairy gun toting meanies or they're effeniate. Which is it? As for Cantor, I thought he was a gay dem when I first heard him speak.
Christie at the beach thinks calling people gay only empowers gayness.
What a loser. If they spent less time thinking about other men, nor pushing this idea it is okay, this gayness would not be everywhere that we go. These men are sickos! Gross behavior.
Fightin Whitey also takes some time in a thread taking offense at calling someone gay to call someone gay:
He may well be a poofter too...he's a kind of prancing ten-gallon fake cowboy which is a common enough pose for a gutless fag.
Gumdrop - girly men are all liberals!
I am laughing with you, and I am from Minnesota. My impression of effeminate men is of those who are extremely leftist. And the epicenter for these types of metrosexuals is not in the south, but in the northeast.
Wow, Brian. You’re actually a fag hater.

Thnx for that announcement. Can’t bode well for you.

As to Cantor, he is a gentleman.

Had boo chit ideas and it was time to move on.
Clearly, only conservatives can make fun of someone by calling them gay. TheErnFormerlyKnownAsBig's typo is pretty amazing.
I thought Cantor was from Ohio.....when did Ohio become the South? That’s the Midwest.

Nevermind....I now remember Cantor is from Vagina
To be fair, we're all from Vagina, really.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Poor Rubio. He's the most charismatic candidate on the field, and is quite conservative. Him and Walker are the ones I'd put my money on. But Freepers only have eyes for Cruz nowadays, and anyone less pure is plotting against America.

Rubio's finessing of questions about gay marriage and immigration only drive Freepers into a further frenzy, as shown by their reaction to Rubio speaking in Spanish for a bit.

ChildOfThe60s just kinda throws whatever insult he had nearby, I guess:
GeronL knows who else spoke Spanish:
Marxo Rubio?
TomGuy is sure there are loads of people nationwide who were going to vote for Rubio but hate Spanish:
I wonder whether Marco realizes he probably loses as many ‘English’ votes as he gains ‘Spanish’ votes when he gives dual-language speeches.
nopardons hated Rubio before it was cool:
Many Tea Party members, in Florida, especially those of Cuban descent, wouldn't vote for him, from the time he was pushing the damned GANG OF * amnesty garbage!
Lying liar lying about his lying. Liar.
Politicalkiddo makes an objective analysis:
I don’t see how any woman could find pretty boy attractive. I can’t believe that his looks somehow give him an edge.
Once again, CatherineofAragon is trying way to hard.
He isn't my type at all. I like them rugged and masculine, with some physical evidence that there's testosterone in there somewhere.
Menehune56 doesn't get why people who understand English might feel solidarity with another language:
There's no need to use any language other than English since US citizens are REQUIRED to understand it. You have to be a US citizen to vote. This is straight up dishonest pandering to illegals. Disgusting!
BobL thinks all of America is just like Texas and will respond to racebating super well:
I wonder whether Marco realizes he probably loses as many ‘English’ votes as he gains ‘Spanish’ votes when he gives dual-language speeches.

The offset is MUCH, MUCH, worse. Probably closer to 5 to 1. We’re talking very few people supporting him just due to Amnesty and huge numbers of conservatives, yet again, sitting things out, and just as many other nominal Republicans voting Democrats, since there wouldn’t be much difference between the parties...and the Democrats HAND OUT GOODIES.

The other option is what happened in Texas and throughout the South in 2014, when Republicans ran hard on border security and the “invasion” from the South. Their worst numbers were in Texas, where Republicans ‘only’ won 75% of the white vote and ‘only’ 45% of the Hispanic vote. They did better in other states, hitting 89% of whites in Alabama. Even with the large numbers of blacks throughout the South and the HUGE NUMBERS of Hispanics in states like Texas and New Mexico, the Democrats down here still have NO IDEA what hit them.

Republicans - follow my advice, fight for the WHITE VOTE, give them SOMETHING TO VOTE FOR, rather than just hoping they will hold their nose and vote against Hillary (hint, that never works).
editor-surveyor sums it up:
Too bad Rubio, we’re way past you now that Ted Cruz has risen to the top with his backers already gathering 37 million in the last two weeks!

History lesson.

Movin’ on!
No zottings yet. But this is gonna be a great primary season.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday Potpourri Pt. II

Ruy Dias de Bivar makes with some gypsy shit:
The EVIL EYE is bad in Hillary. Wear something shiny and colorful to catch her first glance from her as the first glance is the worst.
But with HER, she will have to glance at the shiny object many times to lessen the power of HER evil eye.
arthurus knows everyone is blackmailed.
The NSA has a record of everything that anyone in Congress ever said or posted on any electronic device and the tools for extracting much more information about movements and meetings extractable from that. There is blackmail material on every member.

The bar for what constitutes “damaging” information is set extremely low, besides. ALL of the members are subject to blackmail.

That is why so many of our tea party young bucks become cowed sheep within minutes of taking their seats after election. There is no cure for it. The situation is permanent. We live in a dictatorship. It will get worse before it gets worse.
aces is living in an action movie:
They have been slipping in for decades, full army already in place..armed by obamma
Candor7 is trying to come up with a new term:
Attempted suicide is actually Obamacide.

