Thursday, January 31, 2013

Compromising on Amnesty

Immigration reform is happening. One way to tell is how the right is scrambling to find ways to moderate their positions while saving face. I wonder if this is because Marco Rubio is their chosen candidate for 2016. Rush Limbaugh even sorta-kinda endorsed Marco Rubio's reform plan. Even Freepers are proposing their own crazy concessions:

Baynative is only worried about phantom voter fraud:
A very simple test of sincerity for those proposing this new amnesty is that every applicant's background check includes a search of voter registration roles. If they have committed felony vote fraud, they should be out of here.
Wisconsinlady thinks created a second class of citizens would do it!
I like Rush’s idea. Make them all legal citizens immediately, except they can’t vote for the next 25 years. The dems would never go for that and hopefully the Mexican illegals would know how much the Dems “cared for them”.
TigersEye is one of a many to explain that Obama plans to fail on all front
I think that is 0bamugabe’s entire strategy. Fiscal policy, gun control, immigration and whatever the next hot button issue is that he and the Dems bring up. Blow it up with wild rhetoric, create a sense of urgency, claim they want Pubbies to come in and make it bi-partisan then destroy the whole thing from within (0bamugabe’s #1 job) and demonize Republicans for the ‘failure.’
kabar realizes that the real problem is all foreigners:
The Dems benefit with or without an amnesty. Legal immigration is actually more of a problem than illegal immigration. The legal immigrants are having far more of an impact electorally. The Dems don’t need a amnesty to get more Dem voters. Every year, 1.2 million legal immigrants enter the US and the overwhelming majority of them will be voting Dem. The last decade ending in 2010 saw the largest number of legal immigrants ever to enter this country in our history—13.9 million. One in 8 in this country is foreign born compared to one in 21 in 1970. Immigration is changing our electoral demographics ensuring that the Dems will be the permanent majority party. Amnesty just hastens a process that has been ongoing over the past 40 years.
Rome2000 Shows why the Freeper status quo may not cut it outreach-wise:
Rubio is a degenerate little twerp busy body lawyer and con man who never held a real job in his life.

Actually heard him utter the phrase “undocumented worker” on the 10 minutes of the 3 hour Limbaugh show that isn’t a collection of continuous commercials for ridiculous products and services that nobody with half a brain would purchase.

So now the Washingtonians from both parties for their own selfish and nefarious reasons want to enfranchise illegal alien criminals at the expense of real Americans who work for a living and actually pay taxes.

The degenerate political class keeps pushing the productive class against the wall, mugging them via the IRS under threat of imprisonment in broad daylight.

Soon will come a breaking point.

The tyranny of the Washingtonians and their apparatchiks in the bureaucracy and their demented evil propagandists in the press must inevitably result in the collapse of the first American Republic and the rise of a second Republic.

A Republic where the Franchise is limited to responsible citizens, and the Capital in not located in DC but is rotated amongst the States that are invited to join (NY, CA, the entire Northeast and IL need not bother to apply).

The sooner the collapse happens, the better.

Kerry Confirmed

FreeperFan confirmed that this thread was quality.

John Kerry ran for President as a Dem. That means the Freeper hate-machine has attached to him, and they will never forgive him for all the bullshit they made up about him.

So Freepers extra pissed Senate Republicans, after promising to, maintained a modicum of collegiality and confirmed Kerry 94-3. Though they really seem resigned as Obama's second term ramps up.

mnehring loses some faith.
Rand Paul voted yes? Damn
Bravo six explains Kerry's evil, evil past:
I was an infantry officer in Vietnam when this POS traitor secretly met with Vietcong and nva communists in Paris to coordinate his anti-war tactics.. He now has a memorial dedicated to him in the National War Museum in Hanoi,Vietnam. He should have been prosecuted and hung for treason as he was still a naval reserve officer then.
Eagle of Liberty prefers hating a dead guy.
UGH!!!!! Teddy Kennedy must be loving today!! Obama wins re-election and John Kerry is now SOS.
Go Gosh, their are only 3 in the Senate with a Moral Compass and Cohones?

The Republic is almost lost...
4Liberty knows Kerry is just a Red Herring:
WH picked Kerry because he’s controversial with pro-military pro-constitutionalists. He provides a distraction while the debt crisis goes unresolved and healthcare takeover continues, should serve to burn up a least a few days and many hours of talk show, political blog effort. In the mean time, the “real” Secretary of State decisions are probably made by an unknown group of steely eyed Marxists close to BO who will form/implement foreign policies while Kerry’s out there providing a nice PR target/distraction.

Kerry’s a well-known, offensive ‘decoy’ to distract everyone.
goodnesswins covers all her bases:
PAST time for TERM LIMITS.....way past time. Not that it would have helped here...but, I think it may have.
justrepublican is already slavering for Benghazi II:
Shouldn't take him long to top Hillery’s" left for dead" count.
ArrogantBustard loves it when his hatreds team up:
John “Commie Traitor Bitch” Effin Kerry is a perfect representative of the 0dinga regime.
knarf pretends he liked diplomacy at one point:
SOS apparently is akin to dogcatcher these days.
The Cajun knows what everyone is, can you guess?
If 94 Senators vote for a traitor, what does that make them?
The answer is pretty clear to me.
Yep, traitors traitors everywhere!

nothingnew really loves one of the comments:
The one party system strikes again.

Post of the day...Post of the week...Post of the month...Possibly the POST OF THE YEAR!!!...(why do I bother to vote anymore?)

Keep your powder dry.

That sign off stands for "From My Cold Dead Hands (Blood In The Streets), I believe.

ynotjjr shows the fault lines growing on Free Republic:
You and people like svcw did everything you could to make sure obama won a few months ago and now squeal the loudest when traitors are in charge of our State Dept. We could have a good Americans in all important positions in the executive branch and the judicial branch if we had won the election. That battle is over and we lost. This is what happens when we lose. So just shut up and take it and when the next primary election is over, work, speak and vote against the socialist democrat party and defeat these sob. I said I wouldn’t forget the treachery of those who claimed they were too conservative to work to defeat obama and I never will.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ye'll have my Nazi Analogies when you pry them from my cold dead hands....

The Anti-Defamation League thinks the whole Obama=Hitler thing is overdoing it, and offensive to Holocaust survivors. Freepers know only a Hitler would want people to stop overusing Hitler!

circlecity knows who is to blame:
It’s a spot on analogy. If the ADL doesn’t like it then they should take it up with the Nazi gun grabbers.
Dear ADL,

It's not an analogy, it's an historical fact.
Wait, so Obama ACTUALLY IS Hitler?!

re_nortex proves that the Jewish Anti-Defamation League are all Muslims:

The principle of commutativity is applicable.
RoosterRedux knows yelling about Nazis is liberal kryptonite!
Abe Foxman is p!ssed because these Nazi references are so d@mn true...and effective.
Happy Rain is being Ironic comparing the ADL to the Nazis?
The ADL aka the Nazi jackbooted Gestapo thugs of the Fascist Left.
AppyPappy is clearly not, alas:
It must be working if the ADL is pissed about it.

