Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Trump's tax plan

As Free Republic revels in the hope the cult of Trump gives them, there are still some brave holdouts who have either already promised their zealotry to another, or who prefer being holier-than-thou ideologues to being cultists.

Mostly they post anti-trump editorials, and then mix it up with whoever shows up. Thus was posted a Breitbart(!) article calling Trump out for not having a Cruz-endorsed IRS ending flat tax, and for still being for universal healthcare. The money quote: "I am going to take care of everybody. I don't care if it costs me votes or not. Everybody's going to be taken care of much better than they're taken care of now." "

The funny part is that the pro-Trump folks gots no spin, so they mostly attack the messengers.

VanDeKoik is sure there's an anti-Trump conspiracy on Free Republic:
Because it would make their pathetic coordinated FR spam bomb look stupid.

It’s the same stupid cycle with these guys.

1 Put out articles like this based on a misleading premise.


3 Then Trump puts out his actual policy paper, being completely different than their breathless assumptions.

4 After which they will say it isnt “good enough” while the person they support hasn’t put out any definite police statement.
wardaddy appeals to authority, such as it is:
That is an utter lie

Mark Levin whom I trust more than you just opined on this clear enough
Artemis Webb has an interesting statement:
Breitbart is just a left wing rag!!!!
moehoward says Trump was taken out of context, but alas has no details:
Saw the interview. Not what he said at all. And if you watch the extra footage, more becomes clear.
perfect_rovian_storm just likes that Trump is trying something, who cares what it is:
I haven't seen his plan yet. Unhinged malcontents like you are simply reading whatever you want to into vague statements.

It took 100 years of doing nothing but piling on to already broken 'systems' to get us where we are now. Someone comes along trying to make at least some sense of this horrendous mess and all you can do is whine about how it doesn't conform to your particular orthodoxy.
You'd think by that logic, he'd be a bigger Obama fan...

july4thfreedomfoundation just sticks to the trickle-down of the old days:
The “wealthy”.....the successful business people....will be paying less tax.

The economy will benefit nicely.
I can't tell which side xzins is taking - his sentences seem to be at war with each other:
Single payer FOR THE UNINSURED is what it says. He promoted private ownership and sale across state lines for the non-needy.

I suppose we could write irresponsible people another big check and let them buy their own.
DungeonMaster is hopeful:
I’ve been saying that Cruz is playing a patient chess game and waiting for Trump to put his queen in front of a pawn. I think that may have just happened.
9YearLurker just invoke 'free market reforms' and skips off to find a supply-side unicorn:
Trump's proposal would involve a massive expansion of Medicaid.

Not if health insurance is made more affordable by repealing Obamacare and instituting more free market reforms.

Also, such middling Americans pay no or very little income tax under Trump’s plan—giving them more resources to pay for their own healthcare.
Now that FOX News hates Trump, TigerClaws believes every compliment any Trump praise from network with Fox in the tile:
One of the Fox Business commentators said this is essentially the Paul Ryan Plan. Another said it was “Reagan-esque.”

And that’s Fox, which hates Trump.
NKP_Vet just yells about how gay people who criticize Trump are:
The little sawed-off faggot Guy Benson said tonight on Fox that Trump’s healthcare plan is Obama on steriods! Does this little candy ass hate the man or what? Trump absolutely did not mention a single payer system for healthcare. His plan makes sense.
MARKUSPRIME knows there is only one issue Freepers really care about:
No WAll and no deportations = no country. Enjoy.

FR at its finest

Head Freeper Jim Robinson has gone full on cult of personality around Trump:

Posted on 9/26/2015, 3:40:50 PM by Jim Robinson

tyrannocankles says:
September 26, 2015 at 4:46 am
I just love this picture….

In the photo above, Trump is all by himself – leaving a powerful enemy in flames. How symbolic that he’s alone – as the entire GOP, Democrat Party, and media turn on him. But now I’m seeing a different picture, where he’s not alone. There is an army in the smoke behind him.
Start from the top. The disabled vet, holding his fake VA waiting number, which he now realizes is a waiting number to get on the real waiting list. Behind him – tens of thousands more just like him – and thousands still more who died waiting – ghosts whose voices are now being heard, through us.

A naval officer – relieved of duty because he refused to stand down when ordered. And 4 ghosts behind him, along with hundreds of pilots and seamen who were denied the chance to do their jobs. And behind them – thousands of patriotic men and women who have left a military which no longer is allowed to do its job. Behind them – millions who are waiting for a REAL president, before they’ll even think about joining.

To their side – thousands of scientists, engineers and programmers – laid off of their jobs – but only after they were forced to train their replacements – overseas and as H1B imports.
Next to them – millions of immigrants – most of them Hispanic – who played by the rules to come to America, only to watch their hard-won citizenship devalued to nothing, by traitors who equate their proud LEGAL status with people who not only refuse to play by the rules, but who have the chutzpah to cry racism while begging for racial favoritism.
Millions who lost their pensions. Their retirements. Their health care. Their full-time jobs. True – they did get that job selling fast food – until they lost even that to illegal aliens.
In the mist – millions of dead Jews – the ghosts of the Holocaust – who watch the very lives of their own children and grandchildren bargained away, so that greedy Uniparty members and their crony-cap backers can cash in on the big payday, which they give to men who swear to wipe Jews from the face of the earth.

Should I go on? Why not? How about millions of black Americans, who can’t find jobs, while immigrants both legal and illegal pour into their neighborhoods, taking whatever jobs there are?

But it gets better! How about the crying families of THOUSANDS of Americans murdered, raped, beaten, robbed, and run down by illegal aliens who should have never even been here in the first place?

And next to them, cops shot in cold blood, for lies that the men and women of Congress don’t even dare to speak of, and which the Presidents sycophants in the media won’#8217;t even report.

And we might as well let all the dead Christians and Yazidis in the Middle East join the army, too, because if both the Democrats and Republicans would have done their job and impeached Obama, they would still be alive.

And to finish it off, floating overhead, an air force of angels from horizon to horizon. What are they – this massive legion? Why, they are boys and girls who were never born – “Dead Emily’s List”, you might say – led by a young girl who would have been named Emily. Every one slaughtered for their body parts by Planned Parenthood.

Go ahead. Laugh at Trump. Make hideous cartoons about killing him. But bear this in mind. He is just the guy on point. There are millions more behind him, who are ready to pick up his gun if he should fall. And Trump is not nearly as pissed as the rest. Not even close
The comments are also pretty strong.I began to clip them, but realized that 1) they're nothing you haven't been seeing for weeks now, and 2) nothing can hold a candle to what JimRob copypasted.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Lady engineers?!

The resentful sexism is strong in a short thread about remedies for women being underrepresented in STEM fields. Back in my physics days, literally every single women I met had a story about being actively discouraged from continuing by a teacher. And this was in California. But many Freepers are male engineers, and will blame any change on evil utopian libs, including the painfully gradual shift towards tapping the potential of the other half of our species.

G Larry thinks women are like aliens or something:
They’re taking over in aerospace!
G Larry explains how he's ruled over by unqualified 'thems':
I didn’t say “hired”, they’re promoted from within, to management positions, irrespective of whether they’re qualified to manage.
Jim from C-Town goes full Biotruths:
Women, for the most part, do not have the natural skill sets to be in technical field.

Men and women are different. They have different innate talents and different innate desires. AND there is nothing wrong with that!

Stop trying to guilt women into thinking they should be men and men into thinking they are somehow being mean to the girls because ‘math is hard’.
Jim from C-Town also indulges in the 'homemaking is so much more important' BS days gone by:
Not too many people have a job that is anywhere near as important as raising quality human beings. Writing new code for the next Super Mario Brothers game is hardly a substitute for being home with your children and making sure they con’t end up gang members and drug addicts.
Jim from C-Town then manages to top his previous sexist resentment with just yelling about whores:
Women have been feminized stupid.

