Friday, September 30, 2011

Whither Whitey

Courtesy of Anonymous, who also gives us the wonderfully descriptive "the latent white nationalist feelings of the freepers are out again," comes this thread.
Another report that the white pluraliry is shrinking, another bunch of Freepers decrying it, while trying to to sound racist. This time with more of a "Mexicans think they count as white" twist:

max americana knows the white mexicans exist, but in secret:

The white mexicans just didn’t like the dark-skinned mexicans and vice versa. They are more educated and won’t even bother jumping over the border.

re_nortex quotes an expert freeper:

As FReeper nathanbedford (one of the more erudite posters here in my estimation) has succinctly phrased it, "All politics is racial".

I'm somehow not too surprised that a Freeper named after trhe founder of the KKK thinks race is important.

Grumplestiltskin thinks Mexicans are some kinda sub-race:

What is their motto? I’ll refresh your memory:“For those of the Race, everything. For those not of the Race, nothing.”
“Hispanic” is _more than_ ethnicity. Like those who cannot see the forest from the trees, we are seeing human evolution at work right before our eyes. For roughly the last 500 years, we have been seeing the emergence of a new “sub-racial” category: Hispanics.
They didn’t exist before the discovery of The New World. But they certainly exist now.
And (again, “La Raza”) they certainly and obviously have their own identity and consciousness.Just sayin’..

Grumplestiltskin again, quoting someone else:

A very interesting quote I saw right here on FR, NOT written by me:

“Ultimately a Conservative must either be a racial nationalist or cease being a conservative.The only logical reason for conservatism is to preserve a genetic entity, a race, or a nation, intact - all other reasons given are mere circumlocutions.”

Just circumlocuting... :)

If by interesting you mean "white supremecist"

I see my hands hides behind sarcasm:

Everything in the universe is different than everything else. Except races and their cultures.
They are all the same save for meaningless appearance. White, black. brown, yellow. red.. all the same. It's only circumstance that differentiates them, nothing biological.

Either that or it's one big PC death spiral lie. And if it is one big PC death spiral lie then that truth cannot be spoken. Death before honesty. We deserve to die, and will

The clue he means the PC death spiral thing is how he conflates race and culture.

re_nortex is not happy about how Mexicans all hate America:

We patronize their restaurants, eat their food, buy their beers (Dos Equis, Corona and the rest), bend over backwards to try to educate their kids, watch their television programs (Sabado Gigante) and even celebrate their holidays with all of the fuss over Cinco de Mayo.
And what have we gotten in return from the Mexicans who live here in the United States? A soaring crime rate, a predictable voting bloc for socialism, a defiant flying of the Mexican flag in our country and a brazen refusal to to learn and speak English. While there are Mexicans who have adapted to our culture and values, they are but a tiny minority of the lot (one of whom is a very close friend of mine).

dragnet2 doesn't want to be a member of this club anymore, now that they're allowing Mexicans.

The brutal truth is, it's people like Bush and Perry who've turned the U.S.
into a 3rd world country, and made American citizenship all but pointless.

More Chris Christie

Christie continues to dicker about the Presidency. It would liven up the debates, if nothing else. Freepers are split.

That's amazing. This guy's only big thing is he hates unions and funding schools. He doesn't hate Muslims, is pro-gun control, is one of the few Republican governors not to oppose Obamacare in courts.

If Freepers are looking seriously at this guy, they must hate their current candidates.

aruanan knows Christie's dithering is different than a certain Palin's dithering:

Right. Both Christie and Palin are indecisive. Not endearing qualities for the Presidency.

That Palin isn't as hasty as you want her to be doesn't make her "indecisive" any more than not having sex on the first date makes someone a tease or a prude.

ZULU is kind of a fan:

Pro-Muslim, anti-gun, pro-illegals, opposed to offshore drilling, unwilling to fight Obamacare in the Courts, doesn’t understand free speech or legitimate dissent ?
Sure Christie - run. You’ll suck the air away from Romney and maybe Perry and split the RINO herd.
That will assure a conservative gets nominated

AuH2ORepublican likes the guy:

Who told you that Gov. Christie is not pro-life or that he is pro-same-sex-marriage? Christie obviously isn’t a perfect conservative, but he has been strongly pro-life as governor and has been a firm opponent of same-sex marriage.

TomasUSMC did not take kindly to Christie saying he needs to feel passionately if he wants to run:

Fatso better figure out that a Patriot doesn’t wait for passion to bloom in his heart, to go and serve his Country.
My Grandfather had no passion in his heart to go fight Germans, but when his Country needed him - he went.
My Father had no passion to fight Japanese in the jungle - but when his Country needed him - he went.
I ...Well heck, I wanted to be a Marine since I could piss


all except Romney.....The sooner he’s out of Washington politics the
happier I’ll be.

Heh. This is such an awesome primary season.

caww also thinks this is all some kind of gambit to keep Democrats confused:

...I am of the mind Christie, Palin, Newt and maybe even Trump and others are all doing this gig of keeping the GoP wondering as much as the Democrates...that the “one” won’t really be known until they are all ready to make that known.