When the Jewish Ghetto uprising was being planned, some Jewish leaders were against it for fear the Nazis might get mad. “Why make trouble?”
Revolting cat! heard that liberal Hollywood hated Holocaust survivors.
ADL is not Holocaust survivors. In fact, I’ve just learned from someone who researched the subject that when Holocaust survivors arrived in Hollywood after the war, and these were European film industry professionals, they got a cold shoulder there, a reception of the sort “why did you survive?”
Disambiguator respectes Holocaust survivors by calling them Nazi collaborators when they disagree with him:
Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director and a Holocaust survivor

Foxman is either willfully ignorant, or he is a Kapo.
dagogo redux is pretty sure howling that Obama is Hitler is all that's keeping the Jews alive:
Idiots - are they itching for a repeat?
fr_freak explains that the Holocaust is public domain, so get your hands off, Jews!
ADL is a commie organization. The fact that they can't recognize the parallels between the gun control effort now and the stuff that happened in Nazi Germany means they are either stupid, or in on the scam.
Jews don't own WWII. Sure, they suffered disproportionately, but I lost a couple hundred thousand of my people in that war, not to mention times 2 or 3 wounded, partly in the effort to rescue those same Jews. So if I and my fellow Americans want to refer to the Nazi Holocaust as a cautionary tale for current events, we damn well will do so, and partly because we don't want to have to lose even more people pulling the likes of Foxman's worthless ass out of the fire because he was too stupid to learn from his own history.

Fall of the Boy Scouts

As euphgeek notes, Freepers completely lose their shit about the Boy Scouts allowing individual Troops to decide whether they accept gays. I suspect it's largely their current siege mentality, but their general attraction to paranoid theories is clearly not helping:

If they do this they’ll be finished, gone in 10 years.

The public assumption will be that all boyscouts are gay.

That will run all the straight kids away.

Gay mission, accomplished.
As an Eagle Scout who went through High School as a Scout I can tell you the gay thing? That ship has sailed, dude.

Dr.Zoidberg hauls out the usual objection:
With this capitulation, the scouts will be removing one more obstacle in the way of boys being groomed for sexual submission to homo predophiles(spelling intentional).

The pederast lobby gets what they wanted all along.
Where to begin withNeoliberalnot's collection of inaccuracies, false equivalences and circular logic?
There is a direct link between homosexuality and pederasty.
When Gay travel magazines compare over 100 countries for the availability of little boys for sex, that’s a link.
When the Gay Platform contains objectives like the repeal of all sodomy and age of consent laws, that’s a link.
When even Kinsey stated that 47 percent of the homosexuals he interviewed admitted to deviant sex with underage boys, that’s a link.
When more recent research finds that the homosexual rate for child molestation is through the roof compared to heterosexuals, that’s a link.
When the North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) and its’ modern counterpart, B4U-ACT, both petition for the removal of laws and stigma of man-boy sex, that’s a link.
When Elton John holds a concert with male dancers, dressed as Boy Scouts, who writhe suggestively on stage, and the crowd goes wild, that’s a link.

I think the Readership gets the idea that we’ve seen enough headlines about Scoutmasters, dirty homosexual priests and high school and college (ie Sandusky) coaches have been raping little boys for so long that we have come to the inescapable conclusion that a vast majority of homosexuals have a salivating interest in little boys.
Gaffer seems to think that gays aren't 'individuals.'
I find little comfort in the fact that the law of the land says these ‘individuals’ have the same rights, etc. as the rest of us. Especially, in the case if I had a young son that was eager to go on his first ‘camping out’ trip with a Scout Leader who had a penchant for buggering little boys.
Some sort of hive-mind, I guess?

CodeToad knows there's no middle ground - Boy Scouts is going to go full throttle gayapalooza:
Without question we can expect a “Rainbow Badge” for meritorious support for “Inclusive Activities”, which will include organizing Boyfriend of Scouts events at Gay Day rallies. I am not even remotely kidding.
sleddogs is going to obscure alternatives, because all gays want them some scouts.
As a former Scoutmaster for 11 years and a supporter of the Boy Scouts the past 24 years. This is a decision will make it impossible for me to support the BSA any longer. This is a travesty to all previous Scouts & supporters. Looks like I will be supporting the RA (Royal Ambassadors).

We hear “Not all gays are phedophiles”. But in scouting all gays are phedophiles. The temptations is to great.
wolfman23601 goes not care about motives if you're a homo:
I’m not going to ban my kid from the scouts, but he sure as heck isn’t going on an outing unless I know all the adults and none are either homos or have questionable motives.
robowombat wishes our gays were tough like the Greeks of old:
I am fairly secular but can't but be struck by the determination of the liberal elites apparent desire to recreate a paganistic pantheistic culture. Only this is gutless paganism with none of the toughness and martial virtues of the men who ruled Macedonia and Alexander's successors or who held the ancient world under the sway of Rome.Instead what is sought is a weak socialistic humanistic order embracing pacifism, consumerism, hedonism, and legalism. This order will not last long before either the Jihadists or the Chinese.
Past Your Eyes predicts that soon everyone will be gay:
What one generation tolerates, the next embraces.
Varda blames liberals infiltration tactics:
This comes from catering to corporate executives on the boards of directors. Liberal ones love getting on boards of organizations like the Boy Scouts and undermining them from within.
LibertyOh knows who else is benefiting!
While in my first year of law school, we studied several cases involving Scout leaders who had molested boys, with the Scouting organization ultimately losing lots of money. Trial lawyers are probably salivating as much as open homosexuals. God help the Scout leadership to not allow this insane idea to gain any ground.
I went to law school, and can't recall even one Boy Scout molestation case...

USAF80 brings the usual Freeper cliche
Following in the foot steps of Hitlers Youth. Hitler ended up taking over all of Germany’s youth organizations and putting them under government control.
Speaking of cliches, max americana knows who is secretly behind this:
They were probably strong-armed by one of Odumbo’s lackeys. Weeks ago, it was a definite no. It didn’t surprise me that they lasted this long before the ass munchers go in for the kill...

effing faggots
meadsjn knows everything Obama does divides:
Obama pledges to divide Jerusalem.

Obama pledges to divide conservatives.

Obama pledges to divide Republicans.

Obama pledges to divide gunowners.

Obama pledges to divide Boy Scouts.

Obama pledges to divide Americans.

Obama pledges to divide races.

Obama pledges to divide ... [fill in the blank].

Anybody else see a pattern here???
Yes, you call things you don't like divisive.

NKP_Vet advocates beatings:
Sodomites have infested every walk of life. Think of the movie “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”.

The BSA is one of the last remaining organizations that have not officially caved into these child sex predators. They lied before and got in the Scouts, the say way sodomites lied to the Catholic Church and said they had “no strong homosexual urges” and would live a celibate life.

99% of sex abuse cases in the Catholic Church are from queers. They absolutely can not control their sexual urges, and the vast majority of them love teenage boys. The Church should kick everyone of them out save themselves millions of dollars in lawsuits. The same thing goes for the BSA.

When you find out a perfert has infiltrated the scouts, first beat the living hell out of him, and tell him if he ever lays hands on a young man again he would be beat to death and his filthy hide fed to the hogs. You either fight fire with fire, or these degenerate bastards will destroy your sons and daughters for life. Sodomites are the scum of the earth, and will burn in the pits of hell when their days on this earth are done.
VRW Conspirator is on the look out for telltale cool guys:
First the pedophiles decide at a very young age that they like young people. There, er, feelings, are significant enough that they make career decisions based on their perversions. So they gravitate to where they can be around their young prey and, importantly, in authority. Thus, they gravitate to the obvious positions of priest, preacher, youth minister, teacher, coach and of course, scoutmasters. So, the unsuspecting parents and kids do not realize that the creep they are talking to has spent years (decades) positioning himself as a spider builds a web.

The cop went on to say (paraphrase) these creeps are masters of disguise and deception. For instance, they may be married and have kids. They are very patient. It could take months or years to actually perpatrate their crime on one individual.

And usually...get this...they are very cool, as in hip and with-the-times. The cop said that upon getting arrested, the people who know these clowns are suprised and even deny that the perv could have possibly done these horrible things. "He is just so good with kids". "He would never hurt my boy". "He is such a big brother to my son".

