Friday, January 29, 2016

Spotlight Friday: Politicalkiddo

Usually I spotlight a Freeper because something they wrote still managed to shock my jaded eyes. But sometimes it's more about who they are, like that lesbian freeper (since zotted), or the cross-dressing Freeper (inactive for 3 months). This Freeper is of this sort, because she is young. Like, in college. As such, thugh her crazy runs maybe a bit below the Freeper mean, when she spews the usual Freeper business about Civil War 2 and Muslims it's...weird.

She signed up in 2011, so she's been here since the first Romney purge. Her profile says, "I am a young, Christian, female college student. I love reading, adore history, and I'm an avid tea-snob. I am absolutely obsessed with American history..." it also has a bunch of quotes, like I had when I was in college, and a rather ambitious reading list.

It's an odd set of peers for someone in their twenties, but somehow she has found Freep as her community, even going so far as to reach out to them for prayers when a fellow in her college attempted suicide. (As Freepers are with their own, they were all very sweet.)

Her character is also notably non-Freep, She's quite well socialized, being not nearly as stubborn and pugnatious with her fellow Freepers as many are, and is not only tactful, but quite willing to humbly eat crow when she goes against the current Freeper narrative.

When accused of loving to see Arabs killed:
And Arabs love seeing Jews and Christians killed. What’s your point?
Slavery was a states rights issue:
States’ rights are States’ rights. I feel the same way about slavery in the Civil War. It’s wrong, but populations should have to right to decide what laws govern their states. Besides, if a policy is truly bad, the people can easily get rid of it. After all, “best way to get a bad law repealed is to enforce it strictly.” -Abraham Lincoln
Pretty Boy Rubio is just not hot:
I don’t see how any woman could find pretty boy attractive. I can’t believe that his looks somehow give him an edge.
Paul Ryan is kinda gay:
What has this limp-wristed moron ever done to deserve to be that close to the presidency? What a terrifying thought.
Lynch John McCain:
Oath Keepers Founder Calls for John McCain To Be "Hung By The Neck Until Dead"

Sounds like a plan.
Not a huge fan of Trump
He’d have done us a big favor by suing Obama about *his* eligibility. Yet, of course, it served no purpose for Trump so he wouldn’t have pursued the issue.
Worship Cruz, but don't compare him to Reagan!
Love Ted, but I hate all of these comparisons to dead people. Look, there can never be another Reagan and there can never be another Washington. They were absolute gifts from God to our country. Both unique and amazing people. I believe this about Cruz as well. He is unique. He may have qualities that resemble those of other people, but Cruz, nor anyone else, can be the “next” so-and-so. Cruz can just be who he is and who God made him to be and that’s the best we can ask from anyone. Let Cruz be Cruz.
The democrat party:
The democratic race is comprised of crazy old white people.
She's all for executing the mentally handicapped and underage:
If he had enough of a brain to kill someone, he had enough of one to be punished for it.
Girl Scouts are evil liberal indoctrination:
The parents of these scouts are throwing their children to the lions.......
Why are so many liberal policies mandatory?
If Windoze 10 was such a wonderful thing, M$ wouldn’t feel a need to force it.

Just like liberal policies.
Martin Luther King and hating the Democrats of the 1960s
I’m sorry the dude was killed, but I wasn’t even born when it happened. Furthermore, it was the support of non-Democrat whites that helped the Civil Rights Movement succeed. It was a white Democrat who killed MLK, and it was the policies of white democrats that subjugated and enslaved the blacks in the US for hundreds of years. It wasn’t Republicans who filibustered the Civil Rights Acts in the 60s. But, of course, none of this stuff matters as long as those on welfare get “their” checks and their “reparation” money.
Global warming is a scam!
I think some are truly stupid and naive while others know how to exploit the stupid masses and make money off of them. I believe the latter are smart in a pernicious way. Cunning probably is the most accurate description.
Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa!
Yes, yes. I understand the gargantuan error I have made. The government is in the wrong, as usual. I don’t dispute the rights of landowners protecting their property. I probably should’ve gone on more than the excerpt, but I guess I will take this as a lesson to be less impetuous and more careful.
Not a lot of empathy for a human rights activist who protested against Israel, and was executed by ISIS
Probably tried justifying them to the very end, blaming the West and Israel for what she no doubt suffered at the hands of these monsters.
Conservatives always lose:
“Winning” is a superficial concept in modern politics. We still lose no matter what.
She hates Bristol Palin:
Where did I slam Palin? I slammed her stupid lying daughter. I can’t stand Bristol Palin. Is she supposed to be a positive role model for people my age? I don’t think so. Glad to know that you throw your support behind an immoral, salacious, selfish woman-child. Shows where your priorities lie.
Also doesn't much like Fiorina:
Oh, gosh. Someone needs to muzzle her.
Never resort to personal attacks:
“I always cheer up immensely if an attack is particularly wounding because I think, well, if they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left.”-Margaret Thatcher
Publik school:
LOL! You probably wouldn’t be posting on FR if you were being brain washed at a state school.

True, although I did do 11 years in publik skool.
She doesn't like her peers much:
College kids are morons.
She wrote a paper on Civil War 2:
So I am writing a paper for my PoliSci class on the "right of revolution" and I plan to use John Locke's writings as my main supporting evidence.
Free thinking!
Gotta love mindless idiots who vote solely by party and not on issues.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Free Republic Caucus

Freeper DoughtyOne is doing something I do not recall happening in 2012 or 2008 - he's taking a straw poll of which candidates Freepers support, and using some scripting to graph it daily.

It's super unscientific, but pretty interesting nonetheless:

I wonder what happened Sunday to stem the Freeper flight to Trump?

Regardless, this will be pretty fun to monitor as the primaries continue!

The coming purge

Jim Robinson keeps posting that he's okay with Trump or Cruz, but any longtime Freeper (or Freep-watcher) knows that the future likely holds a mass-zotting. If not in the primaries (a la the Giuliani purge of 2007), then in the general (like when he zotted everyone who wasn't voting for Romney in 2012).

A lot of the old guard are Cruz folks, so they've started a little forum to hang out in while they keep their heads down at Free Republic. They call it "Consistent Conservatives" in a pretty sick burn at the Trump folks.

Well, someone talked. And Jim made a thread about it, which started as a praise-Jim festival, evolved into paranoia, and soon became passive aggressive sniping.

Jim Robinson just repeats his current line:

This is an emergency means for us to keep in touch with our FRiends, who are real Conservatives, in case of purging. Or, if there is no purging, do we really want to continue our discussions in the forum where the owner despises us for not supporting his non-Conservative candidate?

My purpose is to figure out what to do to continue our discussions to advance Conservatism.

Received word that disgruntled FReepers are passing the above message around underground. Let's get it aboveboard. For those who are leaving us, thank you all vbery much for your past participation and support.

Go, Cruz, GO!!

Go, Trump, GO!!

Either way, we win, they lose.

The Rebellion is on!

God bless.
central_va shows up to rant about Free Trade:
There is a new game in town and they are slow to see it and I can’t blame them. They have been brainwashed by decades of being told that the destruction of the American industrial base to foreign interests and constant trade deficits where signs of “economic freedom”.

Free Trade is their religion and certain talk show hosts have been egging them on.
Extremely Extreme Extremist explains that Trump saved conservativism, as defined by Extremely Extreme Extremist:
I don't understand the premise.

If Trump hadn't run, what would these "consistent conservatives" have done?

They would have bickered and circular-argumented themselves to death about who was more conservative, Christie/Huckabee/Bush/Rubio/Fiorina. Cruz would have been completely destroyed by the media/Dems and Paul is a non-factor.

They would have continued to make excuses for the same failed Congressional Republicans who have given away their Constitutional powers to Obama. And urging us to support them because, you know SCOTUS justices or whatever.

We KNOW Trump is not a conservative. But he cares about the four biggest issues out there: Immigration, Jobs, Trade, and Islam.
Lurker still has hope:

Mark my words. They’ll be unstoppable.

