Friday, November 30, 2012

UN recognizes Palestine.

So the UN votes and gives Palestine non-member speaking rights. Freepers get all Christian apocalypse because God doesn't want Palestinians to speak in largely impotent diplomatic bodies.

BigFinn knows the Final Jihad is acommin for sure now!
"For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction comes upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape." 1 Thess 5:3

Peace and safety were the EXACT words being used all during this vote on an illegal sham of a Pali-State being pushed by the islamists. We need to get ready because destruction is on it's way. The final jihad is in the works. They have been emboldened today. I don't say this casually.
I wonder if crosshairs is gonna sell all his stuff in preparation for the rapture:
Tribulation is right around the corner.
tflabo is pretty smug, as a true Christian should be.
We believers are most fortunate because the Almighty has granted us eyes to see and ears to hear. For this we see and hear that our great Creator is indeed real and His Word is Truth. Those who willfully deny Him or oppose His authority are in for a very rough ride—and if without ultimate repentance—then forever. Yikes!!!
angelcindy stamps her little feet bravely:
Now the shoes on the other foot....they among others would never recognize Israel as a it’s their turn not to be recongnize!!....I do not recognize Palestine!!!
"">Olog-hai thinks monsters of the future mostly talk a lot:
Amazing to think how monstrous the UN will appear in the history books.
Christian1 advises everyone to act like Lois the XVI, which ended super well:
The birth of a new terror state.
The USA must stop all money, Israel must stop providing water, electricity and food.
as Marie antoinette said...let them eat cake.

May palestine be wiped out very soon.

And Now This Word from Outer Space

Cool Story Bro edition:
Extremely loud music is a passive-aggressive assault. I’m not saying it’s worth murder but my guess is the shooter had been pushed and pushed and pushed and the next thing made him snap. I used to live in a zero-lot-line neighborhood. The white kids next door would have their black friends over and they’d sit in the driveway with music so loud the base rattled the windows and doors and made things vibrate off shelves. I think they did it to annoy their parents (children of divorce) who the kids manipulated into fighting with each other. I spoke with dad and he was annoyed to the point of homicide but did nothing because any attempt he made to control “her” kids lead to an argument. One day I went over and stuck my face through the window into the kid’s face, millimeters away. He turned down the music and I asked, in my most deranged ready-to-kill voice, “You gonna be here long?” They shut it off and never did it again. I could hear them turn it off as they rounded the entrance corner from then on.

Note, I found out later that the kids all carried guns. The guns were a fashion accessory. Every one of them was on the high school basketball team. One day when my neighbor’s kids weren’t along, the leading black player, with his car full of kids, stopped to see somebody who owed him money for drugs. The guy told him to shove it and the kid pulled his gun and shot the guy dead for “dissing “ him.

All the kids in the car went to prison as accomplices. (Florida law, I think.) I spoke with the neighbor’s kids about it and they said that “he had to do it, ‘cause the guy dissed him. But after that they were much better behaved.
Bravely telling murder-negroe kids to get off his lawn brought to you by Gen.Blather

Spotlight Friday: Eye of Unk

Something new for y'all!

Eye of Unk:
One of the rare Freepers who actually takes action based on his crazy ideas. Living in Alaska, planning to move to Australia to get away from all the socialism and open up a custom motorcycle repair shop!

His plan:
I may be just a youngster at 55 and almost every hour of the day I rack my brain on ways to kick socialism’s ass, how to make it consume itself, how to create its downfall based upon historical facts.

I too am leaving the country, because there is no more frontier, no more freedom, no home of the brave I could sarcastically say.

Many think Australia is a socialistic country, it is in some fashion but its vast and with a small population, its a new frontier short of colonization in space. I am heading there shortly after I sell my guns since I had nothing to shoot at, my motorcycles, my brass HO train collection, my diecast collection and then my model ship collection some of which are solid wood.

Giving it all up to park myself someplace else that will be hotter, more barren, may have no job for me and probably doesn’t want me because of my age as a citizen, but I’ll just fade off into the bush, find a billabong and build a cabin out of truck parts. I’ll survive because I’ll be free. Best wishes as well to where you are heading.
How to deal with looters:
Now if I was head of a community I would announce that we have a facility chock full of emergency “free stuff” such as new Ipads, cellphones, designer shoes. Basically bling, but here is the kicker, its advertise to be exactly what it is, emergency free stuff for those that live off of trash.

And then when they swoop down on the warehouse and get inside we gas them unconscious and ship them out of town.
Obama hates old people!
According to Obama the elderly are a drain upon society.

Almost sounds like America will become like what Logans Run was all about.

I need a bumper sticker that says, “Have you kicked a Communist today?”
That impotent tough-guy bit at the end is my favorite, though the "America is a 1970s sci-fi movie" is also strong.

Sociological analysis!
Communism is the new social drug everyone is lusting for, it allows them all the power to just take away from all those that are hard working.
Obama is a Bond Villain!
The problem is the Bond personna was all about one man daring to confront evil, daring to fight corruption, daring to twart mad men and any goal of world wide domination.

Which is fine when you live in fantasy land, the reality is this, Bond should be addressing realty.

Make the next Bond movie about him removing a Manchurian candidate from Washington DC. About him finding real documentation of an usurper, the facts of who was behind him all along, the adventure of Bond fighting Acorn Agents.

This is realty, give Bond the ultimate mission much like going after SPECTRE or Dr. No.
Birther-Bond! Thrill to the digital analysis! Gasp at the Internet Sleuthing! No one will be seated during the horrific deposition scene!

Secession is key, of course:
Put more efforts into secession of the states, its a counter to the massive election fraud.

The liberals are truly afraid of the loss of any part of the herd, it means another percentage of goods, services and of course providers for the takers.
After Civil War 2, warp drives for everybody!
I hear some folks may actually have successfully designed a warp drive design, and after the Great Civil War some rocket geeks will snag an old rocket and take it for a spin proving it to be a working design.

Next thing we know some interstellar species will drop in with ideas of expanding their tourism trade to other planets.

Since so far we have been nothing more than copycatting ultra evolved primates who still cannot have proper elections these other planetary folks have been just laughing their asses off watching us.

the sooner we get our shit together and eradicate, yes I mean eradicate these social assbackwardism everyone seems so fond then we can get off this over capacity rock and head elsewhere.
If Ayn Rand and Gene Roddenberry had a baby...

Eye of Unk envies sharks :
You don’t see sharks caring for their wounded, holding get well concerts, internet forums for concerned posters, nor talk show hosts.

nope, they get consumed, the strong push on, the weak are gone...Period. No cease fire, no second chance wounds so they can get well and return, or train others, zap them and be done with it. If nothing else better one shot killing ammo.
In a nutshell: Fuck sentience and empathy!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dem Black voters

Freepers discuss the black vote. Black dialect is heavily relied upon.

driftless2 should know that resistance is futile.
Whites simply will not stick together like blacks.

I suppose it has something to do with thinking for yourself and having someone else think for you.

They are much like the Borg.
Salamander :
Margaret Sanger must be laughing her ass off in Hell.
Because she wanted to abort all blacks? Wait, is he saying she was right? This comment makes no sense.

