Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday potpourri.

cripplecreek calls attention to the Mexican-Muslim connection:
Mexican spring isn't just similar to muslim spring, its connected. On the same day Obama started the mess with Israel, palestinians were speaking in Tucson.
Graneros knows one trick ponies:

The Dems are nothing but a one trick pony. Raise taxes is all they know. How bout this: CUT SPENDING, CUT SPENDING, CUT SPENDING, CUT SPENDING. And if that doesn’t work CUT SPENDING.

Buckeye McFrog is sure Dems will dump Obama, cause Freepers know what a disaster he's secretly been:
I think Hillary and key Dem insiders got a taste of just how dangerously indecisive this guy is in the whole lead-up to the Libya and Bin Laden decisions. I am sure that deep within the bowels of the Democrat Party a plan is hatching to eject Barry before he leads their entire party over the cliff and into a half-century of oblivion.
jerseyrocks has an interesting choice of insults:

Obama ain’t no Cowboy he is more like a Pigman.

Da Coyote has a new nickname for Obama. These are usually a dime a dozen, but this one is special:

I’d gladly vote for Cain.

I’d gladly p*ss in the general direction of Obamabutt.

DrC knows why John Edwards is facing indictment:

“Edwards must have really pissed off someone in Barry’s administration. What did he do?”

He’s not a Black Panther...

Obama just wishes he could indict all white people!

Moby Grape has discovered something:

Am I the only one who believes that Rham Emmauel looks just like Goebbels?

Moby Grape again!

And Alexrod with a small mustache IS HITLER.

something ruined Netanyahu's speech for GRRRRR

When they show a camera view of BiBi from the left side, see if you can see AL FRANKEN...sitting there in a slouch with his big fat lips all pouting, what a piece of disgraceful crap he is..

Al Franken - evidence that the DemonRats ARE a joke!

grobdriver games out the Presidential debates:
What would y’all give to see Cain and ‘bammers in a debate? Nothing - it would be a foregone conclusion.
1. Cain wipes the floor with the snot-nosed one.
2. The media spins it as the evil Cain disses The One, and lies about everything.
3. O'Barry issues a statement, "I won!".
4. The media regurgitates said statement.
5. We are all left knowing Cain is head and shoulders above Barry, but the MSM brainwashes the masses to think the opposite, and we're back to where we started.
RoadTest knows who to blame for the tornadoes:

I said three days ago when Barack the Magic Negro told Israel to give away more of the land God gave them that America would be hit again, because it hasn’t learned from the last time this sequence of events happened.

Two thirds of Joplin, MO is gone and at least 89 people perished.

Land for land. The goodness and the severity of a just and loving God. He will not be mocked.

max americana soudns like a winner!

I use BT to get Game of Thrones because I dont want to give HBO a ratings point. GD obama commie bastards.

Bittorrenting - for FREEDOM!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday Pix

The loneliness of the conspiracy theorist.

Yeah, that quote is totally what Hitler would have said! And the oven pic is classy.

Hooray for selective photographing!

When you make up your own quotes, Obama sure looks like an ass!

Obama: Secret Mexican gangbanger!

What the? I don't even...

Wow, Freedom looks surprisingly dystopian to me.

Wow, the effort here seems a bit...lacking.

Funny how Freepers' dream leader sounds a lot like a schoolyard bully.
Sometimes I hope Netanyahu comes out as gay. I'd have to take the day off work to wallow in the broken Freep psyches.

Friday, May 27, 2011

The AZ shooter conspiracy

Freepers are still at crazy levels of insanity when it comes to that crazy guy who shot Congresswoman Gifffords.

ozarkgirl is all about killing crazy people:

Well if he’s crazy - he won’t even know we’re frying him. Tell him it’s a carnival ride and strap him down.

holden has a helluva world view:
OK, here it is:

Liberalism is incompetence.
Liberalism is a disease that liberals use as excuse for their demented behavior.
While they would have liberalism enhance their resume, they are quick to use it as a get-out-of-jail free card or a government meal ticket should any need arise.

dfwgator gets his worldview from Charles Bronson films:
Remember the ending of "10 to Midnight", when the killer who was released pending the outcome of his insanity plea,
"I'm sick, you can't do anything to me, you'll hear from me and the whole f'ing world." "Oh no we won't." *BLAM*
keat has some kind of apartheid deal going on:

He shot libs so let the libs deal with him as they see fit. It’s a Barabas moment for them. Maybe he’ll be “better” in a few years and will be released. I’m fine with it.

astuddis thinks this is a conspiracy

This was done to keep Loughner’s liberal views from the public. Can’t have that while Rep. Giffords is recovering.

FlingWingFlyer knows liberals love this shooter guy!
The ‘RATS now have their Hero of 2012. He gave them their Miracle In Tucson and now he won’t have to pay for it. How nice. The ‘RATS must be tickled to death. Their boy got off.

And now this word from outer space

Obsessed with Muslims edition:

Obama is way too obsessed with Muslims and Islam. It is all he ever talks about.

I grew up in America and for over 30 years I never heard a word about Islam or Muslims, except in movies and from Ray Charles (Ahab the Arab).

Now, this joker gets elected, and it is everywhere. In schools, in the news, in the Churches, all I hear about is Islam, Islam, Muslims, Muslims...these guys are our enemy. They could not make it more clear. Sucking up to them just proves them right, that we are stupid and weak and ripe for conquest.

Screw the Muslims!
Screw Islam!
Screw Muhammad (piss be upon him)
and Screw Obama!

I want to go just one week without hearing about Muslims or Islam.

Obama doesn?t seem to realize that I JUST DON?T CARE ABOUT ISLAM OR MUSLIMS!

Whatever childhood trauma he went through as a poor Black mullato bastard child of a hippy whore and growing up in Muslim Indonesia is NOT MY PROBLEM!

This whole ?Muslim outreach? is BS.

What Obama sees, is a culture that he considers to be ?superior? to America, 200 years behind in development and technology and he can?t stand it. So, he wants to fix it. He wants to bring them up to our level by giving them our money and our billion dollar technology. To make it ?fair?.

The Muslims deserve it anyway to pay back for all the ?White oppression? they have suffered. There is no way to tell how much technology he has given them already.

