Friday, December 31, 2010

By now everyone knows that Conservatives are more interested in using the debt as a political cudgel than doing anything about it. Still, Freepers manage to be blatant about it. So when Jerry Brown says his plans for California "Taxes need to be raised, services cut and belts tightened" Freepers hear taxes and stop listening.

wants cuts to unions, somehow.

No cuts to the unions, though.

They elected him, and they expect a payoff.

WHBates (and ColdOne) just do not acknowledge 2 of the three things Brown said:

You’ll notice that cutting spending is nowhere on the list.

HKMk23 acknowledges, but redefines words:
His budget plan includes deep cuts to state services, including university systems and welfare programs

Ahh, yes, but you are forgetting one VERY important thing: For all Libs, the definition of "cut" is "a smaller than expected increase," and their definition of "deep cut" has typically been "no increase in funding."

So, actually, by the definitions that We, The People use, Brown's plan could easily impose no real cuts at all.

Da Coyote hopes for tax riots:

Good luck on the taxes.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to escape the state before the riots get to you and off your sorry little head.

PLD thinks blacks and illegal aliens are not people:
They vote a scum bag into office and California gets its taxes raised..With all the bad weather the people will have enough money problems to get their homes back in order..I can see now that people will start moving out of California and leave it to the Illegals and blacks..Let Brown govern them he will get no tax would be funny if people moved and let everyone know why..
ThisLittleLightofMine would like to remind us of stuff that is not true:
the vast majority of democrat voters do not pay the majority of these taxes. They are suckers off the system.
Jim Scott sees a tattered playbook
Anyone with half a brain knew full well that a dyed-in-the-wool leftist like Jerry 'Moonbeam' Brown, if elected, would immediately call for more and higher taxes to stave off California's inevitable bankruptcy. The 'cuts' are an illusion that Brown has to mouth to pretend as if he is actually going to do anything useful to help reduce the state's massive debt. The same tattered and worn liberal playbook; tax and spend and elect.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

On Liberals

A short, but sweet Freeper thread on (an admittedly slanted) study finding FOX News watchers falling for more misinformation compared to Daily Show watchers. Freepers respond by saying "Naw, Liberals are stupid!"

stockpirate just goes with "FOX is liberal too"

Well Fox has liberals and something they now call moderates with a conservative,
so that means liberals get two voices to one conservative. Think about it. And I
love all of those reports on Fox about the BC issue.

When you say moderates are the opposition, you just might be a crazy extremist. Course this guys is a birther.

A_Former_Democrat points out liberals all move away from liberal places.
we all know that liberals run from their own policies, blue to red, cities
to suburbs. They can’t stand themselves so they run to mommy and daddy
conservatives to protection from each other.
Amazing those places stay liberal, then!

G Larry has evidence!

Evidence of Liberal stupidity: (feel free to add)

1) In the face of record Federal tax receipts, they can’t see that spending is the problem, and call for higher taxes. (But only on the “rich”.)

2) Declare CO2 a pollutant, because it would allow the regulation of population and industry.

3) Promote Obamacare and other socialist policies, despite evidence that socialism has never worked in history.

4) Ignore the ties between Islam and Terror, while promoting more protection for Islam than Christianity.

In other words "Liberals believe liberal things, which we all know is stupid."

Can't win for losing

Obama sends home the Venezuelan ambassador to the US when Chavez rejects Obama's new US ambassador to Venezuela. But Freepers think Obama and Chavez are best friends! Luckily, they have developed amazing denial technology that lets them keep the narrative:

EternalVigilance thinks Obama can hate Chavez and still be evil.
Some of the nastiest fights in history have been between competing socialist factions.

usconservative points out this can in fact be evidence Obama's a socialist:
It's called eliminating one's competition. Obama did it for his own nefarious purposes. Just keep watching, he'll out himself soon enough.

Scanian can't let the idea that Obama is friends with everyone evil go:
Obama is doing some political posturing as a follow-up to his “bipartisan” tax compromise.
There is no political figure in the Western Hemisphere that is loved and admired more by Obama and his WH czars than Hugo Chavez.

. . . because of the tax compromise?

I don't buy this for a moment. This has the feeling of being staged to give Obama some "State Cred". We all know he loves Chavez and his ways.
I would like to see the internal documents from State on this.

But I thought the wikileaks guys was a traitor!

Scanian is pissed Obama doesn't piss off people who can retaliate against America:

Did you notice him doing that for any leader who 1)is a major oil producer or 2)we owe big money to?
I can’t think of any.

Unlike Bush, who was all about pissing off Saudi Arabia!

usconservative has found a new Axis of Evil!

by the way which enemy of America is supplying Venezuela with missiles capable of reaching our southern-most states? I think that was IRAN, who also has an un-holy alliance with Russia, along with Venezuela.

So now that we have this new triangle of terror that some shlub like me was able to identify from his computer terminal using nothing more than a few google searches to connect those dots, when will the State Department get smart and order the Russian's to abandon their embassy here in the U.S. too?

Russia-Iran-Venezuela! We should invade immediately!

Kill Michael Vick. Slowly.

I've always found Freepers to be more petty bullies than actual sociopaths. Especially when you factor in Internet Tough Guy Syndrome. That being said, the number of them that try to top Tucker Carlson's intemperate calls for Michael Vick's execution makes one wonder:

July4 wants to kill everything that revolts him:

Michael Vick is the scum of the earth. It doesn't matter how well he plays football, he is a man who repeatedly chose to perpetrate indescribable horror on the helpless. He didn't make a one-time mistake; the man is pure, calculated evil.

I agree with Tucker Carlson.

The Toll prefers the Dick Cheney rout:
I would sign on to torture. I’m sure it was something like torture for the defenseless pets like Labradors and Collies that are used to train these dogs to kill.

DefeatCorruption may think animals are more important than humans:
I, too, agree with Tucker Carlson. Humans know what they’re doing, animals are helpless and have no concept except survival..and the lucky ones get to know and give unconditional love, which is one of the best things a person can experience.

ladyjane is all for torture then death!
I agree also. I’d go one step further. Make the execution painful.

Wow, so much for Christian forgiveness. This goes beyond Old Testament.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Jonah Goldberg has an article trying to prove marriage and military service have always been liberal since gays want them. Time for another Freeper gay thread!

JudgemAll has a solution to gayness: jail!

