Monday, December 31, 2012

Monday Potpourri

JimRed is all set to start shooting union officials when the next blackout occurs:
If and when the radio, TV, phones and internet all cease to function all at once, you will know that the regime has started weapons confiscation and the roundup of conservatives.

Your assignment is to terminate any Democrat party operatives within your reach, starting as high as possible in the chain of command. Those giving the orders to the underlings must be the first to pay.
Cen-Tejas is a straight-up fascist:
How bout get rid of the corrupt 535 and replace them with an honest dictator, elected every four years with the stipulaton that ONLY employed people that have lived in the US and are either employed or property owners or both can vote! Then, in appropriate precincts, have about 50 cops at the polls with billy clubs drawn to protect the voting process from the labor union goons and liberals.

Our 535 is now as corrupt as ANY third world country! I think this is why the honorable Jim Demint quit! I.E. he saw no honor in the institution any more.
Carl Vehse is ready to charge everyone in the justice system for the murder of those firemen:
Is there information on why he was released from prison after murdering his grandmother with a hammer? Why wasn’t he sentenced to be executed? Was there a plea bargain by the DA? Who was the judge who sentenced him? Who was on the parole board that released him? All of these people may well be co-conspirators in the murder of the firemen.
central_va explains how slavery was awesome cause of insurance.
A slave cost $150,000 adjusted for inflation. Most slave owners took out life insurance policies on their slaves. Why would insurance companies insure slaves if the slave owners were going to abuse and starve them to death. It would be like a farmer buying as John Deer Combine and beating it with a baseball bat and running it without maintenance and destroying it, that just doesn’t make sense.
Dr. Thorne had a very apocalyptic Christmas.
It's strange. Almost everyone I talk to says the same thing: "It doesn't feel like Christmas." There are likely a number of reasons for this including the crass commercialization of Christmas (although all these people also tell me they are cutting back on gifts this year).

Something is coming. We have seen some very bad things occur recently. I don't need to list them all, but I live 20 minutes from Newtown CT. Our nation is immersed in a moral fever swamp, yet we try to act like nothing is happening. The monster that rears up from this swamp carries a portent of a kind of horror not seen in history.

The Bible lists these terrible things, yet we labor to push them from our minds as if they are afar off. Clearly, there is a stirring in our spirits telling us that the time in very near - too close for comfort. Thus, no comfort and joy is to be seen in the land.
Andrei Bulba knows what liberals love:
China is the great place Obama lovers keep citing as a “model” for us.
HiTech RedNeck is all about Chine, alternatively.
China has “unions” but they are a mockery; they are state run guilds and the state forever gets the better end of the bargain. (Not that I’d lament it if something like that happened here and suddenly the SEIU was 0wned by the governments of California instead of vice versa.)

Barack Obama wants to make the USA worse off than China.
DesertRhino wants the Chinese in Africa, as they remain sufficiently colonial:
Id honestly rather see the Chinese all over Africa than us or Europe. They want to agressively mine, drill, cut timber, farm crops, build dams, develop water, etc.
The Chinese brook absolutely no BS from the moslems if they want to hurt commerce. Heck, Chinese men are also happy to find wives there. And the Chinese don’t believe in global warming either.

All we send to Africa is female college students who want to teach conflict resolution and condom use for 6 months, and solar powered laptops. Don’t believe me, spend a day or two on a college campus and ask kids about working in Africa. We send kids with no useful skill set.
If Africa counted on us for economic development, they’d be screwed.
FlingWingFlyer knows what kind of voters Freepers are:
Nothing was hidden from the Ultra High Information FReeper voters. We’ve had this guy [Obama] pegged all along. Nothing coming out now surprises us.
blueunicorn6 is ready to unskew the TV ratings:
If Democrats are willing to cheat to win elections, why haven’t the advertisers figured out that the ratings could be manipulated? I think advertisers should probably be paying 25% of what they’re paying for commercials on the broadcast networks.
Gene Eric thinks Django Unchained was too flattering to Negroes:
1) Jamie Foxx, is one of the few serious black heroes ever produced by Hollywood. 

Nonsense. Blacks are rarely cast as villains in the Hollywood films I've seen over the years.

2) It had a beautiful portrayal of black love: ...We live in a world where love and marriage are consistently replaced by abuse, addiction and baby mama drama 

A relic of the past? I guess hooded, biotch-beating gangstas aren't that appealing in the "slave theme". Is the beautiful portrayal of Black love too much for today; is it too much like Whitey love?

3) An in-your-face portrayal of slavery: Most of us are given the polite story about slavery

A true portrayal should cause Blacks to change their party affiliation to Republican.

Was it the professor's intention to romanticize the days of slavery as the unrivaled moment of achievement and honor for Blacks in American history? An odd, but interesting commentary on the modern state of the Black community.
RetiredArmy knows all mass murderers are by Satanists:
It’s called Satan. Believe it or not. All these killings are Satan worship people. The Bible clearly tells of this stuff in the end times. Clear as a bell.
chiller councils Speaker Boehner to be needlessly petty about the SOTU:
If he has any brass he will NOT extend the traditional invitation for the SOTU Sorry Pez.....not in the house if the people.

This sends the perfect message; Things are different now....and oh, by the way, that deficit increase you need ain’t happening bub. Start cutting
sergeantdave has an unlikely fantasy:
Imagine the Key West liberals getting fed up with the Washington leftists and shooting them. Now wouldn’t that be a twist on all the scenarios we imagine that would ignite CW II?
ripley thinks "The Manchurian Candidate" was pretty realistic:
In the movie “The Manchurian Candidate”, the mere sight of the Queen of Diamonds sent a brainwashed young man off the deep end to committ whatever acts his handlers demanded.

It’s awfully strange that so many shootings are taking place at the most opportune time for Progressives to push an agenda.

Is it far-fetched to suggest that these incidents have a relation to “experimental mind control”?.

It’s within the realm of possibility, no matter how “crazy” it seems or no matter how many Progressives call it “crazy”. (There are documented studies that confirm it.)

There may be someone who’s flipping some Queens of Diamonds.

cashless has a message for the press about the Fiscal Cliff:
Ladies and gentlemen of the press, even though you have no intention on truthfully reporting anything having to do with our Republican point of view without making us seem racist, sexist, bigots and homophobes, the President changed the terms of a previous agreement for 800 billion in new revenue to 1.6 Trillion and has yet to propose a single entitlement reform or spending cut but has used his usual flamboyant audacity to state that he has met us halfway. That is a lie straight from the pit of Hell. We await the condemnation of this spoiled, pampered, petulant, immature community organizing President in his inauguration, daily press briefings, and State of the Union address, and his party, along with the most scathing of vitriol that you in the Washington press corps can throw at us but we have made our last and final, take it or leave it offer.” Stand your ground. He will relent. He would not be cutting short his vacation unless he had polling data that suggests there is a greater than 50-50 chance he will get blamed for the fiscal cliff. You made the first mistake by being the first to state your position. Have you never been in a negotiation before? Don't act in your nature and continue to be stupid.
ez Got the flue - blames Obama:
I am home from work running a fever of 101.5 since last night. Another friend was out of work 5 days last week. I think something is going around.

