Monday, January 31, 2011

CNN conspires to make Bachmann look dumb.

Freepers rush to claim Michelle Bachmann's mockworthy oddly angled official-unofficial State of the Union Response is totally not her fault, she was tricked!

bray thinks she was totally prettier too:

The lighting is better from that angle too, what a surprise. Probably the cameraman was messing with her face too. What should we expect from DNCNN.
Pray for America

The Cajun knows what happens when things don'y go right - it's the Dems!
From the get-go, I always suspected a *Rat Trick* was going on. It's right up their alley

OneVike hates the MSM!
Screw CNN and the rest of the MSM. Why should it surprise anyone that given the chance the MSM will make every decent God fearing American look stupid to the few 100,000 who even watch their stupid channel.
Just remember this when it comes to our movement and the MSM. We will go through them, around them, over them, and beyond them as we take this country back.
Do not doubt my words, because I am convinced that even the leftists in California will feel our wrath in 2012.
Everything the MSM does, they do to discourage us. They are finished and they know it, so why even fret over what a has been cable news network does anymore?

Carley knows that when you get mocked, it's proof you're correct!
The charts were clearly very upsetting to the left.
Lots of ridicule over the charts. The message from Congresswoman Bachmann was so clear. Her facts so incontrovertible.
Drives the left crazy doesn’t it!!!!

Ditter is conflicted:
I saw SNL last night and it made me furious. Nobody laughs at their bias except leftist. Still I watch don’t know why

hennie pennie gives Ditter a pep-talk.
Don't worry, Ditter... I've seen Rep. Bachmann take volcanic sludge time & again, erupting from the nasty mouth of Mr. Chrissy Bo-Tingles Matthews, and it NEVER phases her.
Be ruthless, Ditter.
ANY political party which wants to lampoon Rep. Bachmann's TPX remarks and does NOT find anything outre in those Plaster Of Paris FAKE marble columns that Barry had in Denver....
it doesn't matter what those k00ks say. Rep. Michele Bachmann is impervious & imperturbable to all that toxic sludge from the far leftie radical Leftists, cuz this isn't about HER, it's about her plans to save this country by turning everything all around.

Georgia Girl 2 may be Bachmann's Mom:
Does not matter. She was still great!

Monday Potpouri

PIF indulges in some good old-fashioned paranoia:
Sleepers where placed in western societies back in 78 when Iran declared war on the USA. Beware. Believe nothing you read. Who was a plant and who was genuine will only be knowable afterward

No one tell him about the pod people.

Mr. K has no evidence, but he is certain!

What facts do I have? none.
But do you want to bet $1million dollars? I’ll take every bet

The catch, of course, is that to collect you need to prove your case to a crazy person.

MichiganConservative hates everything, because everything is communist:
read the 10 planks of the communist manifesto. We’ve already got at least 9.5 of them.
The income tax is defacto slavery. Property rights in this country are not respected. Property ownership is nothing but a cruel joke.
At this point, the guns are just a bulwark against outright genocide.
We have a communist country because no one wants to vote for people that will actually reduce the size of government to its constitutional limits and when a politicians talks about property rights, natural rights or other “confusing” things, they are called “kook” and “crazy”.
You get the government you deserve

Plumberman27 has a plan for illegals:
Personally i like the grapefruit truck method. Round them up cut off their
heads and when the 30 foot long grapefruit hauling truck is full drive it to the
other side of the border and dump the heads. I want to see them come back after

too bad Free Republic deleted the comment about the summary execution of anyone who doesn't have papers.

JimWayne hates England for some reason:
British are barbarians. They hate USA, pander to Islamofascists and spread the disease of socialism around the world. They are responsible for the poverty around the world through the enforcing of socialism. First they need to get rid of their anti-American sentiments. Until then, we need to stop this unconditional support for the losers

Dude, the party line is that England is awesome and Obama is dissing it! Jeez, get with the program!

Candor7 thinks abortion turnes women into zombies:
More than one third of U.S. women will have had an abortion by age 45
If true, one third of US women will become spiritual shadows of their former selves, wombs half ripped out, used and abused victims of a society which preferes its women to be dessicated walking corpses, while newly arrived ethnic minorities outbreed Americans to eventually take over the country

Opinionated Blowhard is pissed some one compared a filthy Muslim suicide bomber to a good old American serial killer!
Calling this Muslim savage a “Black Widow” is an insult to women who kill their husbands across the West. She’s a terrorist who adheres to a savage set of beliefs that have not changed since the barbaric Dark Ages

PhilDragoo is a crazy person. I do not envy the interns manning the phone when he calls:
I've been calling our congressman and senator for two years, telling them this "president" intends to destroy America.
Some consortium sent him: Saudi, Soros, Soviet-successor, sino-beetles.
Saul Alinsky dedicated his book to Lucifer--so, of course, we would make it a pentagram with satan the fifth point.
We defeat evil and enter a new period of light

Shhh. ScottinVA is in his happy place:

Dateline, January 30, 2011: President Obama deploys federal troops to Richmond, Virginia to round up Virginia legislators who voted for the Intrastate Commerce Act...

...The contingent of Federal troops was met and repelled on the northern outskirts of Richmond County by a well-armed 150,000-strong blend of volunteer militias and Virginia National Guardsmen, who outflanked the Federals from all sides

faucetman has no friends:

Some questions you might ask of friends.

How old is Obama?

How do you know?

What proof have you seen?

Can someone 30 be president?

Would you make someone who looks under 35 show proof of age to be president?

Can you always tell someones age just by looking at them?

Obama’s hair is gray one day and black the next, which one is the dye job?

Should all candidates for president have to show proof of age, citizenship, and residency as the constitution requires?

Has Obama himself ever claimed the “certification of live birth” (COLB), seen on the Internet, (which is NOT a “birth certificate”), is his?

Do you think the president should have to prove he is an American?

and on and on and on.

For extra fun, ask this about any other President. How do you know Reagan wasn't like 130 years old?!

SMARTY wants to kill Millions of American traitors:
Everyone who voted for “O” is an accomplice to treason!!

Obama is Carter, Obama is Carter, Obama is Carter!

Something I've been seeing lately in Free Republic is the desire for a rerun. Something that worked well for the right in th epast is happening again! Thus, the AZ memorial is the Wellstone funeral again, China is Russia again, and everyone is the Nazis again.

Thus, the unrest in Egypt is totally exactly like the Iranian Revolution of 1979, which makes Obama into Jimmy Carter, and Reagan will rise again! Never mind any suggestions about what Obama should be doing, the important thing is Carter Carter Carter Carter ahhhhh, good times again.