My point is that even today, I am eyeing coaches, teachers, youth pastors who are just too cool. Who have all the latest kid gadgets, xbox, smart phones, hot cars, etc. Who love to help the single mom with her "troubled" boy. Who does not seem to have any friends except his mother.
SaraJohnson knows the pedos are everywhere, just like Commies and Muslims!
Before gays were banned, boys were abused big time in the Scouts. Homo perverts openly set up a vast, Nation-wide pedo ring in the scouts until it became a libality.

Really, men don’t necessiarily care if boys are abused. Penn state and the catholic church are not that unusual within large institutions. Parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandmas and grandpas need to care.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Sarah Palin out at FOX

Via Anonymous.

Freepers still got it hard for Palin. So when FOX didn't renew her contract, what else could this have been but another Palin masterstroke?

MadMax, the Grinning Reaper reviews the Freeper version of Sarah Palin:
Palin is everything most liberal/progressive/marxist women aren’t - intelligent, articulate, a mother, has an Downs Syndrome child. loves her family, her husband, her country.

Also very attractive, can shoot a gun/rifle, skin a moose into chili, fish for salmon, live in a winter environment, knows politics, how to balance a budget, deal with oil companies, protect the environment while enjoying its bounty, is religious, and is a decent woman, not some sexually promiscuous Hollywood lib who hops from bed to bed and cause to cause like a whore on springs.

Palin is feared because she is a real woman, not a Democrat Zombie Stepford Wife.
Biggirl knows Fox sucks now:
Not surprised. Fox News is pretty much has become center-left.
CatherineofAragon agrees that FOX is totally getting super liberal:
Well....good for her. She probably sees Fox careening to the left like we all do.

Maybe she’ll be freer to do and say other things now. explains how Sarah appeals to the lowest common denominator.
I hope we do see more of her. The Demos hate her probably because she appeals to their low info crowd. We should have used her more during the campaign. She is a very talented asset.
Jane Long has a fantasy thaat I suspect Jon Stewart shares:
Hmmmm. Palin tells Fox "No thanks" and Cain tells Georgia "No thanks" on a senate run. I can only pray that these two have some great plans up their sleeves ;)
Kolath's fantasy involves Allen West:
Saxby Chambliss is a no-go for 2014 (he probably saw the writing on the wall...he was gonna get seriously primaried). Wouldn’t it be sweet if Allen West moved to GA and Palin gave him an endorsement.

sand88's fantasy is all Sarah, though:
Sarah is a brilliant woman. Sarah leaving Faux news is a good sign. Having read her books and studied her over the years, I can envision her entry back into politics.

As the 2014 elections approach, if Sarah becomes very involved by campaigning in person for a good number of Conservatives, then you can take it to the bank that Sarah will be testing the waters to see how the electorate responds.

Sarah will be helping elect Conservatives, but also testing her viability.

If she is strongly received, then no doubt Sarah will make a move to run for President.

She will out flank the GOP-e by gathering the support of Conservative office holders currently in office and those elected in 2014. The GOP-e will be aware of her intentions long after she already will have built unstoppable momentum.

She will have a tough fight on her hands, but I know she will truly relish taking on the GOP-e.

Again the key to her strategy will be the necessity of a firestorm of grassroot support early on.

Then again, she may become less visible in the public eye, concluding that the Republic is too far gone to stop the Socialist transformation.
"SARAH PALIN WILL REMAKE AMERICA. Or maybe not. That'd be cool too." shove_it:

I like the sound of that headline as well as “Palin UNCHAINED”.
PALIN UNCHAINED is all over the damn thread.

greene66 details how FOX News left him.
Excellent! And somewhat expected. I’m glad to see Palin leave that sinking ship. FoxNews can be content with Rove and Kucinich, who seem a better fit, considering the putrid direction the network been heading.

Used to be a big viewer, but I’d just about entirely given up watching any of FoxNews anyway. I’d tune in for Palin appearances and occasionally keep an eye out for Michelle Malkin, but other than that, it’s become worthless. After the 2010 mid-terms, it became an obnoxious mouthpiece for the GOP beltway elites, and since the election, it’s apparently even jumped on the gun-control and open-border amnesty bandwagons!
section9 explains what a masterstroke this is:
Palin has the gift of being able to see one to two years down the pike.

She left FNC because she knows that it's lost its cachet with conservatives and is going Left.

She knows that Obama's policies are going to bite and people will be casting about for alternative leadership in about six months.

She knows that the people look at the Establishment GOP and see a rag tag bunch of war criminals, RINO's, and opportunists whose sole interest is ticket punching and careerism.

And this is what Sarah Palin knows about the American People:

They will be looking for someone else.

That someone else will not be Chris Christie.
Hojczyk thinks Sarah Palin may be more of a racist than a modern Republican:
Palin is more an old fashion Southern Democrat than a GOP republican.. it is the Old Southern Democrats that helped Reagan... not the Rinos in the GOP.. I hope she starts a third Party... the GOP is a waste of time and money..
MestaMachine explains that Sarah Palin has that Donald Trump quality that the electorate craves:
Sarah Palin is the only human being I know of who could stand in front of a camera with her hand on her hip, utter ONE word, ANY word, and the entire media would wrap a story around it that would reverb for days with rampant speculation about what she actually meant.
I am serious.

Monday Potpourri

SkyPilot's gaydar seems to be a bit oversensitive:
Here is what I think I know:

Judas Roberts is probably homosexual, or at least has a homosexual past. There is serious dirt on him, and he was blackmailed by the Obama goons to change his vote on ObamaCare.

Bull Dyke Kagan is not only homosexual, but a hard core Communist (read her thesis she wrote at Oxford). Her "personal life" is mostly likely filled with porn, prostitutes, and massive immorality. I would guess she was confronted by other justices that she had to recuse herself from the ObamaCare case, because she helped write the law for the Obama Administration! But, she had her henchmen blackmail Judas Roberts to keep everyone quiet.

The "Wise Latina" is not only as dumb as a box of hammers, but also a homosexual. Her present "relationship" is a cover, and Obama nominated her specifically because she was stupid and gay. (Hint: Obama nominates only homosexuals because he himself is one).

Justice Granny Ginsburg is not gay, but is a hardcore Communist. Her "feminist" background has a very messy abortion past, far more graphic than the public or the press even suspect.
livius knows all about SecDef candidate John Brennan's secret past:
Was this before or after he became a Muslim...or if not going through the full ceremony, at least enough to consider their interests to be his interests.

And he’s going to be head of the CIA now. Get your burkas ready, girls.
TXnMA totally heard Obama is preparing for the martial law!
Øbama is apparently "weeding out" generals who refuse to "fire on U.S. citizens". It is reported that is Øbama's new "litmus test" for retaining Generals.

This particularly scary in light on the new push toward "gun control".
MinuteGal is trying really hard to hate Joe Biden, but it doesn't seem to work:
Joe was running back and forth across the street with this MANIC smile on his face....leaving Jill alone on the walk, looking around constantly to see where her doofus husband was. She plodded grimly ahead without an escort till she reached the limosine, a protocol no-no in DC. In an event like this, you don't desert your's like leaving your girlfriend stranded alone in the middle of the Gym Jams dance floor. Real classy. As he ran back and forth from curb to curb like a yo-yo on speed, he was constantly pointing his thumb and index finger in the two-fingered gun position aiming at certain folks on the curb, mugging for the TV cameras and showing off like everybody in the crowd was a personal friend worthy of his fleshy finger aimed at them. The same childish gun gesture, of course, that puts 6-year old kindergarten kids in school dentention for 6 months....or for one year if they yell "pow" when they point.
MrB's version of the 1950s was awesome for black folks that knew their place:
Seriously, the 50’s middle class Western Culture society would be the absolute best circumstances for anyone of any skin color to live in.