Theo explains how all his insults are in self-defense:
I insult those who attack Cruz. Robinson doesn’t attack Cruz with trumped up lies.
exit82 holds forth on how awesome Free Republic is to test ideas:
I am staying.

Free Republic has always been a crucible, where ideas are tested.

If we succumb to acrimony, then we defeat our purpose.

Then, we become a crucible for people and not for ideas.

Loose lips sink ships—and friendships.

We are better than that.
DoughtyOne wants Freepers to respect those who disagree:
Neither Cruz or Trump’s supporters are flawed Conservatives. We are looking to turn this nation around, and some aspects of both men offer hope.

Argue your case and leave it at that. No need to reference the other candidate’s supporters as Nazis, victims of male on male rape, or Godless idiots. We all have reasons for our support. Some of the reasons we support either candidate are sound. It may not seem like it to others, but it’s true.

We need to back off a bit, calm down, and give reasoned support to the person we think can do the best job. Respect those who disagree.

If we all agreed, there would be no need for elections.
Asked if she would vote for Cruz in the general, Trump cultist HarleyLady27 is coy:
I am voting for the Good of vote is personal, thank you...
Kit cat has an accusation for the Cruz supporters:
I can answer that question if Cruz is the nominee will most certainly vote for him, Cruz supporters would NEVER do the same for Trump!!
PA Engineer thinks there's a conspiracy for Cruz:
When I see Zombie accounts reanimating, I know something is very wrong.

When I see sleeper accounts coming to life repeating the same memes, I know something is wrong.

When I know of at least two Cruz bundlers on this boarded promoting their candidate and spamming, I know something is wrong.

When I see posters posting non-stop for over 24 hours and taking holidays off, I know something is wrong.

When I see the same core of posters posting the same memes that have been proven wrong, over and over again, I know something is wrong.

You did the right thing and it immediately started bring back some sanity.

All it took was 14 very bad apples a couple of weeks ago to turn this place upside down.
RushIsMyTeddyBear says he won't be told how to vote. I guess she doesn't remember 2012...
Which is why I was so disgusted about the NR fiasco. I WON’T be intimidated and told how to vote. Thet’s straight-up Communist/union thug tactics to me. Screw that.
altura kind of protests too much:
I never called Cruz’s wife a crook.

Good and I never criticized Palin’s kids.

But lots of people have done both, probably more against Mrs. Cruz.
Boardwalk has an awesome quote:
I disagree with everything you have said, and likely, every thing you will ever say.
Duchess47 doesn't understand when conservatives started hating ideological diversity!
I went over and read the sight. What a shameful place. Since when did conservative mean my way only and I’ll destroy anyone who doesn’t do things my way.

To take advantage of FR to do that is really very underhanded. I hope any of the posters there that are still reading here will see this and know what sorry, disgraceful people you are.

FR has given you a place to meet and discuss for years and this is the way you repay? What small, mean people you are.
Wondering what they're saying over there? gg188 reveals that it's what you expect - purity hyperbole turned against Free Republic.
FR has gone left, and now rivals DU in sheer vile nastiness toward Cruz.
Jim posted the link to this place to milk maximum sympathy and dramatic effect
Trump proves he has absolutely no understanding of Christianity
Free Republic has turned into Soddom and Gomorrah There are a lot more people we need to take out and start ignoring or take out. Look to the Trump rally threads for clues: Hoosiermama--what is it with women controlling ALL OF FR all of a sudden? She is just another stupid hoosier for Trump.
It has become a PURE BREED anti-conservative forum.
As far as JimRob goes, I'm not sure what has happened to him, but he certainly has fallen a long way
what was once a site to promote and discuss conservatism has sunk to depths far below its founding. It's been given over to a Lord of the Flies mentality.
It is the same mad genius of Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Fidel Castro, and Vladimir Lenin.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Grand Jury does not indict Planned Parenthood; indicts the activists.

I love it, but I'll admit it seems a bit curious that this Huston jury went a bit rogue and indicted the folks who made the videos that were the supposed evidence they were examining.

Not that it matters. Abortion is an argument about values Freepers dress up like it has something to do with facts. Add that to the generally fact-free atmosphere of Freep (especially these days), and you get nothing but jerking knees and Bible verses about evil.

One last note - this thread was a mere 171 posts long. I supplemented it with some greatest hits from other, smaller threads. A year ago this woulda been 500 posts minimum; Trump-Cruz is eating up the site's other crazy.

Neoliberalnot knows liberals love all exterminations, and disqualifies the judge, who does not exist in the grand jury process):
The left hides the atrocities committed in any kind of extermination process. This Blackrobed tyrant is unfit to pass judgement on people doing what we all know was the right thing. A ruling to favor the dissection and sale of the unborn is about as barbaric an act ever passed down as the stench from the bench. Let us recall how the nazi socialists hid the ovens from the world for so long.
Going for the deep cut, kiryandil wants the DA beaten with a cane, antebellum-style.
Sounds like the DA would benefit from a visit by Preston Brooks...
Sarah Barracuda saw the same video Fiorina did:
It can only take a heartless bastard to look at that video, hearing “Doctors” gleefully describe how they rip apart babies parts for PROFIT and have NO problem with it
Unsatisfied, Sarah Barracuda's horror-video grows in the telling:
here, you have it plain as day, they are LAUGHING at babies being slaughtered and here you have the media calling Planned Parenthood victims instead of these innocent babies who are being MURDERED its sick, we live in a sick society
On a roll, Sarah Barracuda starts making things up about Planned Parenthood's services:
I doubt those progressives would care even if they knew the videos were true(Which they are) they love baby murder, they celebrate it every single day..They go on and on about how PP is about “Women’s Health” show me ONE woman who goes to PP to get a breast exam, doesn’t happen, in fact PP doesn’t even offer mammograms. I asked my doctor once(I belong to Kaiser) do they send any women to PP, and he said yes, only for abortions, PP doesn’t offer anything except abortion but of course leftists love pretending they offer more than that
Ann Archy is the best:
TexasCajun explains how liberal Houston is:
Houston, like most large urban cities is Democrat, former Mayor was homosexual and the Black Democrat guy beat the White Republican guy for new Mayor.
fhayek is pretty sure America is now all dystopian allegories at once:
When I was in my teens, I read 1984, and Fahrenheit 451 and Animal Farm and Brave New World. And I scoffed the arrogant, naive, scoffs of a middle class drone. We read these books in literature, but we we removed, maybe even isolated from the cautionary tales so presented. This was America, for gosh sake, never happen here.

We read, but we did not listen.
Grand jury bedamned, Dr.Deth is sure there was baby-selling somewhere!
This charge is similar to having someone step down from the curb to record a jaywalker, and charging that person with jaywalking while absolving the jaywalker of any crime. It's completely ludicrous on it's face.
manc has a great interpretation of this:
Typical liberals and baby killers. Always blame others for their deeds.
xzins is one of many Freepers to explain how this proves America is dead. Again:
This is the sign of a real banana republic.
kingu is also providing his own facts:
From what I understand, the grand jury was not to consider any charges against those who were illegally taped; IE: They couldn’t indict those who were selling the baby organs as they were recorded with a hidden camera without their knowledge.
Faith Presses On is all about the caps, so you know SATAN is gonna make an appearance:

This is that important, I believe. It’s SPIRITUAL WAR!

Not everyone can give that much, I know, but everyone who can should send something to them, including prayers and encouragement. And contact anyone and everyone you can think of, on both sides.

The black-is-white and white-is-black evil taking place here is an astounding Satanic ABOMINATION.

I watched those videos, and saw PP officials HAGGLING OVER THE PRICE OF THE ORGANS OF BABIES.
Arthur Wildfire! March doesn't bother with reality at all:


And throw a parade!

Medals and horors!

I would amend the Constitution for David Daleiden!