Rashputin blames Clinton as well. Everyone is Carter, and also secretly Muslim!
Don't ignore the fact that Clinton handed half the Balkans over to Muslims who had no legitimate claim to it other than the fact that once Islam controls an area they claim the right to control it forever. You elect a democrat to any Federal office and you're adding someone to the Federal level who will support the expansion of Islam worldwide. It's really that simple.

SaraJohnson thinks this is all part of Soros' plan to usher in World War III:
This little mess is going to result in the collapse of the dollar and our economy if oil supplies become a victim of Obama’s religion of pieces. Soros will be happy. He will finally get his global currency for his New World Order. And he could get a world war out of it, too
Dubya-M-DeesWent2SyriaStupid! agrees that this is all New World Order stuff:
Only thing is the NWO is impossible without WWIII.Peaceful kumbaya hand holding across the world ain’t gonna ever happen. Barry is an idiot if he thinks China and Russia will stand down and dismantle as he has done with us via START. Sadly I think Obama knows exactly what he is doing as he is taking over with nothing left to gain control of but the electric companies and lemon aide stands.
We need America back FAST! Obama is so protected by his media he will never be properly impeached.I hear this urgency from Bachmann,Palin,West et al. We need a solid leader we can all stand behind without schism
BlessingsofLiberty makes predictions, though doesn't bother with the evidence.
This will be worse than Iran. The reasons will show themselves soon.
The implications will be very bad. The community organizer made some very bad decisions in a very unstable part of the world.
Obama is a classic utopian marxist and a meddling fool
Diogenesis channels Obama, who is using the unrest to kill whitey:
"Take Egypt off of the Travel Warning Listbut make certain Ayers, Dorhn, and our CODEPINK insurgents are OK..Make certain that enough stinking cracker Americansare trapped by our Moslem brothers(terrorists)".
bergmeid actually offers Obama a suggestion - anex the Suez Canal!
A real president would have stationed US Navy vessels at both ends of the Canal right away.
Now we are TOAST.
We need a national day of protests right here in the US against OBAMA. The man needs to GO. He is our worst enemy
Zero has lost: Turkey, Lebanon & Egypt ... so far
AliVeritas brings it back home:
The Muslim Brotherhood and O run deep... from Chicago days.
OMG Alinsky!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday Pix

The pre-hate against the new press secretary begins!

Yep, Rahm is a big bootlegger.

Guns, snakes and MS Paint! Let the revolution begin!

Such a victim, with her money ant TV show.

Your weekly Michelle Obama is fat pic.

I think this is how Freepers actually see Obama.

What. The. Crap.

Freepers been missing Bush since he started his second term.

Cooperation is for pussies!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Rahm back on the ballot

Rahm Emmanuel is back on the Ballot in Chicago, thanks the the Illinois Supreme Court. Freepers are sure this is a conspiracy, somehow.

MinuteGal thinks Obama has now sewed up the Chicago vote!
Obama's mission is now get Illinois electoral votes in 2012. He's got a slimy operative situated in the right place.......and the required numbers of dead, illegal and multiple-voters are assured on election night.
It makes no difference how the rest of the state votes, they can't overcome the sheer volume of the Chicago Machine (unions and ethnics) vote plus the slap-happy limousine-liberal vote of the north shore and the socialist-subsidized farmers in the rural areas.
If and when Rahm is elected, it'll no longer be the Daley Machine, it'll be the Obama Machine.

Godwin1 totally considered the statute before he yelled about cheating.
By the plain language of the statute, Emmanuel was clearly ineligible. But the cheap, politically hooked up hacks who pose as judges in Illinois had their orders. The Establishment wanted Emmauel. Rule of Law be dammed.

Windy City Conservative:
So, any one who takes a job in DC, for however long, can go back where they came from to ruin that place too.

muawiyah heard Rahm is creepy-gay:
Rahm is well known or "weiner bumps" down at the House gym. I doubt that sort of thing bothers any Chicago voters.
gussiefinknottle thinks Republicans should go on the offensive for once, by unthinkingly attacking:

I think republicans need to start going after him.

They should damage him the way the left has pre-emptively damaged Palin and Bachmann.

The republicans are always on defense and late, if ever, on offense.

They are like spongebob dealing with the Dems playing the part of plankton

eater-of-toast loves the spongebob analogy, but has found a better one:
Oh my. Rahmbo’s a sawed-off Witch-King, the First, albeit the most diminutive, of the Nine. And Chicago will be his Angmar

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Islam's attack womb

Freepers are terrified Muslims are going to out-breed us. What to do?

Impeach Obama:

And kick the ass of the Dhimmycrat in chief quickly !In
Europe the muslim rate is growing quickly!The backclash will be tough and bloody and american dhimmyrats should STFU for once....when hard times will come

Kill all Muslims:

What’s the solution?
There is NO peacefull solutions.
And your dhimmyrat in chief is praising the current islamic “revolutions” in North Africa and Middle-East....It’s CARTER bis
Don’t miss that bunch of incompetent croocks who are ruling your country

Cut Taxes:
All ya gotta do is tax ‘em...just as the West has done. Take away 40-50% of their earnings..they won’t have as many kids.

Marry everyone, outlaw abortion:
Some 45 years ago Daniel Patrick Moynihan noted the "pathology of the Negro family" in which out-of-wedlock childbearing was, among Black people, a shocking one out OF five. Now it's, FOR WHITES, 1:5, FOR HISPANICS 2:5, FOR BLACKS 2:3.
A society that spends 38 years killing 50 million babies and lacks the generosity, vision and vigor to form families, real families, has only one thing to say:

Have less compassion:
But, ultimately it’s the parent’s job to instill these values. I personally blame Dr. Spock for the collapse of Western society. It started with not harming little Johnnie’s precious self-esteem, and removing punishment and only giving positive feedback. Then we lowered standards and reserved judgement.
If there is nothing is wrong - then nothing is right.
We then rewarded irresponsibility. More children, more welfare. People learned that working hard was simply not worth the effort - they could get 80% of what a working-stiff
made by sitting on their butt. Seriously, why work 40+ hrs a week for $500, if you get free food and a decent place to live; and $320 to do nothing?
Unemployed and need a heart transplant? No problem. Retired and on limited income - you will be bankrupted and lose everything you have earned, including your home. I’ve seen it.
Compound this with Hollywood and the media who talk about the instant gratification of drugs, sex, reckless behavior and who label those who work hard to excel as ‘nerds’ and ‘sell-outs’. A black child who excels is punished by his peers - and this culture is celebrated.
We are doomed, and we have done it to ourselves. Mis-guided compassion has killed us all


World Net Daily is a great example of the fringe that Free Republic is constantly flirting with. WND is a joke without much power, whereas Free Republic kept it's crazies under wraps and let out just enough rage to help carry the day in 2010.