I fully expect that the Fedgov under Obama will try to take away everyone’s guns this year, but failing that, I would not be surprised if they release some nasty bugs into the general population. Yes, they are that blood-thristy.
Revolting cat! explains Obama's options.
If the Kenyan’s model are the Soviets (like his father’s), he’ll leave, or be poisoned by the comrades. If however his model is Cuba or Zimbabwe, then you’re correct, he’s here to stay and we can only count on comrade poisoners.
Vision is being sarcastic. He has to be. Right?!
Has anybody noticed that Palin began a fashion crazy for women? Women wearing boots are everywhere.
ansel12, however, is serious about Palin being a champion:
Palin is the most influential republican politician in America, she is doing more to reshape the office holders in America, to her individual liking, from the Congress, to the Senate, to Governorships like Sanchez and Haley, than any other politician in America.

Not only did she play a role in about 60 races in the history making victories of 2010, but in this election, while you Romney lefties were having your head handed to you, Palin gave us our only Senate pick-up with Deb Fischer, and gave us Ted Cruz of Texas over Dewhurst, Palin had a good election.
Diogenesis knows Romney was a Soros man:
In 2012, Romney and his Mormon company and team destroyed every conservative left for Obama and Soros.

Soros ishas been Romney’s partner from the beginning in JET BLUE and in this.

The GOP is composed of idiots who wanted to lose to the DNC.
jsanders2001 has a different unlikely fantasy:
Maybe Moochie will catch 0dumbo with a Wang in his mouth in the Oval Office and pull a Lorena Bobbitt on him. Hey it would make great TV for the MSM!
DesertRhino has a cool story:
I think the kenyan bastard (mods, i mean that literally, i think his father was a bigamist, therefore “the one” is a bastard) has kicked a hornets nest and doesn’t even know it yet.

I visited a huge gun store in my southwestern city today. First time for me since the Sandy Hook murders were exploited by the blood dancers.

I was shocked like never before. It was utterly different than the Clinton assault rifle ban days. The store looked like a swarm of locusts had come through. Only a few tired 50 year old sporters, antiques, and a few revolvers were left. NO magazines of any kind, and ammo was almost gone. They were rationing out ammo a box at a time to buyers so everyone coud get a few of the remaining rounds.

Rattled, i went to another store just to see how bad it was. They also have an indoor range. It was the same story, only worse. All the rifles and pistols were gone. All the ammo was gone. The range was filled on all lanes, and 6 parties were waiting in line for their turn.

Everyone was a little pissed off. Polite to each other, with grim nods to strangers to say hi, holding doors for someone carrying something, etc. But there was a perceptable and unmistakable anger in the air. People aren’t plunking down hard earned money for something they intend to turn in a month or two from now. Something feels different. Defiance is floating around.

People are flat pissed off. The politicians had better take fair warning, apologize and never go this route again. I think any moves to register or confiscate or interfere with private sales will likely be met by violence. Just a feeling i get. I defy anyone to belly up to a gun counter and listen for 5 minutes and see if you don’t get the same vibe.

This is bad bad bad,,, Obama has gone too far.
Pollster1 explains how bad it is for Christians:
Christians have not faced evil of this magnitude since the Roman Coliseum or more likely the Circus Flaminius. For the most powerful country in the world to persecute Christians will be an experience the Church has not faced in 1700 years. I hope we still have the strength and the faith for this trial. Evil is petty, foolish, and disgusting, but it is not weak. I'll be paying at least as much attention to "But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don't have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one," as to the command on turning the other cheek.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday Spotlight: sport

A little ball of church-going rage, all his profile says is that he "lives in Plant City.". His main philosophy seems to be that all Democrats are evil, and True Americans and/or Christians must hate them.

The election:
As November 7, 2012 shown, The Republic is dead. Replaced by popular demand with a slave State.And it is going to get worse for Conservatives very fast. This election proved that we can no longer change things via the ballot box. Our options are down to two:Fight back or die docilly.
How to fight is never outlined, natch.

American citizen non-Americans:
Americans were not duped. Parasites, traitors, thieves, self hating Whites, idoits,and fools may have been duped. But Americans were not duped. Then knew exactly what obama and the Democrat Party are nd what they stand for. Unfortunately for the Nation, Americans,as evidenced by the results of the 2012 election, are a minority.
The Kennedys:
In my opinion, the Kennedys are God’s curse on America.
The purity of his hate:
Me and obama have no common ground. I despise everything he stands for and he abhors everything I believe in. Ditto the Democrat Party.
The left's plan:
It is just that our side refuses to accept the fact that they are at war with us and wish to destroy us. And last but not least, they never give up. They kill off their base[ abortion] and then turn around and import replacements who are less principled and more power hungry than they are.
It's well known that there are no liberal children anymore - they're all imported!

Your disgust only makes sport stronger:
Before Church services last Sunday, I made known my opinion of obama, I did not realize[ nor did I care]that an obama worshipper was listening. Boy did he fly hot.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

All over the place

AMJ found this.

From the seeds of a racist blog post, Freepers start with racism, but digress and unload about everything wrong with Obama's America. This is a long one so lets get to it!

IbJensen explains how Obama has managed to control all justice in America and make it racist:
Under Bronco Bama and his retinue of criminal communists, this has escalated to unprecedented levels. When a non black person defends him or herself against black violence the main stream media pounces on the victim and all of a sudden the victim is the perpetrator and is castigated and sometimes arrested and prosecuted for defending themselves. What an upside down country we now live in. On top of all this the people of this country have been arming themselves to the teeth. This nation is spiraling out of control into utter Chaos caused by a failed evil government.
DJ Taylorknows the problem is that whole 'e pluribus unum' thing.
If you didn’t see this one coming, you just weren’t looking. For most of our country’s history, we’ve celebrated diversity in our population as if it were a good thing, but one look at world history will show you that no country with a diverse population of different races, languages, and religion has long survived.

Countries don’t naturally form with a diverse population, and when in the past they’ve occurred, it has usually been as the result of armed conquest. These unnaturally formed countries have either melded together into a single population made up of one mixed race with one language and one religion or they’ve come apart, and they’ve usually come apart with extreme violence. The longer these diverse populations are forced to coexist with one another without mixing and becoming one, the more the hatred grows among them and the more violently they break apart, but break apart they will, or genocide will settle the issue once and for all.