Clearly, Obama?s first love is Islam and Muslims. I?m sure, if he could, he would give them every secret, every bit of technology we have. IMO

projection supplied by 240B (he is doing everything he said he wouldn't and not doing what he said he would)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ed Schultz suspended

Ed Shultz called Laura Ingrahm a "right-wing slut" and got suspended. Such crazy behavior elicits a doubly crazy response from the Freepers:

XenaLee knows liberals are secretly super happy:

So Schultz gets a week-long unpaid vacation.....and meanwhile every rabid leftist journalist and new media whore will applaud him and consider him a martyr for their cause.


SunkenCiv sees signs of gayness in yet another liberal:
If we've seen it once, we've seen it a thousand times -- Schultz is acting out, because he wishes he were brave enough to dress up like a slut and try to pick up men.
Popman is unclear about opinion not being slander:
I really hope Laura Ingraham takes him to civil court for defamation and slander and sues him and MSNBC for millions of dollars.

Time to stop playing nice and push back HARD
Harley thinks death is the appropriate punishment:

Free Speech Schmeeh Speech. Somebody needs to gut this son of a motherless goat.

Dude, a death threat is fine, but do ya gotta make it sound so Muslimish?

Viking2002 is a tough guy who will save Ms. Ingrahm!
What I'd like to do to this pig-eyed sack of ass droppings would have the cops at my door for even posting it online. Needless to say, I'd like his demise to be protracted, graphic, and public.
GOPJ thinks liberals probably insult the right wing when no one is listening:

I suspect 'right wing slut' remarks are made all the time at MSNBC. It's a liberal organization after all.

Schultz didn't look like a man who was uttering the comment for the first time... What they're trying to say is it's 'unacceptable' to say it on air...
WilliamofCarmichael thinks this is part of an insidious plan:
So where is this leading? What are the "progressives" up to?

Will there now be demands from them to suspend, fire, imprison conservative hosts who utter the slightest criticism of the president or other liberals?
Dacula posits an even more crazy conspiracy:

It is a diversion tactic - Obama is tanking in Europe and Eddie is the sacrificial lamb.

Chrissy is next. In fact let’s have fun and find who will take the blame for Obama and when. guess the correct date and win the pool.

I am in for a $1

Obama's signiture is faggy, unamerican.

The Obamas going to Ireland doesn't seem to have lead to Freeper rage as much as I thought it would. Maybe it's cause it's not so unamerican as Latin America, maybe it's cause they are distracted by the Republican primary, maybe it's cause he's really turning on the charm out there.

BUt it certainly isn't because they don't want to be petty. Obama signed the guest book at Westminster Abbey “24 May 2008.” Freepers, feeling particularly petty, reach some interesting conclusions:

Scott from the Left Coast
notes Obama got the year wrong, which means Bush is still a victim:

If it were Bush, he’d have been called the stupidest man in history. Since it is Obama, it is just that his great brain is so occupied with big ideas and important thoughts that he can’t be worried about what year it is.

444Flyer knows why Obama's mind wasn't in the game:
Bibi must have got in his head some with that great speech today.
treetopsandroofs thinks the date format is evidence:

Why can’t our “native born” president use the AMERICAN date format?

library user indulges in some handwriting analysis on Obama's signiture:
I've never seen such an elitist, pompous-ass signature before.
Gargantua may be joking:
His signature looks like a limp, bent unit with one swollen teste. SeƱor Uno Suebo. Only slightly better than completely nutless. More signally, the teensy, tiny script with the huge signature speaks almost unequivocally of a massively insecure emotional cripple. Huge unresolved issues with displacements of aggression and deep self-loathing.
Yaelle is joking, but also serious:

Besides having the most effeminate handwriting, his signature is hardly setting the new, non-violent tone: he's turned his big O into crosshairs. (And has us all in them)

2008 is stuck in his mind as the year all his dreams came true. You know that was the best year of his life.
RinaseaofDs is not joking:

Obama’s signature bears some analysis.

Most of his last name is circumscribed by the O.

“It’s all about me.”

Selene makes a mathematical observation:
Looks like Symbol for Null Set (Empty Set)
MNnice sees into Obama's soul via his signature:

As an amateur handwriting analyst I can tell you that whoever wrote that entry has issues of low self-esteem, believe it or not. Notice where his T's are crossed. The lower the cross on the I, the lower his/her feelings of self-worth.

Also, his writing of "2008" means that he subconsciencly longs for the days when he was just a candidate and not the actual president.

I would have guessed a POTUS's T's would be crossed high on the I and perhaps even above it (like Trump's).

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Medicare has killed America

Freepers have decided the Ryan budget is our last hope for America. And the fact that the voters don't like it means America is over.

Always Independent:

They should offer up the bill again without medicare reform and this time let the public know that when it does go bust the republicans at least tried to save whereas you now have nothing thanks to the democrats.

Badass! all the whores and politicians will look up and shout "Save us!"... andthe Freepers will whisper "no."

Jim Noble has given up hope:

The end is very clear.

I admire Ryan for trying, he's very honorable and very brave, but the looters are going to win in the end.

Until the end.
Freedom_Is_Not_Free tries for some turnabout

Democrats - the Party of No. The Do Nothing Party.

Dem wins NY 26

Freepers are casting around on who to blame for the Dem upset in a heavily Republican upstate NY Congressional race.

manc actually blames the Ryan plan! though he does still manage to be an ass about it:
Does the left say they want open border, homosexual teaching in schools and marriage, overturn DOMA, make illegals legal, etc ?
No because they know they will never get elected and yet we came out with the Ryan plan where the left will rip is apart backed by the paid off Soros media
apillar just denies that this matters at all:
It was a moderately Republican district in a liberal state, where the incumbent got caught in a sex scandal and resigned. Then the democrats poured a fortune into the race and still had to run a Faux tea party candidate to take the seat.
moderately Republican? Heh.

Arthur Wildfire! March blames New York in general:
New Yorkers are far more gullible than your typical country “bumpkin”. They are rubes. They are almost as gullible as people who live in Detroit. Their city is attacked on 9-11 and they STILL vote democrat. How stupid is that? Their brains shut off when it comes to politics. Ancient Athenians had a word for people like typical New Yorkers — idiots.
Dubya-M-DeesWent2SyriaStupid! blames all the Jews in upstate NY,

Progressive stinkin Obama lovers are saying this is a sign of what 2012 will be like.

They will run with this for 6 days in the news while Obama sells out Israel to terrorists and gives them an office in DC on our dime.

How brain dead are the NY jewish democrat progressives?

wny thinks that tea party spoiler guy is going to happen lots more:
We all know without the third party fraud in the race, the seat goes R easily.