But the Freepers like to keep it personal, if only because righteous rage feels so good. Thus they constantly flirt with conspiratorial craziness:

livius thinks Obama's Dad was a Soviet Commie mole, and not his Dad anyhow and his Mom's parents were Commies too.
I wonder about Stanley Ann. It’s possible that Obama Sr. was Obama’s father, although Obama doesn’t look much like him (he strongly resembles his grandfather, Stanley Ann’s father, though); but Obama Sr was also a Communist, so it wouldn’t be surprising if he agreed to pose as Barry’s father just to take the heat off Frank Marshall Davis. Obama Sr. didn’t plan to stay in the US, while Davis obviously was going to stay in Hawaii. And Barry’s long-suffering leftist grandmother evidently did anything she was told to do, probably on behalf of the “Revolution.”
I also wonder if any of them ever went to the Soviet Union during this time. Many black leftists did, and of course Obama Sr.’s brother was in the USSR at Patrice Lamumba University, the indoctrination academy the Soviets had set up for Africans

DontTreadOnMe2009 kicks it 1950's style:

confirmed Communist
with a card
and a 601 page FBI file.
anyone with a 601 page FBI file?
Know any other presidents who have known
Thought not.

Yeah, "card-carrying" Commie Obama! Freepers should make an ad, as bringing up the Red Scare will make them seem awesome.

Steely Tom digs back two generations, and funds the mysterious phantom menace of "The Left."
The Left exploits useful idiots of both sexes.
Before it exploited Stanley Ann Dunham, it exploited her parents, both of whom seemed to be sad, unfortunate, disordered people. They passed their problems on to their only child, and she passed them on to all of us. I have the feeling that every single member of this cast of characters would be enjoying the way this has turned out, were they alive today.
Normal people are a terrible affront to those who immerse themselves in the cuture from which Barack Obama emerged

Scanian blames Patty Hearst on the left:
Patty Hearst’s account of her captivity with the SLA demonstrates the sexual side of leftism as well. Though “Cinque” would ask her if she wanted to “f___”, their delicate way of describing the act, it was clear that he regarded her as the group’s property.

Scanian lets us know the left are full of pedophiles too:
like certain religions, the commies like to “get ‘em young” too

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Only a Muslim wouldn't bomb Egypt

Egypt is having a revolution, it seems. Free Republic knows what to do!

PGR88's faith does not comfort me:
Time for a 10th crusade.

dfwgator thinks we should invade in favor of Mubarak, cause what would play well:
Obama is making the same mistake Carter made with the Shah. Sure the Shah wasn't perfect, but he sure as hell beat the alternative

Oh, poor Israel...
I guess that they will be destroyed...
Oh wait, I forgot about God!

Wait, isn't Israel destroyed before Armageddon in Revelations?

Electric Graffiti finally has the proof he needs:

I knew it!!

I said last night that Obama was the 12th imam and would be egging on the insurrection.

JLAGRAYFOX has opinions!

8:45PM -
Not watching!!! Any American that watches and believes this flim/flam man,
POTUS Obama is either a nutcase or is drugged to the max with reefer!!!
The man (Obama) is a total waste of time and his wife is even worse!!!
Failure at anything he touches is his forte!!!
4:06AM -

Yep, the Bachmann speech was excellent, to the point, to the subject matter, to the issues at hand. Ditto for Paul Ryan, he gets an outstanding grade!!!

POTUS Obama failed as usual, miserably!!! I did not watch the speech, only scanned some of the replays.

The flim/flam man was too wordy and boring with the same old “Obama” jive and lies!!!

This gent is not going to be re-elected!!! He showed no energy, no emotion, no real direction, no specific agenda, just the usual left-wing failed political mantra and dogma one would expect from the failed one.

He certainly is not in the same league as Bill Clinton, who in November, 1995 read the correct tea leaves that won him his second term.

This guy, Obama is going to take more Democrats down with him in 2012 and will easily allow the Republicans to win not only the POTUS slot, but both houses of Congress handily!!!

I predicted the outcome of the November, 2010 elections and...I am certain that I am now correct about 2012.

I suggest the Democrt Party broom Obama immediately by requesting him to resign or...impeaching him directly. If not, Obama will destroy the Democrat Party politically for years to come.

The handwriting is on the wall. Mr. Obama is not a leader, he is not an man of vision, he is just another political hack spawned by the political crooks in Chicago!!! His rambling speech of no substance proved that enmasse this evening!!!

4:09AM -

Pelosi is not all there!!! No doubt about it. Can’t figure out if she is insane or on drugs!!!

She needs professional help real bad.

She has lost it big time. Not sure whether she ever had it!!!

Greta, was at the least uncomfortable with this ranting buffoon!!!

The Worst State of the Union Till the Next One

Let's get to it:

unspun is enraged by all the sitting together:
Using the Tucson shootings--which had nothing whatsoever to do with politics except that the shooter’s two favorite books are the Communist Manifesto and Mein Kampf (decidedly not conservative readings) as their faux raison d’├ętat, the Marxist party has called for “civility” and strongly encouraged the two political parties to sit together at tonight’s State of the Union address. Remember that one of the Marxist Party’s mottos is the Saul Alinsky inspired and Rahm Emmanuel spoken: “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”
Embarrassing to all of us who elected them, many Republicans--as if hearing the pipes calling from their master in Hamelin--almost immediately agreed to do the bidding of the Marxist Party. The obvious problem, of course, is that US Marxist Party dear leader Obama will deliver a political speech to which the Marxists will jump to their feet--multiple times--in wild applause. The Republicans--sitting next to them--will literally be overshadowed and “over-shouted.”
Question: Is there something in the Washington D.C. water that immediately emasculates males--but, only Republican men?

swpa_mom may be a bit of a hipocryte
The problem is, after this little event, the democrats and their media buddies will STILL equate republicans to nazis.
I am truly sick to my stomach over this. The republican party needs a serious dose of testicular fortitude.
fanfan sees this as Obama v. Rush in a ratings war!
Maybe Rush also figured out that Obozo would delay his January speech for as long as possible.....
At 9pm Eastern, Rush is going head to head (as they say) for TV ratings against Barry.Soetoro.
Go RUSH!I'm watching GOLF tonight, and I can't stand golf!

rcrngroup may need a thesaurus:
The SOTU is just starting and after catching my first glance at the smug smirk of socialist-fascist-commie pig 0b0z0, I feel nauseous. Now the commie-pig bastard is starting.... I will hold on for a few minutes before I upchuck!
Oh....just made his obligatory condescending remarks abour Rep Gifford....
What a commie pig bastard 0b0z0 is

"coommie-pig bastard" sounds more Russian than American to me...

glock rocks criticizes the Presidet's appearence:
Is it me or does the President look angry tonight?
Maybe that, but he does look like he's suffering from mange. Who does his hair? Ferrets?