(In Washington no one can do anything right, thanks to the Resident in the White Hut.)
maddog55's mind is blown:

Scary.. that almost spells Führer!
Logical me knows this is no time for Constitutional excuses:
America is lost to this simple minded constitutional excuse when we know damn well what these damn fools are planing.
Amendment10 has made the hate transition!
I’m beginning to think that lawless Obama actually spared the country from having lawless Hillary as president.
don-o wants someone else.
When I heard that Walmart had given the word to the Arkansas governor to get his mind right, I immediately saw that as Walmart making themselves an extremely inviting target for direct action.

By which I mean a total boycott and regular picketing.

What is wrong with this idea?

I know - don-o suggested it. don-o needs to organize it. But, why would not even one of the existing organizations consider real direct action?
ntnychik may want to look into what every lawyer has to do:
I’ll take Cruz, thank you, the guy who memorized the Constitution and went around orating about it.
HerrBlucher continues with my favorite Hillary meme:
Her heavy drinking is the only thing I like about Hillary. To me it means deep down she may have a conscience, but in order to get what she wants she has to stomp it out with booze.
Gaze upon sport's hyperbolic bitterness!
since the Constitution is no longer relevant and we live under the law of Obama, all the things you mentioned are moot. Under their god, Obama, members of Congress no longer put on the façade of protecting the interests of the United States of America and its Constitution. Their time is taken up by counting their money and kissing, when he requests it, Obama's ass. Obama was put in the white house for the sole purpose of destroying the United States as a World power. In that he succeeded.
SkyPilot has the incredible explanation for why Republicans aren't as crazy as Freepers:
There is only one explanation available to me as I search for a reason or rationale for the incredibly flaccid, inept Republican “leadership” in the face of Obama’s tyranny. The answer is that we are dealing with Demonic power. The Book of Ephesians speaks of powers, principalities, and spiritual wickedness in high places. That is what I believe we are facing. Most Republicans have not turned to God for answers, and hence they are powerless to fight, much less thwart this Evil.
GGpaX4DumpedTea has a great plan to abrogate our debt:
I have long advocated that it is time to hoist the bankers on their own petard. The Bankers and the Federal Reserve own the national debt. Let them eat it! The Federal Reserve has been screwing the country since the days of Woodrow Wilson. It is time to end it all. Put the US Treasury in charge of the money supply and let the Fed choke on the debt!
arthurus's wife totally agrees with him:
My wife and I agree that women should never have got the vote. They should, however, not be barred from running for and holding elective office. In such a set of circumstances we would not have Mrs. Bill as a contender, but we might get a Mrs. Thatcher as a president.
Diana in Wisconsin joins the Freeper women with contempt for women brigade:
May I respectfully disagree? I don’t want a woman for president either. I want a strong, honorable, God-fearing man in that office.

I’m with you, Sistah!
GOPJ wants more jailing of high schoolers:
The school name should be changed to reflect reality - it should be called Northwest Reform.

Not 'Prep'.

The only thing these hooligans are being prepped for is the State prison system. Get real... these kids are capable of making choices... If they choose wrong they should be dumped from the reform school and sent to a jail like setting that keeps them away from decent citizens.
Jan_Sobieski on the hypothetical downsides of military service:
I commend your son's for serving like many of us have. God always has his people, even in wicked days. Obadiah a leader in Ahab's courts and protected God's people. But what if your son's were forced to sign a homosexual support document, or to round up Christians in FEMA camps, or attack Israel. There are so many bad scenarios that can be conjured by a government-gone-bad...
jsanders2001 has decided Hillary and Obama are both gay:
The lying Leftists are already at work schilling for Hitlery. The gaystapo needs another gay president to furtherbtheor agenda...
dandiegirl knows Jeb Bush is rooting for Hillary:
Anything Jeb says about Hillary is going to be fake. We all know the love the Bushes share for all things Clinton. He awarded her that medal right after she let those people die in Benghazi. Jeb has a massive ego. I can’t stand him.
chajin knows that the GOP's been throwing elections:
Every Presidential election from 1948 to 2004 involved the two parties' candidates pursuing the title of Leader of the Free World.

In 2008 and 2012, however, only one candidate wanted that title; the other, the candidate who won both elections, was pursuing the title of Abdicator of Leadership of the Free World.

In 2016, the GOP candidate, if he (sorry, Carla) wants to win, will have to run on the platform of becoming the Regainer of Leadership of the Free World, in large part by demonstrating how Mr. HopeandChange purposefully threw that leadership away, and how MadameSecretary H-with-an-arrow intends to burn any bridges that would take us back to that leadership role.

