Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday Pix

Okay, they've got Arabs (twice), Communists, Kenyans AND Maoists. That's a pretty good unity of evils.

The Republican Party better get more crazy or it's stabbing this nice dude in the neck!

Yay, shooting gays!

uhh. Nothing to say to this.

1. Obama in the raccoon mask is kinda awesome.
2. That quote? I don't see it really riling up the masses.

Are there any movie badguys left that Freepers have yet to photoshop Obama's head on?

Hah! That woman who disagrees with Freepers must be a slut!

I do wonder if the Obama=Hitler meme will ever get warn out.

Is there a crime she's even accused of?

Friday, February 27, 2009

And now this word from outer space

Supernatural Hitler edition:

Think Hitler. Hitler was an occultist. Before his speaking events he assumed a godform (probably the Norse pantheon). His personal ability was mediocre. When he had time to prep he was hypnotic.

Compare Obama's efforts when he has to speak off the cuff and when he has time to prepare. The differences are significant.

I'll leave it at that.
Norse godforms FTW supplied by Canticle_of_Deborah

No arguments left. Also, Obama the goblin.

The Freepers may be starting to cotton to the fact that the very policies they hate may get Obama re-elected. Thus, all they have is rage. Seriously, this thread on Obama allowing Military bodies to be photographed again and the DC voting thread.

DCBryan1 starts out dumb and mad right out of the gate:

What a muzzie bastard Obambi is.

(BTW, "muzzie" is cause there isn't yet a "nigger" for Muslims.)

tina07 widens the hate:

NO RESPECT FOR OUR MILITARY WHATSOEVER, we are so screwed. I only hope the west coast takes the next hit.

edcoil knows his politics:

I don’t see this helping him. After all, he is Commander in Chief.

Those are his bodies now.

Yeah...people totally blame Obama for the Iraq war starting now! Good luck with that wishful thinking.

DoughtyOne taps into an interesting meme:
The media will use photos of those caskets for their own
political gain. The left not only doesn't have one collective
brain between them, they don't have one collective heart
either. They remind me of those demonic characters in the
Lord of the Rings: the Two Towers
I see LOTR comparisons more than I'd expect on Free Republic. Who knows why? Maybe it's all this one DoughtyOne, maybe it's enjoying the stories' white supremacist roots, maybe it's the Manichean fantasy world.

is angry at the Republican involved:

I would like Gates to quit. His staying now gives Obama a veneer of legitimacy.

And the old saw about him staying so he can try to protect the troops? The troops would adore anyone who publically called Obama a usurper, a traitor, and then quit.


Carley agrees:

It seems that Gates did not fight for the families of the dead heroes.

The fact that the families must give permission for the soldier's body to be photographed does not enter into the discourse. Arguments must be checked in at the door these days.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pelosi saying she won't ban assault-weapons means she's totally going to ban assault weapons!

Freepers are looking at 1994 as a model for 2010. And, because they are not based in reality, the square peg od now if hammered into the round hole of 1994:

Tarpon basically says what everyone is thinking in every gun thread:

I actually wish they would vote on the AW ban again.

I loved it in 1994. Sometimes people need to be jerked out of their slumber.

Ahh, the good times.

He follows up with another old standby on gun threads:

Bullets are worth real money, dollars, not so much so. Ammo has appreciated by about 40% in the last year. Bet you wish you had bought a trailer load last year.

The barter economy is coming.

GnL knows what's going on:

If she opened her mouth, she lied. You can take another AWB to the bank (if there are still banks left after the Obama Depression).

And so, Freepers are able to continue being paranoid, unfettered by political reality.

can tope even that madness:

This is how I imagine the conversation went.

Obama: “OK, you come out for the fairness doctrine, but I’ll say I have no intention of revisiting it. Then I’ll have Holder talk about gun laws, and you say you have more important things to worry about right now.”

Pelosi: “And we’ll draft legislation on both and get back to you.”

Nice way to toss in the other Freeper boogieman that's never coming out of the closet, the fairness doctrine.

has the other universal discussion you see on gun threads: threats against Democrats:
Even a numbskull like Pelosi understands that their lives will be in danger should they attempt to ban our guns. No one bought those guns because they intended to give them back if they were banned. They bought them for the revolution that's coming down the road.
Yeah, you and Glen Beck. Go get 'em, chief!

The latest talking point

I'm seeing this trickling into threads by one or two posts per thread for the past week:

I’m starting to REALLY think Obama is MERELY the VESSEL for the’s his job as front man to TALK to the masses and GOEBBELIZE them...

Who knows if it will catch on, but that'd be a good way to stop attacking Obama directly and losing - he's a puppet beneath engaging.

Of course that does mean the Freepers would have to abandon the Marxist-atheist-Muslim-Kenyan-Antichrist-Hitler meme...

And now this word from outer space

The new antisemitism edition:
don’t forget Jews for Obama - they have a unique type of blood on their hands

I call it the "Soros Stigmata", that special sign that you were willing to sell out your own family to the Nazis for pocket change, or maybe just a simple "Guten Juden" uttered by the uniforms as they dragged the neighbor you betrayed off to a death camp.

Using the Holocaust to bash Jews you don't like by TaoOfSteve

Well this is pretty blatant.

It'll probably be pulled soon, but:

White House menace ('coon) caught

RC one

a coon in the white house? No way.

I just want to make sure that I understand what’s being said here. CNN is saying that one large coon and several smaller ones managed to get onto White House grounds.