The prom night backfired
Speech was blah.
No one knew when to clap or stand...nothing grand...he was off...Bohner had a lot of faces and really supressed claps.
Very Bad....only the end kinda fired people up....he barely recognized he was rushed...
This was the worst State of the Union I have seen

Till Obama's next one, no doubt.

Not enough scowling for Rome2000
The Washingtonians are DISGUSTING.
New people like Rubio had the appropriate pissed off scowls on their face but most of these glad handing sons of bitches from both parties are all about staying in DC, DISNEYWORLD FOR POLITICIANS, where there is never a recession and all are fat and happy.

Art in Idaho cheers:
Ryan doing great!

Wow, that sounds sincere!

nodakkid sees things that are not there:
Looked to me like the Pres purposely avoided shaking hands with Hillary

mylife focuses on the misery people he doesn't like; it's his happy place:
Kieth Olbermann Is hiding in the weeds by the chicken coop watching the entire thing and wondering why he is an outcast. LoL
It is funny that Olbermann doesn’t have a platform to comment on this fiasco. LoL

Liberty Valance
Unicorns and rainbows officially stopped flying out of Obama’s butt tonight. Nobody’s buying it anymore. He’s done.

Yep, Obama is over, the nightmarishly bad State of the Union is proof.

***Where Is Our President, Madam President, We Need To Hear From You***

The Wizard has this to say about the State of the Union speech:

Where is Madam President.....we need to read your facebook reply to the pathetic SOTU we heard last night.....unless you would like to give us another presidential video like the last one that was great......
OK, maybe you are being polite by waiting, but PLEASE....let's hear from you....we are your people.....

Am I the only one who is waiting to hear from this wonderful lady.

To be fair, most Freepers are having none of it.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Feral Youts

Some hooligans beat up a Wendy's cashier. Freepers commence generalizing immediately:

DCBryan1 has a solution:

Reason 130,590 to carry a concealed handgun EVEN IN NY.
Shoot, drop gun, walk away.

Yes, killing with illegal guns is the only solution!

Hodar wants vigilante justice, looks like:
If I were King, I’d treat this in a manner that would shut crime down overnight. Criminal killed in the act of performing a criminal act (robbery, rape, burglary) the shooter would receive an award equal to the cost of what it would cost the taxpayer to imprison the Perp(s) for 2 years - tax free.
Consider, kill 2 Robbers - and get ~$200,000 tax free. I suspect that crime would reduce very quickly.
And I thought Sharia Law was harsh!

GlockThe Vote agrees. In fact, America is even now in anarchy!
Keep dreaming. We are not a nation of laws and only dreamers still believe that.
Jack Hydrazine blames America's tolerance of minorities:
Diversity gone wild!
MrB sees this as a battle in the secret race war:

It seems that this is where the “battle” (undeclared “race war” if you must) has shifted.

Both the blacks and hispanics are vying for the “chosen minority” in America - the one that gets all the political perks,

and the black population is resenting the “encroachment”, or as Al Sharpton put it, the “interlopers”

GlockThe Vote has an anecdote of hooliganism not seen since the dark ero of 1950:

I live in the Bronx. There is a mall pizza place across from my building.
Often times when it is cold out. A pack of these feral teens, about 15 teen of them will crowd the store and take up all the seats. 1 girl will buy one slice and can for $3.50 and these teens will sit there forever.
The owner gets upset because its very bad for business and turns away paying customers.
I was there once when the owner tried to get these beasts to leave and I thought a riot was about to break out.
You posters who don’t live in areas where there is an inner city ghetto thug population have NO CLUE WHERE WE ARE HEADING.
We are 4 weeks away from civil war in this country at any time if the benes and welfare ever gets cut off to these people.
A cop friend of mine told me he govt does not mind all the drugs in this countr since it keeps so many of these wild animals sedated.
Teenagers paying for a small amount of food and then loitering in a restaurant! Gadzooks, it is proof we're close to a civil war with these 'wild animals!'

To be fair, comparing these folks to animals does ahve a certain 1950s tone to it.

yooling found a racist term on, which I guess gives him immunity to use it:
Oh hey'll dey straight CHIMPIN' OUT!)

Tuesday Potpouri

Wow, I forgot the Monday Potpouri! No fear though, I totally saved the craziest stuff I found this week:

MayflowerMadam thinks the Bible equates homosexuality and incest/bestiality, so if you legalize one, you legalize them all automatically!

Incest and homosexuality are equally banned in the Bible in the same chapter. If it’s now OK to be gay, then it should be hunky-dory to engage in incest. (Include bestiality in that lineup as well.) We should either embrace incest and bestiality, or be outraged at homosexuality. I think I’ll go with the latter
drpix thinks all these liberal Jews are hoping to get in on the winning side of the next Holocaust:

Seymour must be in the Middle East working on future job prospects. "Kapo di tutti Kapos" (mixing a phrase) would have its benefits. And Bloomberg's "Ground Zero Mosque" move has already given him a leg up.
Candor7 found a pic of the secret service carying guns:


grapeape is taking his ball and going home:
If China wants to lead the world, I say they can have it. That's right I said it. Let the rest of the world see what it is like when America isn't around to clean things up. I'm sick of leading the rest of the world. Sure, I like Australia and some other countries but for the most part the rest of them can go jump off a cliff. China, knock yourself out

Emperor Palpatine wishes we'd had at least one more world war.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.
Truman should have listened to MacArthur instead of firing him

240B is amazed at how some people can't be convinced Obama is a Muslim.

What percentage of Jews voted for Hussein?I think it was close to 90%.
Even today you can't convince almost any American Jew that Obama is a Muslim.

I don't know. It is some kind of psychology that I cannot comprehend.
Just like in the days of Dayan, it is amazing (unbelievable really) how often the Jews are their own worst enemy.
Many of them just seem to have an ‘amazing’ capacity for self delusion.