The deal would be, though, that you’d have to behave within the expectations of that culture in order to thrive.
Agamemnon boasts of being an asshole to Sam Donaldson:
I was in Manhattan last night to catch the B'way show, "Jersey Boys" and who should come strutting down the aisle at intermission, but that has-been news-reader, Sam Donaldson.

Remembering him as the egotist he is, I loudly turned to my wife within earshot of him and said "Reagan was 10 times the man that yipping press corps Chihuahua will ever be."

He turned to look where the barb came from. I made eye contact - and glowerrd -- uncertain, he dared not get into it ...

Somewhat gratifying, I suppose. I figured the guy never heard me swearing at him as I watched him on TV in Reagan's press conferences back in the '80's.

I'd like to think he finally heard me last night for the first time....

Was tempted to make a snarky comment about his recent DWI in DE, but I refrained.
tbw2 is trying to keep his family hermetically sealed. Good luck with that!
We’ve socially shifted gears to surround ourselves with like minded people. Daughter is in American Heritage Girls, not Girl Scouts. Private Christian school. Play dates are with friends from Boy Scouts, American Heritage Girls and church, not neighbors.

Instead of isolation, it’s a social shift to create a community that agrees with us. I can’t save everyone else, but I can try to give my kids a community in which they belong.
TheOldLady is still convinced the Democrats cheated in 2012:
Dick Morris is always wrong. Always.

It wasn’t his fault this time, though. The commies were just being mean when they pretended with fake polls and their own “downcast” attitudes that they were losing.

Then they “resurrected” and “multiplied” millions of votes, and voilá! Our side lost. They’ve been preening and crowing ever since, but they cheated, so they really didn’t win, and they’re the crappiest “winners” on the planet.

“Republicans” won’t do a stinkin’ thing about it either, damn them.
dandiegirl brings the science, and it's bad news for Obama:
Seems like comments on Yahoo about the Obamas are 99% negative. I like going there just to read the comments. Pretty funny. BO was elected by fraud and it will begin to show as most can’t stand them.
dandiegirl knows Obama and Hillary don't actually feel human emotions:
With the dirty dems connections to Hollywood, I would be willing to bet money that Hillary and BO have had an acting coach to teach them how to cry. Hillary was quite dramatic and not a good actress at all today during her fake tear up. How did BO suddenly conjure up tears for the slaying in Newton. The hesitation, the wiping of eyes—all coached by a Hollywood actor.
Doc Savage gets right to the point re: Peirs Morgan:
Hope he dies!
ScoochDude knows what's to blame for the failing post office:
I was talking to my local firearms provider today, and he told me a little known, unadvertised fact. The USPS has informed them they have quit delivering ammunition. I wonder how many millions of dollars of revenue they just threw away? Enough to keep rates down?

That's why the USPS hasn't turned a profit since WWII.
TigersEye is trying to rebrand Assault Rifles.
Nice selection of Tyranny Response Rifles!
Obadiah has a new group he wants to disenfranchise:
Which is why people from California moving to Texas (or anywhere else) should be required to register with the state. These people should not be able to vote for at least 5 years as part of a cooling off period.
fattigermaster knows which pet is for Freepers:
Cats will never be your slave. Some humans react to their psyche with admiration, others with anger.
Neoliberalnot seems to think cavemen were all gay or something:
Russians always were an intelligent people. They will not bow to pressure from deviants who seek to return to the primitive ways of homosexualism.
billorites on the America alternatives:
I’m not joking when I say I’d seriously consider researching life in Russia.

You might find more economic freedom in some place like Colombia.
rcrngroup is kinda sabotaging the military:
My nephew (Army major, West Point grad) is being deployed for the 2nd time to Afghanistan, after 2 tours in Iraq as well. My advice to him is to AVOID combat encounters as much as he can, and to steer around them if it appears inevitable. I would hate most of all to see him take a bullet for that RAT bastard 0bama, or to be prosecuted on some trumped up charge, due to a split second decision. We now have a good number of soldiers spending 10 yrs to life in prison because of a split second decision in firing or being fired upon, and then being hauled up on murder charges.
yefragetuwrabrumuy lays out how liberals make all charities evil:
liberals are masters in infiltrating, subverting and corrupting organizations, be they interest organizations, charities, foundations, and what all else.

Invariably they want three things: to expand the mission of the organization to embrace liberal causes; to mostly eliminate the original mission, or even reverse it; and finally, to personally profit by voting themselves funds.

For example, a hypothetical scholarship fund for abused poor children. When liberals take control of the board managing its funds, they would first expand the rationale of who is responsible for the abuse to things like “global warming abuses children.”

So then they would give money not to abused children themselves, the intent of the fund, but to liberal political organizations, because “electing Democrats is the best thing you can do for abused children”.

Then they would all vote to quintuple the pay of board members “because they work so hard for abused children.”

Friday, January 25, 2013

Spotlight Friday: strategerist

Doctor_TeethMD pointed to this guy as a liberal Freeper. I can't tell if he is, 'cause he's too busy being nonpartisan. He is clearly, frighteningly sane. Pragmatic even.


Sorry, serial killers aren't all Democrats:
And where's the evidence that Holmes worked on the Obama campaign?

I found one uncredited blog post with no sources supposedly talking about Holmes working for the Obama campaign, that honestly just seemed to be a nutball conservative's fantasy.

Other than that, a couple people excitedly linked to public campaign donation records claiming that Holmes donated to Democrats, but all I saw were a bunch of "James Holmes" that obviously were NOT him based on geography, job, etc.

What happened is that a lot of people on the Right were just making up stuff about Holmes to make a point about the nonsense about him being part of the Tea Party, but then other stupid people were taking THOSE claims and treating them like they were real.
Sorry, "shut that whole thing down" guy wasn't an electoral winner:
Mourdock and Adkins statements were pounced on by the media, twisted, perverted and made a ridiculous cause celebre

They were pre-twisted, and didn't require the media to do the twisting. If Romney had supported Mourdock and Akin, he would have lost by 2-3% more than he did.
Sorry, America doesn't mind abortion
You’re overlooking the completely different questions in the two polls; Gallup was asking if people identify THEMSELVES as “Pro-Choice” and “Pro-Life” - the polls in this thread are asking people for their opinions on specific laws and policies.

Many people who don’t feel comfortable with identifying themselves as “Pro-Choice” support Pro-Choice policies.

A related or separate issue is how you ask the same question; if you asked “Should women be allowed to murder their unborn babies?” you’ll get mostly no answers; ask the EXACT SAME sample “Should women have the right to terminate an unwanted pregnancy?” you’ll get mostly yes answers.
More on this thread later, BTW.

Sorry, you can't tell a person is evil by looking at their photo:
The dead eyes of a psychopath.

Not this nonsense again. You're taking pictures of KNOWN likely psycopaths and "judging" their eyes.

You'd be a complete failure at picking out a psychopath's picture out of 9 othe pictures of non-psychopaths, as long as you didn't know which one was the psycopath beforehand.
Sorry, video games don't cause violence.
According to ABC radio news, the kid was really into violent video games like Call of Duty etc.

The problem is literally (I'm not exaggerating) EVERY SINGLE 15 year old male in the developed world is into violent video games. Thus every single one that commits a crime will have been into them. Just as every single one that commits a crime will have worn pants. Doesn't mean wearing pants causes violence.
Sorry, Sarah Palin is not the answer:
Sara. The Anti-Hillary.

You're quite correct - in the sense that Sara is either widely hated, or not taken seriously, and Hillary is enormously popular.

Keep in mind I'm talking about the voting-age population as a whole, not posters on FR.
Sorry, the French aren't cowardly:
Look, the French government can be annoying, but the “surrender” jokes are both ill-informed, and old and tiresome after a while.

I suggest you read “The Price of Glory: Verdun 1916” by Sir Alistair Howe and then see if you feel like mocking French troops. They spent 10 months successfully defending one city in the most horrific conditions imaginable, suffering over 500,000 casualties.
Sorry, Republicans aren't all that popular:
OTOH, the GOP could lose the House in 2014.