Why is this and why can’t we all just get along? The truth of the matter is that we (the human race) just aren’t as civilized as we would like to think we are. Genus Homo sapiens isn’t that long “out of the trees” and the veneer of civilization is very thin, to non-existent, upon us all. We are all carrying the genes that got us here and some of those genes carry a very basic survival instinct that has allowed us to survive thus far.
ktw has given up hope for the ferals, and gone full prepper:
We have tried to tell them (the ferals), for years (if not decades) that the govt is destroying the black family. They ignored us. Again we saying that govt is destroying the traditional American way of life, they ignored us.
Guess when the EBT cards don’t work anymore, they will still ignore us and just take what they think is theirs.
I for myself have given up hope on trying to help these people. And I have started buying more canned and dried food. Purchasing more guns and ammo. Stocking up on gasoline and the stablizer for that.
The party is almost over, I fear for our country and the good people that are left. I just hope when the smoke clears, that we can pick up the pieces and re-boot (so to say) the nation.
Only question left, when will the end start?
SaraJohnson thinks blacks are worse than animals, end explains how they think:
Let’s be fair to feral animals.

They don’t work in packs of million within group think hate and destruction, bent on destroying the whole animal kingdom like this human pack does with civilization.

This is more like the large pack of deadly, blood lust animals who brought Stalin or Hitler to power.

We heard from some of the leaders of the pack after the death of those children in conn. They got excited. “Good!Blood...more blood! Kill whitey. Kill the second amendment, self defense people! They are a blight on utopia!”

This is the dark spirit of the left. It’s always the same. Humanity does not need to keep test driving it. If only history was recorded and taught it might be put down.
Silver Sabre digs deep into the anals of alternate history:
The term “racism” was invented by communists. Leon Trotsky was one of the first to use it. When whites engage in favoritism toward other whites (and therefore discrimination against non-whites), it’s called “racism”. When other groups engage in favoritism, it’s called “ethnic solidarity”. When you buy into these word games, it’s called being a useful idiot.
sergeantdave knows whites will win the coming racial world war:
We have descended into savage racial and destructive politics. What these morons haven’t considered is that white people are the best fighters in the world, bar none. They are exceptional in developing weaponry and defining the best strategies and tactics in using those weapons to inflict incredible casualties. If that capability is mustered and unleashed without quarter, there will be no world for the savages to hide in or retreat to.
Mark17 has been waiting on a Civil War for a while now, and is sick of waiting:
I have been expecting a civil war since the 70s, which is one reason I made the Air Force a career. I figured the best place to be during a civil war, was in the military. I still believe there will be another civil war in the future. I am reminded of the poem by Rudyard Kipling, about when the Saxon finally had enough, and did something. At the risk of being flamed, I have decided I am leaving, and I am working on getting a permanent visa, to go live where “some” Americans are still respected. I had been thinking of that for a long time, but now I have finally made the decision. If they give me the visa, I am gone.
2 Kool 2 Be 4-Gotten thinks blacks are the new Nazis or something:
the parallels to Hitler are fairly exact. Hitler rose to power by feeding the grievances of the German people who had been “stabbed in the back” by the allies at Versailles, the bankers (sound familiar?), the Jews and various other undesirables including Bolsheviks, trade unions (here the parallels are obviously not exact but history doesn’t have to repeat it only has to rhyme).

Basically find an identifiable ethnic or national group, appeal to their base instincts, tell them that they’ve been “stabbed in the back” by some other ethnic or national group and promise them that all will be made well again if only a certain leader is given more and more power until that power becomes essentially limitless.

Basically we’ve seen the movie before.
SeminoleCounty knows what all minorities are:
Minorities in this country are inherinetly racist. They vote for skin color and ethnic background
silverleaf blames Obama:
Consider that the potus himself was essentially raised as a feral child by a nest of maladjusted angry white communists
Aevery_Freeman thinks the problem is not enough back Judaism:
A plurality of melanin-enhanced people in this nation have violated, among others, two of the most important of the commandments:

1) Thou shalt have no other gods before me.and

2) Thou shalt not covet.

I consider the Ten Commandments, even if only written by the hand of Man, to be the basic survival guide for Homo sapiens.

Those rules were in the hands of the species that survived and thrived, a good indication of their veracity.

This bodes ill for the future of the species.

Obama may prove to be the Omega.

hal ogen psychoanalyzes the liberals in his mind:
They project their self-loathing onto the rest of us. At some deep level they realize that they are worthless and their ideas are garbage yet to take pressure off themselves so they don’t kill themselves...they take it out on those of us who are mature, civilized, successful and so forth. Their existence is pathetic and corrosive. Just like when you consider the lunatic murderers, one might wonder why they just don’t kill them selves rather than attempting to destroy society.
IbJensen knows Obama's real past:
He sat at the feet of a drug-addicted communist homosexual where he was indoctrinated in communism and homosexuality. He was allowed to smoke pot and drink whisky from a Mason jar!

Of course his nominal mother figure was occupied in her pursuits.
Cause his Mom was a whore, see?

listenhillary has internalized Ayn Rand:
Imagine what America will be like if the leader wins his war. What becomes of America then?

Can we all work for government when the producers are driven from our country? When wealth creation grinds to a halt, what will the government employees be paid with? What will pensioners be paid with? What will be the motive to produce food, fuel and goods when we are paid regardless of how good of a job we do? Russia has been there and done that. They have tried to tell us a couple of times that it doesn’t work. Not that there is any love between Russia and the US, but they would like to see the economic engine that has driven the world in the twentieth century not fly apart and disintegrate. They would like to continue selling their oil.
johnny reb senses Baby Hitler:
I can tell you that somewhere right now in The USA there is another Hitler,Stalin,Idi Amin or Pol Pot being formed in the post moral void of our society.And they wonder WHY? someone would want a gun.It's called fear
flaglady47 is back on the holy war thing:
What some may not realize as quickly is that hatred, rage, and a desire for revenge is now building up on the other side of the equation also, as the majority in this country is now being ruled by the minority, and don’t like it one bit. The worm will turn one day, and a new civil war will break out. The people who don’t want to see their country ruined and turned into a third world hell hole, will rise up one day to reclaim the country and restore sanity. It’s just a matter of time
King Moonracer sticks to blatant racism:
Feral indeed. Throw some Nikes into a pit and watch them kill each other for them.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Guards in Schools?

The comments wondered about how Freepers would react to the idea of arming the evil union goons that they think teachers are. I presumed that they were just blustering and not thinking their argument through. Rookie mistake - Freepers always think their schemes will succeed!

Thus we come to the problem: armed school guards. It's guns everywhere, but it's also a large government program. And no conservative media to explain which side to take! Thus, paranoia takes both sides

Right Wing Assault starts us off with a talking point:
Gun-free zones are killing our kids!
Waywardson is waxing a bit dramatic here:
Has the NRA simply determined to abandon all liberty and principle and shill for Marxism? I despise them to the last for this betrayal.
Tex-Con-Man knows what's coming:
Wait until the Dems put 2 and 2 together and propose an “NRA compromise” federal program whereby the TSA/Homeland Security will provide security for the nations schools. Think of all the new government union employees.
Candor7 has some kind of paranoia 10-car pileup going on:
a plot by conservatives to successfully infiltrate these liberal fascist incubation containers we erroneously call schools?

