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Friday Spotlight: miss marmelstein

Another nonstandard, but longtime Freeper here. Miss marmelstein stays away from a lot of the racial and conspiracy stuff. But she is very into the NYC theater scene. So she talks about movies, and gays. Her relationship with the gays is pretty amazing - she hates them, but she loves them. I can only imagine what all her gay friends think of her...

The gays are discriminating against the straights:
I have seen signs in shop windows in Greenwich Village and the Lower East Side that make it clear that anyone who doesn’t support the gay agenda will not be allowed to purchase anything in the store. I have seen these signs.

Now, how they enforce that, is beyond me. But you’re definitely on to something.
What to do when the gay cake demands begin:
Unfortunately, religious people will not do this. But there are lots of people who dislike gay marriage and are not above a few extra ingredients in the cake mix. In perusing my usual gay blogs, they never seem to think about this...
Yes, the gay blogs:
There is only one legitimate gay conservative outlet and that is: GAY PATRIOT. A bunch of gay men who are against the entire gay activist agenda - including, it turns out, gay marriage - after initially kind of approving it. They are the most wonderful group of guys going and no one knows who the hell they are. They love America, freedom, women, Chik-Fil-A and loathe abortion and sicko gay sexual practices. But the party of stupid doesn’t know who the hell they are.
Her lightbulb hording is now useless!
Now I have 12 years of 100 watts stored in my garage for no good reason! Grrrr....I hate government!
Getting a bit catty at Condoleezza Rice:
There are so many reasons why Rice would be a lousy candidate so I’ll just stick with my pet peeves:

She’s incredibly boring and lifeless.

She’s a terrible piano player. Richard Nixon had more talent.
How to address Ms. Palin:
She’s either Mrs. Palin or Governor Palin to you, Ed. Those of us who like and respect her can call her Sarah, you condescending male chauvinist big, you!
The main thing about the gays is how dramatic they are, collectively:
But as someone who works in the theatre in NYC, I can tell you that the gay community is NOT nice and kind to each other. Once you are in the group, you have to be prepared for a lot of bile, insults and conformity. Individual gay men can be nice; but put them together at a party and you have a mixture of The Boys in the Band and feeding time at the zoo.
Butt sex is shameful:
As Gertrude Stein said, the reason gay men take drugs is to palliate the guilt and disgust they feel after committing such acts. How could they not?
Jane Fonda:
She was a sexy young woman - kind of a really dirty WASP. She was very good in Klute - her best performance. I do think she is enormously overrated. All her 70s pix were offered first to Barbra Streisand who turned them all down. She later said to Fonda: “You owe your career to me.” Two bitches who can’t get along despite sharing the same politics!
Oh stewardess! I speak New York liberal hipster:
It ain’t called Whole Paycheck for nothin’.
Unemployment insurance should be extended because THANKS OBAMA:
Conservatives have got to realize that people are on unemployment because THERE ARE NO JOBS. This monster has destroyed the economy. It’s as simple as ABC. It is an excellent talking point to take back the White House but all conservatives want to talk about is some poor schmuck who is on unemployment insurance.
Gays all over Morning Joe:
Did Ken Doll Steve replace Ken Doll Donnie? What grown man uses a diminutive? Gay men do, of course. Or maybe he’s metrosexual. Oddly enough, I can only stand about 15 minutes of it before switching to a movie - at eight o’clock in the morning!
The real gay agenda:
what Rush fails to understand is that homosexuals are also determined to get rid of the word “homosexual.” They think it’s a slur.

So the problem is not really the word “bully” it’s really the word “homosexual.”
Why does no one talk about Liberace anymore?
In the good old days, gay men often adopted their “lovers” (yuck!) for tax purposes and inheritance rights. No one remembers this?
Gay sex. Gay sex everywhere.
Personally, I think sodomy is the least of it! Their disgustingly lewd behavior in rest stops and bathhouses, their filthy language and obsession with excrement and their unprotected sex with pathetic male hustlers. The chronic drug-taking and alcoholism. The black eyes that turn up at work after a night out of the town. (Why the cuts on the faces and black eyes? Making passes at straight men or fighting among themselves? I never knew!)They are beyond belief.

There are decent gay men out there. I know some of them and have suggested to many people to read the Gay Patriot blog.

People need to educate themselves. Not everybody grows to adulthood in the New York City of the 1970s...
'getting caught up' in a gay pride parade in Paris:
One of the most telling moments in my life was getting caught up in a gay pride parade in Paris about ten years ago. I will never, ever forget the looks on the faces of the Muslim store owners as these freaks passed by. An absolutely chilling glimpse into the future...

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Governer Brewer vetoes gay discrimnation bill

Have Freepers ever lost something as fast as they have gay rights?

They are not taking this stark revelation of their growing impotence well. The hate/fallacy ratio is extra high in this one.

x1stcav seems nice:
The c**ze.

Bye, Jan.
fieldmarshaldj is also reduced to sneering rage:
Gutless bitch.
markomalley knows what to call her:

Time to boycott Arizona.
SADMILLIE is really into the word ganglia these days:
Jan Brewer will go down as a spineless homosexual ganglia. What a joke she was. They will not TRUMP GOD. Leviticus tells us what to do in the face of abomination.
Red in Blue PA is being opressed:
I guess Religious people of all faiths just need to get over their religious beliefs. Gays have all rights.....nobody else has any.
RoosterRedux knows nature hates gay: Perversion will always be perversion. Changing attitudes cannot change nature...and reality.

Sorry if your kid (I mean that rhetorically) is a sodomite...but that is still perverted.

This is a not new issue (or a progressive issue) has been around forever...and the sodomites always lose.

And why do they lose? Because it is a perversion of nature.
Extremely Extreme Extremist continues to predict the upcoming prosecutionsof churches.
What Brewer doesn't realize that is it is never enough with these people. Already, they're plotting and scheming to force AZ churches to recognize homosexual weddings.
clintonh8r knows who loves the gays!
She’s locking down those post-governorship corporate board positions. Ca-ching!
sagar laments the coming of the cake-baking hell dimension.
All you little people must make cakes for homosexuals, or else you will be shipped to the concentration camp... where you will make cakes for homosexuals.
M Kehoe is rolling apocalypse:
At a point in time, probably within the next three years, the state will begin killing Christians. This was predicted by the Lord 2000 years ago. So it is not a surprise or problem...

...Then again, those killing Christians might have a problem in the U.S.

Just sayin'.

clintonh8r turns on the NFL, which came out against the bill:
Roger Goodell is overseeing the destruction of the NFL as surely as Baraq Hussein 0bama is tending to the destruction of America. The difference is that Goodell is just a clueless doofus, while 0bama deals in pure evil.
BlackElk seems to think the NFL signed the Constitution:
the NFL should take its Superbowl and all of the rest of its games and put them where the sun shineth not. The NFL is hereby adding promotion of homosexuality (NOWHERE to be found in the actual Constitution) and repression of religious rights (First Amendment) to its previous refusal to allow advertising by the National Rifle Association or other gun advertisers (First and Second Amendments).
Tzimisce has lost all perspective - all he can see is darkness. Liberal darkness.
The left has more political clout than us. That's why EVERY SINGLE PIECE of their agenda is being pushed through.

Sucks that we have to push through laws to reaffirm what's already in the Constitution.