No. I’m not taking the bait and I’m walking away.

NO! I Hadn't heard that! Seen me this here coon once, trying to get back into the White House. DARN! if he wasn't trying to get in through the window with a door just a few feet away! Imagine that, such goings on at the White House.
Though credit must be given to flowerplough:

5 minutes to Sharpton? Hope so. This is beneath Free Republic, I believe. I’ve asked the moderator to yank this thread.
UPDATE: Pulled at 8:01am. It was posted at 5:37am. Only 2 and a half hours! Obama really did end racism!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

About last night

Freepers are a bit stunned by last night, it seems. Between Obama not declaring a Fourth Reich and Jindal's delivery, Freepers do not seem to be saying much. Indeed, about half of the Freepers agree Jindal's speech was bad. But the other half...

PhilosopherStones thinks the speech was pretty good, compared to Obama:
I watched on FOX and the audio was atrocious, but at least Bobby looked us in the eye; something that the MasterOratorBator never did.

Yes, he has a Loosiana accent which doesn’t quite qo with his Indian IT nerd face, but I thought the delivery was great.

The MasterOratorBator! Such wit!

bushwon would also like to make a comparison to Obama for some reason:

Really saddens me to read some of the downright NASTY FR swipes at Jindahl! Guess you prefer the teleprompter reading skills of the kenyan?!

Perhaps consillatory McCain will run in 2012 ;(

BTW, kenyan did not fool Wall Street as DOW futures are DOWWWWN,.

Because as goes the Dow, so goes America!

Cinnamon Girl
is the first to point out a little detail about Jindal:

Like most Americans, I didn’t see or hear the Obama speech or the GOP response, but that was good timing by the Republicans to pick Jindal... Slumdog Millionaire, Mall Cop... Indians are HOT right now.

Mall Cop?!

And, lest you think this was a joke or something, along comes Polarik
Obama ought to try growing up as an untouchable in Calcutta!

Polarik also has this to add:

Highlights of Obama's Address

We will rebuild, we will recover and the United States of America will emerge stronger than before.


"We will destroy Capitalism, we will distribute the wealth, and the United States of America will emerge as the United Socialist State of America."

Only by understanding how we arrived at this moment that we'll be able to lift ourselves out of this predicament.


"Only by forcing me to show my credentials will you be able to lift yourselves out of this predicament I put you in."

It's like grade school. "Babababa! That's what Obama sounds like!"

But it is InterestedQuestioner that encapsulates the thread, going far beyond reality to call Jindal awesome (and Indian!) and Obama sucky:

Obama introduced himself to the American people by his reference to his parents—an all American example of the melting pot.

Bobby's response was a rib shot directed at Obama. Gov. Jindal made a comparison between his parents (immigrants from India,) and Barack Obama’s folks. The implied difference was that Jindal’s parents were responsible. Obama’s philandering dad statutorilly raped an American teenager, absconded without seeing the lad, and later killed a man in Africa before drunkenly ending his own life. Obama’s mom later headed for the hills, abandoning “Barack junior” to be raised by her mother, the much maligned “typical white person.”

It is interesting to see how Freepers can't really attack Obama's content or delivery, nor can they prop up Jindal. Instead, they can only attack the odd anti-American straw-man they've built up.

And now this word from outer space

Sabotage Edition:

*Sabotage* sabotage at all gatherings, rallies, public ceremonies, and organizations of the Democrat Party.

*Sabotage* in all the areas of science and scholarship which further the continuation of socialism - whether in universities, technical schools, laboratories, research institutions, or technical bureaus.

*Sabotage* in all cultural institutions which could potentially enhance the “prestige” of the fascists among the people.

*Sabotage* in all branches of the arts which have even the slightest dependence on Socialism or render it service.

*Sabotage* in all publications, all newspapers, that are in the pay of the “government” and that defend its ideology and aid in disseminating the brown lie.

Do not give a penny to the public drives (even when they are conducted under the pretense of charity). For this is only a disguise. In reality the proceeds aid neither the Red Cross nor the needy. The government does not need this money; it is not financially interested in these money drives. After all, the presses run continuously to manufacture any desired amount of paper currency. But the populace must be kept constantly under tension, the pressure of the bit must not be allowed to slacken!

Do not contribute to the collections of metal, textiles and the like. Try to convince all your acquaintances of our spiritual and economic enslavement at the hands of the Socialists; of the destruction of all moral and religious values; and urge them to *passive resistance*!

Unamerican sentiment by EBH (The world is a balance between good & evil, your next choice will tip the scale.)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Freepers do not take kindly when Gibbs says Obama is gonna be a bit Reaganesque. Gibbs likely means Obama is talking tax cuts and eliminating some government programs, but Freepers would rather take Obama down than agree with him. Hell, Obama could come out and say all the money from Social Security and Wellfare now goes to National Defense and they'd be pissed at him.

Mrs. B.S. Roberts is sure Gibbs means Obama is a good speaker.
It’s not about looking “presidential” and mimicking Reagan’s style. It’s about the content. Reagan is spinning at being compared to an empty suit. Bad policies and bad ideas delivered regally are still BAD POLICIES AND BAD IDEAS!
Titus Quinctius Cincinnatus kinda made my day with this adorable dollop of fail:

Barack, I lived during Ronald Reagan’s administration, and you are no Ronald Reagan.


