Thursday, February 25, 2016

On break 'till Tuesday

No good reason.

Just a combination of (exciting new) job stuff, video games, and Freep being a repetitive circular helldump at the moment has left me behind enough that I'm throwing in the towel for usual scheduled weekend content. I'll be back with something either topical or about welfare queens on Tuesday!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

And Now This Word from Outer Space

If the South Won the Civil War Utopianism edition:
There are many things that WOULD be different and perhaps better had the South cessation succeeded, especially if it had done so without a fight.

Had Lincoln allowed the South to split, we would have had two countries for awhile, maybe forever, but we would have remained closely tied. The “United States are...” would have remained the rule of the republic, and states rights would have prevailed.

The heinous practice of slavery would have continued in the South for perhaps another 20 years, but then it would have had to come to an end. The United States and the Confederation would have likely stayed out of WWI and after the termination of slavery, the two would likely have come back together before WWI.

Germany would have likely terminated WWI on far more favorable terms, meaning Bolshevik Russia and NAZI fascism might have never existed.

What we do know is that after the Union victory, state’s rights because non-existent and Southern blacks continued to live as less than equal citizens for 100 years.
Wishful slavery apologia brought to you by SampleMan (Feral Humans are the refuse of socialism.)

Obstruction is the best revenge

In a sign that the GOP's disarray continues post-Boehner, a number of Republicans seem to be wavering regarding McConnell's strategy to preemptively stonewall any of Obama's Supreme Court nominations.

To be fair, the whole plan seems politically boneheaded to me - what's the downside to just dragging out the hearings? On the other hand, there isn't too much downside McConnell's plan, since Democrats don't have a Bork to rally around and aren't as enthusiastic about the Court.

Freepers, of course, love McConnell's plan, though out of spite not tactics. They love it almost as much as they love proclaiming that it's doomed because the GOP sucks.

fwdude knows all obstructionism is good because Obama is always bad:
Who wouldn’t be proud to be seen as “obstructionist” when what we’re obstructing is open Marxism?
Kill any and all nominees in the committee.

In fact, NO judges get through the Senate this year.

None. Zip. Zilch. Nada.
rktman has contempt for Congressmen worrying about reelection:
Geez. Are the pubbie senators afraid it’ll go on their permanent record too? Idiots. Why did we gain “control” of the house and senate again?
bkopto gets to the bottom of this - spite over something that happened almost 30 years ago.
Its time to repay the Rats for their Borking of Judge Bork and for the filibuster of Miguel Estrada.

No lifetime appointments for lame-duck Bath House!
Skooz holds his breath and threatens to not vote for Republicans:
I have been a loyal Republican for decades.

Though I detest the GOPe, I have remained loyal through the last few years of weakness of acquiescence to the repulsive Obumagabe regime — holding out hope that they will shake off the McConnell malaise and come to their senses and once again fight for conservatism.

I am at my last straw.

If the GOP caves on this nominee, they are dead to me.
Not even sure what Kenny is referring to:
I hate the phony arguments, the WH/media created arguments. What a bunch of traitors.
Brian Griffin has only one issue left that he cares about:
The only issue of concern is the nominee’s support of the individual right to bear arms. This should be evidenced by repeated personal background checks undergone spanning at least fifteen years.

The leftists have got pretty much everything else already:
baby murder - yes
state-sanctioned sodomy - yes
PPACA fines - yes
Voting rights? Immigration regulations? Affirmative Action? Nope, just guns.

Because Freepers see all compromise as surrender to the impure, Extremely Extreme Extremist hamhandedly tries to turn the tables:
No, don’t obstruct! Work with the president in a bipartisan manner. Ask the president if he really wants to be bipartisan and promote civility in Washington, he will nominate a strict constitutionalist. It will honor Scalia’s legacy and promote bipartisanship. The people want Washington to work together!

No, this isn’t sarcasm. Play the bipartisan game against the Rats!
mkjessup's sentence is hard to parse, but I love his assumption that every Republican Senator sees the conspiracy::
I think every American who gives a damn about the Constitution and who gets appointed to replace Justice Scalia should be sending those spineless GOP Senators pillows by UPS with the message "they got Scalia, who will be next?"
1Old Pro invites the hated McConnell to martyr himself for Freepers:
McConell can take all the arrows, don’t even bring it to the committee.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. II

VerySadAmerican wishes conservatives would live up to his violent delusions about liberals:
I’m pretty sure Obama had him killed.

Totally serious.

The “machine” took him out. Too bad the good guys don’t have a “machine”.
blueunicorn6 is against lynching, because he knows liberals are barely restrained from lynching conservatives:
If we lived in a nation where Gowdy could just give the order and a black car would pick up Hillary Clinton and she would be immediately hung, wouldn’t the Democrats have sent the black cars for us and stretched OUR necks by now?
Lib-Lickers 2 explains why torture works:
why would interrogators bother to use techniques that didn’t work?.. of course it works.. McQueeg is a moron
MayflowerMadam is really getting to hate Ted Cruz.
I want Cruz to be the absolute last in the SC election! Every time I see him I get he’s more revolting. I have a low gag threshold and don’t know how much more I can take of him.
Windflier thinks the Bush Presidents were actually Democrats:
What are those five NWO Democrats grinning about?
With a view like that, I can kind of see how this black Freeper sticks around despite all the posts declaring him preemptively violent, dumb, and ungrateful.

central_va is using Trump:
Some if us are using the Donald more than he is using us. He as a snarling mess and a hydra headed monster. Deal with it. Ha ha ha.
stanne is in a rage that a liberal talked back to him:
Leftists are spoiled children. Morality to them is relative. Always circumstantial.

Trump is correct to plow through and not care what they say

I had one of them on the phone tge other day. One who calls herself Catholic

I asked rhetorically why didn’t the family want an autopsy

So fast it would curl your hair she said maybe it’s against their religion

They spend their lives rationalizing and making up insane rules.

No Conservatives are always held to an impossible made up standard while leftist America destroyers are let off for every infraction.

Count on it
Remember, this guy is a High School classics teacher!

ETL is pretty sure everyone but Europe has banded together against us:
And the China-Cuba connection.

It’s actually Russia-China-North Korea-Iran-Syria, and all of the commie Latin American countries.
servantboy777 thinks America is just full of sleeper agents, waiting...
Just wait till Iran is attacked for one reason or another. Sleeper agents will wreck havoc on our populace. Heaven forbid, but the Iranians as well as ISIS sleepers are already here.
Aleya2Fairlie thinks blacks have nothing but opportunity, but are too lazy to take it:
I don’t see any Americans denying blacks the opportunities to work, learn and contribute to the good of America and its society. The trouble is, they don’t want any part of those things. When their ability to wring free junk and special privilege out of their skin color ends, they’ll have to get with the program and join us. However, they’re not going to do it until the Democrats stop giving them a living for their votes. The same goes for our present unmanageable welfare state of all colors.
frnewsjunkie thinks this trusting liberals idiocy started with feminism:
The democrats/liberals/left are untrustworthy. Don’t expect them to be fair, honest, or do anything that is right... so the other side must act accordingly... Don’t ask them for a thing...

set the rules, don’t give them a chance to fool ya’ or take advantage.. stay ahead of them.. expect low down tactics.. and don’t give them the chance to use them.

Forget deals with them.. it’s a useless endeavor.. just dig in, demand, and NEVER give in to them.. NEVER even act like it..

This is why Trump is ahead by so much.. and if the repubs do a very foolish thing... AGAIN.. on this important item... his numbers will yet climb.

Trump may just take the fed up democrats along too. I’ve never seen such cowards in my lifetime as the republican house and senate.

I go way back and weak men are a thing produced by ‘touchy feely’ feminists who tried to make men more so.. they broke the mold of one of God’s creations.. MEN with SPINE!
Varsity Flight thinks Rubio is basically Hugo Chavez:
Kiss Kiss Kiss Jeb.

Kiss Kiss Kiss Nicky

Claims conservative from Cuba.

Invoking Reagan.

