Friday, November 29, 2013

Spotlight Friday: SADMILLIE


Nothing too intellectual on the day after Thanksgiving. It was this guy or it was the blinking Obama gif guy

SADMILLIE is a vintage 2012 Freeper living in Texas with all the restraint of a bumper sticker, less syntax, an obsession with the French, a love of the phrase 'really bad,' and a itchy CAPS LOCK finger. His main target, as is becoming increasingly common on the right, is the GOP itself.

Upon the government shutdown:
This is sooooo good. SHUT DOWN until they negotiate. It is the American way. Unions should love it!!! The Heritage Action Foundation (RUSH LIMBAUGH) stepped into remind conservatives that there was no more money if they caved— It panicked the conservatives.

Now I remind you that no bill goes to the floor that the leadership doesn’t send. That killed “discharge Petitions” so we are not supposed to have 17 socialist republicrats join 200 demorats in a winning vote. IF beohner tries to waive that —HE IS GONE. If cANTOR tries— He is gone. Tea Party is saving this nation from total ruin. Your calls and emails worked but at the end— it was common avarice and the 20 million fans of RUSH LIMBAUGH!!! They will really hate that!Heritage controls hundreds of millions in campaign contribution. THIS IS GR8
His theology - faith without acts is awesome! Anyone using religion for good is a blasphemer!
No “sacrifice” is necessary at all. “God so loved the world that he who believes in HIM shall ever lasting life” , That’s it— Belief is “accepting as true”. Stop this legalistic junk intended to get you to “tithe”. There is no tithe after the atonement. Stop this blasphemy!!
The retracted Benghazi story is true.
Cornyn is a Karl Rove butt boy and is on the political chopping block right now. Primary opponents are meeting as we speak. Texans LOVE CRUZ!!! and PERRY!! I think Perry may run for Cornyn’s seat!!
Lindsey Graham is a girl:
Stomp that effeminate man in the dirt. NO FR^CKEN AMNESTY You POC. Get his girly ass out of there. He knows he is in deep sh^t.
'ISSA was a plant'
Ok you are right. WE ARE UNITED> ISSA was a plant . We must howl like hell.No mercy.
'This is Madness'
McConnel is a traitor. He is a complete traitor. The people of Kentucky will ride his ass on a rail. This is madness. This is unconstitutional. We are spiraling down the toilet in total chaos. Protect your self— protect your family. This is going to get very ugly.
'punished, under law, real bad.'
We are going to stop killing babies and those that do are going to start getting punished, under law, real bad.
'He is a liar!! His presidency is illegitimate.'
Obama Lied. The health insured cried. Let me tell you. I don’t want maternity benefits. I don’t want to pay for it. I don’t want to be told what I want. I want obama impeached . He lied to the people to get elected. He is a liar!! His presidency is illegitimate.
'We take this party !!!Get out of our party.'
The demorats are so destroyed by their lies and the human holocaust of obama care that NOW IS THE TIME TO PROMOTE A REAL AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE!! No more mush mouth RINOs None. Christie has huge background problems and he is way too fat. No more bushes— no more karl Roves,no more Romneys.No more Scott Browns. They have led this party to destruction. We take this party !!!Get out of our party. No more French Republicrats yielding and giving up. Time to stand and fight. We are sick of “pale pastels”. Defeat McConnell. Get rid of Boner. Remove Gramnesty!! NOW!!
'He is is a coward and a poltroon.'
Crush McConnell in the primary!! he had a chance to defund and he did a French retreat. He is is a coward and a poltroon. Get his effeminate fat ass out of here.
'the making of killer men who saved this country'
WE are going to keep football. We are not going to be deterred. Get good helmets but we are going to hit HARD and never stop. You women go sew. This is the making of killer men who saved this country and WILL save it again. Get over it!!
'weak republicrats that ran from a fight like the french!!'
I heard Pat Buchanan speculate today on Hannity, that when the Sh!t really hits the fan, there will be “Guillotines” for those responsible. I am so mad at the weak republicrats that ran from a fight like the french!! I can’t stand it!! but we have 100 million people buying crap they don’t want— cancelled from their policy and that lying scumbag playing golf. I expect a real bad reaction politically— REAL BAD. But I don’t want a bunch of weak fat Chritie idiots — MC amnesty jack ass4s!! I want total conservatives or I will NOT vote again!! You stand in the middle of the road — you get run over by both sides.
'I don’t need a mommy. I am now seeking out trans fats.'
I love trans fats. My mommy died years ago. I don’t need a mommy. I am now seeking out trans fats. I hate obama and his fat butted wife. DON”T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Obama Who Stole Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! Things have been going rather well for the GOP lately, what with the Obamacare rollout an associated poll numbers. This will pass, but nothing makes Freepers angrier than the idea of potential success. So Freepers are thankful for term limits, and freedom of speech (for now).

And for the Obama administration's mentioning of ways to discuss Obamacare on the holidays. Giving Freepers something beyond the usual anodyne Thanksgiving statement to hang Obama hating on something they're pretty excited about.

Bushbacker1 thinks Obama has doomed some freedom fighters to shoot their Communist family members:
Something tells me we're going to be reading about a lot of domestic arguments and, worse yet, family shootings!

Happy Thanksgiving!
loveliberty2 - Thanksgiving is for talking about speculative strangers with cancer!
There should be a massive publicity campaign regarding the thousands and thousands of individual cases of Stage IV Cancer patients who, in their daily attempt to be positive, focused, and courageous in battling their disease, now have felt the heavy-handed knock-out punch in the stomach dealt to them by each Democrat who, in mass, in 2010, derided and voted AGAINST the Republican bill which anticipated and would have prevented the policy cancellations which now have spoiled those patients' Thanksgiving and Christmas Season joys with family and friends!
lilypad is planning on giving folks spite for Christmas!
My discussion will be like this... Sorry folks no presents for Christmas this year, my first premium is due December 23 and it’s 300.00 more tha it was. We have been Scrooged.
I suspect Freepers prefer contemplation and then the virtuous sacrifice of deciding not to be an asshole to actually doing this.

ExTexasRedhead knows the Nazis talked all about Thanksgiving.
I think Hitler and Goebbels live. Never Again? Think Again.

US rattles sabers at China

As China has extended a 'Chinese Air Defense Identification Zone' over some islands it is in a land dispute with Japan over, the US flew some big, burly B-52 bombers right through the middle. A pretty clear message.

Alas, Freepers find themselves caught between their desire to crush China and their need for everything Obama does to be bad. It makes for some pretty funny vacillation.

Texas resident is terribly confused to agree with Obama:
This makes no sense unless our first historic muslim ruler is becoming really unhinged. By doing this, he is implying that the US will support a historic ally. When has he done this before? He has always appeased China, so now why poke a finger in their eye now?