Wild Irish Rogue
is like a beat poet, and makes about as much sense.
The media routinely described President Reagan as an out of touch, lazy dunce who had to take naps every day.
I can see that comparison to Barry.
Interesting that Barry always tries to assume the identity of Republican presidents.
He’s a political grave robber.
Pagey can one up that last piece of nonsens with this block of text:
This is Hilarious and Embarrassing to me as a U.S. citizen. First off, we know he believes in nothing,O.K.? HE has no "Core Beliefs" like Ronald Reagan had. (To suggest Barack Hussein Obama would even be capable of wiping Ronald Reagans boots, much less give a speech like him is a complete fallacy) Now in office just over a month, he's already sending out the succulents to say that HE is not "DOWN ON HOPE". Amazing! They couldn't possibly have considered phrasing it in any positive way now, could they? No, they couldn't. I can hear it now: "...Darn it Rahm, you get some people out there and tell them the topic is "I'm Not Down On Hope!" How truly embarrassing a position to find oneself in. At least it's happening to the biggest pedestrian on earth, our current POTUS.
Put down the meth, and step away from the cumputer, dude. Biggest pedestrian? Succulents?

al_c sees a difference:

Reagan was never condescending when he spoke to the American people. He never talked down to us. 0bama can’t help but to do that. He’s no Reagan, that’s for sure.

Condescending? I think that's just your hatred. Speaking of which, nice lack of capitalization for Obama's name. The pettiness undermines your argument quite well.

has a nuanced comment:
Pmb09 has a solution: never watch Obama on the news.
I surely WILL NOT BE WATCHING !!! I will tune in to hear Jindal talk after the blithering idiot is stops his ummmuhhhummmmdoummmmm.
Wow. What a blow against Communism!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Impeach Oba-

Freepers try for a thread about impeaching Obama for the crime of not being a Freeper. But they get a bit...distracted by the more realistic goal of hating black people:

starts with an airing of grievances:
[T]he man is destroying the republic.
This Country was never intended to be a centralist welfare state.

There are serious issues here that are impeachable IMHO

Sumbitch just levied a 2,200% tax on me to pay for children’s health care for people who already have health care and make $100K a year

IrishPennant is quite optimistic about Tennessee getting in on the impeachment plan, and gets all excited about twitter and mispellings or something:

I do feel a change in the air...Most of the AM stations where I live outside of Memphis were liberal...a few of them are ranting and changing formats quickly!!! Fun to listen to!!!

Hey, if it means anything, in my mind communism, marxism, socialism, etc. has done its mark in the past...We are the USA...and beyond that, we live in a different error of technology then when Hitler did the same Obama is trying to do with his fear mongering...we are smarter, faster, of higher ability. I have faith in us and all FReepers show that day in and day out.
freekitty is about when things start to go off the rails:
I wish he would resign but living in the WH, having a big car and the SS and everything paid by the taxpayer including the airplane and going when he wants to is to much of an aphrodisiac for him.

Let's face it Obama is not an honorable man in the least. He needs to go period.
No Surrender No Retreat takes the ball and runs it downfield, though not in the direction one would expect:

May I interject? It is now a 52inch plasma tv, a case of colt 45 malt liquor, 19 kung fu massacre dvds, a BET silk jacket, a BET baseball cap(to be worn ass-backwards), some bling, 4 spinner rims for your (Whip) Free mortgage/rent payments for life, Free medical health care, Free lunches at the public school, endless supply of “golden crispy chic” nuggets and last of all a “Reparations Check” in every bro&ho(s) mailbox weekly. (Satire)

Damn!!! Did I leave anything out?? Oh wait a free “get out of prison pass when you rob a honky for gas money or their Whip.

Gotta Love It To The Max,

And in case you thought the malt liquor and "slang" wasn't explicit enough, gost2 has something to say:

For every Justice Thomas or Tiger Woods the black race gives us many more Adam Clayton Powel’s or Barry Soterros.

Like you expected something else?

Marion Barry perhaps?

I guess I am a racist. I was not born this way. I had to learn it.

Hooly crap. And that on an "impeach Obama" thread.

Yeah, Conservatives might be down with the 'Twitter' but they're still pretty damn out of touch with mainstream America in a lot of other ways.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday Pix

Mythical, technicolor 1960's housewives are horrified ACORN made them vote for Obama! They wanted Ike!

Calling your opponents doo-doo is the height of humor!

Why not Regan? Regan didn't have a vagina. The soft light helps the saintliness as well.

Stay classy, Freepers! And keep those awesome photoshop skills!

Lol Wut?

Friday, February 20, 2009

Kids today

Most Freepers were actually pretty sane when they heard about teenage girls being prosecuted for sending naked pictures of themselves. But for every Freeper that thought it was silly, there was a Freeper who was a bit more kooky:

Drew68 thinks this is a conspiracy to free sex offenders. Because Dems loove sex offenders:

Eventually sex offender registries are going to be meaningless when they're filled up with kids like these. Serial pedophiles and violent rapists are going to blend in easily on registries full of public urinators, johns and hookers, mooners, skinnydippers and now "sexters."

Maybe that's the point.

When MahatmaGandu hears about naked teenage girls, he thinks of gay men:

I wonder if they’d say anything if the two parties involved were queer? So far I’m only seeing straight kids getting harassed over this.

Venturer knows who is to blame:

13 year old girls didnt mail or even dream of having a nude picture taken when I was 13, and I knew a lot of them

This is what is happening to the morals of our country, Thanks in part to Bill Clinton who did the most to lower those morals. Before Clinton Oral sex was sex. Most kids didnt do it. Didnt know about it in fatc, but Bubba clued tham in and it’s been down hill ever since , with prayer out of school and sex educations classes in.