In doing so, he will be accused of everything liberals consider to be Mortal Sins: racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia; he will be called Hater, Destroyer of Diversity, and Maligner of Islam. And he will have to not care, because the majority of Americans are looking for a candidate who will not care, a Gideon who with 300 can destroy an enemy of 30,000, or a David who will clean up after Saul, or a Jehu who will once and for all rid the nation of the Ahabs and Jezebels in power.
leopardseal reaches into bad fiction for who Hillary really is:
You can watch the H. Clinton story occasionally on Friday and Saturday nights on the Grade B movie channel. The most common version shows some old crazy woman living in a cabin out in the swamp in the Louisiana bayous with two grown sons; the grown sons go out and rape and pillage at night and then the poor old crazy woman has to try to cover for them. Substitute Slick for the two sons and that's basically the H. Clinton story.
Ruy Dias de Bivar on Bill Clinton's naked past:
I had a working companion who had worked as a reporter for a local radio station back around 1970. He had a tape of an interview with a naked man in a tree down on Dickson Street in Fayetteville Arkansas, during an anti-war demonstration. I tried to get him to release the tape back in 1991 but he would not.

The naked man’s name was William Jefferson Clinton.
dowcaet is still on the Elizabeth Warren bandwagon:
Chafee and O’Malley have been told by the Dem hierarchy to go out there and fire away on Hillary and bleed her a little bit till their new chosen one, Fauxahontas, gets her campaign staffing, organization, and money people in place. Hillary’s campaign rollout has been a disaster so far so no doubt the DNC has to be concerned and they’re sharpening their political long knives for her now.
SkyPilot sees Freepers' hypocrisy on Medicare:
post a thread about spending and debt, and 100 Freepers come out to condemn it and say we "don't have the money!!!!"

Bring up the fact that Medicare and other spending is skyrocketing and is the cause of most of the deficit, and you get hate mail.
Suz in AZ's anti-environmentalism has made him anti-science.
Yep. Oil is a byproduct of magma.
generally knows health care is easy, but for the government:
If the government would stop stealing from us at every opportunity, we would be able to pay for our own healthcare and insurance. But the government bureaucracy, the civil servants who are employed by it, and the big businesses who profit from it do not want to loosen their grip on our money.
william clark has a weird definition of rights:
Of course health care isn’t a right. Nothing can be a right that requires the active participation of another person in order for you to partake of it.
So much for the right of assembly, to an attorney, to trial by jury...

cripplecreek has elevated No True Scottsman to a principle:
I’ve long held the opinion that conservative people are pretty much the same all across the country for the most part.
JLAGRAYFOX's !!!-ridden triumphalism continues to amuse:
Look folks, The Obamabot/Clinton/Democrat vermin media is in full panic mode!!! They will say and lie about anything to stop the destruction of both failed POTUS Obama and the political implosion of the Democrat Party. However,....nothing they do or say will save the Obamabot “hate America” political vermin and serial lie teller, Hillary Clinton!!

Monday Potpourri Pt. I

Kenny doesn't understand why Freepers never take over America.
Everything is a conspiracy. Everything.

Yeah, if you haven't noticed, we lose 100% of the time. Every time I think something might break in the people's favor a miraculous turn of events makes it yet another Democrat win. Yeah, I'm getting a little paranoid.
Logical me predicts New York will rise up in armed revolt:
NY is so overtaxed that it is a wonder the people haven’t taken to armed revolt. It will happen, you can bet on that. That is why this bunch of criminals that own NY have done everything to take guns away.
fieldmarshaldj uses terms he doesn't understand:
Yeah, forget that Marxist Centrism, the Butcheress of Benghazi needs to go full bore for the Stalinism she so dearly loves.
Similarly, jonrick46 with the scholarly paranoid babble:
Zer0 uses Kitman and Taquiyya methods which are part of the totalitarian mindset that has impoverished mankind for eons. Our nation was born rejecting that mindset and the success its people enjoyed has been envied and hated by those who do not have that success.
catbertz thinks Hillary cannot win:
I just don’t believe she can win. She’s an honorary nominee, like Kerry or Bob Dole. If she does win, I will give up and finalize my preparations.
Din Maker thinks Hillary will win:
The same stupid American electorate who put BHO in office two times could very well do the same for this wicked witch. I'm hoping she has a brain aneurysm mid-2016 and drops dead
ExCTCitizen makes with the gender humor:
The only difference between Hillary and Obama is that one has XX chromosomes. (Which one, you decided).
M Kehoe is enraged by Chelsea Clinton being rich:
Chelsea Clinton’s staff...

Staff? Staff! Web's daughter don't need no staff. For what? Wiping her butt?
Regal is scared by things that will never, never happen:
[Jeb Bush is] positioning himself for Hillary’s VP.

I think you may be kidding, but this would be a diabolical plan, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they weren’t already working on it.

You can see the MSM going crazy for it. “Bring the country together”. “Stop Partisanship, Clinton/Bush”.

Damn, it’s frightening. They’d use him to get into office and then set him up with a career ending scandal, and then replace him with anyone they want. Treacherous.
Horrified, Organic Panic predicts women in 2016:

All vagina all the time.
Cementjungle with some Hillary fan fiction:
Today a former Hillary Clinton senior aide shot herself in the back of the head six times in an apparent suicide. The suspect was seen running toward capitol police, seemingly trying to give them a package of file folders and computer discs, which somehow in the confusion of the moment have disappeared.