Another jabberwocky event.
esoxmagnum has the inevitable disclaimer whenever Freepers go off topic these days:
Diversionary Tactics. Nothing more. Anything to get in the news and get OFF of the Obamacare fiasco.
John S Mosby knows FDR only got us into World War 2 to hide how bad the New Deal was:
War is a major distraction— just like FDR. And everyone would have to enroll in national health for the “defense effort”. This is like russia’s use of xenophobia to distract from the CPSU and stalin’s murderous policies and starvation.

FDR did it to distract from failures to cure the Depression.
I have no idea what lavaroise is saying
Another America mea culpa opportunity missed for the Chinese. Obama is begging for a pimp. His own head in his a$sl$ is toonhard by himself.
FreedomNotSafety doesn't understand why a show of force needs to be visible:
Why send two of our slowest moving least stealthy aircraft? An invitation to shot at them? I know they are armed to the teeth with weapons and electronics but they are still slooow. Why not a fighter patrol?
PGR88 points out that Obama doesn't understand the Chinese like he does the Muslims.
This situation is more dangerous than anything in the Mid-East.

WHY? Because the community-organizer in Chief has zero experience dealing with China and Japan. China is simply off his naive, inexperienced American-leftist radar. There are no applicable progressive slogans or soundbites to use, nor is there a Chicago Politics play-book for him to refer to.

We got a taste of it with his interactions with Putin over Syria.
Slambat knows Obama wants world war!
Oslama wanted them shot down...the Chinese refused to comply.

That’s what I was thinking too. He want’s Israel to attack Iran and China to attack the US or Japan.

The jug-eared punk wants a war.
servantboy777, on the other hand, really wants war with China.
They get aggressive...import tariffs.
They continue to push...begin freezing assets.
Pull manufacturing.
They don’t get the message....default on 1.2 trillion in loans.

What are they gonna do?
clearcarbon demands that the Air Force is not used for anything dangerous:
B-52s and their crews are not expendable Mr. president.
Why didn't you fly Air Force One?
USAF80 has decided the Navy is gay now...
Yea and ours are crewed by women and sissies.
dragnet2 suddenly hates all war:
Americans are totally burned out playing government global cop for those that profit off it, like the fat corps, banks and corrupt running Wall Street.
Bigg Red sees a dire future:
Uh-oh. I hope we won’t have another incident in which our aircraft is “bumped” out of the air and the crew is held hostage while they study the craft’s technology.

Well, I guess, under the Soros Administration, the Chicoms will not need to force the plane down to get all of the secrets, as President Jarrett will give them to the Chicoms willingly.
Kevmo figures it out - make up a mini-coup scenario like with Bin Laden!
Lately we’ve been hearing about a purge in the officer Corps. I’ll bet that someone loses his job over this. Obama simply doesn’t have the gonads to pull a stunt like this one, so it’s an unauthorized display of force.
Pesky Obama toughness problem, solved!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Lara Logan Takes Leave

She seems like a fin reporter, but she really screwed up on the 60 minutes Benghazi piece that turned out to be a hoax. SO she is taking leave. I hope she comes back.

Freepers have already decided she's a Conservative Martyr of the massive Obama conspiracy, though!

txhurl knows suffering brings truth:
zero’s problem is she has credibility: she was raped by muslim thugs in the field working a story.
glorgau is unimpressed:
It is sooooooo obvious that the 60 minutes segment was a “False Flag” operation designed to discredit _any_ investigations of Benghazi.
Obama_Is_A_Feminist needs no evidence - Freepers KNOW.
Bingo! This ‘witness’ was given orders to spread lies about Benghazi as a diversion from the truth. We FReepers KNOW the score on this one.
Noamie is sure this is media collision to discredit itself.
I really think that she was intentionally set up to make the mistake.

This gets her out of the way.

Now, the problem is that this is so dangerous and says so much about our Government. our media, and the collusion between the two.

Dangerous days.
Ann Archy has now decided 60 minutes is a conservative bastion:
SHe was SET-UP by the Obama regime to DESTROY her...AND 60 minutes!!!!!
clintonh8r can't stop hating sluts, and goes off message.
This will give Lara more time to sleep around....
Missouri gal explains Lara Logan wouldn't make any errors, so this was a setup:
No reporter, especially a senior investigative reporter, would publish a story without corroboration. Her corroborating informants were all ordered to be quiet, and once the source was isolated, then the wolves pounced. Let's see what happens when some piece of evidence breaks loose to independently match the story. It's going to end up like Rathergate, and CBS was the culprit there, too.

Supreme Court to take up Obamacare contraception case

Eschewing any discussion of the complicated statutory interplay involved, Freepers speculate about Chief Justice Roberts' true feelings about Obamacare.

C. Edmund Wright is optimistic, though his opinion of Roberts' objectivity is rather low:
My guess…..Roberts is soooo embarrassed that he’ll vote unconstitutional at ANY chance….no matter how thin.
djf explains the clever trap that Roberts has laid:
I think if you read the opinion correctly, it was never ruled constitutional.

Part of it WAS in fact ruled unconstitutional, the part about the Medicaid funding.

The individual mandate part, well, the opinion basically says “Congress CAN do this if they call it a tax...”

But no where did the court acknowledge or deem that Congress HAD done it under their power to tax.

The first person who gets charged with a penalty is on the fast-track to take it back to SCOTUS!

And at that point, it WOULD be ruled unconstitutional - there’s no way around it.
VerySadAmerican thinks once you start using birth control you can never stop!
My guess....Roberts will say he and his wife wouldn’t have any kids if their mother would have had birth control. But he’s sure she would have made the right “choice” and he believes all women should have a “choice”.
stockpirate is taking things rather personally:
thx for posting a picture of the fascist homo....Roberts
Revolting cat! knows it's just the blackmail he has no evidence of:
“How are your adopted Irish kids doing, Mr Chief Justice?”
I swear, making up crap to believe and planning to shoot people is all Freepers seem to do these days!

soycd is either failing to make some kind of point or into genocidal eugenics. Possibly both:
How about we make contraceptives MANDATORY for anyone on the government teat. It would cost much less than the trillions of tax dollars taken from us to provide for the moochers. Add a huge fine for anyone making babies while on taxpayer life support.
Revel is pretty sure the Supreme Court is hell and Roberts is the devil:
Why would any conservative want anything to go to the US Communist supreme court in this day and age. It has been almost fully infiltrated by Godless forces of evil that are hostile to the USA. And Roberts is the Two Horned leader carrying the pitch fork of doom.

Cleaning out the court is far more important that cleaning out congress. The court has far more power. And that is why it was infiltrated.
Of course Congress? Also infiltrated. Also Free Republic.

supercat makes up what he thinks the Constitution says:
Nothing specifically gives the Supreme Court the right to strike down a law as unconstitutional. Really all that can happen is that the Supreme Court strikes down a particular prosecution and effectively say that it will do likewise with any other prosecutions under the statute. Nothing would particularly prevent prosecutors from ignoring the Supreme Court, or saying that for whatever reason the particular cases they're bringing are in some way different from the prosecutions the Court invalidated.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The driest of powder.