“Reagan’s children”

Claiming “we conservatives>

He sounds like a South American Hugo
funfan blames the latest white mass shooter on Obama:
I think they said it was a white male in his 50’s doing the shooting. Seems like we have these types of things alot since O has been in office.
Trumpinator's support of Trump makes him defend Colin Powell:
And let’s be honest - Powell is disliked here because he went against W and Bush fans hate that. He is hated and unpopular only amongst them. To the vast majority of the entire American population Powell is seen as a credible figure and a highly respected person.
The Pope-Trump conflict leads grania to wonder once again if Catholics should be allowed to hold office:
For those of us who remember the 1960s, this brings back memories of the campaign against JFK becoming President. He was the first RC President. At that time there was serious question of if a Roman Catholic president would be totally faithful to what's best for the US or if he would follow dictates from Rome. Dope Francis's remarks bring a lot of those concerns about Church interference in US politics back. Trump (probably remembering those old concerns) was 100% correct to respond vigorously to papal interference in US politics.
I love KGeorge's variant on the old standby:
You actually pray to the Lord with that mouth?
gaijin on Trey Gowdy's bewitching charisma:
Charismatic? Yes.

But almost no one in DC has disappointed me more than Trey Gowdy.

Monday Potpourri Pt. I

The negative campaigning is taking a toll on Din Maker's craziness:
Hate to say it, but Rubio or Kasich is GOP's best bet now to defeat Hillary. Trump is a "Pelosi / Planned Parenthood loving" Liberal. Cruz is a lying, sleazy, scumbag hypocrite. Carson is too nice of a guy to go against Hillary. Bush is a dyed-in-the-wool Establishment RINO. We are in a helluva mess. DAMN IT!
Is Daniel Ramsey trying to compliment Trump?
At times Trump reminds me of Mel Gibson.

And history will definitely remember President Donald Trump.
austinaero explains that the real crazy posts come from the anti-Trump Freepers:
What many here call “unhinged”, I call passionate. Unhinged seems to be a very popular term right now.

I say Trump is passionate about his run for President.

Examples of unhinged can be found in some, (that’s SOME for the unhinged) Trump-bashing posts here. Some of those contain language indicative of unhinged behavior. Those very same posts that criticize Trump for being unhinged.
ETL sees it in the eyes:
Trump is clearly out of his mind. You can see it in his eyes.
ghosthost's hate is good speech:
We live in a merchant society. You can't "hate," because you can be pissing off your fans/clients/customers.

I for one, have nothing to sell. I hate Islam, I hate illegal immigration, I hate our filthy political class, I hate George Soros and all the other "elites" who push policies like illegal immigration/communism against the will of the people. I hate the direction our country is going. All sorts of things to hate. Hate is good. For the record, I also hate lava, bats and the sound of two pieces of Styrofoam being rubbed together.
rrrod actually admits he prefers tribalism to principles:
So shipping jobs overseas is OK so long as the ones being cut are Democrats or union members?

dp0622 recommends Trump talk sense to the older blacks, not the feral Obama sons.
Trump needs to jar their mindset by shock reality.

“you have no jobs, no houses, no vacations, no cars, your kids grow up without a dad, thank the dems for 50 years of that.”

“meet me half way and you will achieve the American dream”

of course the young obama sons are too full of hate, and the women too.

but middle aged black women and some men, that could help
FlingWingFlyer thinks NASA was used as a Muslim rehab center:
Obama tried this by using NASA as a rehab center. The Muzzies didn’t buy it. They don’t want to be civilized. They prefer to kill, rape, pillage and maim.
Always A Marine explains that zombies represent people on welfare when welfare ends:
I find it amazing that so many ordinary people still don't realize who/what the fictional "zombies" actually represent. In a widespread absence of plentiful food and other "free shit," a significant segment of our population will wander in mindless packs, seeking whatever it may devour or simply destroy. New Orleans after Katrina was a real world foretaste of the total collapse portrayed in The Walking Dead.
Albion Wilde really gets of on a video of an angry woman running over a Muslim:
Here is a vid of a jihadist being run down by an ex girl-friend who was apparently pissed that she looked just like his ex-wife [LINK]:

Hilarious! Watched it four times. BAM! And she wasn’t even wearing her hijab!
combat_boots lays out the case for Scalia being murdered by Obama:




Circumstantial evidence


NO investigation at all

Magic Bullet Theory, 2016.

Who stands to benefit directly from Scalia’s death? Hmmmmm?

He who shall not be named.
Aleya2Fairlie is even suspicious of her suspicions:
Who can blame the public for suspecting foul play? But given the absolute malicious games that are being played with our government; perhaps public suspicion is the goal. Who knows anymore? The chess players behind the scenes are the stuff nightmares are made of. I hope they aren’t as real as they seem.
Old Yeller on the ever increasing skills of government assassins:
Government killers have become so good, would what they did even show up in an autopsy?
Bitsy discusses what's wrong with liberals:
loud mouthed, overbearing liberal.

The reason for their condition is that they are to dumb to think for themselves and they don’t want opinions so they shout over everyone with their useless drivel. Liberals are also insensitive to anything or anyone outside their belief group and lastly, they have no moral compass or scruples.
insensitive to anything or anyone outside their belief group!!!

Patton@Bastogne thinks Trump is a miracle from God:
P.S. Today is the South Carolina Presidential Primary.

Whatever his great/puzzling positions and excessive twitter tweets at 2 am ...

I staunchly believe that Donald Trump's entrance into the 2016 GOP Presidential campaign ...

is frankly a "divine miracle from God Almighty".

And I say that as a very loyal Ted Cruz supporter.

Donald Trump is THE REASON why JEB! is expected to cancel his 2016 Presidential campaign TONIGHT.

Donald Trump is THE REASON why the GOPe has had its @ss politically kicked from here to eternity.

Whatever happens in South Carolina today ...

EVERY Evangelical Christian Conservative needs to thank God for Donald Trump (even if they vote for Ted Cruz) ...
Patton@Bastogne is also disaffected by the Cruz-Trump war on Free Republic.
Free Republic has gone to $hiite over the last two months with the "lunatic" antics of a few Ted Cruz and Donald Trump supporters.

My posting activity is one-tenth of what it used to be because of the "deranged" comments and photos that are posted.

Free Republic is becoming the "Conservative Tea Party" version of Jerry Springer Show ... on steroids.
Analyzing the complicated Apple-FBI conflict is easy for Glad2bnuts, because he's crazy!
The FBI could care less if this phone is decrypted, they want to get rid of privacy from all phones. Anyone that is still paying attention cannot think that the US government cares a whit about protecting and serving the public good. WE are the fascist government our ancestors warned us about.
CivilWarBrewing's hatred of women is growing. If Hillary's elected, I can only imagine...
The vagina vote KILLED America in 2008. They just DON’T learn, do they.. Females destroyed America and I stand by that belief. A feminist-communist and a transgender cross-dressing nanny raised 0dunga!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday Spotlight: coon2000

He joined in 2004. Some sort of manager-type with hiring power but enough time to go on Freep a couple of times a week. He spends most of his time assuring Freepers that there are no moderate Muslims, as if this is controversial.

Though he revels in any report where a Muslim is killed, he stops short of calling for all Muslims to be killed, instead going for a more complicated plan: first deport all the Muslims, then bomb the countries they're deported to to kill them. But when it comes to individual liberals? Death penalty for harassing conservatives! And yet he somehow doesn't think Obama's an evil Muslim, only a dim negro.

Anyone who thinks there is such a thing as a moderate mooslim is in extreme denial. Expel every last mooslim now! Give every mosque in America to anyone for free as long as it is converted into a bar b q restaurant.
cult of mo ham mad!
Israel is looking out for their best interests which mainly are survival in an extremely dangerous part of the world. This administration has made it abundantly clear that they will throw Israel under the bus in favor of the inbred pedophile cult of mo ham mad.
Nuance about Muslims is to be ridiculed:
Anyone who differentiates muslims into multiple groups needs to be openly and strongly denounced and ridiculed. There are no moderate muslims, period.

There are civilian muslims and fighting muslims (terrorists) but they are all the same. muslims are cancer, they all, every one of them, need to be rounded up and put in a mideast country and kept there. There is absolutely nothing gained from our bringing this sick filth into our country.
Shockingly, he profiles Muslims.
My racial profiling is in high gear. I consider any follower of islam as an existential threat. I plan on pushing my elected officials on why we allow this dangerous garbage into our country. These mideasterners and their mosques need to be physically removed from our country.
Someone maimed a cat? He knows who did it!
how sad. muslim behavior.
"Hey, could you shoot a Muslim for me? I'll help afterwards!"
Shoot a Muslim, make sure it is front of me so I can help you come up with an alibi.
Some Freeper calls him out on something (the comment got deleted, alas!)
You are sick.