Something that went completely unnoticed was that overall there were 1 million more Democrat votes for House candidates than Republican in 2012.
The reply: Lots of Dems voted for Obama, but not down ticket, haw haw!

Sorry, pornography isn't evil:
You’re trying to apply a set of sexual moral standards from when people were getting married at 15 or 16; we’re never, ever going to go back to that.

And actually what porn is probably replacing is prostitution; back in the “good old moral days” that was rampant, despite whatever you might imagine.
The reply: Moar Bible and also moar Lesbians!

Sorry, Christianity isn't the secret to a strong military:
Have you ever noticed, how the first thing to go when a nation turns its’ back on God is the military?

Like how the Western Roman Empire's military went to pot after the Empire converted from paganism to Christianity?
The reply? "Roman Christians killed Jesus, so they don't count."

Sorry, there is not some school shooting conspiracy:
And to all you flamers - honestly, how many times does something have to happen at such ‘perfect’ timing before you smell a rat?

There have been plenty of small-scale "group" (rather than mass) shootings on school campuses, ranging from murder-suicides to 3-4 people wounded or killed. ALL of them are proclaimed to have "perfect timing."

The reality is that there are enough of these that they happen with some regularity, so that one will always be close to some date or issue relating to gun control that someone perceives as significant, through pure randomness.

And as I mentioned deviations from randomness creating unusually closely-spaced sequences of such events (mind you, even if they are completely random you will still get closely-spaced sequences of incidents) are easily explained through copycats.
The reply: WHOOSH

Patiently and unceasingly pointing out how crazy Freepers' theories are, his impossible quest continues...

Liberty justifies the Means

Some brave Freeper has the temerity to post that the NRA commercial talking about Obama's kids going to a school with armed guards was not exactly accurate. Freepers devolve into Denial, Lying is OK, and Kill 'em All:


Josa knows never to trust what Rush Limbaugh doesn't say:
Jury is still out for me. I never consider the Washington Post a good source for accurate info.
E. Pluribus Unum still denies the previously debunked right-wing hokum, so this one is easy!
They lied about Jeep moving manufacturing to China to help Ubama get reelected. Why wouldn’t they lie about this?
ozzymandus is even suspicious of the Original Poster:
I don’t believe The Washington Post, Fact Checker, or you.
celmak thinks there may have been blackmail:
Either that, or someone was pressured to say the “right” things. The jury is still out on this on. I would not be surprised to see one of the Security personnel come out and say they do carry guns.
Slings and Arrows at least enjoys the idea of an upcoming mass murder:
Sidwell Friends security officers do not carry guns.<br/>
So they keep them in their cars? I'd parse every word on this one.

Nevertheless, let's assume it's true. They've just advertised that they're a big fat target on any day that 0bama's offspring aren't there.
Right Wing Assault thinks this was liberal misinformation:
So who started this info in the first place? The commies themselves, knowing that they would spring the truth on us later?

Bryanw92 is super unhappy that a Freeper cared about honesty:
OMG...we are our own worst enemy. We find ourselves in a bar fight and we’re shouting “fight fair” as we get beat to death with bar stools and beer bottles. Read “Rules for Radicals” and realize that WE are the radicals now.
Bryanw92 elaborates that liberty justifies the means:
Oh, for crying out loud, we aren’t bashing infants’ heads against a wall! Conservative values do not include letting the enemy choose the time, place, weapons, and terrain for every fight. George Washington won most of his battles by subterfuge. His biggest win was accomplished by sneaking his men across a river at night and attacking on Christmas Day, which was a very unseemly thing to do and would definitely violate your “conservative values”.

The greatest conservative value is individual freedom. In fact, the ONLY conservative value is individual freedom. All other values come from that one thing. We are in a fight for that freedom against a remorseless enemy who will take that away from us. It is their goal!

All I’m saying is that we must fight the battle for hearts and mind using the same tactics they use against us. Those tactices are working and that’s why they are winning. Look at how many people believe that Sarah Palin said “I can see Russia from my house”!

The Left throws a dozen lies up against the wall each week to see which ones stick. The ones that stick get repeated a hundred times in the first 24 hours.

If we say that they’re lying, they just deny.

When we accumulate evidence that they are lying, they claim we are taking them out of context.

When we play the video to prove context, they claim that it isn’t important or that we misunderstand.

When we gather more evidence that it is lie, that their statements were in context, and that what they said is what they meant; they just say, “are you still talking about that? This is a week old and we have more important things to worry about.”

Now, if we do not engage in the same tactics, then they NEVER have to be on the defensive. We play defense constantly and they move the chains on every play.

One rule of combat is “If you find yourself in a fair fight, then your tactics suck!”
Lakeshark just hates the left too much to ever admit error:
The truth of the matter is, the left is one massive hypocrisy machine on this issue, and needs no apology.

They are using this tragedy and the graves of these children to advance one of their pet issues in a time of crisis.

They deserve ridicule and contempt, not apologies.
gaijin has contempt for Republicans that dabble in honesty:
Republicans are weird; in many cases they give off signs of really NOT wanting to win at all. What REALLY gets their pulse racing and their pants all big is the biiiig MORAL VIIIICTORY.


They want to “fight the good fight”, but then LOSE, using some stupid combination of loser tactics that show they’re somehow morally SUPERIOR to others.

And so they lose, but somehow in their minds their loser tactics show that they WIN REAL BIG in some subtle way that only occurs to really amazing, really moral people.

And the related fantasy is to REALLY OWN UP TO THEIR MISTAKES —this is huge. It’s like a oogling a whole phalanx of t*tty dancers —gets ‘em SUPER excited...!

I’ve seen this a bunch of times, and I think it’s a smug form of spiritual masturbation, or something. Their early lives in high-school were titty-twisters, noogies, atomic-wegies —picture Marty MacFly, and you’re really close.

Whenever you meet one of these creatures, just pivot on the ball of your foot and break into a sprint, because he/she LOVES for their loser flames to shine really bright with LOTS of like-minded people.

And you DO NOT want to be one of them.

rollo tomasi knows our government is made for regular assassinations:
Our government is made up of disposable representatives with a very detailed line of succession. If one needs protecting, it should be the tax payer, not a perceived nobility of ostentatious knaves.
Gay State Conservative hates how our leaders are protected:
This doesn’t change the fact that *no* Federal employee,past or present...elected,appointed or civil service...should have armed protection of *any* sort.And that goes for the family members of any such employee.
muawiyah has some pedophile conspiracy going:
Turns out that's what the Sidwell cops did just before the Obama kids showed up ~ they busted the school pedophile ~ and called the real cops to get him.

There's no doubt they knew about this dude all along, but with the Secret Service coming to Sidwell THEY KNEW they had to get rid of their friend ~ and they did that in a NY sec.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

By any means neccessary

Virginia Republicans waited until a Democratic Civil Rights leader was at Obama's inauguration and quickly passed a redistricting that gerrymandered them three more seats.

Needless to say, Freepers are all for such undemocratic, scurrilous tactics so long as they prevent Democrats from winning.

max americana doesn't bother with rationalizations; hate is enough:
No mercy on these dumocrap pukes. This is what you get for wetting yourselves over Buttcrack’s coronation LOL
Grams A knows the Democrats would totally do it to them, so it's only fair:
I’m sure the Democrats would nevvvvvvvvvver do anything like this. Hope your Governor signs it. About time we had some Republicans show some spine.
Reddy points out that liberal partisans are hypothetical hypocrites, paying no attention to the site he himself is posting on:
Was just over at the du-mp and they are all up in arms about this. Wonder if they would be so distraught if the redistricting benefited dems?? Just saying.
Why is BobL playing dumb to fellow Freepers?
I can’t think a better way for Virginians to CELEBRATE Dr. King than by creating a black-majority district.