Therein lies the danger.

The demholes will now recruit a similar fraud to split the R vote in 20 or 30 really competitive races in 2012.

Fraud and deceit is their best bet, and they’re good at it. And the mediawhores will help them.
ncalburt blames Speaker Boehner for not holding tough on the government shutdown:
The GOP base stayed home (100 K) because Bonehead FOLDED and let the Pelosi Budget with Billions in unreal spending including the Obamacare funding get PASSED with no FIGHT !

The base feels BETRAYED and SCAMMED by these DC Insiders /
K street scam artists posing as the GOP leaders !

This low GOP turn out was all about Bonehead , Cantor and company betraying us.
delbertt thinks we are all playing into his master plan:
We absolutely must feed the parasite until the economy collapses with printed money. Then we must turn the military toward the lousy government.
Military dictatorship, is there any problem it can't solve?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

No jokes!

President Obama was given the gift of a "hurling stick." Obama jokes "If members of Congress aren't behaving, give 'em a little paddle, a little hurl." Freepers take that literally, to better prove Obama evil:

eak3 takes things literally:

Vote as we tell you or we will beat you...

wastedyears knows Obama only jokes about white congressmen:

Would he paddle Congressman William Jefferson?

Probably not...

hinckley buzzard doesn't think Obama is allowed to joke:
More grins and chuckles from the sh*t-eating halfrican rat bastard.
samtheman notes how feminine Obama holds the stick:

Look at how he holds it. Look at how he swings it. Even in jest.

He’s like an 11 year old girl.

savagesusie senses gayness
such homo-erotica in his desires. He proves Larry Sinclair is right again and again. So creepy.
FarRightFanatic thinks Ireland shares his lack of tolerance for jokes:

Obama is an embarrassment. A complete and utter national disgrace.

Truth is a Weapon sees this as a sign of Obama's tyranny:

Doesn’t everyone know that Congress really isn’t the co-equal third branch of government? He thinks that they should be his lap dog which should be paddled when out of line.

In some ways his reign resembles the reigns of the Caesars (at least in his mind).

Bibi Love

Netanyahu spoke before Congress this morning . I was somewhat taken aback at the...passion Freeper had for him. Like, more than they have for Their Sarah Palin. It's weird.

onyx sounds kinda like he could be talking about Palin

I sat mesmerized.

Bibi is right up there with Churchill and Reagan.

We watched GREATNESS.

TheDailyChange is definitely not talking about Palin:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks like a MAN, acts like a MAN, and walks like a MAN!

Obama, you could learn a LOT from this MAN!!!!

AngelesCrestHighway thinks Obama was afraid...while in Ireland.

That was the look of fear in Obama’s eyes....the fear of being to close to greatness. Obama had to pick the likes of Joe Biden to make himself look a notch higher.

Just look what happens when a real leader addresses the American people! Gee! I wonder how the lame stream media will slice and dice it?

Syncro thinks he is like king of all Real Americans.
he is the Leader of The Free World.

Which is why Obama doesn't like him; Barack Hussein, the anchor baby "president," PO(TU)OS

MestaMachine likes this Jew:
So very, very proud.
Anerican leftist faux jews, THIS IS A JEW!
penelopesire is getting pretty messianic:

Netanyahu is a blessing from God to this entire planet.

On shooting liberals:

Some article in NewsMax speculates the government is going to raid private savings. Freepers have totally been hording ammo and tin foil for just this eventuality!

knows Obama is going to order all assets sold to give it to welfare bums!
If you think Obama and his looters care a whit about your financial loss, you are badly mistaken. They will order the assets sold, and if you only get 10 cents on the dollar, that is your problem not theirs. It is far more important to give welfare to the lazy bums than to preserve your wealth.
Eska thinks Dems will all be shot if this happens.
If the govt was to gut the private pensions, 401s ect; I'd hate to be a dem in rural Alaska. Life may become tenuous for those who went crazy over Obama.

There are leftist, greenie, pro "O" goof balls even out in the sticks. They are quite ashamed nowadays over voting for him and I'm getting miles outta it on them too. I heard one at the gas station the other day say that they better tax the rich, because if they don't, the govt will come after everybody else. Too stupid to realize realities of taxes in America.

dusttoyou notes that Dems should be exterminated right now!
If “real” rats were raiding your food supply and destroying everything in their path, would anyone hesitate exterminating them? No!

So just because the rats that are working diligently toward our destruction are not small rodents, this makes a difference in the choice between effectively preventing or standing around allowing our destruction? Not for some of us!
meyer can't wait to start shooting libs:

What a cool way to start a civil war. And believe me, this WOULD cause a war. If it weren’t for the horrors of war, it’d be almost fun plinking ‘rats off like they’re ducks on a pond.

eyeamok knows this has been going on
This really isn’t news, they have been planning this since the Day the Marxist Muslim Man Child was elected. Almost everything the Administration has done since it’s inception has been to DESTROY what is left of This Country. This has been in the works for a very long time. Hell it has been introduced in the House a Few times already.
tgusa knows we have guns for a reason - to keep taxes low, unlike Europe!
The Europeans are weenies, and they aren’t armed. Our forefathers knew what they (the forefathers) were doing with the Second Amendment.
a real Sheila has greater concerns than money!

I expect fees and taxes out the ying-yang.

I also expect there is something in the works for all of these foreclosed houses around the U.S. Banks own the houses, the govt owns MANY banks, therefore the govt. owns many of these houses. I expect a BIG housing giveaway. Coming to your neighborhood soon - “the great unwashed.”

he has a right not to live near poor people, damnit!

And now this word from outer space

Anti-Birther edition:
Just because a person does not buy into every whackjob conspiracy theory coming down the pike does not make him an Obama support. In fact, the more conservative person would tend to hold back until some concrete evidence is produced before going off the deep end. We have no Obama supporters on FR! Knock off the attacks on our FReepers!!
Turning away from Birtherism provided by head Freeper Jim Robinson (Rebellion is brewing!! Impeach the corrupt Marxist bastard!!)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Spinning for Cain

Herman Cain scrambles when Chris Mathews Wallace asked him about the Palestinian right of return. Freepers, already chomping at the bit for the election to start so they can spin for folks beyond their fellows, jump to his defense:

This Just In posits mispeaking is the same as ignorance:

“The Cain Freepers will say “no issue” but the rest of us saw a “57 states” moment here.”