Somehow they have been convinced that the only things that are truly important in life are really a hassle and a burden. Fewer and fewer women are worth the effort of men and that is why so many go wanting for men.

They have turned themselves into unpaid whores in the bedroom and and whores in the board room.
neefer is a woman who worked in computers because she hates women:
I’m a women who worked in the IT field for a number of years. I liked it because it was full of men and only a few women. Men never stood around at my desk talking about their weekend, kids, etc. The manager of the web services department was a women. She was extremely domineering and management knew not to make her anyone’s direct supervisor. I finally left the company because of her. She wouldn’t allow me to talk directly to people I was writing code for and was always trying to turn me into a non-technical paper shuffler like her.
Dilbert San Diego laments that some women don't care about their family. Nothing about men, though!
Some women squeeze in their children and family around their careers, rather than squeeze in their job around their family responsibilities.
When ConservativeInPA was a kid, girls loved dolls, which proves women will never be happy doing math:
They have different innate talents and different innate desires.

True. Those innate desires and talents are cultivated when little boys and girls play. At least when I was a kid, boys would build things with Lego's, Lincoln log and erector sets. Girls would play with dolls. That's where it begins developmentally. That doesn't mean that girls cannot go to school and do well in STEM programs. Whether they will be happy working in technology is another story.
Buckeye McFrog brings it back down to racism:
Silicon Valley is going to end up hiring a bunch of blacks to sit around and do basically nothing. Mark my words.

Boehner kamikazes government shutdown.

Awwwww. I had long threads raging about Boehner crying at the Pope, and explaining how government shutdowns are the key to...something. I mean, who cares if like 70% f the nation including 53% of Republicans think this is an awful and useless plan, they'd come around once we show them how noble our spite is!

But then Speaker Boehner had to go and resign,and as his last act give no fucks and just get Democrats to join the non-crazy GOP in voting for a clean CR.

Though given the hilarious impotent rage this engendered in Freepers, it might have been worth it. They will not soon forget this day, and I expect they will be even more paranoid and crazy from now on.

Poor DoughtyOne vastly overestimates how many Republicans want a shutdown (it's like 40 of them):
If he gets every Democrat vote, that still leaves him far short of enough votes...

...unless Republicans cave.

That’s where we draw the line. No “R” votes.

Our side needs to play hardball on this.
chris37's prediction is right, absent the conspiracy around it.
I think that this resignation is a ploy to create cover for the GOP to waste the rest of the time we gave them in 2014.

It is nothing but more kabuki theater. Make conservatives think they got in win when in fact that got absolutely nothing.

Losing Boner means nothing when he is replaced with a clone.
Sorry dude, no shutdown for you.

TruthWillWin sticks to the usual Freeper theory when a Republican isn't as crazy as they are:
Must still being blackmailed?
E. Pluribus Unum thinks Boehner is a latent...something?
The little latent is going full passive-aggressive scorched-Earth.
ONce you start looking for people reaching for the stabbed-in-the-back image, stuff like Tolerance Sucks Rocks's post is everywhere!
My back is seriously hurting from all the knives that Boehner and McConnell have put there.
Ray76 doesn't want Boehner to quit, he wants him fired!
Time to have that vote to vacate the chair. Throw him out of the Speakership NOW.

RitaOK wants Boehner escorted out of Congress by the police:
What about the BS he is about to deliver?? Most every day resignees are escorted to the front door, on demand, by an armed guard. Have you no idea how much damage to records and agenda movements that are at risk when some jerk decides to vacate without notice?????????

Our country deserves the police escort in this case every bit as much, but MORE.
RitaOK also goes full Title Case Official Sounding Language:
The Fundamental Transformation of Our Side of the Aisle, and in both Houses of Congress, is now a clear and present danger.
WENDLE lays out how to convince America of your case via having a destructive tantrum:
Gawd, I detest this baby killing son of a Bitc4 !! I hate the ba$tard,

Here is all you need to do. Defund the slaughter and sale of body parts on humans and tell obama to shut down the government to save killing babies and selling their quivering hearts in a pie pan for $60!! Why are the republicrats so evil????
If you remember his spotlight, you might guess what word Carl Vehse has to describe Boehner
"Dude. He’s resigning. Because he doesn’t want to deal with the BS. Take the victory."

That's too lenient for a traitor.
editor-surveyor is tracking completely:
Almost every act he has performed as Speaker has been treason.

Literally nothing he has done is in the interest of the nation he swore to in taking office.
editor-surveyor also randomly indicates that Trump is some kinda figure of prophecy:
The governments of men have not yet become the governments of Yehova.

That is after the Last Trump.
I wonder if Greg123456 ever bothers with reality:
My prediction: Boehner switches parties on Oct 30 and announces he’s running for president as a ‘Rat’ to replace Hillary, who will be breaking rocks in the pen.
If Cyman encountered an actual left wing Democrat, he might explode:
If there ever was any doubt that he has been lovingly functioning as a dyed in the wool liberal left wing Democrat, all pretense is now gone.
V K Lee doesn't want to be dramatic, but Boehner has destroyed America:
That this SOB sticks that finger in the nation’s eye, he has signed the death warrant of the United States of America. This is war with a pox on him and his entire family of rinos. The GOPe —rest their wicked, evil souls. JB, may you fry in that tanning booth as if it were the depths of hell itself.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Monday Potpourri Pt. II

mrsmith may be a bit out of date about what Democrats love...
If we built a monument to Tea Pot Dome maybe the Dem/RINOs would stampede a few of themselves to death in religious fervor...
Salvavida makes the case for Obama's election being a National sin:
That facts are:
1. The American citizenry voted for this administration TWICE.
2. The Pentagon is under CIVILIAN control.
3. There is a consequence for National sin.
Just like patriotism before it, steve86 and wagglebee join the growing group of Freepers that are so Catholic, they hate Catholicism.
I'm really starting to think that the sedevacantists may have been onto something all along.

You’re welcome to join those of us who are perpetually teetering on the fence on that issue.
dsc goes with the outmoded evolutionary sociology explanation for racism:
They don’t like racial diversity.

Nobody does.

It’s genetic.
Founding Father cites European white supremacist wank-fic as evidence of the Muslim tide:
In TEN years, maybe 20 at the outside, the Sistine Chapel will lay in ruin at the hands of the immigrants. Camp of the Saints.
JLAGRAYFOX breathlessly predicts a Putin Ascendancy:
The end game...Putin wipes out ISIS...The Russian Federation then rules Syria...and down the road apiece....then, the Russians take over Iran, and rule the entire Middle East an establish a tight relationship with Israel!!! Obama has been out fleeced by Putin....big time!!! I have told the American people many times....that the day would come when they would rue the day they ever elected Muslim, POTUS, Barack Hussein Obama!!! Remember, I posted this....Putin will soon rule, the Ukraine, Iran, Syria, Iraq...and the Putin will go after eastern Europe!!! Obama, the American moron POTUS has nary a clue!!!
HarleyLady27 is unclear on how our Republic works:
Can WE as Legal American Voters shut the government down?
grania thinks the Pope gave her permission to invate Iran?
Did be mention the slaughter of the pre-born and just-born and the selling of their body parts? Did he say anything about the pure evil of ISIS? Anything about how Christians should confront evil?

But I'm saved. It's warm today and I don't use air-conditioning. So I guess it's okay to invade some country, slaughter a pre-born child at birth, and behead a few dudes in the ME.