We will have to shoot every liberal fascist principle and school superintendant in the nation to pull it off.

The left won’t let any one of us within a 1/2 mile of their schools, even if a law to do so was passed. The Teachers Union would go on strike.

So why os the NRA doing have to ask yourself.There is some very subtle strategery going on here.
Steven Tyler is happy, though:
Seems the NRA will put security in schools, at a very low cost, before 0bamas national conversation gets off the ground
MaxMax has his priorities straight:
fire three union teachers for each guard.
This time it really is for the children.
They do care about the children, right?
cripplecreek knows the left is just gonna do yet another False Flag only Freepers realize!
Wait till the left figures out that they can place a few unstable ringers among the volunteers.

At best one could fire a few rounds into a ceiling, get a relative slap on the wrist and we’re right back to listening to them screech about how we need to ban guns. The left is pretty ruthless and could come up with something far worse.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Monday Potpourri

Short one, cause I'm actually off on vacation right now. Merry Christmas! I DO NOT SHAVE THE LEGS!

combat_boots seems to think Obama is a secret ally of liberty. Well, that or he never read Julius Caesar.
Why is 0bama coming?

“Friends, Americans, countrymen, I come to bury liberty, not to praise it.......”
wastoute sees the connections!
No, each of the recent massacres had one thing in common that the Ministry of Propaganda is suppressing. Occupy Wall Street/anarchist connections. Look back to the mass shootings of the 30s as well. Anarchists. Beck pointed all this out many months ago. Don’t fall for the propaganda and distraction. They WANT these shootings. They NEED these shootings.
Can anarchists even have a conspiracy?

SaraJohnson Knows the Brits are at the mercy of Muslim sex rings.
In Britian, if you are the victim of a violent criminal, you just have to die because if you defend yourself and hurt the predator, you could end up in prison. If your child is being raped by a sex ring of Muslims, you just have to report it to your local police who will accuse you of being a racist and do nothing to protect your child.
William Tell has been reading Stormfront again...
I have read that the murder rate and violent crime rate for the WHITE population in the U.S. is roughly comparable to the rate in other western nations.
Yankee Land of the Northeast must be purged from the Republic. The Yankees are far more trouble than they are worth.
NELSON111's chess metaphor may have gotten away from him, but I want to play sacrifice-zombie-betrayal chess.
You don't play chess by purging some of your pawns, rooks and knights up front...and then asking them to come back and fight the queen.
Texas Fossil explains that Obama's a Kenyan so he can't talk about gun control:
culture of guns & violence?

Culture in Kenya? machete’s, slavery, beheading and mass murder?

PAR35 doesn't trust any mental health principles after 1960:
Three step process to cure:


Castration (appears that the described case was based on heredity)

3722535r shaves his cats, and has trouble with all these demons for some reason.
A side note...My brother is into withchcraft and is completely demon controlled and I do not have any contact with him at all...He actually cut my black cat’s leg trying to shave hair for a ritual and tried to frame me saying it was a result of my shaving my cats.....I DO NOT SHAVE THE LEGS...I have video of the wound to protect myself and my vet asserted that wound could not have been made with shears if you tried......He used a sharp razor while carving wood on a model plane......When I called him out on his lies he refused to admit the deed and tried to have ME put into the nut house....Stay away from Spiritually sick people even if it is family........He’s an ARMED guard which makes me wonder about not reporting him which would result in him losing his job, which would result in him projecting his hate on me even more so, which makes me wonder if he would actually come after me.....

Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday Spotlight: MrB

A perfect melding of Christian theocrat and libertarian zealot, he thinks not being able to do what he wants is slavery, but God commands you to not do what you want. Any contradictions are smoothed over by hating liberals.

He also enjoys that movie himno hero likes.

God hates based on culture AND religion:
Available to all who will adopt the Western Culture, based on the Judeo-Christian heritage and the Law of God.

Unfortunately, many refuse to adopt this culture, just as many refuse the gift of Salvation offered through Christ Jesus.

Both are an act of rebellion to God.
He managed to convince his 8-year-old that taxes are slavery:
I had a discussion with my 8 yr old the other day...
one of those “as you walk along the way” moments.

I asked her what slavery was, and she accurately described it as someone working for someone else for no pay. Yes, someone living off the fruits of someone else’s labor is slavery.

Then we started talking about the percentages - if the slave owner takes all the person’s fruits, that’s slavery.
If he takes 90%, that’s still slavery.
If he takes half, that’s still slavery.

Yep, people who work in this country are slaves to those who don’t.
He knows liberals' true agenda, but alas everyone thinks he's crazy when he says it!
I really wish we could have the balls to call these commies what they are. But, of course, we’d be demonized and marginalized and called “kooks”.

There is one reason the left pushes for gun control and it is nothing benevolent and it is not to save lives.

It’s so people can’t fight back against subjugation.
Their goal is total control, and an armed citizenry stands in the way of that goal.

Put a bright spotlight on them.
He's a lost-causer, natch:
Never was a “civil war” in this country.
There was an attempt at war for independence II, which was lost.

They could avoid the whole messy war business and let some states secede peacefully.

0bama wants to be Lincoln. He wants another “Civil War”.
Not a fan of the blacks:
Hmmm... what subset of Americans is disproportionately represented in violent crime statistics...

Interesting thing to look up, I’m sure.
Hollywood is evil:
I personally attest to the horrible darkness that pervades our entertainment these days.

I hadn’t been to a theater in 2 years until last weekend.
The previews were an assault on the senses and the psyche.

It was horribly spiritually dark and evil.
Liberals main fear is rampant paranoia:
The left hates preppers more than they hate gun owners.

Gun owners merely prevent the left from subjugating the citizenry.

Preppers screw up the whole leftist eschatology.
Stupid Birth Control Pill allows women to be independent, sex to be fun, etc:
Separating sex from the POSSIBILITY of procreation has deep societal, cultural, and moral consequences, as we have seen since the 60’s.

The incentive for marriage is reduced, which reduces the incidence of the “family”, and the family is what directs the energies of young men toward productive, society building endeavors.

That being said, I would not have any problem with the use of contraceptives within the framework of marriage, since the family is already established at that point.
Point is, those who disagree with him are demons:
The left are Satan’s minions.
Indeed, and easily demonstrated.

Those who love God obey his commands.
Those in opposition to God rebel, and, in the case of the left, hold the OPPOSITE values.