I am well thank you. You are a Muslim sympathizer? Nice to know.
Well, at least he stops short of the Final Solution to the Muslim Problem:
There is no moderate islam. There are no peaceful muslims. Every muslim mosque should be leveled in this country, these scumbags should be hounded out of our country now!
Though he walks right up to that line...
Agreed, Saudi Arabia is not a friend. I would give them one more chance to get their s*** together. When they allow more crap to occur, completely annihilate their ability to pump one drop of oil out of the ground. Put craters in every one of their runways. Ban them from our country. Let them go back to living in tents and getting around by camel.

And I don’t give a damn about those widows and orphans. Those widows are cock roaches breeding the garbage that is killing innocents. Those orphans are future breeders and killers. I care about my family, not the sewage that is muslims.
Wait, I thought Sherman was a bad guy?
Time to go Sherman on the muslim garbage.
He's pro-ISIS when they only act against Muslims:
ISIL, said to fear uprising, executes 300 by firing squad in Mosul

Less muslims
Wait, now it's Final Solution time:
Muslims and the pedophile goat humping Muhammad following homo sexuals have nothing to do with the creation of the United States other than the creation of the Marines who killed the inbred retarded idiots.

Wipe them out, all of them. Muslims are a disease. They are a disease on all humanity.
How things changed from November 2015 to February 2016...

Some guy stalks and threatens the Palins? DEATH!
I just saw where this nutbag was arrested 50 miles from the Palin’s home last month. Too bad he wasn’t issued a permanent restraining order, written in lead of course.
Though he allows that Obama's not evil, just dumb.
He is just a lazy stupid idiot. He is in the position he is because he is clean and articulate (with a prepared speech) and is easily manipulated. The man has less than a 90 IQ.
Ready shut the fags down.
The fags are pressing hard. They have to be furious and in your face to make inroads. This should backfire on them. I for one am sick of the fag agenda. I am ready shut the fags down.

Go into a room with 100 people, one of those is a fag. Pretend it is a cockroach.
Oil rig disaster? Time for a MILITARY COUP!
If this cannot be proven 100% to be an accident, then I think the time has come for the military to defend the Constitution.
What a tough guy:
Remember, shoot, shovel, shut up.
Some Prof speaks out in favor of ISIS, so it's serial killer time!
He does and it could be easily done. The question is does he vanish like Hoffa who was probably turned into hot dogs or is it an in your face statement? Which is better? Probably just start off by hot dogging the first round of these idiots and then reevaluate.
legit empathy for the plight of immigrants:
You are correct. I hired my first H1-b in approximately 1996. We followed the rules. We only hired this person because they had an extremely unique software skill set and we could not find the person we needed at the prevailing rate which was probably $250/hour. It was costly and time consuming to do it the legal way.

Today, it is for people with very common skills at less than $25/hour. Theses companies like TATA and others bring in Indian workers, pay the $10/hour and room them at like 8 to 10 people in a low rent three bedroom apartment.

This is slavery pure and simple. The worker puts up with it because they want their green card. If you leave the plantation you are deported. The slave master will not transfer your H1-b as that removes their power. Stay and work for $10 or be deported, period. So you have an Indian slave and an unemployed American and a CEO with a sick bonus. When the worker eventually gets his H1-b, he is the meanest, nastiest person to deal with because for 5 years he has been raped and he is not happy about it.

The program is bad, very, very bad. It is causing our demise to accelerate exponentially as it is causing high paid professional jobs to be brought down to the level of minimum wage jobs.
Another Trump supporter, folks!
I am still going to vote for Trump. If the republicans and these fake conservatives had put this much effort into defeating that jack ass in the white house, Hussein Obama would have never been elected.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Hillary conspiraicies

While I wasn't there for the height of Clinton mania, it looked to me like Obama brought out the crazy conspiracies on an unprecedented scale. Certainly, Freepers' eagerness to immediately call everything from terrorism to mass shootings to natural disasters a false flag is new.

So now their old nemesis Hillary is back, and the bar has been raised. So the old BS just seems...old, and tired compared to Benghazi and Huma's Muslim evil and the Clinton Foundation. Still, there is some nostalgia in those old conspiracies, and Trump keeps hinting around them, so Freepers do what they can to keep the old fires burning.

Here's the confused and unfocused attempt to jump on a New Hampshire state representative who told Breitbart she was being threatened after she asked Hillary Clinton about Juanita Broaddrick.

Vic S knows this is totally Clintonian:
This hasn’t happened to any Trump heckler (if it had we would of heard about it) and is consistent with the Clinton’s tactics. In the 90s they would hire hard-a** private detectives like Pagliano to kill cats, harass their children, break into their homes so they knew they were there, etc.
BenLurkin recalls Freep's favorite Clinton story:
I seem to remember one victim of the Clinton crime family finding her cat with its head cutoff.
doug from upland doesn't post so much nowadays, but used to be quite the Clinton conspiracy entrepreneur.
With social media and courageous women, maybe everyone is finally going to know the truth of what both Clintons have done. Thank you, Donald Trump.
Speaking of Freeper entrepreneurs, remember jveritas? Good times.

doug from upland follows up by adding some high quality spy-movie antics to the Willey cat story:
They killed Kathleen Willey’s cat, slashed her tires, and a week before she was to testify in the Paula Jones case, a jogger came up to her showing pictures of her kids. As I recall, he said “Don’t you get it yet?”
UCANSEE2 isn't buying the debunking of the Clinton Cat Conspiracy, having added some unconfirmed and innocuous details:
I was just reading an article today by a liberal lickspittle reporter saying that one of Bill's victims found her cat dead and tried to say that meant the Clintons did it.

That wasn't the case. Sure, she found her cat dead. But what made her SURE it was done on behalf of the Clintons were several incidents where a 'stranger' walked up to her near her home and asked about her CAT and her KIDS and several other incidents that had happened. Then she got a call from someone pretending to be a GAS SERVICE employee who would be coming out to do some work (Wet work, for those who know what I mean). She called the GAS COMPANY and they had no one scheduled to come out.
Twinkie - Bill Clinton was being blackmailed for sure, maybe, we'll never know!
It was NOT only about SEX! Billious put this nation in the
crosshairs of the threat of a foreign power blackmailing
him. . . . furthermore, we do NOT know that he was not
blackmailed and will NEVER know. (There were some odd
and puzzling “tours” by foreign representatives to some
of the top secret facilities around that time.)

He is an UGLY little wanker!
Envisioning knows who to call!
She needs to pass then on to Trump and let him address it publicly or Trump has some of his own heavy hitters. Time to take it to the Clintons.
Resolute Conservative knows it's liberals everywhere can't stop with the death threats:
This has been the history of the Clinton crime family.

Liberals in general.
Arm_Bears must be a liberal:
Be a real shame if something happened to Chelsea’s child.

Or to Chelsea—What with her being in a family way and all.
VerySadAmerican has his own personal Clinton Conspiracy:
I know a man who Clinton had put in prison when he was governor of Arkansas. The man questioned Clinton’s truthfulness at a rally and Clinton turned to an aid and said “I want that m......f...... dead.” Several people heard it. Within a year the man was in prison over some trumped up propane price fixing charge.
And then FOX unceremoniously bumped this lame story, as doug from upland reports:
Maybe she will mention it on Hannity tonight.