No further updates are (or ever will be) available. Now, back to our unbiased discussion on Hillary's big announcement tomorrow and the positive impact on the world's civilization her presidency will surely have.
Tilted Irish Kilt - BODY TRAIL:
It should be " Pigs in the Mud"
or "Sows rolling over their Pigletts" (BODY TRAIL).
Russ adds ESPN to the list of tings plotting against America:
ESPN is, and has been, a hot bed of liberal insanity. It should be avoided and treated with the contempt it deserves.
minnesota_bound's delusions make everyone else seem delusional:
obama and Kerry are delusional. Iran will use nuclear bombs against Israel. They know they have one chance so they will also detonate a nuclear bomb over Washington and New York or as many targets as they can before they are destroyed.

Do these two think they will escape the destruction? That they will be elsewhere and the radiation will not kill them?
VinL is in full masterstrokin' mode for Cruz.
He never ceases to impress- whether it was his unprecedented surprise declaration of candidacy, or trumping Rand’s announcement with the $31 PACS, or here, using Hillary’s words against her-—

People will come to realize that he’s like Grandmaster Bobby Fischer-—seeing the Board 20 moves ahead of everyone else.
Viennacon is against all military efforts nowadays:
Sorry but I do not trust ANY mission with Osama as commander in chief. He will send our pilots deliberately towards SAM sites.

The last thing our best fighters will hear on their comms system will be their own commander saying “Allahu Akhbar!”
Gaffer - "in-you-face subtlety"
Subliminal brainwashing with a bit of in-your-face subtlety thrown in too boot. One would begin to think they aren’t even hiding Obama’s preferred religion any more.
I just wonder Huma had Hillary or Rachel Madcow’s baby?
Slambat's nicknames for Sotomayor and Kagan are nearly incomprehensible.
I say get rid of Sodomizer and put him in, then let him
make a case to prosecute Roberts or expose how he’s been
compromised and by whom. Sodomizer and Kegger are just
stupid fascists but Roberts is a traitor and needs to be
taken down hard.
NorthMountain with the usual:
Feral negro thugs, with cell-phones recording their violent felonies.

This will end in blood and fire.
Impy goes both birther and secret gay on Obama.
Good chance that Davis is either his real father, or initiated him into homosexual sex (which Davis wrote of having), hopefully not both.
Jumper wishes he lived in a Tom Clancy novel.
The bad people die in Clancy novels by the hand of good men. Our world is not yet descended into that which makes killing the elite fashionable, yet. If and when we actually see assassinations of the political elite due to a division of the left and right, it doesn’t matter who is good or evil but it certainly will be fun to watch those who survive become accountable to the general population, once again;)
Georgia Girl 2's theory sounds more like a fantasy:
This totally supports my theory that when the grid goes down the Leftard loons will be in the first die off. For the most part they are a bunch of Godless haters who have no clue of the coming worldwide economic collapse and revolution.
Arthur McGowan on how much Obama hates Jews:
If there is one Jew left alive in Israel on January 20, 2017, Obama will be kicking himself. In his post-Presidency, his main project will be killing all the remaining Jews.
dfwgator proudly declares how he's been wrongly predicting Bill Clinton will die for years.
For years, I’ve said Bubba looks like FDR did at Yalta.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Spotlight: Newtoidaho

A Freeper who has fully embraced his hatred, without any intellectual rationalization or filter. He's been a member since 2003, so I guess he isn't new to Idaho anymore. His posts are short and rarely have much content, which I guess explains why this is actually the first time he's appeared on this blog.

An Anon brought an extraordinary post to my attention, and it turned out this Freeper is quite spotlight-worthy.

Very, very racist, he's not at all above accusing Democrats of vile crimes.

He'll call for the deaths of everyone in the media, but don't you dare imply he's not Pro Life!

re: "all lives matter"
Oh aren’t the blackies just soooooo special. Freaks.
Racial groups:
I take it the NAALCP, La Raza, MEChA, and other racial groups are O.K., just so long as it’s not a group promoting the interests of crackers?

All those groups be crackalackin.
Really wants to say it...
I was guessing “naggers”.
Confirmation bias hoooooooo!
Son of Obozo, need I ask? I know, no need to ask.
How to deal with New York City's continued unhappiness with police shooting blacks:
F them let them reap what they sow, police back down and let them enjoy the holidays in thier decrepid neighborhoods killing each other and just show up with a piece of chalk for the chalk line and a pad and pencil to make the report f em

Don’t even show up to do that, just let the dead bodies stay and rot in the streets.
They can go from relatively docile porch monkeys, to a charging gang of pavement apes, to an all out chimpout in a surprisingly short amount of time.
Yeah, that's what brought him to my attention.

Kids these days:
Also, what kind of nutcase airline allows a 28 year old pilot? Today’s 28 year olds are equivalent to yesteryear’s 12 year olds. I also am never flying again, not that I do any flying now anyways. This event should put Lufthansa out of business. If they can’t do a better job of hiring pilots, they should be out of business and their executives in prison.
Something about Obama seems stupid.
Despite what people say, Obama is not intelligent. He can read a teleprompter, but lacks all ability to articulate in a cogent manner without a teleprompter. His stupidity and ignorance are constantly on display. I suspect that the reason his college transcripts were never revealed is because he was a poor student. If it wasn’t for affirmative action and quotas he would have been lucky to get into the schools that he did.