‘amazing’ capacity for self delusion indeed!

PSYCHO-FREEP is pretty sure Gifford's amazing recovery is all lies:

Breathing on her own?
Then why does she need a “breathing tube”? If she were breathing on her own, the tube would not be needed.
The Propaganda flows like high grade honey
TribalPrincess2U wants to know:
Do muslims get our [Social Security]?

Cause they aren't real Americans!

Yaelle channels Rahm Emanuel, and *surprise* comes up with a homosexual gangster:

"Maybe those judges don't know WHO I AM. If I want to be mayor of Chicago, I GET TO BE MAYOR OF CHICAGO! They will see. I don't care who I have to BLOW or KILL to get there, but I will get there!! Right, Eli??"

The rules for a good life in the United States are really quite simple

ProtectOurFreedom lists how to have a good life:
Get educated.
Marry. Stay married.
Have kids.
Get more education.
Put in long hours.
Be the very best at something.
Don't do drugs.
Don't be a single Mom.
Don't do crime.
Beat the competition.
Have a good work ethic.
Show up on time.
Be honest and don't lie.
Be clean.
Don't bad-mouth others.
Respect your elders.
Do unto others...
It's simple! If everyone beats the competition, everyone can be winners!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Brief abortion snausages

The glut of people in D.C. for the march for life overwhelmed the metro today, so my 15 minute commute took about an hour. Attempting to turn my frustration into creative fuel, I searched Free Republic for mention of this Pro Life fiesta. I found precious little, though. I guess it wasn't anti-Obama enough or something.

But I did find 2 small bits of crazy nestled in a small, 11 comment thread:

You've got tflabo's hate-filled superiority
At The Final Judgement perhaps all those who were Pro-Abort will see the smiling eternal faces of all those multiple millions of babies slaughtered by this heinous procedure. Suspect the gnashing of teeth will be most unpleasant. Praise His Holy Name forever.

And taxcontrol's awesome arguing tactic:
I always go up to someone chanting that phrase and ask them what they think LATIN word “fetus” means. Because in almost every Latin / English dictionary I have seen, it means offspring, child of the parents, baby or some equivalent there of. That is when they either go into cognative dissonance or circular reasoning - funny to watch actually

Well, if the Romans used it that way, what choice do we have?

Jesus Hates Obama

From a rejected superbowl add, Freepers expound on what God thinks of Obama:

Voter#537 analyzes!

OK maybe Jesus doesn't hate him. Maybe it's just a strong dislike.

Jesus is incapable of hatred.

Voter#537 knows Satan too!
I think ZERO came from Lucifer. I know Slick & The Hildabeast did.

Slick - is that Clinton or Slick Daddy of sinfest fame?

Ev Reeman:
Jesus was not a hateful person - ever!
Jesus even forgave his killers after being crucified.
But that does not mean that Obama does not inspire hate. He does.
Obama inspires hate from all people everywhere who cherish freedom and liberty.
Obama inspires hate from all Americans who cherish the meaning and importance of the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution

all people who cherish freedom hate Obama, but Jesus doesn't hate Obama. Therefore....!

RoadTest is too humble to say what God is thinking, so he settles on the President:
” ‘Jesus hates Obama’ “
More likely the other way around.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

And not this word from Outer Space

Everything's political edition:

OH NO, the packers are beginning to FOLD .....PRAY FOLKS PRAY REALLLLLLLL HARD...I don’t want the JOKER in my state!!!!

Rooting against everything Obama likes provided by RoseofTexas

Prof. Piven: hiding behind her granny image

Glenn Beck has moved on from demonizing George Soros to demonizing Prof Francis Fox Piven, some sociologist who no one has heard of, who the wiki seems to indicate advocated for 'angry protest' in the 1960s.

Beck, always able to out-Freep the Freepers, has decided this means she's a traitor and anti-Constitution.

People have been giving her death threats. As one might imagine, since Freepers don't care about Obama getting death threats, they don't care about private citizens getting death threats.

freekitty thinks these death threats just coincidentally occured arond the tiem Beck said she was an enemy of the state.

This is BS. Mrs. Pivens has systematically been depriving especially minority groups to enjoy a good life for decades. It is ridiculous to say Beck is inciting death threats. The only people I have seen who are doing this are the Left. Their hate just fills the air with a stink almost indescribable it is so bad
indylindy notes that there are some loons on the left too, which makes this okay.

Yeah well, heres a quarter. Call me when she receives more than Palin or Limbaugh.

Two of those people can afford to buy security. One is a private figurte and cannot.

kittymyrib thinks death threats are a sign you're on the right track:

A hit dog howls.

The Right has been very cowardly in shining the light of truth on these Marxist cockroaches who have been sabotaging the nation for decades from their university covens. People, especially parents and taxpayers paying their salaries, need to know what these enemies of freedom have written and taught generations of students.

Right on, Glenn Beck and Roger Ailes! You are patriots.

MestaMachine doesn't cotton to book learnin' types:

Da Coyote thinks this is a false flag operation:

Libs have a long and distinguished tradition of making threats against themselves.
Scanian thinks Piven is evil, and only pretending to be old:

She obviously enjoys hiding behind her granny image.
Beck doesn’t fall for it...let’s hope the rest of the Right follows his example.
Soros is about her same age and look at all the hell he raises. Franny should get the same scrutiny since she’s the same sort of devil
Scanian again, engages in some epic No True Scottsmanship re: the New York Times' conspiracy to creath a death threat by lying:
if the NYT publishes a lying story like that, maybe some clown will send her a real threat and then they’ll really have some shiite to write about.
The NYT and its Gay Mafia...should have been drug away with the real Mafia the other day. mafia?

Scanian expounds on the Gay Problem:

They dominate the “professional left” and the NYT is full of them.
Thyey are nihilists who want to destroy America in the hope that what comes later will be more to their perverted liking
HOMOS! Fuck me. I mean, say what you like about the tenets of National Socialism, Dude, at least it's an ethos.

To be fair, back in the day (a year ago) Freepers actually wanted mob justice for climate change scientists, so this is truyly an era of civility.

Saturday Pix

A day late, but here they are!

Michael Moore cures hemorrhoids!

Steele is like Julius Caesar?

This is what Freepers assume all gays are like.

An ancient Freeper!

I dunno, I blame Skynet, based on this picture.

Obama smokes, just like Castro! PROOF!!

Olberman out

Mostly the Freeper thread on Olberman's sudden departure from MSNBC is boring celebratory stuff. But it is like 35o posts long, so there is some crazy if you're willing to look. And I am.