Palin-endorsed candidate Katrina Pierson was arrested for shoplifting in ’97

Freepers are big fans of bringing up decades-old scandals about Democrats. So something like this minor, non-issue to most, requires a full-court press to explain why this time it's okay. Mostly, it's that Democrats did worse!

Ron H. explains how this probably didn't happen, and besides why are liberals getting all double standard?
The article doesn’t say whether or not a conviction was entered or not. Being arrested is one thing but being convicted is an entirely different matter. Even if a conviction was entered the circumstances might help to illuminate what happened. I wouldn’t worry too much about this. Besides, whatever happened to the lefts always calling for second chances? Eh! Oh, that’s right. That is only if you are a brain dead scummy libtard.
FlingWingFlyer - the old imaginary double standard strikes again.
If you said, “Slick Willie’s Wife- endorsed candidate _____ _____ arrested for shoplifting in ‘97”, the commie lib ‘RATS would all become hysterical and accuse you of being a “rasis” conducting a “war against women.” The old commie double standard thing strikes again.
Slick Willie? What is this, the 1990s?

MagUSNRET seems to have mixed up his Presidents as well:
Our President did drugs... and promotes a drug culture...

That is her reply.........I will give you my shoplifting, and raise you a rapist......YOUR CALL!
Yes, this woman is black. SoFloFreeper notices and goes full Token outreach:
Erika is a former Miss America, running for Congress as a conservative Republican in Illinois.

These beautiful, conservative, women of COLOR are scare the Democrat party to death!!

The GOP establishment is not interested in promoting them. Star Parker has been out there for years advocating individual responsibility and constitutional truth, and the GOP-E has ignored HER too.

Time to stand up for these lovely ladies...and let them shine....let them talk to the younger generation and let them know that Obama and Michelle aren't the answer to their problems.

Come on folks, let's support more people like Erika and Katrina!
Blood of Tyrants goes with his Freeper-specific Democratic crime of choice:
Bill Clinton raped Jaunita Broadderick and none of the liberals cared at all.
diverteach could use this to excuse all candidates of anything!
Ya well, I charge all politicians of pickpocketing the whole country.
joethedrummer does the combo of forgicing the Republican, and making up awful crimes for the Democrat.
Oh my... shoplifting before she was 21?? BURN HER!!! SHE’s a WITCH!!!!


Scam a S.S. number(s), get a college “education” via the foreign student program when you’re supposedly an American citizen, Do lots of drugs, hang with known terrorists... ehhh, nothing to see folks!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Cat Lovers Outraged by the Use of Kittens to Sell Obamacare

A commenter recently said (I'm paraphrasing) that Obama could come out and say puppies were cute, and Freepers would push legislation outlawing the canine menace. Well, that reminded me of this thread, where cute kittens are used to sell Obamacare. Freepers don't exactly come out against kittens, but they are not much more coherent - they just deny that the ad was any good.

slouper demands shame.
Didn’t they learn from the Pajama Boy debacle?

What debacle? I don’t think they see it that way. These weirdo’s are simply without shame.
JohnBrowdie thinks the kittens are somehow being threatened:
what’s next? “if you ever want to see your daughter again, sign on to and . . . . “
Catmom knows what this is:
Animal abuse!
Moose Burger has been holding onto this analogy for a while:
This C-fuck of a program is doing to Public Relations and government programs’ reputation what Miley Cyrus did to sleazy cheap pop music. I like that.
Iron Munro knows who Obama has angered:
When a politician has offended the cat lovers he might as well start searching for a retirement home!!!
Baladas is unaffected!
I don’t think they’re actually giving away kittens but what they’re offended by is that such a cute animal is being used to sell such a dud of a product. The article said that they thought it would really work with young women, but the image made me wish they were giving away the kittens instead of hawking Obamacare.
TheOldLady is the wittiest:
I call it “ObamaDON’Tcare.”

Defining dictatorship down

Even as Freepers elide Putin's actual dictatorial oppression of his population, they decry their own oppression under Obama. Here, they explain the wrongness of an article called "Someone Needs to Tell Sarah Palin If Obama Were a Dictator, She’d Be In Gitmo."

Aevery_Freeman equates Hitler's terrorizing brownshirts with writing an online editorial:
...No brownshirts have come for Palin.

This bimbo doesn't understand that she is the brownshirt...or is it more fashionable to call them Taupe-tops or Bone-blouses.
Usagi_yo explains the terminology to us:
Well, first off Obama isn’t a Dictator. He’s a Tyrant. Tyrant is one step from Dictator.
Westbrook knows it's coming, right after the frivolous lawsuits!
No, Totalitarian statist 0dunga doesn’t put his opponents in the gulag - yet.

He sics the IRS on them.

Sics the FEC on them.

Sics his surrogate, perpetually offended, 401-c3 and 401-c4 organizations on them with endless frivolous lawsuits.

0dunga just isn’t as brutally obvious as the Castro brothers ... not yet.
tet68 knows Obama is being a different kind of dictator, and totally wants to roll all Hitler-like.
just cause a dictator doesn’t have his foot on
your neck, doesn’t mean he’s not standing on your hands,
and it certainly doesn’t mean he doesn’t WANT to step
on your face.
Hardastarboard is too busy to explain why the article is wring. Farrrrt.
It would take two hours that I just don’t have to rebut this article point by point because every point is either wrong, poorly argued, draws heavily on liberal mythology or is based on PDS rather than fact.
INVAR cites an upcoming FCC survey of broadcast coverage that's already been revised in the face of right wing caterwauling.
Someone Needs to Tell Sarah Palin If Obama Were a Dictator, She’d Be In Gitmo,

It's coming. The steps to that end are already being put into place.

And yet all of them remain free to say these things in public, on TV. There isn’t even any backlash to speak of.

We learned that the FCC is planning to impose restrictions on saying such things. So this author is nothing but a propagandist stooge for the MarxoFascists.
Popman seems to have missed the entire point of the article, thanks to lacking all perspective.
Palin may not be in gitmo, but she sure was targeted and maligned more than any other conservative alive today, but Bush...
INVAR explains that there is a Civil War, but liberals are hiding it with their lies:
There’s no arguing with ideologues like Jones here.

There’s no possibility of rational debate with ideologues like Sarah Jones.

There’s no possibility of co-existing with ideologues like Sarah Jones.

The only reality that exists with such people is that it will either be them or you.

They will tell you they are not murdering you when shoving a knife in your heart.

We are already in the midst of civil war.

It simply has not yet become a purge and bloodbath that history teaches us that times such as these will become.
bert is sure Obama would jail Palin, but he's afraid:
Or, Obama is a chickenshit dictator that lacks the courage to take her on.
Chode knows Obama can't risk jailing Palin, else he would:
Once again, you missed the point entirely... he doesn't want to make her a martyr and it's sometimes better to have an enemy to rally against than to kill it you stooopid cow you
little jeremiah's crazy world lets her believe in a dictatorship, regardless of reality!
Republicans call the President a dictator and say his boot is on their necks, he is stomping on the Constitution, he is an “imperial” president. And yet all of them remain free to say these things in public, on TV. There isn’t even any backlash to speak of.

That’s as far as I could get without vomiting.