You got it, C student at best. Gpa in college probably around a 2.25.
Uh-oh, the Bergdahls are from Idaho...
Basically what you have here is that the Bergdahls are all from Hailey ID, one of the few bastions of liberal scum in Idaho. The entire family is filth, as are most of the people who live there.
Captioning Harry Reid:
“Would you describe me as more of a pussy or more of a faggot?”
Biden is an obvious child molester and he needs to be made an example of.
Lets kill Senator Feinstein!
Feinstein needs to be water boarded to find out which Muslim groups she is supplying national secrets to, then hung for treason.
Also the New York Times Editorial Board.
I would support the execution by firing squad of every last editor of the new york times, for multiple acts of treason.
A more horrific death penalty:
It would be a good step in this country if we adopted the practice of executing these scum in the exact same manner in which they killed their victims. And to make it happen within one year of conviction.
Why do democrats love murdering babies?
But that's not a contradiction!
They try to turn that around on conservatives too, as we are for capital punishment (for the deserving) but against abortion. The real difference, which they refuse to acknowledge, is that the liberal is always for protecting the evil and for killing the innocent.
Though given his broad definition of who deserves death, I suspect some babies might slip through.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Nailing the Hillary Talking Points

Uncle Miltie posts a vanity asking what the best short political messages against Hillary are. To be fair, I can't tell if they are sincere, or if they're more performing for their fellows. But without the guidance of the right-wing media to reign them into something possibly effective, Freepers spin off some truly horrible ideas.

Uncle Miltie start off with some suggestions of his own, which are not too bad, if you don't count the unproven conspiracies and things that also apply to all the Republican candidates:
1) Murdered Ambassador in Benghazi
2) Wiped server clean
3) “Success” is Yemen
4) Took Millions from Foreign Governments
5) No Legislative success
6) No Foreign Policy success
7) Lost Iraq to ISIS
Uncle Miltie also wants to remind people what a nightmare the Clinton years were:
“Hillary represents the Corruption and Failure of the Past.”
katana lists a bunch of really, really old and unproven conspiracy theories and rumors:
Fired from Watergate Committee, Whitewater S&L Fraud, Insider Trading scam, Vince Foster, Webb Hubbell, White House Travel Office firings, “F#@%ing Jew B@$+@&ds” ... honestly, the list is endless.
SMARTY also dusts off some oldies, some of which I hadn't even heard of.

  • Stood by Bill and lied when he got caught
  • HAD the FBI dossiers all the time (Said she didn't, but finally produced them)
  • Botched ‘Hillarycare’ ... had no business involved with it ANYWAY
  • Stole from the WH on the way out
  • Stood next to her BS ‘husband’ while he ‘reviewed’ the troops before getting on AF1 to leave DC at the end of his 2nd term..... Where does it end?
IronJack doesn't manage a lot of content either:
Corrupt, corrupt, corrupt.
Enemy of women by defending misogynist husband
No new ideas since college days at privileged Ivy League school
CivilWarBrewing's awesome plan is to demonize Huma, which is sure to play well with non-Freepers.
One of her most egregious crimes is TAKING THE WRONG SIDE IN EGYPT, MOHAMMED MORSI AND THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD. No doubt she was PAID BY THE MB TO COZY UP TO MORSI. Will the Huma Abedin connection every be investigated???
Also, her failed 'Russian Reset'.

R_Kangel is still finding Hillary anticlimactic:
.... I have a feeling that Hillary running for President is just a diversionary decoy tactic to keep the Conservative talking heads busy so that real intended candidates such as Martin O’Malley et-al can walk through relatively unscathed and gain popularity amongst democrat voters as a viable alternative to the usual tired old politicians.
Starstruck recommends killing her with respect:
I think the Republicans need to stop calling her Hillary. It’s making her a one name star. Men are referred to by their last job like Governor Perry or Ambassador Bolton. They need to refer to her as Secretary Clinton.
Rodamala exhaustively goes over the pettiness he doesn't want, and then advises yelling about how she's a liberal liar.
I would just rather see real issues used than resorting to the foregone conclusions that she is “just” some old, tired, wrinkly, vindictive twat. Maybe, but worse, she is a Leftist with a proven record of inadequate leadership skills and she is a liar, a phony through and through, as she has been for her entire adult life.

Stay focused on burning the truth into everyone’s subconscious minds. That will work.
BobinIL wants to try to blow what is arguably an actually silly moment into a scandal.
Trying to give a speech with a southern black accent. That was the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard a politician do. Very racist and condescending to African Americans. But she got a complete pass due to having the D next to her name.
drypowder knows Hillary can't stop killing Democrats:
Just like in 08 and 2012, no one on the opposite side will be able to speak of the Hag’s crimes and costly failures. They, one of their family members or a close friend may suddenly die if they do. It’s become characteristic of American politics today per organized crime syndicates controlling DC.
Boogieman has a great thought:
Can’t keep her own husband satisfied. Why should we believe she’ll satisfy the public?

Hillary is more mockable than Obama.