Rape and sodomy charges.
They do it for domestic violence for women who are clueless, they need to do it for victims of gays. Period.
AEMILIUS PAULUS knows what comes after antidiscrimination laws: pedophilia!

The sodomites will start harvesting school kids once gays get EEOP “rights.”

A_Former_Democrat thinks AIDS is all for the gays.

HIV/AIDS wasn’t an accident. It is nature’s way of dealing with deviant promiscuity. Keep giving them the Ok’s and pats on the back and when the next wave hits, watch out.
Super-AIDS is gonna be rough!

massmike would like to shout about how crazy gay people are:

Now that gays are sufficiently evil, Freepers move on to note that other hated groups are gay:


I understand that in some Hispanic societies that only the "catcher" is
considered queer.

onyx kinda takes the long way around:
If these homosexuals are allowed to redefine marriage, polygamy is coming next and not from the Mormoms.
Moslems will demand it.
Sharia Law.

What, no Obama?

Also notable is that a few Freepers come close to being banned by head Freeper Jim Robinson for saying they hate gays, but may not want to put them all in jail.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The secret liberal depopulation plan

This is what some Freepers actually believe!

E. Pluribus Unum

Your life is an inconvenience to the ruling class, and they mean to cut it short.
The US should be filled with wildlife, not Americans. At some point, they will stop hiding their true agenda.
What does he mean?

I meant at some point they'll start herding people into corrals and disappearing them.
Vince Ferrer knows this is already happening!

I meant at some point they'll start herding people into corrals and disappearing them.
corrals hospitals
OMG, Obamacare! I was lied to - I thought it was only for killing old people and whitey!

Obama goes to church with his ugly wife

Obama goes to church for Christmas. Freepers start out raging at Obama's blatant not showing he's secretly Muslim, but quickly move on to making fun of Michelle Obama's looks. I guess even Freepers can get tired of the same outraged song and dance, but pettiness is forever:

MasterGunner01 thinks the Obama he makes up in his head is despicable:

Is Barry looking to be the Antichrist or the Mahdi — or maybe both?
After his blasphemy, he then went home and sent up a few prayers to Mohammed's black rock in Mecca.
This guy and his wife are despicable

hinckley buzzard notes Reagan didn't go to chuch, citing the same excise that Obama does. But Obama sucks and Reagan rules, so it's totally not the same. Also a bonus racial slur!

This is the same reason given by Ronald Reagan for skipping most religious services in DC churches. The difference is that Ronnie was a Christian and meant it, while obama is a moslem raghead and cynically uses Reagan's excuse. The question is, why did the barbarian pagan bastard choose now to disgrace the doors of a church he hates?

Dubya-M-DeesWent2SyriaStupid! is pissed Christmas carols were sung in Evil Obama's presence:

The devil likes to mock and confront Saint Michael.
It turned my stomache reading they sang joy to the world.I just again threw up a little in my mouth typing it

Cincinna knows Obama didn't take his kids, so they could stay evil at their impressionable age"

Went to a non denominational church without his children. Was first in line to take Holy Communion by dipping the wafer in the wine before putting it in his mouth. What kind of a church was this anyway?

I guess they don’t want their girls exposed to this religion stuff. They certainly don’t go to Sunday School, Little Commies from Commie parents grow

TribalPrincess2U notes this looks normal. This is, of course, proof of how weird Obama is:

Must make appearances to look like a normal family. They must be a very lonely family. They don’t fit in anywhere.

Bet they miss the old times with Ayers and other people wholike to kill and blow up things.

Then, 70 posts in little jeremiah goes a bit Taliban on the First Lady:

Why does that woman go practicallly half naked all over the place? It’s not resptectful to display her upper body like that, what to speak of in church. Or a mess hall - they’re trying to eat in there. No other first lady ever wore clothes exposing her body like that, practically every time she appears in public.

People hate to eat in the presence of female bare shoulders! The rest of this 250+ post thread is all about the First lady's inapropriate hideousness.

Tax-chick thinks Michelle's boobs are too low, like a monkey:

LOL! I do wonder why she doesn’t wear underwear like normal women. I don’t go out in public with the bosom drooping like a lower primate’s.

The pic in question:

Total monkey boobs! (?)

CaliforniaCon thinks all Michelle's hairdos are wigs:

Yes, all those hairdos are wigs - this little slicked back ‘knotted’ ‘style’ is the only view anyone gets of her real hair, not that it matters much I suppose........
The heat/humidity of Hawaii would make wig-wearing quite uncomfortable.

AmericanArchConservative strikes a blow for freedom by mocking how disgusting her hair must be:

Not sure how they could avoid spending a lot on hair to tame that matted, frizzled chow’s butt on her head.
If I were a hairdresser, I wouldn’t touch it for less than $1,500.
I mean - come on, consider the costs of re-sterilization of all combs, shears, clippers etc...afterwards.
Not to mention the personal humiliation of having to burn my clothes and be sprayed down with industrial grade de-lousing compound.
Hidden costs and all, you understand...

Not that it matters much, but there are a dozen posts about the supposed wigs.

The rest of the posts are of the general sort of racism/mean girls crap, ("I wonder if she takes steroids" "I can't help but look at the check pattern and think about Aunt Jemima" "Pregnant or she got a boob job" "she should never wear white, it makes her look even bigger....." "I bet Mochelle has very large ambiguous genitalia" "that pose/'frock' makes her look like one of the embalming team for Nefertiti" "Moochelle looks like something out of National Geographic" )

I leave the rest of the thread as an exercize in past Michelle bashing.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Snow reminds me of illegal aliens

It's a pretty small and silly story - Boston Mayor Deval Patrick has declared a state of emergency for what I gather is like four inches of snow. Perhaps prophylactic, perhaps for some tricky bureaucratic reason, perhaps it is indeed silliness.

EDIT: Massachusetts got 24 inches of snow. Governor Deval Patrick institutes a state of emergency to free up funds, as seems proper. Freepers' reactions are pretty random:

Christian Engineer Mass goes for the obvious jab:
(whiny squeaky liberal voice) state of emergency! it’s a state of
emergency! there’s 4 inches of snow on the ground! state of emergency!

napscoordinator thinks this is a great time to belittle actual tragedies:
After Katrina and the oil spill, you below the Mason Dixon Line have
ABSOLUTELY nothing to say about drama

Redleg Duke prefers to roll with some serious liberal strawmen
Wait until the greenies get control of the country and ban “inappropriate
technology” weather satellites.

anti-weather satellites?