Maybe this is all a tactic to keep the Democrates and Gop running in circles. Playing out the democrates before they even have a chance to get Obama off the ground

Zulu uncovers Communist ties, but af_vet_1981 thinks Christie is fine:

Christie REFUSED to participate in the suit against Obamacare. [you do realize he is Governor of New Jersey; not exactly a state for conservatives]

He was the ONLY Republican to attend a dinner in honor of the Red Chinese Ambassador hosted by Obama. Many OTHER Republicans were invited but refused to attend. [hmmm, I thought China hating went out with Nixon/Kissinger]

leader Anwar al-Awlaki has been killed in Yemen

Preliminary Freeper reactions to another Al Queda guy getting killed while evil Muslim Obama is in office. Well, reactions other than (I hope his 72 virgins are all Pigs! LOL WOOHOOO!)

healy61 wants more blood - go after Al-Awlaki's innocent father, too!

His father was a Fulbright scholar. He conducted a prayer service for muslims in the US Capitol in 2002. He was convicted twice for soliciting prostitutes. He got a $20000. scholarship under a false SS number. Killing him is only the beginning of the solution to our homeland problems. His family should be so honorably killed.
Straight Vermonter knows the terrorists judge Obama for this:

It better not come out that he was killed by the US or Obama is in a world
of trouble

BillM notes this guy was born in America, and Obama targeted him for killing. This is an issue. But Freepers will just use this as proof Obama's a dictator:

Doesn't anyone in America have a small problem with the fact that many US soldiersand Marines were prosecuted and/or court marshaled for shooting Iraqis in the middle of a war? Apparently if the POTUS kills people it is ok?

I love the fact that this was done. I hate the fact that America prosecutes the soldiers and lauds the dictator (Obama).

treetopsandroofs thinks killing Al Queda's leaders is appeasing them:

The going cost of the last “gutsy decision” was 25 SEALs.
Hussein won’t hesitate to pay it again to appease his terrorist buddies.

Wait, I get it, he thinks the Navy SEALS that were killed in the helicopter crash was to pay off al Queda! Welcome to crazytown!

lwoodham has his tin-foil ready:

I am not sure i believe this. I mean here we have an islamic favoring
president desperately needing a boost in the polls and we have an islamic
terrorist needing to disappear and take the heat off himself. No pictures and no
proof to the public for confirmation. Sound familiar?

Obama: when he kills terrorists, it's just more proof he's working with them and faking their deaths!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Janeane Garofalo: Racist Republicans Support Herman Cain

Some recent conservative comenters on this very blog have been hitting the 'Herman Cain!' argument against Tea Party racism.

I think the Tea Party is too multifarious to be racist as a whole, but the idea that having a black friend means you can't be racist is so debunked as to be cliche. Yet that seems to be Herman Cain's main benefit for Freepers.

Witness their reaction to Janeane Garofalo saying liking Cain does not make you Mr. Diversity:

pgkdan basically makes the "some of my best friends" argument.

Oh shoot. My cover is blown! She's figured me out. I have black friends and support Herman Cain because I'm a racist!
RoosterRedux is telepathic:

Simple projection by Garofalo. She believes everyone is racist because, consciously or unconsciously, she knows she is herself a racist.
MrB notes that racists actually support Obama :

Racists whites supporting a black American to be President. Sure; we follow that logic!!!

That’s exactly what happened in 2008.

brownsfan builds a nice and flmsy strawman.

Wow, talk about spinning hard. So, her “logic” is:
Since the Republicans aren’t showing racism towards Herman Cain, THAT, in and of itself, proves just how racist Republicans are.
I’m literally shaking my head thinking about the twisted, thrashing mind that comes up with such a thing.

GrandJediMasterYoda forgot the Southern Strategy, and the last 30 years, really.

80% of Repubs voted in favor of the Civil rights act of 1964 as compared to 60% of Democrats. Also it was Ronald Reagan who made Martin Luther King Jrs birthday a National holiday. Tell me again Janeane Barf-olo how racist Repubs are.
papertyger gets a LOT of affirmation for restating that The Powers that Be love all thigns Evil, and hate the Tea Party.

One has to wonder why the Tea Party has TPTB pissing their pants, while they cheerfully ignore every radical, panther, muslim, and pervert.

Conservative white males - underdog or bust!

BuckeyeTexan logged on to say:

Evil b*tch.


We know Freepers are not fans of giving women the vote. So I suppose the sexual revolution is not good in their book. But women being free to get jobs, sex for pleasure, marriage for love, all these things are pretty popular. So Freepers get all angry, but keep it unclear as to why:

yldstrk rails against drinking, smoking, and adultery!

This country badly needs divorce reform so that people cannot commit to serial monogamy as a way of life
One husband to one wife needs to become the ideal.
The idea that “it’s all good” needs to stop. Drug use/abuse is not good. Smoking cigarettes is not good. Alcoholism is not good. Sex outside of marriage is not good. Friends with benefits is not good.