Saturday Night Live is certainly enjoying satirizing Hillary more than Obama. I suspect it's that Hillary's persona is more passionate, thus lending itself to hyperbole. Also probably some reversal of gender roles. And, of course, Bill.

Freepers ask why SNL can mock Hillary but not Obama. Not that they want to know the answer - it's more a political cudgel. But they're not quite sure who to hit with it...

daku can't yet switch his hate away from Obama:
Because the humor is irreverent, and they revere that little commie bitch
Joe Boucher has decided race beats gender. We'll see what he thinks in 6 months.
because obammy is a negro and hillary only has a vagina.
albie seems to imply that Hillary would never target her political opponents.
Because he’d shut them down. They’d be ridiculed and threatened. None of them would ever work again and they’d all be audited. Their friends and family would be destroyed. Did I leave anything out?
What the hell is Old Sarge talking about?
The last SNL person to mock Obama met an untimely demise.

They got the message.
Old Yeller just wants to yell at clouds.
Why do fudgepackers and carpet munchers hassle Christians and not Mooselimbs?
Buckeye McFrog thinks this is SNL's plan to bring on Elizabeth Warren:
Because SNL is the work of Radical Leftists, and Radical Leftists want Hillary cleared off the field so that they can vote for someone who is more truly Progressive.
WayneS tries for a jape of his own:
Because one of them is a white man and the other is a black woman... ...wait...

...No, it’s okay. I got it right...
Calling men women and women men, when is that ever not hilarious?!

longtermmemmory advises a media blackout:
All PR is good PR for her.

The only way to fight her candidacy is to keep it off the air. Make her a persona non grata.
Which brings us to Freepers' attempts at anti-Hillary political strategy, for the final part of our mini Hillary fest.

Why does Hillary want to be President?

Rubio's in. Paul's in. NY governor Pataki and Ohio governor Kasich are thinking about it. But Freepers are all about Hillary. And there are a few interesting bits of crazy amongst the namecalling and conspiracies. I found 3 interesting threads, so that's what we'll do for today.

This thread asks why Hillary wants to be President. It's the sort of unanswerable question where Freepers eagerly project their own wants and fears onto.

Old Yeller knows what only Democratic politicians have:
Answer: Narcissistic Personality Disorder
SMARTY also seems to think ambition is unique to Hillary:
P O W E R!

She is drunk on power and has a PATHOLOGICAL need for attention!
BitWielder1 just repurposes his imaginary Obama agenda.

She knows she can not get any other job so she might as well continue the destruction of America.
I'm afraid she would actually be quite good at that.
mountainlion knows all liberals are crazy:
why does Hillary Clinton want to be president?

She has an extreme case to the mental illness that most liberals where the have a need to screw over the Military, Religion, manipulate people...
mcshot recently read some old Clinton BS.
I recently read where they had to pay approx 86,000 for furniture and stuff they stole from the white hut. Imagine what it was really worth. And the damage they did. She should be running for pres on a prisoner island
Iron Munro has a pretty lame list.
Check All That Apply:

- Still too much freedom in the nation for people she disagrees with

- To finish the Fundamental Transformation of the nation to a completely socialist/communist state

- There is still a lot of money to be made selling military secrets to our enemies

- Change Obamacare to Hillarycare

- Still upset over getting beat by a negro homosexual in 2008

- Some pretty nice young female interns running around the White House these days

- To prove she's a better man for the job than Bil and Obama combined
right way right knows whose behind this!
Satan has a mission for her.
SMARTY trusts his hateful gut:
Face it.

Hillary is ONE sick person.

If you knew anyone like her from work, in your family,’d keep as far away from her as you could. Your gut reaction is to put as much distance as possible from yourself and people like that

Instinctively, you KNOW there is a pathology going on there. The whole Clinton family is a dysfunctional, miasmic fraud and Hillary is the visible prototype.

What? She should be President just because she WANTS to be, and so badly? NOT!

Unbridled ambition and the unwholesome, obsessive inclination for self-aggrandizement are not qualifications for the Presidency. THOSE qualities will not even make a good friend.
"miasmic fraud." I mean, it's not wrong, but it sure ain't as smart-sounding as he thinks it is!

9YearLurker wonders if, unlike other politicians, Hillary might enjoy fame and a legacy.
I think it’s more about adulation that simple power.

She thinks she can and will reach not only the Holy Grail of ambition—to be president of the US, but she’ll be also be the first female president of the US.

That’s been her dream and ever since Bubba humiliated her, she’s considered it her due.

I think as we saw when she was Sec of State, there’s nothing special that she wants to accomplish other than being seen as a champion of girls and women, in the Eleanor Roosevelt mold—while being the first freaking female president of the US!

That is, her only interest in power is to decorate her legend.

She wants to be recognized and admired. That’s also probably the only thing that eases the sting of Bubba’s humiliations.
IMR 4350 traces it back to the 60's, when all liberals got together and decided to destroy America.
Hillary had dreams of being president long before she married the bent one and only hitched her wagon to the bent one to fulfill her dream of being president.

Hillary is a 1960s radicals radical.

She honestly believes to rebuild a new society you first have to destroy the old society.