Anybody get a chance to watch it? I didn't.

they bumped her to talk about Obama and guns......she was on Hannity radio yesterday instead
Mr Apple pastes this really, really lamely padded Hillary conspiracy laundry list:
...confused mind of conniving hillary verbalizing to her minions:

"Let's start with the questions...just a.. just a.. just..well ah..I'm gonna call on people..I'm wait a minute..I'm..I'm.. I'm not gonna take your question because other people have been are very rude and I'm not gonna ever call on wait a minute..I'm..I'm..Let's start with..what difference does it make..other people have been wai..and I'll try to get as mean scrub it like with a cloth..I'm not gonna ever call on you..ron brown, what..scrub it..yes yes go right wait a minute..just ah.. just ah..other people have are very rude..what difference does it make..bernard schwartz, what..not gonna take your question..scrub it with a cloth..I'm gonna ever call are very wait a minute..I'm not gonna take your question..right wing conspir..scrub it..other people have..what difference does it make...I'm not gonna ever call on you..vince foster, what..yes yes go right wait a minute..just ah..other people have are very rude..what difference does it make..not gonna take your scrub it with a cloth..I'm gonna call are very wait a minute..I'm not gonna take your question..scrub it..other people have..not gonna ever call on you..what difference does it make..scrub it..rude..wait a mini..just ah..gonna call on..go right there..scrub it scrub scrub scrub it what difference does it scrub it scrub it scrub it..
Buckeye McFrog knows Alinsky is bad, and this is bad, so...
The Alinskyization of the Democrat Party is total and complete.
HarleyLady27 keeps things new, with some Benghazi FACTs:
getting threats on her safety and the safety of her children. But she refuses to back down.

This is the Clinton Crime family M.O.

This is what Hillary has done to all the victims that Bill Clinton has raped and abused....and it continues on in today's world right here, right now...

Hillary should be in prison, FACT. Bill Clinton should be in prison, FACT. When you are a sex offender, you go to prison; when you run a drug cartel, you go to prison; when you sell American secrets to another foreign country, it's called ‘treason’ and you go to prison, FACT.

When you help kill 4 Americans on American Soil, you go to prison, FACT. When you ‘aide and abed to cause harm to America, representing America’ it's called ‘treason’ you go to prison, FACT. When you are showing other countries classified information on workings of the American government, you are committing ‘treason’ you go to prison, FACT.

Why aren't they both in Prison????
Travis T. OJustice is sure he knows who threatened this state Rep:
I’ll be it was Teamsters union thugs. they are all-in for threatening kids like this.
Unions aren't the villain for who knows what evil?, it's the feminists!
She is wise to use caution...the radicalized womyn of soviet Red Hampshire are a particularly nasty sort...they make Jezebel look like Mother Theresa. Been there, done that...just put 1000 miles between us and them.
treetopsandroofs is connecting a whole different set of dots:
Anyone notice how school districts are suddenly being shut down lately whenever there’s some anticipated reaction to whatever the Fraud’s gestapo are doing?
Williams is sure no one likes Bill Clinton now that he's old:
Rapes of republicans don’t count. Or anyone raped by a Clinton.

I think Hilary is cooked, because Trump DID go there. Women used to cut old charmer Billie a break, but now he’s a real old charmer and not as endearing. Women will not cut Hilary a break.

Obama to skip Scalia funeral

Obama's going to the Scalia memorial, but not to the funeral; he's sending Catholic Biden to the Catholic funeral.

Past Presidential attendance at Justice's funerals has been spotty, but Freepers have turned weak tea into towering outrage before, and they could use a pick-me-up.

Before the thread gets down and dirty, Buckeye McFrog would like to invoke the high road on behalf of Scalia:
The Late Justice Scalia would not have skipped yours.
liberalh8ter is too outraged to check for precedents.
Disgusting behavior from a sitting President.
Durbin is trying to hide how happy he is to have a fig leaf to hate Obama over:
For the President of the United States to skip the funeral of any SC Justice, retired or not is just extremely classless. I can’t say I’m surprised, but I’m definitely speechless.
Bob434 naturally goes directly to race, because Obama's the one who's obsessed:
You can bet He’ll be a lois farrakkkan’s funeral though
McBuff is sure Obama is going to inconvenience the public:
Plus it will cut into the ability for those that were planning to attend the viewing at the Supreme Court. The “little people” will get pushed aside to accommodate his holiness.
maxwellsmart_agent declares this the worst thing Obama has ever done:
Of all that I have seen of Obama so far, this takes the cake. That classless man does not realize how much of a smoked out pothead he looks like. Imagine if Obama had died first. Do you think Justice Scalia would have skipped his funeral? It just shows what we are dealing with.
PATRIOT1876 gives us a shoutout!
The good news is, that this sets a precedent.

Now if a Leftist judge dies under strange circumstances during a time when a Republican is president, he will not have to make any investigation. Saves the taxpayers a lot of money.

And note to any lurking Lefties, like the Freeper Madness folks, “O, the executive orders a Conservative will be able to get away with now!” (Evil laugh)

The Dems are too stupid to see that the other side can possibly do to them what they do to the other side.
He'd have a point if the Republicans had been demonstrating any restraint at all since 2009.

manc is still trying to argue Scalia was murdered, but most Freepers seem to realize that putting on the tin foil over a nearly 80-year-old overweight smoker's sudden death is largely masturbatory:
When was the last time a SCOTUS judge was found dead where there were no witnesses and a judge declared the death and causes over the phone and then did not order an Autopsy?
GrouchoTex's first thought is Muslim stuff:
He went to a Baltimore Mosque recently, but not a sitting Supreme Court Justice’s funeral?
combat_boots goes with the vampire style of Muslim:
There will be a cross at the Christian service. Evil and islam (same difference) hates both crosses and Christians.

Champagne and a private party at the White House at the same time, no doubt. Poindexter is invited.
It is forbidden for a Muslim to attend the funeral of a non-Muslim

"It is not permissible for a Muslim to attend the funeral of a non-Muslim even if it is a relative, because attending a funeral is a right that one Muslim has over another and it is a kind of showing respect, honour and friendship that it is not permissible to show to a kaafir."
This delightful piece of doctrine comes via a link to, which calmly puts forth an extremist view of Islam; no wonder Freepers love it.

On a site making a mountain out of this molehill, smalltownslick is sure Obama's the one with the agenda here:
Everything with him is ideology or agenda. He can’t just be President of all the people and do what Presidents do.
mass55th knows every time is a good time to rage about Michelle Obama:
Gee, I wonder what Moochie will wear. Will she try to imitate Jackie Kennedy with a black lace mantilla, or will she wear one of her disgusting outfits that will make everyone puke? She's such a fashion icon you know.
There was no love lost for liberals and Laura Bush, but they didn't obsessively bring her up all the time.

Neoliberalnot has nothing but name calling and racism:
BO isn’t fit to attend. Scalia was a giant of the judiciary. Hussein is a maggot Muslim with no regard for the law. He should be excluded and that primate wife of his too.
Kit cat takes Scalia and Ginsberg being friends and tries to make that into a partisan thing:
Actually Ginsberg and Scallia were very good friends they spent ALOT of time together!!! She is quite broken hearted I have been hoping that in honor of him she will relook her views on many things, it is NEVER to late to change ones mind even at 80 something!!!
OldSmaj is far from the only Freeper in the thread to rage at Obama's classlessness right before planning to piss on his grave:
I can only hope I'm alive to skip his.

And if I am, rest assured that I will travel to the grave once the need for urination comes upon me.

I hate this classless SOB.
Lazamataz is getting worse:
OIbama actually IS the AntiChrist.
publius911 crows that black people are too arrogant to know Presidential trivia:
Lincoln issued an arrest warrant for Chief Justice Roger Taney because Taney wrote an opinion disagreeing with Lincoln's Suspension of Habeas Corpus. A lot of presidents since the Founding have thought they were kings and didn't to answer to anyone, especially the Constitution.

Ask any of Obama's sons (they know who they are) in or out of jail, and not one in 10,000 would be aware of that... never mind what it means.

Black arrogance privilege...

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Freeper badasses

Among their many other traits, Freepers like to think they're a cut above the rest in ways beyond merely not being a loathsome liberal. Mostly they concentrate on their political knowledge or their steely, Bronson-like toughness.

The former is often ironic, but it is the latter that sets them up for some hilarious plans to kill everyone as they go to the store or whatever.

82nd Bragger loves this one badass move that lots of Freepers seem to do:
One good trick is, when you are in a restaurant or public place, is to try and get the "gunfighter's seat". Sit with your back to a corner, where you can see everyone who enters, and nobody can approach you from behind.

That’s not a trick....seasoned LEOs and soldiers are taught to do this. I remember walking into a restaurant and seeing a couple of local police sitting in the middle of the restaurant. When I told them I was surprised they weren’t seated in a corner, they said they had forgotten about that momentarily. Are you kidding me?
PAR35 has refined the technique:
One caveat to the Gunfighters seat. Make sure you have a clear path to an alternate exit. You don’t want to end up cornered. Always scope out two paths of retreat.
Oatka gets his badassitude from a totally badass shirt:
On the rare occasions I go anywhere, I figure everyone is a nutcase, and if they come at me, I will draw my firearm and plant them.