To be fair, a couple of Freepers note that the above post is crazy. I guess most of the crazy hate has turned to Obama these days.

SES1066 remembers what things were like back in the day, and assumes one stupid Principal (probably in Florida) defines the norm today.
I also brought a pocket knife to school from about age 11 on. I played cowboy and indian and used my thumb and forefinger and said 'BANG'.
If you have been around FR for any length of time you will know that either of these activities would get a kid expelled AND possibly have a criminal record as well. Whot a Wold!?!?
BobL knows the problem: those gal-durned cameras!
[W]hy do these kids NEED camera phones or whatever they have that can kick these file around?

I blame the parents...and no, my kids have simple cell phones that they can talk on AND NOTHING MORE.

I say we should go one step further and never let kids on the Internet!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Net Neutrality equals GESTAPO

Freepers are particularly amusingly knee-jerk unhinged about net neutrality, which apparently some parts of the stimulus package facilitates.

TribalPrincess2U provides the opening hilarious histrionics

Yeah, let’s call it what it is.... GESTAPO

Bambi’s GESTAPO. Crush the people.

Gotta be a s***load of people including some dims that
are wishing they had never sold their vote for this modern Hitler.

Kennard explains to the few Freepers who point out what Net Neutrality actually means

“Net Neutrality” is just an aphorism that will be employed to enforce the opposite of its literal meaning. The camel’s nose is under the tent.
Fred Hayek knows what this means: Obama is coming after Free Republic!

So FreeRepublic then becomes the equivalent of the underground Samizdat press in the Soviet Union.

Cacique agrees with the sentiment, if not with the analogous regime:

It took Hitler 6 months to consolidate power and rid himself of the opposition. Obama is accomplishing the same in less than 30 days.

Madame Dufarge sees a real concern: Google, who owns the Internet, has been compromised!!!!

Seven of the links in this article are broken; Google’s been doing this more and more lately.

Reminds me of The Internet sketch.

txnativegop has a measured and mature reaction to net neutrality maybe being passed:
I feel a guerrilla war coming on.
NO NET NEUTRALITY OR WE TAKE TO THE STREETS! Heh. That'd be a protest I'd like to see, with all the "This is Gestapo!" and "Hitler would have LOVED Net Nootrality" Signs.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Obama ends America. Yet again.

Obama's turning to the mortgage crisis. Freepers, having gotten all hopped up on rage with the stimulus package, need little encouragement to suddenly think that the foreclosure crisis is no crisis at all, and that Obama,h having failed to end America despite passing the stimulus, is up to his old ending America tricks again.

Sir Gawain is prepared:

Time to buy even more ammo.

Ammo: it can never fill the hole in your soul, but it can help!

AngelesCrestHighway sees the future, and it's very black:
[Obama]’s going to turn all of America into a ghetto with your tax money! Just take a drive through any Indian reservation and check out the homes and neighborhoods....thats our future!
pleikumud takes refuge in old shibboleths:

Obama and the majority in Congress are socialists, and socialism is the enemy of capitalism and freedom.

mplsconservative continues with the "Obama's the racist" trend I've been seeing lately:
Reparations in (barely) disguise.
Because only black people are being foreclosed on.

antivenom agrees:

IF you are “white” you have to do what is for all other shades of color you don’t have to do what is right...just sit back and demand more with your grubby hand...

Seeing racism everywhere is proof you're not the racist, right?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

By request: I know you are but what am I

Alexandra Pelosi has a documentary about angry racists who voted against Obama. Freepers react not only by denying that such imperfect Conservatives exist, but also by noting how all the people they hate are the racists!

roses of sharon
knows who the real racists are:
Balderdash.....Hussein and his black followers WORSHIP in black churches filled with racism, ommunism, Marxism, radicalism, terrorist sympathizers, Black Panthers, and extreme anti-Americanism.

THEY are racists and bigots, and they are very proud of it.
That sounds like a pretty full church.

DBCJR thinks that the racists who didn't vote for Obama are Democrats:
Yella Dog Dems are the culprit here, not Repubs. These are the ones still holding a grudge against the Radical Republicans at the end of Civil War, and during Reconstruction, who ramsacked and exploited the South.
Thing is, Dems holding a grudge after the Civil War became Republicans during the Southern Strategy. Jest read any Free Republic thread about Lincoln.

Drew68 goes one better and says that what seems to be racist conservatives are Democratic moles:
I truly believe that many of the loud, outrageous comments picked up by news microphones at these rallies were made by dem plants as in, "Let's take off our 'Hope' t-shirts, put on a trucker cap and scream "Obama is a n-er!" at a Palin rally! It'll make the repukes look like the bigots we say they are!"
Note the lack of evidence. Because all bad things are properties of the other side, not your own.

Vigilanteman does a pretty awesome move unifying slavery with Muslims and Communists:
[T]he fact is that the only people who are slaves today are black. And the only people who are slave owners are Muslims.

However, one could make a reasonable argument that citizens of vassal states such as Communist Korea, Cuba, China are essentially slaves to the ruling elite. The situation is technically the same, although the slaves are better treated, in socialist states such as the EU and Oba Mao's Amerika.
Wow. I guess under Bush we were super free, but under Obama we're suddenly slaves, just like all the black Muslim slaves you never hear about.