Kenny Bunk has a lot of Freeper tropes to fit into his post:

I think we should all put aside ideological differences and try to help your Governor (who does look like Barack Obama on steroids) cope with this massive, paralyzing, unprecedented-in-New England, tragic, dangerous storm, which could delay the prompt delivery of aid to women, children, and minorities throughout the Commonwealth. I am not forgetting Gays and Lesbians, even though I had been led to believe that Lesbians, too, are "gay."

Snow in New England. It is caused by Global Warming and by that Dick Cheney and his patriarchal gender normative diabolical Weather Machine, which is of course, George W. Bush's fault. Now is a good time to remember that Deval Patrick is Governor of all the MAssholes, not just the good people, alive and dead, legal and illegal, who voted for him.

Wow. I lost track after making fun of the ambiguity of the semantics of the word 'gay.'

Melchior thinks this is the time to talk about illegal imigration in Arizona:

The Border Patrol helicopters are out. A BP vehicle just went screaming up the hill, in search of what, or doing what, only the good Lord knows.

Possible 70 degrees today. A Mexican semi just offloaded a couple hundred illegals outside Nogales. News indicates unemployment along the Arizona-Mexico border exceeds twenty percent.

The interstate is dotted by vehicles with California license plates headed home to Mexico. A score of BP agents are playing grabbass at the Tubac border check point. Just another day in Aztlan.

Kwanza is Kommunist

Obama gives a Kwanzaa greeting, as Bush before him did. Of course, now that Obama's doing it the somewhat risible holiday has become much more sinister:

jonrick46 is sure Obama is endorsing Kwanzaa because it makes blacks Communists, somehow:
Kwanzaa was formed to foster the values of Communism in the black culture.
I am sure Zer0 knows exactly what he is doing to call attention to Kwanzaa and
celebrate its values

Because cooperation means Communism!

struggle thinks endorsing Kwanzaa means Obama is some kind of fictional evil sorcerer:
Barack Obama, the new Randall Flagg.
boycott would like to remind us Obama is totally racist, so he makes up racist things for Obama to say:
president obama said, “Happy Kwanzaa to all you crackers, too.”

sergeantdave would like to say something random, but with onomatopoetic sneer:
Will obuma give michelle a soldering iron for kwanzaaaaaaaaaa?

Seaplaner has a great idea:

IIRC, Kwanzaa and the Simbionese Liberation Army have the same seven principles.

Am I wrong, or would this make a wowzer of a GOP election advert?

Yes, the GOP attacking Kwanza as secretly communist would be an awesome advertisement!

Monday Potpouri

Hell, we may need some “human shields” in coming wars. I suggest using fags. Let the enemy get spattered with AIDS infected blood when they blast ‘em. Other than that,I see no real use in fags in fags in the military.

Are they going to teach hand to hand bitch slapping in the marines now? Sick crap...

Sick crap indeed.

MinuteGal on Michelle Obama:

There's those trademark "well-toned arms" again, aack.

They reminded me that I forgot to watch the Bears game today.

The way she's dressed is very apropos for a visit to the appropriately-named "mess" hall.

Her lumpen straps holding up those protruding chads is very ghetto-chic and should keep her at the top of the list of well-dressed American ho', women.

I hope she didn't wear that outfit to church, but I wouldn't make book that she didn't.

The pic in question

Michael Barnes knows a law:
Quinn's first law; Liberalism ALWAYS generates the exact opposite of it's stated intent.
They are devoid of character; hence will never admit defeat.
Benchim thinks Don't Ask Don't Tell's end is the darkest day in our history:

This is the darkest day in our history. This is truly a disaster. My heart goes out to the service men who will defend themselves from gang rape and go to prison for doing so.

Fragging will be known as “fagging” . These sick perverts should be in jail not in the barracks. I am so sad for America.It will not be pretty.

MinuteGal again, on Obama's Alinsky Terrorist Tyrannical plans:

If Barry clashes head on with Congress on this issue when he returns it could signal the beginning of his rule by fiat and executive orders for the remainder of his term. Doing so will not faze him a's part of his Alinsky playbook.

It's curious, even strange, how adamant he is about terrorists being tried in civilian courts in this country and incarcerated in local federal prisons. Even to the point of pouring millions and millions into rehabilitating an empty Illinois facility.

Could it be that ole Barry is philosophically and emotionally on the side of the the point of pushing his weight around to insure the best trial and imprisonment deals for them even to the detriment of our own country?

jrg on the genitals of world leaders:

Putin has balls. Really big, brass balls

Obama has a vagina

For red-baiters, Freepers sure do love them some Putin!

Liberty Ship on why Obama's destructionhas got to come before passing any laws, even good ones:

Obama needs to be obstructed at EVERY juncture. He needs to be stymied and
frustrated and broken. His administration needs to be dismantled and destroyed
in detail. Handing him any kind of victory, real or imagined, only empowers him
and his cronies.

DontTreadOnMe2009 has found evidence Obama was a Marxist revolutionary at 19 years of age:

Obama will always support the leftist dictator, the Marxist,as he will be so like Obama himself ...

Read what he told Dr John C Drew at Occidental
19 yrs old and already a fully developed Marxist revolutionary.
And bragging about it.

Mr. K thinks black folks will never be scientists, cause black steriotypes won't let them:

But ain’t that be “actin’ white”?
Nex they be goin’ to college an’ all and be thinking they bad ‘n shit
devistate one four is gonna solve America's problems, one beating at a time!

Holder and his staff are homegrown terrorists.
I still want to talk about race with him, face to face, alone in a non padded room!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

And Happy Holidays!

Or not....

Merry Christmas!! I’m going to be celebrating Christmas, the Lord’s Birth! Let’s
all pray for the USA on that special day. With the repeal of DADT, bad things
are due to happen next year, I can just feel it — right up until the OhBummer
gets tossed out on his hiney.

So enjoy yourself till God's wrath kills us all!

Saturday Pix

Sarah Palin is so badass and gun-savvy! She'll kill you in like one shot! Unless you're a moose, then it takes like six.

I am suspicious Obama actually approved this message.

Gay stereotypes are hilarious!

Soldiers are now all cross-dressing cause that's how gays are. How they also became Che Guevera is a bit more mysterious though.

Obama loves Putin cause they are both soviets. Also there is a fairy involved somehow.