Freepers discuss how ready they are, though they do not seem clear on what exactly they are ready for...

yellowdoghunter is ready to risk it ALL:
My family is willing to fight. I like how he mentions Ohio, may that State forever be in misery! But he is right, those that r willing to fight for this country may have to risk it ALL, just like our forefathers did.
RoosterRedux just feels something is gonna happen:

How do you think we should do this?
I don't know, but I think we all feel it getting started. It's why we are buying guns and ammo.

There will be a revolution against Obama and his ilk...when and where, I don't as yet know.
boxlunch has an idea - more violence against abortion providers and gays. It's what God wants!
I wonder, sometimes, if this is God's wrath upon us for not being more, well, violent, in defense of the innocents. Yes, we voted pro-life, some of us worked at pro-life clinics, we donated to anti-abortion organizations, but should we have done much more? If they were children or adults being led to slaughter, would we have stood by and said, "Well, we voted for the anti-holocaust candidate and he didn't win, oh well..maybe next election..."

The same might be said for fighting against the sodomy, perversion, and immorality that is overtaking our land. There are young people being pulled into this life of sin and slavery to degradation.
KTM rider will wait until there's a huge movement before he joins in:
Manifest Destiny

but Ill go down swingin'

if more than 10,000 others want to attack Capitol Hill and water the tree of freedom, I might join, otherwise I will just watch the river flow by and welcome the new Islamic neighbors as they get moved in.

I'm going on 60 now so I will be getting marched off to the Obamacare ovens soon, meanwhile i'll keep voting in futility for the lesser of evils
Foundahardheadedwoman is waiting for Obama to make the first move:
I aint taking the train ride to the ovens. I am going on 60 and can still load, maintain, and shoot my rifle very well. I figure a ratio of 8-10 to one American is about right and mean to go out that way.Period.
gunner03 refuses to simply watch...not that he's doing anything.
I’m 78 and I refuse to watch my country go down the tubes. I can’t run worth a damn,can’t do push-ups or sit-ups, but I can still shoot straight with both pistol or rifle. Semper Fi
sport is ready for the violence he thinks won't occur:
I’ m ready. when it hits the streets I will be there. But from what I have seen, I am not expecting it to reach the streets.
wintertime has the virtue of obsession, so he has a recommendation, and concomitant contempt for Freepers who don't agree:
Of all the posters on this thread, how many send their children into the nation’s K-12 socialist-entitlement and single-payer schools?

This nation will lose its freedom in the classroom. Nearly all the teachers in this nation were trained by Marxists in Marxist run colleges and universities. This is true for both private and government K-12 schools.

Yet.....Conservatives are oblivious.
Dead Corpse sums it up:
Zealot on deck.

Ready when y’all are...

Hurry up. I ain’t gettin’ any younger.

Pay as you Weigh

Freepers are all about personal responsibility - so long as it doesn't affect them. That's why I posit that I can kinda figure out what these posters weigh based on their position regarding a weight-based pricing sytgem for airlines:

Punish people for their flaws and make money doing it. It’s the liberal way.
Conservatives know you gotta PAY money to punish people!

digger48 is sure liberals are all lazy fatties:
this would disproportionally target democrats.

especially the middle aged black women who the CDC finds are the fattest of the Fatties.

And Hispanics after them
Zhang Fei has arrived at the opposite conclusion on accounta liberals are evil:
A lot of liberals and conservatives define their respective ideologies in ways that *coincidentally* favor them. This is how liberals in NYC come up with zoning strategies in NYC that raise housing costs into the stratosphere, thereby keeping out most of the riff raff.
Help, help, Venturer is being oppressed!
I am getting a little tired of this discrimination of heavy people.

First we have the Wide Load Michelle trying to tell us how to raise our children. Then we have CVS telling their employees what to do and how much to weigh, then we have Doctors required to pimp on us to the Govt. in Obamacare.

We cannot discriminate against illegals, minorities,Muslims, gays, or idiots, but it’s fine to crap all over heavier peopl. The hell with that.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Iran Deal

Freepers don't know anything about the deal with Iran, but they're against it.

Between Obama on one side, and Iran on the other, it didn't stand a chance.

Tijeras_Slim needs no thought:
We’re screwed, no details needed.
acapesket is super angry...about the timing.
How CONVENIENT that this All happens post Sunday morning shows!
I am ready to explode.
Anybody who supports this POS is guilty of treason.
mason-dixon just wants to sloganize.
The deal has been REACHED, now it will be BREACHED!
Time for Israel to warm up their nukes...
ConservativeMan55 knows the real deal:
Valerie Jarrett reached a deal with Iran long ago.. this was all just a Kabuki dance..
Mark17 is making some sort of reference, right?
Give me an N give me a U give me a C give me an S Whatta ya got? Iranian nucs. Coming soon to a town near you.
Cementjungle lays out Obama's plan:
Barry is going to use every bit of his power to destroy the United States and gives Islamic countries like Iran MORE power.

It's all in preparation for the liberation of the North American continent. When his 8 years are done, things will be all set for the liberation to begin.

Muslims are known for their ability to work through very long range plans.
caww has switched from everything being about Benghazi, it seems:
I believe nothing this man says...not one word!

This is all about taking the eye off the Obamacare ball...tomorrow that’s what they’ll be talking about...

They’re trying to change the momentum of his failures....
Mountain Mary analyzes Obama's eyes, and finds just what she expected:
I muted Ears and if you cover his blabbing teli-p reading purple lips, his eyes are dead..completely devoid of emotion.

He’s totally checked out..a puppet of the Jarrett regime.
HiTech RedNeck knows Obama isn't this smart - he has help!
I think Barack Obama is listening to hell. Hell is cleverer than he has shown himself to be.
HiTech RedNeck follows up - not just Hell is involved, the Big Boss too!
How many devils can dance there, I don’t know. But the devil is in DC. I’d guess Barack Obama is important enough to get Satan himself involved at this point, but not entirely sure.
Well, he isn't sure, so I guess that makes it less crazy then.

Kennard found a photo of a smiling diplomat...analysis begins...
Take a look at the eye contact between the second guy on the right with the blond on the left.....

The women on the left seem naively taken with the bearded Iranians. The slight man beyond the women has the appearance of a milquetoast. Based only on demeanour, these are not the people that I would want representing my interests.

Monday Potpourri

null and void is pretty sure Obama is killing SNL actors who annoy him:
One of the funnier bits on SNL in awhile. That new guy playing Obama is a hoot!!

Last guy who did that (Steve Bridges) abruptly died.

Anaphylactic shock.

It sure is handy for the Regime to know everyone's medical sensitivities...
PapaBear3625 counsels preemtively shooting any negros who aproach:
The problem with defending against a "knockout" attack is that, if you wait for the attacker to actually hit you, then it's often too late because you're no longer in any condition to defend yourself.

One guy in Michigan shot his attacker when the attacker attempted to tase him, but missed.

Eventually, the only response will be to preemptively shoot any "gangsta" looking teen who makes a sudden move towards you.
left that other site explains why he has yet to be mugged, despite living in an 'Amish neighborhood.'
I live in an Amish(about 40%) neighborhood, so the avoidance thing is kind of moot.