She sees herself as being so superior to everyone else intellectually that once the US is destroyed if she is the one given the power she could rebuild a Utopian society perfect in every way which the rest of the world would follow.

She honestly believes she has the ability to unite the entire world with her as the leader.
MichaelCorleone switches from Sharia to another horror:
Carte Blanche to put the final nails in America’s coffin, and finish the emasculation job once and for all.

However, that’s what she WANTS; what she’ll get is another story.
Gritty knows what women want:
Hillary wants to expand The Vagina Monologues into The Vagina Presidency.

It's just what feminists do.
Feminists: always trying to run for President.

American Constitutionalist also hits the War on Men
Because she can finally enforce her’s and the feminist’s war on men as President ?

Payback to men, their revenge on men.....
Eh, mostly lame, with some promising sexism rising. Next up, Freepers having trouble transitioning away from hating Obama.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Thanks, Freepers! Pt. 1 of 3 - Human nature.

This blog started as an attempt to turn what was a weird vice of mine into something a bit productive.

And it was a vice - in the early days of 2004 or so, I just read Free Republic to feel superior to the crazy people.

But over the years, I have found this vice to not be without it's utility. As I get around to it, I will present to you the three things Freeping has done for me:

1. Understanding human nature.

Freepers say they're big on the Republic and Capitalism and small government, but they collectively fail to stick to these principles when they're tested in the slightest against their real principles. They'll call for a strong government response to shut down businesses large and small that come out for immigration or gay marriage, and lament how the voters are keeping their police state future from happening.

Tribalism and Xenophobia is the font from which all other Freeper impulses come (though I suspect that's just the most virulent symptom of a general fear of change).

This is the first lesson Freepers taught me: We are mostly apes, and apes have tribes. Let that tribal instinct go, and it can take over your life.

Racism has become huge on Free Republic, but it used to be a small undercurrent before Obama. Part of it is the right-wing media's race-bating attempts to drive white rural turnout, but I think it started to take over largely as an outgrowth of their hatred of everything about Obama. I expect it to wane with Obama out of office, though it's proven a potent turnout machine even nationally, so it won't go down to pre-2008 levels. Well, quiesce - it was always there, just held back until stimulated beyond shame.

Now I hate crackers.
The rise of racism on Free Republic has been super interesting. I got to see, firsthand, how hatred seeks to expand itself, and in doing so spawns it's own hatreds, which can grow to become self-sustaining hatreds in their own right.
I also got to see how hatred and fear are really closely related. It's like Gandhi said - "The enemy is fear. We think it is hate, but it is fear." You fear what you hate, and, in time, you hate what you fear. I guess that's why fight or flight are the same impulse.

It will be interesting to see what happens if Hillary gets in. I seriously expect full MRA "red pill" BS. It's already starting.

Freepers, collectively, don't have much to teach about faith and religion. To most of them, it's all an overlay on what they already think. In fact, a lot of Freepers hate their church for being too liberal. The real Bible-thumpers are actually a rarity (the religion forum is usually a flame war of less than a dozen). You mostly hear God invoked to end whatever politician or country is currently drawing Freeper's ire, or as a balm to their growing sense of futility. It's yet another instrument that Freepers like to pretend is a principle.

But while hatred is the backbone of Free Republic, it's not what drives the posts. Tribalism turns out to manifest most intensely when it's focused, and personal. It also seems more negative than positive. Loyalty is hard won and easily lost, but hatred? That stays. And that's what you see the most on Free Republic, hating the bad people. Groups, individuals, whatever. And nothing these hated ones can do or say will shake Freepers' rage.

It's rarely about loving the good people, though. If they really love you (e.g. Palin, Netanyahu), they'll cut you some slack for a bit, but if you come out in favor of illegal immigration or climate change? You're done.They'll turn on you and hate you extra for being an apostate.

But if you continue to say the right things? They'll hate anyone for you. They'll distort history and events both foreign and domestic to make you look noble and smart. Facts are all instrumental to them anyhow.

Intensely tribal people living in a civilization that insists tribalism be controlled leads to Freeper's love of violence. Because, once started, violence is pure tribalism. There are your guys, and the guys trying to hurt your guys. Freepers yearn for this simplicity. You see it in their bloody solutions to everything from immigration reform to gay marriage. I think their constant crisis posture is less about actual crisis and more about validating their desire for the purity of violence.
But they'll never go there. It's not that they're cowards, or no more so than your average person. The problem is that they don't truly believe their own BS. Though they constantly say it, the real world doesn't have the moral clarity they stridently insist it does. But as every child knows it's the Bad Guys who make the first move. No fantasy of evil Muslim Obama can ever truly convince them, so their own childlike worldview constrains them. So they are trapped inches away from the moral clarity violence brings, ever held back by their own exalted self-image.
That doesn't keep them from half believing their fantasies though. Because when your whole life is politics, sometimes you need to raise the stakes with some drama. Free Republic was created to dwell on Clinton conspiracies, after all. One could see the very purpose of the site as a place where like-minded people can meet and insist to each other that they are all humble heroes in a compelling good vs. evil struggle. Still, while you have some Freepers who are indeed sincere tin-foil hat crazies, most of them kinda sense it's all smoke and mirrors. That's why they constantly return to the Dan Rather/Bush's National Guard service, the only time their Internet sleuthing turned anything up. Their validation will ever only be internal, but nevertheless confirmation bias in service of group validation is a helluva drug, as can be seen by the elaborate birther/Benghazi narratives Freepers spin.
The Obama gayness, Chelsea as Webb Hubbel's son, mean-girls is not even that, it's just spite they briefly convince themselves of to make their impotent insults seem a bit more relevant.