The idea is that Huckabee is fat, I guess?

Friday, December 24, 2010

Miller was cheated!

Happy Christmas Eve! I tried to find a Christmas type post, but found nothign other than praying to eachother. So here is a nice helping of schadenfreude re: Joe Miller's failed contestation of Lisa Mirkowski's write-in victory in Alaska!

hattend doesn't belive in write-ins. They're totally cheating! Plus he heard Dems voted for her, which is totally unfair!

Murky lost the primary, said she would accept that, the left saw their candidate going down in flames so they started working on Murky. Murky changed her mind and the Dems mostly all voted for Murky in a write-in campaign.
It was a cluster fu## from beginning to end. Murky should NOT havbe been allowed on the ballot after losing the primary.
The left did what they always do...cheat.
UnbelievingScumOnTheOtherSide thinks the Republicans will keep her in the caucus 'cause of all the secret Dems.

“we”, meaning conservatives, do not hold the U.S. House.25% of
“Republicans” are really Democrat moles.
Gomer1066 has a plan. Really, it's the Freeper go-to plan for all politicians they do not like:

if we impeach her, remove her from office and try her for treason.
The way things are going this may actually happen.
BillM wants us to know that Palin is not tarnished by Joe's loss:

Miller ran away from the Palins! Just before the election there was a big kerfuffle that had Todd sending him an email asking him what the heck was going on. Isn’t it interesting that the candidates in Alaska and Cailfornia never wanted to appear on the same stage as Sarah Palin (they lost). All the rest who wanted her with them WON.
redhead thinks unions, Natives and Democrats don't really count, so Miller totally got the moral victory.

The average voters here voted against her, and Joe Miller WON. Then the
unions, crooked Native Associations, and Democrat voters all got together
and wrote her in.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Tyrany of the EPA

So the EPA is promulgating regulations of greenhouse gasses. Freepers react as they must:

SatinDoll knows EPA means ya gotta talk about communism.
This is all about destroying Capitalism and has nothing to do whatsoever
with the environment

patriciaruth wants us to know that there is extra rain, which cannot come from heat! Also, sunspots.

These people seem to be totally out of touch with the climate change going on outdoors.
YooHoo! We’re going into a mini-Ice Age (maybe even a major one)!!
For those of you at the EPA, that means more precipitation (rain/snow) and colder weather, NOT global warming.
There have been absolutely no sunspots for the last two days or so. This is important, you Marxist chowderheads.

kidd knows the administrative state is just like a dictatorship:

Laws made without the approval/disapproval of elected representatives in Congress.
So this is what a dictatorship is like

a dictatorship is just like complaining about the EPA on the Internet!

raisincane knows about taxes, but seems to have forgotten about subsidies.
When I paid my electric bill yesterday about $263.00, approximately $54 of
the bill was taxes, fees, and other fancy named costs.

krogers58 thinks this is the last straw! Yet Again.

It is long past time for us to have our own copies of rules for radicals. It is long past time for the resistance to rise up, (peacefully and legally) and throw the chains of tyranny this government has used to enslave us.

They have become destructive of their constituents rights, and as such, we are entitled to declare them as illegitemate and to begin the creation of a new government.

Sounds peaceful and legal to me!

NOBO2 is pissed Obama can get any executive order he wants through Congress!
Obama should be able to get any edict, any executive order through, now
that the entire repub congress has caved to him in the lame duck session. He is
the “new” messiah now, the come-back kid, buoyed up by tremendous victories in
the last 2 week lame duck. Good gravy, did we not have an election?

And Now This Word from Outer Space:

Postapocalyptic Conservative Haven edition:

If they collapse that system (which is exactly where they are headed with the “empowerment” of FCC, FDA, NEA, EPA, etc), there will only be fully armed and prepped conservatives that can continue eating and living.

The rest will drown in their failed lib/dem overrun cesspools called "big cities" when the basics of affordable food, operating water and sewer systems are run 100% by affirmative action twits and cease to operate at any level..

The “elites” will then "demand" the resources of flyover country and those folks will simply not do it. 90% of any enforcement operation will defect as soon as they get a whiff of a kitchen table full of fresh food and the elite order-givers will not have a clue how to do anything.

A PERFECT example of this is occurring in dee-cee right now with the staff of and little bammy himself. He and they are so stupid and clueless they have managed to wreck the entire u.S. economy, healthcare system and vast sections of the u.S. industrial base in LESS than two years. They have become the laughingstock of the ENTIRE planet to the point of not even getting an invitation to the Royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

If allowed to continue beyond the tipping point (the start of "demands" of others resources) the end for the elites barking out orders will only be a matter of 2-3 months. Flyover country will sit on it’s hands and conservative representatives would literally walk into dee-cee at that point and dismantle 70% of fed-gov. as it will not be functioning anyway.

Flyover Country passive-agressive revolution provided by TLI ( ITINERIS IMPENDEO VALHALLA)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Another Palin Masterstroke

Sarah Palin writes (heh) a tough article about Iran. Freepers swoon:

thenooch notes Obama doesn't have the balls to start a war:
I don’t think he will attack any soveriegn nations, he doesn’t have the
testicles for it. He’ no George Bush, he’s a loser.

attacking soveriegn nations is so badass!

Robert Teesdale knows President Sarah is gonna invade, cause Iran won't respect her:
Sarah will have numerous challenges upon taking office in 2013. Not the least
being military aggression from barbaric nation-states that underestimate the
ability of a red blooded American woman who stands for what she believes in.
Pity the mullahs and the fools that follow them.FrdmLvr
FrdmLvr doesn't actually need to read past the by-line:
How do you spell leader? P A L I N.

M-cubed preemptively defends Sarah from fellow Freepers:
Where's all the Palin Bashers????
Need them to pick her and this article apart!!
You mean they cant???? Crickets never sounded so good!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

START Treaty will pass, destroy America.

Freepers are suddenly very exercised about START 2 passing. Not that the fact that they've gone from zero to fury-and-despair is lessening their overdramatic doomsaying:

MrB thinks START is Obama's revenge on America.

It’s “personal” to 0bama, the anti-colonialist, because America has taken the place of those historical empires in Europe that colonized African countries.
It’s payback time.