Hey, Missouri gal - doesn't a secret reign defeat the point?
Several outspoken journalists are deceased, including Andrew Breitbart. Dinesh D’Souza and a multitude of others charged, one film-maker jailed on trumped up charges over Benghazi. More often we see the politicians seeming to demur from any kind of action just when we thought they would act on behalf of the Republic. Witness Boehner. Not to mention the bizarre ruling of John Roberts in favor of Obamacare. How many politicians and judges do we suspect were coerced with extortion or bribery? Democrats better wake up.
Iron Munro - if it weren't for guns...
Obama is a budding dictator who hasn’t been able to fully consolidate his power yet.

It’s that pesky Constitution, especially the 2nd amendment, that gets in the way and slows things down.
central_va knows what the author really wants:
The psychological term for this is projection. What this liberal is really saying here is that she would like to throw all Conservatives into a concentration camp if she could get away with it. I'll bet O'Bastard feels the same way.
Sarah Barracuda also knows what liberals really think:
Oh trust me this is coming, its what the left wants, their wet dream is to see all Conservatives dead or in jail..if they could have a Holocaust for Conservatives they would start collecting us and throwing us in ovens in a New York minute
elkfersupper reveals the real dictators, but for the power:
Someone needs to tell Obama that if any one of hundreds of millions of Americans who value liberty and freedom were President, HE would be in GITMO.
Doc Savage concentrates on what's important:
This loser a negroid?
martin_fierro finds the source of the dictatorship:
Knockout Games.

'Nuff said.
Paladin2 Hitler!
Hitler never sent anyone to Gitmo'.

Hitler grew in the job too. He learned over time what he could actually get away with.
Stepan12 explains Obama's imperfect Hitlerishness:
I’ve never called Obama Hitler. I’ve said he is an affirmative action Hitler. A rather incompetent copy of the original with some of Hitler’s speech making capability without Hitler’s skill of giving a speech by memory.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Whipping Pussy Riot

kidglov3s enjoys the irony of Freepers enjoying actual oppression, even as they claim to be victims of Obama's soft oppression.

Yep, Freepers get excited about Putin's Cossacks whipping a group for their choice of speech.

fungoking keeps what's important in perspective:
Looking at the size of the legs in the blue tights....Hillary?
Ticonderoga34's narrative is unshakable!
Looks staged to me. I’m thinking performance art.
Oliviaforever remains incredible.
These P#$$^ Riot girls are out the disrupt the Russian Olympics and raise offensive political and social issues going as far as to call Putin a dictator, promote homosexuality and even question the Orthodox Church.
MNDude is awful.
I love how quickly they stop bouncing around as soon as they’re whipped.

Monday Potpourri

Spartan302 is on unemployment, because he wants a break from work. Not Freeperish!
Me I have been rebuilding my 95 Goldwing inside the house this year, was laid off in december, and then wife lost her job cause her place of Obamacare downsizing. Now both of us are on unemployment. There is work available, much better than the lower 48, but I just want to have some time off.
vladimir998 knows who to blame the French Revolution on!
“This is where the Left is going - headlong into Adultery, Fornication and much worse.”

They’ve been in “much worse” since the French Revolution. This is nothing new.
wardaddy endorses the Turner Diaries. There may be a spotlight coming...
I never read Turner Diaries, and don't plan to do so.

actually you far fetched as some of Pierce's stuff seemed back then...

compare to what is actually happening today is frightening...truly...I woulda never believed it possible

I have read all manner of stuff I disagreed with from Mien Kampf to Das Kapital to Leviathan and Neitzche and Fromme and Sartre and so forth

Holder's DOJ is eerily similar to that described in Turner Diaries 30 something years ago

one can recognize that truth without agreeing with the cure
Chuckster seems to expect that ordinary Americans are basically Freepers:
The country would be better off if we chose congressmen by lottery. Ordinary people, drafted, in essence, to serve for one two year term, then prohibited from serving again.
From the past, honway explains a Oklahoma City Bombing conspiracy theory.
After examining the known facts, the most likely explanation that is consistent with what we know to be true is that the OKC bombing was an attempt by U.S. intelligence assets to infiltrate the Middle Eastern terrorist network that was and is at war with the U.S.

Numerous "domestic" terrorist" groups had been heavily infiltrated by federal operatives for years. Federal operatives inside these domestic organizations may have orchestrated an alliance with the Middle Eastern terrorist cells operating in the U.S. to gain intelligence information on Middle Eastern terrorists.

An intelligence asset attempting to infiltrate a terrorist organization would not gain the confidence of the leaders of the organization without killing people. In my opinion, a decision was made at the highest level to sacrifice the victims in Oklahoma in order for one or more intelligence operatives to move up in the terrorist network. In addition, by focusing blame on the people disturbed by Waco, Clinton could achieve a domestic political "victory" with the cover of a "legitimate" intelligence operation and invoke National Security to insure Congress and the Courts went along (as well as a Governor).

For folks in Washington, losing the Murrah Building may have been necessary to gain intelligence to prevent a potential attack on the political infrastructure. Please consider a "dirty" bomb exploding outside the Capitol Building during a State of the Union address and the effect on our elected leaders. This is the nightmare scenario our intelligence community is expected to defend against. I reject the sacrifice of innocent civilians for whatever the purpose and believe the operation should be exposed for what it was and those responsible should be held accountable. The failures that began in OKC resulted in the attack on 9-11.
Noumenon knows where the Obama regime leads next!
History tells that the only “shovel ready jobs” that monsters like Obama can readily deliver are the ones where you dig your own execution pit.
Candor7 exhorts fellow Freepers to unite against the Obama haxorz!
Conservative Websites are being subjected to denial of service attacks and worm virus infection. In particular Freeper Beckwith is fighting this battle right this moment. The left is ginning up to limit free speech of Conservatives, treating them as they would terrorists, using sophisticated software likely provided by the Obama Campaign, with hacker research likely funded by Tax Payer dollars for Community Workers.

Whether we win in November depends on our success in protecting our internet speech rights.If anyone has techniques which would protect from these attacks, including encryption or the use of alternate OS such as LINUX, and mirror sites, lets get some resources together and help folks like Beckwith.
matt04 knows who to blame for the failure of the management-endorsed VW plant union, and it's not the state GOP who threatened to halt tax subsidies...
But Obama came out in favor of the union, which immediately doomed it to failure...

Barry’s reverse Midas touch is legendary...

Everything Obama wants and touches fails. The Obama admin must be in panic mode trying to save Dear Leader from himself.
Paladin2 makes a super important declaration.
SCOTUS no longer has any authority.

Roberts "legacy" is to have scuttled the SCOTUS.
Mamzelle sees homos everywhere!
Well, being someone who relishes domesticity as a high mark of sophisticated comfort...I am not happy with the gay-ification of what I believe is my province and turf! rush is always talking about “chickification” — that’s absurd. What is ruining his NFL clubhouse is not chicks or femininity, but effeminate men and lawyers. Now when I turn on HGTV and the food channels, it’s all gay all the time. I only record my favorites. Just have gotten weary with all the wrist flapping— I want the ladies back.
Who runs the NFL? effeminate men and lawyers!

Diogenesis on Obama's dreams of killing all the white women:
Venezuelan beauty queen Genesis Carmona, 22, fatally shot in head during protest

Criminal Holder’s DO”J” must envy and dream

of doing this to helpless, innocent, cracker women

all across the USA.
Cyber Liberty's dehumanization is complete...
Atrocities against the peaceful Muslims? Sucks to be them, I guess.
Peter W. Kessler knows the sort of people who get government jobs, though he's never met one:
I believe the overwhelming majority of government workers would be useless to private industry.