Serial monogamy? That's a thing?

yldstrk puts on his monocle and follows up with a comment about the Kinsey sex study:

Upon my word, that is completely revolting and disgusting.

ken21 knows who to blame!

fdr on steroids.

?? I mean, I guess he cheated on his wife, but...???

ctdonath2 doubles down on not making sense:

It’s not a revolution, it’s a marketing strategy.

Emerson C brings the history!

In the early days of that Bolshevik regime, sex was ‘liberated’, divorce by demand, contraception and abortion on demand, homosexuality deciminalized. By 1929 the Soviet Union became the hardest place in the world to get a divorce. In 1932, homosexuality was recriminalized as ‘social menace’. In 1936, abortion was outlawed and access to contraception became more restricted. Why did the Soviet regime do this? Was it because their leaders had starting reading the Bible, or reading Papal Encyclical letters? No, they simply realized that (apart from the ravages of Marxist ‘economics’) Russian society faced total demographic collapse.
Just as obscure theses are now written about the Mattachine movement in France in the 18th Century, so we will see, at the end of the 21st Century books will be wriiten about the rise and fall of the gay movement.

Wow, that correlation has convinced me - sexual freedom comes at such a price! It's amazing America has survived this long!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

the White House is taking health reform straight to Supreme Court

The Obama administration has not petitioned for rehearing after the 11th Circuit struck down Obamacare, paving the way for an appeal to go straight to the Supreme Court. Legal theorists are split as to reasons, and so are Freepers.

lovesdogs has found the secret plan:

If you dig deep into the comments, you find a little nugget about oboycare that might put a bite on paychecks prior the election that the regime might want to avoid, even up to and including the scuttling of their flagship cause

verga knows the legal issues will take a back seat to Chief Justice Robert's revenge!

Chief Justice Roberst has an axe to grind over the State of the Union speech. Since the 11th has already ruled against it. Roberst can just ignore obozo andnot take it up. If on the other hand he was 100% dertain of Kennedy’s vote then he would take it up jsut to slap obozo

Safrguns sees Obama paving the way to reelection or martial law - Obama's endgame!

Obama knows that his health care bill is doomed to fail one way or another... there is no way to avoid it.
He also knows it is the one key element which is choking this economy to a much quicker death than he anticipated.
It is my belief that Obama is prepared to lose in the Supreme Court to collect on the resulting bounty of an economy bursting back to life just before the election.
If however the Supreme Court rules in his favor, there will be an outcry across this country the likes that nobody has seen in their lifetimes. Such a ruling to uphold Obamacare could easily throw us over the edge of the cliff, giving Obama everything he needs to intall martial law and complete his “Fundamental Transformation”.
Such a scenario could even delay or suspend the 2012 elections.
This is easy... its Obama’s end game. A win - win for him

Future Useless Eater thinks the Court upholding the status quo would mean we're in a dictatorship. A secret dictatorship.

ObamaCare granted SO MANY NEW HIDDEN POWERS to the various cabinet 'secretaries' (who all report to the president), that we will essentially have a dictatorship at that point.
Bonus: read the thread for Freepers getting hilariously tangled in Federal Appellate procedure when they ask what would happen if the Supreme Court doesn't take up the case.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I was into Morgan before he sold out

Alas, I somehow missed the whole Morgan Freeman hate-on (he said the Tea Party was motivated by racism.) On the plus side, though, catching it just as the rage dies down lets me see how much Freepers resemble hipsters:

Gen.Blather is so over TV!

I gave up all TV and movies during the OJ trial. TV and movies disgust me; not generally because of the plot, but because of what I know about the actor’s political views. I don’t want to support them in any way.
Loyal Sedition has been boycotting Morgan since, like, forever!

A touchy-feeley movie about a poor dolphin that lost it’s tail du to evil fishermen?
Nothing would convince me to see it in any case, I prefer my tuna with some dolphin in it, like it had in the good old days!
As for MF, I’ve been boycotting anything with him in it for LONG time, you are late to the party.
ALPAPilot is way beyond movies:

I dread going to movies. My wife and kids occasionally drag me along and I go to hang out with them. I can’t remember a movie that I thought was decent in the last five years.

As for T.V. aside from some reality shows (idol, so you think you can dance, pawn stars, american pickers) the sit-coms and other productions are unwatchable.

Hmmm, the reality TV thing only works ironically...

CaptainAmiigaf is getting a bit pissy about all the STUPIDITY:

Being a certified BIGOT, I judge people sort of like you do. I will continue to re-watch many movies featuring idiots like Freeman, Glover, Baldwin, made BEFORE they let us know of their proud idiocy. However, I will watch NOTHING made by them since, nor will I support any product they hype, no organization they support.

I just cannot bring myself to abide STUPIDITY.

Aaand that's all I got on that. The rest is all racism and rage at being called racist:

DH makes this amazing statement:

Why would you be shocked.....he’s black and he’s a racist.