Hardly. Cain can count, and he knows his states. You’re comparing apples and oranges, not to mention that fact that you’re projecting.

The “Right To Return” was a question, and a set-up at that. Obama made an asinine statement. Big difference.

onona thinks Right of Return was totally a gotcha question:
I’ve been around awhile, and I’ve NEVER heard of this before I heard Levin describe what it was and what it meant only days before.

It’s a BS ploy

Yeah, this is totally esoteric. That's why I'd heard about it in High School.

VideoDoctor just says the opposite of what is true.
Cain is NOT going to be lead down the path to nowhere by any of the media.

Once again his entire interview showed he was knowledgeable on every subject.

If this is what they're goping to claim as ineptness by Cain then they are GROPING already in trying to diminish him.
Rashputin plays the race card:

Just typical media BS, most of which will focus on Cain for as long as it takes to make him look like a clown early on. The very last thing the democrat fascist party wants is a black guy anywhere near the Republican ticket in 2012.

txrangerette thinks this was just as awesome as Palin's 'In What Respect Charlie" moment.
Cain did a smart thing...he forced Chris Wallace to define the buzzwords and Chris did. Soon as Cain understood what he was being asked about, he responded that it was up to Israel in negotiations as to their position on that, not up to anyone else.

And now this word from outer space

Awful teacher edition:
At our local high school, one muslim student told his classmates he and his family are “muslim christians” and offerred to teach them about his faith. Fortunately, the teacher in this instance used it as a teaching tool, and after questioning the kid about his belief in Jesus Christ, was able to point out to the muslim student and the class that you could not be both a muslim and a Christian.
All to realistic anecdote provided by Flamenco Lady

Monday potpourri.

pepsionice thinks the Boys and Girl Scouts are going to to split up on account of the coming civil war.

I will predict within three years that the girl scouts end up splitting up into two organizations. I’ll even go as far as predicting the boy scouts do the same within six years. We are living in the environment that existed in 1850...with two nations trying to exist in the same sphere.

Ragnar54 compares Obama to Osama:
No point in comparing Obama to Reagan. The gap is too great.

It is more instructive to compare Obama to Osama. Osama promised, Obama delivered (to the Muslims).
HINJEW SMITH wants us to nuke just about everyone:

It is time to finally forge our relationship with India, seize Pakistan’s nukes with Special Forces and the Israelis, and then destroy Pakistan with the help of India, Israel, Great Britain, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, France, Spain, Germany, and the rest of Europe.

If China gets involved we must nuke Beijing.

At this point we really have no choice.

Communist China will continue to tighten the grip around our neck until we are choked to death on every front on a global scale.

The time to strategize and deliberate has passed.

Now it’s who really has the biggest balls.

MrB thinks the zombie craze is secretly comparing us:

I think a lot of these “zombie scenarios” are in fact scenarios to get people to thinking about the urban hoards that will be dispersing out into the suburbs and countryside looking for loot and food when their gov’t checks stop coming and the grocery stores are empty.

FredZarguna has a hypothesis on that hilarious secret service tweet about FOX news:

The tweet was made via iPad, so I’m guessing a GLBT liaison working in the WH got hold of the official Secret Service Twitter account.

iPads are gay now?

muawiyah thinks...something. About demons hiding everywhere.
Did you realize that several of the folks closest to Saddam Hussein escaped death by bombs that killed everyone around them? One guy was found so beat up he couldn’t move, then they put him on a stretcher pending “aid” and he tried to crawl away and escape. Hitler himself escaped death because the effect of the blast was diverted by a heavy table leg.

What you must understand is that to a degree no one understands there’s every reason to believe you must deal with them as if they are not normal humans.
No word on who 'they' are, though the thread is about Obama's Israel speech.

nolongerademocrat has a new Obama conspiracy theory:

I think Ayers and Obama have known each other at least since they were in NY. And I believe that Obama was involved in the blinding of that South African athlete at the airport.

Kenny Bunk knows Princeton is a nigger school:
Princeton, BTW, is Michelle's alma mater, where she majored in the demanding Black Studies Program, which requires everyone to memorize a Maya Angelou Poem almost perfectly and wear an afro for at least 30 days.

Her senior thesis: Twennyfie Ways I hates Whitey and Howcome. She got an A.
Two Kids' Dad is already making plans for President Palin:

How soon after her 2nd term ends can they start minting coins and bills with her image on them? I’d love to have a pocket full of $20.12 Palin coins or a Palin $2012 bill.

babygene knows Muslims are genetically deficient:

“Islamic supremacists are doing this all over the world, attacking Westerners and their own fellow Muslims alike.”

Not at all surprising... They have been marrying their first cousins for over a thousand years. That’s the same genetically as marrying your half sister. The whole lot of them are genetically defective. Simply put, their crazy.

JudgemAll thinks Democrats have been assassinating Democratic politicians for years, via the KGB.

Yeah, “I have a dream”... they prop MLK and then they have him shot and replaced. Did the same with JFK, or profited the same way. None of these sniveling demoralized nincompoops would have made it where they are at without KGB help back then, let us remember that.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday Pix

The South will...wait, what is the American flag doing in this pic? Now I'm confused.

Freepers are reaching deep to find no bad guys to photoshop Obama as

Some retail-working Freeper totally strikes a blow for freedom here!

Birthers keep rolling on!

Real Americans confuse President with military office, since they never liked civilian control of the military.

inexperience, lies arrogance and scandal? That's all you got? Well, at least you can recycle that for use against any other politician ever when Obama is done.

At first I thought this was just a pun. Then I saw the teleprompter. Buh?

Totally made by a 6-year-old and not propaganda at all!

Don't vote for Mitt, he's part hobo!

Libertarians in spaaaace!

The semiotics here are all over the place. Standing with Israel, but with the American flag. A lion with a crown of thorns like Jesus.

Friday, May 20, 2011

There's something about Herman Cain

Freepers seem to love Herman Cain for some reason. Can't figure out what it is though...

no dems thinks Cain would be tactically awesome:
Cain getting the GOP nomination would take the race card off the table.
smith288 suddenly doesn't care about executive experience, it's all about color:

Yea, and he’s more black so there! lol (as if it mattered...but to some voters, it must)

jonascord feels race relations will be renewed:
if we vote for Cain, then we are just voting against a flaming Commie Muslim Traitorous A$$hole, and not against a BLACK flaming Commie Muslim Traitorous A$$hole.