— have him compensated by Planned Parenthood leaders — all their assets!
sport is grimly hoping for America to die:
One day in the future, the United States of America is going into God’s gristmill of justice. And when the grinding stones are finished grinding, there will not be found a smile throughout the land. Because, while the grinders of God’s gristmill grind slow, they grind exceedingly fine.
Candor7 thinks this indictment is Civil War 2:
CWII is actually becoming a reality , not at a movie near you, but in the streets.The administration is creating its own right wing terrorists after putting them on the Homeland security list 6 years ago. I wonder how they knew back then ( sic).
bad company thinks Freepers are going sane in an insane world:
“A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him, saying, ‘You are mad; you are not like us.’

St. Anthony the Great

The Oregon militia standoff has a martyr; no one much cares.

Amusingly, no one except for a few obsessives is talking about this; everyone is talking about Trump not going to that FOX debate. But Trump-Cruz stuff on Freep has calcified, and I'll probably be doing a Saturday post about the debate anyhow. Also, this is really a lot more Freep than some debate.

After coming and going at will, it seems they had become a bit complacent, and the FBI was able to nab a bunch of them in a traffic stop. One of the militiamen, who had previously said he doesn't plan to let the FBI take him alive, was killed. Moreover, a bunch more are still at that federal building, and they brought a bunch of kids so the potential for more tragedy remains.

Freepers reaction is muted. You have a few ranting about the FBI as super-duper-evil, but mostly they complain that the FBI hasn't arrested Hillary yet, or your usual run-of-the-mill Obama/media paranoia. Maybe Trump remains a distraction, or maybe the laughingstock these people had become had lead even Freep to distance itself.

sport is pretty sure the FBI are cartoon villains:
The FBI can only hold back their killer lust for so long. They enjoy killing more than Hitler’s SS Troops.
sport's impotent hate-posting intensifies:
FBI Agents get off sexually from taking someone’s life.
kiryandil prefers contempt at the FBI to rage:
Every sane individual would have wanted a peaceful outcome. Quit trash-talking the Fibbie gearqueers. :)

kiryandil then takes the posts of the militia that the FBI executed this one guy, and not the other people there:
"Fiore, a vocal supporter of the Bundy family, said that Ammon Bundy told his wife that Finicum was cooperating with police and had put his hands up. Then, Fiore said, Bundy told his wife that he watched police shoot Finicum three times. She said that Ammon Bundy also said Finicum was on the ground when he was shot."
2banana knows what Obama wants:
will obama get his Waco?
sheik yerbouty thinks this is an Obama plot:
He really wants a Reichstag Fire..
butlerweave thinks this skirmish is all it takes:
Obama can’t wait to put his State Of Emergency into place and get his extra 2 years in the White House
BenLurkin, on the other hand, thinks this is an Obama coverup:
Just about three hours ago and STILL no mention o it on the cables or alphabet networks.

Makes sense though.

If it’s not widely reported - it will be much easier to shove down the memory hole.
CivilWarBrewing is also frustrated by the media not caring about these yahoos:
kiryandil is one of many who think this armed occupation is basically just like Hillary's e-mails:
So, basically - if a Fed comes near you to grab you for felony charges [in the case of Santilli, just comes near you], they'll lard a bunch of other felony charges on you if you so much as blink your eyes.

Well, unless, of course - you're Hillary Clinton, Jon Corzine or one of the other Royals.
Poor GodAndCountryFirst is sure it's Civil War 2 time!
It’s on. Another “shot heard ‘round the world.” We the People shall prevail!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Civil War 2 is actually petty vandalism.

So much for property rights.

A contractor removing Confederate monuments had his $200,000 Lamborghini Huracan burned down. Freepers do their all too common dance of "I'll bet it was a false flag" at the same time as "This was awesome, and I approve," with a little extra declaring victory in this petty little Civil War 2 added.

BenLurkin is pretty smug about this turn of events:
Collaborator karma.
MrEdd seems to think these monuments are about as vital as the ancient monuments in the cradle of civilization:
Perhaps if he wanted to get paid for destroying historical monuments he should work for the Wahibis.
wrench seems to think that without these monuments, no one will know the Civil War happened:
This lefty trend of rewriting history has got to stop,

No matter how one feels about the War Between the States, it is a part of our history. Erasing all traces of it and scrubbing it from our books is not what freedom is all about, but what tyrannies do to maintain control over their subjects.
Iron Munro smirks that this guy gets screwed out of his insurance:

Sorry, not covered by your policy.

Have a nice day
Jewbacca suspects insurance fraud:
I bet he did it himself. Probably burned out the clutch for the 100th time, was facing another $20K bill, and decided to play hate crime.

Just a hunch.
alpo likes the false flag angle, but would prefer to blame liberals:
Perhaps the people who want the memorials destroyed did his car because he wouldn’t do the job.

Hard to tell from the info in the story.
In a thread full of Freepers dancing in the streets about this, Charles Martel knows which side is the vandals:
only one side of this issue has shown a propensity for vandalism.

Of course, if a security video shows a bunch of BLM types putting a match to the Lambo, it will not be seen on the evening news.
shotgun throws in another random suspect:
The guy probably shorts his sub contractors too. I wonder how many of them may have an axe to grind...
unixfox has an odd definition of who's a traitor here:
Boo effing hoo.

Friggin traitor deserves it.
dynachrome is also pretty happy:
Golly gee, what a shame. snicker
Attention-seeking nihilist greene66 approves, of course:
Good. Vigilante justice against those cultural-marxists who are erasing our history and heritage. I wholeheartedly approve.
NY native theater lady miss marmelstein is pretty into the South here:
This kind of sabotage will continue. The South never gives up and it never dies. Of course, the outrage will far exceed the crime but I noticed the contractor quit. No fool, he. I do not condone this kind of action but I understand it. Some folks, including me, are fed up with this erasure of our memories and our history.
miss marmelstein also claims to hate the North:
Let’s face it: my North are the originally sore winners.
OK, miss marmelstein's obsequious Confederacy-boosting is getting a bit unctuous now...
It’s possible it’s an insurance scam. I admit that wasn’t my first thought. I was hoping (and still believe) that the South has risen!
They'll never love you, MM.

catfish1957 seems envious:
Dang.... I’m a pretty militant southern heritage defender, but these guys make me look meek.
It seems dljordan would also approve of murder:
You don’t **** with a man’s heritage. He’s lucky he’s still breathing.
knarf seems to think this was Civil War 2, and the South won:
This is about the same impetus ...

The government trying to force its will on the people

The same ones rose up again

IronJack also thinks Civil War 2 will start with petty bullshit against strangers:
The war ain’t over, pal. It’s just fixin’ to git started again.
ctdonath2 also writing on the Internet about the South rising again:
The South has peacefully relented for some 150 years. Just let them keep their memories and monuments. Raze those, and it will start right back up again because the “winners” just couldn’t let it be generations later.

Yes, the arson is a taste of what will happen if the destruction of Southern history progresses.
mumblypeg is about 150 years too late:
editor-surveyor seems to think Satan hates the Confederacy:
Play footsie with Satan, feel the heat.
Proto-ISIS Oatka doesn't condone vandalism, unless it's in service of political ends.
Like many others here, I've had ENOUGH of this PC crap and while I normally don't condone this kind of vandalism (if it is vandalism - see post 11), I do NOT feel bad about this event.

Somehow I make the 'lie down with dogs" connection in that you associate yourself with this PC theatre, you deserve what happens.

Flint's Democratic water

Flint's lead and disease-filled water were due to cost-saving measures implemented by a Republican governor-appointed city manager, and then ignored by said governor and city manager and a since-fired Democratic EPA manager.