I was hoping for some of the broken English "jive" black stereotyping from the 1970s so common on Free Republic but alas, this thread did not deliver. exile managed some pettiness almost as good:

Wait a second, Nazi Pelosi has a daughter?

I would’ve bet that Pelosi was born a man.

First, men can have daughters too. Second, this is a weak insult. Third, it led to a troubling amount of "hilarious" replies.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Double Irony!

That Freepers' ideological blinders render them are irony immune is clear. But yesterday I encountered a rare and wondrous thing: the rare double irony.

DU has some thread about "The Republican Party needs to be eliminated." Freepers, of course, are always talking about forming the Falcon Party or whatnot, and calling the GOP dead. This single irony, however, is compounded by the fact that they want the Democratic party eliminated. So their objections are hilariously hypocritical on two levels:

wants you to know:

No one should be under the misunderstanding that these people don’t want you DEAD.

PzLdr provides a counterpoint:
Fair enough. I want the Dimocrat party extirpated.
I had to look up extirpate. The relevent definition is to destroy totally; exterminate.

But TribalPrincess2U sees an important distinction:

We say nasty things but they actually mean what they say.
A RAT is a rat. They do nasty things.

Conservative my nature are mild. That what conservative means. IMHO

So I guess she thinks lgjhn23 is just talking when he says

“..A RAT is a rat. They do nasty things....”

That they do!! When we were younger, we’d take our .22 rifles and go out to the local dump and spend the day shooting em by the hundreds....perhaps its time to take another trip to the “dump”...

SolidWood is totally not contemplating violence but...

I am armed. The DU bloodlusters are not. End of Story.

Dr.Zoidberg sets him straight though.

While the average DUmmie may not be armed, what with their parents not wanting them to keep a gun in the basement, don't mistake their lack of arms for lack of will.

Besides, they do have some armed and/or dangerous fellow travelers who are known to crawl out of the woodwork on occasion.

Black and latino gangsters, cair/al qaeda, the drug/sex slavery cartels, the kkk, fred phelps and his lying circus and a decent percentage of police commissioners/chiefs/sheriffs, just to name a few.

There you have it folks, Freepers undercutting their fellows protestations of gentle meekness in answer to those same protestations of nonviolence while at the same time making a violent strawman out of DUers hopes for single party rule AND simultaneously hoping for the exact outcome the DUers are hoping for.

The mind boggles.

And now this word from outer space

How to lose friends edition:

I have one used-to-be friend who voted for o’dumbo. I’ve tried talking to her. At first she was receptive and asked me to e-mail her info. Then I got a snarky e-mail saying she didn’t want anymore “political” e-mails from me.

And she doesn’t want to talk politics anymore.

Well after seeing everything except the kitchen sink thrown into the porkulus bill, I can’t think of any topic that is not reflected in the bill. So I guess we won’t be speaking anymore.

Oh, she’s ALWAYS having “trouble” and begging for help from the REPUBLICANS at our church. Funny, she never asks the other democRATS for help. Maybe because they’re also a bunch of shiftless types looking for a handout.

Dickishness supplied by Josa.

And now this word from outer space

Voice is Destiny edition:
Does anyone else have a problem with Obummers voice? To my ears, the cadence is all wrong. It's in the way he kind of barks out his sentences. It's like being dragged across fresh lava rock. Makes me want to run screaming from the room whenever he comes on. Never mind what he's actually saying. He could be reading nursery rhymes. Boy's got a mile-wide authoritarian streak in him and it's all there to see in the voice.

Subjectivity supplied by LibWhacker

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Saturday Pix

Obama is such a pimp, with the bling and the can (?) of cocaine, and the random bikini-clad pot-smokers. So much effort, so little skill.

At first I thought this meant Michelle Obama ate children in some sort of abortion metaphor. Turns out, it's just cause Freepers have decided she has an overbite. Cause she can't be pretty, no siree.

Obama is black and rich, rappers are black and rich. It's like they're the same people!

Congrats to Free Republic for finally making a joke from this century!

Wow, the Democratic Strawman Flag is pretty shitty looking.

Sooo, this is guilt by free-association?

Friday, February 13, 2009

Live by the market, die by the market

I guess there was a brief run up in the Dow at the end of the day yesterday. Freepers have decided that the market is like an oracle, and cannot be wrong. Also, whenever it goes down, it's Obama's fault. So what do do when it goes up? Spin spin spin!

TommyDale goes for sarcasm:
The Chosen One ordered it up. He will next depart the Red Sea.
Obama: powerful enough to destroy the country, but totally didn't make the market go up.

Or did he? silverleaf thinks Obama may indeed be so powerful:

sounds manipulative to me

O’s friends callign in some chips, maybe passing along some tips

STARWISE splits the difference: blame the boogieman!
No need for evidence, Soros can totally fake that. He's like a financial Lucifer, and can do anything if it is in the service of Evil.

keeps his eye on the bigger picture.
At the end of the day, it still closed in the red continuing the Obama down trend.

Have you notices that except for all the days the market has gone up, the market has only gone down! This is totally cause Obama is so bad and has nothing to do with any financial crisis except where Obama caused it. Also Soros.

al_c knows the market.

Maybe it rebounded because Judd Gregg withdrew his nomination killing 0’s chance at a totally Dem controlled congress. I’m just sayin’

Yeah, the market was totally paying attention to that, and didn't know Gregg's replacement was a Republican.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Random, Angry South.