Time to take America down

combat_boots really hopes God does some petty shit:

I call down, in Jesus name, electricity going out for some reason at
Congress, trees to blow over, pictures to fall off the walls, Michael, Gabriel
and the Heavenly Host, to cause the gavel to break and fly off the podium, the
flags to flutter, and a wind to sweep through the Senate and its offices, as a
warning to Senators and Representatives who are traitors to America. I ask God
Almighty Himself for vengeance, which is His alone.

Steelfish somehow thinks this ensures Obama's reelection:
This marks the beginning of the Obama 2012 re-election. The 11 traitors
all- must have a scarlet letter T around their necks. Where was the Rebublican
base? The Tea Partiers? Shame on us all. Make no mistake. These filthy traitors
just insured an Obama re-election.

LibLieSlayer thinks Republican Thad Cochran coted for START because he loves Stalin:

I had 10 Mississippi voters at work today... we all reamed thad cochran’s office... they do not care... they want America to die... they want to sleep at the feet of stalin... thad has to retire here... he will not be happy because he will be shunned as a leper.

HE is a deeply hated man in Mississippi these days.

montag813 is pissed anyone would attempt to control Nuclear materials when that might help Obama:
Why would ANY Republican want to boost Barack Obama’s 2012 election
campaign by burnishing his foreign policy credentials? It makes no sense at all.
Sheer lunacy.
DoughtyOne knows this is the end:

Good-bye republic. It was nice knowing you.
The United States will be the only entity on the planet that will abide by it’s promises under this treaty.
One of these days we’re going to wake up to a China with an invincible nuclear shield demanding we kiss it’s ass.
Obama has accomplished the possible...

And by the Impossible, I'm sure Doughty means Obama has destroyed America.

Freepers hate 9-11 Responders

For all their claimed ideology andhatred of RINOs, Freepers have on overriding principle: they take orders. They complain, but you know they all voted McCain.

Case-and-point, they have gathered to defend the Republican philibuster providing ailing 9-11 responders with health care. Because they are told to:

kara37 seems to think that all the responders got health care for life from those commie unions:
I don't know a lot about what is in the bill. However, I don't think it's really about health care to Ground Zero first responders. After all, these are unionized government workers that have great health care.
I think it's about another unfunded payout.

Yep, none of these sick folks lost their job! It's just some kinda dem bribe:

panthermom counsels against feeling emotions:
Cong. Weiner is a dem so of course he knows all of the right buttons to
push and will play on your emotions while backstabbing you.
Like I said, this bill is a mockery to those First Responders, they are using the term knowing it hits a nerve.

Unlike invoking 9-11 over and over, that's rationality.

kik5150 blames the media:
Democrats propose a bill to give reading glasses to dogs. Republicans vote
it down.Newspaper headlines: “REPUBLICANS WANT TO BLIND PUPPIES”.

SgtHooper worries this is some kind of secret evil, like paying off black farmers for being discriminated against:
Oh so similar to the black farmer payoff debacle. The devil is in the
details, and the details are where the evil demorats lurk. It’s there where the
answer is.

DesertRhino thinks these responder guys are all scamming:

Being New York,, it will be scammed 6 ways from sunday and exploited to the
hilt. A “first responder” (definition: half of New York State) gets a skin cancer in 15 years later,,, it will be because of 9/11. They all get depression and medically retire. Heart attack,, 9/11. Shingles,,9/11. People are sick of NY milking this for all its worth IMO. This from the people that still haven’t rebuilt it a decade later.

Besides, there is another issue. New York state needs to pay their own workers comp claims. And they should sue the Saudis.

freedumb2003 thinks that running into a toxic collapsing building is just another day at work for police or firemen:
I am sorry if this seems cold, but deciding to be a cop or fireman (or any in many
other types of safety-related professions) is acceptance of being in hazardous
The word “hero” is already devaluated to the point of having no
meaning at all. Let’s not devaluate those who have chosen safety-related
professions as well.
raybbr hates these stupid heroes. They just wanted their overtime anyhow:
Please, they all have health care. They all got paid and were lauded.
These are the same guys that worked three or four days straight and would not allow anyone else from other parts of the country to come and relieve them.
All for the overtime and now they want more.

goat granny really cuts through all the bulshit rationalizations:
Rule #1 If the democrats bring it up, vote it down...
Rule #2 If the democrats don't want it vote it in..

Monday, December 20, 2010

Zotapalooza 2010

In a massacre not seen since head Freeper Jim Robinson banned all Giuliani supporters before in the 2008 Republican primary, JimRob has declared that he will zot anyone who isn't sufficiently outraged about the Don't Ask Don't Tell repeal. Shockingly, there was some variety of opinion left among Freepers. Well, not anymore!

Zotees include:

I oppose the radical homosexual agenda that seeks to alter our common
understanding of marriage, family and common decency. I'm only - ONLY- trying to
explain to you that not all gay people are evil, not all gay people want to
seduce your children, not all gay people are Christian-haters. The people you
and I wish to oppose are a vicious and ugly minority who wish to conflate
private behavior into a political mandate.
Please try to open your mind and
realize that honorable and honest people may disagree about many things.
Ultimately, although you are loathe to admit it - we are on the same side.
Aren't we? Do you support free enterprise? Limited government? Traditional
families (i.e. no "Gay Marriage")? Secure borders?

The reply, via trisham
Ultimately, although you are loathe to admit it - we are on the same side.
Aren't we?
No. Never.

Again, I loathe homoSEXUALITY, not necessarily homosexuals. Love the
sinner, hate the sin--I believe that's in the Bible as well, no?And the personal
attacks flying around here (not by you) are pretty pathetic.

central_va replies
Methinks thou protest too much. You have an agenda. It's clear.

GenY Republican addresses the bible quote:
All right, when Jesus said those things, Christianity was a fringe
movement. He had to say those things or either the Romans would have even more justification to attack them.
It makes sense to tolerate the soldiers when there is always a chance of being attacked. However, I do understand that he felt anyone whose faith brought them closer to god would make them worthy followers.

So Jesus didn't mean it!
Husker8877 is a bit overdramatic:
I may not personally support the “agenda” you speak of, and the 2nd coming of the Clinton administration (Obama, obviously) makes me sick. But I’m sorry, many of you sound very unchristian with your hateful comments in this very bizarre thread.
Jim, yours are maybe the strongest and sadly I can’t and won’t associate with the site anymore. My father taught me to do the right thing, even if it was difficult and even if it would cause some grief. So I’m going to do the right thing.