Cool. Although, you have to admit, Obama has set back race relations more than anyone since Woodrow Wilson.
tuckrdout notes that Cain is 'all American.'

I believe [Cain] is all American, descended from slaves. Which would be a real victory in the USA. Obama’s black heritage is rooted in providing slaves for the USA.

justsaynomore prefers to trade tokenism for paranoia:
please pray for Herman Cain’s safety - even if he is not your choice for Prez. The democrats are very afraid of him. He has top-notch security but still, please pray for God’s hand of protection over this great patriot.

And now this word from outer space

Muslim Apocalypse edition:

200 years from now, I want their children's children's children
to cower and cringe in fear whenever they hear the sounds of jet engines overhead
because their legends tell of fire from the sky.

I want them to hide in dark caves and holes in the earth,
shivering with terror whenever they hear the roar of diesel engines
because the tales of their ancestors talk about metal monsters
crawling over the earth, spitting death and destruction.

I want their mothers to be able to admonish them with
"If you don't behave, the Pale Destroyers will come for you",
and that will be enough to reduce them to quivering obedience.

I want the annihilation to be so complete that their mythology
will tell them of the day of judgment when the stern gods from across the sea
.. the powerful 'Mericans .. destroyed their forefathers' wickedness.

Mythology of the bully supplied by BlueLancer (You've got to be very careful if you don't know where you are going because you might not get there.)

Obama selling birther merchandise

Obama tweaks the birthers by offering a T-shirt with his long-form on it. Heh. Freepers sure do tweak!

snowsislander thinks this is an awful move:
Wow. Talk about a political tin ear: publicizing the Kenyan Clown's natural born citizenship issues?

I am delighted that the Democrats are just this doltish.

How about a few T-shirts also emphasizing Obamacare, also?
Josephat prays Obama is killed for his arrogance:

Please God, give that arrogant SOB his due.

240B knows liberals never mock people without consulting Alinsky:
Perfect Alinsky rules - that which you cannot refute...ridicule.

He is just being true to his master.
MikeSteelBe lives in some kind of negro-haunted world:

Ths Obama-Holder klan with a tan, and their terrorist wing, the NBP, are above the law. Lot’s of folks around here are still naive enough to think they will be held accountable by normal legal means, but you will only become frustrated by believing in such a pipe dream.

Obama's terrorist wing is those two posing black guys?

rolling_stone has a plan:

Now that his campaign is making money off these things from his BC make a donation get a t shirt and mug and sue for fraud..
they are receiving money based on what many believe is fraud.
Some states have consumer friendly fraudulent and deceptive business practices laws..
file a complaint with the State Attorney Generals....
they wil have to supply the certified copies of the BC and challenge them and request a forensic examination of the originals...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Freepers stand behind Israel! Hate Jews.

Obama takes a helluva hard line on Israel and the 2-state solution. Freepers, to whom Israel is either an article of faith or a great way to bludgeon Democrats, unify.

DCBryan1 is pretty sure this means Obama has signaled the time to attack Israel is now:

Abbas: Did you hear that speech! He just gave us the green light for the Arabs to annihilate the Joooos! Do you think we can trust Obama?"

Erekat: "Of course we can trust him! He is a fellow Muslim!"
So...why didn't they all attack sooner what with Obama being a Muslim and all?

GOPJ also sees a signal here:

Even in my worst nightmares, I didn’t think Obama would go this far. He’s given Arabs a pass to destroy Israel...

sport thinks it's all about destroying America, using God as a weapon:
They are bound and determined to bring the curse of Almighty God down on the United States.
Peter from Rutland at last has proof! He should write a book:

There is no doubting now that he’s a satanic cultist, I mean, Muslim.

Jewbacca has no relation to reality:

Obama has trained and armed Israel’s enemies, as well.

Israel will have no choice but to use nukes in defense.

Lazamataz is like one of those rapture guys:
There's not going to be a lot of the PLANET left with Obama having destroyed just about everything.

I seriously do not think the planet Earth can make it through this.
sheik yerbouty is the only one to really drop the Holocaust card:

Israel will not return to “Auschwitz lines”! What next? Will Beelzebama give the Southwest to la raza as “Azatlan”? He is an 0bamanation. he is from Hell!

Liberty1970 has a rather broad definition of evil:

This is tragic news. Obama, and alas much of the American public, is incredibly depraved and evil.

quadrant blames the Jews for all the death he's sure will occur:
As a Christian, I am heartsick over Hussein's announcement, for I know the suffering and death this will cause among Israelis and Palestinians.
That said, I cannot but feel that US Jews are in some way responsible for this decision. Not all US Jews, of course, but far, far too many were Hussein's enablers. They donated money to his campaign and voted for him. US Jews didn't put Hussein into office, but they did all within their power to make this decision a reality.
Fee blames the Jew's hatred of Christians:

Because Christians support the GOP Jews overall will not vote for the GOP.

As one of my friends said, Jews fear Jesus more then a Jihadist.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Palinmania returns

Freepers have had their flings, but as the Republican field thins out before it has really begun, Freepers return to their old, comfortable hope that Their Sarah will defeat the Keynian:

The Wizard:

There is Only Sarah

This primary is gonna be awesome.

Gargantua knows if you check out the real numbers, and make some assumptions, you can prove anything!
Nobody wants to waste weeks or months of their lives and millions of dollars only to, in the end, watch Sarah Palin waltz away with the nomination and the White House.

All the actual polls (not the push-polls or "weighted" polls that say otherwise) have shown for the last five (5) months that Sarah Palin is the odds-on favorite when you assume (correctly) that the GOP/Tea Party voter bloc represents at least 45% of the 2012 electorate.
E. Pluribus Unum knows this is another Masterstroke by Sarah:
The strategy is to keep Ubama, state-run media and the GOP ruling-class RINOs confused and off-balance, like they're waiting to see what she is going to do.

Seems to be working.
tcrlaf warms up the victimization machine:

Palin/Cain would send Democrats and the media in to an absolute orgy of misogyny and racial hatred.

Of course, it won’t be misogyny and Racial Hatred when DEMOCRATS DO IT, thogh.

TaraP has an alternate candidate in mind:
That is why the next leader to FIX< REPAIR AND HEAL THIS COUNTRY AND THE WORLD for that matter is *JESUS CHRIST***
When Palin doesn't run, are Freepers all going to write in "Jesus?"