Demonstration of just the “horizontal” commands, 10 through 5:
10) Do not covet/envy
Leftism with its ubiquitous appeal to “fairness” and “equality” exploits envy for political power
9) Do not lie
“You’re poor because they’re rich”
8) Do not steal
It’s still as much stealing if you vote for it as if you do it.
7) Do not commit adultery (or fornicate)
No explanation necessary of the left’s view of this
6) Do not kill
Abortion and euthenasia - ‘nuff said
5) Honor/respect your parents (ancestors, tradition, etc)
The left disregards all “wisdom of the ages” in favor of their own “progressivism”.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Maximum Racism.

The Free Republic regime relies heavily upon moderation to define it's message. These last four years have seen a distinct slackening in the reins with respect to racism. Add to that some selective reporting on black-on-white crime from Drudge et. al. and well, this is where we are:

A young mother was killed by some teens in Pennsylvania. Black teens. This is, of course, a trend. And Freepers need be coy no more!

Eagles6 lays out the horrifying stats.
There has been a rash of attacks on Whites by blacks here in SW PA, the latest resulting in 2 deaths in the last few months.
Levy78 barely escaped!
All whites must concealed carry at all times. I recently (okay, two years ago) was in Dallas, TX and got complacent and left my handgun in my hotel room (I remember looking at it and thought, “nahh... i don’t need it”) )while my girlfriend and I walked to a restaurant in downtown Dallas. Well sure enough, walking back from the restaurant to the hotel, I was ambushed by a single feral savage. This was a few blocks from Dealey Plaza next to the Greyhound bus station for anyone that knows downtown Dallas. At any rate, I managed to get us out of the scrape. However, from that day on, especially when in the company of my now fiance, I have never failed to venture into ‘indian country’ without being armed. She is now armed too. If you are white, you’re a target. Arm yourselves.
a fool in paradise sees evidence of voter fraud:
Too young to smoke.
Too young to own guns.

Is it wrong to suppose that they voted for Obama with all of the other laws they break?
PaleoBob draws the mother of all false equivalences:
What are the chances of Obama flying out to “mourn” with the family and calling for fewer guns in the hands of non-white youth?

Oh. Never mind.
Obama’s sons wilding again.
Navy Patriot
Feral Negroes mimicking Cain.
"wilding" and "feral." Man, my racism bingo card is doing pretty well...

obama thinks he’s going to go into the inner city and say “Nigger, give me your assault rifle.” He’s in for a surprise because the blacks are well armed.

jazusamo knows the negro mind:
These punks killed a young woman because they believed she dissed them. Scum of the earth.
Sarah Barracuda is still misconstruing Obama's comments from back in the day:
Little Trayvon adorable..if Obama had sons they would like like these little angels
And Holder's People feature as well in the thread.

Red Badger is rolling racial civil war:
Theres a civil war coming and it wont be civil........
RightOnline woulda beaten them both. Also, he wants to shoot more blacks.
Two things:

A) What did the fiance’ do when these pissant, vermin, feral mongrel animals gunned down the love of his life, his intended, right in front of his eyes? [HINT: I’d have taken the gun and shoved it up each one of ‘em’s ass and fired...but that’s me.]

B) When do we, as a nation, say ‘enough is enough’ and stop coddling blacks? I’m sick of this s**t and seeing them get a pass because of political correctness. Time for whites to REALLY start packin’ en masse and USING the damned things.

And Now This Word from Outer Space

I can't stop baselessly speculating edition:
Now, I can only speculate. I can imagine a kid addicted to video games with an ideal situation: A basement all to his own. He can hole himself up for months playing these games and not taking care of any responsibilities for himself. This may have troubled his mother, Nancy Lanza to no end. Adam may have added to the dynamics with statements of disrespect. The dynamics of this were volatile.

Suppose Adam was living like a pig, throwing everything around and not doing what he was asked and giving his mother psychological assault (this is the ultimate in selfish behavior). He was expecting a long life freeloading off his mother with no contribution to her life. Then, to top this off, his mother finds out he was not taking his medication. Perhaps he thinks the medication hurts his gamer performance. So, Nancy takes him to the therapist and reveals her frustration and his behavior. The therapist recommends institutionalization. In Adam's mind, this would take him from his ideal life of video games and living like a pig to virtual incarceration. Nancy tells him of his options and he decides that if he can't have his life, she can't either. Nancy is murdered in her bed; which is just the thing she bought all those weapons to protect herself against. I am sure that Adam saw the irony too. The thoughts of this are enough to make me hurl.

Then this twisted freak decides that the public also needs to pay the consequences. If he can't have the good life, then little innocents don't deserve theirs either. Society will pay with his ultimate statement. His evil statement is to show our culture what happens when it decides to take away his video games. This is the logic of a true psychopath.

I know this is all speculation, but I know the gamer culture which feeds into the human fault of selfishness.
Blame for anything buy guns provided by jonrick46 (The opium of Communists: other people's money.)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Learned Sociopathy

Doctor_TeethMD uncovered this peach of a thread.

Richard Engel is all safe and sound, but while he was missing, Freepers discussed is death. Now, there was the usual "Obama manufactured this to invade Syria cause MUSLIM" BS but I'm focusing on something else.

Freepers were doing their usual death dance - maybe a bit more strident than usual, with the inauguration looming. Then one Freeper, Dacula, evinces a bit of empathy:
And why should I care when a mouthpiece for tyranny goes missing?

Because he is a human being you - b@st@rd!
Freepers' replies are chilling in how they dehumanize:

treetopsandroofs knows what equivalence to draw!
So was Jeffrey Dahmer.

Where was your compassion for him when he was murdered?
Buffalo Head prefers comparing some random journalist to murderous dictators:
So was Hitler, Stalin, Mao, etc. Get smart you human being!
pgkdan doesn't like NBC's coverage, so kill 'em all!
Reporters and members of the so-called MSM are propaganda agents for statism. NBC has already given his disappearance more coverage than they’ve given to Barry Bengazi’s coverup of the Benghazi massacre. That says all I need to know.
Neoliberalnot doesn't want to risk soldiers for a liberal...
Are you suggesting that bo’s mouthpiece getting him self caught in a trap warrants putting at risk the lives of good soldiers to rescue this artful mouthpiece of tyranny? Bah.
PGR88 rationalizes that liberals are childish, so let them die.
I feel for his family, but knowing and have met many media types, I can’t help but think that what often is a strong sense of entitlement and a naive and childish American-leftist ideology common among these folks gets them into trouble in the real world.
Darksheare is pretty sure every liberal is a copy of Stalin:
I believe the left calls their fallen tools “heroes of the revolution” when they accidentally die in the hands of other ‘useful tools’.
wrench's fantasy world is all black and white:
He is an enemy to this country. Engel was there to push for the overthrow of the Syrian ruler by force with the aid , or by the US military. He was justifying and furthering Obama’s support of the MB.