They would be required to WORK and PRODUCE something.

Besides, there aren’t any jobs to be had in private industry.

So, I suppose we’ll just continue to support the useless mass.
grania really wants more violent crackdowns on protests:
Egypt and Libya should've been lessons learned. These protests aren't about freedom or rights, they're about destroying civilization.

Violent protests aren't going to make the change to create anything better. In all of these countries, reasonable concessions were made, yet the protests become more radical and more bloodthirsty.

I'm sickened with what's going on in Syria and now Ukraine. By now, it should be obvious that Egypt got it right. It's going to take violent responses to stop this slide to global chaos.
Sacajaweau knows the problem with the Ukrainians:
This is the third revolution in about ten years. These people really can't handle independence.

They still think Russia is run by Stalin...and Krueschev...and Gorby...and that it's still a communist country.

All I've been hearing lately IN THE PRESS is a lot of stories about "Bad Russia".

It's almost as if Obama owns the media. ;-)
Born to Conserve sees Haiti, Haiti everywhere!
Western Civilization is doomed. The “Global” civilization that has been replacing the West is just as doomed — it is parasitic to the West. Class stratification, genes, culture, and appreciation of history are all critical to the West’s survival, and are all gone.

The end is inevitable, and close.

After the “recovery”, the world economy will resemble that of Haiti, the gene pool will resemble that of Haiti. The culture will resemble that of Haiti.

The Earth will never recover.
napscoordinator is terrified of Michelle Obama, somehow.
Good God. If the choice is between Hillary or michelle, I hope we get Hillary. Michelle is even MORE dangerous then her husband. Rush should remember what the result was last time he did the Chaos thing. We got screwed. I think he hates Hillary more than he he wants the Republicans to win. I wish he would stop focusing on the Democrats and worry about the conservatives winning.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Spotlight Friday: faithhopecharity

Just about all Freepers hate every single Muslim. Many love Judaism, but hate American Jews for doing it wrong. This Freeper mostly specializes in these two issues.
Also has a weird bullying streak.

So is this to be read like Kirk or Walken?
The enemy within. Has won.
There are so many antisemetic Jews that Christains have to take care of them:
Being Jewish or from a Jewish family line is in no way a guarantee of goodness. Some of the worst anti-Semites are Jews. It’s called Jewish Suicide Syndrome. Peres, Kissinger. Soros. Jews who support Obama.
The enemy within ( and they more in past generations, it’s truly a miracle Any Jews survived at all with so many enemies within!). It takes good Christi’ans and others now to defend them against terrible Satanic threats like Obama/ Kerry attempts to dismember and destroy Israel.
Dictatorships ain't what they used to be.
we live in a dictatorship (and not an American one, either)

get used to it

it will go a lot easier on you if you do
Jewjsh Suicide Syndrome
Hallucinations are a part of Jewjsh Suicide Syndrome. They see every blood- thirsty, murderous Hitler out there as a loving friend with only the best of intentions towards the survivors of uncle Adolf. [Israeli President Shimon] Peres needs mental treatment care ASAP.
Obama is trying to Holocaust all the Jews.
Jewish Suicide Syndrome in overdrive. He must realize the rest of the Jews have finally woken up and aren’t willing to just walk into Obama’s ovens ....even if Kerry threatens to visit again and again and again. And again.
Iran is coming right for us!
remember those Iranian nuclear missiles O has been protecting for five long years?

remember what the Iranian Mullahs keep saying, that their number one target is USA (their “Great Satan”)
One day, a strong leader will lead us to finally kill all Muslims.
The world is sick and tired of islamoNazi murders bombings and threats. Eventually someone will free us from this krap once and fir all.
Obama killed America's near-total equality.
“equal justice for all” -— something USA very nearly had achieved even 5 or 6 years ago — is now set back decades
Obamacare? Basically gassing Jews and mutilating twins.
the Nazis couldn’t have done a better job...
Combining so many hated populations - blacks and Muslims and liberals and gays and NEEERDS
Oakland has every thug who can’t afford San Francisco and every communist islamoNazi community organizer pinko lesboqueer street person and academician who can’t afford Berkeley. Plus a horrible heavy drug gang problem and they kill and maim to protect their turf. Town can’t afford even minimal police either. Just a perfect place for the next busload of computer game metrosexual nerds. Like tossjng Christians in the coliseum with hungry lions. Might be fun to watch on the local NSA spy drone camera channel , however. Let’s do it!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Freepers really want to shoot children

Wow, Anon. Wow.

An Arkansas man shot and killed a 15-year-old girl this weekend after she egged a car outside his house. It's not even clear it's his car. Freepers are split on this issue, between crazy people lusting for the blood of kids that won't get off their lawns, and others that think killing little girls for acting out is insane. I'll feature some of both types, but I'll be concentrating on the crazy.

And hooooo boy, is there a lot of material.

Little Ray seems torn about what to do:
Damage to an auto is NOT worth shooting someone over.
But the little monsters would never have been properly punished. They have probably never been punished in their entire lives.
I’m glad I’m not going to be on the jury.
workerbee cites a movie from the 1990s as soon to be true to life:
My husband and I were talking about the Dunn case this morning. I said, this type of thing is only going to escalate. We're going to see a LOT more shootings and instances of "regular folk" taking matters into their own hands. Mostly it will be whites, but decent people of all ethnicities are simply SICK AND TIRED of the B.S. Ever see the movie "Falling Down"?
Lurker is an Internet sociopath:
If the feral whelp had been home with her “parents” instead of running around late at night destroying the property of hard working, decent people she would still be alive.

No sympathy from me.
enduserindy does not approve of Lurker's bad craziness:
You are sick in the head. People like you ruin it for the rest.
stockpirate brings the inevitable when Freepers get to crazy:
Left-wing troll alert......
bigheadfred knows the only way to act crazy is if you have a gun:
Oh lord. That is ridiculous. That post is precisely why we look like wackos.

oh come on the guy in the story is the one who pulled the trigger he is the whack-o
MeneMeneTekelUpharsin also recommends shooting kids to teach them a lesson:
No sympathy from me.

Nor from me. Sick and tired of out-of-control teenagers.
Secret Agent Man seems to be having some trouble finding a middle ground between letting kids get away with vandalism and shooting them dead:
does the guy have no rights to protect his property? do we have no power when it comes to preventing deliberate malicious damage to property? police wont do sh1t for the guy, eggs and mayo can ruin paint and get into air intakes, i know it costs a lot on a stucco house to get taken care of correctly.

so pranks have to turn us into helpless victims and all our stuff is at the mercy of those who’d like to see it ruined or stolen? i mean if they can damage it ad we can’t do anything they can steal it and we can’ t do anything. damaging stuff, or damaging it to the point something’s unusable, i’d say destroying - not the case here - but destroying something but not stealing it is the same as stealing it, as it has been takenb away from the owner.
Secret Agent Man follows up wishing for the always civilized Wild West to return:
damaging someone’s car ought to be as bad as stealing or injuring their horse was.
Lurker - still crazy!
Property isn’t just “stuff”. The owner had to work hours out of their life, hours they will never, ever get back, in order to acquire property. Attacking a persons property IS attacking a persons life.
Wasting someone's time - the little murder.