Good riddance! Liberal loser.

Stiletto makes a lot of sense.

I guess my account needs to be deleted, then. Apparently it’s no longer enough to be a fiscal conservative and suspicious of big government. No, siree...

NOWADAYS you have to full-on 100% subscribe to each and every “conservative” issue or you’re deemed not conservative enough and purged in a manner that can only be described as “Stalin-esque”.
No political group in history has succeeded by purging itself of moderates.

Jim Robinson himself replies:

No problem. zot


Finally, patriot preacher

I’m TOTALLY opposed to the homosexualization of the military, and of our society. But shutting off debate on “Free Republic” — how does that help?

I mean, it’s your absolute right to do so, Mr. Robinson — but shutting down debate does not a “free republic” make.

And even though I DISAGREE with many Libertarians and libertarian-minded “conservatives” about homosexuality ( on just about every level possible — moral, political, social, cultural, artistic — you name it), debate still should take place among us. It’s gone on here on Free Republic in the past — I’d hate to see it be pushed to another forum now and in the future.

Just my $.02 worth. No offense intended...

Jim Robinson

Well, you both offend the hell out of me. No offense but if you don’t like my
policies you can take your effing offensive posting elsewhere!
Note the "both." He zotted two people in response to that posting.

Some folks spoke out and remained. Mostly old-timers. But Free Republic manages to get rid of a lot of the new blood. Way to keep relevant, guys! Sometimes I have the happy feeling I'm chronicling the brief rise and long fall of Freeper power.

Kill the Wetbacks.

Illegal immigration may be Free Republic's craziest subject. Not the most out there, but the one where passions run the highest. I've seen no other subject so derail the message board as the failed immigration reform attempt of 2007 (I think it was 2007.) People were breaking into threads about the war or whatnot and saying "this is not important! Illegal immigration is all that matters now!"

Why this particular brand of xenophobic nationalism resonates extra, I do not know. I do know what when some illegal alien activist is calling for civil disobedience in response to the DREAM act failing in the Senate, you are in for an awesome ride:

melancholy thinks the gentle, viscious giant is awake and will soon burn all the illegals:
To the delusional illegals:
If I were you, bastards, I would stop pushing Americans to the brink. The gentle giant is quite awake. If you know how to read, learn some American history that documents an over-compensation by the vicious giant when forced to fight for justice.
If you start stoking the fire, it’ll turn to an inferno that will consume you. Try to depart in peace while you still have it!

Crim thinks killing the illegals is nothing - gotta murder every liberal protestor!

“What would “civil disobedience” for conservatives look like?”
Wiping the streets clear of libtards practicing civil disobedience....
Also see “public service”

radpolis worries that the Mexicans are going to go Al-Queda on us:
Can somebody here please explain to me what we are going to do once the
illegals start resorting to terrorism?
Does anybody remember the illegal mobs way back in 2006?
Hundreds of thousands of illegals in every major city in the US could do major damage to us.
And guess who we have as president?
The most traitorous bastard this country has ever seen.
He’ll line up and shoot Americans before deporting any illegal terrorist.

IMR 4350 thinks the Mexicans are already with AQ, as are every other liberal:
Several days ago we learned al Quada was planning to carry out terrorist attacks around Christmas.
Since 1993, prior to each and every terrorist attack, attempted attack, or threat of an attack, the left has always ginned up civil unrest, attempted to gin up civil unrest, or had a plan to gin up civil unrest.
Right straight out of the Weather Underground playbook.

IMR 4350 identifies the liberal ringleader:
Zippo is just a figurehead.
This is Hillary making her move.

b...but what about SOROS?

I am so tired of these Hispanic Ku Klux Klan groups forcing their
lawlessness on Americs. This is getting disgusting

These illegals are just like the KKK! I know I'm sick of the lynchings!

Monday Potpourri

bert has a new tactic for Republicans: act like totall assholes!

Go to the floor and get in Dingy Harry’s face. Intimidate him, make him mad, induce appoplexy, induce stroke.
Disrupt, disrupt disrupt. Speak loudly, even yell over the top of every democrat who comes to the floor. Make comments about their drunken wives. Slander their grand children.

Generally, destroy the alleged decorum already badly broken by the disgusting procedure changes. Make the Rat’s lives miserable and make them mad as hell.

plinyelder doesn't like the civilian control of the military:

Wouldn't any vote determining military practice be better served if it were
law that those voting actually Served in the military?

And I DO mean ..
Served!(No Kerry's allowed)

greene66 hates the military now:
DADT will destroy the military, where no truly decent Christian will ever
enlist or re-enlist. In a direct turnabout from my entire life’s position, I’ll
never again have any respect for anyone in uniform.

Da Coyote thinks the Boston Tribune is going to start a Civil War and the liberals are all going to freeze to death somehow:
Come on, Tribune.
This is your city.
Corruption is your middle name.
You are the prime reason that we’re gonna have a civil war soon.
Get used to it, ‘cuz you are the first place that’ll get its power cut off.
Freeze to death in the dark, libtards.

True Republican Patriot will never forget!

Just think! Clintoon was the most powerful Man in the World! And the only
piece of Arse he could get was a Lewinsky, a fat, dumb Blob!

PA-RIVER has a kick-ass metaphor for that birther army guy who just got sentenced:
Lakin is like the young boy who jumps from the trench and runs straight
into fire and whips the grenade at the enemy, after being pinned down for hours.
Everyone in the trench is hoping he hits his mark, but no one wants to die on
that field. And when that boy who charged the field is shot down, and cries for
his mother, some of the guys in the trench will shake their heads and call him a
stupid bastard. It takes all kinds.

Free Vulcan worries the government is going to make him buy gay stuff like tofu soon:
Imagine the door it will open if they do lose. The govt telling you
what to buy. Like ethanol, or solar panels, or tofu. Or you can only buy so much
of so and so.

SueRae wonders when the inevitable war with Mexico will start:
When are we going to formally declare war?
The Southern Hemisphere has been heating up for years. When are we going to protect our own? Mexico and other countries are getting worse....I’m waiting for SofS and HS to grant refugee status to what now crosses illegaly.

manc wants us to know gay people only act normal, but are all secretly nymphoes:
They really pretend to be someone else in front of the straight person but
once in their groups they are all about sex etc. I worked as a truck driver
delivering beer and had ot deliver to these homosexual bars.

"delivering beer" suuuure.