Karma is a bitch.
ExSoldier subscribes to a "let them die, God will sort them out" theology that went out of style in the fourteenth century:
You sound like a sniveling, handwringing liberal. If he's a Christian, God is looking after him. If he dies it's okay -- I'll see him in Heaven. If he's not a Christian, he'd better find Christ fast, so he won't have to worry. If he doesn't find Jesus, he's got much bigger problems to worry about, and so do we. He's an active reporter for NBC that makes him one of Satan's minions. I'll not worry about one of those.
Folks who want Freepers to die or be institutionalized? Careful...

Comin' for yer GUNS!!!

I was skeptical, but I think the tragedy in Connecticut may result in some movement on reasonable gun regulation.

Freepers are in full paranoia mode about them Nazliberals, generalizing a few kooky liberal partisans, and projecting nonstop:

factoryrat knows what the libs were doing in Germany back in the day!
Where do you think hitler found his followers and supporters? I highly doubt that the members of the SS were composed of conscripts. A combination of insanity and despotism tends to bring out the worst in humanity.
Freedom4US knows ya gotta take it personal, cause the other side totally does!
That’s the real story - they don’t hate guns, they hate YOU.
Hmm. I wonder who Noumenon is describing?
Liberals are consumed with hate. Without hate, they are empty vessels of despair.
M Kehoe has mixed up badass with psycho...
Liberals/socialists/communists/democRATs have been spewing hate filled rhetoric since 0bama won the election. I just don't understand it...

I might not understand it, but it doesn't bother me. They are humans, with friends and family. And you see, being humans, I know they all can bleed.
Nebr FAL owner expounds on the secret persecution theme:
Make no mistake many liberals are armed as well they just hate it that you can have a firearm as well . They hate you having arms for the same reason the Klan hated freed blacks having guns, it is real hard threatening folks who will gladly shoot you dead while burning a cross in front of their house.
556x45 on those hubristic, hating libs:
First, liberals aren’t against gun ownership at all. They own them in the same proportion as the general populace. Sure they trot out the useful idiots for the media to create an illusion. Their problem with guns is that you can own them. Second, they have no problem using deadly force on those they deem worthy of death (for whatever reason) as evidenced by this article. Death and destruction are at the heart of liberal ideology. Liberals view themselves as superior in every way and as such born to rule. For them if the ‘masses’ cooperate thats good. If not then they’ll be compelled by whatever means necessary. For liberals the ends justify the means. If those means include thinning the population to the docile then so be it.
Needless to say his stat about liberal gun ownership is bullshit. I think Mark Levin has picked it up though.

IbJensen is eager:
Let the war begin.
Mack the knife is ready and waiting! Just as soon as the liberal mass assassinations start...
Killing off pro-gun leaders or attempting to confiscate firearms would be a step over a very bright line. It would place every opinion leader and politician advocating gun control into the cross hairs of thousands of guns, not just the forces which attempted to confiscate the guns.
HOLY SHIT max americana has the MOST IRONIC QUOTE EVER:
Libs are pussies hiding behind their computers tweeting...I have advocated civil war for a long time on FR

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Eye of Unk Update

Australia doesn't like guns. Eye of Unk has is eyes on Australia to escape Obama's socialist Amerika.

How to solve this conflict? RED DAWN FANTASY TIME!
Australia will be invaded by China, and the Chinese will stop for nothing, they need expansion territories and they can tame the interior with water projects so a billion or two Chinese can live there.

But with an unarmed Australia there will be minimal resistance, and I mean very minimal, not even the best of all of the Australian military can cope head to head with China.

Now I happen to have some loyalty to OZ, and if I saw invading Chinese I would do whatever I could to create weapons of mass destruction, but of course it would be viewed as being illegal by Oz laws. They have condemned themselves. Its a bloody shame that the real patriots have to be an underground, always fearful of authorities seeking the guns, but also being patriotic to defend the land from invasion.

Oh yeah they are idiotic morons. They will surrender in a heartbeat. And the people of Oz will suffer for it, except for the gun owners underground.

UPDATE: Commenter Ted Brist points to an even more on point young adult novel Australian version of Red Dawn with Chinese enemies and improvised explosives as weapons.

Someone needs to work on separating fantasy from reality.

And Now This Word from Outer Space

Trixy not Islamic Muslims edition:
Was he romantically interested in one of the teachers and rejected in that process? So, he not only kills her, but all of her students as well. Islam would say that since he killed Americans, he should get his 72 virgins in “heaven”. Haven’t heard the Muslims living her condemning these kills nor the media pointing out they haven’t said a word. Interesting.
Guilt by non-association supplied by MeneMeneTekelUpharsin (Freedom is the freedom to discipline yourself so others don't have to do it for you.)

Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday Potpouri

vette6387 knows why Hillary Clinton fell down and got a concussion:
She will fake anything to get out of going before the Congress over Benghazi. Hell, she’d probably have sex with Slick to stay away from The Hill! Black Marxist, White Marxist, alleee sameee! We should all hope the the concussion is real and that she gets to follow Hugo shortly!
lookout88 most likely said this same thing about 2012.
All you people are acting like there will be an election in 2016. No friggen chance.
eyeamok has a whole new conspiracy I'd never heard of:
Considering the controversy over the passage of the 16th and 17th Amendments to the US Constitution, look it up if you haven’t before. Most of these problems could be solved overnight if just one State where the Governor and Legislature were in lockstep together could simply file a Formal Declaration with the House of Represantitives that the forementioned Ratification of either of these amendments were FRAUDULENT and after doing an exhaustive search of the records surrounding said Certificate of Ratification we have determined that said certificate ,to be FALSE, We the People of the State of () DID NOT RATIFY EITHER OF THESE AMENDMENTS, making them Non-Existent.
Create a Constitutional Crisis, stand your ground and SAVE THE COUNTRY.
FR_addict thinks Jim DeMint isn't partisan enough.
[Jim DeMint] can keep his friendship with Harry Reid, and you can say it is the way the senate does business, but it is only the Republicans who do this. The Democrats keep saying how racists and vile the Republicans are and the Republicans keep saying the Dems are their friends. I can only deduce that they say they are conservative to get elected. I have been disappointed with Republicans time and time again.
AnotherUnixGeek knows humor - and knows Colbert isn't really funny.
OK, Jon Stewart can get off some very funny lines - but Stephen Colbert? I see his fans laughing, I see him forming his own PAC and interviewing politicians while his fans nod in knowing hilarity, and I'm pretty sure even they don't find the guy funny. Colbert's success is an interesting example of the power of group-think:
crosshairs's comment from last Monday seems a bit...anti-prophetic:
Only certain tribes are irresponsible with guns.
muawiyah lays out all the RINO Presidential candidates:
Stassen, Dewey, Willkie, Nixon (first time), Goldwater, Ford, Bush (second time ~ he learned nothing), Dole, McCain, Romney
Where to start. No H.W. Bush? Nixon's second term was conservative? W. Bush's second term wasn't? GOLDWATER WAS A RINO?!