Stereotyping that blacks are racist...This shit goes deep.

Gargantua goes deeper:

After "The Shawshank Redemption" I was convinced that Morgan Freeman was one of my favorite actors ever. Now, after his shameless race baiting bullsh't tirade, I will never watch another thing which he has any part in, including TV commercials or any show/movie he produces.

Like far too many American blacks, he's among the worst racist bastards alive today, using solely the fact that he's black as an excuse to exacerbate racial tensions in a Nation that was well on its way to healing the same before Bukkaki O'Bunghole was elected, becoming our worst president ever.

Freeman is a racist, a Commie, and a venal sphincter who's willing to watch this Nation burn just to keep his "boy" in the White House.
There is no more despicable filth than this wanton, sociopathic puke.

I think that avoiding commercials thing may be impractical.

Also: "Blacks - the worst racist bastards today. Also, I will call Obama 'Boy' in the same post."

LibLieSlayer seems to assume the Tea Party is all whites.

He is a racist POS... he is from Mississippi... my HOME! Like so many successful blacks that have gained fame with the love and support of whites... he hates us in return for it. FU morgan... you pedophile punk a$$ed b!tch!
I love the FU - Freepers are so proud they don't curse like in DU! Because the best rules are followed only legalistically!

OldMissileer is boycotting Dolphin Tail 'cause Hollywood doesn't allow white heroes.

I am boycotting the thing because Hollywood refuses to show any truth.
The real tail was developed by two white men but they have to put ol’ Morgan in to try to tell us whites are not allowed to be heroes.
antivenom has this whole rage-guilt cycle down:

More black run America served up by the liberal machine ( Hollywood) for YT to gobble distorted keep black rage and white guilt alive.
White guilt depends on black rage and liberalism spoon fed to YT in seemingly innocent methods.
Just like how the Iwo Jima like monument that was going to depict the fire fighters raising the flag at 911 rubble... Got nixed because the black rage and liberals wanted to re-invent the facts and insert a non existent black into the flag raising event that horrific day.
Rewriting white history to quell black anger that has been rising up since the 70s is another reason our country is spiraling into decline....
Continuing to pretend that blacks contribute to science is just more fodder for the fools, white guilt ridden fools....

Continuing to pretend that blacks contribute to science
Continuing to pretend that blacks contribute to science
Continuing to pretend that blacks contribute to science

This is so racist, I can't stop re-reading it.

jtal figures Freeman is so racist he thinks the Civil War was about slavery!

I can’t express the disappointment I felt when visiting Gettysburg last summer to find that the introductory film was narrated by ... Morgan Freeman. So much for any semblance of balance or subtlety in the discussion of the complex factors leading to the war.
Nope, it was pretty much Evil Slaveholders vs. The Good Guys
Rashputin knows the inside story!

Freeman was on the outs with the Hollywood crowd due to calling Black History month stupid.

My guess is that he deliberately ran his mouth this way to get back in the good graces of “the right people”.

Josa knows a boycott by Freepers will bring Hollywood to it's knees!

I can no longer “suspend belief” with certain actors after hearing them bash conservatives and the Tea Party. Why would I give them money so they can then turn around and use it to support liberal poltiicans and causes?

I say let the liberals support all the movies. Movie star salaries will start to plummet pretty soon.

Tyler Perry may want a word with you...

liberalcide1 somehow, magically, blames Obama:

Freeman is doing what Obama wants him to do—fanning the flames of racism.

Obama can't actually say these things himself without revealing what a phony racist he is so he has instructed his friend Freeman to do it for him and Freeman is
stupid enough to oblige.

Shut 'er down!

Freepers are still super excited about shutting the government down, poll saying the political consequences redound to the GOP bedamned!

esoxmagnum rejects the premise that a government shutdown would be bad:

I as a conservative would neither blame the dems nor the repubs. There is no blame to go around. Blame is for when something is wrong, and there is nothing wrong with shutting down the gub’mint when it is out of money.
I wonder what the result would be if they asked “Who should be praised more for the shut down of the wasteful government? The dems or the republicans?”

SolidRedState prefers to discount the messenger:

I say the Poll is BS. Mostly libs, Dims, Rinos, dips, dweebs, press and
foreigners surveyed.
FlingWingFlyer takes the tactic of constraining the electorate to Freepers and then...profit?

AMERICANS wouldn't blame the Republicans. Those freakin' idiots who moved here from somewhere else looking for freebies and handouts would. Americans have to pay taxes. They want the damn government shut down so they won't be able to give out freebies and handouts to the morons who crawled out of a sewer to come here.
pallis doesn't care:

I don’t care. We are a nation held hostage to government shutdowns by the lying Democrats. Don’t give in to the terrorists.
LibFreeUSA uses an unfortunate metaphor:

If its pre-ordained that the blame will be on the Republicans, well then,

The Congressional Black Caucus is gonna riot some honkies

Obama gave a speech to the CBC. The transcript looks like the usual Obama 'I'm totally with you guys' speech he gives so well. This time he threw in some civil rights allusions. Among those were 'Take off you bedroom slippers' and 'put on your marching shoes.'