End of rant. Mygosh, am I disgusted.
LouAvul draws a lot of conclusions about liberals from a fine for feeding deer:
A few years back, the City Council approved fines for anyone who feeds deer – with penalties now reaching $475.

Uh huh. The last time I visited Orygone it was as infested with stinking liberals as is kalifornia. And everybody knows liberals are above the law.

They're feeding the cute bambis and are reaping the result of their tree hugging silliness.

They're allowing residents to build anti deer fences? Stupid liberals. They need to open hunting season. Give the meat to soup kitchens, whatever.

Liberals. The bane of civilization.
bert is pretty sure deer talk to each other:
I plinked a doe in my back yard with my BB gun

They now visit my neighbors next door but not me
arthurus has written a whole spy novel about Obama's machinations:
I think Boehner's continued speakership depends depends entirely on what Hussein wants. Hussein or Jarrett controls the NSA information and the blackmail operations.If they want to keep Boehner as Speaker and change him to Democrat, that will transpire. If it is desired that he continue as a Republican Speaker, that is what will happen, perhaps with a one or two vote margin to remind him forcefully who is the Dictator and push him deeper and more securely down into Hussein's pocket.

By the way, I don't think Jarrett is pulling Hussein's strings as much as before or perhaps at all. He has taken the scimitar from her, or she has handed it to him and he is swinging it with his own arm.
American Constitutionalist is pretty enthusiastic!



Please God ? not Macarthy from California, please God of Israel make Louie Gohmert speaker of the house of repersentitives in the US Congress.
SMARTY's love of righteous victimhood leads him into unwarranted pessimism.
Humanity is going BACKWARDS ...Returning to the grinding poverty, disease, overcrowding, violence, brutality, irreligious and disgusting crudeness that typified the dark ages.
Arm_Bears loves how only Trump supporters are allowed in the super-small tent!
Trump continues to out the RINOs.
defconw suddenly thinks evangelism is bad:
If he wants faith go to Mass. IF he had preached all non-Catholics and even some Catholics would be screaming! How DARE the Pope preach to us. We are not Catholics. Think about it!
from occupied ga explains how you should never talk to liberals, only hit them:
Leftists ALWAYS lie. They have no shame nor conscience. They cannot be bargained with (because they lie and will NEVER keep their side of any bargain) they cannot be reasoned with (because their position isn't based on facts or logic) We have no common ground with them. Any attempt to find such will result in their advancing their agenda at the expense of our freedom and our assets.

They can only be defeated or they can defeat us.
Chgogal's discussion about the Pope reveals his own economic illiteracy:
I like Popes who support trickle up wealth as opposed to trickle down poverty. This Pope is as ideological as Obama and just as left wing stupid. The world will rue both their leaderships and the poor will suffer the most. Shame on the Pope for promoting poverty and hardship. In this day and age, with all the world’s historical knowledge at ones fingertips it is inexcusable to be left wing.
MadMax, the Grinning Reaper contemplates going Freeper crazy in public:
Lots of conservative Jews are coming out of the closet and into action. Those who understand history, including my Holocaust survivor friends, know that the Democrats and the Iran agreement are a death sentence for Israel and they are scared shitless.

I was just asked if I wanted to join such a group ( by a son of a WW2 veteran who is still alive; nephew of the other two brothers who fought in the Battle of the Bulge, one hundred miles apart).

If I get involved, my position will be “take no prisoners” Jewish liberals or Marxist Democrats. Tell the truth and put the Obamites on the defensive, all the time.

If this happens, where I live, it could perhaps have a significant impact on the other conservative Jewish congregations and organizations in the “heart of the beast”.

I’ve been in this fight for Israel since the 50’s (a distant relative helped out with the Exodus in Baltimore), and I know what is at stake.

I also know the Jewish establishment, including one of Obama’s top Jewish supporters, and it will be a pleasure to kick his ass.

Hopefully, you will see this change coming in late Fall or early Winter because time is growing short to destroy Obama and his Munich Marxists/surrender monkeys.
Lopeover is in love:
I love Don Trump! Love him. Love our country. Love Trump! ❤️
hoosiermama may want to look up what 'trump' means to some...
Some great day the Trump will sound for us all. Coincidence ?
onyx remains super catty about other women:
She has only recently started to sometimes smile, so I think that’s proof that she knew precisely Trump’s meaning and intent, but purposely distorted it for her own gain.

I also think that her sour, sneering demeanor is her ‘natural’ look, in that she radiates “I know more and better than y’all, so listen to me and learn, you inferiors.”

I’ve never found her like-able at all, but I have always detested Demonic-rats, so I voted for Fiorina against Boxer, who’s utterly contemptible, camel-butt ugly and horse’s ass rude.
Logical me thinks the liberal Pope means the world is over:
Looks like the head of the Catholic Church has taken to politics. Wow! Imagine a liberal Pope. That will cause the end of time for the earth. The world will be conquered by Muslims. Beheading every second. They love to kill.

Monday Potpourri pt. I

ilovesarah2012 has appointed himself the anti-Jeb, and has been posting BS about him every day:
I am not a fan of Jeb, but exactly why are you posting an article that is 16 years old, and what in the world does it have to do with anything today? If you are just doing it to fling mud at Jeb, that’s pretty low. There are enough legitimate policy reasons to oppose him - this is just petty.

I’m flinging mud.
oldvirginian is gonna have his own NATO, and it will be so much cooler and less tolerant than the old NATO!!
let Berlin and Paris form their own alliance.

We could save millions of dollars when we close our remaining bases in Germany. Let the Germans pay 100% of their own defence costs along with feeding their welfare state.

Then the US, GB, Canada and like minded countries can form our own alliance. Poland might be interested, hopefully Finland would like in with us.
BenLurkin knows all liberals are pro-pedophilia:
Biden, Kerry, Obama, Mrs. Clinton, Barney Frank, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, etc — have no problem at all with pedophilia becoming the next “civil rights cause of our time”
umgud would like to announce to everyone that he's breaking Federal (and probably state) nondiscrimination law:
I don’t hire disabled, blacks or LGBT. All three categories has produced numerous civil and court actions ending in a handful of 10’s of thousands of dollars in settlements with no wrong doing on my part. With the exception of one, every black who ever quit or was fired, caused drama. I settled for $50K with one IT (He?She?) and never found out ITs true gender.
CodeToad will only listen to Freepers who cheat on their taxes:
RginTN pays the IRS. He gives to the very organization that is destroying our country, the IRS. Pay no attention to RginTN because he pays to destroy our great nation!!!
DungeonMaster on Obama's faith:
People who call him a Christian really piss me off, though he may just be an atheist or a witch or an evolutionist and not a Muslim.
DiogenesLamp knows the law better than some stupid judge:
It is unconstitutional to legally bar Muslims from office. It is totally constitutional to not be suicidal enough to elect them to office.

I do not know that this is true. I know that liberal judges would have us believe this is true, because that is the meaning which they wish to twist from the words, but I argue that this does not meet the intent or spirit of the law.