Bobby_Taxpayer thinks the DADT repeal is like Japan bombing us:
Sad day in America. Right up there with Pearl Harbor, 9/11, and the stupid
health care bill.

TCH is a God Warrior!
I will have both the Rosary AND the the steel blade of a broad sword. The time is upon us to deal with our corrupt leaders in the most definite of terms.
I would have no remorse at cleaving such scoundrels straight through to the
marrow. Such end is fitting to their kind, and one which they fully
The unflinching stroke of the Knight’s broad sword is the only true justice for these reprobate creatures.
Pray for their souls if you choose... I rather them dead, and the sooner the better

Saturday, December 18, 2010


A brief DADT schadenfreude snausage to hold you through the weekend:

Forward the Light Brigade

No one should sign up for military service. no one should volunteer to serve —they want Gays in Army and Navy—let them defend the nation. When the Russians take over they will solve the problems for us. Anyone who isn’t Gay should resign in masse from the armed services. Let Obama and his loons fill in the ranks. Let our ships rust in port with no crews to man them. I hope that will make Hollywood Happy.


Once proud to have served....... not anymore

250 Members of the US House and 65 Senators - the Enemy of my Country ,Our Constitution and our Way of life deserve the 2010 version of the Court Martial of Lieutt. Enslin of Colo.Malcom’s Regiment found guilty of the INFAMOUS Crimes of attempted Sodomy with a Soldier

With our Armed Forces now homosexualized and de-Christianized, for the first time I really find the efforts in Afghanistan to be rather moot, to put it mildly. I really just hope to see the decent, moral Americans currently in service to get safely through with their rotation and then get out.


I know this is a brutal answer, but these times are brutal. If we are attacked, let the chips fall. I foresee a divergent military rising - those committed to the founding principles of Constitutional government and who condemn radical social experimentation will cleave to one side; the sodomites and their supporters on the other. It will be a divide like the Civil War.

Guess which side is going to have more men?
I can no longer counsel our sons to serve in the military. It is not what it was designed to be. Jefferson warned us about the danger of a standing army. We need to bring the men home and then we all join a State Defense Force- the militia the Constitutin expected.
Perhaps more tomorrow.

Saturday Pix

Yeah, Conservatives miss Prez Clinton now. Cause he was a real adult?

Obama hates the British! He wishes he could bunny-ears them all!

Watermelon, Fried Chicken an Malt Liquor. I wonder why they picked those? Keep complaining when people call you racist, Freepers!

The only way Freepers can come up with this stuff has got to be mysterious homoerotic dreams about Obama.

Hell yes! So does being White! Lets all cheer for the majority now!!

Gotta say, Grinch Biden looks hilarious. I'd watch a movie with that guy.

Why do I feel like all the people criticizing Michelle's figure weight 300+ pounds?

Careful! She's got MS-Paint bombs!!

It's the Sodomilitary putting up a flag in Obamastan!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Obamas not invited to Royal Wedding

I guess the Brits kinda snubbed Obama. Freepers are pretty excited about this, as it lets them speculate as to why/how England hates Obama as much as they do. Though, oddly, they mostly focus on Michelle.

Gen.Blather makes up an elaborate Obama ruins the wedding scenario, followed by making up a Bush is super classy scenario:

It is inappropriate to upstage the bride on her day. Michelle, Barak and
their entourage would be disruptive and make a difficult logistics problem
horrible in the extreme. The Obamas would take themselves to center stage.
Imagine 200 secret service, fighter jets overhead and snipers visible on every
building top. And, let’s not mention the Army Corp of Engineer’s constructed
bullet-proof gazebo that’s bigger and more grand than the one seating the royal
Were President Bush in office and invited, I’m certain he’d show up
with probably no more than eight secret service agents and those agents would
make themselves invisible. He’d probably sit at the head table but several
removes from the couple. The Obama’s enjoy the chaos their self-importance
creates and they’d demand to be right up front.

Bullish mixes up his anti-Clinton smear. Or maybe he thinks it works on all Democrats:
They didn’t want the silverware to go missing.

Tennessee Nana thinks Michelle Obama doesn't use silverwear:
President Ronald Reagan would have been front and center....Maybe they dont
trust Michelle MarBelle to know which fork to use...Or even to recognize a

Jmouse007 repeats that 200 Million a day super-debunked lie.
Mooch-shell Antoinette and the Obama THUGOCRACY will NOT be amused and will demand another all expenses paid $200 MILLION DOLLAR A DAY globetrotting
vacation to some exotic/”exclusive” (can’t be seen mingling with the riffraff
peasants) destination on the backs of the American tax payers

SkyPilot chanells Michelle Obama. Shockingly, she talks like a white guy trying to write 'street punk' would write:

Bitches don wan me eatin' their Hours De'Overies? $%^&% that! Gunna do
'nother Europeein Va-Ca anyhow. Takin' 400 sisters wit me.

blondee123 is just racist:
No table manners. Watermelon out of season in England!!
IM2MAD has a fanciful scenario:

I wish the Palins would get an invite. That would be icing on the wedding cake.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Biden Hates Jesus

Biden notes that the Congress has in the past worked up to Christmas. Freepers take the current "anti-Christmas" talking point and run with it. And run and run:

Lazamataz knows why Biden doesn't care about Congress working these weeks before Christmas:

Harry Reid and Joe Biden *hate* Jesus Christ. They won't celebrate Baby
Jesus's birthday. They won't let the Senate or Congress celebrate Baby Jesus's
birthday. If they had their way, all of America would be forbidden from
celebrating Jesus Christ's birthday, on Christmas.

We can't tell Joe Biden about Christmas because he *HATES* Jesus Christ.

Ro_Thunder thinks Biden is denying Jesus' divinity:
Sort of like the Praetorians, scholars and rabbi’s who saw Jesus is not the
Christ, because they haven’t blessed/confirmed his presence, and that THEY
certainly would know better than the mere mortals.
Ev Reeman knows the war isn't just on Christmas, but also on superheros!

Democrats are not only trying to kill Christmas and everything traditional
that it stands for but they are also trying to destroy symbols of Americana or
take their meaning away; symbols like Superman, Captain America, etc.

It is all part of the liberal agenda to reduce the influence that God and patriotism
plays in all our lives and the life of our country.

supremedoctrine notes that Biden talks a lot. Must be because he hates everything.