Zippo44 boasts how Texas lets you shoot people fer nothing!
Attaboy Lurker! Had this guy been in Texas, he would have had no charges filed. In Texas you are allowed to use deadly force to prevent malicious miscief after sundown. All you bedwetters had best stay out of Texas; because if you or your little angels come on my property after dark and tear thing up, I will shoot you in the face.

Don’t like it? Stay off my property after dark. Better yet, stay the hell out of Texas.
Harmless Teddy Bear blames the victim:
The fact is this parent released a savage on the world. The end result is not pleasant for anyone involved.

Do I think she should have been killed? No.

Do I think that she carries full responsibility for the fact she is dead? Yep.
Balding_Eagle thinks a few shootings will have a civilizing effect on the neighborhood:
Everyone loves to quote the old cliché ‘An armed society is a polite society’, but judging from most of the responses here, few really mean it.
Balding_Eagle then says what he really means:
Another reason to kill the ferals.
PapaBear3625 wants rude people shot to death.
Everyone loves to quote the old cliché ‘An armed society is a polite society’, but judging from most of the responses here, few really mean it.

An armed society becomes a polite society through the process of rude fools being killed off.
Cvengr sees the victim was black. Welp, time for some random Treyvon invocation!
He should’ve worn a Neighborhood Watch shirt. She could’ve been Treyvon’s sister.
nascarnation knows there were never dumb kids when we had school prayer!
Getting religion out of American life really worked well didn’t it?
DH is sure that girl was no good anyhow.
The vision of a rouge vandal giving the gang sign certainly is not that of one who will contribute anything at all to society other than plant fertilizer.

You need to live in the real world and actually experience and see what it really is.
RedMonqey will take us out on a hopeful note, as he seems outraged at Freepers being all psycho:
This homer owner is no better nor worse than we yet he resorts to vigilante justice over a a few broken eggs on sheet metal(easily washed off in the same time he shot at the vandals and is sitting in jail with blood stained hands of and careless, foolish teenager who went along with the wrong crowd one night)

Yet many otherwise good, responsible law abiding Freepers like you cannot bring yourself to issue a clear condemnation of an a teenager's homociode without fence sitter and "weasel words"statements.

A teenager is DEAD! And no amount of fresh paint can cover that!
The shooter is black. It almost doesn't come up. When it's inconvenient, Freepers' racial narratives just go away.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Obama says that a Ugandan law that sentences homosexuals to life in prison infringes on homosexuals fundamental rights. Freepers, who seem to be going through the motions and getting angry out of duty as the parade of gay marriage decisions continue to come down, seem to get really actually outraged at this. Maybe it's because it's Obama? Regardless, their rage is incandescent, amazing, and hilarious.

funfan is feeling oppressed:
Equal rights for all UNLESS you are a CONSERVATIVE.

FUBO you piece of crap fake president.
Yeah, all those Americans getting life in prison for being Christian

PhiloBedo puts forth the Freeper doctrine on the issue:
That pole-smoking crypto-muslim likes to “catch”.
Lumper20 knows if you just read the Bible, you immediately support jailing homosexuals.
This piece of garbage also calls himself a Christian. He is a nothing. He obviously has never read the Bible.
I guess Chainmail found comparing gays to pedophiles got boring:
I guess paranoid schizophrenia is a “fundamental right” too.
Viennacon does not seem to be up on the First Amendment.
Is pornography also a fundamental freedom, because I’d have to check with the Founders on that one.
Seeing More Clearly Now knows all about the legions of gay liberal political strategists:
A huge number of the strategists of the Left wing agenda are mean-spirited, dead-eyed, mentally immature, disturbed people addicted to homosexual sex. If they don’t get your applause and congratulations when they tell you where they learned to put it, they have a two-year old tissy fit and if you still don’t applaud, they try to destroy you and your world.
Is PGalt talking about giving a speech? Supporting homosexuality? I cannot tell.
Universal fundamental tactic of totalitarians and their anti-freedom, anti-truth, anti-individual, anti-life collectives.
Cvengr is really angry at faces about Obama he just made up. Also, Ugandan culture is Divinely inspired.
This comes the morning after Obama spent the evening with his interior decorator in Palm Desert, while his wife and kids are vacationing elsewhere skiing, immediately after he jetted into Palm Springs to meet with the King of Jordon at the Annenberg Estate.

50 or more Escalades were flown in for his 2 day jaunt, while the economy crumbles around him. All this and the only thing he is preoccupied with are the local laws of an African nation following millenia old cultural and God-given law to oppose homosexuality.

God doesn’t have to curse Obama for him to fail miserably. Obama is making his own path to devastation.
F15Eagle does not understand empathy.
No straight man works on gay causes.

No straight man does.
I don't usually buy into this, but VerySadAmerican seems to have some serious repression to work on:
If I ever talk to any of my liberal relatives again, and I doubt I will, I’ll tell them “to go find yourself a spouse of the same sex or find yourself a one night stand with a fag or a lez or shut the hell up. I’m sure you’re wanting a gay relationship so bad you can almost taste it. In fact, I’m sure you’ve already tasted it and liked what it tastes like. So be true to yourself and get the hell away from me, you d**k licker!”
Ann Archy remains amazing.
ANAL SEX......ANAL SEX......ANAL SEX!!!! It’s the ONLY thing on LEFTISTS minds!!! It’s ALL they think about!!

Naked Woman Goes On Bloody Rampage After Boyfriend Refuses To Have Sex

A story full of bad craziness, but not without some humor to it. Naturally, Freepers make a bunch of sexist jokes, and jump to a bunch of ridiculous conclusions.

Manic_Episode with the inevitable:
That time of the month?
Viennacon has an interesting idea of the cause:
Feminism’s bitter fruit
Dems some CRAY-ZEE eyes!!!
The woman in question:
Thank goodness she isn't black!
She looks pretty normal to me. But Freepers always manage to see the crazy in whatever pictures they want.

cardinal4 is also rolling with the visual analysis:
She also bears a strong resemblance to the Heavens Gate cult leader. The ones that were waiting for the mothership to pick them up after the Hale-Bopp comet..
Sarah Barracuda would like to make an assumption:
According to my spidey senses I’m gonna guess..Democrat
the OlLine Rebel knows marriage cures craziness:
A bunch of young shack-ups (never mind the immoral sex) with illegitimate kid.

How shameful. This is something you’d expect happen in the White House.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Via anonymous. Clarence Thomas is a bitter, bitter man. You ever see any interviews with him, and it's clear he's still not over his nomination hearing, despite successfully ending up on the Court. So of course he says "Northern Liberal Elites Treated Me Worse Than Southerners." That little gem of Freeper-type narrative causes Freepers jump all over themselves to tell the story of all the racism they saw in the North, and all the tolerance they see in the South.

CPONav explains how there is no crime in the South.
I grew up in the South. As a Sailor in the U.S. Navy, I lived all over America and travelled the world. I returned to the South when I retired.
Southerners have learned to live together, no matter the race, religion, or ethnic background.
Most areas outside of the Southeastern United States have yet to figure out how to accomplish that.

And y’all call US hicks...
Lizavetta knows if the South is known for one thing, it's frankness and not worrying about tact!
When my ex worked at IBM many years ago, a black colleague told him that he much preferred the South, where a person would tell you precisely what he thought of you, right or wrong, and so you knew exactly where you stood. The Northerners would smile and act like they were your friend yet knife you behind your back.
Oberon's daughter finds herself super not-racist.
My daughter was raised in North Carolina, but is now attending a fairly exclusive university in New England. She observes that she has much more experience interacting with minorities that most of her fellow students, and also has a far more egalitarian attitude toward minorities as well.