Freeper economics

the Heritage Foundation is pushing for the US to sell the gold in Fort Knox. That's just crazy enough for Freepers to decide it's just not crazy enough:

Yorlik803 knows first they came for the gold...

I was told that one part of Obamacare is banning private ownership of gold. Is it true?
Hitler and FDR both banned private gold ownership.

Dick Bachert yearns for the gold standard, cause that was the last time we didn't have hyper-inflation, I guess.

Why “sell” the gold when fedzilla can just keep printing FRAUDS, destroying their value and screwing not only the nations holding US paper but all the rest of us with the same hyper-inflation.

broken_arrow1 thinks the gols has already been sold!
I think Ron Paul knows there isn't any more gold left at Ft. Knox...he is just trying to bait them into admitting it.
Jonty30 also claims a conspiracy:

What leads anybody to suspect there is still a substantial amount of holdings of gold at Ft Knox?

There’s a reason why the Federal Rrserve doesn’t want to be audited.

sten knows the real problem is that liberals love debt:

if they allow the gold to be sold (assuming it’s still there...), then the progressives will do everything they can to sell it all.

then put us deeper into debt

DO NOT allow this.

Mariner has a well thought out plan:
This is one of the dumbest ideas I have heard in a long time.

We should DEFAULT on the debt and issue a new currency back by that gold.

Fine, be that way California!

California may get a supermajority of Dems in it's legislature, allowing it to raise taxes for the first time in a decade. Freepers get all passive aggressive and stomp to their rooms to sulk:

Rational Thought

Is there any State under Democratic control that isn’t screwed up?

nascarnation wants liberals to get what's coming to them:
It would be fun to watch the liberal enclaves of Ca, Il, and NY descend into oblivion.

But in my heart I know when things get really bad, they’ll be able to sell bonds guaranteed by the fed gov.

glorgau knows what liberal rule turns you into:

They’ll be changing the name of the state to Detroit.

LibLieSlayer has California and wants it to die!
I hope that californicate elects 100% rats and taxes everyone out of everything. The sooner that putrid political system collapses... the better off America will be... but we are not going to bail you out california... so do not even ask!
YHAOS thinks it's only a matter of time before science fiction becomes reality:
Atlas Shrugged for real.
exDemMom knows CA just sucks nowadays:
CA has been “lost” for years. After my last visit there I swore I will never be back.

I felt that way, too, after going back to visit family last summer. The state has a run-down look to it--not what you'd expect for a place where the cost of living is so high. Someone asked me recently if I'm planning on returning to CA at some point; I really couldn't answer. The state I grew up in is gone. It's a shame, its natural beauty is unrivaled .

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

teenager stabbed to death after having baby with married Muslim

This thread is awesome. Particularly open anti-Muslim bigotry, rampant blaming the victim, and paranoia about the UK's Muslimness:

The bigotry:

pennyfarmer basically takes a racist 'joke' and changes nigger to muslim:

Muslims are like a turd. No matter how you coil them they still look and smell like S#!+.

I am tired of muslims.

I never thought of myself as a hater but I truly dislike muslims.

I have thought long & hard over it. They are rude to me in the stores & gas stations. They come here for a better life (I not so sure on that) yet they do not want to adapt to our way of life.

If you hate us so much why come to our country? Why do we need to adapt to their customs & bend over backwards to appease them? Maybe there are good muslims but I don’t see them where I live.
Wow, that reads like a high schooler trying to caricature a racist.

The victim blaming:

Owl_Eagle blames the girl:
Lie with dogs, wake with fleas.

This girl was obviously a disaster and reaped the consequences of her foolish, destructive decisions.

That being said, the muzzies and their “families”/rest of their packs should be put down.
truthguy blames her parents for not teaching her white English blokes are superior:
This is tragic but I blame the parents for not educating their foolish daughter. I cannot for the life of me get into the heads of these foolish and dare I say stupid white girls. Are they just that stupid or do they have low self esteem? Do they not have any pride in their own British Civilization? It's one of the best civilizations in the world. What's with these women?
Joe 6-pack prefers to blame society, which allows coupling with Muslims:

IMHO, this girl’s death can be laid not only at the feet of the muzzie scum that killed her, but also at the feet of the secular-humanist movement which no doubt indoctrinated her in the virtues of diversity and the vices of Judeo-Christian morality from her very earliest years.

The concerns about a Muslim UK:

BuffaloJack advocates preemptive vigilantism, what with the UK being secretly Sharia and all:

The girls father and any brothers should hunt down this muzzie degenerate and do what is necessary; the police and justice system certainly won’t do it.

Stormdog notes that the Royal Family has been polluted by Muslim associations:

“Why any girl would want to be with a muslim man I don’t know.”

The aristocracy over there seems to have no problem with it. Princess Di was banging one. Look where it got her.

dfwgator links to noted crazed bigot Daniel Pipes' question:
Is Prince Charles a Convert to Islam?
And finally, VanDeKoik provides a bit of gender politics, like the cherry on top:

Hipster and “emo” males, as well as adults that still refer to themselves with labels as “boys” and “girls”, have given the hyper-masculine (but likely closeted gay) Muslim males the opening they needed.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Requium for Trump

Now that Trump is out, Freepers...seem to like him as much as they did when he was exploring:

DaxtonBrown jumps right back in the arms of his old love:

Huckleberry gone. Trump gone. Barbour gone. Newt toast.

Palin was smart waiting to announce.

bassmaner kinda seems to be steeling himself for disappointment:
Mark my words ...

Because of Sarah Palin's ability to raise money and galvanize the base, the game changes when she decides whether she's running herself or whether she endorses someone else.

vortigern rememberst Trump fondly:

He took the Republicans to school on how to beat Obama. I hope at least one of them was paying attention.

Being a joke is like Obama's kryptonite! I hope no one else tries it!

Responsibility2nd as this crazy idea:

Hey - smirk at Trump all you want. But if it weren’t for Donald Trump - Osama bin Laden would still be alive.

Yeah, I’m serious.

Cicero thinks Trump was all part of Obama's master plan:

He did a great job bringing the birth issue to the fore. At first I thought he might be doing it for hillary.

But then we had Obie’s charade about a new COLB from Hawaii, and then we had the bin Ladin affair take the birth issue right off the news.

So, there’s at least some possibility that Trump was working for Obama the whole time.