Freepers know what that secretly means! Obama is telling his army of congresspeople to riot!! Well, prepare to riot. Soon. I mean, its a gathering threat!

Texas resident digs out some old chestnuts.

obama is starting to sound a lot like van jones.
Van Jones preaches violent revolution to take back what is “rightfully” theirs. Now baraq is trying to fire
up his base and the followers of jones and rev. wright.

Probably going to be a lot of historic firsts with baraq.

Mmm Rev. Wright! The Chickens are coming home to roost, I tells ya!

Hacklehead doesn't get metaphor or rhetoric, but does remember some racially selective news stories!

“Obama tells blacks to ‘stop complainin’ and fight”
More flash mob attacks against honkeys?
baddog 219 knows this was Obama killing the Republic:

“It sounded like he was attempting to start a riot.”

Oh yes, that is the only way he will get his second term, he is constructing the civilian army that he talked about. With the blacks and the unions ruling the streets,The Republic is dead. It's time to prepare.... Buy more ammo... Teach your children how to properly handle and shoot a gun. Stock up on food. It's going to be nasty very soon

Pigsley knows the "boots" thing in DC is Obama sending the secret signal to all the cities everywhere!

Riot? Why, did sound like he's laying the groundwork. All that fab Organizing he did in the glory days is suddenly being put into play again.

I don't know when this is going to start, or what will set it off, but it sure feels as if a lot of *cough* social unrest is going to boil over.

My guess is the latest date will be election night 2012 if anybody other than Obama or Herman Cain wins. (To be clear, I am a fan of Herman Cain...I want he or Christie to be our guy.)

The underclass black in the inner cities are going to be so riled up by this creep in the WH and they will be experiencing the reduced “services” brought to us by bankrupt local/state gvts. Oakland, Chi, Philly, New Orleans, etc. This group is going to blow pretty quick here...Might be before Nov. 2012...Just needs a little spark, and who knows what that will be.

I'm actually surprised some big riots didn't break out over the execution of that "innocent" cop killer.

The decay and dependency in the inner cities has got to be addressed. Time to clean up those cess pools.

"Time to clean up those cess pools?" Yeah, a bit less psycho-vigilante, please!

SueRae knows only blacks wear slippers:

I think it was the most insulting speech he has ever made...”Take off you bedroom slippers”???????? WTF???? Talk about stereotyping...If I were in that audience and he referred to me that way I would be MORE than incensed. Is he implying that these people are sitting in front of their TV’s all day in bathrobes, watching daytime soaps and eating bonbons?
Those CBC guys always respond to racism!

Tax-chick saw a picture! Time for fashion criticism!

Why are the ladies all wearing the same sleeveless black dress? (Are we allowed to say “black dress”?) Is it a uniform that’s required for Obama appearances?
varon analyzes and analyzes till he gets to Mao:

So, the president is calling for his people to march, which to many means "take to the streets" as is and has been done by people living under oppressive governments or regimes to protest and call for changes.

Since Obama is the head of state, I highly doubt he's calling on his people to take to the streets against him as he claims to be a victim as well. So, who is he calling his people to march and rise against?

Well, anyone having paid attention to his public utterances should easily identify the targets and they are, billionaires, millionaires, jet owners, well to do upper middle class achievers, business owners and anyone else of accomplishment. In his speech I heard a muted call for a movement akin to China's Cultural Revolution.

Compare and Contrast

Let us compare and contrast Bibi Netanyahu praising Obama with B. Hussein Obama vetoing Palestinian statehood:

Christian Engineer Mass knows what Netanyahu is thinking, so what he's saying doesn't matter:

It's called diplomacy. Peace in our time. Of course. He HAS to respond that
way. Would you really expect the sitting PM to say "actually I think Obama's
been a little b***h" Um, no.
ditto newfreep with Obama:

Perhaps Barry was doing his “I’ll say anything to regain the Jewish vote”
routine and the PA was given a heads-up. The PA knows the true heart of Barry
the Mooslum.
FlingWingFlyer knows Netanyahu was coerced and doesn't mean it

I imagine the Obama regime made him some kind of offer he couldn’t
hinckley buzzard sees Obama also bowing to political pressure, and secretly thinks otherwise:

That's what he gets for taking sides against Israel for all this time, only to have to submit to political reality at this late date.
Simple f*er needs to get some humility and ditch his dreams of islamofascist grandeur.

DainBramage thinks Netanyahu praising Obama kills his cred with the Muslims:

I think its funny! The Arabs consider him an Israeli agent each time Bibi does this.
Obamma is sitting in his golf cart going "shut the hell up Bibi...enough already, youre making me look non muslim!"
mojito knows Obama is a Muslim lying in wait no matter what he does:

Barry remains a Muslim, of that I have no doubt. And it pained him, truly, to have to make nice with Netanyahu.
But even more than Barry loves his Muslim brothers, he loves himself and wants to be reelected. And in the wake of NY-9 and former NYC Mayor Ed Koch's pledge to campaign against him in NY and FL
if he didn't stop with the Israel bashing, Barry simply read the writing on the wall.
President Taqiyya will have to wait for another day to get the Israelis.