An article about the results of the New Deal got pretty weird today. Some kind of Southern Nationalism/conspiracy thing showed up. Check it out:

bert has the North's number:

You Yankess are certainly brainwashed.....

Always have been, always will be. If today were 1776, they would not support the Revolution. they prefer the King and his parliament

central_va makes the point a bit more..pointedly:
Unless you plan on coming south, you are in the Northern Socialist States of America (NSSA). Postionally, and if not by choice you are still defacto part of the problem.....
Because if you're going to stereotype blacks and Muslims and Democrats, I guess stereotyping the North comes easily.

From out of nowhere, x_plus_one takes his survivalism to the point of...oddness.

It will be interesting to see what happens to the Amish, the Mennonites and the Brethren. If they can survive this mess then we all have a chance to do so likewise.

Leisler traces the origin of the New Deal back...way back:

[THe New Deal] began at the beginning with Alexander Hamilton and the Federalist wanting to build a imperial government the equal of any European power. Then the Civil War, followed by the Progressive, Good Government and the Municipal movements of the 1890’s and topped off with the centralization of money with the Federal Reserve Act.

All these have centralized power at the expense of the individual.

Damn Civil War and Founding Fathers! Socialists all!

dalereed has a point to make about FDR:

Take FDR and shove him up your backside, he was the worst President this country ever had!

I not only grew up with that AH communist as President but was taught to hate him at home!

So wingnuts are not so new, it seems.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Assasination Shmassasination!

Freepers only have so many ideas. Such committed ideologues become almost like stimulus response creatures after a while. Thus, I almost didn't post about the gun-toting idiot with a "delivery for Obama." Because Freepers' reaction are not so different than previous threats on Obama's life:

Blame the Democrats:


You know this guy is a democrap.

SIDENET says the same thing every time someone with a gun is caught using it for something untoward:

Probably a plant to help pave the way for gun confiscation.

It's all part of a very slow plan that only seems like it isn't working!

Then there are the crazies who are kinda into Obama dying, but don't want to let on:

Texas Fossil
If you do not share a sense of Alarm at what is happening around us in this country, you Sir are the Dim Bulb.
There is an element that is growing that will oppose outright Communism in the U.S. It existed during Slick Willie’s administration. And the threat was less real then.
The OKC bombing silenced it, because the Mideast Connection was never exposed. It was there.

Mideast Connection? Down the rabbit hole we go!

And a decent number of Freepers graciously condemn killing Obama, only to come around trying to make their own thesis sound less crazy:

Retired Greyhound hits the persecution complex, but at least he doesn't want Obama killed!
Unless Obama begins carrying out Soviet style political assasinations (which is in the realm of possible), than I will NOT wish for his death.

Cementjungle wants Obama to fail, but at least he doesn't want him killed!
I would much rather see him resign in disgrace in a year or so.

Secret Agent Man is going to take Obama out of context to insult his kids, but at least he doesn't want Obama to die!
I agree, it would not be fair to the First Punishments that dad is gone, no matter how bad dad is.

And then there are the cryptic, scary Freepers like bert who says
By july 23 it will be all over

When he's called on it, he'll only say
It is forbidden to speak of such matters

Probably some kind of birth certificate case, but a bit sinister nonetheless.

Freepers pray.

President Barack calls himself a brother, so I pray that Christians formally and clearly excomminicate him from their company, that he not be extended the pleasantries of an assumed shared belief, and that a ringing condemnation from
the pulpits of America will encourage this fallen brother to find true faith in
you, Father, and that Barack will forsake his evil ways. In the name of Christ


Dear Lord, deliver us from their evil, crush Satan’s disciples infesting Washington, and cause their destruction and overthrow. Lead the people to rise up against them and take back our nation on your behalf. Amen !


Can’t pray for someone in this capacity that will steal from my grandbabies.Now if this person would would ask for help,I’d help,,,maybe.

Satan is Lost,and all his minions are lost,Pray for him if you want to.Get behind me is what I would tell him.

Fitzgerald: total Democrat.

Seems Obama is keeping Fitzgerald on. Does this mean Obama is not related to the Blago affair? No, it's proof Fitzgerald is a secret Democrat.

maggief ignores the fact that Fitzgerald was appointed by a Republican and notes

Those three weeks of unreleased wiretaps have just been 86’ed.

I guess we'd better assume that Obama admitted to being a Kenyan Muslim on that tape.

Ann Archy chooses to forget how Fitzgerald indicted a number of top aides to Democrat Richard M. Daley, because
Patrick Fitzgerald is a SCUM DEMOCRAT.

chainsaw keeps hope alive:
Blago needs to spill it. STAT!
While he is still alive.

To which sport replies:
I’m surprised that he is still alive.

Freeperland has become a dangerous and angry place these days, with Obama assassinating people left and right and SCUM DEMOCRATS everywhere.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The wailing and the nashing of teeth.

Stimulus passes. The cloture thread mentioned in yesterday's comments is basically repeated again. Here are some highlights of the Freepers pining for the time when they had something like weight to throw around:

FarRightFanatic has a special hate for the GOP who voted for the bill.
OK- these 3 HAVE TO GO. We have to MAKE SURE they are shown the door when they come up for re-election.
This is absolutely disgusting.

So much for the "Republican Party isn't Conservative anymore" meme, eh? Suddenly, this is a betrayal of Republican values.