I was looking for the T-Shirt that said "I'm too young to die and too old to fight - I'll just kill you". Maybe it was pulled for legal reasons. is here, posting about something other than pics of you with your guns!
Mind your hands. Use peripheral vision. Practice silence and stillness on your own. You will be amazed at how just 2 minutes of patient stillness in silence will change you. Your awareness will sharpen for the rest of the day and you will avoid accidents. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY IF YOU WANT TO SURVIVE WHAT IS COMING.

Objectivity, not oblivion. Living in the past is anger. Worrying about the future is fear. Now is safe. Look at that sky. Feel the wind. It's awesome, the world.

When you suggest to be patient or calm to someone who is having stress reactions it only makes them angrier because they have not been taught this skill. This is not taught in large, except maybe in some martial arts classes. Not in religion for sure. Awareness comes through suffering. You have to want to become better. You've got to become still. It will even translate to controlling your own thoughts and emotions. If I were the devil I would make sure everybody was always happy and comfortable so they would never feel the need to practice awareness or objectivity. I could get away with anything I wanted.
Tenacious 1 met someone, decided he was crazy, and totally remembered his car and eye color when he facebook stalked him later!
I recently had a VERY suspicious person approach me in front of my house. He stopped his car, in the rain, with the window down and wanted to talk to me about his cheating wife, their pending divorce and if I had any work done in my house recently. He looked like a body builder. I had no idea what he was talking about and, after about 5 minutes and several hints that it was time for him to go, the hair stood up on the back of my neck, adrenaline started to flow and I made a conscious decision to start memorizing details. When I finally told him I believed he was there to rob me or worse and that he REALLY needed to get back in his car and leave, he paused, noted my hand in my pocket and left. I went in the house and typed every detail. Then I called the police with everything from the make, model and plate number of his car to the color of his eyes and hair style. He told me his name and I found him on facebook. Even I was amazed at how accurate my recollection of him and his car were.
rlmorel gets savage badass awareness from pay phones:
I was one of the last people I knew to get a cell phone. I had to, for professional reasons, being on call all the time. On my ride home, and driving around in a 25 mile radius, I had a good understanding of where every single pay phone was. Not only that, I knew the kinds of places that *might* have a pay phone.

I used to joke that pay phones were, for me, like trees probably were to our ancestors who walked the earth with a lot of predators that like to make meals of them. As they walked in that primitive landscape, they probably knew, without even consciously thinking of it, where every single tree that could be climbed was within their field of view, and how fast they could get to it if they had to.

They had situational awareness.
And then rlmorel brings up the reductive animal metaphor Freepers have been on about for years now:
Chris Kyle’s father put it well: Are you a Sheepdog, a Sheep, or a Wolf?

Our culture has tried as hard as it can to destroy the masculine virtues of being a sheepdog (because at its core, it IS a masculine virtue).

I presume it is because the people eroding those values want everyone to be sheep... they can be the wolves.
Riley tells a story about how his awareness helped him save his ex-wife from a caber that woulda missed her anyhow.
It is sometimes frustrating when my companions aren’t, or take ages (really probably seconds) to respond when I’m trying to wake them up to something that’s happening around us.

One that is safe to relate: Took my ex to the Highland Games one year. She’s recovering from some really awful physical trauma, so I’m in bodyguard-mode.

We’re watching the caber-toss. One of the ‘tossers’ had his caber getting away from him, and coming right for her. I’m telling her ‘up-up-up-move-move-move’ and tugging at her arm. She can’t see it coming. How can she not see this happening? She didn’t budge and slowly looked at me with puzzlement. I gave up, stood, turned and arched my body over hers with my hands clasped behind my skull to protect it from the impact.

It missed us thankfully, but not by much. The tosser saw it happening too, and worked to deflect it from us I think.
LongWayHome has almost ESP, because he grew up in a badass neighborhood:
The level of awareness this author is talking about borders on ESP, and that’s what I’m talking about. I was out eating at an establishment on evening & I was the only person out of 70 or 80 folks who seen 2 guys case the place for several minutes before they robbed it. I was not carrying at the time, but I got my friends out the door before the trouble went down.

I grew up in a dangerous, low middle class/poor neighborhood where everyday that you went out the door you were likely to catch a beating, or worse. You learn to read body language real fast in that kind of environment.
AlaskaErik is a natural, and often sees people he thinks are criminals:
After a lifetime of military and LE service and experience, this stuff just comes naturally to me. In fact, my wife knows exactly where to sit when we go out to eat. I’m always scanning my surroundings. A few times I’ve seen individuals who seemed to looking for a victim. But once they know I see them, they lose interest in me. It also helps that I’m tall and broad shouldered and I have “that look”. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been traveling and I’m walking down the street and a hooker asks me if I’m a cop.
Riley also boasts that people think he's a cop:
I can't count the number of times I've been traveling and I'm walking down the street and a hooker asks me if I'm a cop.

I'm not a cop, but I used to get asked that all the time. I got that when I was a 19 year old kid before I went to MCRD even. I still get it every once in a while.
Covenantor is always ready whenever he sees two or more guys split up:
One person turning his attention, may be nothing, two or more, especially not moving together, might be something. They start moving a bit more quickly you might want get some distance before moving into that zone. Watching two or more guys approaching begin to split, left and right, maybe center guy slows up, you’re watching a box open up, guess who’s the present.
Alberta's Child proudly boasts of when police were looking for a criminal, and she had loads of details about the last black person she'd seen:
Years ago I was questioned by the police about a burglary that took place in the town where I lived. I wasn't a suspect. I just happened to be working outside in the general vicinity of the place when the crime was reported.

I gave the police an description of the person they were looking for -- a middle-aged black female. My description included her approximate height and age, the location and direction she was walking when I saw her, and an exact description of everything she was wearing.

The cop didn't seem to believe me. He asked: "How do you remember all that?"

My response: "Something didn't look right about her, and I figured she didn't live around here. I guess I just made a mental note of it when she walked past."
Speaking of black people, ProtectOurFreedom recalls each the times he met a negro as if he narrowly avoided getting murdered:
even in my humdrum life, there have been multiple events where I’ve been surprised by threatening events that I should have been aware of as they were unfolding. My wife and I accosted by some “brothers” in a parking lot in Palo Alto at night; another “brother” shaking us down for money in Palo Alto; two “brothers” walking the opposite direction on a downtown Columbus, OH sidewalk intentionally shouldering my friend and I hard as we passed; getting “knock-out game” slugged by a “brother” in Ithaca, NY when I was 13. Luckily none of these turned real violent or life-threatening, but there were serious enough to make me a LOT more aware of my situation and surroundings, especially when near urban “bruthas.”

The Clintons' faith

Chelsea says she takes exception to people questioning Hillary's faith. Freepers, who cannot abide any sense of normalcy in their villains, do not want Hillary to have anything like faith. But unlike Obama's blackness, Hillary totally looks like a Protestant white lady! Plus it's too early - the fringe blogs haven't had a chance to Internet sleuth to an appropriately unflattering answer to this question.

Unfettered and directionless, Freepers know only that Hillary must not be Christian. Enter name calling - when even Freepers' usual substance fails, just turn on the vitriol and enjoy yourself! Don't worry - the next thread will let you feel important as you spin Hillary's e-mails into a worldwide bipartisan conspiracy.

Great Inquisitor vpintheak declares heresy:
It’s insulting that they claim to have faith.
Renegade yells about Webb Hubble
Is Chelsea insulted when we question who her daddy REALLY is?
I tried to avoid the Web Hubble is Chelsea's dad BS, but it's freaking everywhere.
C210N seems mug in his certainty:
Is Chelsea insulted when we question who her daddy REALLY is?

Only know of one possibility.

If you are implying it is someone other than Web, inquiring minds want to know who!
Why are Freepers so damn enthusiastic about this? I think it's because they have nothing else, and this is pretty impressively mean to both Bill and CHelsea.

Yaelle has some whole scenario figured out:
Chelsea, WE didn’t choose your mom’s least attractive law partner to get sperm to make you. THEY did. They could have asked attractive Vince but they went with WEBB. If you’re insulted, don’t look at us.
Like Obama being gay, this schoolyard taunt has grown up into an article of faith among Freepers.

urbanpovertylawcenter has decided Hillary's an atheist.
If you have to profess your faith through you spawn, you have none.