This interpretation is just sophistry.
demshateGod lays out the hard truth:
I know it's hard to take, but we have realize this country we loved is gone. What this country is now is every bit as evil as Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia. Happy-talk and nostalgia is not going to change the reality.
Brad from Tennessee is too clever to worry about making sense:
Most politicians are whores. Obama is a crack whore.
entropy12 makes the usual charge against a successful woman:
Rumors are rampant Carly slept her way through promotions. But that does not bother me as much as the lies she spouts without breaking a sweat. She is Brian Williams on steroids.
txhurl asks for proof Obama likes dogs, other than owning and playing with them:
How many times have you seen zero playing with his dogs that wasn’t forced? Islamos HATE dogs.
DainBramage is pretty sure the guy who asked Trump about how to deal with the Muslim problem was a plant, due to his angry manner:
I asked that a week ago and heard nothing. He was way too loud an obnoxious to not be a plant. And the media hasn’t checked him out is another sign.
SubMareener knows Trump is better than even Ronald Reagan:
Did Ronald Reagan fund his own campaign? Had Ronald Reagan ever put an organization into Bankruptcy? Donald Trump is a totally different kind of leader that we haven’t really seen since George Washington.
It only takes a few made up facts for Vigilanteman to lay bare the abortion industry:
It is pretty simple. The most marketable baby parts are at five months of gestation or more and this would really, really p*$$ off Planned Parenthood. They give the DNC a pretty sizable cut of the profits.
Responsibility2nd is so anti terrorist he's pro terror:
Perhaps our best option is that one of these (terrorist) refugees blows up and kills a bunch of liberals in some liberal loony enclave of mental disorders like Wash. DC.
Nervous Tick is still hating on Megan Kelly:
[Me Gyn] is the absolute definition of smug

It’s tough to refute that claim.
Raycpa is sure Trump calling Fiorina ugly was a clever tactic:
Trump’s strategy worked. He has changed the subject from her abilities to her looks. She fell for it.
MARKUSPRIME on Carly's ugliness:
She is a Pro-Amnesty RINO. She also had tons of plastic surgery and is still a woofer. You cant fix ugly. She’s going for the vote for me because I have a VJ dumbass low information crowd, unfortunately they are alot of women that follow this idiotic logic.
wardaddy knows who hates women the most:
I’ll let you in on a wee secret

Biggest women haters in the world are faggots

They either want them to look like skinny teen boys or they want to be them

They are jealous and resentful of women

Real men at least of my generation love women for all the most obvious reasons yet were are most likely to be called misogynist
After his Benghazi probe has revealed nothing, dsm69 senses gayness in Trey Gowdy:
I’ve wondered if he is a little light in the loafers like his fellow South Carolinian, Prissy Lindsey Graham. Looks like Gowdy supports amnesty as much as prissy Lindsey does.

Also, his hair style looks a little faggy.
blueunicorn6 is never letting go!
Why, it’s almost like all the people that hate the U.S. Are blackmailing Obama.

What could they possibly have on him?

Only Sacajaweau has the humility to to criticize this Pope on God's behalf.
If he doesn’t PUBLICALLY denounce abortion and gay marriage AT THE WHITHOUSE, he’s not the leader God intended.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Spotlight: DiogenesLamp

Why isn't this Freeper featured in my blog more?! He came on board in 2011, and is one of those Freepers who has no cause or point of view outside the Freep mainstream, but his passion and ruthless (fantasy) means to reach the ends of a Freeptopia surpass all but the most deranged.

So he doesn't just hate the 19th Amendment that gave women the vote, he hates the 14th as well. He does't just wonder if liberals should be killed, he wants Muslims to start their invasion already to kill them. He doesn't just lament how Christians are oppressed, he thinks the US was set up to oppress all non-Christians. And, of course, we must kill all the liberals because they're Nazis who want to kill all Freepers. My favorite part? His plan to use Muslims to kill all the liberals. That is a special kind of crazy.

His profile has nativist quotes from George Washington and the war of 1812, though he doesn't usually bother with evidence.

And yet he appears in my blog only 16 times somehow. Weird.

But now this gay marriage thing has truly motivated him to a previously unreached manic height of crazy volume and crazy quantity of posts, so I have decided to strike while the iron is hot.

Foregone conclusion!
Thinking About the Unthinkable: An Israel-Iran Nuclear War

Unthinkable? It's a foregone conclusion. Obama will go down in History as the stupidest leader ever. People will curse his name.
When Middle East analogies go off the rails....
We are handing a gun to a fanatic, who intrends to use it against someone in the same room with us, and that intended target is holding a hand grenade with the pin out.

The intended target also has a gun, loaded and aimed at the nutjob, so he might not have to use the hand grenade.

On the other hand, if it gets that far, the idiot handing the gun to the Nut needs to catch some shrapnel.
Likes how this psycho thinks:
They must target cities as well as bomb making centers—They political structure must be aborted—The Holy City and Mullahs evaportated as well as the oil resources and military assets or they will re-build and strike back in one way or another. Iran must be made to realize they have been defeated.

So many lives must be lost that they go beyond revenge to bending to the destruction. One side must win, one side lose. Is is Horrible? Yes. War is horrible. Its that or let hate win and Israel lost forever.

Only by waiding in blood can the Jews win. That or the hope of Israel will be a footnote in history.

Millions must die—Their should be a 2 hour first strike, followed by a more sever 2nd strike, 24 hours later, a 3rd strike 24 hours after that and a forth strike using conventional weapons.

They must blow up the TV crews reporting on the Jewish Terror. Follow with a demand that Iran Surrender—and if they do not—a sixth strike harsher than the first. It will need 35 to 50 nukes. Sorry, but this is how you deal with barbarians.

I like how you think. I too am of the Curtis Le May school of warfare.
1. Did you catch the targeting of foreign reporters?
2. Beyond his psychotic war strategy, LeMay is quite a piece of work. Was segregationist George Wallace's running mate, and without Presidential permission flew nuclear airplanes over USSR cities in the late 1940s in an attempt to provoke Stalin.

Lets get the Muslim genocide started:
ISIS threatens to send 500,000 migrants to Europe as a 'psychological weapon

I hope they do. The Europeans need to be hit in the head with a Baseball bat, and I don't know if that will even wake them the f*** up.

I keep coming back to that article I read which was written by David P. Goldman about the need to kill three million of them.

We might as well let the Europeans get started with that first half million.
Also on the death list: corporations that support the gays.
No, Kim Davis, You Can't Beg for Money on GoFundMe

We need to be keeping score of these left wing companies with a reckoning in mind when the law can no longer protect them from our wrath.

These "Liberal only" organizations need to be smashed, and then prohibited thereafter.
Throw all Democrats into prison:
Both Clintons should have been thrown in prison years ago.

We could also save a lot of time by tossing all Democrats in Prison. They are mostly unconvicted felons anyway.
Civil War hoping, because liberals are Nazis:
Civil war approaches quickly.

Let us only hope so, because the alternative looks more like gas chambers are approaching.

If I have to chose between the frying pan and the fire, i'll take the frying pan.
Liberal Nazis, any day now...
Handing out and processing civil marriage licenses (no one is asking her to perform religious marriages)--or, if she doesn't want to do that, having someone else in her office do it--is not the same as running concentration camps.

The running of concentration camps began as the exclusion of Jews from government positions.

I sh*t you not. If you cannot see where this is going, then I have no hope of enlightening you as to the danger.
Nazis Nazis Nazis!
The Nazis had this term called "Gleichschaltung" which "Among the goals of this policy were to bring about adherence to a specific doctrine and way of thinking and to control as many aspects of life as possible."

The left comes more and more to resemble the Nazis, and they are slowly following in their footsteps. The Nazis were also full of Homosexuals.
He's been studying birtherism since 2008:
What facts show this? I have been studying this topic since 2008, and I know of no facts that show he was born in Hawaii. It is equally probable that he was born in Washington state or Canada based on what i've seen.
The Muslims are coming!
Tell your Leftist sister in law that she is going to lose anyway. The Muslims are coming and Christians are the only thing that can possibly stop them.

They will be murdering gays wholesale once they come to power, which they will, because you cannot defeat them with appeals to reason or secularism. They will not listen and they will take over and impose a far stricter and more onerous set of rules.

She is going to get far worse than a Christian culture, but we won't have to listen to her gripe about it. The Muslims will tell her to shut up and if she doesn't, they will beat her. If she continues, they will stone her.