So now that the story is big enough Freepers are actually talking about it, guess who Freepers blame? The answer is the EPA, Flint, Unions, and Obama.

cripplecreek allows some blame, but mostly it's that big government wasn't being hands on enough:
There's some blame there but its minimal. He appointed an idiot but it seems that the EPA was quite happy to let things go to hell before deciding to do something about it.
refermech wonders if this is really a problem:
What is dangerously high? a few parts per billion? Throw a ton of money at it right away.
John W blames Flint itself:
Water systems, although state and/or federally permitted, are self-managed and self-reporting.
Hot Tabasco also seems to have missed the whole city manager thing:
This is a Flint and democrat controlled city’s problem, not a state problem........Snyder’s offer of an apology does nothing but admit blame where no blame exists and gives democrats more fuel to blame Republicans for everything in the next election...
Not looking at facts, exactly, MarMema focuses on her love for Gov. Snyder:
He is a sweetie. I will be sorry to lose him. God only knows what we could get next.
montag813 not only ignores the city manager, but would like to bring race into it:
Didn’t the BLACK MAYOR of Flint “let them down”? It was she and her majority-minority council which switched water supplies to save money.
Domangart blames...unions?
I have to pay for my water. Let the UAW pay for this mess. Every place that has been run by rats for a long time has been ran into the ground. None of these a holes have ever looked at a block and asked when and at what cost will the current method of city planning cost. Their idea is to build malls for taxes.
AnotherUnixGeek blames Unions for the debt that encouraged the cost-cutting, and thus for everything:
As I understand it, the city of Flint started using water from the Flint river as a cost-saving measure for several years - the city has huge pension obligations to former city employees. The river water caused corrosion in Flint's lead pipes, and we have the current situation.

So why doesn't this governor point out the fact that this entire situation was caused by unionized city employees and their Democratic Party enablers? Why is he apologizing instead of condemning the Democrats who caused this situation? Can anyone imagine Donald Trump not calling out the source of the problem here?

This is exactly why Trump is succeeding and why the GOP needs to stop running away from him and start emulating him.
dowcaet also blames Snyder for apologizing, not for anything he did:
The stupid party lives up to its label. This is one of the reasons why I think Trump resonates with so many on our side. Imagine if it had been a Trump factory that was accused of poisoning a river and polluting the water making people sick? Instead of a Rick Snyder type capitulation Trump would of fired back and told them to go stick it, and then file his own countersuit.
PGalt digs deep to blame Obama via the EPA:
sergeantdave calls Governor Snyder a leftist, and then blames all of Michigan:
Damn idiot ought to apologize for not arresting the commie slut Granholm for stealing $10 billion from property owners and giving it to “Cool Cities” liberal savages.

Rick is nothing more than another lying, thieving leftist. Michigan is a shithole run by shitheads, elected by assholes.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. II

WENDLE doesn't like living in an interconnected society:
What happens in FLINT STAYS IN FLINT. I dont want to pay a dime.
Busko is sure Flint got poisoned by it's own BLACK PEOPLE:
Why aren’t the BLACK MAYOR and BLACK CITY COUNCIL responsible for their own disastrous decision to change water supplies?

Because they are BLACK!! Also this didn’t happen overnight. Probably before the “White Devil” Republican got elected. Amazing how the Praetorian Media works!
Jim Robinson is pretty exclusive about who counts as conservative:
LOL! Rich Lowry, William Kristol and Erick Erickson are conservatives? That’s rich.
Lysandru is voting for Trump because of how electable he is:
I am no big Trump fan.

But I believe he is the most electable Republican candidate. And it is imperative that the Hildebeast or Sanders don't become President.
This "not conservative but electable" seems to also be Jim Robinson's latest position.

Smokin' Joe is not quite ready to go alynching:
it isn’t cold enough to hang ‘windchimes’ from lamp posts yet.
Jukeman thinks Trump is like all the bad guys at once:
Think Obama is a tyrant. If Trump is elected you will see an even more evil tyrant. Trump has the personality type of Hitler, Mussolini and Mao. There is no telling what he will do. Trump says building a wall along the U.S. borders would be like building the Wall of China. Did you know that millions of workers were killed while building the wall of China? Trump would stop at nothing to destroy his enemies while possibly going into a maniacal rage against foreign powers or the man down the street or next door to us. Trump is dangerous.
SC_Pete thinks Common Core is like all the bad guys at once, except Hitler.
Yes, it’s indoctrination. Stalin, Pol Pot, and Mao approve of Common Core.
Mr Apple's cousin totally saw some arab-looking people get on buses in the Dallas airport, and made some assumptions:
My first cousin lives in Dallas and he called me Monday and told me that he observed a large group of approx 90 rapefugees arriving at DFW airport this past Saturday afternoon, 1/16! 
He was at the airport waiting for his two kids to arrive and told me he tried to count quickly but the group were being herded at a fairly fast walk. He said they were led straight to buses with their iPhones in hand! No telling which city they were taken to!! 
I guess folks, possible assaults and rapes might follow in some city here in Texas -possibly the Dallas area though. (I'll guess it's the Garland,Tx area or in Somervell county area because there are some camps out there -but who knows and no way to find out) 
All I can say is buy a gun ladies!! All of our cities throughout America could become a mini-Alamo with towel head islamic muslims at the walls!! Thank you so much scumbag Mullah Obama -one more year to go! 

Since no one can beat AMJ's rejoinder to montag813's paranoia: "Track Palin was programmed by a CIA operative named Jim Beam."
Track Palin spent a lot of time in Iraq. Plenty of time for operative to get to him, and program him. They would have immense motivation to do so. Either to destroy Sarah, or use him to undermine her political influence, as his actions did today. It sounds crazy, until you see the MK Ultra files that were declassified and realize just how often the CIA and others “Jason Bourne’d” hundreds of men.
CottonBall will totally come out of retirement and save America is Trump's elected!
I’ve gone Galt and am keeping my taxable income low to quit supporting the fascist government. When Trump does 1/4 of what he’s saying, I’ll join the active work force again plus quit sheltering most of what I work for!
Cold Heat explains how Republicans are always gracious and compromise with those inflexible Democrats:
The opposition will not compromise their positions. So the repubs compromise to Get Things done.

It's the democrats who are unable to compromise and it's the democrats who believe that nothing gets done.
Elsie is not one to wast time opining!
I will NOT listen to or read much of Anything the MSM has to say!

And DEFINITELY not waste my time OPINING!!
ChicagahAl knows what all Democratic women are like:
Female, Democrat wants bloodshed.

No surprise.
It waits to snow until now. encm(ss) finds this enough to be smug about global warming:
what! Worst snowstorm ever! I guess that’s what happens when you have global warming.
LostInBayport excoriates liberals for using the wrong stereotypes, when his are much better:
liberal idiots like those two only see the “migrants” the way Central Casting would for a period piece. Humble, poor, hard-working decent people who can’t wait to assimilate.

Well like most movies, that is pure FICTION! These are savages from a savage land and they see a civilized country as a playground. What a disaster.
hsmomx3 wonders if Obama and Mitch McConnell have had gay sex:
Makes you wonder if Mitch has visited those bathhouses in Chi-town when BO was there.
Qiviut once had a liberal tell him that opinions are not science:
From my observations, there is little true “science” and a lot of left-wing dogma these days. I had a liberal, who buys ‘climate change’ hook line & sinker, lecture me over an article on nutrition that he poo-poohed because it did not go through a “peer review”. I guess in this crazy world, if you’re a loony lib, then your peers are loony libs, too. Thus you get ‘consensus’ & ‘settled science’. He doesn’t like it when I point that out.
Letting his creationism run rampant, bray is pretty sure all our technology was discovered in SPITE of science:
According to my computer, which functions based on scientific discoveries. According to my firearms, which function based on scientific discoveries. According to my cell phone, which functions based on scientific discoveries. According to my car, which functions based on scientific discoveries.

What if all of your examples would be multiplied exponentially if we would focus on real science rather than corrupted agenda driven science? You are accepting this is all we can do while I am saying this is in spite of science.
And not a mini-spotlight on military coup enthusiast LeoWindhorse:
In the event that America should be bamboozled, or the popular/electoral vote somehow captured and corrupted to produce a Dem. win, to either individual; I would staunchly advocate and support a military intervention into the affairs of government of the USA. It’s that serious.
LeoWindhorse would totally help the military take over too!
Sir, if Clinton or Sanders are elected, men in uniform should and can fix that. Folks like me will join them. Enough is enough and I think a lot of folks have had enough. I know I have
LeoWindhorse thinks what America needs is Putin to rule us with an iron fist for a few years:
Personally I believe America should set aside ineffective and corrupt civilian government for 4 to 5 years.