It is through her works that we know the Colossus.

She is an atheist and worse yet a greedy narcissist.
haircutter just yells about Benghazi:
I find your Mother very insulting when she LIED to the families of the four American Men she allowed to be butchered and murdered in Benghazi...

and then...LIED TO THE American people when she said, she didn’t do that, that the families are lying about her...

Dear Lord...Please send this Clinton family into permanent retirement and never again be permitted to serve this Nation in any form...none of them...are you listening or reading Chelsea????
AFreeBird proudly proclaims how little thought goes into any accusations about the Clintons:
We question your faith, honesty, integrity, patriotism - we question everything about the Clinton crime syndicate.

Get over it little girl.
Never one to be outdone in spite, bert tries for an "all insults times infinity" meta-insult.
insulting the Clinton’s is like pissin in the ocean
The Final Harvest has a new Clinton White House rumor!
Yes, her mother’s “Christian Faith” was so intense, she had a Moslem prayer room set up in the WH.

These Clintons cannot talk without lying about everything.
There's always a new Clinton rumor from the 1990s.

ryan71 smugly notes that faith can be in Satan:
Nobody should question the Clinton’s Satanic faith.
PTBAA also sees the Satan loophole:
To be fair, the Clintons are a family of profound faith. They are Satanists.
Titus-Maximus makes a hilarious and original Satan joke:
We understand you and believe that all three of you are firm in your belief and commitment to Satan!
ScottinVA is a very geeky Freeper:
Bhaal, the god of Murder. (D&D reference here)
nobamanomore knows real Christians don't run for office. As Democrats.
If it’s so real to her, why doesn’t she live like a Christian?
txrefugee also seems to think Real Christians are too humble to run for office.
The Bible says, “ By their fruit you shall know them.” The fruit produced by your parents is rotten. Christians live a life of repentance and trying to live the teachings of Jesus, nothing like the life they have lived.
They spend time being angry on the Internet, I guess.

Poor Gamecock tries for proof, and is left parsing words:
It is deeply authentic and real for my mother

“Real for my mother”? What kind of relativistic nonsense is that? Some people hear voices and it is real for them. Does that make it any more real?
kaehurowing is also parsing:
Whenever someone describes themselves as a “person of faith,” you can be pretty sure they are full of it. Right up there with “spiritual, but not religious.”
exnavy is also chewing furiously on this nothingburger:
Most people of faith say: I am a person of deep faith, not I am a deep person of faith.
Da Coyote shows up, to mention poop, as he always does.
Chealsea, Chelsea, Chelsea,

Your dad is a grifting rapist with only a talent for schmoozing gullable (and stupid) wenches.

Your mother is an ignorant sl*t who has never had a real job and couldn’t pass the bar, so she mooched off your dat to eat.

And as for you.......well...the turd doesn’t fall far from the toilet.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

If Freepers were President...

anon1 found one of my favorite types of Freeper threads - the wish thread. Prediction threads lay bare Freepers' fear-haunted world, but there is also something to be said for Freepers discussing their aspirations.

And this thread delivers - it is fascinating!
First, because it doesn't get bogged down in Freepers' radical means, it dwells on their policy goals. And Freepers' goals, though radical, are not very different from actual elected Republicans.
The second thing is derivative of the first - the variation in this thread is not super large. In other words, GOP talking points work, even if the beast they've created is out of their control.

petercooper starts the thread off with a pretty good idea of the very nativist way these things are going.
Ok, I'll go first.

1. Build a wall.

2. Round up illegals/refugees.

3. Free ice cream for all (well not for them).
Even the joke is revised to be tribal!

EvilCapitalist is also nativist, and anti-Muslim. But he fit some vague BS about the Constitution in there as well!
1. Deport ALL muslims(even american converts) they’re the enemy within. And raze their mosques, and sow the grounds with pigs blood.
2. Deport all Illegal Aliens in our country, and build the wall to keep them out.
3. Repeal every unconstitutional executive order ever passed, and slash federal spending.
pgkdan is the same - first get rid of all the immigrants. Then war and small government!
I'd put a moratorium on immigration. ALL immigration, legal and illegal. That includes building the wall.

I'd take the shackles off our military and let them destroy ISIS.

Cut Federal Spending, eliminate the EPA, Dept. of Education,etc,,,
TalBlack too. Getting a bit repetitive here...
Shut the borders ie kick out illegals, ban Islamic immigration.

Slash taxes, ie Income, corp., death taxes.

Health care ie tort reform, interstate competition (booting illegals is a force multiplit here).

Three things isn’t enough really. America is a hell of a lot more broken Tha 3 thins will fix.
Lest you think the wall is anything more than a proxy for general hostility to immigrants, ataDude:
4. Build an unbreachable wall with mine fields (or alligators, snakes, etc.)along the entire southern border.

5. Enforce current immigration law... except propose to congress that all illegal crossings be felonies punishable by a minimum of five years in prison (contracted to Sheriff Joe for tents in the desert with bologna sandwiches and water). After serving sentences, deportation by ship (long trip, rough seas) to South America (or Antarctica).
Speaking of hostility, there was a minority like Netz whose first acts would be pure partisan spite:
Begin filing charges against former President Obama.

Begin filing charges against Hilliary Clinton.

Begin filing charges against former President Obama.
But generally you have vague but radical gestures in a nativist or small government direction dp0622
stop muslims from coming here.

slash and burn the budget and departments of etc.

build the wall.
Because who can't support unspecified 'cuts' to government?

cripplecreek manages to mix vague with repetitive:
Return government to its constitutionally mandated role.

Get government out of the way.

Leave people the hell alone.
IronJack wins the platitudes prize though:
#1: The economy.
#2: Downsizing government.
#3: Leadership -- in culture, morality, confidence, and law.
Wait. I spoke to soon. Actual occasional candidate for Congress EternalVigilance makes the talismanic tribalism pure:
1. The Constitution.

2. The Constitution.

3. The Constitution.

So, help me God.
EternalVigilance is so Constitutional he'd ignore the Supreme Court!
Ignore Supreme Court Justices when they opine immorally or unconstitutionally.
Like EV, bramps seems particularly unhappy with the Constitution:
Ban the Koran for blatant incitement to violence.

Promote legislation to encourage lasting marriage between one and one woman.

Cut off ALL benefits to anyone here illegally.
Like Trump, central_va is ignorant enough of modernity to roll mercantile:
1. Build wall
2. enforce immigration laws
3. Stop all work visas for 10 years
4. Put in place a 20% tariffs on imported manufactured goods
5. Use tariff income to reduce corporate taxes and income taxes.
swampfox101 manages to be more concrete:
Balance the budget

Round up, deport all illegals

Rid the US of the depts. of education, dept. of energy dept of EPA, dept of transportation, and dept of HHS.
Did I say Freepers mostly reflect the GOP here? Still true - abolishing all those agencies is Cruz's plan.

More repetition, but EQAndyBuzz adds the DoJ to the list, which is even more dumb than most.
Fire everyone in the Justice Department.
Fire everyone in the IRS.
Fire everyone in the EPA.

Then after breakfast........
If you've been noting how almost every Freeper wish list includes illegals, Balding_Eagle blames our lack of a wall for everything:
Build a wall, the following issues will begin to be resolved, in no particular order:


Better wages for us.


Stop terrorists from easily getting in

Emergency Services


Anchor babies

Social Security

Overcrowded schools

Less traffic congestion

Fewer auto accidents

Reduced drug running

More room in our jails and prisons

Fewer new diseases.

No more need of “Press 1 for English”
Then there are the outside the box thinkers like relictele, who plans to purposefully make government crappy and inflexible to convince people that smaller government is good:
1) If a law has not been duly passed, it isn’t a law no matter what it’s called.

2) Work for the repeal of many useless, oppressive, unconstitutional and unworkable laws.

3) Enforce the laws on the books regardless of pressure or media groups to demonstrate that government and freedom IS a zero sum game as opposed to economics.
Theophilus just wants radical change:
Article V Convention (bully pulpit, veto strangle hold)
End The Fed
Reduce the Cabinet by at least half. Annihilate their agencies and departments.
A surprising amount of audit the Fed BS showing up.