RushIsMyTeddyBear and many, many others just do the usual Internet gloating:

HA! The melonama in horn-rimmed glasses got

Rome2000 brings that Free Republic charm:
FU KO!!!
Die Screaming!!!!!

Stayfrosty thinks this is a sign:
I think the liberal establishment is starting to crumble...

Squeeky has som analysis straight out of the middle school playground:
I bet MSNBC is going to have to go a new direction. Because their people are not getting a lot of viewers. Plus so many of their people are just smart a$$es. Who just smirk all the time and act like everybody should agree with them, and if they don’t, then are just stupid or something. That gets old after a while. Plus, Keith Olbermann just looks like a big sissy.

Lazamataz checks in with Free Republics much smaller, weaker nemisis:
They are somber and crying at Demons Underground.

dennisw thinks this is all cause Olberman's white:
Olbermann is just too weird. Rachel Maddow will be kept due to being gay thus diverse. Olbermann is just another obsolete white guy

FINALLY, sweet, sweet justice for Jim Thompson and FR!!!


RipSawyer is pissed nonconservatives are paid to talk:

What kind of people pay $30 million for four years of garbage? I don’t know if I would have WATCHED him every night for four years for that much. If I tried I probably wouldn’t have survived it, most likely I would have tried to eat a shotgun.

When people like Olbermann, Matthews, Maddow, Schultz, Ratigan, Shep Smith,
Katie Couric etc. are paid millions upon millions to spew crap it makes one
think the end really is near.

JLAGRAYFOX has some analysis of what the people want: the truth, as Free Republic knows what it is.

Forgetting that moron, Keith Olbermann, MSNBC & CNN need to wise up.

I’m not asking them to become “Rush Limbaugh”.

What American folks want is the truth in news reporting. It’s called balance in reporting.

If they would just give “both sides” equal time to state their case and position, they would attract millions more of viewers across the board.

Case in point!!! Do you really think Americans believe POTUS Obama has shifted to the right? Do you really think Americans believe that Bill Daley of “Chicago” and Jeff Immelt of “General Electric” will help private business??? Daley is just a Chicago goon and Immelt is just like Hitler’s “industrialist” Albert Speer. To believe otherwise just proves you are a dummy!!!

Americans want and need to real skinny, the truth, the facts, the real thing, the straight scoop, period. Maybe Comcast gets it. We’ll see!!!

Friday, January 21, 2011


Freeper birthers have found the magic bullet! Until 1967, A little known law in Hawaii said ya gotta have a Christain name! PROOF AT LAST!

bushpilot1 thinks Obama's first name might not legally be Barack, which is a huge deal.
Barack is not a Christian name..Barry is probably his legal name and this means the oath he swore is not legal. His passport is not goes on and on.

ProtectOurFreedom is pretty excited.
This is the smoking gun that proves (a) he is a Muslim and (b) his parents were not married. Therefore, he cannot be a legal US President.
But we all knew that already

Just A Nobody thinks this is like a movie:

recently I have begun to be reminded of Catch Me If You Can.

"Catch Me If You Can II" ...

Barry or Steve Dunham, aka Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Hussein Obama,Jr.or the II, a successful con artist who at different times impersonated an elitist student, president of the Harvard Law Review, a lawyer, a university lecturer, community organizer, "Christian" and POTUS.

MestaMachine focuses on the important things:
The actual name, Barack, the way it is spelled, doesn’t exist even in islam UNTIL obama named hisself that.

Oh. My. God. Next they'll be naming kids Karyn or Krysti or Davyd!!!!

Scythian has decifered Obama's real name:
Oh wait, Barrabas? The murderer they set free instead of Jesus ...Barry
= short for Barrabas ?

dusttoyou looks to the future, after the birthers inevitably succeed. Guess what- Civil War II!
This is going to be one gigantic tangled mess when its proven nobama was never legally President. To say the least the natives will be restless, which is no big deal to those of us well armed.

Obama is a mobster

The FBI is making a big deal about a bunch of mobsters in NYC they've arrested. Freepers make this more proof Obama is evil.

Dengar01 hasn't been the same since Obama broke his kneecaps:
I never thought I'd feel sympathy for the mafia but I do. I actually trust the tri-state mob to run this country more than the thugs in there now. Eric Holder won't go after BLACK panthers but has no problem going after WHITE mobsters.
Anyone see a pattern with the worst AG in US History!!! I yearn for the days of Janet Reno!!! WOW what a nation!!!

Yeah, all the mobsters are white cause the huge black mob is being overlooked!

DocH has more proof of racism:
Why don't we ever hear about law enforcement rounding up 100's of gang-bangers at a time?
Oh, that's right, hispanics and blacks, are a protected species, no matter that they've committed crimes... it's not THEIR fault

I guess since Obama came to office, the FBI is presumed racist until they go after up black muggers.

Truth is a Weapon claims preemptive victimhood:

Oh, just great. Now when the mob retaliates against the government the MSM will blame the Tea Party, Rush and Palin once again.

Never on my watch jokes that Community Organizers are all mobsters:


manc sees the angle - Obama is helping out his Chicago mobster friends:

ah this frees up NY and the north east for the Chicago crew to move in. Just like Kennedy moved in on the mob to take control of the unions to get his brother more power and elected in MA.

Will they go after the black panthers, and mad muslims too or are they just after the bookies etc

Yet again the justice dept shows why they are completely useless. There are far more groups worth going after than spome local mobsters etc unless this is to free up space for their Chicago mobsters and rats to move in on certain areas.

Why do I think manc blames the Black Panthers for every black crime he hears about. Also, he seems to have missed all the news stories about Muslim would-be bombers arrested by the FBI. Well, ignorance is bliss, even when your bliss is being continuusly enraged, I guess.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Four Small Words

Obama is having a state dinner for China. China is buying billions of dollars of our stuff. Freepers, ever efficient, cannot resist the oportunity for some nostalgic red bating AND the still novel Obama bashing, though, so diplomatic neccessities bedamned! Obama said "we welcome China's rise." ZOUNDS!

These four words is all it takes to make pissant rage:

Words cannot describe how effin useless the POS occupying the oval office is.

To be fair, he was probably thinking that already.