Our system of governance has become so incredibly corrupted, to include the election process itself.
We need a Putin type, or a group of Putin types. Is that Donald Trump ? I wonder

Monday Potpourri Pt. I

Ouderkirk knows what types are inferior:
Never....ever vote for a black, woman, democRAT. They are just not up for the task of public office.
governsleastgovernsbest wonders - have you ever seen rage-goblin Mark Levin and the Constitution at the same place at the same time?!
You attack Mark Levin, Matthews, you attack the American Constitution.
Hillarys Gate Cult makes up some history:
The only world leader who read Mein Kampf before WWII was Winston Churchill. That’s how he knew he was dealing with an unstable person.
Bryanw92 defends Hitler, up until Poland:
Hitler was a disaster for the German people

Yes, he was. But his early message resonated in the hearts of a defeated and betrayed people. If he had stopped after Austria and Czechoslovakia, the second half of the 20th century would have been a different place.

Today’s Germany has been betrayed by its government in ways that a 1930 German would never imagine. They need to get their fire back or just give up and say the little muzlum prayer of submission.
Gritty knows Germany needs another Holocaust:
All kidding aside, the Germans had better get their boxcars out of mothballs, quick, and start doing something about this invading horde of savages. They don't have much of a window of time to do it. Already they are looking at a lot of bloodshed. But in a few brief years it will be massive amounts of bloodshed - most of it being theirs.
Fresh Wind on the latest Obama rumor:
There is a rumor going around that Mohammed Hussein Obama is buying a house in Dubai.
GraceG wants to make a Bioshock-Fallout hybrid, but for real:
Crap like what happened to the Hammonds makes me want to found a “Deep underground sovereign country” A literal underground colony built actually underground in some old used up salt mine, using a deep geothermal well for energy and greenhouses for food and small animals for protein.

And then seal the damned thing up and expand underground by digging new tunnels and hope the people above ground forget the hell we even exist.
libstripper is one of many Freepers who smells conspiracy behind the minor Iran fracas:
Looks like this was a pre-arranged setup. The Iranians wanted one extra drop of humiliation and especially wanted to humiliate the U.S. Navy, that they’re never been able to touch until now. Obola wanted the civilian hostages back. Hence, a corrupt deal: Obola would send the boats on a sitting duck mission where they’d be captured, their crews publicly humiliated and then returned; in return, the civilian hostages would be returned. The boats’ OIC gave it away by putting such a happy face, sort like the day the hogs et his sister.
Oatka knows no one is ever convicted wrongly. Also, needless psychological torture!
The main thing that troubles me about the death penalty: What if an innocent person is put to death?

Not likely with today's DNA and other lab wizardry, plus 20-30 years on appeals. Many murderers are on death row longer than their victims have lived.

If I were king, not only would we have the death penalty implemented within 90 days with DNA proof, we would have multiple executions for serial/multiple murderers.

1) pulled out of the cell at dawn, strapped to a gurney, have some guy in a black suit carring a book chant some mumbo-jumbo as the perp heads to The Room, where he feels the prick of the needle and sees darkness descend . . .
2) . . . perp wakes up in his cell wondering WTH? Step one is repeated each time for however many people he killed . . .
3) . . . or not . . .
4) . . . the sentence is multiple executions somewhere between 1 and the max, so the perp can't look forward to the last one. . .
5) . . . or not . . .
6) Depending upon the age of the victims or brutality of the murders, an extra trip or two or etc. to extract maximum disgust felt by the public.
7) The trips are all on TV - every one.

I particularly like 6). Can you imagine the perp thinking "Thank God, this is the last one." - and waking up in his cell again.
justa-hairyape remembers when Europe existed:
The US will also follow Europe and break apart soon.
Recalling some false stories, aMorePerfectUnion is pretty sure Trump will become Christian once he's President:
Many a President has been brought to his knees in prayer and ultimately faith in God during his time in office. May the same happen to Trump.
Theophilus knows you should only orgasm when Jesus returns:
This is a great moment for America. The faggot loving communists have an indicted candidate. She is pathetic. We have the greatest American since George Washington. The JOY of election night will be orgasmic. God Bless Donald Trump— and Sarah Palin!!

God bless you but that is just wrong in too many ways. Please save your ecstasy for the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!
Arthur McGowan is working hard to explain why Obama's not a Natural Born Citizen while Cruz is:
The reason for the forged birth certificate is that without it, there isn’t a shred of evidence that Barry is a citizen AT ALL.

There are only two possibilities:

The crudely-forged birth certificate is truthful in stating that Barry was born in Hawaii, in which case he is an ANCHOR BABY.

Barry was not born on U.S. soil, and is therefore an ILLEGAL ALIEN.
Making it easier, faithhopecharity remembers the "No Obama's" clause in the Constitution:
our Founding Fathers were aware that the enemy would try to seize control of the new American government again...
that’s why they very carefully provided that persons like Obama are not eligible for the Presidency

but we’ve forgotten
Maceman thought the flaw in Mr. Smith goes to Washington was Mr. Smith's noble cause:
When I have watched it, I always wished that his cause wasn't a federally funded boys' camp.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Spotlight Friday: Liz

Buckle up, this could take a while.

Liz is a Freeper from 1997 who may be the greatest conspiracist of them all. But alas she buries her hilariously purple prose and specious connections or "it has also been reported" made-up BS under lots of badly formatted text, random pictures, and exhortations to call Congress and demand an investigation/indictment whatever. But, lest you think she wants more than to stir the pot, she also urges Freepers to call Child Protective Services on Obama, giving the number and everything, haw haw haw.

Her conspiracies are generally super lame, too. Like 'Obama passed this law and also gave 50K foreign aid to Kenya. I'll bet Valerie Jarrett told him to!!!" Or "Axelrod said Obama would win. This proves the 2012 election was stolen!"

And these long treatises of guilt by association are often reposted days later, meaning she has carefully saved them all somewhere.

When not creating pointless lists, she posts on how all Muslims are evil, and spends a lot of time speculating on the sexual practices of liberals.

Amusingly, she's come down on the Ted Cruz birther side of things, but alas no one seems to have read her screeds before, much less now. I've put that stuff at the end, if you want to skip past the other craziness.

The sort of scattered, unconnected BS you can get used to.
The DOJ search warrant in the Rosen case cites Section 793(d) of Title 18 of the U.S. Code...... a person lawfully in possession of secret govt-classified info who turns it over to someone not lawfully entitled to posses it has committed a crime (The source).....anyone who conspires to help the source do that has committed the same crime (The journo).

So why the brouhaha? B/c the Obummber crew has NEVER, EVER exhibited a modicum of interest in defending US ntl security from foreign domination ---- nor has it exhibited a concern for the life and liberties of Americans.

On the contrary----via "immigration reform" Ohaha is forcing on Americans entire primitive populations of creepy savages emanating from antediluvean Third World countries.

VALERIE TOLD OHAHA YOUR HOMELAND NEEDS MONEY--NOW' S THE TIME TO EXTORT US TAXPAYERS When the Kenyan butcher hacked a Brit soldier to death, and defiantly gave an interview with blood-soaked hands, Valerie okayed $50 million to Kenya---as a sign of Ohaha's "tolerance and compassion.".
There's also a Harry Reid connection to the tax-exempt "Clinton Global Initiative" one of the three Clinton foundations.


(1) Harry Reid's son Rory is in business w/ the Chi/Coms on a multi-billion dollar solar energy project; Cliven Bundy and his land are standing in the way.

(2) Reports say Bill Clinton recently went to China to panhandle for his tax-exempt "Clinton Global Initiative" foundation.

(3) The "Clinton Global Initiative" (NOT KNOWN for giving out grants)---gave Harry Reid's granddaughter a grant for a Brooklyn, NY theatre she runs (what is a Brooklyn theatre's connection to "global initiatives?")

(4) A Nevada energy company also gave Reid's granddaughter's theatre group a grant.