That BIden hates everything and everyone but himself should’ve been obvious
years ago during the Clarence Thomas hearings when he turned his participation
into the Joe Biden Show.

Tribune7 makes a strained Christmas metaphore.
Basically what Biden is saying is that all working Americans are his own
little elves.

HungarianGypsy brings up his dead wife:
wasn’t his first wife killed in an accident at Christmas time? It might
just be an unpleasant thought for him this time of year. Yet, he shouldn’t ruin
everyone else’s joy because of it.


Hillary Clinton - gluttonous hubristic mutant beotch

Hillary Clinton plans some reforms in the State Department. Freepers, fresh from their nostalgia about President Clinton ("At least he loves America!") quickly turn on a dime to hate on his wife:

Cisco Nix thinks the Secretaty of State reforming the State Department is basically taking on God:
My God! The hubris of that bitch.
Talisker thinks she's going to eat everything and everyone:
she's appetite incarnate.
And what her followers can't seem to ever get
through their exalted heads, is that she'll eat them just as easily as anything
else. To her heinous, everything and everyone is nothing but food.

A Navy Vet doesn't think Hillary is important enough to speak these days:
Sorry beotch, you will never be queen of the world. You are now irrelevant -
obambi made you so once you accepted HIS appointment, you dumb ass. You have
done squat since. NOW, you want to be heard? You're a POS socialist utopian and
always will be. Plus, you're okay with your husband fooling around with so many
women? You are the epitomy of the word - beotch. You have no principles; nor
integrity; nor even a soul.
No one cares about you and your twisted husband
any longer. Slink back into your cesspool in Arkansas. We're done with you and
concentrating our fight against your Kenyan boss.

Dogbert41 heard on the radio Hillary is fomenting ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT:
Watch Hal Lindsey’s latest show. He had video of her over in Europe
encouraging them “not to let a good crisis go to waste” in forming a ONE WOLRD
GOVERNMENT. That’s what she’s been doing OVER THERE.

hal ogen has the best insult ever:
These relentless LIB mutants like ms clintoon make my head ache. There must
be a reason behind why they torture normal people with their profound idiocy.
From the looks of things, the only thing that will stop her anti-American
destructiveness is the grim reaper of time

Mutant? Well, that does explain the people eating.

Metapost: Search terms

freeper madness



To be fair, I use google to navigate too.

rome2000 freerepublic

One of the more crazy Freepers - good choice!

lazamataz gay

Hahahah. Poor Lazmataz.

fdr hated jews

Also Freedom

freeper madnes s

Fat fingers.


Boring. Next!

michelle obama's fat ass

Well, Free Republic is the place to go for many, many exhaustive discussions of that ass!


That's my URL, don't wear it out!

Michelle O's fat ass

Again? Maybe looking for porn?

b-chan freep japan

B-chan, of course, being the "time traveler" guy

why was tim russert killed

Every week! Still going strong, years after that post.

michelle obama has a fat ass

I'll bet Laura Bush didn't have to put up with such indignities! Though "Laura Bush Killed a Guy" is waaay up there in google's autocomplete.

the peoples new godless socialist america


tim russert assassinated

By Hillary Clinton!



fdr and the jews
Wasn't a fan I hear.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A not very Christain response to comnplaints about nativity scenes

A woman complained to the borough authorities that a nativity scene was on public land. Freepers have figured out her address and livejournal and whatnow. With a citizen target in their sights, hey are not too much into the Christain tolerance:

dila813 reacts to some goth writing on live journal:
man, what a head job. Future serial killer?

pandoraou812 wants her locked up. For not liking nativity scenes on public land I guess:
This is the type of person I wouldn't piss on if she was on fire. I don't like people like this & would have no problem seeing her put away forever. But that is just my
opinion. I don't doubt we will read more about her at some later time & it
won't be anything pleasant.

kelly4c hates her evil face:

Getting bad vibes just reading about this freak and they got way worse upon
seeing her evil face.

Conservative Tsunami thinks she may be as crazy as...Obama!
I think this gal sounds downright disturbed.
Not any different than the
profile of the Kenyan-in-Chief and his cabal of misfits. Any one of them are
capable of doing the exact same thing. Or worse.

pandoraou812 again:
But having known so many nuts in my life I bet this one is a cutter.
Attention seeker. I don’t trust them & I’ve dealt with these kind of girls
before. Maybe they put the Nativity Scene away so she & her demon friends
wouldn’t destroy it. I am wondering if she has an eating disorder too.

Doublethink at it's finest: Palin is a defenseless victim and the bloggers and MSM should leave her alone. This girl deserves to be locked up, and is ugly too!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Holbrooke Dies

Freepers go into their "prayers" and "I'm being so gracious by saying how I'm not saying anything" dance about Ambasador Holbrooke's death. Here are some of the choicer comments:

AU72 thinks this is a good time to attack Obama, just like every time:

Holbrook died trying the impossible, implementing Obama Diplomacy.
Outlaw Woman prefers to attack the Health Care bill:

Well, his timing for an injury was good. It was before Obama care. 69 years
old....20 hours of surgery....Under Obama care he would have been left to die.
Oh wait a second, I guess that only applies to us ‘regular’ citizens.
Brimack34 gets all rightous we care when famous people die when soldiers are doing it too:

Who is he? what has he done? and why are these people more important then
our brave men and women who die in combat?

No doubt when Cheney kicks it, he'll have the same attitude.

dupree is pissed Holbrooke's liked his job.

Maybe if you weren’t flying non-stop around the world trying to be a
superhero saving the world you would have maybe discovered this condition and
taken care of it before it killed you. I don’t mean disrespect to Mr. Holbrooke,
but really, these old people that can’t let go of power really irk me.

Real Men retire!

montyspython prefers to look and hope for future deaths of those he doesn't like:

Awaiting for karma to strike Maddy Albright next.

al baby looks forwards to the death of bigger game:

They say they go in threes. Edwards, Holbrooke and ?. Yikes

Obama ? He did not look well at the Clinton press conference

SQUID is not a fan:

This dog helped ignite the Islamic flames in Eastern Europe and watched the
destruction of Christianity as he smiled. May he burn in hell forever

Colorado Cowgirl thinks Obama killed him, cause God hates Obama, and Obama prayed for Holbrooke.
The minute I heard Obozo was praying for him, I knew he was a goner. Obozo
prayers never even reached the ceiling, much less the ear of God.