Rational Thought has a worse thought out conspiracy theory:
The odd thing with Trump's announcement is the coincidence of the timing, shortly after Huckabee made his announcement. Hmmm.....
The entire thread moves on to who will be Trump's successor and the values of birtherism. It gets pretty heated. This primary is gonna be awesome.

Democracy is failing America

Freepers are growing to realize they cannot abide a form of government that allows Obama to be President:

ROCKLOBSTER knows the problem - non-Freepers keep voting!
Why democracy is failing America

Could it be because idiot/dirtbag/parasites are allowed to vote?
Rockiette also thinks all of our problems is that people she disagrees with vote:

Simply put: There are two kinds of people in America, the “makers” and the “takers”. The DemocRATs have taken over the idea and ideals of our Founding Fathers by allowing the takers to destroy a once great Nation.

We have stood by in stunned silence while the screamers and the haters have been given the spotlight for decades. Why can’t we fight back, why are we still silenced by the outrage of drugs, sexual orientation, welfare and religious intolerance?

Why did that obscene little man get elected President? With corruption running the polls and the elections we have been cheated into believing that Obama won fair and square, he DIDN’T. It was voter manipulation, fraud and outright lies but no Republican stood up to it.

When and how do we rid ourselves of this disease called “liberals”? Unless we change the lock that the Dems have at the polls I don’t see anything but more of the same. I hope and pray that we can and will take back our Country.

Gilbo_3 thinks the problem is that non-Freeper people are created evil:

the hearts of men are defaulted to 'self' in most cases...Evil knows this and is patient, crafting our demise, self-inflicted, over many generations...

"I" didnt vote to enslave myself at the gobmint tit, my previous generations did so, unwittingly in their short [and unthinking longterm] sighted attempts at 'fairness' and decency...afterall, who wants old people to be left to die w/o extended family to care for em ???

my options today are to accept the situation at hand, and all the misery that it may bring me in the short term, to allow our chldren a fighting chance to regain precious FReedoms in this deviously evil 'world' of selfish hearts & minds...

G Larry blames how we don't worship the right God:

1) America is no longer a God fearing people, as even those claiming to believe, have bought the “no consequences” con.

2) The promise of the nanny state has overwhelmed the populace.

3) Vote fraud grows unabated.

wintertime thinks this is all a birth certificate conspiracy:
The entire premise of Rush's program is that government is still honest and sound. It isn't.

Hm?...Perhaps that is why the conservative media, in general, has ignored Obama's eligibility. For them to admit that **all** of congress, **every** secretary of state and attorney general, ** all** of our highest military, and our **every** court so far has failed to act on an illegitimate usurper in the White House would mean that they would force them to admit that our government is utterly corrupt!
chooseascreennamepat hates the Constitution:

We have too much democracy. We willingly and with a pious smile on our faces, allow those who would doom us to take control without a fight.

We have so much democracy that we embrace illegal aliens and nearly force them to reap the largess of our once great nation.

We have so much democracy that we knowingly allow those who contribute the least to the society to vote on the future.

We have too much democracy. It is time to rethink the Constitution.

Monday potpourri.

rcrngroup hates Obama enough to hate his kids by association:
since I hate 0dumb0 & phatass michelle with a passion, I will add his two spawn to the list of desiring to see them all roast for eternity in Hell. Anything to destroy & disparage the clan of 0dumb0 or his reign of terror.
Daisyjane69's son is a bigot:

My son is doing his part, however. Before he hires anyone, he goes to their Facebook page.

A SINGLE pro-Obama reference will result in: no interview, no hire.


little jeremiah thinks homosexuality comes from demons:
Gender is based on biology, not on demonic possession.
napscoordinator is concerned about the nausea gap between Obama and Bush:
I am sick to my stomach.

Time to make the Democrats feel this way with the election of President Palin. Yes I know they felt disgusted when President Bush was President and said the same things we said but after 2 1/2 years with President Obama, it is back to the Democrats turn again. We cannot have President Obama for 8 years....Having President Bush for 8 years made the Democrats sick to their stomach’s but he was not nearly as bad for them as President Obama is to us.

ClearCase_guy makes up his own economic numbers:
it would help if we had really accurate numbers.

Is unemployment really 9%? Some would double that number and call it more accurate. Is inflation really that low? Some would triple it and call it more accurate.

I think you could make a case for a current Misery Index of 25%, the highest on record, but that certainly isn't what the media would say
riri thinks Obama will assassinate Biden soon for a bump in the polls:
I'd stay outta small aircraft and maybe hire a taste tester if i were Joe. I am sure zero would get at least a five point bump for Joe's demise too. They could build the whole campaign around it, "do it for Joe" would be the slogan. Photoshopped images of joe and obama would be all over as appearing as though they were best friends.
Ragnar54 writes a mini-play:
A possible conversation between AQ and the Chicago boy might have been:

AQ: We need help.

Chicago: I'll need a favor.

AQ: What?

Chicago: Bin Laden.

AQ: But (thinking, "Bin Laden is dead").

Chicago: I can't hear you. Do you want help?

AQ: But..

Chicago: No buts. Do you want help?


Chicago: Let my people know where he is, and we'll start helping.

AQ: Do you plan to interrogate and examine him?

Chicago: Well, someone that dangerous would probably have to be shot on sight.

AQ: OK..

The only parties with direct knowledge of what was said are the reps for AQ and Chicago. The AQ rep is probably dead, and the Chicago rep is likely nervous. The Seals and other honorable people would be none the wiser
mmercier has an intriguing metaphor for what America is like:

This country is assuming unplayable debt like a sweet bottom crack whore watching a K for her man in the can. Everyone wants to screw her, and no one will stop her from hitting the shooter... Because they want their thing.. and her thing. Things will not be pretty when daddy gets out.

TheThirdRuffian on the gayness of important Democrats:

Well, Obama always did like the gay boys, especially white ones.

I can’t believe his gay period was never raised by Hillary.

Of course, she has a “Huma” problem.

Wurlitzer is enraged at that Orthodox paper that photoshopped out Hillary in the situation room - pissed they didn't photopshop out Obama.
One more group of weak minded, easily offended religious freaks who have a problem with women but seem to have no problem leaving a proved hater of Israel in the picture.

I guess since they were so anti-American so as to vote for the muslim Manchurian candidate they did not have a problem leaving him in the picture.

So if I understand these stuck on stupid people: Women=bad, Israel & American hating = good.