KittyKares blames Obama for Netanyahu's praising Obama:

I am in the camp that believes Netanyahu spoke positively about Obama to protect Israel from any retribution.
And who knows, maybe Obama even strongly suggested that he would help Israel at the UN if Netanyahu would speak well of him in the US.
Wordkraft thinks Obama is not responsible for anything Obama says:

Zero doesn’t know or remember what he said today. He just read the script put in front of him. If somebody had substituted the phone book for his speech the dummy would still be talking.
He is a parrot.
Cyber Liberty thinks Netanyahu didn't mean it, and wasn't frightened, just worried about how evil Obama is:

I don't think "frightened" is the word I'd use ("concerned" would be my word), but he knows as well as you and me Obama's propensity for punishing people he doesn't like, in the Chicago way.
sanjuanbob knows Obama was being dishonest and is therefore not his own man:

An absolute weakling fraud. Dishonest to his own feelings and rotten to the

he isn’t his own man but we the public are the benefactors

PrairieLady2 looks at the facial expression and divines the truth:

Bibi wears a very pleased look on his face as he says what he says, and Bams looks like he’s very pleased with the praise, like his ego was thoroughly and properly stroked. He looks proud.
Sometimes one can draw more flies with honey than with vinegar. Perhaps this is what Bibi was doing, who knows the heart of a man but G-d? If it’s effective, it serves it’s purpose.
Bibi seems to be a very gracious man.

jagusafr realizes if he doesn't think too hard, anything Obama does can reflect badly on Obama:

Well, at least he’s an equal opportunity backstabber...

Monday, September 26, 2011

Obama the sexist

Some women have complained they were frozen out in the early Obama administration. They now dispute their quotes, but at least one was caught on tape saying there was a hostile work environment.

An old boys network in politics? I am not surprised. Just look at how Congressmen treat their wives.

Freepers, though, not only are sure Obama was behind it all, but also find evidence of Obama's various brands of evil:

DesertRhino knows commies are all sexists:

This is 100% typical of every communist movement that has ever existed. Lots of talk about liberating women,,then treat em like crap once in power. Soviets, Pol Pot, the VC, Mao, hugo, Fidel and Che’,, Bill Ayers and weather underground, the Sandinistas, the Norks.
Add in the muslim influence and it makes even more sense.
Hmm, it's almost as if revolutionary dictators are kinda sexist! As for Ayers and the Weather Underground, I think he's just making shit up.

concerned about politics agrees, and has some facts about that fag Marx you won't find in wikipedia!

Marx believed the woman should be used to work and breed, and the men
should stay home and have sex with each other, and young boys if they
chose.They've made a lot of progress over the years.
FreeAtlanta thinks it's just that Obama's gay:

That’s because he doesn’t like women. Neither does Reggie Love.... if you know what I mean.
Yay, rumormongering!

okie01 knows what this sexism means:

Notice how Michelle usually walks behind The Won. Observe how she often flies on
a separate plane.
Plus, how he is reported to treat female staffers.
Just maybe, he's a practicing Muslim.

GiovannaNicoletta lives in a world where everyone knows Obama is an evil Muslim:

These women choose to work for a Muslim whose "holy" book tells him that the majority of people in hell will be women and whose culture forces women to walk around under blankets and be married off to adult men at the age of seven and then are surprised when they are marginalized and shut out of everything but housekeeper scheduling duties?
It's very difficult if not impossible to take these women seriously. What did they expect?
ohioWfan sums it up - Obama is everything bad, so sexism makes sense:

Oh, Obama deserves this criticism alright.
He thinks of no one except himself. What makes you think he treats (or has his lackeys treat) women well?
He's a misogynist, just like he's a racist, an elitist, and an all around creepy person.

Freepers count their chickens.

Obama is weak. The pollsshow this. The economy is bad, his base is disapointed, and his opposition incredibly motivated. Freepers, therefore, forget how weak their slate of crazies and not-cazy-enoughs is, and that a year is forever in politics, and just declare victory.

Many even go so far as predicting Obama won't make it to reelection:

sunmars knows Obama will soon quit:

If he’s at 36% heading into another recession like they are calling it this
morning, he’ll quit soon, i can see him getting out of the kitchen.
dandiegirl thinks the scandles will bring him down.

With all the scandals finally being exposed with no telling how much more
that hasn’t come out yet, his second term may well include a trial for
impeachment and likely both houses will be full of Republicans. Love to see him
and his ilk in jail. I’m looking for the BC to be pronounced a forgery. That
would get rid of him tomorrow if the dems really wanted to.
StAnDeliver thinks Obama has been planning to quit:

the GOP nom (Romney Perry Palin Christie) is the next President; Bobo
doesn't want the job without a compliant Congress, he saw the Writing on the
Wall in 2010; I've been saying this for 16 months now and FReepers are starting
to get their mind around the inevitability.