People are casting away tolerance by undermining the foundation of tolerance in our society. You destroy Christianity, you GET Islam.
He doesn't think the Planned Parenthood arson was a false flag, because he approves:
Blaze that heavily damaged a Planned Parenthood clinic in Washington state WAS arson

The wonder is not that this one burned, but that the rest of them haven't.
Never feed Muslims after midnight:
People did not make the connection. They count that as an act of "terrorism". A fluke. Something done by extremists, and not "ordinary Muslims."

They do not grasp that "ordinary Muslims" are like "Gremlins" and if you feed them after midnight, they turn evil.

"Ordinary Muslims" have a Jekyll/Hyde character, and this needs to be recognized and understood by people who move governmental policy. This dual nature of their character flows directly from their religion. It is simply incompatible with Western ideas of Freedom, Equality and Tolerance.

At this point, "Telling" them won't do any good. They must be shown. The best way to show them is to put them up close and personal to the threat.
But his hatred of liberals makes him root for the Muslims:
We need to accept whatever number is required for them to start killing Liberal people who support their arrival, to the extent necessary to wake the survivors up.

Muslims need to go in mass numbers to San Fransisco, New York and Boston, provided they are the really militant types. We need vicious and violent Wahhabis to confront the populations there.

We are at a point now where we need to speed up Liberal's confrontation with reality while we still have sufficient numbers to repair the damage after the "formerly Liberal" survivors figure it out.
He has a plan to try to false flag Muslims into killing liberals:
I have been saying for a long time that we need to be forcing confrontations between Muslims and Liberals. One idea that I keep suggesting is to make up some anti-Islamic literature, put liberals names on it, and drop it off in Muslim Neighborhoods.

Awhile back, a bunch of atheists printed a comic book featuring a cartoon bible raping a woman. I said at the time, "we need to get our hands on a copy, redo all the pages with Koran's replacing bibles, throw in a bunch of Insults for Mohammad, and then drop that off around various mosques in their area with those Atheists names and home addresses listed on it. "

That Muslims would saw off a few heads of my enemies would not bother me greatly. This is how you fight a war.

If it provokes an Anti-Muslim backlash, well that's okay too. Getting your enemies to fight each other is a very good accomplishment.
He really likes his outsourcing genocide plan:
Don’t stop there, Dr. Adam Kotsko! If Christianity is “White Male Privilege”, what is Islam - especially since the semitic Middle East genomes are roughly classified as a branch of ‘White’? Show how brave you are!

I wish we had a dirty tricks squad that would take all his hateful commentary, substitute words like "Bible, Jesus, and God" with "Koran, Mohamed and Allah", and redistribute it in Muslim areas with his Name, Address and Contact information.

I'm tired of playing footsy with these @$$$holes. They need to get a taste of what will replace Christianity if they are successful in pushing it out.
Don't misread the Constitution, Christians get rights and Muslims do not.
My religion trumps court orders but yours doesn’t?

That is not an unreasonable understanding of the rights guaranteed by a document that ends with "Year of our Lord" and exempts the President from working on the Christian Sabbath.

In a word, Yes. The Christian religion trumps the Muslim one in a Christian Nation.

We have just been lied to about the character of this nation when it was created for many years now. People don't remember or understand that there existed official state religions in 1787 when our governing document was written, and even in 1862, the expressly Christian nature of this nation were well understood by the highest authorities in our nation.
If only the right had a channel devoted to propaganda...
Conservatives should have long ago bought at least one network, and FIRED everyone who was NOT Registered as a Republican and identified themselves as a conservative.

If you think that would not be tolerated, then explain how the opposite is the currently the default existing condition.
Conservatives opinions are the same as 100 years ago, so you know they're good:
we have not changed our opinions. They are the same as they were a hundred years ago, and this notion that fundamental truths must give way to whatever happens to be popular nowadays is very foolish advice. No, there is nothing wrong with our opinions, what is wrong is that society has been made stupider by government run school systems, and it has been misinformed by Liberal run News and Entertainment systems.
Anyone who likes Lincoln now, will probably like the gays in 2115:
In a hundred years (probably less) there will be other childish little big mouths like you arguing that Homosexuals were being mistreated and the federal government needed to step in and protect them because the status quo was immoral, so therefore the FedGov was justified in taking action.

Fed Zilla started with Lincoln and the Civil War. It is but one more ugly truth that you refuse to face.
Education just misleads you:
Between the opinion of a New Jersey Judge and any random bum on the street, I will probably grant the opinion of the bum more credibility than that of the Judge.

Judges are TRAINED to get it wrong.
We need to destroy higher education:
And this is why we need to bankrupt Colleges and Universities and put their classes on the Internet where people can take them for free.
Google is Skynet, terminators work for the government:
Do not doubt for a moment that google is part of the deliberate Liberal propaganda apparatus. It's ran out of California and i'll wager it employees 90% Liberal Democrats. For a company who's motto is "do no evil", I regard them as probably the most evil corporation which has ever existed.

Google will become the "Skynet" network from which the Government "Terminators" will get much of their information.
Obama's so evil law no longer matters:
We are so deep in the twilight zone now that "legal" is proof of nothing. Ever hear of Obamacare? And here we all thought slavery had been made illegal.
Cruz isn't natural born, but fuck it:
I’ll vote for Cruz if he runs

So will I. Screw the Democrats. If rules don't apply to them, they don't apply to us either.
Loyalty is inherited. Better hope your parents don't have any foreign taint!
It has long been my understanding that citizenship is a characteristic of nature, not of the location you happen to be when you are born. Just as an unborn child is a person even before it emerges, so is an unborn citizen still a citizen before it is born.

That characteristic which makes a child both a person and a citizen is that which is acquired from it's mother and father.

John McCain was born to citizen parents in the service of our nation, and he himself fought and suffered on our behalf. I do not regard him as having any taint of foreign influence about him, and that is after all, the salient point behind article II anyway.
The Confederacy woulda been awesome!
You Union Supporters own abortion, homosexual marriage, anchor babies, Wickard v Fillburn, the banning of prayer in schools and even the election of this current @$$hole in chief who does not posses "natural born citizenship" but is instead only a citizen as a consequence of the 14th amendment.

You guys own that 14th amendment disaster.
The 1st Amendment needs to cut out disgusting things.
It is my belief that the first amendment was primarily designed to protect political speech. It was a rejection of "Lese Majeste" for which people had been prosecuted for criticizing Governors and such before we became a country.

It was never intended to apply to such things as "Porn" or the right to disgust people. If it doesn't have an obvious political component, it really doesn't come under the first amendment protection in my opinion.
Also hates women voting, naturally:
August 26, 1920: The 19th Amendment Goes Into Effect, Granting Women the Vote (OMG!)

It appears to have been a major mistake. I've read that all Democrat Presidents since elected were a consequence of Women Voters.

This isn't the worst constitutional amendment, but it certainly seems to be in the "bad" category.
His historian friend hates Lincoln
My History Major friend appears to have been right about Lincoln deliberately starting the war while making it look like the Confederates did it.
Vote Democrat to stick it to that GOPe:
I constantly urged everyone in Kentucky and Mississippi to vote for the Democrat in order to send a message to the GOPe. Because they did not, the message received in Washington D.C. is that you can stab conservatives in the back, and they will meekly vote for you anyway.

The price of Two extra Democrat Senators would have been worth it to disabuse the Washington DC establishment of that notion.
Obama's a nigger:
Lazy, Ignorant, Stupid, yet full of Arrogance? Obama is the sort of man for which the "N-word" was created.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Pope hate

Despite initial imprecations to play nice, Jim Robinson himself has started a thread attacking the Pope's rather unremarkable speech.