Maverick68 has different people and concepts to blame. Also racism!
Political Correctness is to blame for this. If anyone had the guts to tell the truth about Hussein and his bitch of a wife durning the campaign, he would have gotten under 40% of the vote. Time to start calling a spade a spade (no apologies)....

Thermalseeker sees where this is going:
Zimbabwe here we come. The idea of them wanting to cause massive inflation has certainly crossed my mind and this sort of unbridled borrowing, printing and spending of money would certainly do it. Huge debt is much easier to pay back with wildly a inflated currency....

Wow. The US isn't going the way of Sweden or even France or Germany. It's straight to Zimbabwe for us!

I guess meyer's a real fan of Zimbabwe sees a silver lining:
God helps those that help themselves. It's time to sink this ship. And I mean it. Shut it down.
We now have to do everything we can to minimize our taxes, and maximize the 'freebies" that we can get from the government. Bankrupt them now.

I think Mr. Silverback is pissed about regulation of medical care, but gets a bit creepy about it:
I called Snowe’s office and told them every time I go to the doctor from now on I’ll be thinking of two people: Senator Snowe and her 2012 opponent.

And, of course, there are those calling for a repeat of 1860:

I’m ready to hear some state secession conversation now. And ready and willing to pack up and move to any state that starts taking the necessary steps.

Just like you were ready when Obama was elected, and inaugurated and when Clinton was President. Good luck with that!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Freepers are gonna try not paying taxes

Viva La Cheapo Revolucion! Also, violence is advocated.

Windflier has the plan:

I've proposed that we post a website where Americans can go to anonymously join a nationwide tax revolt. Each person would simply check a box to indicate that they agree to begin withholding all payments to the federal government, once the effort has reached ten million participants.
Once the ten million number has been reached, the announcement to begin the revolt will be posted large on the front page of the site.
This needs to be done, for the sake of the continued existence of our constitutional republic. Outside of an armed rebellion, I don't know a better way for The People to re-assert their proper authority over the federal government.

Baynative agrees:
There are two alternatives I see:
1. Armed revolution - march on the Capitol and demand that congress stand down and go home alive. Would Army and National Guard kill civilians?
2. I'd prefer a far reaching tax revolt. All employed persons request maximum deductions immediately and all private filers make every extension request possible - maybe even stop paying taxes altogether
So who is not taking maximum deductions already?

Candor7 is more pithy:
Take it to the streets, Destroy ACORN.
Refuse to pay federal taxes.
Mark was here goes all natural law:
The DoI is the backstop for the Constitution. No law can morally trump it. The Constitution can easily become another Articles of Confederation.
Erm, not post-Civil War it can't.

semantic doesn't think we even need to stop paying taxes:
The USSR collapsed without a fight. One day it simply disappeared. That is what we are looking at.
I seem to recall a coup. Also, Russia still existing.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday Pix

Obama is everything bad! Drugs! Muslim (twice!), Nazi (twice again!) and HE DRINKS THE KOOL AID!
Republicans who agree to anything Obama says are dumb, I guess.

Thank god for the asterisk. Explaining jokes makes them much better!

Dude, McCarthy is a Freeper hero. Get with the program!

Photoshopping Limbaugh onto Michael Jackson? Wow. That works on levels. Dominican levels.

Michelle Obama: spider. Haw haw!

Friday, February 6, 2009

By Request: Obama goes crazy!

euphgeek had a suggestion that turned out to be the best Freeper thread I saw all day.

Obama gave a potboiler of a speech. Freepers had some whiplash from smugly posting he was Jimmy Carter over the past few days.

As they struggled to get Obama's behavior to fit their narrative, their ideas of Obama's inner workings became more and more outlandish. If you thought liberals thinking Bush was a dry-drunk sociopath was a bit wacky, you ain't seen nothin yet! Projection galore!

little jeremiah:
I am sure he will have a mental breakdown. The only unknowns are how soon, how long will it be able to be hidden, what meds he’ll be on, and whether it will involve cocaine or violence.

al baby has a different diagnosis:
deep down Obama hates himself

No projection there at all!
Sarah Barracuda noted something else:
notice how during his speech he mentioned that the only state he hasn’t visited is ALASKA. Geez he can’t get Sarah Palin out of his head, if she causes him to have a freakin mental breakdown and thus get his ass kicked out of office I think Sarah should get the key to the city or something
Yes, Sarah, it's Obama who has Sarah tormenting his days and haunting his nights. Obama.

Campion goes all historical:
Did someone teach Obama that raised-chin look, or did he come by that all by himself?
It's vintage Benito Mussolini.

mountn man also digs into the annals of history:
Hitler blamed the German people for all failures. He said they didn’t deserve what he was trying to accomplish, and turned on them, and purposely destroyed the country.

Wow. He assumes the equivalence of Hitlaer and Obama before it even begins!

By request: Birthers

Yep, the Birth Certificate people are still at it!

quintr has the thesis:

He doesn’t have a birth certificate. If he could, he’d produce one.

Which Raster Man cleanly debunks:

0bama was adopted by Soetoro and his name was changed to Soetoro. He became an Indonesian citizen, thereby losing his claim as a natural born US citizen. Also, I do not blieve 0bama ever legally changed his name back to “0bama.” Technically, he is still Barry Soetoro.
Oh yeah, these guys will be just go away if Obama actually engages them.

El Gato implies the absence of evidence is evidence of MURDER:
[Some MD] supposedly very conveniently passed away mid way through The One's run for the White House. Of course without the long form birth certificate, we don't know if that doctor, who stopped practicing about 5 years before Barack was born, is the "doctor of record" on the BC or not.

editor-surveyor takes an interesting position:
At this point few remain that are not aware that he was not born here.
But many still asume that there must be some loop-hole that covers him.