TheThinker thinks 'we' means Obama's secret evil Club:
Who’s “we”. Why do I get the feeling that Obama is talking about someone else?
Diplomacy reminds Eureka_Lead of black steriotypes these days:
it is a wonder he did not break into a hand raising praise the lord and pass the chicken dance.....
oh damn it all I forget, he is “The most intelligent Man in the World”
So what if he has the verbal output of a crack dealer...
Rashputin on China's secret plan to break Obama:

Barry won't be able to stick to prepared script about China for much longer. They say what they think and they think he's an idiot. Just like Putin, Hu has been briefed on how mentally sick Barry really is and they'll use that information to manipulate him. When Barry finally has his anti-China tantrum, Hu and the top dogs in China will have exactly what they're fishing for, a reason to paint the whole US of A as insane and untrustworthy for having elected Barry in the first place.
Of course, they're right, only a sick society would elect someone who is clearly a mental basket case like little Barry Soetoro.
Why do you hate America, Rashputin?

HiTech RedNeck has found volumes in these four words - and the volumes are all by Marx!

The Bummer sure picked his word, “rise,” carefully didn’t he?
He could have said “prosperity” but no that would be too capitalist.

Candor7 is pissed we're dealing with China at all:
Obama is a coward, a dangerous shuck and jive synchophant.HIs nose is so far up HU's butt that all he smells in composted li-chi nuts.
Yeah, Bush woulda totally told China to shove it!

hal ogen thinks Obama will bond with China over being godless abortion lovers:

nobama just loves his mentors, the chinese dictators. remember, he loves all types of abortion...especially he supported “partial-birth” abortion when he was briefly a state senator in Illinois.

The chinese love to kill babies...he loves to kill American babies (apparently, mainly black babies). No matter...great leadership, nomaba, you insipid, feckless putz. may the souls of all murdered babies haunt him forever. (How’s that for a “new tone”?)

sten is enraged, and would tell Obama to his face! So brave.

0bama: “We welcome China’s rise”
and i would tell him to his face. i have no respect for zer0 as he sells out my country and hands over formerly top secret military tech to communist dictators.

if there is anyone left in the WH that remembers what it was like to not sell out your country, dropping a few tidbits onto the web would be useful in getting rid of this guy.

guerito1 calls Obama Mawgli. Also he likes anal sex metaphores.

I was wondering why Mawgli didn’t just go on the T.V., drop his pants, bend over and allow President Hu to bang the shiite out of him.
Hey, Barry, did President Hu have the courtesy to give you a reach around when he was done?
Did he at least give you a kiss before you agreed to humble and humiliate the rest of us?
What a worthless and weak POS you are, Barry.

I know I feel humiliated after Obama's Four Words.

Dubya-M-DeesWent2SyriaStupid! knows what these words say - it's obvious!!!

Obama just welcomed communism outright do people get this?

Or will his media fawn all over him and join Obma’s love of communism?

Yes, Obama welcomed Communism, and no one but Freepers see it.

MinuteGal found the guest list:
Names or party affiliations aside, the guest list gives a pretty good revelation and cross-section of the socialist/marxist/fascist/elite makeup of the shadow government controlling our country.
The list is replete with Wall Street financiers......manipulators and profiteers......globalist industrial/corporate CEO's......economic-disaster-promoting political propaganda moguls......malleable elected representatives......ambitious ac/dc RINOS......influential heavy-hitter aging, never-retired, one-world, euro-socialist diplomats and foreign affairs America-Lasters.

Punishing the Rich by making them be near black folks.

After Colbert's hilarious polemic against Palin last night, I went to Free Republic to see what they had to say. Alas, they remain silent. But I did find a pretty good thread about Colbert's previous attacks on ending a popular school bussing program. It's got racism AND worship of our Rich Betters:

IronJack knows it's hard out there for the rich:

I’m not seeing the fairness here. At what point do the “rich people” reap benefits commensurate with their contributions?

Because the rich contribute more. What's amazing, of course, is that most Freepers are poor.

Calm_Cool_and_Elected has to make sacrifices to keep her kids out of integrated schools, and that sucks!
My kids are in private school here in Wake County and I will eat rice and potatoes to keep them out of WCPS. My daughter is a junior this year, one more year and we are done. Really chaps my hide that I pay taxes for schools that I get no benefit from plus I pay private school tuition.
SaraJohnson lives in some universe where blacks insist on only being taught by fellow blacks.
I remember the chants and law suits: “White racism has resulted in unequal race quota outcomes in test scores. Therefore only black teachers can teach black students.” Hiring the “best qualified teachers” was made illegal. White teachers were restricted to working only in majority white areas.
albie remembers how black people caused white folks to riot:
This bussing happened in Alexandria, VA in the 70’s. My parents rented in the west end (better schools) just so I go to them. They couldn’t afford to buy there. Then they bussed half of the mostly black kids from downtown to the west end and vice versa.
Result? Race riots on a daily basis. Police there everyday. Newspapers, TV etc. I got shipped to a private military acadamy because I couldn’t walk home without trouble. You were scared to leave the school.
Property values in the west end went down big time.
Well, black folks do ruin a neighborhood!

ArrogantBustard has a couple of comments:

I think the historical premise - and fact - is that schools full of rich
sullen, angry, arrogant, violent inner-city thugs will be poorly funded
and drive away decent teachers.

When you put a cup of sewage in a barrel of pure water, what do you get?
When you put a cup of pure water in a barrel of sewage, what do you get?

It is sad of few black I mean 'inner-city' folks it takes to ruin a school.

The natives are restless

Freepers do as partisans do, eschewing half a loaf in favor of maintaining their simple, rugged and righteous intellectual purity. In this case, they prove their conservative bona fides by turning their nose up at the House Republicans' Tea Party Bait unpassable spending cut bill.

Orbiting_Rosie's_Head will not allow financial OR political reality get in the way of her principles:
Over 10 Years? I’m not impressed. When I saw the headline, I thought it was 2.5T per year. Now THAT would be deep spending cuts. Cut it 1.5T per year NOW. Eliminate the deficit now, by any means necessary. NO MORE DEBT
HarleyD has a well thought out plan:
Do anything to eliminate the debt but don’t raise the debt ceiling.

Well, Obama does want to destroy America, and this is a good way to do it...

RSmithOpt, and many others, point out some penny-ante crap they hate and want cut:
They can get back another $8 billion by the elimination of ACORN for starts along with elimination of the CRA and its wasteful spending and its BS legislation.

crz won't stand for pettiness, and prefers to advocate for a revolution, taking us back to 1930:
Abolish the EPA, HUD, DEPT OF ED, AG, HSS,
Homeland Security-and that is just a start.

MontaniSemperLiberi puts forth the ultimatum:

It can be fixed in a matter of one cycle. It is simply a matter of will.