Secret Agent Man doesn't like how Salamander trivialized Hell.
I know what you mean, but seriously the sad fact is there is absolutely no one laughing in hell. those past days are like an eternity ago, and will never come again for anyone there.
Venturer appears to be supervised by a 1960s black stereotype
We is in charge now.

That’s what a black supervisor once told me, and he was right.

Promotions based on race, hiring based on race, scholarships based on race,Helath care based on race.

It’s just the beginning folks.
tomkat is just sitting back and looking forwards blacks returning to their cannibalism roots:
One sliver of joy if the maggøt usurper is allowed to flush our economy completely down the toilet and the EBT extortion cards quit working
will be watching the looter scum hordes begin to literally eat each other, and then seeing them mown down by the tens of thousands when they fan out.
Salamander strip mall has become infested with Obama supporters!
The Wal*Mart strip mall is next to what used to be McMansions that are now mostly Section 8 housing.

After his first win, if you walked the strip mall instead of driving to where you needed to go, you were howled at and harassed by ‘yutes’ wearing their “OBAMA” shirts and hoodies.

It was nothing to hear “We in charge, now!”.

It’s settled down somewhat since then but I still don’t go there without hubby or the Dobermann with me.

It’s bad enough we have to deal with the nasty employees and ‘queens’ inside the stores.

I don’t think they understand how life works at all.

The only thing that matters is that check at the first of the month.

Metapost: Peak Crazy?

Never fear, I have a post coming up a bit later tonight, but a commenter brought up this interesting question:

Hoo boy. Between this, the Sandra Fluke fiasco (which is how I ended up here), and the 2012 presidential election, it's been quite a year. Do you think Freepers will be able to top themselves, Ozy?

On the one hand, it really does feel like the spiteful so-crazy-its-almost-evil crap that's happening at the moment has got to be unsustainable. On the other hand, Freepers are super good a preserving their hatred - witness their burning rage about Clinton.

Plus Freeper are always surprising me with their new ways to be crazy. And with their current nemesis leaving office naturally in four years, they can't just sit plan the bloodbath like they did in 2008.

Though they did get less crazy after Obamacare passed...

What do you guys think, can Free Republic continue to get crazier, or is their current tantrum about as high as they get, and then it's back to crazy-as-usual?

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What the fuck, Freepers?

Via the Cracked thread. Thanks...I think?

I council a detached bemusement when reading Free Republic. Their fantastic hatred of Obama and demonic Muslim-liberal-Commie-Nazis is far to ridiculous to engender any sort of anger.

But sometimes, they stumble onto being really disgusting. Their bigotry and dehumanization of Muslims gets pretty rough at times. But their celebration of a a baby killed in the recent Israeli shelling of Gaza is a rare time when I'm actually angry at these angry little computer-bound losers:

Arthur McGowan is ostentatiously sociopathic:
Checking for grief.




Still checking.



DoughtyOne knows internet sleuthing can reach any conclusion his atrophied sense of guild requires:
Birth lengths are roughly 18-22 inches. An eleven month old child would be larger than this.

Further, where’s the blood? This child has supposedly just been blown to bits by an Israeli attack. If it was killed, shouldn’t there be evidence on the wrapping?

Where’s the anger that an Arab group of men set up a rocket launch facility right next door to this man’s home, or the location where this child was killed?

Instead of crying now, why didn’t he demand that rocket launch facility be moved prior to the Israeli strike?

I just saw what was claimed to be the body of the Hamas leader killed yesterday by the Israelis. It was hoisted up on men’s shoulders. It looked like a guy sleeping.

I can guarantee you, there’s no way in hell, the guy killed in that vehicle yesterday is anything more than a vapor tail today.

In tact? Looking peaceful as if asleep? You’re kiddin me right?

When the tools to produce good propaganda were being handed out, the Palestinians were off busy throwing rocks at some group of God’s angels. Two guesses where they were when an ample supply of brains were being handed out.
SamuraiScot also grasps for straws to show this is fake:
How poignant and perfect this shot is! How wonderfully well-lit, with his buds all standing around him in perfect position, with perfect expressions.

I wonder how many takes they needed before they got everything right. I'm an aficionado of Moslem phoniness, and if a shot looks too good to be true, it is. They pose everything. Sometimes the dead person has to get up and move to a different position so the fotog or videographer can get a better angle. There are videos of them doing this.
There's no shame in your side fucking up, but Freepers are too small to even acknowledge that.

Da Coyote knows any time a bad thing seems to happen to a Muslim, they're just lying:
I’ve seen the video of the strike (which Google, in their infinite sleeziness, removed.)

The strike was precise, and there was no way that this lying Muslim slime’s son was there.

How does one know if a Muslim is lying?

Don’t matter whether or not their lips move...they always lie.
C210N takes a fucking jocular tone:
Looks like a white-clothed wrapped shake of ham, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt: Looks like a white-clothed sack of potatoes!
dfwgator basically says: "Nazis, your dead baby is irrelevant."
Just like the Nazis did in the months leading up to the invasion of Poland, show all the poor Volksdeutsche in Poland crying and weeping because the “evil” Poles were terrorizing them. Of course it was all staged by the Ministry of Propaganda.
mbarker12474 uses previous denial to allow him to not even need denial to be comfortable with this:
Sorry. When the stunt babies are passed around for propaganda shots with a mommy over here and a daddy over there and a rescue worker over yonder, we become unsympathetic to the real casualties on your side caused by the hatred and violence perpetrated by your side. Stop training your babies from birth to throw rocks and bombs, and we will think about becoming sympathetic towards your (phony? staged-for-photos?) dead babies.
OK, reflexive denial is sad and all, but Freepers can get a lot more fucked up than that:

samadams2000 knows Muslim fathers deserve it:
Poor Omar the tent maker. He lived mired in islam and therefore could not protect his son. Perhaps he should have known that his fellow muslims lobbed 150 missile into Israel and that there would be a terrible response. Perhaps he should have just tended to his tent making business?
Breto's cartoonish image of Muslims lets him be an internat psycho:
why sad for the child ( which I doubt it is), they strap bombs on them for puberty celebrations and send them after Israelis
ari-freedom also knows all about the father:
He was hoping his kid would grow up to be a suicide bomber and get to kill other Jews.
mancini - Muslim babies are preemptively evil:
So sick of the Muslim posturing. At least the little babe won’t be subject to his father’s stupid religion. Stay out of Israel then!
Josa has a pretty fucked up theology:
This might sound cold but this might have been that child’s only opportunity for an eternity in heaven. The child is blameless and has not yet reached the age of accountability. While tragic to lose a child, I feel consolation that the child is likely very now in the arms of Jesus. Had he/she grown to adulthood, that would not be the case.
dfwgator is such a funny guy!
They blow up so fast.
tumblindice thinks bravado is an appropriate tone here:
Dear Al Arabya: [Pic from "Independence Day"] Payback's a bitch, ain't it.
"Jihad Misharawi"?

Lucky kid, he gets his 72 porcine Virgins right away, with no delay.