I think the North is actually more racist today than the South is.
pgkdan is sure the North are the ones with all the racial violence. He has 2 examples!!
Hundreds of books have been written about school desegregation in the south and Massive Resistance but..even though we have the famous images of Bull Connor setting dogs on black protesters...there was no violence in Southern desegregation to match the riots in Boston when they instituted bussing. We didn't have race riots in VA in the 60's but we sure did in Camden NJ...blocks that were burned down STILL haven't been rebuilt 50 years later.
jsanders2001 - lays out things everyone knows so well he has to repeatedly explain how everyone knows it.
Its a known fact that Southerners are a lot more laid back, trustworthy, loyal and friendly than the North Easterners. Everyone knows this. The percentage of Southerners that want to visit the Northeast quandrant of the U.S. is probably very low unless they originally came from that area. I avoid those areas unless I have no other choice. There’s more corruption in that neck of the woods than any other sector of this U.S. other than (basing this on thousands of fraud and corruption cases I’ve worked on for several decades).
Buckeye McFrog totally talked to some northern students who were super racist, guys!
I spent some time on the campus of a fairly exclusive university, and was fairly shocked to find a bunch of affluent suburban kiddies, who, when you drilled right down to their core....did not believe that black people were actually people!
Buckeye McFrog follows up with some strong anecdotal science:
I have witnessed two acts of ugly, blatant racism with my own eyes.

One occurred in Ohio, and the other in Michigan.

I've been to Nashville, Huntsville, Savannah, Columbia, Charlotte, Jacksonville, Orlando....never witnessed in any of those places.
jsanders2001 has been surveying telemarketers:
You don’t know how much fun I’ve had with the young telemarketers that have really picked up the pace calling lately, I say, “I’m sorry, but I can’t invest / buy your product / or talk to one of your service reps in the area because of the horrible economic decisions made by our current leadership. BTW do you mind if I asked who you voted for during the last two elections?” Usually I either get a click or they apologize but probably only because they’re trying to sell me something. Now I’m starting to hear a lot more of them agree that he’s been a horrible president. Many say the worst. It makes me smile, it does...: )
usurper is searching for the term uppity, but can't seem to get there...
I grew up is Southern California in the 1970s. I knew a few black guys who were bussed in to our HS from downtown LA. They were OK guys but seemed to have a big chip on their shoulder.

Whites and Hispanics interacted daily and did not recognize any difference or hostility. But blacks basically kept to themselves in a sort of brooding way. Not a friendly bunch and most people just tried to avoid them, not out of any hostility but because they just seemed angry all the time.

In the late 80s I moved to Georgia for two years and I was immediately impressed with how different the blacks were compared to the ones in LA I grew up with.

They would treat you like you were one of them not as some "white" guy. Very friendly and would laugh and joke with you without the unspoken tension as seemed ever present in SO CAL.

Whatever to South is doing it seems to work better than the rest of the country.
Back to Thomas, rktman knows liberals hate them some mixed race marriages!
I read his bio too and it was very enlightening to see just what Justice Thomas when through almost his entire life. To make the rabid libs even more rabid, he’s married to a (GASP) white woman. Love this guy.
Apropos of nothing, in law school I found Thomas' opinion the best of all the justices - his soul may be embittered, but he is a clear and concise writer of uncommon skill.

Obama's tweaking the ACA

As always, Freepers sense they may have a point, so they overplay their hand all the way to crazytown. Obama's selective enforcement of the ACA law may be necessary in the eye of Republican intransigence, but it is a bit iffy separation-of-powers wise. That being said, I think it's more damaging to our political fabric reward the GOP for it's obstruction, but it still sucks.

Freepers see this issue may be good for them, but is a bit arcane, so they inject MAXIMUM DRAMA.

txhurl has some novel legal theories:
I think the Sargent-at-Arms can arrest him, but only if steps foot inside Congress? The other is the 25?th Amnd, bust down the front door of the WH?
Old Yeller looks to the only other power Freepers have ever recognized:
The only way he goes away is if the she-devil steals the next election. She’s the only one with balls enough to throw his azz out.
Texas resident disagrees - Obama is too Muslim to listen to Hillary:
No disrespect meant, but how can cankles throw the bum out when she can’t even control her own husband?
Muslims treat woman like property like a goat.
That would be fun to watch though. Hillary screeching at Obama to leave and him ignoring her. Wonder whose side their media will take.
mrsmel laments that Boehner's polls are still strong:
And I’m astounded to learn that apparently he’s still in the lead in his state, Ohio. What do those people need to get wise, rounded up and sent to the camps?
aces sees annihilation coming, absent a coup:
If al queda took over the wh, the people would bust down the wh doors..these folks now are lawless with the peoples annihalation in mind. Thats what’s wrong in the constitution, lawless bodies should be dissolved by lawless actions. Immediate, now..

Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday Potpourri Part 2

LyinLibs's delusions have moved on from Obama being the secret son of an Indonesian dictator given plastic surgery. Now Obama is the son of Malcolm X and some weather underground lady. Can Blacula be close behind?
It’s over for ‘Obama.’

Dems are avoiding ‘president’ Bari Shabazz, son of Malcolm X and FBI ‘Weatherman Group’ fugitive Elizabeth Ann Duke, who skipped bail after being charged in 1985 with the Brinks robbery in Nyack NY in whi. 3 law enforcement officers were shot dead.

Also, upon arrest, the mother of ‘president’ Bari Shabazz was caught with fake birth certificates, several SSN cards that weren’t hers, and equipment to manufacture forged ID.

She skipped bail in 1985 and became an FBI Most Wanted fugitive until after Barry was elected, when bizarrely, in 2009, Eric Holder’s DOJ dismissed all charges against the still-at-large mother.

Bill Ayers was in the same ‘Weathermen’ terrorist group.

Obama’s mother and associates formed a Communist splinter group dedicated to the violent overthrow of the US government, hence their bombings of the Capitol and a list of other buildings including the PBA and military facilities
Texas Fossil's delusions have reached the point that he thinks his past hyperbololic BAS has come true:
Let me remind you:

My post on FR on 28Jan09:

“Welcome to New Kenya”

“Where the law of the jungle has replace the Law of the Land”

23 posted on Wed 28 Jan 2009 06:42:31 AM CST by Texas Fossil
Bullish really cuts to the heart of why Freepers are so into Benghazi, and birtherism, and the like:
Obama IS a crime.
Believe what Logical me says:
Reid is as communists as hell. He is a very sick man and does not believe in the Constitution. Believe me when I say the entire Democratic machine is hard core communists and the Americans that support it are ignorant. America is nearly totally under a dictatorship built by King Obama.
ThomasMore may have to destroy America in order to save it!
Never give up. Never cave in. If it takes CWII, this Constitution will survive and flourish.
pallis's gaydar has a partisan slant:
Holder sounds like he is as big a faggot as his boss. Black men everywhere should be proud that black leaders who represent them to the world aren’t afraid to celebrate their homosexuality.
snarkytart on Tom Brokaw's cancer:
one less voting Marxist. this is war imo. i feel nothing for any of them.
I did a Google search for the opening sentence, and itsLUCKY2B posted this little antebellum-esque gem all over the damn place.
The bane of our existence is the ghetto dwelling felonious urban black. Starting at birth, they are conditioned to accept and embrace chaos in their homes and criminal behavior reflecting a unique lack of impulse control. There is nothing to compare this mess with, except, to a degree, the behavior of white trash of the Maury Show variety. Liberals who have never been exposed to the urban negro in its natural habitat except in abstract terms shoveled into their minds in their social justice classes in college only start wising up when they are on the business end of a savage pack beat down. How does it feel you liberal ass hats, to come to the realization that wearing an Obama button ain’t gonna save you?
Viennacon threatens to move to Armenia!
Not when every such judge is an Obama appointee. He could get this in all 50 states if he wanted.