Another group of journalist who have no integrity. They will fit in with the MSM quite nicely.
Melchior thinks all Muslims are spies for the Muslim Brotherhood:

The Muslim Brotherhood, especially the European leadership actually despises Bin Laden for bringing the burgeoning Islamist movement to the attention of the West.

Things were going allong just fine; mosques and study centers were being built everywhere. The Scandanavian invasion was well underway. The number of Brotherhood operations in Britain was numbered in the hundreds. Tens of thousands of Moroccans had swarmed into Spain and the Netherlands. There were more than a million Turks working in Germany. And then that fool Bin Laden had to go and spoil everything.

aruanan has a rather broad definition of terrorism:
The cost of bin Laden: $3 trillion over 15 years

So in terms of monetary costs to the U.S., Obama has already been a bigger terrorist than Osama.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Saturday Pix

Haw! See, it's a pun!

Obama can't read. But the troops can, that must be why they are smiling at the Usurper.

Watch out, Obama is gonna sick the World Court on our troops! Boogidu Boogidy!

I get everything except for the aliens.

Actually this looks like a kind of awesome movie poster.

Yes! Keep humping those two New Black Panthers! Never mind if no one else cares, it's like the only data point in your reverse racism thesis, so it's very important.

So Obama is an African dictator, got it. Cause he's black. But what's with the Star of David?

Friday, May 13, 2011

Obama's gonna kill his Grandmother. Again.

Obama's grandmother has gotten some threats from Kenya's Al-Queda branch. Freepers, currently still off on a Bin-Laden fueled crazy bender, know who to blame - Obama. Just like he killed his other grandma.

New Jersey Realist is pretty sure Obama is why Al Queda hates us:

Just goes to prove how dangerous Obummer’s policies are.

Doc Savage settles for egging them on:

Threats????????? Threats???????? Is that all these goat-bangers have got???? Gutless wimps!

Xyz22 blames Obama's speaking style:

All of Obama’s I, I, me, me gloating has finally caught up with him. Who did he think was listening out there? This is what these guys do. Moron.

WayneS is worried Obama will get sympathy is she gets killed:
I can practically SEE the sycophantic MSM editorials now:

"..and speaking of HEROS, how could any REAL American NOT vote for, and unconditionally support, the Man who has suffered so much personal loss in the kinetic military action against man-caused disasters?

His OWN beloved grandmother was MURDERED, slaughtered in cold blood by AlQueda operatives as a direct result of the singularly brave and heroic actions He took in May, 2011, when he PERSONALLY rid the world of Usama Bin Laden, whom ALL reasonable and intelligent people recognize as the single greatest threat to freedom, and survival of the human race, in the ENTIRE history of the world.

Please! PLEASE! Re-Elect President Barack Obama! He gave HIS grandmother so YOU won't have to! "

Nice priorities!

Salamander straight up thinks Obama will kill her for some reason. Probably the birth certificate.

May God protect her...the other gramma didn’t last very long after BHO ‘visited’ her in HI.

Gator113 agrees:

There is nothing that Obama wouldn’t do to win.

Grandma better be carful.

American Quilter wants Obama to pay! Money. For some reason:

I think Obama should bring (at his own expense, of course) all of his African relatives to live at the White House for their own safety.

The Left Cried When Osama Died

Noam Chomsky is not happy we didn't give Bin Laden due process. Freepers seize on this to show that liberals all loved Bin Laden:


No American is sad. These idiots aren`t American IMO.


Can we call them traitors yet?


Nothing wrong with Chomsky that a cheap rope wouldn’t cure.

As terrorists go, he’s in the top bracket.

Louis Foxwell

Stalin’s useful idiots have lost a hero. They are blind to the truth that their divine leader has taken away one more diversion from his reign of terror. He seeks to be their only anchor. When it is needful to his ambition the One will swallow them whole.

Osama dead: Obama still evil

I'm beginning to think the Common thing was a sacrifice play to try to get people to stop talking about Bin Laden. Cause this fact is a serious problem for Freepers black-and-white worldview. And they just keep picking at it and making it worse:

likes to pretend the mission failed:

If Zero dithered any more than he did, Bin Laden would still be alive, and Seal Team 6 would have been in Iranian Rescue 1980—Part 2.

The non- Natural Born One needs to go—as soon as possible.

exit82 again:
Obama is a figurehead who does what Valerie Jarrett tells him to do.
LegendHasIt thinks Obama hates Pakistan:

Doesn’t ANYONE remember that back during the campaign 0bama indicated quite strongly (for those capable of reading between the lines) that he WANTED war with Pakistan?

I dunno why... Maybe he is backing the Shia rather then the Sunni, and wants to bring in the 12th Imam.

Yardstick knows all liberals hate Pakistan:
The left has had it out for Pakistan for a while now. They see it as a US client state and therefore hate it on general principle.
In the case of Pakistan they are somewhat justified given Pak’s apparent doubledealing.
The pattern seems to be that if you are a client or ally of the US, you had better watch out or Obama will throw you under the bus. What happened to Mubarek in Egypt seems to be part of this pattern.
TigersEye hates war now:
So he would have been willing to take the nation into a FOURTH war
Exactly! Could that possibly be why Pres. Bush didn't act on the four year old info that Osama was there?
Rashputin is still shopping for a good conspiracy theory:

Osama being dead is good.

So, reward the Intelligence people and SEALS then dig up what Barry is hiding by doing this. The Saudis put the screws to him to do this and he decided to finally do it when the it would help hide something. Probably some major Muslim mass murder that isn't even getting reported, but possibly a major crime by his pals here in the US.
lentulusgracchus thinks this is all a plan for Obama to martyr himself:

Hmmm. Here's a thought: What if, from Obama's POV, the raid was a three-fer?

One, he gets credits he can use to muzzle GOP national-security campaign issues and get re-elected in 2012.

Two, Ayman al-Zawahiri, who is a big dog in the Muslim Brotherhood, gets the leadership of al-Q'aeda at the same time the MB gets the leadership of Egypt served up to them on a plate by Obama.

Three, bereft of cred and fresh out of friends, the Paki military gets overthrown by the Taliban and al-Q'aeda, who thus get The Bomb and the services of Dr. A.Q. Khan, the Paki nuke-maker.

Later on, Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood cooperate in a "high crime and misdemeanor" that will make history forget about Benedict Arnold. Then Obama recites the Shehada in public for real and announces he's always been a secret Musselman fanatic and shaheed, and promptly gets "martyred" for the Umma in a huge propaganda coup/scandal.