"Money laundering" comes to mind. Could the Chinese be financing the Reid's solar project through donations to the Clinton Foundations....which is then laundered to Reid's granddaughter?


REFERENCE----HARRY REID IS LIVID THAT HIS GRAND-DAUGHTER HAS BEEN OUTED AS A RECIPIENT OF LAUNDERED CAMPAIGN CASH---Reid lashed out at reporters, saying, “My granddaughter has been the target of harassing phone calls, strangers tracking her down, knocking on her door and negative, unwanted attention on the Internet.” “This has gone too far and it needs to stop now,” Reid said. “I deeply regret any role I had in creating this situation but now, as a grandparent, I say enough is enough.”
That's just an excerpt of a longer post. I'll be trying my best to give you only the nut of her rants.

JULY 2014---Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador federales
give orders to overthrow the US govt to the sitting president.
The hydra-headed Cheryl Mills


The full extent of State Dept grants to Cheryl Mills’ BlackIvy projects listed below, including salaries, expenses and grants, from tax dollars.

Obama's tears of greed:
Of course Obama's tears are real.

But they're tears of unmitigated greed.....he plans to raise millions w/ each tear he manages to squeeze out.

Americans must demand to see fund solicitation letters coming out of Obama's tax-exempt presidential foundations and his Chicago library fund.

Are any of his WH comments used to forward his policy being regurgitated in fund solicitation latters?

Americans demand to know if US govt policy is being wrongly an effort to raise tax-free money for the obamas.


The post-presidency Obamas have BIG plans.....get-rich-quick schemes ala the Clintons. Gonna cash in bigtime---through two Obama foundations (two that we know of).

Obama figures he needs two foundations to handle all the post-presidency tax-free money about to roll in.....six-figure honoraria, multi-million dollar donations, lucrative consultancies, and, untold riches from insider Mideast business deals.



Maya Soetoro-Ng is President ObamaĆ¢€™s sister and a specialist for the Matsunaga Institute for Peace. She is the co-founder of Our Public School, a non-profit that connects schools to their communities, and the co-creator of a peace education program implemented in schools and communities around Hawaii.


THE MUSLIM FOUNDATION--named for their Muslim father. Obama Foundation Two was fast-tracked for tax-exemption by Lois Lerner.
Days later, draft 2:
Those were real Obama tears at the E/O presser.WH photogs were prolly ordered to get a couple dozen shots of Obo wiping away tears....b/c he plans to raise millions on his efforts to annihilate the 2nd amend.

ACTON NOW Americans must demand to see:

<><> wire transfers going in and out of Valerie's office;

<><> fund solicitation letters coming out of Obama's tax-exempt presidential foundations and his Chicago library fund.

Are any of his WH comments used to forward his policy being regurgitated in fund solicitation latters?

Americans demand to know if US govt policy is being wrongly an effort to raise tax-free money for the obamas.


The post-presidency Obamas have BIG plans.....get-rich-quick schemes ala the Clintons. Gonna cash in bigtime---through two Obama foundations (two that we know of)...
Call Congress and demand more witch hunts!
Americans need to consider the worst...that these official Washington
scumbags are being bribed and are using our tax dollars to finance
terror squads invading our country.

ACTION NOW Contact your Representative and Senators
Capitol Switchboard 1-866-220-0044

Americans demand to see the wire-transfers

(1) in and out of Valerie Jarrett's office,

(2) those in and out of Obama's two foundations (two that we know of), and,

(3) wire transfers into his library fund....

Investigate other networks (perhaps CAIR) they might be using to money launder, and pocket bribes, payoffs and kickbacks.

Moreover, Americans demand reparations from any Washington
official that used US govt power and govt office to aid and abet terrorism.
Call Child Protective Services on Obama!
Alarmingly, Mrs Obama told BET that Mr Obama was constantly in the bathroom---"singing."

I just hope Mr Obama didnt invite the Obama kiddies into the bathroom for a "sing-a-long."


I hope and (you should excuse the expression) "pray" that the Obama children are not being subjected to abuse and neglect.

Might be a good idea to get this checked put.....better safe than sorry, people.


District of Columbia Child and Family Services Agency
Report child abuse, neglect---202-671-SAFE
The Clintons seem to like each other...sinister!
VINTAGE TIME COVER The Clintons leave the WH
arm-in-arm after Bill got lewinskied. There's no business
like Clinton business. They smile when they are
low....b/c the Clinton show MUST go on.


And there's Hillary's annoying way of bouncing back out of trouble.
Hillary's sub rosa political ambitions were in deep doo-doo when Bill
got lewinskied. What to do? Easy. Blame it on conservatives.
A brief bit of uncited Muslim hate about a nondisruptive Muslim at a Trump rally:
Everything that came out of her evil mouth was a lie.

The evil muzzies believe its ok to lie to infidels.

She set the scene in advance.

The muzzie act is the same all over.....they are coached, pretending to be innocent objects of hatred.

Behind those smiles, they are plotting to explode bombs in our midst.
Diane Feinstein honored some guy who was later jailed!!!
BACKSTORY: Back in Sept 2014, Senate intel head Di/Fi was whining about the CIA looking through her computers and taking documents. Clearly, the CIA had plenty on her----even BEFORE the shocking Cali/Chi/Com missile scandal broke.

Di/Fi's known aversion to guns did not prevent her from honoring jailbird Lee's co-defendant, Raymond Chow---Chow is the key figure in Cali Demorat state Sen Leland Yees shocking missile deal w/ China (Yee is a notorious grabber of American guns).


<><>Feinstein heads the Senate Intel Committee;

<><> Her hubby Richard Blum made million as the lawyer for Chinese interests;

<><> gun-grabber Leland Yee knew where to get missiles, launchers, machine-guns etc;

<><> Co-conspirator Raymond Chow was jailed, then freed when he professed to be a "really nice guy".... honored by Di/Fi for working with local Chinese youths.
ARE THE CLINTONS INVOLVED?Hillary engineered some $126 million worth of arms deals as Secy of State. Hillary's income includes:

Hualuo CEO Forum (Spouse) Shanghai, China $550,000
Telefonaktiebolagel LM Ericsson AB (Spouse) Hong Kong, China $750,000
OBAMAS QUIET NUCLEAR DEAL WITH CHINA RAISES PROLIFERATION CONCERNS . . .The Obama deal would allow Beijing to buy more US designed reactors and pursue a facility or the technology to reprocess plutonium from spent fuel. China would also be able to buy reactor coolant technology that experts say could be adapted to make its submarines quieter and harder to detect.

The formal notice initially didnt draw any headlines.
Fire the DoD!
DHS Secy Jeh Johnson said he would no longer refer to ISIS as "ISIS" or "Islamic State".

ACTION NOW Contact your Representative and Senators
Capitol Switchboard 1-866-220-0044

FIRE DHS SECY JEH JOHNSON---failure to protect ntl security
FIRE LEON RODRIGUEZ---USCIS head---mismanaging visa enforcement


We demand to know where the money is going.
Sen. Charles E.Grassley's inquiry WRT possible "criminal" conduct by Hilary aide, Huma Abedin, got a response from State Dept investigators. They informed Grassley that Abedin was overpaid by nearly $33,000 tax dollars because she apparently falsisifed official documents and claimed leave time pay even though she was actually on leave.....a violation of US govt rules governing vacation and sick leave.

Sen Grassley needs to determine:

<><> (1) whether Abedin is still on the State Dept payroll collecting govt checks (an old bureaucratic trick), and,

<><> (2) whether Abedin violated 18 U.S.C.§1027;

Abedin might have made false statements and colluded to conceal activities in relation to documents required by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974.

It is also possible that Abedin's collusion w/ Hillary, and other hidden offenses could include civil and/or criminal RICO violations. Hillary allowing Abedin's several employments could also involve BUT not be limited to:

<><> Title 18 U.S.C.§1341, Mail Fraud, 18 U.S.C.§1001, Presenting a False Document to an Agent of the US Government (involves several felonies and could include forgery);
Michele talked about teaching girls!
Michele talked about teaching girls, then Obama sent her off to oil-rich Muslim Quatar w/ $73 million US tax dollars to teach girls.