Obama hates Mars

NASA reports it has some interesting results from the Mars Curiosity Rover. Freepers do their best to politicize this:

Eaker demands instant science:
We paid for this remote controlled Tonka toy so I think they should be publishing every damned thing.
ProtectOurFreedom knows what Mars looks like!
I was thinking Detroit after they’ve leveled city blocks.
TribalPrincess2U thinks Obama is just going to take credit:
They have to ask permission from Zippy so he can be ‘the one’ who really discovered it....unless it’s a bad thing.
GeronL thinks aliens would be proof Abortion is Evil:
Oh, yes. We await word of germs on Mars, it will be the biggest thing ever. As we deny that a growing baby in the womb is life.
hosepipe knows any life we find is bad science because God only likes Earth:
The only life on Mars is the microbes Curiosity brought with it..
But.... some microbes may have escaped from previous missions as well..

sometime they might find some of this life and deem it indigenous.. after its “evolved”..

Monday, November 26, 2012

Poutrage continues

Man, Freepers are in such a mood...

A girl posts an admitedly bad taste joke from the Tomb of the Unknown soldier on her facebook

Freepers have a point, but then they completely lose their shit. This is next-level overplaying your hand.

rarestia knows this girl is just like all liberals:
She typifies the ugly inside-and-out sort of leftist garbage that would be expected to behave this way. I hope she’s fired for this. She’s a piece of human debris with no respect for the men who’ve laid down their life for her “right” to do this.
CSM explains that real rebel youth vote Republican:
She claims to be “defying authority,” yet I’d wager she voted as a leftard supporting Tyranny. She is demonstrating exactly why I regret sacrificing a decade of my life to protect the freedom of ALL citizens.
Brooklyn Attitude knows public school has poisoned this girl, so now she must hate the military:
A country whose children have been taught in schools and by the media that it conducts wars for oil or just to kill “brown people”. A country they were taught was built on oppression and genocide. The left has done an excellent job revising our history and demonizing everything that made America great.
RitaOK knows the military is full of girls like her now:
Jane Fonda clones are basically 52% of America today. The USA is everything it left Europe for, but with no place to go for revolt.
Student0165 wonders if she works well with kids:
Being a “douchebag” has consequences. It is truly disturbing that this being works with people with disabilities. Is she a “douchebag” with them, too?
PLD thinks she's crazy:
She seems to have a mental problem and needs help..I hope she gets fired from her job,I would never let my child be within an inch of the moron..
PGR88 thinks she typifies how all American women suck:
Women in America are reaching the gutter even faster than men are.
wizr thinks a dash of Puritanism would eliminate tasteless jokes.
What kind of poisonous atmosphere creates nitwits like this?

This is simple:

These people have decided that this is no longer “one Nation, UNDER GOD”....

Each is master, or mistress, of their own fate, until they REALLY need HIM.
jimt has no compunction about hitting women, it seems:
Although it’dd be a lot of fun to kick her between the legs hard enough that her gaping puss got a mouthful of grass after flying six or seven feet through the air. It’d be even funnier if she broke that finger.

Is Benghazi a Scandal Yet?

Freepers arguments about Ambassador Rice's Sunday morning talk show appearance have been losing coherence...

originalbuckeye loves him some imaginary double standards:
If a Republican Admin were guilty of all the transgressions of the Obama Admin, they would be swinging from the gallows already. The double-standard is APPALLING!!!
ProudFossil doesn't get it:
I find it ironic that Rice now claims bad info from the intelligence community as the excuse and the Dims are saying the critics are trying to lynch her over that. But remember the phrase “Bush lied and people died”. That was from these same idiot Dims about what Bush and Powell said about Irag. Same type of situation, same excuse, same everything but now there is a black, democratic woman cliaming the excuse.
I mean, why would liberals yell about a drumbeat that led to war, versus some comments on a talk show? They were both disprove later!

Obama_Is_Sabotaging_America knows ya gotta see how sure she seemed to really understand the treason!

Don't QUOTE what she said, SHOW THE VIDEO SNIPPETS OF ALL 5 SUNDAY MORNING NEWS PROGRAMS BEFORE HER TESTIMONY. There was a certain 'certainty' in her voice that cannot be captured by merely quoting what she said before she testifies..
oldenuff2no exhorts us to look at the facts he made up:
We need to look at the known facts here. The CIA and therefore the president knew within a couple hours this was terrorism. 5 days later this POS lied to the American people on several different nation wide TV programs. The lies were intentional, planned, and intended to deflect all blame from the other POS in the white house.
FlingWingFlyer doesn't care about race or gender.
Rice is a liar. And I don’t care what color her skin tone is or what her genitals look like. She’s still a liar.
His fellow Freepers, however....

lgjhn23 seems into the genitals:
Liar, Liar....your smelling panties are on fire!!!!
Lies to protect her pimp, odongo.
RoosterRedux may be taking race into account:
Rice is showing her devotion to her race. She is protecting the other Rice...and Obama.
Wait, does he think this is Condoleezza Rice?

Recovering Ex-hippie also thinks race is important:
susan rice...Stupid, incomptetent and boring and dangerous is no way to go through life....EXCEPT if you are an affirmative action Lib!

she told Bill Clinton not to go after BinLaden when she was Ambassador or some such thing to the Sudan.
The Wizard seems a bit into the woman thing:
where’s the lying bitch alert
DOGHEAD just blames the press for posting what liberals are saying:
Reuters again.. They must’ve got their orders from the Whitehouse to put this out. Sycophants for Obama. Pitiful.

Monday Potpourri

Darksheare thinks Russia is setting up to invade Israel:

Back in the 1980’s, the IDF found tunnels in Lebanon dug by the Russians.
They also found documents, plans, supplies for a full scale invasion of teh middle east by Russia.
One object of note that the IDF found: Coffee beans.
Fresh coffee beans.
Coffee beans go bad within three months.
That meant that the Russians had plans to begin their operation at least within three months.
The Israelis going into Lebanon to kick the PLO in the butt derailed that plan.
I’d say Gaza is their backup plan.

gorush knows Hitlers and Obamas are the perfect inevitable storms:
Human nature is what it is, and, given the right circumstances where megalomania has it’s perfect inevitable storm, Hitlers and Obamas will occur...much like the 1918 flu.
Liz knows what Jessie Jackson Junior is thinking in broken English:
"I'm only human but my wife---she's a frickin' *itch."
"She da one puttin' me away at dat dang Mayo place."