Another problem-solver, txhurl:
1. Use illegals (from all countries) and a bounty system to get them turning each other in.

2. Fire up Keystone and 9 other major infrastructure projects.

3. Hire back everybody zero fired in the military and let them choose 3 jerks each to fire.

All this on day one.
1) assumes no loyalty among illegals.
2) is legit, though when Obama did it it was pork.
3) advocates a radical spite-based military restructuring which is sure to keep things running smoothly.

redfreedom is also deep thinker, wishing for a return to World War II's industrial engine, but without any immigrants...
Bring the fed gov back into alignment with the Constitution starting with:

1. Strict border & immigration enforcement. Including, but not limited to, sealing off the southern border and sending back all illegals. Limiting legal immigration to a slow crawl.

2. Bringing American jobs back to America. We won WWII because of our industrial capacity. Should such a massive threat come to us now (and it’s almost here), we no longer have the industrial infrastructure or a young work force that even wants to work.

3. Shrink the fed gov. Get rid of rule creating parasites such as the EPA, that’s just one example. Give those powers back to the states.
Another contradiction is MaxFlint, who if you take 1) and 3) together seems to want a police state, but only for non-citizens:
1. Immigration shutdown, use every trick in the book to deport, block and hassle illegal immigrants and minimize legal immigration.

2. Abolish the TSA. Let airlines and airports handle security. This would assure my reelection.

3. End mass surveillance of American citizens.
mothball makes with the jokes, so you know killing Democrats shows up!
1-Deport illegals and liberals.
2-Executive order to euthanize Pelosi, Reid, Grayson, Durbin, etc.
3-Mandatory that businesses be closed on Sunday.Why not?

Now for those dogs who didn't bark. Issues Freepers get heated about, yet tellingly don't show up much when they're given a blank canvas.
dfwgator remembers the gays!
1. No Pooftahs
2. Build a Wall
3. No Pooftahs
catfish1957 is one of the few to mention Obamacare.
oops and

(7) Prod Congress to rescind the ACA,
Pollster1 manages Obamacare AND guns!
1. Repeal Obamacare, no replacement.

2. Secure the border and deport ALL illegals, with a permanent ban on re-entry for anyone deported, so they have an incentive to self-deport and we can save money.

3. Protect our individual, God-given right to keep and bear arms, by repealing as many federal gun laws as is politically feasible and prudent.
Ending with a return to the crazy, acw011 would reveal the REAL truth about UFOS and who killed Kennedy. And then start World War III
1. Alien File
2. Kennedy File
3. Bomb Saudi Arabia and most of the middle east

There’s a good reason I’m never going to be president.

Where the WMDs Are

The boodbath that was the Saturday GOP debate, expectedly, resulted in nothing more than deeper entrenchment for the Cruz and Trump sides.

But there has been one upshot - Trump called George W. Bush out for Iraq. This has forced Freepers to readdress this old issue.

Freepers have a rare ideological split between isolationists and imperialists. And another rare split between those who are still in the W. cult of personality and those who have moved well to his right. Add in ANOTHER split between the Trump folks and the anti-Trump folks and it's nothing but chaos and confusion. And conspiracies. Lots of conspiracies.

Robert DeLong brings to more and more common argument that Trump is just lying to fool the rubes:
Trump was smarter then all of us

Or maybe not, but he certainly can claim that to be his stance. Trump is not above playing the political game, which may even include changing positions when he thinks it might benefit him and feels confident no one can prove otherwise. He may even be doing it to pick up some voters who did not like Bush, and agreed with the war initially.
Robert DeLong follows up by wondering what you're supposed to do with unverifiable intelligence, if not go to war over it?!!
So? When you have sources telling you Saddam has WMD, and you are unable to verify, what would you suggest a President do? Remember Bush tried in vain to get Saddam to allow inspectors in but to no avail.

I am a Trump supporter, however, I think he was wrong. Did he mean what he said or was he pandering? My guess is pandering more than not.
In what used to be the party line, mylife blames Obama for not staying the course after Bush totally won:
We had Iraq sewed up untill pussies walked away, and more died after that than during the campaign
MarchonDC09122009 tries for the "if you are against invading Iraq you hate our troops" that was all the rage over a decade ago:
Every time we allow ourselves to go along with dumbed down lies reframing the Iraq 2003 war action narrative as willfully negligent mistake, we disgrace the 4000 soldiers who died there, and tens of thousands that of terribly wounded vets and their families.
The Final Harvest with the even more common right wing dogma that they got hidden in Syria:
But .. what people on the left tried to say was that it never existed. That was false.

It did exist. They found all sorts of data, and traces of the chemicals needed, to prove that Saddam had been producing it .. however, it had been sent to Syria and other places.

So, the left has always tried to prove that GW lied .. when the left also believed there WAS WMD in Iraq. But, once it was discovered that the WMD had been removed; immediately they turned on GW and began to say that it never existed.

That’s how the left operates.
dadfly regrets trusting Bush about Iraq:
bush invoked the time-honored, “trust me, he has them” argument. so i, for one, did (and full disclosure, i’m not a republican). to my everlasting shame, a more naive version of me bought his and powell’s brand of bs intelligence back in the day on sadam and iraq.

two theories: bush was playing fast and loose and counting on finding the evidence once he was in. or he was lying out right for the ruling classes’ own purposes in iraq. either way, bush’s war against iraq has proved to be disasterous for this nation. bush has a lot of explaining to do; and he has sacrificed a crippling amount of American blood, goodwill, “political capital,” prestige and treasure for what amounts to be a vainglorious, idolatrous, never-ending war.
Redwood71 repeats all of Bush's arguments from 2002, as if nothing has happened since:
There were many weapons in the country that were never reported or told about after the fact to include medium range missiles that were fired by Saddam into Israel, on pager 110. Iraq purchased cake from Nigeria, denied by Valery Plame at the CIA, and they were using VX given to Saddam by us starting in the Carter administration. He was handed mustard gas from Germany and used it on his own people during the Iran conflicts by accident near Tikrit.
Read Write Repeat may have found the one argument the Bush Admin didn't get around to making:
Abu Musab Zarqawi was pretty much a walking WMD.

Of course, it’s unfortunate we were unable to question Abu Nidal since he was covered in maggots at the time.
But montag813 goes the other way, even invoking Mike Malloy's Bush Crime Family:
Trump is right. This is cold turkey, folks. The GOP must RID itself of the Bush Crime Family infestation once and for all — to excise Reagan’s biggest mistake for good. Only then can we move on. The man Jeb calls “the greatest man alive” — his father — was a New World Order snake, and scion of the Nazi-supporting Prescott Bush. This family is poison. We need to be rid of them.
driftdiver heard from guys who saw WMDs
I know guys who saw em. Several hundred of our guys were injured by them during the search.

But most of them were shipped to syria.
To be fair, these were probably the chemical stuff that everyone acknowledged was there, since we sold it to Saddam during the Iran-Iraq war. It would have no longer been useful.

Karliner just speculates about all the secret things that could be:
Read all 121 posts so far. Think there was WMD’s evidenced by evidence. Syria = one route..other routes? Anyone remember the Food For Oil scam(s)?? If they could siphon over a billion dollars I’m sure there was hush money for some weaponry to go elsewhere or at least the opportunity was there.
eastforker thinks Bush disappeared the WMDs in a secret agreement with France and Russia:
We know France and Russia were complicit in Iraq’s WMD program. Being that both are permanent members of the UN they would both have to agree to the US invasion. To get them to agree, GWB had to allow them time to get them out of country and they did, also we had to vow that they never existed for their agreement on the invasion.
Alberta's Child thinks Bush and Clinton are both war profiteers:
Doesn't it strike anyone as odd that U.S. foreign and military policy over the last 25+ years always seems to be aligned with major donors to the Clinton Foundation and real estate investment partners of the Bush family?
montanajoe objects to conspiracies that don't agree with his biases:
Instead of Freepers gonna have to start referring to a lot of folks around here as FreeNuts...
bert has this analysis I do not understand:
actually, Iraq was given freedom and their old men took it away
Reeses has a post that could have come from Daily Kos:
Before the WMD stories started I remember reading in the family newspaper that W's lawyers told him it would not be legal to invade Iraq without an imminent threat such as WMD. The WMD stories started shortly thereafter. Yes, there were US weapons inspectors on the ground in Iraq and they couldn't find anything other than Iraq being less than 100% cooperative.