Wow. A Conspiracy of everybody in the whole US!!!

johnnycap has a much more mainstream Conspiracy Narrative:

We as a nation elect a black man as president of the United States. Aren’t we progressive. Although we know he is unqualified for the job we go ahead and do it anyway.

But the powers that be want an escape clause...the birth certificate.

Nobody gets standing until it’s obvious that Obama has to go. At that point, the SCOTUS will surprisingly hear the case and give someone standing. Obama will be shown to be a pretender to the crown, a fraud.

He will be removed from office as a charlatan and the Messiah will come crashing down along with Blagoiovich. Shortly thereafter, the Feds will turn up evidence that he was involved with Resko and Blago in a Chicago scheme so as to confim that we were very progressive and dodged a bullet because this guy we believed in turned
out not only to be a liar and a cheat.

I like how Blago is so caught up in this all of a sudden.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Metapost: comments, I get comments, I get lots and lots of comments!

I'm thrilled to have some people who comment on the blog these days. Most days there's at least one comment whose snark or knowledge puts me to shame.

For those people who read Free Republic on the hoof every once in a while, feel free to suggest good threads in the comments.

Also, check out alicublog and tbogg for a more learned, though still quite snarky take on the only slightly less low-hanging fruit of right wing blogs.

Michelle Obama is ugly! And fat!!

Freepers really have a hate-on for Michelle Obama. Just like they did for Hillary. Not sure what the socio-sexual thing is but boy is it evident. Especially with posters who seem to be women:

theothercheek is a bit passive-aggressive:

Personally, I don’t care that MO is a large woman - most women are not size 4 - and she could have used her bully pulpit to force designers to make clothes for real women. But the ass-licking (literally in this case) media is going to pretend like she is a goddess instead of a very ordinary looking woman who would have been completely unremarkable had she married, say, a cop. So having a first lady with significant figure flaws isn’t going to help the rest of us a bit when it comes to influencing the fashion industry.

"significant figure flaws?" Not seeing it.

kellynla trots out the old shibboleth:

I could care less about her size but that red thing, gold thing & white
bedspread she wore were all UGLY AS SIN!

I don’t care who “designed” it.

But then “money don’t buy class.”

Yes, class. Meaning whatever freepers like, just like "elite" means whatever freepers dislike. Funny how to most people the two go hand in hand.

Venturer doesn't mince words:

She is built like a bow-legged bell.

I can only assume the poster hasn't met many women.


MO has a habit of combining bepoke dresses with off-the-rack accessories and that cheapens the look of a very expensive designed frock. Clearly, she has a lot to learn about high fashion - not that the MSM will admit it. They are touting her as a style-setter. Barf!

I'm not sure what's going on there, but it's some pretty serious freud.

MHT says what all the freepers are thinking:

If the current White House was good enough for Laura, who was understated and elegant, it should be good enough for this city bumpkin.

Laura Bush is like the Madonna. Michelle Obama is like Lilith.

And now this word from Outer Space

Living in a bubble edition:
8 years of Bush---No scandals
3 weeks of Obama----Is this scandal #9 or 10? I've lost count.
Well....he did promise "Change"

Crazy supplied by txroadkill.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Knee-jerk opposition.

Fewer Civil War threads these days. I guess now that Obama has stopped steamrolling over everything, Freepers have stepped away from the edge and turned off Red Dawn.

Not that they don't still slaver for another 9-11 to teach everyone a lesson.

Now during the election, Freepers were all excited about "Joe the Plumber" populism. But, of course, when Obama wants to cap CEO pay their philosophy takes a sudden turn:

Chris DeWeese has an interesting idea of who pays taxes:
Women and minorities hardest hit....
Seriously, if only rich people pay taxes and you lower their income...

Yes, only CEOs pay taxes. I guess me and everyone I know is a CEO and didn't know it!

Salvation also tries - and fails - to out-populist Obama:
How about pay caps for the president, vice-president, cabinet members, senators and representatives.
Then you can hit the private sector.
Clean your own house first.

Yeah...the President makes about 400K. Senators and Reps made 165K in 2006. CEOs make like 5.5 Million.

jackmercer also tries a flanking maneuver, and ends up in crazytown:
[I]f we are going to do this bailout, we need to be as draconian as hell with the conditions so as to make the incompetent executives either jump ship or get their act together so they can repay us. They have to know that the gilded age of a 14 trillion dollar monopoly money, shadow banking system with credit default swaps, CDOs, SIVs, MBSs, etc are over.

Wow. Not much of a libertarian there, are ya?

Fee is sorta confused:
Look at the three US centers of finance, New York City (finance and trade), Chicago (commodites) and San Francisco (Pacific trade and finance). All three cities are located in blue states, represented by Dem Senators. Wall Street gave more money to the Dems than GOP hoping to curry favor. Lenin would be proud, “capitalist will sell the rope that will be used to hang them”. LOL LOL LOL !!!!!!!!!

Wow, I wonder why all those blue cities make so much money...hmmm...I thought Dems strangled industry.

EBH tops the thread with this crazy little cherry:
Directive 10-289 ends economic and personal freedom in the United States. The government now controls every aspect of an individual’s economic life; it is a dictatorship. The best minds, can’t tolerate this change and choose to retreat.