Remember that the teach girls mantra was stolen from the young Nobelist teen who was brutally attacked by Muslims for daring to suggest this.

It is ironic that Michelle could travel and be welcomed to Muslim Qatar bearing this hateful message.


Why would Quatar need that money? And why would Congress allow such leeway?

Whether any of the money actually reached Quatar is anyone's guess. ........ but there is an electronic paper trail of wire-transfers when money is moved into and outside the US.

Did Congress approve this outlay? The execrable Ryan could have played a part.....this jerk gives away tax dollars like they were chicken feed.

Call your Congressman/Senators.

<><> Demand to know the wherebouts of the $73 million

<><> demand to see wire-transfers in and out of Valerie's WH office.
Clintons, Columbia, unspecified recent do the math!
I keep wondering who in the Clinton administration (or someone close to him?) was the bagman in the Columbian deal?

Recent events reveal billions of our tax dollars (disguised as US foreign aid) were being kept warm in corrupt Columbia......until Clinton felt the coast was clear to setup The Clinton Foundation's secret investment fund .
More uncited Muslim hatred.
The Muslim "I'm your friend" act is Obama duped his way into the WH.

THE MUSLIM DOCTRINE OF TAQIYYA...ITS OKAY TO LIE TO AN INFIDEL...For those with a discerning eye, taqiyya is all around us. Muslim refugees have pretended to convert to Christianity; an Islamic gunman gained entrance inside a church by feigning interest in Christian prayers. Examples abound on a daily basis.
DUPING THE POPE Pope Francis is urging they be taken in and aided.....the Pope took in a family of Muslim refugees into the Papal residence.....and spoke of his being transformed by them.

Little does he know.

Hate-filled Muslims are saving their most vicious attacks for the Pope: the plan is to hang him in public from the Papal balcony and turn the Vatican into a mosque.....which means destroying 2000 years of priceless works of art. News reports say there are scores of Muslims surrounding the Vatican....lying-in-wait in Muslim prayer rooms.
Investigate Jorge Ramos!
Kicking out Ramos is not enough. Investigations need to commence. Americans demand to know:

<><> how many violent organizations advocating the overthrow of the US govt Ramos belongs to;

<><>how many US govt checks Ramos, his family, his staff are collecting;

<><>how many SS nos Ramos, his family and his staff have;

<><>how many identities Ramos has;

<><> how many times Ramos has traveled to foreign countries;

<><> whether Ramos, his family, his staff are registered agents for foreign governments.
Planned Parenthood probably gets off on giving abortions:
I watched Dr Deborah on the depraved is this P/P sicko?

She actually looked like was sexually tuned on, discussing baby body parts.

Then FR ran a pic of the pro-life undercover guy lunching w/ her.

He’s very it looks like Dr Deb was looking for a roll in the hay.
More on liberals and sex:
"A vote for me is a vote for a Fully-Fornicating Society.
I pledge non-stop aggression over the unborn.
I will end the punishment of an unwanted birth."


The genital-sniffing Planned Parenthood abortion worshippers who populate the Dem party are crazy over the Clintons......Bill and Hillary are the living breathing embodiment of The Fully-Fornicating Society w/ none of the evidence of sexual activity.....the "nuisance" of an actual child being born.

Bill gives sex-obsessed lefties a vicarious thrill....visions of the married, gray-haired Clinton getting a young WH intern to crawl under his desk to give him a BJ is better than Viagra.
Hillary's vagina AND "white privilege"
The mega-wealthy Clintons are relying heavily on Hillary's vagina AND "white privilege" to get back into office. "White privilege" denotes the array of advantages the Clintons have cultivated over years in public office. The gold-plated, endless perks of "white privilege" include:

<><> their personal massive wealth in the $2 billion range....

<><> ownership of multiple homes in posh enclaves....

<><> unknown secret offshore bank accounts...

<><> unrevealed investment profits...

<><> the chain of high public offices they've held....

<><> privileged friends in high places....

<><> global connections....

<><> constant affirmations of their own worth....
I cut that list off about 1/3 of the way through. You're welcome.

A random news story reminds her of Obama!
These creepy Obamatons remind me of the Oregon political/religious cult.

The cockeyed cultists worshipped a kook named “Bhagwan Rajneesh”-—some kind of Islamic sect leader-—who drove around in a militarized Rolls Royce.

So obsessed w/ power that the cultists engaged in germ warfare to keep residents from voting so that they could control the legislative body.

The actually sprayed salmonella all over town-—and contaminated food in local restaurants to keep the vote down.

“Bhagwan Obama” musta read the tale to his followers.
Obama also reminds her of a wife-killer:
A child will continue to misbehave until someone stops him. If no one stops him, he will continue to misbehave and why shouldn’t he? No consequences to his action - the action continues. Obama needs a serious chastening. Soon.

MORE SINISTER THAN MERELY MISBEHAVING An interesting observation----explaining the psychotic behavior and the horrendous events leading up to a man brutally killing his wife: the observer opined that free-for-all behavior that flaunts laws, conventions and established mores---is a sign that the individual is without moral moorings and is probably involved w/ satanic worship.
Some weak satire based on U of VA. being a bad school:T
HIS JUST IN: While munching on kale chips and sipping a green smoothie....and watching videos of the Jordanian pilot's ordeal----Marie Harf's U of Va graduate analysis skills went into overdrive.

Marie insightfully discerned that ISIS immolaters did't "feel good" about themselves.

Plus Marie KNEW from her U of Va graduate studies that having self-esteem is crucial to making life choices.

So Marie went to work---she began gift-wrapping monogrammed Zippo lighters to ISIL immolaters.

Marie, herself, attached State Dept happy-face tags to each Zippo.
Another joke about college sluts, I think?
When Rick Perry opened up discussion to the audience, several Dartmouth students posed questions.....


"The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi"---Emily Sellers (Dartmouth ’15) asked if Perry would have anal sex in exchange for campaign contributions of $102 million.

The word around Dartmouth is---Emily offered to fellate illegal latinos on the Capitol steps in exchange for Democrat votes, last Tuesday.

Dem losses might indicate she musta got burned out (/snix).
It has also been reported
The tech has matured to the point where CA is reputed to have half-a-million fraudulent votes available. It has also been reported that about 75 seats in the CA legislature were filled by fraudulent election tactics.

Judges of Elections know the tricks. 75 voters registered at a house that doesn't exist on a non-existent street; another 50 registered at an address that is a gas station ... or an empty lot. 6100 dead voted in one county ? ... that's more than enough to throw an election. In local elections where 15% turnout is considered good ... like schoolboard ... 10 fraudulent absentee votes can throw the results.
We need more unsupported ranting about voter fraud:
We have got to train Republicans to mention voter fraud in their future concession speeches (if any--after the ignominious collapse of Boobama/care and Dims with it).

Ken was ahead all evening election night---so the usual Dem fraud machine went into action---finding votes in odd places --- in used pizza boxes stashed behind voting machines?

The Dims count and count votes till they have the winning number.

Romney never looked more stupid than when he was conceding to Obama----without even a hint of the voter fraud meat grinder the Dims put him through.
Needless to say, the 2012 election is invalid:
Now we know why Obomba was so cocksure of himself---when he told Putin he would "have more leverage after the election."

The Chi/mobsters ensconsed in the WH were colluding to sic the IRS on conservative groups to rig the results of the election in Obomba's favor.

A sitting US president using the power of the IRS like a 40's-era Gestapo surely invalidates the presidential election of 2012.

Let's look at reports of break-ins at the Tea Party, patriot groups, Romney or Republican hdq's during that time
Yes, lets look at reports of Tea Party break-ins.

I'll bet Obama wasn't even really campaigning!
It's now crystal clear why Obama seemingly "screwed-up" at the crucial first prez debate---giving Romney a huge opening (or so it seemed). O's debate screwup was no accident----he said he was "being polite" to Romney---b/c he knew the crooked election was in the bag for him.