I could go on and on. I haven't touched on the weird and complicated gender politics, or the reactions to the total rout that is gay marriage, or how Freepers' humorists end up also having the craziest views when being sincere, or the growing trend of spiteful, America-hating nihilism overtaking the hateful superpatriotism of the previous decades.
But in closing, I just want to end on the understanding Free Republic has given me for how fascism works. Everything I discussed above, from the violence to the conspiracies to the xenophobia to the personality-based politics, we each have those impulses held in check.
For Freepers, all it takes is one little push to get to the violent struggle they easily want. The right someone saying it's time to rise up and cleanse this land, many would follow, many would kill and die in his name. If the Thucydides quote at the top of my blog didn't drive it home, maybe Orwell will: "Whereas Socialism, and even capitalism in a more grudging way, have said to people 'I offer you a good time,' Hitler has said to them, 'I offer you struggle, danger, and death,' and as a result a whole nation flings itself at his feet." That insight remains true for all of us, it's just more evident in Freepers.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev convicted

It's hard to find anything novel in the massive Hillary hatefest, but I'm managing.

The Boston Bomber has been convicted. Freepers do their usual "lets torture him," and "Obama will pardon him" dance.

Paul46360 can't believe the justice system actually works:
N F W..!!!!!!!!!
ColdOne wishes the AP were more sensationalist:
21-year-old former college student Dontcha just love good ol' AP.
I want the USA back is sure there's a coverup of the bomber's Muslim roots:
The media deliberately and intentionally omits the true motivation for the murders. The ROP.
Joe Boucher knows what Obama wants to do:
Will this mooselimb obammy dare pardon this murderer?
Grams A agrees:
Regardless of what the court decides would suspect BO will pardon him if he does indeed leave office at the end of 2016.
fatnotlazy, also:
Or Obama will pardon him.
tflabo turns some exceptions into the rule:
Just wait until the crowd of stupid, moronic young women come forward and want to marry the muzzie creep.
McGruff reaches into fiction to find someone with his righteous anger:
I’d like to see Jack Baurer take care of the execution phase.
MeshugeMikey knows how to torture Muslims:
first we FEED em Bacon...
MeshugeMikey, again, wanting some literal torture porn.
He should blow up good...

a very high end video of the event would need to be made avaialbe...immediatley

it would of necessity require hundreds of :frames per second to capture the action if exquisite slo mo detail.

Im thinking that perhaps he should be shown a computer generated Preview of his fate..for few days....STRAIGHT before the actual event takes place!
Man, the Freeper jokesters are the craziest of all.

Walter Scott was no angel...

Last week there was another police shooting of an unarmed black man. The videotape is pretty damming, and initially a lot of Freepers decided the cop was one of the bad thuggish ones.

But the lure of the perfect narrative is strong, and now, about a week later, Freepers have begun to wonder if maybe this isn't an exception, but another example of blackness deserving what it gets...

dfwgator starts us off:
Look the cop probably murdered the guy, but it’s not like this guy was a model citizen.
kingu twice points out the fatal mistake: car, dining out with a huge group at a Japanese steak house, yet couldn’t seem to find the money to pay for his children.

Seems like a priorities problem there. But hey, even for all of that, he would still be alive today if he hadn’t tried to run from police.

So, preventable problems (pay the child support instead of buying a new car), don’t run from police, and he would still be alive today.
Fido969 is very clearly divorced with kids:
Child support enforcement is a big scam run by the government. 20 years of “cracking down on deabeat dads” and collections are about the same as they’ve always been, except the gubberment actually gets to handle the child support before deciding whether to turn it over to mom.
dalereed is a pithy and crazy as ever:
running from the cops should be an automatic death penalty!!!
X-spurt returns to the more familiar ground of Trayvonn Martin, where Freepers were unified in their hatred.
Is it racist to judge using a creepyass cracka measuring stick? Da gots dare on culcha, you know mofo.
tina07 is already fomenting secrets:
yes, about the car, that the news people don’t ever mention...he said he had no insurance on it, no registration and he was ‘going to buy it’...sounds fishy, like stolen?? Hence taking off, yet another reason??
Sarah Barracuda is also searching for the real factz:
Something is fishy about the whole story..first of all, the actual police stop, nothing unusual about it, cop acted friendly, so did Mr. Scott..everything going normally as it should of, then Mr. Scott gets out of his car, the cop tells him to get back in, Mr. Scott gets back in, then he decides to make a run for it, over child support payments? I dont know, I doubt this cop would have arrested him because he owed back child support, you know how many people owe back child support I doubt if they get stopped by the police they all end up in the pokey