So far i have not had any trouble because I also have a big dog.

But it is what it is.
dforest is not a fan of Obama's foreign sounding cabinet:
Why is it that he can never appoint someone who looks or sounds American?
Obadiah wants Americans punished for voting wrong:
As unfortunate as this sounds, I think Americans ought not be shielded from some sizeable pain inflicted by Obamacare.

No one wants to see people suffer, but the hope is that there is enough suffering felt that wakes Americans up from their slumber and jars them to their senses!

Americans voted for Obama - twice - on the promise of hope and change and renewed liberalism. Let Americans feel the frontal impact of what Liberlism/Marxism really means.

Sometimes corporal punishment is warranted as a means of healthy correction.
2ndDivisionVet is sure the market has spoken, and is conservative:
Meanwhile, Rush pockets $100 million and Glen Beck $75 million a year. Hardly any of the major conservative news websites (Daily Caller, Hot Air, The Other McCain, Breitbart, etc.) beg for money like most left-wing sites do. They don’t have to.
But I thought all the non-Rush media was liberal!

X-spurt openly endorses racism:
Looks like our bigot ancestors were right.
gaijin invests only in things that endorse his worldview.
$50 to O’Keefe is better than $500,000 to the GOP.
AlexW is still on the Obama/Ayers thing:
In my opinion, Obumbo was a simple mulatto young man who was befriended by the anti-American Marxist, Bill Ayers.

Besides being Obama’s neighbor and mentor, the radical Communist, Pentagon bomber, and author of Obumbo’s books, groomed Obama to lead the charge in the destruction of America, and turn it into a new Marxist society that would rival the old and now defunct USSR.
Apple Pan Dowdy really really wants to hang onto the latest debunked outrage.
How can we check to see if the “under God” wording was in the Ken Burns text that Obama was given to read?
SampleMan is incensed that Michelle Obama wore shorts on Air Force One.
I know 100 people with too much class to where shorts on a commercial airline riding coach.

This woman is a disgrace.
Patton@Bastogne thinks Obamacare is designed by Obama to murder Americans:
Personally, as a former computer programmer (FORTAN Expert system), I believe the software was deliberately written to fail.

Why ?

Because imagine the rest of the United States "political catastrophe" if everyone could visit an " quality website" ...

and just "click" ...

discover that they're premiums and deductibles have just doubled or tripled.

There would be blood in the streets.

So ... No ... this isn't about software.

Rather it's about one-million DEAD Americans come next Nov-2014 (election day) ...

DEAD Americans MURDERED by Obama "The Magic Negro" ... Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

DEAD Americans who were denied timely healthcare, hospital visits that were cut short, mortally sick patients who had their doctors changed and health plans canceled.

Those type of horrific DEATH memories and RAGING ANGER "transcend" GOP-RAT politics for most Americans.

People will FLOCK to the election polling places to DESTROY the Democratic Party.

Even James Carville and Howard Dean know this.

Remember what Obama "The Magic Negro" said in an off-hand remark when he ran against Romney in 2012 ?

"It's about REVENGE" ... or something close to that.

Well ... President Obama, you POS Kenyan importee, Islamic pig turd, and gay sodomite ...

your chickens are a' coming home to roost, butt-boy ...
Liz wants Freepers to call child protective services on the Obamas:
Frankly, people, I am worried---our president looked kinda wan and out of sorts yesterday---at his "Now I really, really like the nuclear option" presser.

Alarmingly, Mrs Obama told BET that Mr Obama was constantly in the bathroom---"singing."

I just hope Mr Obama didnt invite the Obama kiddies into the bathroom for a "sing-a-long."


I hope and (you should excuse the expression) "pray" that the Obama children are not being subjected to abuse and neglect.

Might be a good idea to get this checked put.....better safe than sorry, people.


District of Columbia Child and Family Services Agency
Report child abuse, neglect---202-671-SAFE
Alberta's Child hates America for being so pagan and Nazi.
Look around you, Dude. Christian countries used to send missionaries to pagan nations like this.

My forefathers who fought in wars wouldn't have wasted their time and risked their lives if they knew what this country would be today.

The Germans may have lost World War II, but it sure looks to me like the Nazis won.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Spotlight Friday: arthurus

Vietnam vet living in Florida, and can't stop thinking of Muslims. Or, as he calls them Moslems/Mohammedians. Their historical defeats, Obama's clear Moslimitude.

But the thing I like the best his elaborate alternate history. We not only have a world where Obama's Muslim now, but where USSR Communists wanted all women to be sluts, Rasputin made America Communist, all liberals are working to get into the Communist Party, and Obamacare means we no longer have antibiotics.

Weird semantics about Hindus not being Hindu:
Moslems in India are Hindus. So also are the Thomas Christians of Kerala. HINDU is simply a cognate for Hind, Hindi, Sindh, INDIA. Hinduism is the congeries of pagan religions that are professed by the majority of the people who live in Hindustan; India.
No one understands the Muslim-Communism of Obama!
Too few people seem to understand. Even most conservatives don't really understand. Whether or not he is stupid is irrelevant. His handlers are intelligent and he and they are NOT ON OUR SIDE! They constitute a temporary of malevolent Moslems and Communists. The largest most immediate obstacle to their goals is the existence and prosperity of the United States of America. They are doing something about that.
Obamacare means a return to 1910 medicine
Once the American Medical market is socialized, and it probably has irretrievably crossed the threshold, the development of new antibiotics will cease. In 10-20 more years we will be medically approaching 1910- you get sick you die.
Hillary's real plan: keep anyone from moving.
Hillary’s scheme was on its surface more ambitious than kenyacare. She intended to use it to begin instituting mobility controls on Americans, pretty much locking us in our medical zones- No medical treatment allowed if we were to get sick outside of our Zones. Mobility restriction has always been a big desire of the Left. All those people just going where they want to go when they want to go there is disconcerting to the would Puppeteers.
Rasputin made Russia Communist.
Rasputin was not politically or managerially competent either. But he arguably brought on the Revolution.
Liberals all want to be in the Inner Party - but the joke's on them!
Liberals think the kenyan is a Liberal or a Communist and that they will all be minor or major functionaries in the coming Regime. They ignore that he is a Moslem and that Liberals will have no part in the Caliphate.
Lenin loved sluts:
Leftists and Liberation of Women: For Lenin and the Communists liberation of women was synonymous with the concept of Community of Women which was NOT a separate village for female residents. It meant that liberated women would constitute a pool of freely available sex objects for the male Communists with no complications involved like chauvinist jealousy or marriage or possessiveness. Leftists, for all their rhetoric still look at Women’s Lib as free sex with no responsibilities for men. That is what easy abortion and contraception was always about. It was never a women’s issue. It was always a men’s issue.

No more judicial fillibuster

Republicans and the filibuster are like someone who treats free samples like an all-you-can-eat buffet and is then offended when the rules change.

There is much amusement to be had in Freepers' revenge fantasies and in their apocalyptic prophesies.