This means it's open season. Freepers eagerly attack the Pope, the Catholic Church, and anyone else nearby. Catholic Freepers try to act as protestant as possible.

fwdude knows a bit of Revelations-fueled drama never goes wrong:
If he is not THE Antichrist, Francis is AN antichrist.

Who else would have open fellowship with belial.
Obadiah is far from the only one who throws out free will along with the idea of combating climate change:
Immediate need to address climate change?? Seriously? Mr. Pope, who created the earth and everything in it? Who is in control of all things.

KC_Lion laments that we have aborted every single one of our children:
"Is this not what we want for our own children?" he asked

What Future Children?

They have been murdered and Sold for Parts at a Mafia Chop Shop!

What about THAT!? Huh?
In the grim darkness of ChicagahAl, there is only war:
...the need to end armed conflict...

There are only two ways to end armed conflict; Either you surrender; or you force the enemy to surrender.

That's it.
In a thread full of selective theology, 1Old Pro projects a liberal strawman to attack:
Libs could care less about the pope, unless he mentions issues they can use politically. They just ignore the rest.
MarvinStinson just yells about Commies:
Commie US president

Commie Pope

Commies advancing by leaps and bounds
Norm Lenhart explains that the Pope wants to kill all humans:
A liberal is an elitist by definition. The ‘modern’ liberal’. They know all, see all and will do all. “No matter what”.

If many starve, die of disease or have to be shot, thats acceptable because ‘They’ know the way ‘it should be’ and anything and any ONE in their way is eliminated.

You gotta break egs to make omlettes. Period. And they see humans, who they tell us are a cancer on Gaia, as an egg to be used as needed.
BenLurkin's analogy betrays a pretty impressive lack of perspective:
The church used to be the defender if civilization. This Pope is siding with the barbarians.
BigCinBigD can't think much though his rage:
Screw that dress wearing boy lover.
lexington minuteman 1775, a Florida pastor, explains how the Pope and Obama are demonic, but not full-on apocalypse demonic...
I believe that Obama is “antichrist” light...he’s not smart enough to be THE antichrist...but hes a “type” or “model” what to be looking for which will be much worse than Obama is...

and I conclude that the antichrist demonic side kick is the false prophet a world wide religious leader and this pope is the false prophet light. So you put the two together its no wonder they are on the same page. Liberals are destroying the creation and trying to take down the Creator.
PATRIOT1876 is pretty sure the Pope has a secret idol:
He is on the Lefties side about everything else.
I believe he will support abortion eventually.

He's already broken a few of the Commandments:

He worships Gaia
I bet he has at least one statue that he prays to.
Not sure if it is exactly bearing false testimony, but he is lying when he says that the Climate Change Scam is real.
He's pushing Socialism
Kit cat is a Catholic, but hates it:
I AM Catholic I am not only embarrassed by this Pope, I am outraged at this Pope after ALL of the scandals in the church this just put the icing on the cake for me!!!! I DO NOT like this Pope makes it VERY HARD to be a Catholic!!!!!
catbertz is a Catholic, except for the Church part:
I’m Catholic as well, and he irritates me more than anything. I have watched the church go down multiple dark roads, and wonder if it will ever recover, but that’s the churches problem. My faith and loyalty belong to Jesus Christ, and not to the churches human leadership. Just like the GOP, I haven’t left them, they’ve left me.

No more turning the other cheek

You can already see the signs; I expect some choice drama in reaction to the Pope's address to Congress. In the meantime, here's some selective theology from 2014.

Alas, I've lost who posted this thread, but it is an interesting facet of Free Republic I don't often post about.

WND, reaching for crazy heights even they rarely manage to hit, with an article that begins "From behind a smoking sniper rifle high atop his ivory tower peers the secular-”progressive.” He surveys his many victims, strewn across the American landscape below and mockingly sneers, “War on Christianity? What war on Christianity?”" It then advocates nonviolent civil disobedience. Meh.

But Freepers feel the tone more than the message, and fall into a discussion of whether Jesus is cool with massacring liberals.

DavidLSpud argues killing 'in defense of the Constitution' is legit.
A True Child of God doesn’t kill.

Was King David a “true child of God”?

Is there a difference between kill and murder?

Is service to the U.S. Constitution murder, killing,

or defending a moral contract?
Fred Hayek is really ceding the 'unlike the Koran, the New Testament is nonviolent' high ground.
I would have to look it up, but there is a point in scripture about bending pruning rods into spears. Also something about selling ones cloak for a sword. So this stuff about Christians supposed to be milquetoast is a lot of rot.
Fiji Hill knows Christian massacres are okay - if you're killing Muslims.
A true child of Christ doesn’t kill.

I disagree. If Christian military heroes such as the Frankish warrior Charles Martel and the Roman emperors Constantine IV and Leo III had turned the other cheek in the face of the Muslim hordes, we would be praying to Mecca five times a day and our world would be little different from that of the eighth century.
MacNaughton is really sick of people Alinskying Jesus's words.
Modern Christians have finally become the "eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven" that they were commanded to be. Why pick up a gun and fight for your freedom when to wage violence is to endanger your immortal soul? Why not content yourself to being a poor little abused slave to the marxists in this world and then collect your reward in the next life? Thats how we got to where we are today. The disordered left has free reign to do whatever it wants, and the "opposition" has its hands tied behind its back by its "values" perpetually wringing those hands worrying if they are being charitable enough.

Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, 1971

 RULE 4 - Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules. If the rule is that every letter gets a reply, send 30,000 letters. You can kill them with this because no one can possibly obey all of their own rules no more than the Christian Church can live up to Christianity.

 Exodus 20:1-17 and Deuteronomy 5:4–21 – The Ten Commandments
 Leviticus 19:34 (NIV, © 2011) 34 The foreigner residing among you must be treated as your native-born. Love them as yourself, for you were foreigners in Egypt. I am the Lord your God.
 Matthew 5:38–5:42 – “turn the other cheek”
 Matthew 7:3-5 – “speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye/ plank in your own eye”
 Matthew 7:12, and Luke 6:31 – The Golden Rule
 Matthew 22:34-40 – “Love your neighbor as yourself.”
 Luke 6:27–31 – “love your enemies”
 Luke 6:37 - “Do not judge, and you will not be judged”
 James 2:10 - 10 For whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles at just one point is guilty of breaking all of it.
GeronL is not optimistic, except about how long America will last.
I don’t see any real revolt coming. We might spend 100 years in the wilderness waiting for this Soviet to collapse
His despair doesn't stop GeronL from advocating mass ideological murder, though!
taking out every socialist in America would be self-defense
laplata seconds the mass murder sentiment.
taking out every socialist in America would be self-defense

That’s right.

Socialists/Progressives are enemies of our Prosperity, Security and Freedom, among other things.
Foundahardheadedwoman explains that there is nothing more Christian than Old Testament Wild West vigilante justice.
‘So, to shoot a socialist is to “kill” and is not murder?’

In the Old Testament when someone killed someone the elders came to him and he would explain why if it was thought justified he was free to go his way. Murder is different and is viewed in the Ten Commandments as being so. It says “Thou shalt not murder, not thou shalt not kill.

Old story when a killing took place in Texas the Rangers first question was, “Did he deserve killing?”
In the end, only one Freeper speaks out against the anti-liberal crusade. Luckily, rationalization and fantasizing planning is about all the work Freepers are willing to do in their quest to purify America.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Monkeys, and Lynching

Whoa, AnonB....

They're still getting worse. A Daily Mail story says a girl was beaten for wearing a bikini, though something tells me there may be more to the story.

Blacks did something bad! This means racism is totally okay, so far as Freepers are concerned. Hell, I'm convinced very few bothered to read the article. So Freepers go...I'm not sure what to call it. I've already said 'Full Stormfront' before...I know it's a cliche to say there are no words, but I'm out of terms for this empty and puerile level of thoughtless bigotry.