Wurlitzer is frustrated that Freepers aren't jumping on the WND voter-fraud bandwagon:
Good grief, alleged conservatives here seem to be more difficult to lead to some information than a bunch of feral cats.

It’s WND so it must be BS (Saul Alinsky response)

It’s a video and I want someone to write it down for me (Saul Alinsky response)

It’s too long. (If that video is too long then how is 4 more YEARS of this POS in the WH going to be?) PATHETIC

I don’t want to give WND a hit. PATHETIC
My favorite is "this video is long? Obama's term is 4 years!!!" That might be one of the best non-sequitors I've seen on Free Republic.

Yashcheritsiy is looking ahead:
Then conservatives need to start NOW with destroying Hillary Clinton in the minds of the American people.

Barack Osama did it to Romney starting the moment it became apparent Romney was going to have the eventual GOP nomination.

Turnabout is fair play.
Windflier obliges - only evil people age:
Look at any recent photos of Hillary. She appears to have aged ten years or more since the 2008 election. There's no question that she's now certifiably elderly, and in my opinion, it's because a lifetime of evil intent and deed, has finally eaten its way to the surface of her body.
Eye of Unk has got to be joking, right?....Right?!
If I were accosted by someone looking to prey upon me for whatever reason say by asking for a cigarette then I will pull my weapon on them.

Don’t bum a smoke, it can be deadly.
bluecat6 gets his conspriacies from the vintage store, it seems:
Children of international bankers in the administration:

- Barack Obama. Mom and grandma were bankers.

- TC Geithner. Obama’s mom and his dad were at the Ford Foundation running international banking.

- Susan Rice. Father was Emmett J Rice. Former governor of the Federal Reserve System.

Lots of bankers and bankers kids in this administration.
Venturer knows why the Washington Metro is so violent:
It took 15 Posts until someone pointed out the problem.


It’s the same in every large city run by blacks.

It’s what the news ignores.
I've been riding the Metro daily for eight years, and never once been stabbed by a black. Amazing!

MaxMax used to call the police on black people wandering in his neighborhood and then wait, clutching his gun until they arrived.
I used to catch little black punks running around VBeach Beach homes looking into windows

trying to make a score. Most were in gangs and came from Philly. I never took my hand off my concealed .357 while waiting for the police because they were like animals waiting to pounce.

And when I talked to them my phone line was connected to dispatch being recorded for the officers on route so they knew what they were dealing with. Cat burglars.
Prole knows political pragmatism only comes from blackmail:
I know this may sound crazy, but I am convinced that Boehner has gone the way of General Petraeus.

The democrats most likely have something dirty on him, and they are blackmailing him into going along with Obama's crap.

I cannot honestly think of why else he would conduct such outrageous behavior lately.
muawiyah unskews the polls that young people support gay marriage:
This poll separating older people from younger people does little more than support the idea that polls can't be trusted anymore. Of course older people oppose gay marriage ~ but due to their remarkably shorter lifespans, there are no old gays to distort that answer. However, with most gays being quite young, they probably cast much more than an 11X shadow ~ possibly 15X!
willowdean wins the lunatic of the week, though!
Now you can be born to a mental illness such as schizophrenia or phobic mania but not perverted anal sex or homosexual oral sex . These are abominations to God and are very sick humans.If your child is taught about homosexual acts in school, file charges immediately with the police in your community and sue the school district for pornographic discussions with a minor. These poor sick people need prison , not a “marriage” certificate. Can you image the child abuse of two of these sick adults in a “marriage”? Even the liberal Supreme court “justice” Roberts will annihilate this sick perversion and I can’t wait!!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday Special: Obama Didn't Cry!!!

Ahh, back to hilarious angry pettiness. Such a variety of stupidity on this thread, it's gonna be a long one!

The first is how Freepers all think crying is proper in this situation, and struggle to argue Obama isn't really crying. Boehner? He's a girl for crying. But Freepers who love calling Obama gay never even though of calling him a girly man for crying at this.

Cept for manc, of course.

The second thing is more general. Freepers eagerly used this tragic shooting as a springboard to hate and rage at people they already hate and rage at. I was reflecting on how much Freepers seek out this emotion that I myself reflexively recoil from.

In a somewhat horrifying metaphor, it kinda reminds me of beer. Most people start out not liking it, but if you drink enough, it starts to get delicious. Maybe 'righteous' anger is the same way. (Full disclosure - I never learned to like beer myself, maybe that's why I compare it to loathing.)

Abbeville Conservative never saw tears!
I saw him motion like he was wiping away a tear but I never saw any tears. Also, I found it interesting that when he scratches his face while talking about an opponent he uses his middle finger but when pretending to wipe away a tear he uses his index finger. Wouldn’t he use the same finger each time?
Freepers are going big on that whole middle finger thing lately.

tumblindice wants a book. A crazy, crazy book:
Someone should write a book on the subject, `The Rhetoric of Zero’s Body Language’ ....

The way I see it, he doesn’t want to flip-off people that he’s not trying to subliminally insult; here he is trying to persuade them with synthetic sorrow.

He reminds me of the Walrus in `Alice in Wonderland,’ weeping copious tears over the oysters as he selects, shucks and swallows them.

Why would someone actually shoot the bird when he knows he’s being recorded? Because he can say, “That’s just me, an international man of mystery.”

He’s a slick fraud but if he tries to mau mau this horrible tragedy against the 2nd Amend, that ain’t gonna work.
...He's some kinda fake spy and also an Alice in Wonderland character? Does this even make sense, or is some kinda hate-dada thing?

Quickgun has the smoking gun:
Someone on another thread has already pointed out that Zero wiped the outside corners of his eyes, and the tear ducts are on the inside corners. But we already knew he is a fake.
This seems legit. If you've never cried before.

PoloSec doesn't need no evidence in improper tear wiping, he knows Obama!
Everything this man does or says, is suspect and fits a mold.

If he did have tears, they were tears of joy!

Never let a crisis or a tragedy, go to waste.
P-Marlowe has diagnosed Obama, and knows all the answers:
I’m sure they were fake tears. Sociopaths don’t feel the pain of others. They are only capable of inflicting it.

IMO Obama shows all the classic signs of narcissistic sociopathy.

The tears were intended to garner sympathy FOR him. Classic manipulative narcissistic behavior.

I would believe GWB’s tears. I would even believe Bill Clinton’s tears. But I don’t buy tears from Obama. Not for a second.
TigersEye recognizes a photoshop job:
His eyes are reddened in that photo. They were bright white today.
Junior_G is super pissed Obama seemed to cry.
Obama’s obviously phony “choking up” disgusted the hell out of me. That vile bastard should have had the decency to show no emotion rather than fake it for the cameras. Of course, all the news reports said the president “teared up”. A nation of morons, led by an anti-American Marxist. Great. Just great.
junta knows only Hitlers don't arm kindergardners!
Being defensless is not morally superior, those who advocate for others to be defenseless are evil, you know like Hitler, Mao, Stalin and Pol Pot, Mugabe.
kearnyirish2 realizes Obama hates rich white kids. Also, he has a plan:
This was in a wealthy area; I don’t believe for a minute that Obama cares a whit about these wealthy white children.