"She's *issed off cause I'm gettin' it on the side while
makin' like I was sickly. Dam *itch wants me outta da way."
Wiser now knows the wrong politics makes you ugly:
All that anger creates the stereotypical liberal “pinched face” look.
This woman would be gorgeous if she were filled with the joy of Christ.
crazydad thinks liberals want to skin him:
This is gods punishment for 30 years of Abortion and taking god outta school. We have turned from god and now satan is running the United States and just like in Germany in the 30-40s Us Conservatives are the Jews and the left is the nazi’s. They call us all deragatory names “teabaggers,republithugs, republicon, ect” and they would be happy with you and I and all of us turned into as Micheal Savage Says “lampshades”.
Graewoulf has a plan!!
The 2016 Presidential Campaign has begun for Allen West!
dennisw explains the racism behind Obama and his "mocha mafia."
Lisa Jackson. Another member of Obama’s mocha mafia making war on America’s private sector producers who just happen to be.....white guys (for the most part, some Asians and Hispanics) I have a nephew in oil and gas. I’m sure there are zero blacks in his office but a few Asians crunching numbers. The petro-engineering department at his university was full of Asians with Indians and Chinese the most. I am sure there are lots Mexicans etc humping it in the oil and gas fields doing rough stuff, the physical work. Lots of Mexicans/Hispanics in our farm sector so I give them credit for producing. In my minds eye I can’t see very many blacks in agriculture or energy production
william clark yearns for the days of reasonable Democrats like Nixon:
During Nixon’s time, there were enough Democrats with integrity to advise him he needed to step down for the good of the country. Not the case now.

These days, as I’ve said before, for Democrats to bring down a fellow Democrat, no amount of evidence is sufficient. For them to bring down a Republican, no amount of evidence is required.
getmeouttaPalmBeachCounty_FL works on making the Onion obsolete:
Of course it’s blackmail. That’s how Obama rolls.

He’s somehow blackmailed the Supremes, Google, Facebook, the Clintons, weeping Boehner, all the Senators who caved on many things like Obamacare, the media, etc., etc. The body-count is growing, (Breitbart, huge group from SEAL team 6) according to several websites.

Blackmail is a given.
ScottinVA lay out the liberal philosophy:
1. Government is their god.

2. Liberalism is their religion.

3. The Democrat Party is their church.

4. Secularism and Socialism are their twin doctrines.

5. Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Obama are their prophets.

6. Abortion, homosexuality and class struggle are their sacraments.
joe fonebone wants America to fail to spite Obama voters:
I wanna go off the fiscal cliff because....

the hardest hit will be the lower income workers ( most of who voted for fubo )

and the even lower income workers that did not pay taxes before, are gonna be payin’ em now (most of who voted for fubo)

now it will truly be fair....

let them eat cake
Arm_Bears knows charities are all liberal because of how easy they are to run:
Liberals are attracted to executive positions in foundations and charities like magnets—You don’t have to be very smart, you don’t have to work too hard, and you get to play with other people’s money.
GladesGuru reacts to rumors the Anonymous hackers group hacked Israel:
If the Anonymous claim is accurate, they have admitted to acts which range from election felonies to, in the case of the Israeli hacks, treason.

Arguably, a case can be made that given the above confession, the Israeli’s would be justified in a precise bombing of the hacker conventions. After all, as President Bush said, if you aid a terrorist, you are a terrorist.

Suggestion: Stay well clear of any group of known hackers.
Wait, hacking Israel is treason no matter where you are from? CitizenUSA hates self-haring whites. Also Blacks and Hispanics.
It’s a mental illness. It’s irrational to hate one’s race, especially a race that’s brought so much good to the world, but that’s exactly what many whites do. It’s a form of irrational self loathing, and it’s pathetic. Blacks and Hispanics can spit in our faces while they use government to steal from us. They are the real racists. Most of us just want to live free! Yet, many self loathing, masochistic whites still vote against their own best interests to support our system of racial spoils. Again. It’s pathetic!
Cyman studied the psychiatrists of ancient Rome:
One of the surest signs of decay of a society can be judged by simply counting the number of psychiatrists/psychologists in active practice. The numbers and decadence are directly proportional to each other.
Syntyr loves lording it over cab drivers:
I always ask the cab driver I get what is so great about NYC, if they speak English...

The answer I get are typically:

1. NYC is da best
2. You can see/do anything here
3. You can see Broadway shows
4. You have all the fashion/shopping areas
5. The food is da best
6. The best sports teams

All of this from some schlub working his ass off in a taxi making maybe 40k a year to live in some hovel of an apartment usually with a few other people to share the expenses with. He has never been to a Broadway show or shopping or to the sports events in his life.

Friday, November 23, 2012

RIP Uncle Slayton

Alas, Uncle Slayton was zotted on November 1st.

Here are some of his more recent hits I've gathered:

Taking a hard line on early voting:
Early voting is the biggest threat to our nation and the Republican Party.

Measures beyond Voter ID and abolishing Early Voting must be taken to included US Passport required to vote, law enforcement officers at all polling stations, Criminal Background checks at all polling stations and repeal of the Voting Rights Act(s).
The trauma of lesbianism:
The picture of the two women kissing is shocking and utterly horrendous, I imagine that even more devastating for those who had to witness it on a public street and a Pro Family event.

I hope they will all be alright and the damage not lasting.
His own special birther conspiracy:
Maybe, somewhere along the way, in Indonesia, Kenya or Moscow there was a body switch where Davis and Russian agents neutralized the chunky Obama and replaced him with a kidnapped skinny Obama who was more receptive to KGB Programming.

That leaves just two questions, who is this Obama and from where was he taken and what happened to the original?
on Romney's humility:
when Mitt Romney is inaugurated in January, he will not have the arrogance of Obama and will not likely attempt to push his agenda through Congress.
His shock at the latest homosexual industry:
Who would have ever thought we would see the day when travel agents were gay?
His gay boycott may be impractical:
I must now boycott Expedia as they advocate Sodomite Marriage and since almost every domestic airline advocates Sodomite Marriage, I must also boycott all the airlines.

I could drive on my next trip, but many oil companies provide domestic partner benefits and cannot buy gas.

I can't even walk to my next vacation as the companies that sold me my shoes offer domestic partner benefits.
Obama better stop having fun!
At no point should an American president in a time of war watch football or anything else on TV.
We will never really know how many hundreds of thousands or millions of voters that the Black Panthers intimidated and prevented from voting in the 2008 Election.
he knows Christians easily avoid the premarital nookie:
Staying celibate until marriage is only impossible for the children of liberals and non Christians. In almost all cases, you will find that the children of conservatives and Christians remain virgins until they are marries.
Prosecute Obama!
Obama could also be prosecuted for the murder of every US service member who died following under his false command and he could also be prosecuted for the murder of every non American who died and the hands of US forces.
Obama ruins Jonnie from Happy Days
Joanie was doing great when Eisenhower was in the White House.

Now, under Obama she is homeless.
The end is nigh!
With Obama in power and World leaders meeting in New York along with the current droughts and gay marriage in may US states, we could be in our final hours.

I think that makes it all that more important that we all vote early.
Indeed, Uncle Slayton.


Thursday, November 22, 2012

A little Thanksgiving outrage

Sure, being dicks to relatives makes for a Freeper thanksgiving, but the real Freeper bed and butter is hating Obama for increasingly petty stuff.

Obama made the sign of the cross while pardoning the turkey? RAGE!!

RWGinger knows imagined insults from Obama are what makes a True Conservative:
anyone who thinks this was meant to be anything other than an insult to Catholicism is a dumb lefty.