Well, I guess I found some words after all.

Organic Panic - monkeys:
It’s like watching a troop of chimpanzees with these videos. One sets off the whole troop and the rest jump in and mayhem takes off. That poor girl. We shouldn’t have to worry about stopping at a gas station and getting assaulted like this. It is too bad someone was not there to put those feral vermin down.
Viking2002 - monkeys:
Nothing gets 'em chimping like a white girl in a bikini.
sparklite2 - monkeys:
Baboons baboonating in baboonery.
spel_grammer_an_punct_polise - monkeys:
I see that the missing links are at it again.
beelzepug - bring back lynching:
It hasn’t been that many years ago in Louisiana that those SOBs would have been tracked down and left hanging from a bridge. Justice used to be swift.
PAR35 - bring back lynching:
Emmitt Till wannabees.
LouAvul goes through a lot of speculation just to blame the victim:
She's a teenager. A lot of white teens think that because they are open minded and liberal, and look at everybody as equals, that the world is just a loving place for them.

The reality can be much different.
X-spurt - lynching, by way of South Africa and the post-Civil War Confederacy
The liberals have empowered Uganda on America. How long before the Winnie Mandela burning tire necklacing begins?

On a lesser scale this same crap happened all over the South after the War of Northern Aggression. The difference then, was damn few put up with it very long after the jackleg troops left the affacuns in charge.
rlmorel has some kind of racist stroke or something:
Discussed in detail here:




Target: Carly

In 2012, Freepers fought, but each of the GOP candidates had their champions (except Romney, as those were purged.)

But this time around it's all about Trump or Cruz, and all the other candidates are pretenders.

So Fiorina's recent ascendancy in the polls has lead to Freepers hating her with as much substanceless intensity as they muster for even Democrats.

WENDLE calls her a cow face, and then laments that she worries about sexism:
It is sickening to watch “cow face” Look at that damned face. She is a FEMINIST!! We are AMERICANS, not “women”!! By the way , she is at 7% and falling . She will be OUT by November 15-— NO MONEY TO PAY HER OFF!!Get gone.
WENDLE doubles down on the ugly:
Yes, that is good. I have never seen such a face. She was a business failure and a moslem lover to boot. I give her 90 days to get gone or she can spend all she wants of her own money— Trump will— BIG TIME!!( He is beholding to no man!!)
ifinnegan makes the Hillary connection:
You haven’t seen the iCarly Hillary love video yet, have you.

Nor are you aware of iCarly and her long time association with Hillary and the Clinton Foundation.
I Hired Craig Livingstone also invokes Hillary:
Gnarly FioRINO reminds me very much of Shrillary. Robotic. Lies effortlessly.
I Hired Craig Livingstone also with the face:
Secretariat faced.
LibsRJerks knows what feminism means:
Carly’s a man hater.... She no more resembles a conservative than the man on the moon.
scooby321 has some list of sins:
She was fired by Mc Cain

Who made you sell Printers to Iran?

Who bribed Russians

Who praise the Ottoman Empire at 9-11.

You and Megan Kelly
lewislynn no longer supports even Cruz:
the only Consistent Conservative is Sen Ted Cruz. He didn’t praise hitlery or give money to the clinton foundation.

He's a fraud. He's not worthy of holding any office after his Corker bill vote FOR IRAN AND FOR OBAMA and by extension AGAINST ISRAEL.

All the people who voted for that bill should rot in hell and that includes the faux conservative Ted Cruz.
CodeToad knows only tax cheats get to complain about the government:
RginTN pays the IRS. He gives to the very organization that is destroying our country, the IRS. Pay no attention to RginTN because he pays to destroy our great nation!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Jade Helm 15 is done, but the conspiracy lives on!

Freepers didn't really buy into the Jade Helm 15 as prelude to martial law silliness. Or, more likely, they did but the threads got pulled. Because now that it's all done, quite a few Freepers seem to still have their tin foil on. napscoordinator does not much like Freepers, I guess.
So glad it ended up being nothing which I think most Americans know it was going to be nothing. Outrage is the “in thing” now a days.
Gaffer will be suspicious until the government releases all its military tactics:
So. I guess we’ll all be treated to the Post-Op lessons learned from Jade Helm Command, then. When can we expect to get a copy of the PowerPoint presentation?
CivilWarBrewing falls back on other paranoid conspiracies:
The Twin Peaks Jade Helm was a raging success! /s
max americana would like to devalue the Holocaust:
Well, it’s over and you’re not in a concentration camp.

Really?? The past 8 years under Klownie the Kenyan didn;t seem like concentration camp time to you?
Flavious_Maximus also posts about his lack of Freedom on the Internet:
A few weeks ago we saw a couple thug marshals illegally put hand cuffs and shackles on a Christian woman and place her in jail for her beliefs. That is worse than a concentration camp. What more proof do you need to know that this country is lost to the barbarians and heathens?
ChildOfThe60s explains ipso facto all Freepers are totally targets:
This was practice.

I remind the skeptics that the DoD has printed manuals defining folks like us as probable terrorists.

Ipso facto an exercise such as JH15 is logically going to include dealing with us in the mix.
HarleyLady27 is immune to accusations that she's as crazy as any left wing paranoid:
Yeah, martial law right before the national election so the muslim in chief can become a dictator!!!

Are YOU going to let that happen folks????

Change "Muslim" to "Moron" and you have a post from Democratic Undergound in 2008.

Why would I want to change something that I think is right?
AEMILIUS PAULUS explains paranoia is fine, when it stems from righteous hatred:
The fear expressed by the public merely reflects deserved loathing that has developed toward our once respected Government. We are now being led by people who do not even belong to our Western Society.
bgill dusts off another oldie:
If the Army was 10 times its size it couldn’t institute nationwide martial law. I could barely hold the major cities.

That’s why Obama is beefing up his civilian army.
GraceG retroactively revises the conspiracy:
From what i could tell Jade helm was not a “Round them all Up” exercise for taking out patriots.

Instead it was more of a “Infiltrate them without them noticing you are walking among them” sort of exercise.

I’d be more worried about the military exercises taking place in the civilian sphere that they don’t tell us about.
GraceG is sure Alex Jones is on to something.
Alex is an important thing to listen to from time to time in small doses.

When crap starts hitting the fan Rush Limbaugh will start sounding like Alex Jones, as Rush sometimes says “I will let you know when it’s time”

James Bond is now gay

I'm a man of kind of embarrassingly prosaic tastes. Add in my age, and my favorite James Bond was Pierce Brosnan, much to my more purist friends' chagrin.

But for Freepers, art isn't about enjoyment, it's about politics. So when the lates Bond star, Daniel Craig, laments the misogyny of past Bonds Freepers suddenly discover that they've always hated the Bond most like Sean Connery's original.

Especially notable is how vocal the women Freepers are in their love of JB's past rape-them-till-they-love-it exploits.

Augie clearly thought this decision out:
daniel craig is the worst Bond ever.
stephenjohnbanker just sticks with hating all new things:
They were dead after Connery. Now a total joke.
longtermmemmory attempts an actual critique, but haha not really:
James Blond is too pc from day one.