What’s the big deal?
Hildy is super pissed Arizona Democrats won an election:
Oh, my heart bleedsds. Here in AZ, the Dems lied and manipulated and stole two seats away from us in the last election and we DID NOTHING..not even our Governor, Jan Brewer, had the balls to stand up to them. If we ever hope to take back this Country, we must learn to play in their sandbox and bend the rules, just like they do. Good for Virginia.
I've checked the Google, and saw nothing in the news about procedural chicanery in Arizona in 2012.

CharlesWayneCT knows Virginia is totally gerrymandered for the Democrats, so this is legit:
The senate map is "already gerrymandered", but in a way that was skewed heavily for the democrats, yielding them 50% of the seats in the last election, with only 40% of the vote, while sticking republicans in districts (like mine) where the winner gets 72% of the vote.

This was really minor payback, creating another minority distric, which means probably another black representative in the senate, but also likely giving the republicans a 1-seat majority in the next election.
Grams A wants tough Republicans, so he plans to kill them.
We need to take all the elected Republicans, strip them of their trappings and throw them in the ghetto or send them to Afghanistan for about a month. Those that survive can return to office. Those that don’t, too bad. Time to quit electing the country gentlemen and get some street fighters.
AuH2ORepublican is hoping to gerrymander away the Presidency as well:
In 2012, Romney would have been elected with 277 EVs had all 7 states adopted the modified ME/NE allocation method, and would have received that number even had Obama carried NC (which Romney carried by only 2%).

Women destroy the Military

Leon Panetta is allowing women to volunteer for combat roles, and Freepers are really angry about Their Military getting all girled up:


the US military is officially over, eventually
This isn’t stupid; it is traitorous.
fr_freak knows women are all super duper weak:
The ever-increasing ridiculousness of the Hollywood riot-grrrl porn, shat out by the likes of Tarantino, is exactly the reason that so many clueless sheep in this country support things like women in the military. After all, those 102-pound poster girls for acute anorexia can kick the crap out of 12 'roided man-beasts without breaking a nail, so obviously only a sexist pig would be against women in combat!

In real life, of course, the most badass woman alive would only stand a 50-50 chance of beating a one-armed, 15-year-old male with polio. In the age of CGI, however, reality doesn't stand a chance. However, I guarantee that reality will get the last laugh.
apillar explains how this woulda been a disaster a hundred years ago:
God forbid we ever find ourselves in an old style war of attrition like WW I. Can you imagine the drama adding women into the front lines of a bunch of young sex starved men is going to cause, not to mention all the male soldiers more worried more about keeping the “girls” safe than fighting the enemy. I guess in the age of Obama we just aren't suppose to ask such old fashion sexist questions....
stanne knows why this happened:
This is to save Hillary. It gets her story out of view.

It is very very bad.

Very bad.
GrandJediMasterYoda is still pissed about all those bitchy treasonous gays getting in:
It was over when they allowed gays in. It’s no coincidence that the man responsible for the greatest military security breach in US history, Bradley Manning, is gay. Talk to any shrink and they will tell you flat out gay men have a bitchiness to them that straight men do not, which to me makes them absolutely not qualified to serve in the military. And what was the result of that bitchiness? Flat out treason.
ilgipper has a false equivalency for us!
Well, since gays how are ‘equal’ in the military, and women are too, I want to force the Navy to allow people with bad vision to fly jets and anyone can be a army education needed. It is only fair, don’t ya know.
NKP_Vet knows all those weak women are gonna get raped:
a fag is but a man that thinks he’s a woman. How many fags wants want any part of combat. How many NORMAL women want any part of combat? I was in combat, and I damn sure never wanted to be there.

There is a reason why women are called the weaker sex. Let muslim soldiers show the US why. Hell, they are tired of raping men anyway, might as well have the real thing. Obama, first with the fudgepackers, now with the bull dykes, is absolutely destroying the military.
rlmorel prophesies:
The next time this comes up is when we go head to head with an opponent who is going to make our elite units use every single ounce of capability to complete a mission, and it isn’t going to happen. We may find ourselves in a situation where we don’t control the air or the sea. Our avenues of supply have been cut off, and our units have to do with their brains and brawn and endurance to win. And we are going to lose, and lose badly.

We will lose badly, because our opponents won’t be stupid enough to do what we have done to our military.

For an analogy, think of what might have happened on Edson’s Ridge on Guadalcanal in 1942 if we had women integrated into those Marine units fighting the Japanese. That is your answer.

But hey. Nobody is going to read this thread or do anything about it. I am a dinosaur and don’t know any better, can’t change with the is embarrassing for some to even read a post like this one. And if anyone even gave a rat’s patootie anymore, they might get angry and attack me personally.
unixfox knows what women want - lawsuits!
I can see this going really well.

Women suing because of sexual harassment.
Women suing because of emotional distress.
Women suing because of job discrimination.
Women suing because they don’t have their own bathrooms.
And on and on and on...

This is a recipe for disaster. But then again, this is what our government does. CREATES PROBLEMS!
ConservativeStatement predicts an upcoming war on wangs:
If the Dems nominate a female liberal in 2016 for president, the rhetoric about female body parts this summer will pale in comparison to what will transpire in that year. In addition, we will hear and see signs ridiculing male body parts in a variety of political issues. "Kick them in the..." "Cut their..." Garbage like that will be mainstream.
drypowder thinks it's so Obama can do the martial law easier:
Will a female front-line soldier obey an order to fire on American citizens? Why change the rules now? Answer: this administration is planning to re-institute the military draft, to include women and use many of them on America's streets rounding up our guns. If I am correct, another question arises; will the good patriotic American men shoot an American female soldier who comes to confiscate their firearms?
444Flyer knows Satan hates the feminine mystique:
Can't you hear Satan laughing?
He hates, absolutely HATES women, as he hates the Jews. The Messiah was born of a woman. Satan is constantly trying to destroy those made in the image of God. If he'll do it through hypersexualization and objectification then he'll do it through taking away all that makes them uniquely feminine. And Obama is willing to mess with creation and it's order for him.
SkyPilot just rounds up all the crazy:
Recipe to Destroy US Military
1. Take one healthy US military and slice along hamstring. Trim with blunt cleaver, taking $500 Billion, sprinkle with Homosexuality. Remove War on Terror and set aside never to be used again.

2. Roast over slow flame, trimming bone and muscle as it rotates. Baste with mission to aid Muslim Brotherhood.

3. Smother Christian chaplains and Jewish rabbis, while liberally adding in paganism, Islam, and witchcraft. Add "Repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell" training to entire military, and intimidate into submission.

4. Cover with America's wives and daughters, and roast under hot broiler.

5. Trim away remaining $600 Billion using Sequestration Ax (must be blunt).

6. Serve cold on large platter.
littleharbour describes trench warfare with nymphomaniacs:
Buggery in one trench. Fornication in the next. Dyke fraternization down the line. And the fighting will be left to the few heterosexual men who have enough honour and commitment not to be lured by the temptation of females in close proximity to a war zone. Unlike the generals who lead them.
central_va sees the silver lining:
The new Confederate Army and Marines, that forms in response to CWII, won’t have queers and split tails in the ranks....
wardaddy has it right, though:
We are living in an age of pure insanity
Yes, Freepers are living in an age of pure insanity, hard to argue that!

Benghazi will never be over!

As with many right wing scandals, it looks like Benghazi will end with grandstanding Congressional hearings that accomplish nothing. Barring Hillary running in 2016, it's over. Freepers continue to yawp, though, even as they're going down like chumps:

Tilted Irish Kilt is still complaining about the timing:
She smiled , she cried , she made an outburst ..