TurboZamboni - its all public referenda now!
225 years -we had a pretty good run as a republic. now we’re a pure democracy(mob rule)
AngelesCrestHighway simultaneously thinks Democrats are desperate and wildly successful.
It's desperation time for democrats!...All in for Socialism!
SoFloFreeper sees parallels to fiction, natch.
Reminds me of the Star Wars story, when the Senate agrees to give Palpatin “emergency powers” to essentially bypass the legislature.

That is what these fascists have done, and their sycophants in the media applaud.
SoFloFreeper's fantastic view of reality includes how there will by martyrs again.
Criminalization of Christianity is on the agenda. Oh, there will still be churches, but only ones approved by the state.

And watch out if you dare to have a Bible study in your home
Robert Teesdale just relaxes in the knowledge that Civil War 2 is accomin'
Fascism on the march

Not really. Just accelerated resolution of the overall cultural problem.
eartick is fucking ready. And I think a bit aroused...
My powder is dry and my lead is hard....

Bring it you brown shirt Obama voters. This country boy got something for you.....
riri has decided there are no real elections anymore.
Mark my words, they brazenly steal every election they need in 2014. No one stops them or, even acknowledges it happens. They'll allow the Republicans to take a few.

They have zero intention of relinquishing power, that is not what this move was about.
Colonel_Flagg is optimistic. Really optimistic:
President Cruz will have work to do in 2017. Hopefully a conservative Senate will be able to help him along.
freeangel blames Speaker of the House Boehner for being gay with Obama:
Hey, boner—hear that? THIS is what happens when you spoon with the enemy.
Cheerio expects actual, FDR-style court-packing.
Here we go - watch little Barry appoint 5 new LIBERAL Supremes, make it a 10-4 SCOTUS. Nothing in the Senate will stop little boy king barry.

The country is over and anyone who doesn't believe this has his head in the sand.
conservativehistorian is really angry the GOP didn't go full tantrum.
If the Republican Senators had any guts, they would en mass walk out and boycott all Senate business. One R senator could be let behind to prevent unanimous consent.

As the United States descends further and further into socialist anarchy, the Republican party displays both its impotence and stupidity. Waiting until November 214 or 2016 is too late. The United States as we loved it will be a distant memory by then!
longtermmemmory knows what this really is about:
the republican leaders WANTED THIS or it would have been stopped.

This is to pass illegal alien AMNESTY

This is to attack the conservatives

This is to protect the senate country club.
Secret Agent Man counsels firing everyone.
I think the Republicans need to remember with a House and Senate under their control, they ought to do the following:

1. Put the nuclear option back in the senate, for all judges and all appointments.

2. Write a law to fire all Obama appointees and judges except SCOTUS justices. They have oversight. Congress created and controls the lower courts. Open up all these appointees and judgeships for a Republican president to nominate and fill.
cotton1706 - McCain's efforts to compromise back in the Bush admin is because he's a liberal plant:
McCain’s goal all along was to prevent a CONSERVATIVE president from getting his judicial nominees through. He’s all for getting a LIBERAL president’s nominees through.
INVAR explains how its all over.
Elections are DONE. OVER. What remains is an illusion of choice to placate you.

The rule of Law is DONE. We’ve seen this now for the last 5 years - the law can and will be changed arbitrarily to suit the needs of the MarxoFascist agenda.

If you people continue to hand onto a corrupted ideal that our electoral process and institutions are still a means to hold tyranny at bay - then I submit you are LOST to delusion.

Just remember this fact of history - once Marxists have achieved total power in key places - GENOCIDES happen of political enemies of the regime.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Entitlement Mentality

Freepers are super pissed that Obama might raise Medicare premiums, despite being against Medicare. Their attempts to rationalize this gets pretty hilariously twisted, and really angry when they're challenged:

glock rocks blames Obama for his late wife's cancer:
My wife died of cancer and I make more than 85.

F’n communist bastards... each and everyone of the communist bottom feeding community agitator weathermen traitor terrorists. F’em.
C210N has an expansive version of class warfare:
I'd call it a big Boost. In building Class Warfare.

People who paid in should collect, as promised. Period.
dalereed only wants what he paid in:
Screw you!!!

We paid our money into the system and expect to get every cent back out as the law WAS WRITTEN, not as some socialist wants to change it!
Also, dalereed plans on getting out way more than he paid in:
I got back at them in 1978, i put all the Corp assets in a dummy company and never took another pay check, I took all compensation as rent and never paid in another cent into Social Security.

I hope I live to be 100 and still collect it!!!!
GGpaX4DumpedTea wants draconian measures until he gets paid!
50 years ago, when I started paying into FICA, as well as my employers did. Give it all to me then and let me have it as the proceeds of what that investment would have produced. It was not a promise. It was money stolen by the Govt Corporation, and it needs to be paid back. Until it is, no one in the Executive, Legislative or Judicial branch of Govt should get paid, and all retirement benefits should immedicately cease. Just Fix It, Dammit! Then make these ba$tards who created all this mess have to live withing the system they created.
Gator113 is sounding quite a bit like a bleeding heart:
Socialism is bad enough. folks generally understand that socialism is bad. they are usually surprised though when they realize that they are part of the problem.

I see. So in your mind, a 70 year old widow, who worked most of her life and was forced to pay into SS.... and now survives on her small monthly check, is just another socialist bitch who is stealing from the future of your children.

I believe that God created idiots to give the rest of us something to laugh at and right now, I am laughing at you.
Lancey Howard's breezy fatalism allows all imorality:
Look, I understand your attitude and your reasoning, and I can’t really disagree with you. Your problem is, you act as if there’s hope.

America is dead and gone. The final nail in the coffin was the 2008 election of an African communist as President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. America had a great run. Remember it fondly for what it was, but there’s no point hanging onto the past.

The United States of America is now little more than a huge land mass populated by moochers, cretins, ingrates, and parasites who have absolutely no respect for the military and who vote for big government to confiscate money from their neighbors so that it may be “redistributed” to them in exchange for their votes. It is not an America worth defending anymore. That America no longer exists.

The parasites outnumber the hosts now, and there’s no going back. America is dead. The Democrats have won.

Nothing lasts forever (shrug) and there’s no point crying or whining about it. My recommendation to every decent human left out there is to throw some cold water in your face and proceed to ‘Plan B’. Figure out how to grab every government dime you possibly can before the parasites who comprise the Democrat party “base” gobble it all up. Look for angles. Look for refuge. Hide what you have. Get under the radar and game the system. Every man for himself and his family.
usconservative knows FICA is theft.
Who's money was taken away by force of Government? MINE. I consider that STOLEN, much like anyone elses' who's contributed to the system.

Yep, I want MY money back. Not someone elses, MINE. Every penny that was STOLEN from me.

That's not "socialism" ... and you're another one of Obama's class warrior useful idiots if you believe that.