AS the left prepares its assault on gun rights, we need to prepare an assault on public schools. They obviously can’t provide the safety necessary...
ColdOne thinks Obama should cry a lot more!
editor-surveyor posits that if Obama doesn't cry at something that happened when he was eight-years old, so this doesn't count..
Crockodile tears from that hypocrite.

He thought the Ayers bombings were OK
PA-RIVER thinks abortion is the reason for school shootings:
The young man that did the killing lived in a society where killing the young out of convenience is a sacrament for the presidents party.

Truth hurts.
rockvillem knows Bush cried at the right time.
Does he cry when giving out a Medal of Honor like GWB? Nah. Does he cry when seeing the caskets of our brave troops who paid the ultimate price? Nah. As we speak he and his handlers are figuring out how big an opening this gives for grabbing guns from law abiding citizens. Countdown starts now . . .
Yes, this mass shooting will be different. This time for sure, your guns are going to be taken!!

SoFloFreeper knows Obama is too hated to comfort anyone:
Anything Obama has to say would only make it worse—he is not a likeable person, and is not capable of doing anything positive in regard to this tragedy.

Unless he just bows out and allows the families and communities to heal.
A_Former_Democrat reveals Obama's an android!
Fake tears from a Fake Pres__ent who is a fake human being.
FlingWingFlyer knows liberals are all secretly stoked.
The DemocRATS are ecstatic and celebrating tonight. They will finally have the poll numbers in the next couple of days needed to disarm Americans. Go ahead and celebrate ‘RATS! You’re not going to get my guns! This is America. If you don’t like the Bill of Rights, GET THE **** OUT!

All the future tax money lost to the government today really shook Obama up.

Bet Soros gave him quite a drumming over the killing of those children. That’s 20 or 30 million lost to Soros, unions, and other liberal predators.

Feudal lords are very protective of their peasants, there’s no money without them.
jetson makes with the Birther prayers:
Oh lord, take this man back to his homeland...Kenya. Please.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Another shooting

A really bad shooting in a public school in Connecticut. Freepers' imaginations are on the case:

Old Sarge
Has anyone else noticed something at this point?

In the Aurora and Chicago Sikh shootings, we knew the perp’s identity and party affiliation almost at lightning speed, from every major MSM organ. We had wall-to-wall coverage and perps who appeared out of the ether, ready-made for exploitation.

Here, it’s been two hours at this posting, and we know barely anything. Only two local affiliates are covering it, and there’s only been one brief Reuters blurb. We have no firm data on number of dead/injured, police and FBI on scene, and there’s been nothing!?

Something smells wrong.
You ain’t kiddin’...

My first thought: A raghead. Ping to Darth Vader.
concerned about politics
I have no idea who this shooter is, but any time the guy has "Mohammad" in his name - there's a news black out about it.

It's either someone who wanted to commit suicide and knew he'd go out in a blaze of glory (via the MSM sensationalizing it), or a "Mohammad."

Friday spotlight: himno hero

himno hero:
Nothing about him in his profile. Some googling seems to indicate he's in Israel. A blatant and unsubtle racist, he posts mostly to talk about how blacks and Muslims are evil, and Obama is both.

His name for Obama:
Capital is still being eroded,..... all thanks to our ever golfing, no problem, “you didnt build that” leader, Barrack Hussein Mohammet Bin Ghazi Obama,”the Great destroyer”.
His analysis of Africa's problems:
“Black people cannot run Africa, how can you expect one to run something complicated like the US of A?”
Further detail:
Black men cannot run Africa..... and that is without dissent, and all black.... and they havenet had one success yet. Historically speaking, they have NEVER enjoyed civilization.

One might say the :great zimbabwe”, but, I would speculate the apparent wealth, ideas and successes were probably founded on selling the neighboring tribe into slavery.

Today? They are still grounded in tribalism thus “still too close to the earth.” Actually thats still being too polite. On their own, they are not farmers. Never have been.... Never really had to. Thus warring and raiding/ when it isnt raining, is what they are all about. The way tribes get ahead is just like the tibal mentality of Islam, you get ahead by raiding.

Like Obama is doing to America today.
too close to the earth? Is this guy from 1890s colonial England?

Obama thinks like a blackman:
This is all intentional by the marxo muslim..

By taking out America, he has attacked the hub of western man... the guys who do all the trading and banking.

Unfortunate thing is the pea brain has little respect for the lives soon to be lost... globally due to war, destruction of organized supply systems, organized food production etc etc..

America has provided the world with peace, stability, productivity and prosperity for over 200 years ~ and now he wants to rip that down.

The guy thinks like a Afican blackman... no forethought.

Bitter, bitter, bitter.
Obama's victory is because of racism and cheating:
how does a man get 160 percent of the votes in a county?

how many counties had over 110 percent participation ...without ONE Romney vote?

Which also addresses and proves how racist his following is. He black? Good. It also shows how stupid they are for not voting on what the man says, just his color.

That man? IS NOT a AMERICAN. He is a muslim marxist destroyer.
He's also not a fan of Islam:
We were founded in Christianity, not islam.

Islam has been at war with the world, Christians and Jews for the last 1400 years. Which means that you , you infidel, have been had with the current pResident. Also, Islam as a religion? The religion is just a beard for its constitution dictated by sharia which is global domination. Sharias objective is to supplant whatever constitution it encounters and install sharia ASAP pending opportunity.

It is a invasive cancer.
Some bitter sarcasm:
C’mon, fall in with your president. HE wants a North African Caliphate, at America’s expense. Like Libya. Like Egypt. Like Syria and many upcoming places in the ME. All MB islamic paradises ready to swell up against Israel. At some point, Barack Hussein BinGhazi Obama’s proxies will act on Israel and if successful then they will be against Europe and America. But not necessarily in that order.

Before he is done, we WILL see multiple attacks on American soil and civil war.

Once America is removed from the equation, then the globe will go through a similar issue.

The bastard has zero forethought of the suffering he is bringing on.

Wait, he talks about things that aren't racist?
someone should fly over the warehouses and vaporize the inventory. Have a mass buring on the spot.

Then Bush should be vindicated.
There's a crazy video he LOVES. He endorses it about one post in three.
The Obama agenda is purposeful and intentional. See Agenda: Grinding America Down. It connects all the dots for the marxism side. They do not touch on his Islamic character which is a little more hidden from the public.

China? Still Chinese. Just like Russians, on a whole not that smart. 95% of all inventions last year were made here. Let them copy.

However once Obama is done, we won’t be making bicycles!
He also got on AOL Answers to spread the word of Reverend Manning.