The man 0dumbo is plain evil and laughing at us all.
CatOwner hates how often Obama does little things only Freepers can realize are super insulting:
Obama loves nothing more than agitating the right. Sign of the cross, middle finger during televised events, etc. We had a chance to remove this psycho, but Republicans seemed determined to take it out on those against the DEMs rather than the DEMs themselves.
COBOL2Java sees into Obama's soul via this turkey pardoning:
No, just another shining example of how to him, nothing is sacred, except his own mutilated sense of self-esteem. There's really nothing of worth inside the dank recesses of his soul.
jersey117 knows all Christians are Catholic:
He doesn’t know the proper way to do it because he’s not a Christian. Every Christian knows you make the sign of the cross with your right hand.
RushIsMyTeddyBear draws an interesting conclusion:
He’s the antichrist. I’m surprised he didn’t wave an upside-down cross. Just a backwards one.....for now.
silverleaf knows what the left hand means: MUSLIM!
whatever muslims want to disrespect, they do with their left hand, which is the hand used to wipe their azzes

this would have been ingrained in bronco from his muslim childhood. like the bowing habit.

bronco’s gesture was not accidental or a joke, imho
rockabyebaby knows Obama is a repeat offender:
He did the same thing last year, he really thinks he’s the messiah.
Prince of Space senses drama behind the scenes!
Wow, check out the body language between him and Malia. He reached out to touch her twice and both times she recoiled from him. Then she looked pensive and brooding for a minute and then finally chuckled at the turkey. I would LOVE to be a fly on the wall at the White House.

Have a very spiteful Freeper Thanksgiving

Via Anonymous, Freeper discuss what to do about liberal relatives coming over for Thanksgiving.

While some advise courtesy and love, dickery abounds.

Norm Lenhart draws a line in the sand:
You believe Obamites are the problem we face or you don’t.

You cater, coddle and make excuses to accommodate them, or you don’t.

Accommodation got us to this point. Choose accordingly.
I hope pgkdan can smell Obama voters or something:
I consider obama voters to be either idiots or traitors and I refuse to have any truck with either. They are not welcome in my house.
SMARTY hates liberal strawmen:
NO ONE who voted for ‘O’ is a nice person.

Voting for a guy who wants to pick my pocket and deny me any recourse in the law ain’t NICE!

It really IS immoral to think that someone ELSE ought to subsidize YOUR lifestyle.

Yea, as if, ‘I want a new Cadillact and maybe the dealer will send the bill to my neighbor’... duhhhhh that won’t work.

Most of my relatives are also Liberal and uneducated past HS, for what that is worth. The ‘educated’ ones are Conservative ... go figure! Ha!
Yes, education makes you conservative!

WVNan made me sad:
In my own family it’s my two liberal children who give me heartache and grief. Good thing they live far enough away to keep the peace. They literally shun me because I am a Christian conservative. I haven’t seen that son for 11 years. He does not communicate with me at all. The girl usually comes once a year around Christmas for a couple of days. It is difficult for me to keep my tongue during that time. It is so uncomfortable, I’m relieved when she goes back home.
If you guys have Freeper kids or parents, try for bemusement and not hatred. Don't be Freepers.

C. Edmund Wright posts like a million times in this thread. I figure he just sits around fuming about the libs:
Obama and his voters are my mortal enemy. They will shorten my life with Obama Care, they will reduce my ability to care for my family with their liberal policies, they are destroying my childrens’ dreams and futures. They are mortal enemies. I will not tolerate them, be polite around them, nor accomodate them in any way. Nor should anyone who understands the truth of what Obama’s election means, and everyone older than 18 should understand that.

Not in my house, period.
Quickgun's sister is SOL:
I have a sister, in fact, my only sister,that I haven’t spoken to in years because of her liberal political views. I don’t care if they are family or not, I have drawn the line, you are either with us or you are against us.
Jean S
I have elderly neighbors who I always bring food to from my garden.

They put out an Obama sign this year and I will never bring them food again.
CodeToad explains why dickery is a teaching experience:
Obama Voters are arrogant and will see the invitation as acceptance. Turn them down and let them know they did wrong and their actions are not welcome. Either their actions are not welcome or they are not. This Dr. Spock routine we all seem to be in with allowing those that hurt us to never experience any unpleasantness is what has allowed them to continue to act badly. See, there are no consequences to their actions. They will not be deprived of the invitation. They will not actually ever be shunned by anyone, not is they are never actually shunned and they need to be.
bgill is super passive agressive
I’ve severed ties with the one friend who voted for 0. I thought they had learned their lesson over the past four years but let it slip out. Last time I had a stupid “we don’t need anymore old white men for president” dingbat in my house, I printed out several anti-0 billboards and taped them around the house. He got the point and sat with his nose in his cell the entire time never saying a word and hasn’t been back since.
muleskinner conusels a potluck, but an angry one:
Tell the Obama supporters they need to bring the desert and wine. Oh yeah, no Safeway/Kroger's/Piggely-Wiggely bakery dept. pies or cheap box wine.

Share the Fiscal Cliff.
Fledermaus has a plan to conflate family with government:
Treat them the way they think. After they fill their plates and sit down, confiscate half the food and tell them you are donating it to the homeless.

If they complain, tell them they are greedy evil bastards that don’t want to pay their fair share.

Buy or rent tents for them to stay in outside the house and call it “Occupy My Lawn” and inform them if they complain they are nothing but 1% greedy evil bastards that hate the poor and want college kids to have to pay back their school loans.

Put a TAX on everything in the house they’ll use like toilet paper and ice and water, etc. Tell them you run a “progressive house”.

If they whine, call them evil Republicans.
C. Edmund Wright laments that liberals are so intolerant they force him to hate them:
I’m sorry, but I do not believe it is proper to put family ahead of country. It’s a really awful decision, but only big government - meaning liberals - can force that decison.

Small government conservaties, by defintion of what we believe, would never force anyone to choose between family and country. Only someone who thinks government should have their greedy paws into every facet of life forces that decision.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

And Now This Word from Outer Space

Too crazy to wait till Monday edition:

The current American Civil War (yes it is happening) will be about families fighting against NATO, schoolboys against IRS SWAT teams, and they will remember movies like the original Red Dawn, they won’t act predictably. 
No I can actually see soccer moms with Samurai sword lopping off socialist school board heads and then mounting them on pikes, I can see sheer brutality coming up, I see millions of armed Americans taking potshots at anything that is an icon of the Federal government.
Samurai soccer moms provided by Eye of Unk (Cicil War in America is here, its already been declared.)

And Now This Word from Outer Space

Preverts everywhere Edition:
When I was a teenager back in Leavenworth, Kansas, I had occasion to become acquainted with a German lady who had just married a US Army flag officer that she met while working as a civilian contractor on a US Army base in Germany. Her husband was transferred to Ft. Leavenworth, which almost all flag officers pass through at some point. She was a strikingly handsome woman and super-sharp. She was very happy and was eagerly trying to get pregnant and start her family, as she was 35 or so at the time.

The last time I saw her, she was in a state of shock. She had left her husband, was filing for divorce, homeless and trying to organize getting back to Germany. Here is what happened.