I have to say this and it pains me to, but if this is forced upon the states by the courts, I will declare our rights dead and a new era of dictatorship in effect. I won’t remain in a dictatorship. I’ll have to carefully fold my flag and constitution, and make travel plans to Armenia.


Unless there is an indication that in an impending cataclysm, we can seize power at least in the red states and outlaw liberalism and arrest these judges pending public trials for sedition.

“country’s cherished protections that ensure the exercise of the private choices of the individual citizen regarding love”

Love is not mentioned in the Constitution once, like abortion. This is just made up.
cunning_fish is sure any evidence that Putin is a dictator is made up by the pro-Obama media:
Who are these journalists “murdered” by Russian government? Are there any clues linking their deaths to a regime or just claims by their fellow liberal moonbats?

What political dissent exactly censored? They have dozens of liberal and communists medias bashing Putin and his regime 24/7.

Are there any American MSMs critical to Obamao left?
Viennacon explains how very racist he is:
I absolutely agree. This idea of the ‘melting pot’ needs to be done away with. The facts are these. European immigrants designed America. They laid the foundations of the country. African Americans were essentially assimilated over periods of hundreds of years (a large amount of it against their will, but it happened), and the Europeans who came in the 1900s were all of similar cultures and belief systems to the people already here.

Bringing in immigrants by the truckload now, from Mexico, and Somalia, and every other hellhole on the planet? Culture is not something people pick up in a generation. It just isn’t. It takes a long time, and when the government actively helps these communities in segregating themselves, it is virtually impossible.

Quotas were not racist. Quotas recognized that cultures are very distinct and more often than not are like oil and water. They don’t mix well. Lee Rigby in London experience this oil and water contrast when his head was hacked off by a Nigerian Muslim.

Why does Mexico suck so much? I’m asking a serious question. Is it an accident of geography? Is it the climate? Or is it actually that their culture is debased and their politics is a disaster as a result.

It is a goal of the left to balkanize the US. They want some states speaking Spanish, and some states where Islam is the most widely practiced religion. The more they divide America, the easier it is to conquer. This is what invading countries do. The left is like a foreign invasion force.
Georgia Girl 2 is hearing rebellion in the grocery store:
I hate to diaagree but the 70’s were nothing compared to today. Economically it was bad but the politics are way different.

People are openly talking about Civil War in the grocery store. Everybody is gunning up. 92 million people are out of work and we have a president who says its not a bad thing because now they will have a chance to enjoy their life more. Our debt is out of control. A silent communist coup is taking place before our eyes. I predict if Barack Obama is not removed from office we will be in a civil conflict within the next 2 years.

No this is not the 70’s.
lavaroise is sure Obama had prepared snipers to shoot any of the players at the Superbowl who spoke out against him:
Those snipers at the superball... well, they are directed at both terrorists and the Spartacus playing on thefield.

I garrantee you, if it was not the overpay pacifying them, a few hero football players raising a ire against the State would end up dead, hillary Arkancide style.
B4Ranch may never buy a stamp again:
So my conclusion is that obumbler is spending Homeland Security money, Post Office money, etc., to purchase ammo for Syrian rebels because congress will not give him money to do so.

That’s what I’m thinking too.
I worry about Lazamataz. He's suddenly going deep into the tin foil.
I actually called this one. I never went public, but I called this. I expect Barack Obama to grant a blanket pardon to every single minority, for any crime whatsoever. Murder, rape, whatever. Pardoned.

This man is the Antichrist.
mowowie would like to apologize for being massively, openly racist:
Don’t care the person or the party, being from MA and one that reads the news every day I can pretty much declare now that I will NEVER vote for a black politician.
Just NOT worth the risk.
apologies to those offended.....
Ouderkirk knows the tools used to gin up antisemitism are evil, unless turned to a better target:
One can argue that the Jews have been at the root of almost anything that has gone wrong in the world.

Now, just because one can cherry pick the evidence doesn’t make it fact.

On gets sooooo tired of it....the Jews, whitey, et. al. are the root of all evil in the world.

When the reality is it is the left-tards who are the root of all the world’s ills.
FlingWingFlyer blames Obama for all hatred:
One thing about it, since Barry the messiah wannabe got “elected”, the hate in the world seems to have tripled. Good job Barry!
We end on a sad note. Vendome can't seem to understand how his hatred is draining all joy from his life.
I was much more civil 16 years ago

Sumpin ain’t right.

We’re suppose to get gentler as we age....

Thing is the Devil Worshipin, Satanic Inspired, Kommies have upper the ante and made the game very important.

Before it was fun.

Now its a blood sport to slow them down.

Worse than whack a mole.

More like VD and Valtrex only makes their outbursts easier to manage. It doesn’t make em go away and there doesn’t seem to be a cure.

Monday Potpourri.

central_va is trying not to let his rampant racism keep him from enjoying Ted Cruz's antics.
I have no doubt that with a surname like ‘Cruz’ he will one day cave on amnesty. But I am enjoying the ride while I can because he is the only bus in town heading right.
Liz thinks Obama is going to kill Michelle on accounta his worshiping Satan or something.
A child will continue to misbehave until someone stops him. If no one stops him, he will continue to misbehave and why shouldn’t he? No consequences to his action - the action continues. Obama needs a serious chastening. Soon.

MORE SINISTER THAN MERELY MISBEHAVING An interesting observation----explaining the psychotic behavior and the horrendous events leading up to a man brutally killing his wife: the observer opined that free-for-all behavior that flaunts laws, conventions and established mores---is a sign that the individual is without moral moorings and is probably involved w/ satanic worship.
Texas Fossil is sure Che Guevara's massive popularity among liberal is related to all mass murderers, and how Obama gets blacks to play the Knock Out Game (Capitalization, So You Know It's Serious).
The Left idolizes Che BECAUSE he was a homicidal maniac. The little hipster girlie-boys have lots of revenge fantasies.

revenge fantasies?

Yes, like the mass murders recently in the US. (Warped leftist crazies for the most part)

And like Obama’s children and the “Knock Out Game”. (some game, people died) And Yes, Obama incited them to do such crap.
Buckeye McFrog saw the news media preparing to skew coverage of a car accident!
I passed an accident scene today where news crews from two competing local TV stations appeared to be working together and colluding on their coverage.

Standard Operating Procedure in modern “journalism”.
What keeps DeaconRed going:
"God works in Mysterious Ways!

Barrys comeupance wont be a pleasant one."

That is what keeps me going. "Vengeance is mine saith the Lord, I shall repay. Keeps me going too!
Never mind salvation, omnipotent revenge on the wicked is what Christ is really about!

LeoWindhorse knows how to solve all the issues in Afghanistan:
Afghan soldiers should do more that criticize Karzai .