Now have a nice day.
LongWayHome isn't entitled, but he deserves a little something back:
My family business, between my dad & I, have paid millions of dollars in taxes on the city, state & federal level over the years. I must have 1000 lay-a-bouts living off my family, but I’m a socialist cause I might get SS....most of which will be taxed away if I even get it.
catfish1957 knows government disaster relief is insurance!
I guess you think those folks in West, Texas are slugs for making insurance claims too huh? Like I said, I can't help that you can't read.

Don't forget punk...... Karma can be a mean bitch.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Rep. Trey Radel charged with cocaine possession

Former talk radio host and Tea Party Congressman Trey Radel is busted for cocaine. Freepers scramble to distance themselves from him, and whine about Obama's past drug use.

icwhatudo continues with the Freeper meme of only reporting party names when it's a Republican.
WOW, they identified the political party in the first sentence. Wonder why?
Because it's Politico, dude. They always print party name.

Impy has decided the name Trey mean he ain't true Tea Party:

What kind of name is that?

It’s a yuppie/hipster/preppy d-bag name if you ask me.
Kenny Bunk wishes America would return to judging people by their face, like seven-year-olds.
Trey has a drunk's face (as in John Boehner). The fact that the American electorate can no longer spot a loser by just looking at him, does not augur well for our future as a Republic.

As samples of the unwholesome, besides the aforementioned obvious (and I add, personally observed) drunkard Boehner, I offer John McCain, or Bill Clinton, John Kerry, Joe Biden, et al. .... all of whom look like psycho refugees from a drunk tank when seen in un-retouched close-up photos.
Catsrus never jumps to conclusions - at least not to conclusions that he doesn't like:
As usual, I’ll wait until the facts come to light. There is way too much judgmental attitudes going around today - so, I’ve learned to hold my fire until I have all the facts.
Chickensoup thinks the truth may never come to light:
You have no idea whether this is true. There is no true news anymore.

So cool your jets.
Freepers: never believing anything they don't like.

Steve_Seattle Would like to digress onto Obama's college years:
This might sound like I've gone off the rails, but I SERIOUSLY think that if there were proof that Obama was currently using cocaine, nothing would happen, the media would shrug, and he would remain in office.
Rome2000 has a great political plan:
He ought to use that, say he has no intention of resigning when the POTUS admits to have used cocaine

Obama is obviously still high on something

Obama's coming madness

An unexpected Freeper pattern is the idea that Obama is one step from a psychotic break all the time. Why they chose this particular personality flaw to imagine, I'm not sure. Maybe to combat the 'no drama Obama' narrative with the idea that their petty BS is secretly getting a reaction?

So, of course, as dreams of Obamacare killing liberalism dance in their head, Freepers also think about Obama at last going insane.

PJ-Comix asks the question:
What do you think will be the weird personality outbreaks of Obama as the pressure over the ObamaCare FAILURE heats up and up and UP?
PJ-Comix the answers it:
Bizarre behavior fueled by alcohol...or Choom.
cherry also expects drugs:
I think the stories of his checked past could all be true and if they are, then he'll safely "insulate" himself by using "stuff"....
riri thinks there are futuristic super-drugs involved:
Yeah, for sure. I expect him to start showing up to pressers with white and crusty lips looking like Pookie in New Jack City.
ChildOfThe60s - Obama can't go publicly crazy because Hitler didn't go publicly crazy.
I think we are quite a ways from that happening.

Jarret is probably calling the shots and will keep him propped up and feed him his lines.

Could be a lot like it was for Der Fuhrer near the end, his confidants simply telling him that his eyes were lying and all was well. The new offensive to crush the allies was days away.
FreedomStar3028 dares to dream:
I hope he loses it and starts yelling and screaming and blaming the “peasants”. I hope he screams “Allahu Akbar” and calls all Americans a bunch of whining losers.

I hope that he makes such a jackass out of himself in front of the world that even the secret service will turn their backs as the mob drags him to prison.
Gaffer is sure Obama can't stop thinking of Free Republic.
He is a narcissistic pathological liar and he hates to be made fun of. He is famous for being sensitive about his ears, and he thinks his Mussolini heat tilt is flattering.

The best way to drive this a$$hole to the edge is to belittle him every chance you get. Encourage others to do the same. Laughing at everything he says would do much more than responding with logic and reason.
IMR 4350 expects huge racism:
I expect him to go full bore “racism” as the biggest problem in America.
Toespi thinks Obama already went crazy:
We have already seen the breakdown and public humiliation of Barack Obama. He did a Rob Ford 2012 during the debates, it didn’t matter that a sitting president running for reelection was stoned out of his mind.
Wordkraft thinks Obama will pretend to faint soon:
Since he can’t expect anyone in Congress to pull the “fainting” stunt for him, he may do it himself - faint during his speech and have it blamed on the stress and ultra long hours the GOP has forced him to work to protect the People.
GreenHornet predicts:
I think we will witness his “Captain Queeg” moment during a Rose Garden Q&A session with reporters.
rotstan goes out on a limb:
Don’t be surprised if he commits suicide in the coming weeks or months.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The end for Obama

Freepers have been busily predicting the end of the Obama Presidency due to Obamacare. Now that America hates the President, everything from Benghazi to birtherism will finally gain traction.

It's like even when things go their way, Freepers try their best to pull disappointment out of the jaws of minor victory.

BenLurkin laments that liberalism only died after America was mortally wounded:
Unfortunately, the Hope and CHange fantasy died at least two years too late.
Eric in the Ozarks wants Obama to go to everyone's house I think:
I didn’t hear a personal apology.
MeshugeMikey hates how Obama keeps taking responsibility for things:
hes is Perennially the iPresident....isnt he. “There are going to be ups and downs during the course of my presidency,” Obama said. “I think I said early on when I was running, I am not a perfect man and I will not be a perfect president.”
FreedomStar3028 - now it's birther time!
Doesn’t matter, Obama has lost many many many independents, and LIV’s. He’s lost a lot of his base, it doesn’t really matter at this point that there is a very small minority of radical left. This whole debacle has taken a lot of voters away from the DNC. We just have to keep the heat on, just for one more year. We can get him impeached once we take the senate, there is also a massive revelation brewing regarding the origin of Obama and the birth certificate. I don’t know much but I’m assuming we’ll soon find out who groomed Obama, who backed him, and what they did it for. It won’t be pretty, it will be something no one could have fathomed.

Obama is THE Manchurian President.
kjam22 wants single payer, but only out of spite.
we're headed for socialized health care. Its gonna happen. Government is going to control everything.... that's even in the bible. Where we have to land is a spot that benefits us as much as possible. That's the bottom line.

Me... I'm in favor of lowering medicare to age 50. :) Let the young liberals have obamacare and all the birth control they want.... and give me medicare now. Now that's a compromise I'd vote for. :)
Aria is eager to blame deaths on Obama:
People will most likely die solely because of his arrogant lying for his end justifies the means fundamental transformation of a country most of us work hard for and in.

After Behgnazi how can anyone, even liberals, be surprised at his care less attitude toward life, death and the truth?