She had finally become pregnant. She had just found out and hadn't even told her husband yet. They had been invited to and were attending a party being thrown by the post commander at his home that evening. Most of the upper-echelon flag officers at Ft. Leavenworth would be there. She was very excited and happy that she and her husband were literally now moving amongst the highest levels of the top brass in the US military, and she planned to tell her husband that night after the party that she was pregnant.

They arrived at the party in the gorgeous and huge old home of the post commander. In the foyer, there was a large bowl that all of the men placed their car keys into upon entering the house. She figured that this had something to do with drunk driving protections, as there was certainly drinking at this party. She thought nothing of it.

As midnight rolled around, the party suddenly concluded. All of the couples then moved into the foyer. One by one, the wives stepped up to the bowl full of keys and drew out a set at random. The wives then matched the keys up with their male owners and then left with that man.

It was a wife-swapping party.

When my acquaintance realized what was going on she refused. Her husband was livid.

When she got home she packed a bag and left. The stress of going from being on top of the world and happier than she had ever been to having her marriage destroyed, being betrayed so casually and sickeningly by her husband, and being made essentially homeless and penniless in a span of about five minutes caused her to immediately miscarry the baby a few hours later.
Wife-swapping and other perverse, orgiastic activities are extremely common among the US flag officer corps. The level of bizarre sexual depravity we are seeing with Petraeus and now Allen, is common to the point of being pedestrian. It is exactly the same kind of sodomitical filth that pervades the political class. They are all sex perverts and cheats. Find me a flag officer or politician that isn't cheating on his spouse or a pervert and I'll be shocked. Sexual perversion is intrinsic to this class of people. These people are psychopathically insane, because you would have to be psychopathically insane to want anything to do with either the political class OR the flag officer corps today. I can't tell you how many emails I have received over the last year and a half from men who have exited the United States Military as either a Captain or Major because they simply could not bear to be a part of the repulsive, honorless, amoral culture. They couldn't advance because at a certain point you literally have to sell your soul and become a purely political animal in order to climb the ladder.

And are you really surprised? Every single flag officer in the United States Military today is, by definition, an oath-breaking traitor. Barack Obama is not eligible to be POTUS and is almost certainly not a U.S. citizen. And not ONE WORD. Not one word from the flag officer corps. Why? Because they are politicians at heart, and they will never do anything to jeopardize their O-7, O-8, O-9 or O-10 pension packages.

Am I surprised that Petraeus and Allen and the rest are pathetic, pervy fornicators with the common sense of a pile of toenail clippings? Am I surprised that Petraeus was sending dozens and dozens of emails per day to his girlfriend and that their pillowtalk included national secuity secrets? Am I surprised that Petraues and Allen have spent their careers walking around with a "BLACKMAIL ME" sign taped to their backs? Nope. These people are imbeciles and psychopaths who implemented and oversaw rules of engagement that have intentionally gotten our boys killed as a literal sacrifice of total submission to islam. Watch this and then tell me what an intelligent and honorable man David Petraeus is:

And now, the Obama putsch regime is purging them and anyone else they deem to be a threat. It won't surprise me if Petraeus is indeed court martialed and stripped of his pension, because that is what the rest of the flag officer corps fears more than death. Make an example of Petraeus, and maybe Allen, and that will whip the rest of them into line.

This process of a totalitarian oligarchy constantly purging its own ranks in fits of paranoia and demands for total personal loyalty is as old as the hills. Lenin and Stalin eventually murdered almost every person that entered their inner-circles. Same with Mao. Same with Saddam Hussein. Same with the three Kims in North Korea. Beyond the Night of the Long Knives, Hitler was also having his own people killed continuously.
Warmed over 1970s urban legend provided by E. Pluribus Unum (Government is the religion of the psychopath.)


Obama mispronounced the name of Aung San Suu Kyi, a Burmese freedom fighter and recent Nobel laureate.

You'd think Freepers would at least notice the massive hypocrisy of yelling about this after Bush.

Not at the current level of crazy:

yoe blames the demon weed:
Obama smok'in Choom again? What else could explain his boorish and ungentlemanly behavior.
You’d think on the trip over on AF-1 he would practice pronouncing his hosts’ names. But that would take work.

At least he did not call them corpse-men.
Freepers love that corpse-man thing from 2010. Like half the comments in the thread hit it.

SparkyBass thinks he's uncovered some sinister evidence of Obama's sinister multilingual abilities!
Well, English is his second... or third language.
jimfree has got to be joking:
When you combine an executive of limited intelligence with bad staff work that is what you get.
A_perfect_lady laments the speculative double standard of the other side, not the actual one before her eyes:
It’s just that... if it had been Bush, it would be the headline of NYT. Jon Stewart, David Letterman, and SNL would base a week’s worth of jokes on it, and the entire entertainment and journalism industry would devote their LIVES to making sure every single person in the USA was aware of it, embarrassed by it, and will never forget it for as long as they live.
treetopsandroofs takes those who don't have a double standard to task for insufficient zeal:
why waste time coming up with an excuse for the enemy?

Bush was expected to get names right, and was ridiculed if he didn’t.

It’s all about “fairness”, isn’t it?
Imaginary liberals are too evil to be anything less than a total partisan tool, dontcha see?

Louis Foxwell knows this is proof Obama is the Antichrist:
We have in this president a disreputable, malicious, drug fiend fagot bent on the destruction of all that is good and sacred. Evil is defined by Barack. He is the quintesseitial demon among us. Any who doubt he is anti Christ have no understanding of Christ.
aimhigh knows a deliberate insult when he sees one!
This is done on purpose as a way to insult the human rights lady and bow to the evil Burma government.
onedoug has broken Obama's secret Muslim code!
He didn’t mistakenly mipronounce anything. Democracy is such an anethema to that islamist that he would use it as code to pass a command to murder, rape and pillage at will to his fellow jihadis.

Ptuh! The damned jackal.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Boehner's Troubles

Boehner is trying to keep his party together to solve this fiscal cliff issue. Freepers, whose worldview requires America to suffer, hate him for it:

ilgipper is drawing a line in the sand. Again!
Our message to our reps need to be clear. If Boehner folds in this, we are sitting home in 2014. If he doesn’t stand up for the positions we elected our reps to promote, he needs to be replaced as Speaker.
Hans seems to think Boehner is appeasing Democrats for some reason:
Poor Boehner, courtiers must appease their Democrat Lords. The street rabble must be kept under control. Our Illinois Republicans learned that a long time ago.
yefragetuwrabrumuy doesn't understand Boehner's job:
It rankles that Boehner uses ten times the coercion on Republicans than he would ever use on Democrats.
annieokie is feelign neglected:
HE DOES NOT CARE what we think. He is maneuvering his positions to exclude or weaken the TEA PARTY conservatives as much as possible. Which should make us more resolute in electing MORE TEA PARTY conservatives
He’s a weeping little girl with Obama and the Dems, but he sprouts hair on his chest when he talks to even bigger weenies in the GOP caucus. Disgusting. They had every right to dump him and start with new leadership after this election. It appears they like to be screwed.
Well, who doesn't?

sergeantdave concentrates on the important thing: shooting the messenger:
Regardless of what a scumball Boehner is, let’s be clear on one point: The Hill is a Marxist publication designed to promote fascism and communism, and the commie slut who wrote this did so to infuriate and divide conservatives.
what's up agrees that the key to success is to rage against the media.
#1 on the top of my list would be to attack the media.