The actor wanted a james bond with fewer guns, he did not drive stick, and the writing has been weak at best.
Maris Crane has also always hated this guy's bond performance:
Craig has no business being in a Bond movie, let alone playing the star. I can see him in an Austin Powers revival though.
Maris Crane follows up with lamenting the totally manly men of yesteryear.
Hate to sound like living in the past, but every time I think there might be someone to take the place of Bogart, Cooper, Wayne, and so many more...there’s a story about the new guy that tells us “he really loves Prada.” I think Connery is in his eighties and he is still sexier than today’s losers. Young Sutherland came close and where is he?
Finny hates how Craig's bond is such a savage killer, not like the elegant Connery:
I thought Daniel Craig made such a crappy Bond that I stopped watching the Bond franchise, after a long run of always enjoying the whole list of flicks, silly as they were. I didn't think it was possible for anyone to be worse than a few of the Bond actors (who will remain unnamed), but Craig, coarse, solemn, and brutal with zero refinement, humor, or elegance, make them look like pikers.

Years later here ... Craig comes along and confirms my first impression of him: the wrong guy for the role in so many ways.
Finny also talks about how every one of the Batman films since The Dark Knight have sucked, if you were wondering how much movies actually matter to her.

lewislynn is one of many to make this joke about what not ojectifying women looks like!
So Bond is going to come out of the closet in “Spectre”?
Mastador1 agrees:
I guess it won’t be long before Bond is a transexual pacifist whose movies deal with him battling globull warming deniers and anti immigrant luddites while having gay flings.
rlmorel knows if you don't like misogyny, you must hate sex:
Oh, good God.

Misogynistic? The fact he even inferred that inclines me to believe he buys into the liberal BS, where feminists claim that viewing a woman as beautiful and desirable in a physical way is another manifestation of misogynistic expression.

Much in the same way that all sex is rape to them.
arthurus also makes with the straw feminists:
A man having any view a all about women is misogynistic because it is a man having a view. If there were no misogyny as PC defined there would be no naturally conceived or born children. I suppose that is the goal of liberals in general. Lots of sex but only at the woman’s initiative and no babies.
DaveyB tries for some concern trolling about violence:
IN the Bond films, men (not women) on both sides are being killed left and right with no remorse, yet Craig thinks the films are misogynistic; ostensibly due to little roll in the hay with willing vixens. Maybe he should be concerned with the disregard of male life before he engages in pandering to feminist misandric PC ideology.
pieceofthepuzzle knows that nothing can be sexist so long as there is rap and Islam:
People worried about this ought to be expressing their outrage at the way women are characterized in hip-hop and rap music and culture, and at the way women are treated in Islam - not wasting their time worrying about a movie series that 1) has changed with the times, 2) is pure fantasy, and 3) is based on books that were written in the 50s and 60s.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Monday Potpourri Pt. II

urbanpovertylawcenter joins the unironic endorsement of Nazi tactics:
What the Germans really need to do if they are going to let these cockroaches in is to set up squads of folks.....


rfreedom4u doesn't want women in the Marines. Except for his Marine wife.
My entire time in the Corp was in units with no women. We had very few problems. When I joined the army my first unit was all men (combat engineer). We had few problems. Then someone got the brilliant idea to add women to the mix and we had a whole bunch of issues almost immediately.

I am close to believing that women don’t belong in the Corps at all except my wife was in the Marines also. As for combat, women do not belong in it (my wife agrees). Aside from the incredible physical differences between the sexes there is also the emotional difference.
IDontLikeToPayTaxes just wants women to work women jobs, like they're made for:
The issue that nobody talks about is this: How many women even want to be in combat jobs?

From my experience in the military, not many at all.

I would say there is a very small percentage of women that want to be in the Infantry.

Almost all women in the Army join up to be a medic or a supply clerk, because that's the kind of stuff women like.
laplata relates how he bamboozled some old lady into agreeing with him, but never ceased his contempt:
One of my neighbors is an 81 year old lady who was born in Germany. She wanted to visit Germany one last time but decided against it.

Someone educated her about the Arab Spring and other disastrous POS Obama policies and she was flabbergasted that POS Obama was largely responsible for what’s happening. She said she felt like she was fooled by voting for him. Typical lib idiot.
Uncle Miltie explains in economic terms how we need to kill all the illegals:
The motivation of migrants is virtually infinite. The only way to stop an infinitely motivated illegal gate crasher is to kill them. Sad, but true.

The problem is not Europe’s fault. It is ISLAM’s fault.

Europe should properly put up fences and kill intruders.

Then muslims must address the root cause of their misery: ISLAM.
Sacajaweau simultaneously denigrates Ahmed Mohammed's clockmaking and thinks Obama made this happen somehow:
hardly some brilliant has a damn plug...The kids a dunce...

Why do I think Obama made this happen from the beginning.
Sounds like Psalm 144 is fixing to gin up some Bush conspiracies, using rumors to beget rumors:
Rumor had it that Ross Perot had some business grudge against “Read My Lips” Bush. That says something about the real face of a family if they can repeatedly draw enemies at that level with so much determination. That is not mere rivalry, that is hatred. One has to wonder why.
WENDLE is really not a fan of FiaRINO:
I know you all are up on this but I want to underscore the obvious. This Morning I saw that horrible RINO, that we all hate, Karl Rove — PUSHING THAT FAKER AND FEMINEST FiaRINO!! . Tonight on FAUX , I saw ( and this is beyond comprehension) McAMNESTY pushing FiaRINO. She is their whore!! She is the fix!! She sucks!!
Fiji Hill works really hard to misinterpret Fiorina's answer to a frivolous question:
It’s noteworthy that she said that she wants her Secret Service code name to be Secretariat. A secretariat is an institutional bureaucracy, usually part of international organizations such as the League of Nations—or totalitarian political parties such as the National Socialist German Worker’s Party, Italy’s National Fascist Party, or the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.
sten tries to draw a parallel between precautionary searches that apply to everyone and an 8-hour arrest of a Muslim who did nothing:
when the kid shows up at the white house, the secret service won’t check his ‘clock’



after all, that would be racist. the kid MUST be allowed to enter the white house with the box COMPLETELY unsearched.


and he should be able to meet with 0bama while holding the ‘clock’.

Objective Scrutator finds another impure seeming conservative
Ann Coulter is a known s***-stirrer, and someone who is in the pocket of the Left.
HomerBohn has a new Obama nickname guys!
There’s enough Muslims in the White Hut and Annex to do serious damage. What am I saying? They are doing serious damage to America under their leader, Sultan Barackomar Hussein Oblumah.
RitaOK fantasizes about someone smacking the Pope for plotting with Obama to destroy America:
I’m dying to know who it was that told the pope to “SNAP OUT OF IT!”. I wondered if they had to smack his right cheek to get sober thinking, here.

He is being blatantly used as a boob to justify the destruction of our vote and our country, by legalizing the illegals in time for the next election.

He is for all of it, but to start a civil war may be a chew he has decided to delay. His ‘bite’ will come on his own soil, not ours. He will go home and plot from there, with Obama.
HurricaneD finds the America Dream to be highly suspicious:
Secretary to CEO? How unlikely.

Exactly right. Sort of like unknown Muslim from Kenya to President of the U.S.

Epic failure in both cases.
MeganC knows liberals never forgive, and will literally kill you for apologizing:
NEVER apologize to liberals because they are NOT Christians! Christians see a heartfelt apology as an act of contrition and a reason for forgiveness.

Liberals see any apology as a confession of guilt and a justification for the death penalty (which they oppose in cases of murder but approve of when someone is ‘offended’.)
AlaskaErik is sure Ahmed Mohamed is a terrorist:
Ahmed Mohamed was mistreated by imbeciles, and he’ll be famous for it, for 15 Warholian minutes, and then again for a 30-second spot when he graduates in a few years and goes off to MIT or wherever.

And the last we'll hear about him is when one of his "clocks" goes off and kills more Americans.
Crazieman literally changed his opinion just to continue to disagree with Obama:
I initially defended the kid until Dear Leader quickly stuck his fugly face in to the issue.

That sent up my red flags, since he’s wrong on 100% of the issues.