I guess he's hiding it well, then.

Then there are those polls:

FlingWingFlyer mixes up hating Obama with having a grip on reality:

36% is still way too high. I’m really surprised how many people enjoy paying $3.60 for a gallon of gasoline. There are too many people living in this country who have lost their grip on reality.
atc23 knows only blacks like Obama now:

Economist is probably polling the White House staff again.
Out here among the great unwashed, bitter clinging racist millionaires and billionaires it's probably more like 4% approval.
The hand waving photo op last week showing Obama to be the stupidest, most ignorant, mouth breathing, club footed hillbilly ever to be elected president really just did it for me. I wash my hands of this drooling Cletus.

Junior_G knows why poeple voted for Obama - cause it was cool, man!

I believe we may have reached the long-awaited tipping point where—all other
issues aside—it is no longer “cool” to support Barack Obama. When/if that is
happening, Obama stands to lose a large chunk of his most moronic

patriciaruth makes up some numbers:

It was once stated that the biased media cause a 17 point skew in election and poll results.
Taking that as a base, then Bush’s lowest rating would have been 39% and Obama’s current rating would be 19%, if we had unbiased media.
Flint predicts tyranny:

If it goes below 35% look out. He will be desperate and there is no telling what
kind of executive orders he’ll start signing as the flying monkeys that surround
him start to panic also.

The Christie Boomlet

Christie is too RINO for Freepers. Well, to be fair, they remain off the market, heart set on their Prince(ss) Charming, whom they are sure is waiting in the wings.

Staff Of Moses thinks unions hating and bombast aren't enough:

Bring on the gun grabbing , global warming believing , loud mouth. He won’t
make it out of NH with his leftist beliefs on everything but fiscal

Well, so much for fiscal conservative.

IbJensen denotes another of his crimes:

He likes mudslimes too.

Well, mudslime doesn't sound too...Ohhh, Muslims! Hilarious nickname, bro!

MinuteGal has a uniquely content-free, litmus test

I wouldn't vote for ANYONE running for the presidency from the original
thirteen colonies, the Cradle of, oops, um....the Rocking Chair
of Liberalism, Socialism and Snobbism....and the wholly-owned subsidiary of the
Democrat Party.

I suspect this attitude is depressingly common in the south. Though to be fair, I know I've seen it in the reverse (i.e. no one from the uneducated South)

parksstp knows what would be a hoot:

Lol, Palin should find out what day Christie would announce and jump in the
same day.

WVNan outlines the anti-Palin conspiracy:

One thing we all need to be clear on. The moneyed Republicans are not looking
for a candidate who can beat obama.

They are looking for a candidate who can beat Palin. Simple as that.

They are absolutely terrified of her and they know that there is not yet a candidate in the race who can beat her.

They thought Perry was the one, but he’s turned out to be a dud.

So now they have to go beat the bushes and try to find anyone who they think can keep her out of the race, and they are willing to pay the big bucks to buy that candidate.

Awesome, now if you only figure out a motive, you're all set for the tin-foil brigades!

CondoleezzaProtege is super confident:

bring it on. Palin’s ready to take all of em on and WIN! Christie can feel free to join the dull debates in October while Palin wows the world leaders at the global business conference she’ll be attending in South Korea...she still has time to make her announcement and no one can steal the thunder that will come with it.

Freepers may have their spats, but they will always return to Their Sarah.

Why does antisemitism exist?

Random thoughts by Freepers on Jews and antisemitism:

mamelukesabre on the Jewish divided government conspiracy:

They are terrified of government sanctioned anti-semitism and a unified population loyal to that government. Therefore they will support any party that will divide the people and keep them bickering.

The day that the left and socialism achieves dominance and unity and the right becomes fractured and powerless, the jews will switch loyalty to the right.

ottbmare knows antisemitism is more evil than your run-of-the-mill bigotry:
Satan urges people to act in the most vile and cruel of ways. God loves the Jewish people, whom He has chosen to preserve His Word and to give us His Son.

As Scripture tells us, they are to be a blessing to the whole world. So naturally Satan attacks them, and corrupts Gentiles in the process.
laweeks reminds us that antisemitism is a partisan issue:

Going back to Carter, Bill and Hitlery Clinton, and this Kenyon-born asshat, the democratic party could not be any more anti-Semitic than they are. Why the hell the American Jews have any use for these morons and keep voting for them is beyond me.

Absolutely Nobama must be awesome at family reunions:

I ask that of my Jewish relatives every time I’m forced to go to a family function.

Most of them think Franklin Dictator Roosevelt is still alive and still fighting Hitler.

Marie, a Jewish convert, analyzes Jewish populations.