I consider the media our main enemy. This is where the most active and effective commies live. Their purpose has been twofold: 1) raise Obama and 2) get us to train our guns on the GOP.

If ALL guns were pointed at the media instead of ourselves this would solve 90% of the problem IMO.

Fired up about Israel

Israel is bombing Gaza and rattling sabres about an invasion. I'd worry about destabilizing the region, but that ship sailed long ago.

Until I see evidence of escalation beyond the immediate region, I'm more sad than anything.

Freepers, though, manage to be both stoked and super angry:

Forward the Light Brigade thinks America may invade Israel:
Obama will stop Israel even if he must send in Marines to guard and protect Gaza.
American Constitutionalist declares he's unAmerican:
Benjamin Netanyahu is my president !
ScottinVA has the same plan Freepers always have when Muslims do anything:
Take and level Gaza this time, for all time. Any future attacks will be met with the same approach... just in case the PA and its supporters on the West Bank start getting foolish ideas. Muslim filth understand and respect only one thing: the serious threat of annihilation
Eric in the Ozarks fucking loved the firebombings of Dresden and Tokyo:
Bombs away
with Curtis LeMay...
bert is not big on the Palestinian people:
Neither Egypt nor any of the other Arab states wants the Palestinians. In their ranking of people, Palis are at the bottom of the list, lower even than Pakistanis or Bangladeshis
Friendofgeorge knows it's not antisemetic if you only hate liberal Jews!
Liberal US Jews side against their own brothers, talk about despicable...Hollywood Jews mostly support the enemies of their brothers also
DoughtyOne thinks the international polling about Obama is probably skewed:
To this day I still find it freaky the idea we could have a president with a name so close to Osama.

Israel, Britain, Europe, the U.N., China, Russia, the Arab nations, the Muslim Brotherhood... they’ve all got this guy’s number. He’ll never be able to save face with them.

They show him respect for their own advantage, and that’s about it. Inside, they all know he’s a world class buffoon.

This guy has all but destroyed the ability for any foreign nation to respect us any longer.
hondact200 thinks Muslims all have WMDs held in reserve:
Odumbo has his behind covered he is out of the country and is in Asia. he can claim that he did receive a daily briefing while he was in Cambodia, Burma, Thailand and wherever else he has to go to hide some more money. See my brother muslims i was not available, but you have my permission to use the WMD that we smuggled to Syria.

Palinizing Allen West

It's like canonizing, but much much more pathetic.

Florida is not good at elections. Crazy-as-a-Freeper Congressman Allen West has been litigating the race he just lost, and to be fair there are many examples of shoddy bookkeeping and general idiocy. Now that he's conceded, that window has closed.

Still, Freepers never chalk up to negligence what can make into a wide-ranging liberal conspiracy:

chessplayer never forgets a butthurt:
West has been “Frankened.”
NKP_Vet knows the Republicans are in on it too!
RINOs want to get rid of West. Impossible for Murphy to pick up that many votes unless establishment GOP and democrats are are not in cahoots. FRAUD. But then again Obama’s entire election was a fraud. RINOs take it up the rear and never say a word and they also want to purge their roles of any real conservatives.
stylin19a laments that the GOP won't politically immolate themselves for this one red-bating lunatic:
hell...the house could seat West regardless of outcome.
Key word is ‘could’...but the gutless wont.
uncommonsense blames the Republicans:
Thanks RINOs! I still hope West fights on. I”m in Boynton Beach taking care of some family business and I can smell the stench of this Gertrude woman all the way to this neighborhood.
Obama_Is_Sabotaging_America wants Civil War 2 already!
West would make a great Commander of the New Continental Army 2013.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Life of the Mother Exception

via Anonymous. Haven't had a good abortion barnburner in a while.

The Pro-Life movement has a problem - they can either be crazy extreme zealots who define abortion as murder in all cases, or ideologically inconsistent.

Or, you can just make up your own facts, and deny that anyone ever dies from a pregnancy or gets pregnant from rape.

Hence, Freepers' reactions to a story of an Irish woman denied an abortion and subsequently dying:

count-your-change combats any confusion by hating liberals EXTRA hard:
The abortionists should be thrilled. They have a “martyr” and the unborn child died. A real twofer for the “Every Child Deserves a Chance to Die” crowd.
muawiyah blames socialism:
Presumably Ireland has the same sort of inadequate medical care all socialized medicine systems provide ~ and someone forgot that antibiotics work.
conservaterian thinks it was the immigrant:
As usual it’s the immigrants causing problems. Doesn’t sound like their name is exactly a traditional Irish name. They didn’t even bother adding an “O” to it.
The name is discovered to be Kiwi. Freepers then mutter "that's okay then..." and slink off. Which just cements the racism.

CIB-173RDABN thinks all things have the exact same probability of occurring:
While it is tragic that this young woman died, changing the law will guarantee only two things, 1) every baby aborted will die, 2) some woman getting abortions will die.

Abortions like any medical procedure carry a risk of the patient dying. More abortions means more women will die.
generally is also sure abortions secretly kill women all the time.
You never hear the opposite stories - the stories of the mother who dies as a result of an abortion. Those stories just vanish, like the dead mothers.
Smokin' Joe isn't a doctor, but plays one on the Internets!
Septicemia is a systemic infection, iirc. Whether that was brought about by a dead baby in the womb, or whether the miscarriage was a result of the infection, I don't know. There is more to this than simply a case of 'an abortion would have saved her life' as some might have us believe.
surroundedbyblue also knows that the facts aren't as they seem - in reality, they are much more convenient for Freepers to never ask hard questions!
This is indeed medical negligence & has nothing to do with abortion. Terminating this pregnancy probably would’ve increased her risk of sepsis. What a joke. I see the Irish media is no different than that if the US....leftist spin & full of crap
LearsFool is Pro-Life, for reals:
A mother is supposed to sacrifice her own life to save her child, not sacrifice her child to save herself!

What monsters women have become!
Wonder why there's a conservative problem with women?

Is a college degree worth the cost?

Freepers take on higher education. Their anti-intellectualism wars with their personally having gone to college, and the result is racism and envy:

HANG THE EXPENSE knows there are many better investments:
Take the money you were going to PISS away at any of the colleges and put it in account earning whatever measly interest you can get.The return will still be much greater than the benefit of any college degree.There will be no jobs for the foreseeable future.
kearnyirish2 knows what to blame his failures on - reverse racism!
Young white males aren’t even offered the jobs at the bottom of the ladder; those that can get them have little chance of advancing (regardless of the quality & quantity of their work). Instead, an affirmative action token (ethnic minority or female) with vaguely-defined responsibilities (and even more vague job skills) will be their supervisor and be credited for their work...
kearnyirish2 also blames the Asians:
Change to Finance.