The only thing this robot is sorry about is that he has to take flak. I saw his body language walking to the podium for this press conference and it was pure pissed off a-hole punk.
RoosterRedux thinks the Internet has taken down Harvard, or something.
Liberals like Obama are all theory and no practice.

If Obama had any experience, he would know better. He represents the academic world (our betters). He couldn't unplug a toilet or dig a well.

He's Hahhvahhd, dont'cha know.

Thank God that Harvard and the university elite are being destroyed by the good old interweb.

Goodbye and good-frikken-riddance!

Zimmerman appears to be a violent gun-toting asshole

George Zimmerman is arrested for allegedly waiving his gun in his new girlfriend's face and kicking her out of her own house. This does not speak well for the Freeper ideal that Zimmerman is a sober dispenser of justice against black violence.

Luckily, paranoia allows one to discount countervailing evidence as all part of the conspiracy.

sheikdetailfeather's first thought is that the woman is lying. Like that ex-wife.
Per Fox News the girlfriend named “Samantha” claims she is pregnant and this is why the police took him in. It would be a felony if there was domestic violence committed on her and furthermore, it would be a felony. It is possible she is not truly pregnant. It is even possible the domestic violence is pure b.s..
2ndDivisionVet blames 'them.'
They’ll never rest until this guy is dead or in prison.
left that other site is a little old lady terrified of black people and the government. Thanks, Free Republic!
I just got my CCW.

Even though I am a senior citizen and a widow, I shudder thinking what will happen to me if I ever have to actually DEFEND myself against an attacker of the melaninist persuasion.
MHGinTN is sure Eric Holder is spending all his time victimizing Zimmerman:
ANY communicating GZ might do is monitored and on Eric-scum commie Holder’s desk immediately. There is literally no place on this planet that Eric Holder cannot direct harassment to ..
Obama_Is_Sabotaging_America is sure everything that happens is the fault of the omnipotent Holder.
Black Panther Eric at the DOJ has all kinds of entrapment, schemes and ambushes in play for Zimmerman. Ones that we would never contemplate.
CyberAnt is sure local cops are in on the conspiracy:
They won’t care what the disturbance involves .. they will always arrest Zimmerman .. this has to stop.

When is somebody going to get ahold of this guy and make him realize that the left has only ONE GOAL - to get him into jail.

My fear is .. if Zimmerman is let go and only has to show up to perhaps pay a fine .. some idiot will kill him.

I pray I’m not correct.
dforest has it all figured out:
I believe the left is paying women like this to set George up. George needs to get smart and disappear for awhile.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday Potpourri

Diogenesis waxes on about the fantasy dystopia he imagines Obamacare creates:
First, cancer is not longer even treated as cancer,
but something for patients so afflicted ‘to enjoy’.

Second, Congress and their families, not even under
ObamaCARE, will get the ripest, youngest lungs
from the pick of their constituents.
RB156 sees only defeats:
Same. It seems like ever since 2010 it’s been one defeat after another, except for the pleasant surprise of the Colorado recalls.

Even Christie’s landslide victory in deep blue NJ rings hollow because he’s a fatass RINO.
a fool in paradise knows Obama set up the government shutdown:
Oh the shutnado was a manufactured crisis alright, from the White House. The parks had manufactured signs for shutdown in waiting. Parks that never closed suddenly had to be gated. It became criminal to photograph monuments because the public was being "denied their toys due to Republican obstructionism". Occutards were permitted to squat for weeks and smoke dope without arrest.
So then Ted Cruz is an Obama plant?

skeeter explains how Ted Cruz is the only one in the mainstream:
As far as the tea partiers are concerned, anybody to the left of Ted Cruz is a RINO

Cruz simply advocates a return to the traditional constitutional relationship of government to the people.

Anyone to the left of him supports deviation from the constitutional role of government to one degree or other.

SO, yes, any republican to the left of Cruz is a RINO and is complicit in the destruction of our constitutional republic and can go to hell.
yefragetuwrabrumuy wants to start killing anyone who takes vegetative people off life support:
The way to end this nonsense is straightforward: that murderous “caregivers” need to be put on notice by family members that “self defense” also applies to using lethal force to prevent others from being murdered as well. And revenge killing, in the absence of justice, is righteous.

Even the murderous “caregivers” are fully aware of this, and extremely nervous about it. They know what they are doing is wrong, the worst kind of wrong, and that a veneer of legality will never protect them from vengeance.

Eventually, it might even go beyond families, since many who are murdered are helpless and effectively alone. And while the term vigilante is not well applied to someone who carries out such acts of justice, it has been popularized to that definition.

Even the myth that such an executioner exists would do much to persuade the murderous “caregivers” that perhaps what they are doing is not kind nor caring, but imperils their own lives as well. Not worth the price, if they have to pay.
usconservative is all set for then liberals start to rise up:
That would be the answer to the question, “Why does anybody NEED a 30 round magazine?”

A 30 round magazine? Won't say how many, but I have more than a 30 round magazine.....

Because we know lieberals aren't peaceful loving people when they perceive their freeloading existence being threatened....
Islander7 hates the Dalai Lama for not being a Freeper:
Of course the Dalai Lama's a Marxist

Dalai Lama and Chomsky sing from the same hymn book.
PennsylvaniaMom takes Limbaugh's lament about Low Information Voters to its logical conclusion:
Everything, I am convinced, is low information.
rktman has accepted the existence of a coming ice age:
If these asshats thought/think warming was a problem, wait until it starts getting cool. Shortened growing seasons, once viable tracts of farm land will be unusable and the ag business will have to move further south just to remain viable. I guess these asshats never tried to grow significant crops in the arctic/antarctic. Don't work too well.
Justa's attack on Obamacare seems to encompass all insurance:
O-care is like a zombie movie. The sick hunger for the healthy in order to survive.
bert laments the loss of the worlds oldest animal - a clam.
killed in the name of Global Warming. Killed for a hoax
OldArmy52 - touching a Democrat makes you a Democrat:
[Joe Scarbourough] Logic.
“I hugged Clinton.”
“So it is ok for Christie to hug Obama.”

or in other words, “I am a closet Dem. So it is ok for Christie to be one too.”
blueunicorn6 cleverly advises using Benghazi craziness as a wedge issue.
Ask your Democrat coworkers and family members this question.

If Obama went to bed during the attack on Americans in Benghazi so he could be rested and ready for a campaign fundraiser the next day, what makes you think that he cares even one little bit about you?
faucetman knows birthers are gonna rise again.
The entire Obot minutia portfolio has been completely eviscerated. Their smokescreen has been obliterated. To all of those who have had deep concerns about the matter of the authenticity of the birth certificate – you have been vindicated. You were right! This will eventually come to light. Be patient.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Spotlight Friday: Wanderer99

And I thought all the crazier ones had already been taken.

This guy wants death. Death to all liberals, death to the American public, death to himself. Especially about abortion.