Our Tea Party congressmen and women will be given a choice by September. They
do what they were elected to do or not. We need to support them to bolster their will.

2012 politics are going to be a lot of fun, for a lot of reasons.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Freeper response to bombs.

The thing that I noticed about the Freeper reaction to the bomb found along the route of a Martin Luther King Day parade in Spokane was how generic it was. I dunno if the AZ thing has allowed them to refine their shtick till it's too perfect to change, or if they're fresh out of creativity about these things, or if the lack of immediate info about this incident creates the proper environment for the Platonic bomb comments.

Whatever is going on, here are the go-to Freeper responses to an act of domestic terror:

TribalPrincess2U exemplifies presumptively claiming victimhood by the Liberal Media:
Have the 0mediabots started with the accusing yet?

Da Coyote's analysis leads him to believe liberals must be to blame:
The left has the most to gain. The right gains nothing.

Amazing how often the Freepers contemplate Civil War 2 when violence only helps the left.

STD does the "blame esoteric but violent liberal groups" dance. He forgets Muslims though.
Shall we suggest the SPLC, the New Black Panther Party or maybe the folks over at the DSA. Anyone of them are up to their eyeballs provolking violence.

newnhdad attempts to disbelieve. Since if Rush hasn't reported on it yet, Freepers cannot be sure it has occurred.
doesn’t pass the smell test. sounds like a set-up.

wmap thinks this is one of the many liberal conspiracies. Non-Freepers will never know the truth.
It is easy to plant false evidence to divert attention from the correct motive.
digger48 stands for concentrating on collateral racial issues:
Why would a city with only 3% blacks have a MLK parade?
white guilt?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Blame the Criminal. Unless You can blame a Liberal.

So one of the victims of the AZ massacre (last post on that, I think) threatened some Tea Party guy. He was arrested. Freepers don't even bother explaining away the hypocrisy, and launch right into blaming the liberal climate of hate:

E. Pluribus Unum keeps it simple and alliterative:
The Loughner-Left is finally free to show themselves to the world.
I have no idea what Brilliant is talking about, but I can tell liberals are at fault.
This is the natural, foreseeable reaction to the “Blood Libel.” The libs were hoping to instill hate with their Blood Libel against Tea Partiers, and they succeeded. The only problem is that instead of causing violence against Tea Partiers, as they’d hoped, they only got their guy arrested because the idiots who took the bait are more effective at shooting off their mouths
The Right never whips up their folks, though! I'm also loving the use of Blood Libel All Capitalized.

Soothesayer is pissed this guy didn't die:

This worthless pig survives.
The innocent child dies. Life is horrible.

VRWC For Truth knows what this is - Jihad!

Meet the new Jihad ... same as the old Jihad

FreeAtlanta found a picture, and has drawn some conclusions:
He looks like a pycho. Unfortunately, I have a lefty sister and brother-n-law who have that same look.

indylindy blames Obama for this guy's death threat, somehow:

Obama is derelict of duty. All the FOX pundits are total frauds and idiots for their praise not tempered by a chastisement of the media and Obama’s own party.

EnquiringMind likes him some rhyming demagoguery:

Or, as another FReeper put it, “People died, Obama thrived.”
Wow, who was that FReeper? He deserves the "Post of the Month".

marktwain has become a Truther about this guy:
I would like to see evidence that he was actually wounded, or if he simply saw this as his opportunity to grab the spotlight and bash conservatives.
He was released from the hospital very rapidly.
LibLieSlayer may need more exclamation points:
liberals are ALL MURDERERS... they are for MURDER of INNOCENT BABIES... and they are the MURDERERS OF MEN AND WOMEN... and they are the MURDERERS OF LIBERTY AND FREEDOM. MURDERERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Harmless Teddy Bear thinks the death threat is proof liberals are the violent ones:
And we're the violent ones?
Mayhaps the deamonrats should look to taking to beam out of their own eye?

We may need the irony marines for this one.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Potpouri

JimSEA sees the Lebanon government's collapse as a sign of war:
Civil war against the Christians followed by another Israeli war? Inevitable now and for some time past. Just the timing is less in doubt

reasonisfaith cautions against violence, casue that's what the leftists want! Also they're like you and I, only stupid.
Let me put it in simple terms.
The left is hoping for war so that our freedoms can be taken away before they lose at the ballot box. Don’t let them talk you into “uprising.” (Because then you’d really be a fool.)
And remember, these hardcore leftists are just people like you and me. Their only problem is they’ve been suckered into an ideology which they don’t really understand. It’s an ideology which makes them feel inferior, and this combined with their inability to justify it intellectually only makes them dig themselves in deeper.
They’ve already lost intellectually (meaning they’ve lost based on the fact that their ideas are worthless). Political defeat will always follow.

Bulwinkle knows what set off thew AZ shooter:

the real reason he was driven to kill? POT!

Marijuana has long been known to trigger attacks of mental illness, such as bipolar (manic-depressive) psychosis and schizophrenia

Kimberly GG thinks that doctors being happy Giffords might open her eyes were secret Obamabots.
what I did see and found rather odd was an interview with two doctors who were almost giddy recalling the possibility that their patient might open her eyes just in time for the President. Shock and awe, I tell ya....they seemed delighted it actually happened.

FlingWingFlyer thinks there may be a disaster in Arizona far beyond the deaths:
This is Barry’s 9/11. The ‘RATS have been dreaming of this day for a long time.

Aw shit, not a liberal 9/11! Then Freepers might have a few problems humping the old 9/11!

Borax Queen thinks Giffords is pretty lucky, compared to what she will do to the rest of us:
After [Giffords] recovers, no one will ever be allowed to question her again, and she'll have whatever seat she wants (Kyl's? McCain's) for life. Not to mention that she can campaign for silence from the opposition nation-wide.

Tzimisce hates how we're all sad about Arizona:
Muslims kill little people and we’re told to put up with it.
A member of the Ruling Elite gets shot and there is a huge crackdown.
So much for “equal protection”.

GlockThe Vote is very clever, and tasteful:
They have “Rock the Vote”
Me: “Glock the Vote!”

Ann Archy expounds on the genetics of the Regan family:
Nancy had some BAD GENES!! She had TWO VERY BAD CHILDREN! Reagan had a
FABULOUS daughter, Maureen and they adopted Michael, who is also FABULOUS! After
he married Nancy, he had VERY BAD CHILDREN!!

wardaddy responds to the an AZ GOP District Chair who retired after receiving death threats:
cry me a river “boy”
are there no men left?

Oh, the official is black. Could you tell?