It was all kabuki theatre
only it was about 4 months late !!
justa-hairyape also thinks this testimony doesn't count:
Dear Lying Media Scumbag,

She should have testified within a couple of weeks of the event. That was well before she had her health problems.
LibsRJerks takes issue with the description of the day as "grueling"
Oh yea? Well, it was a grueling day for the 4 who were killed, too. Not sure I’m feeling too much sympathy for the woman who is paid to be our Secretary of State.

Tired of seeing this old goat being put up on a pedestal. For WHAT???
brownsfan, complaining about the media is the last refuge of partisans:
She’s a communist. Communists are worshiped by the media.

I firmly believe Clinton could have testified that the murders happened, she lied, and she just doesn’t give a rat’s patootie about the outcome.

The media would applaud her boldness and showing she was tough.
freeangel knows Hillary has no real emotions:
I saw a clip of her “emotional” testimony of how she watched them unload the caskets and “comforted” the families. Then having a hissy fit about being questioned in such a manner and screaming “what does it matter how it happened?”.
Huebolt decrees a sentence of Muslim Rape:
Hitlery Klinton should be dropped into the center of the worst possible neighborhood in Benghazi and left to see what it is like to be gang raped in the ass and hung up by her feet so they can beat her “brains” out.
vrtom is one of a number with this weird theory:
Where did Hillary’s face full of wrinkles go? Did she get a face-lift when she was in the hospital for the so-called “blood clot”? On TV today, her face looks 40 years younger.
Yes, take some secret time off for a face-lift right before your retirement would make it easy to do so. And it's all for a run for office you may be planning four years from now!

The rest of the thread is one Freeper posting Benghazi pic after Benghazi pic. Not with a bang, but endless photoshops.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Catholic Communists!

The Vatican's chief spokesman has endorsed Gun Control. Between making up Obama's persecution of them and the growth of visible Santorum-style right-wing Catholics, Freepers have been pretty into the Church.

Now they have been betrayed! Can denial and bitterness save them? You betcha!

jersey117 - human rights are only for Freepers.
Yep. I won’t be defending their rights any time soon.
Lazamataz thinks the Church is all Stalinist now:
There is a point where the Catholic church went from a staunchly pro-human-rights position, to one so far to the left that it might have endorsed the former USSR.

I don't know when that happened, but I am glad I am no longer a member of their church. Of course, I was no longer a member of their church since about age 12.
RitaOK won't listen to no spokesman - it's the Pope or nothing!
I missed where the Pope condones, supports or otherwise, anywhere, agrees with the goofy utterance of a single Vatican staffer, as portrayed by the trusty AP with certain lefty gusto, written entirely for the lo-information reader and gullible.
Katechon loves the church, even though only gaylords like gun control:
Woah. The infiltration of homosexual activists and socialists within the Church is deep.

She’s still the Bride of Christ, however sick and twisted she is.

I still love the Church.
Vaquero - if you don't understand, he can't explain it to you:
They are ignorant to what it means to be American. Theirs is 2 dimentional thinking to a 3 dimentional American reality.
Venturer wishes the Church would hate Obama more, or stop with the politics.
The Vatican got the health care bill stuck up their azz, (abprtion & Contraceptives)but they are still nosing into business that is none of theirs.

They are backing a Muslim
(WTH is wrong with them?)

Tell me about God, Save my soul, let me decide about illegals, health care and my guns.

Flag War

Someone flew an upside down flag. Freepers, always the first to the front when the fight is entirely symbolic, bravely join the riskless struggle:

Mouton knows True Bravery when he sees it:
Who ever that was deserves a medal.
Steven Tyler would like to pretend this is a secret signal:
Stupid progs and rats did not realize the flag was upside down
NTHockey knows this is Serious Business:
If you fly an American flag, it MUST be upside down. Never before, in the history of the republic, have we been in so much danger of losing our freedoms.

If you are truly rebellious, then it is the Battle Flag of the Confederacy. The first shots have been fired by the Yankee government.

RandallFlagg worries about Obama's Internet Police:
Folks, save this to your hard drives. It’ll likely be edited soon.
GnL has got to be joking, right?
But we don’t know if the person made it out alive. Liberals are violent.
Patriot Babe
Perhaps the only ones who were smart enough to know what it means is the military folks that were out there in the cold during the Coronation of Damien Thorn.
eartick lets everyone know what a darma queen he is:
This is the only way my flag flys when it is hoisted now.

It is a crying a$$ shame what our country has become when our _resident at his inaugaration speech talks up being a queer rump buster as being a great American.

I have progressed straight past hating this basturd.....
After hate comes...Google says love!

Redleg Duke boldly flies old timey flags! SUCH BRAVERY!
I fly the Gadsden Flag over the Sons of Liberty Flag 24-7.

I will not fly Old Glory until the RATS are out of the White House.

Michelle Obama rolls eyes!

Can't have a bit Presidential event without the Freeper mean girls hating on Michelle!

The imagined infraction du jour is Michelle looking less than pleased at something Boehner said to Obama.

dforest doesn't like how Michelle eats:
The trashy first shrew chewin’ on her cud. Boehner must have asked her if she ever took a breath between chompins.”

America has sure lowered itself to garbage like this.
Josa is all about the Right Wing theory that Michelle wears a wig:
Ghetto Wig, Ghetto Manners
I_be_tc thinks Michelle eats like a poor:
Surprised she took time out from stuffing her face. Eats like a food shelter recipient.
pallis gets zero points for originality:
The eye rolling thing is something all cows do.
marygam likes to pretend none of the other First Ladies will let Michelle play in their First Lady Games:
I had a funny thought when I watched video. Thought of all the first ladies at a table watching her shovel it in with her elbows on the table. Can you only imagine what they would all say if they were chatting in the ladies room about her???? Lordy what a hoot that would be.
Conservative4Ever is totally a man of the people:
God, but these people are common and disgusting.
Who uses 'common' as an insult these days?

CatherineofAragon pictures Michelle Obama getting fatter, and flies into a rage:
3,000 calories a plate, and she probably had seconds.

By next week that butt will be the size of a walrus, and the belly will be flopping over the boob belts.

God help me, I hate these people so much.
patriot08 camera cannot capture what's in his imagination:
Tried to capture some of the inappropriate dirty scowls on her ugly mug by screen capture, but missed the ugliest.
CincyRichieRich explains that unlike uneducated blacks, Freepers hear Obama's speech objectively:
If you are black AND a low information voter, then you have ‘earned’ that right to be ok with rolling one’s eyes in disrespect for people like Boehner, the opponent, the source of your ‘oppression’.

Also, I guarantee, if you are black and a LIV, then you didn’t hear 0bama’s words yesterday, only that he sounded great, that he was in command making one proud. It’s like hearing a song with a great beat or rhythm and the words are pornographic or morbid, but you don’t hear the words and enjoy the song.

The longest 4 yrs are ahead of us. Godspeed and Lord help and protect us and change their minds.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Algeria fracas

A radical Islamist hostage-taking in Algera ended tragically, with the deaths of both the terrorists and the hostages after a raid by the Algerians. Freepers try super hard to make this Obama's fault:

freekitty has the facts:
He and his administration knew what was going to happen. They should be tried for treason.
ColdOne is going with "Obama is lazy" still.
No frickin’ way he even released this statement....he is too busy partying this weekend to be bothered.
Norm Lenhart thinks Obama's massive support of Muslims is emboldening them. Must be those healing drones.
He stood with the Muslims, just as he said he would do, when the winds shifted against them. Knowing they had the great Satan in their corner, they did what armed Muslims always do. Raped, pillaged and killed the infidel.