He seems to feel sympathy for the poor in the rest of the world. He just sits around and hates America.

all good computer scientists hate Obama:
The vast majority of engineers and scientists are libertarian or conservative. Therefore, the Dems have only a teeny tiny pool of them to choose from and that pool is likely to be filled with the dumbest of the dumb. The smart, hardworking ones are too pissed off at Obama to help him xD
is pissed there is social security while people he knows are suffering in the Philippines.
My extended family is begging for food after Typhoon Haiyan and these WORTHLESS scumbag leftists demand more or my money. I will flee the country before I give them anymore. To hell with them!
Leftists - worse than Muslims.
Despite the prevalence of terrorism among Muslims, I’d still prefer them to leftists. Leftists are completely worthless.
slit your kids throats as an act of mercy:
All lies. What liberals really want is our families marching naked into the gas chamber.

The lives of your children depend on the continued exist of gun ownership rights. If you give the liberals what they want, you might as well slit your kids throats as an act of mercy.
I'll just hold universal hatred towards the vast majority of the developed world. The majority of human adults deserve violent death for the things that they do.
liberals - evil geniuses or too dumb to be human:
One is born stupid. It is not a choice. Evil is a choice to some degree but these individuals are too stupid to realize the future personal impact of their choices. They will not be able to understand why leftist men feel obliged to treat women like sex toys and throw women away when they no longer gleefully submit to being used. When they get older, they will join the miserable aging feminist sisterhood and nobody will come to their funerals. Except perhaps their cronies who will forget all about them immediately afterwards.

The intelligent evil are very different. They commit evil knowing full well that it will bring their doom but go along with it anyway for the glory of evil. When I think of evil geniuses...I do not think of the average leftist. They are too dumb to even qualify as human.
greedy, petty bullshit for charity!
We're at the point now where I out right refuse to be charitable towards Americans. This has become a nation of thieves and other criminal scum.

I will cheat on my taxes at every opportunity and send that money to the poor areas of the world where my extended family lives. To hell with Obama's "fundamentally changed" cesspool!
The liberal conspiracy to deny women pedofiles:
The left will always try to excuse women from child sexual assault. That way they can convince the public that only men abuse children sexually. The end result is further isolation of fathers from the family.
Maybe this is already happening:
It’s really only a matter of time before leftists everywhere proclaim that the constitution gives them the right to drown 5 year olds in bathtubs. Maybe this is already happening.
Probably most of them:
Leftists regard children as property. Sometimes they 'want' them for selfish purposes. I wonder how many leftist vermin molest their children in the bathtub. Probably most of them.
kill or dehuminize all the leftists:
geniuses don't just pop out of monkeys. Leftists are a special breed of dimwit. They are so dumb that we can safely outright deny their humanity.

...and if we can't dehumanize leftists then we should be killing them whenever they kill their children. Take your pick...
He even hates Freepers
Instead of rising up and overthrowing this dictatorship, you all just go about your pointless lives and occasionally whine about it on the internet.

I for one refuse to live in this country as a slave. If I can't crush the Democrats by myself then I'll start a new life in a different land. Maybe some remote island. I'll be poor but at least I'll be free.
Using the pill means you don't really love your children:
Oh, please. My mother, she should rest in peace, used birth control. She had three children-- when she wanted them.

For medical reasons or because she "wanted" the human property for her own purposes? Big BIG difference! From your sounds like the latter...
Abortions help hide child molesters, so lets start killing people who get abortions:
Let the NY leftist vermin remove themselves from the gene pool.

Of course they will drag molested teenagers in to "remove the evidence". In that case we will need vigilantes to snuff out all leftist animals who partake in such atrocities.
Note - not abortion doctors, but the women who get abortions. He's crazier than Operation: Rescue.

Ima kill so many libs if I get laid off!
So we've finally reached the point where suicide is rational response to sudden unemployment. Well if I lose my job I'm not going out without taking leftist vermin with me!
I don't say this often about Freepers, but I hope this guy is being watched.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

VA voter fraud

So many reasons why the social conservative lost in VA - the GOP abandoned him! The demographics have shifted towards toolish browns! But Freepers are most comfortable with the idea that it was stolen. This allows them to explain all losses in the past and future as well.

Thus, when a fringey blog posts made up stories about black panthers and fraud in VA, Freepers fall for it all the way, and eagerly grumble about conspiracies and the unfairness of it all.

txrefugee puts his hopes in the courts:
Take Mcauliffe to court and sue him and the Democrat Party. There is no reason to accept their outright voter fraud in every election.
originalbuckeye - the fraud crisis!
The Dems got their any means necessary. Nothing more will happen. We absolutely have to get hold of all the voter fraud. This country is already on the verge of third world status in regards to our elections! Does Jimmy Carter care????
Old Yeller knows American politics is no longer what it seems:
Same thing is occurring on a national scale. We won’t ever see another honest election.
The Working Man counsels executions:
And voter fraud will continue until the penalties for doing so are draconian, perhaps the threat execution might be necessary both for the ones committing it and the ones who planned it. Something like that might get the attention of the MSM and the voters.
Liz wants more evidenceless complaining:
We have got to train Republicans to mention voter fraud in their future concession speeches (if any--after the ignominious collapse of Boobama/care and Dims with it).

Ken was ahead all evening election night---so the usual Dem fraud machine went into action---finding votes in odd places --- in used pizza boxes stashed behind voting machines?

The Dims count and count votes till they have the winning number.

Romney never looked more stupid than when he was conceding to Obama----without even a hint of the voter fraud meat grinder the Dims put him through.
Why would urban democratic centers take longer to count? Fraud!

Vaquero - on day, there's gonna be some tea party violence, and then things well get awesome.
one day, someone with nothing to lose is going to see these clowns...go home and get their own persuasion and when the smoke clears the voter who would take no guff will be the one arrested, but at least it may get some air play.
knarf also thinks it's time for more Tea Party intimidation:
Maybe it's about time some tea partiers .. ready to rock n' roll .. showed up at the polls.
MrB - Civil War 2!!!
When they close the ballot box, we are going to have to reach for another box....

As JFK said, when you make peaceful revolution impossible,
you make violent revolution inevitable.
stockpirate knows its all over. All he has left is smug posts on Free Republic.
As I said here after the first Obama fraud election, we have seen our last free election, democrats will win for now on due to massive voter fraud.

Welcome to our fascist dictatorship of the new world order....
Resolute Conservative will beat up every fictional black men he sees!
“Large black men wearing traditional Black Panther garb were reported lingering around polling places approaching older voters”

Why can’t this happen where I live? I daydream about things like this happening in my presence.
Pentagon Leatherneck lays out how it happened:
I don’t think voter intimidation is as much of a problem in Virginia as is single dem voters voting multiple times under different names, and the dem polling officials withholding the “backup” votes until needed, then trotting them out as “look at this box of ballots we just found.” I suspect this is what happened in many Richmond precincts.
SoFloFreeper isn't joking:
A practice run for next year. Not joking.
Rodamala - everyone knows recounts are also frauds:
Everyone knows that whenever there is a recount effort, by fraud it always yields more votes cast for Democrats. Why effing bother?
pax_et_bonum has it all figured out:
I would have been surprised NOT to learn of this.