Ohaha and his cunning, sinister crew knew then that O would win...... no matter what Romney did or said. B/c the WH orders had already gone out----their massive voter fraud operation was already in place.


I recall an odd incident as the campaign got underway----Axelrod took CBS News on a tour of what was being billed as O's campaign war room. But to my eyes---it was completely staged----there were people sitting at computers and at desks---but nothing was going on. I now believe O had literally no campaign operation b/c they had the whole thing fixed from the get go. Oh sure---they went through the motions--but it was all faked.
David Axelrod has shown himself to be The Most Sinister Character ever to surface in politics. Axel, Valerie whatsherface, Rahm Emanuel, m/m Ohaha---are the kingpins of crooked Chi/politics---they are very practiced at fixing elections. They know all the sleazy tricks.
More on Axelrod Most Sinister:
I see Axelrod as a kind of a reverse Clark Kent (/snix).

Observe Axelrod on tv.

I just love it when Axelrod goes before the cameras——faking that wide-eyed, puppy dog expression of his——trying so hard to look “harmless.” Man, he’s good-—I almost want to give him a dog biscuit.

Axelrod is like a reverse Clark Kent, the guy who morphs into Superman.

In real life, Axelrod is a driven, demonic, power-mad Obama fixer who goes into the nearest telephone booth before a tv appearance to put on his disguise.

He comes out as a mild-mannered spokesman, anxious to show America he wouldn’t hurt a fly.

Axelrod’s way of saying that he thinks the election is already over. . . “The (Romney camp has) this fantasy that the debates will come and the dam will break like it did in 1980,” Axelrod said. “I think they are delusional.” Clearly the sinister Axelrod knew the outcome even before the debates began.
The Congressional Hispanic Caucus should all be arrested:
CONSPIRACY AND COLLUSION---The Congressional Hispanic Caucus needs to be examined for its role in this outrage.
This imbecile Gutierrez and his co-conspirators need to be exposed. We need to determine where Gutierrez is getting his orders from and with whom he is colluding. Gutierrez outlines treacherous activities which are significant national security threats......which serve to undermine the US' sacrosanct rule of law. These acts correspond with flaccid, decrepit Third World countries' calculated plans to weaken and subjugate the US to their evil demands.

Gutierrez and his co-conspirators are a national security threat and present a clear danger to law-abiding US citizens. Many illegal are hardened criminals w/ convictions for: (1) drunk or drugged driving, (2) aggravated assault, (3) flight escape, (4) pedaling dangerous drugs, (5) vehicle theft, (6) kidnapping, (7) sexual assault, and, (8) homicide.
Gray haired men enrolling in schools?
NRO reports adult illegals posing as "unaccompanied alien children" are attempting to enroll at Massachusetts public high schools. Some of them had gray hair, said they were 17 years old, and claim to have have no documentation.

School policy is to check w/ families---who identified the graying man enrolling in their school as a 35-year old adult.


Gray haired men enrolling in schools?

More likely drug lords and drug runners are infiltrating public schools---planning to set up long-term lucrative businesses. You know how that works? Giving kids free samples to get them addicted is part of the cartel business plan.

Graying men posing as high school teens could also be sex traffickers --- lining up nubile kid for their johns..... and the young 'uns for pedophiles who pay big bucks to get ahold of the little darlings.
The shocking verification of Hillary's decrepitness
The Clintons are pathological liars---they lie about everything. Could be Hillary has even more serious medical issues than what's been revealed.

The shocking verification of Hillary's decrepitness could be seen in at least one recent newsclip ----as the voiceover narrated---Hilary is seen walking gingerly down the steps of a plane, eyes glued to the steps, hanging on to the railing for dear life---exactly like an invalid---like an old person who fears she's not gonna make it down safely.

Now a clip of decrepit Hillary walking UP the stairs would have made it even more revealing.
Subpoena Steve Croft about Benghazi!
POINTS TO PONDER Obama knew the horrific inside details at the time of the 60/Min interview---as the facts clearly show now----so then the entire Kroft interview was a lie. What does Kroft say now, knowing he was lied to?

The breathtaking aspect of the O scandals is that they uncover rot in all the old familiar places we already suspected rot existed. We need to see Kroft's emails---and all other communications from Oba to CBS, etc.

Did Oba maneuver himself and Hillary on 60 Min? Does Kroft have emails from Oba? Did Oba's admin produce the segment? Did CBS and Kroft acquiesce in the setup---- to allow Oba to manipulate public opinion on Benghazi?
Yeah, Obama's the one with OCD...
Live with it, white America. We are considered "the conquered people". And our troubles have only just begun. The only humor---if any---in this woeful situation is watching Obama voters who sap-happily figured "egalitarianism" would become the norm once O was elected. They will soon learn how very wrong they were.
We now have the empowerment of the dregs of society---those on the margins, criminals, law-breaking latinos, etc etc etc.

Under analysis, Ohaha might be diagnosed with an obsessive compulsive disorder----a hatred so strong, he is compelled to tear down every US agency and institution---our Constitution---our very government.
How the Clintons evil plans got screwed up by Trump, and God:
As I always say...."man proposes, God disposes."

The Clintons are pretty cunning and figured they had the future sewn-up .....w/ their nefarious plan to hijack the US Treasury for themselves and their cronies.....but they could not have foreseen:

Donald Trump who knows where a lot of bodies are buried---who is not afraid to say anything about anybody (God only knows what he's got stored-up for Hillary).

Beau Biden's (/snix) "death wish" to have his Dad run for president. Joe knows he gets a lot of mileage w/ that phony story. 
Revelations from Schweizer's "Clinton Cash."
Trump's greatness proven!
The essence of a successful republic is the distance between the people, and the govt. Obama governs w/ total disregard for the people.Obama and Clinton have no use for we, the people. They campaign to sex organs, skin colors, ethnicities, dollar signs, etc.


COULD ANY CANDIDATE BE MORE AMERICAN? Just by stepping onto the political stage, Donald Trump has drawn the people closer to their the Founders intended.
<><> Ann Coulter described Trump's immigration dissertation as better than the hallowed Magna Carta.
<><> He was depicted as a Founding Father on a magazine cover. 
<><> And as revolutionary Trump.
Cruz birtherism
His birth in Canada indicates he has THREE countries (The US via his mother, Canada his birthplace, and Cuba thru his father) having a legitimate claim on his allegiance from birth, whether he wanted it or not.

Our constitution and the rule of law must prevail. We should not yield to the same dark impulses of expediency and delusion that gave us the tyrannical sociopathic usurper demagogue Obama.

Choosing candidates who are creatures of the cult of personality has proved disastrous.
Cruz is basically King George again!
King George, and wealthy England, were the colonists' boogeymen. It was feared the wealthy could surreptitiously buy their way into our new country's councils and wreak havoc.


OLD THINGS SEEM NEW AGAIN Cruz's wife is a Goldman Sachs exec.

Mrs Cruz served on the North American Union task force, and supported their report called---'Building a North American Community."

The North/South border effort was sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations in association with the Canadian Council of Chief Executives and the Consejo Mexicano de Asuntos Internacionales.

Translated into English, that means forget US sovereignty....just eradicate US borders.

Canada is under the jurisdiction of England.
Cruz was an ambitious kid, which proves he's not really conservative at all!
What we should all find a bit disturbing is the revelation that, even as a kid, Cruz was fretting about his dual citizenship being an obstacle to his becoming president. At what point does a kid become power-hungry enough to decide that he should be leader of the free world?

This is VERY disturbing.....unmasks a gross insincerity of his calculated moves. It becomes clearer that he latched onto conservatism, and is using conservatives, as a stepping stone for his deep dark secret plan to achieve power.

One pundit surmised that once this guy ever got power he'd drop conservatives like a hot potato.
it is very revelatory that a presidential candidate uses the power of the US govt to sustain a falsehood.

Makes you wonder if other aspects of his life have been falsified. How did he manage to get into two Ivy League schools? His applications would tell a tale. for sure.