I understand what you’re saying, but the financial industry is also being handed to Asians. The external audit firm I work with sends foreigners to do auditing & consulting work that many Americans are qualified to do; besides 2 American females, they sent a Filipino, and Indian, and a Canadian. None of the foreigners were CPAs, and they didn’t cost much less than Americans - but they can be forced to work 80 hours per week.
Stupid immigrants, getting jobs 'cause they work harder!!

LibsRJerks complains about how her family only makes $150,000 a year:
Hubby and I both have degrees, he has 2 masters and I am working on mine.

We still, however, can’t seem to break above the mid 100K’s. It takes owning your own business, I feel, to really make decent money — or to be politically connected somehow, or to be in the hard sciences — engineering, medical, etc.
That's a pretty weak complaint, and an odd conclusion...then later in her comment, all becomes clear:
I enjoyed college for the time it allowed me to mature and grow intellectually ... but I’m not sure those who didn’t go aren’t doing as well as we are. My husband’s sister, who was always the biggest GOOF in college, dropped out even once or twice, now owns a carpet laying biz with her equally goofy husband, and they live in a palace compared to us. They are the business owners ... of course, they could go belly up in this economy and be moving in with us at some point ...
angcat hates college because Obama.
It's not worth it but I would never tell that to my child she is going to college next fall.

Why should she be short changed in life.

My husband has to put his hand over my mouth about all this because she want’s to be a Dr. What is the future of this profession under Obamacare. It's awful.

Monday Potpourri

Extra awesome one, this time!!!

The republicans are the sleeping giant that never awakens, and while it sleeps, it’s entire world is stolen from it, but it doesn’t matter at all, because it will never awaken.
RummyChick sees Muslims everywhere!
No way. Everyone here should be looking closely at them to figure out who is pulling their strings. Something is very fishy about them. And it always seems the trails from Obama lead to Lebanon.

Take a look at Paul G Wolfe and Grayson Wolfe. Ex husband and father-in-law.

Were these girls trying to infiltrate????
major1971 thinks Obama is bombing Israel right now, disguised as a Syrian!
It would not surprise me if this was orchestrated by the present fraudsters in the White House. Assad being backed by Russia makes it difficult for Hussein to remove him and install the muslim brotherhood. So instead they come up with a scheme to draw Israel in to help remove Assad. Although Israel does not like Assad, the last thing they want is to be surrounded by the muslim brotherhood on all sides. Look for Hussein Obama to step up attacks and start bombing Israel from Syria to try and draw them in. I’m sure Bibi is wise enough not to fall into Hussein’s trap.

The end goal seems to be that Hussein wants to surround Israel with his terrorist buddies and use that as cover to continuously bomb Israel until they give in to his demands of returning to the 67 borders.
MayflowerMadam wants a super small tent:
A party already exists that hates America. It’s the Democrat party. Rubio, Jindel, et al., need to go there and help with the destruction of our country. We don’t need jackals internally.
Buckeye McFrog is pro-outsourcing:
Earth to the GOP.....Most US software companies are run by HUGE HONKING BAY AREA LEFTIES!!!!

If you want it done right, outsource it to India. At least they’ll do what you tell them if you pay them well enough.
petty anti-Americanism - it's the patriotic thing to do!

Da Coyote can't wait to kill all liberals:
Won’t matter under Holder’s “Group O’Felons.”

They don’t need no stinkin’ constitution if you ain’t their people.

I really want front seat tickets to the guillotine following the successful completion of CW-II and the subsequent de-necking of liberals.

All of them.
After the Civil War II, it's Reign of Terror II!

muawiyah has decided the Romney campaign was one big liberal False Flag!
By the time I got to the second post I was saying 'Hey, he was trying to lose ~ he and his staff of hard core leftist knee-jerkers faked it all and then lost on purpose'.

Not too difficult to believe at all.
Husker8877 has saved loads of time by folding his Obama hatred into his old Clinton paranoia!
What constantly amazes me is that so many people, even on this forum of all places, forget that Obama is nothing but a continuation of the Clinton empire. Obama has the Chicago mafia, but they are NOTHING compared to the Clinton machine.

Obama had to sell his soul to the Clintons in order to “ascend” to worldly power, and the Clintons will extract their remuneration when they choose.

Obama is Clinton, the Clintons are Obama.
Jim Robinson seems to be coping well to Obama's reelection:
Romney was a false messenger bearing false claims. Same as McCain. Neither are conservatives and neither can articulate a believable conservative message.

The lesson is: Don’t run pretend conservatives!!
FrankR knows the danger of blacks in Congress:
The inherent danger of voting in black lawmakers is, they are only interested in black issues, but then call white legislators - who are interested in all of their constituents, "racists".
GrandJediMasterYoda has proof Pelosi is a crackhead!
My niece is a drug counselor who told me she is absolutely convince 1000% that Nancy does the hard stuff, coke and/or meth, as she displays all the symptoms when she speaks in public: Twitching, constant licking of the lips, mouth grinding, flapping arms which she tries to keep steady by always grasping the podium, bugged out eyes, paranoia and delusions of grandeur (remember when she called herself “The most powerful woman in the world” and demanded her own Airforce 1?) She’s a freakin’ crackhead and she gets away with it.
Sherman Logan blames that Commie Rock and Roll:
We have to compete culturally, and unfortunately I don’t think anybody but Breitbart had a clue how to go about it. The most depressing part is that shifting a culture is a decades-long process and we are presently WAY behind the curve and going backwards.

One of the old Greek philosphers said that he didn’t care who made the laws if he could write the songs. Look who’s been making the popular music for 50 years.
Elsie is not a big First Amendment fan:
I believe in spiritual freedom.

So does Satan:
Also the Founders. But fuck those satanists!

SoldierDad has his own proof of voter fraud:
I’ve seen more than a few Prius’ with Romney stickers in the Sacramento area. This is just part of the reason why I believe the election was stolen through voter fraud.
free-n-TX The petty disinheriting tantrum continues!
“Prior to the election, my son’s wife criticized me on FB for my stating Obama was dangerous and anyone voting for him is ignorant. I gave her additional pointers regarding the ignorance of those voting for this traitor. My son came to his wife’s defense. I have cut off communication with them. I will not tolerate anyone who supports this traitor, or supports those who support him, family included.”


We too, have a child that has turned into a liberal...chalk it up to their generation, and the fact that he is a film editor, so you know he is constantly fed crap by co-workers and friends.

We have not cut off communication, but have made a decision that we will not leave any of our hard-earned money to any child that displays liberal views, etc. When the time comes, perhaps our money will go into a trust to provide education for grandchildren, provided it is a learning institution of our choice. Or, we may leave our money to advance conservatism. Or, we may just spend every dime.
GladesGuru thinks if you stay in New York, you're a Nazi English Traitor:
The harsh reality is that FReepers are in the same nasty quandery that faced Germany’s Jews before WW II. They knew their government was going seriously bad, but did not leave.

New York has been afflicted with a preference for being ruled ever since many either went to Canada or sat out the Revolutionary War. Once a subject, always a subject.