Not understanding why he does not understand his ‘success’. He did what he said he would do and they did what history shows they will do.
doc1019 thinks it's all pretty simple:
His raghead brothers killed a bunch of innocent people, what doesn’t he understand?
ImJustAnotherOkie just spouts angry racial nonsense:
Break out the Django action figures.
hummingbird also goes for a DaDa comment
He wants a "fuller understanding".

Its a 'teachable moment'.

plain talk wonders why Obama isn't omniscient and completely transparent about it:
He is the President of the United States. Why doesn’t he know what happened? Or more importantly why wasn’t he in the loop?
DTogo knows what Obama's saying:
Obama message to Americans at home and abroad:

You are on your own, you are expendable.
Truth29 thinks Obama is secretly training terrorists:
there is a good chance that the US armed and trained the terrorists. Obama's war in Libya was his opening gambit to establish the Greater Caliphate and the cancer is spreading all over North Africa and the Middle East
matginzac connects the dots:
Just like in Benghazi - if you don’t believe it was an “Oct Surprise” gone wrong - you can figure this out in two seconds...
Al Qaida is on the move, Libya left a vacuum, radical muzzies are taking over
Africa...and the US is impotent, uneffective, defunded and run by idiots...
But hey, we gotta a partay on Mon, screw the dead!
Oh, and Mooooooch has a new do!!! Yay!
G Larry' conspiracy seems the accepted main Benghazi theory these days:
Well Barack, your second attempt to release the blind Sheik was foiled, and more American’s died.

Execute the Sheik and keep Americans safe.
Weep for Frank_2001, still stuck in November:
I’m waiting for an HONEST explanation of the events of Nov. 6, 2012. THEFT OF THE CENTURY!!!
politicianslie is an idiot:
Muslims do not under any circumstances cause harm to other Muslims. Obama figures Americans are idiots and will never figure out that he is doing everything he can to destroy America and further Islamic domination of the world. Or didn't you notice what happened in Egypt?

Tuesday Potpourri Part 2

bgill is feeling melodramatic today:
I saw an eagle today and was filled with great sadness.
43north knows liberals have no souls:
I have always championed the theory that some people exist without what we would call an immortal soul. Whether they were born without it, knowingly sacrificed it for some temporary carnal satisfaction, or let it rot away from within one bit at a time, they don't have one. The how and why perhaps shall always be a matter of debate; the empirical fact of the matter is not.

Agreed. What else would explain liberalism?
wita hopes for some Old Testament God on America:
How do you deprogram entire generations?

God has his ways.









blessed reminders

the lessons of history

Ears to hear

Eyes to see

...and the will to be obedient to the only law that will save us
Jan_Sobieski has a poem for us!
Oh, why can we not see by the Lord’s radiant light,
what we once so proudly hailed at the twilight's last gleaming?
We traded His stripes and scars, and the perilous fight,
For the promise of wicked men on TV Streaming.
We trusted our rocket's red glare, and our bombs bursting in air,
But denied the proof that our God has kept us still here.
Oh, weep daughter of America, at the height from which we have fallen,
For there is no going back to free, for we no longer have the brave...
ConservativeInPA wants some kind of federal slavery system:
I think we can define a baseline in government spending over the years that is actually derived from a Constitutional power. Those that received a benefit outside of that work to pay off the debt as indentured servants of the next Republic.
God showed SkyPilot how evil and gay Obama is:
I know what Obama is. I know this because the Spirit gives me discernment to know what he is. And I know what he stands for: homosexuality, abortion, covetousness, blasphemy, selfish pride, and idolatry.
I wonder if latina4dubya converted to Latina for the jokes...
Always avoid M L King Drive after dark, regardless of the city.

and Cesar Chavez Blvd...
Michael Barnes doesn't respect a politician till he shoots someone:
Rick Santorum lists President Obama's constitutional violations


Ping me when he picks up a rifle...Otherwise, its just more Rick bloviating.
I cannot think of a name thinks Obama's moderate executive orders on guns are part of a Communist ruse:
Actually, I think this was another clever ruse by the liberals to try and make us look like extremists. Plugs hinted that zero would do something drastic by executive order. While most people thought it, a few (two I believe) Congressmen spoke up that it would be an impeachable offense.

Now zero has issued a bunch of meaningless executive ‘suggestions’ I am certain that the media will be all over the ‘threats of impeachment’. I can’t say I blame people for threatening to impeach him, but we probably should have kept our powder dry till the idiot opened his mouth.
Slyfox explains that Reagan was awesome while Obama is evil.
The biggest difference between Reagan and Obama as far as their Inaugurations is the fact that Reagan was serious and truthful when he took his oath very much like our first president, George Washington.

Obama has taken his many oaths with no intention of honoring what he is swearing.

Presidential oath-taking is extremely serious, because God takes it seriously.

The oath is asking God to witness the proceeding.

It is a matter of blessings and curses.

When Obama said "So help me God" he forced God's ear to listen to his lie.

Obama has intentionally cursed himself.

God cannot be a witness to a lie.
RetroSexual explains how Frank Zappa was all about traditional values:
I saw Zappa play in Detroit in the early ‘80s. He was brilliant.

During the show, some clown threw a whisky bottle up on he stage. It shattered and made a big commotion and a mess. Faced the audience, put down his guitar (it was a solo show) and said “who did that?” The house lights came up, everyone around the guy pointed to him, and he was summarily escorted from the theatre.

The lights went down. Zappa sat down and continued to play. He deserved, and demanded, respect.
EternalVigilance is sure marriage is the secret to everything ever:
Marriage is of a unique, sublime, ineffable nature. It is a God-breathed mystery. It is among His greatest gifts to mankind, the nexus of His eternal plan and all true, lasting, earthly riches. It is the foundational building block of all decent civic, governmental institutions. It is the basis of all true economics. It breeds peace and prosperity. It is the great stabilizer of civilizations. It is the well-spring and nursery of posterity. It must be protected, or America will fail and fall.

It is so fundamental, it must be protected on every front.
Cheerio is sure Obaam wants a Civil War 2:
Obama wants a war.

BINGO!! That is what the 2nd term is all about - NOTHING ELSE. He and his RAT party saw how tough it was to get anything through the GOP led House, and now realize they didn't completely TRANSFORM America during the 2009-2010 period when they wasted all their energy and time on Obamacare. So they are going for all the marbles during his second term on the throne, the Constitution be damned. No better way to do it than start CW 2. The RATS know how weak the current GOP is, and do know they can kill the party off.
DBeers knows no one becomes a liberal, they are all secret liberal plants:
How does one mature into leftism? I do not think it possible and suspect that these neoconverts to leftism were always leftist in varying degrees. Arrogant, self-serving, narcisstic, and unprincipled wolves in sheeps clothing.

One does not have a come to Jesus moment in support of leftism -it is always the opposite.
chiller still thinks Boehner is gonna be replaced as speaker:
A coup has to be set in motion as the very first order of business and involves changing house rules to use secret ballots for speaker selection. (Supposedly members behind the coup don’t have the brass / won’t try it if they keep the voice vote / eventual roll call for fear of recriminations
Theodore R. laments how many Republicans have managed to like a liberal or two:
Richard M. Nixon was a big admirer of Woodrow Wilson; Goldwater of HST. Not even our Republicans admire other Republicans, it seems, though Reagan did hang up a picture of Coolidge, which I presume GHWB removed.
dartuser hates executive orders now:
Boener should come out after the PR event tomorrow and say the following ... “I hereby exercise my authority as Speaker of the House to nullify all the executive orders signed today. The Constitution gives me this power, I exercise it without hesitation.”
marron knows Obama so well that listening to him only confuses the issue:
Even presidents I don’t like, in the past I would at least listen to what they had to say if only to better know what they are up to.

In [Obama's] case, I already know what he is up to; nothing he says sheds any new light, it only obfuscates.