It was well known by just about everyone at the time that W's stated belief of WMD was necessary to make the invasion legal. But Saddam had it coming. After the first Gulf War, Saddam attempted to have W's daddy killed. W made sure that was a fatal mistake.
napscoordinator argues that throwing Bush under the bus is a clever tactic to get Donald "bomb the shit out of them" Trump some anti-war votes:
This is gold for Republicans. Trump is going to use this against Hillary in the General cuz she stupidly voted for the war. You need to catch up. You are still living in 2004 when everyone was cheerleading the vicious lies by the Bush Administration. Get with 2016. New Era and Trump is winning.
X-spurt pulls the rare strawman-ad-hominem-by-association
Shazam, now colin Bowell is now a quotable hero to Trumpbots?

Next thing we know it’ll be John F’n Kerry, FDR, Wilson and LBJ.
mylife sees Freepers changing their opinions and stomps his feet adorably!
I was in libya the 1st round.

I know people who used to be here on FR that used to be in Iraq

This is shapeshifting and I wont have it!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. II

TraditionalMerica has found another stealth Muslim!
at least Bernie isn’t a Muslim, but the again, being a socialist with a lot of SJW’s Islam/Palestine lovers behind him, he might be a stealth-Muslim; aids/abets their agenda, and even more than Hussein.
That name...may have to bear watching.

NorthMountain really hates sociologists, for some reason?
My lack of positive attributes is undeniable. As wretched as I am, though, the mountebanks, scalawags, and fraudsters known collectively as “sociologists” are far worse. I make things, build things, design things that people actually want. They string together words and numbers into books and articles that don’t even rise to the level of worthlessness. The output of the entire ‘profession’ of sociology has negative value: it is actively damaging to the body politic.
ShivaFan demands a neurologist do an autopsy of Scalia, because Scalia belongs to Freepers:
Thus means that something fishy is going on!

I DEMAND Doctor Ben Carson perform the autopsy! He is the most trusted Doctor in America! And for yuu Cruz supporters, in Canada! And for you Italians, in Italy. Mexico... in case there are any Bush supporters.

Scalia belongs to us, the Republican base, not the GOPe or the Dem-Socialist-Islamatics. His family might be under duress, we really don’t know how bad this is. Get Ben on a plane to Texas right now. Is the body still in Texas?
M Kehoe insists on some gratefulness for his generation:
Dear Gene Marks:

If it wasn’t for us, you would be speaking Russian today.

Lockbox does not seem to like his wife much:
My wife would spend, spend, spend except for my efforts to limit her spending. Of course we cannot print money and borrow unlimited funds.
Da Coyote wonders if God made Jews liberal to counteract how great they were in all other respects:
A liberal Jew is one of the most confusing things in the world.

Perhaps this bit of insanity was placed there by God to make up for all the brilliance. After all, a “little bit of liberalism will make the bullish*t go down....” to paraphrase something sung somewhere......
OneVike is pretty sure the Holocaust was sent by God because Jews weren't Christians:
God used the Egyptian, the Assyrians, the Babylonians, Rome, and YES most likely even Hitler and Stalin to punish His 1st chosen people, why is it so strange to think He will not do so again if they continue to reject Him, and now their Messiah?
Zionist Conspirator tells of the return of Freeper Nazis:
When I joined this forum in '99, it was crawling with Nazis. Many posters even used the names of notorious Nazis as their screen names.

There have been purges over the years, mostly after 9/11, but apparently many have been lying low, just waiting for the opportunity to seize an opportunity to attack Jews and Israel.

Unfortunately, since most "conservatism" is based on local/national tradition rather than the One True G-d, I don't see this changing until Mashiach comes.
It would be an interesting observation, of ZP weren't pretty kooky about God and the Jews himself.

Mark17 thinks another Freeper doesn't go far enough hating Senator Graham:
Graham = Establishment = Globalist

You forgot, an egg sucking dog liberal.
BlueStateRightist makes some bold predictions:
Obama isn’t interested in “consensus”. He will pick a hardcore leftist. Graham will rationalize that choice as “consensus”. Another 15 GOP senators will agree and the nominee will be confirmed.

This will elect Trump.
JLAGRAYFOX is sure Trump will come in, tell separation of powers to get stuffed, and reform Senate procedures!
A side bar.....Have you all ever witnessed the House & Senate voting on a bill? I am talking about the actual vote...not the discussions, pro & con. The House has limits on the times for voting, fifteen or five minutes....the Senate is unrestricted!!!

A House vote always goes way past the time limits by as much as an hour, and the can get a one to two hour nap before all the Deadbeat Representatives & Senators cast their vote!!! In a private business board meeting a vote take about three minute, if that long!!!

Now...this is a small item...but it the way our government employees drag everything out. When Donald J.Trump is elected POTUS....I know he will not stand for this gig, in a New York minute. Just imagine the amount of waste of time and money POTUS Trump could save the American taxpayer as he amkes government operations more efficent and cost effective....a word these elected buffoons, know nothing about!!!
Yeesh. Tell us about the train timings next, JLAGRAYFOX...

Obama complains about the White House wi-fi being slow. DoughtyOne reads this as Obama giving away secrets to unspecified 'enemies.'
What a foolproof way of getting classified information into the hands of our enemies.
These scum sucking dirt bags, can figure out numerous ways to screw the country.

With this guy, anything is on the table.

I hate looking at it that way, but he is so problematic.
SauronOfMordor explains that whenever Return of Kings seems offensive, they're really just lying to tweak liberals. The same weak argument they use about Limbaugh:
They’re not Muslims. They’re politically incorrect guys who enjoy driving feminists and leftists into hysterics, and so you have activists lying about them to try to disrupt.

I’m speaking as somebody who actually visits “Return of Kings” website from time to time.
rmlew explains that anyone avoiding drama will see the coming Holocaust:
What is wrong with someone wanting to convert Jews? I'm not offended.

Looking at the growing antisemitism of the Western Left, and Muslim violent antisemitism, I don't find concentration camps or death camps crazy. We have an active genocide of Yazidi in the Middle East today.

Stop the hysterics and be logical, people.
Jim 0216 explains how the national parks are tyranny that will soon kill us all:
The National Parks that Teddy Roosevelt started could be called "feel-good tyranny." Sooner or later, as here, tyranny will not feel good but will feel deadly.
There was an end to that Oregon standoff. I may post later, but in the meantime dware seems to realize that Freepers, including himself, will never actually start shooting:
For those awaiting some “trigger event”, this is it. Unfortunately, there are no real patriots in America today.
Mrs. Don-o defends Israel as marginally better than ISIS:
IDF does indeed blow up terrorist’s extended family’s houses.

Leaves nothing for muzzies to salvage, not even rebar.

IDF does not, however, massacre their families. IDF is civilized. That’s how you can tell.
GrandJediMasterYoda explains that Obama is the worst President of all time, in a plan to make all blacks sad:
Please inform us of the President who was worse than this guy, he doesn't exist. Hands down, no argument, Barry is THE worst of all time. He is the first black President and the worst President. Leave it to the party of the KKK and the socialist holocaust to smash down yet again the pride of the black community, this was absolutely deliberate on their part, they deliberately picked the worst possible candidate just like they are doing now.
Gasshog is masterstrokin' Trump.
IF Trump really said that he was for PP, but against abortion. Scary smart.

Genius. Trump is one.
No explanation, alas.

I don't think 9-11 was easily preventable, but sauropod takes it out of mortal hands entirely:
I have to admit Trump’s blaming Bush for the WTC falling “on his watch” bothered me. Satan should be blamed for that.
Jim Noble is full-on hating Bush now.
although I doubt anyone cares much that Bush was enforcing U.N. resolutions

Oh, I care, all right.

Anyone who would use the US armed forces to "enforce UN resolutions" is unfit for office.
kiryandil thinks the government tries out their legal arguments on a secret Federal Judge Focus Groups!
Looks like it took them TWO YEARS testing various "Federal felony charges" in front of Federal judge focus groups before they found one that wouldn't make most of the esteemed jurists burst out laughing.
uncitizen is connecting the dots!
Wonder if Scalias death was intended to be a threat to Trump.