Do your country a big favor . Change can come about very quickly
Revolting cat! - Woddy Allen is the central intellect of liberals!
Certainly not making light of child molestation in any way (if it did happen), but I can't help taking glee in and having a "let's sit back and enjoy" attitude as I watch a bunch of lefty idiots pointing fingers at each other while each uses his/her douchebag lefty friends in the press to take cheap shots at each other...

What a world, what a world...
It’s delicious, dude. This is not just anybody, this is the central intellect of the moonbat class, the hero of the pretentious and super hip. Without him there is no culture, is there?! What are we going to talk about now at our parties, at our discos, and our chic restaurants?
cripplecreek continues to rationalize his complete lack of integrity:
I might support Cruz even if he wasn’t a natural born citizen because he’s a better citizen than most and because liberals need to learn a lesson about being careful what they wish for.
IllumiNaughtyByNature would like to pre-gloat about the 2014 elections:
Embrace the Suck, RATS, and choke on your “Optics” and “Narrative.” You will be disappointed come election time, compliments of the Lone Star State.
lowbridge is revving up his anti-Clinton crazy again, and implying Obama has been neglecting his evilness lately:
The Chinese probably want them back so that they can re-install their turnstile in the front entrance of the white house. You know, the one that lets them enter with cash and exit with american technological secrets.

And I’m sure al qaeda wants them back so that they can re-establish terrorist cells within our own borders.

And im sure castro will want them back so that cuban citizens are kidnapped and returned to cuba.

And im sure all those hit men that ccontributed names to the clinton death list will want their old jobs back.

And im sure the united nations will want them back so that american sovereignty will be surrendered to the international community.

And im sure all the illegal aliens will want them back so that their amnesty can be fast tracked, complete with no criminal background checks.

And im sure the BATF will want them back so that they can go back to killing off law abiding gun owners.
Monterrosa-24 is concerned about the White baby adoption market:
I did not say they adopted children OVER hetero couples. But while there are waits for healthy White babies the wait can be made longer by the state sanctioned child abuse of putting such babies in the hands of perverts. I would rather have my offspring raised by the poorest Blackest sharecropper couple that were legally married than by the filthy rich and just plain filthy Sir Elton and his fellow “partner”.
Clemenza on the importance of speaking English:
Either we are a western, English-speaking society, or we are a Third World cesspool. Please take your pick.
I do not envy LouAvul's son.
That's what I tell my son. He's visiting me in Oklahoma. He lives in kalifornia. I tell him that I wish he could have seen the America I grew up in. Everything was better then.
colorado tanker blames the USSR on the Germans.
If he wants to blame someone, blame the WWI German government, who after the February Revolution ran Lenin and other communist leaders into Russia in a black op to destabilize the government. One of the most successful operations in history.
stanne has mixed up Philip Seymour Hoffman's acting roles and the man himself.
I saw him in the latest hunger games. My kids dragged me. It was a horrid film, disgusting story, little redeeming issues. Made worse only by the appearance of this wretch of a person at the end

He had the most snide atheist proud sneer and his presence made the movie instantly and irretrievably confusing

Megan Kelly showed a clip of him. He was screaming the f word Don’t know what her point was but there he was screaming the f word

Then there’s a clip of him marching around with a wool cap on unshaven disgusting slap him grin with a teenage girl looking disgusted, self conscious, amused and horrified. All at the same time and this creep shows absolutely no interest in the extreme disturbance of his companion

He has brought up the subject of drug addiction in this drug addicted country well on its way to total dependency, talking about how not working is good while we’re stealing money from our children , and, which, after the last presidential election turnout or more apropos, tge last election contenders, is a long overdue conversation

But rest in peace I cannot understand the interest in this disputable character
This woman teaches classic lit...!!!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday Spotlight: soycd

Resentment. Freepers dwell on the idea that non Freepers are getting something they don't deserve. Freepers deserve all the empathy anyone can give, but other people are different. This guy is even more into that mindset. He'll do what it takes, from the petty to the genocidal, to deal with Americans not like him, all of whom he is sure are living off the corrupt government.

His profile says "2nd Amendment, motorized public access, good friends, educated children and a small government I can trust are all I need." But he can't be content, when there are all these other people out there!

Blacks are all stealing from us:
Hilda Solis and “people of color” are untouchable and we will keep having our paychecks deduct their living expenses.
Murderers going to jail for life isn't enough. The families of murderers need constant watching.
The victims family should send pictures and letters of relaxed, comfortable living and good weather to this Jackson animal while he is locked up for life without parole. The Jackson family that harassed the victims family should also receive scrutiny from authorities on a regular basis.
Transgenders in prison:
When they lock up one of these freaks, do they put them in with their physical gender, or do they have special cells for misfits?
Choosing who to root for in the Superbowl:
I figure I’ll root for the Broncos rather than the Seahawks. If for nothing else, lefties don’t like rodeo and greenies probably have seahawks on some endangered species list somewhere.
Guns are all that keep the underclass from rising up:
his vision was to scare people away from firearms

Even if the sheeple were to take the bait, it would not last long with all the gibmedats and rapes that would ensue.
Rachel Maddow is covering Chris Christie in a clever plan to make him the nominee:
I have a better theory than the tongue and groovy one...this whole sham is an attempt to get more support behind Christy from Republicans defending him.

Just like SequesterGate, FastFuriousGate, IRSgate and all the other rotten fish smelling crap that the Maddow types like.
"The tongue and groovy one?" That's not insulting, just...confusing.

Eugenic Now!
require welfare sponges to be neutered and spayed before receiving any FREE services and spending money.
Nothing will make him happier than New York City dying!
I so hope DeBlazingCommie comes out swinging quickly, so we can witness an early destruction of the rotten apple. He needs to shakedown the rich and middle class hard and distribute their cash to the lazy and crooked plunderclass that makes up most of the population in the city.

The train is off its rails and the best is yet to come.
Die, New York City, Die!
Getting ready for the EBT shutdown. NYC doesn’t want too many of their minority thugs to get taken out early in the game. The NYPD wants the thugs to kill off as many people as they can first.
Hell, maybe all of America will die. Ammo check!
My guess is a nuke or three may be touched off soon. The Iran thing could disrupt our energy supply and the clown in the white house is preparing. Ammo check.
Why do the stupid Fillipinos live on the coast?
Do not rebuild on the coast. Move your homes and business inland so this does not happen again. Build defenses against the next typhoon. Anything else, outside of immediate food, medical, shelter and wisdom are foolish.
Mitt Romney's campaign was fixed:
I am convinced there are democrat operatives running Mitt’s campaign. That or they are simpleton morons.
Obama and the Freeloaders!!!!
I don’t know why these freeloaders are concerned, zero has all but given them a free room in our White House. They have nothing to fear from Uncle Sugar.
Our troops: Noble. Americans volunteers in Libya - deserve what they get.
At the risk of “victim blaming”, one has to ask why any American in their sane mind would even be in that muzzy pit. It’s not a good idea to be defenseless when surrounded by evil people that have been corrupted and brainwashed by muzzydom.
Muslim and American?
attack and kill Muslim-Americans.

Impossible, since if you are a muzzy, you can not be an American.

Muslims have defiled the Temple Mount by coveting it. Only one thing to do:
Just turn it into a crater and be done with it. That the moslem fools think it is theirs to keep others from entering is reason enough.