The thing that struck us was the attitude. It was remarkably different between the converts (gentle, loving, enthusiastic), the Israeli’s (calm, accepting) and the born-Jews who were not Israelis (vicious, critical, defensive, snobbish).

The way one Israeli woman explained it was that the born-Jews had a victim mentality. The Israelis were conquers who had nothing to prove.

loving Israelis while having contempt for American Jews does split the difference elegantly. Till they actually meet Israelis and realize how liberal they are.

Monday potpourri.

bgill has proven Obama is using the stimulus to launder money to himself:

It’s been said that Moochelle lost her law license due to clients involved in money laundering. Barry grew up learning the trade.
Then there was that report last year that they were on a list of high powered people who had secret bank accounts overseas.
I’ve long suspected much of the rush to pass the stimulus hooey was merely a means of transferring $$$$$ into his accounts.

itsahoot has disqualified any Republican who debates the others:
These shows are not debates, they are "Turkey Shoots" any idiot that participates in them is not worthy to be president.
ilovesarah2012 and his like are gonna make this election awesome:

I don’t care if the Pope is his running mate, I will never vote for Romney.

HiTech RedNeck gets a bit personal with a fellow Freeper:

You heckle like your father, Satan.

traditional1 takes a hardline about legislation by non-Republican held branches of government:
NO GOOD can come of ANY Legislation that passes THIS Senate and THIS POTUS.
Red_Devil 232 knows Obama is just not black enough:

Maxine just can’t come to the realization that Obambi is not as Black as she is and he does not have that perpetual “Black Attitude”!

Diogenesis is pissed at how unscientific Obama voters are(?)

Elections MATTER.

America chose its own destruction, not SPACE.

America chose slavery of its children for the 57 States of
the undocumented Imam Barak Hussein, and not SCIENCE.

The Imam has said NASA must die in the desert
teaching Moslem how to blow up Western technology in orbit,
and the money? well, that is for more Mosques.

reaganaut knows illegals burn down buildings just for the evil of it:

I know them because I lived surrounded by them for over 6 years (husband’s grandmother’s house). I know them because my mother lives surrounded by them. I know them because I went to school with them.

A gang of illegals moved into the house next door (elderly man)under the guise of taking care of him. He went to a nursing home shortly thereafter and they squatted there until the house was taken for back taxes. They also trashed the house and set fire to it as they left. They then moved across the street to another house whose owner just died. They lived there until the house was foreclosed on. Then they moved a block away to another winter house, they burned that down as they left.

And that is just ONE group/family. I know several others who do or have done the same thing. They even brag about it and there are info sheets on how to find houses to squat in.

Lancey Howard is not a fan of social contracts:

Who signed this “social contract”, and was it properly witnessed and notarized?
Personally, I have never seen a “social contract”.

Of course, maybe “social contract” is just liberalspeak for communism. That’s what it sounds like.

Welp, looks like a hermitage for Lancey!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday Pix

Gotta say, that is a wonderfully exploitative picture of the teenage girl.

Bye-bye Perry. You lost to the Phantom Palin candidacy.

...Did they mean for Obama to look like Thomas Jefferson here?

Yes, Obama is a psycho!

This is the worst finch ever.

Are Freepers saying Obama and Oprah are white trash?

Yeah, when Obama banned Freeping as an activity, that went a bit far.

What is supposed to be going on here?

Stupid Obama, always dressing funny and dancing...

Friday, September 23, 2011

Freepers missing the point.

Elizabeth Warren made a good point about how society is interconnected. You build a factory, you relied on governmental law and fire services, and roads, and education. "There is nobody in this country who got rich on his own — nobody."

Now, that alone does not require there be high taxes, only that taxes themselves are not immoral. Nevertheless, Freepers do not react well to this somewhat elementary point:

Huskrrrr and many, many others just go straight to playground insults:

Hey Egghead, where would Harvard be w/o contributions from the private sector. Get a real job!

y6162 too:
Communist witch
whitedog57 thinks Harvard doesn't pay taxes or give back to the community or something:

By her Harvard logic, WE paid for the roads leading to Harvard and the infrastructure, grow the food they eat, etc.

Why can’t WE have free and unlimited admission to Harvard?

You stupid idiot!

Freepers really do hate them some Harvard these days!

bunkerhill7 kinda makes Warren's point, but doesn't realize it:

My grandparents came from Italy LEGALLY with nothing-
25 years later they built a village block, 2 restaurants, a 100 room hotel and an olive grove estate [in Italy] with cash.
Suck on that onion, you Commie!

And he was his own police force and fireman, used no mail nor roads nor educated workers!

xrmusn takes refuge in madness:

She may have a point here.

However, if the ‘previous’ rich would have blown their fortunes (no matter how they got it) the sons/daughters of the moguls would have been on their own.For example, the modern day Kennedys, Kerrys, etal would have had to start on their own and I seriously doubt that other than drinking and whoring around their life would have been futile.

The LIBS example of a self-made millionaire is someone who was willed 2 million bucks, lost a good portion of it and then continues to call himself a millionaire, and yes, he is a self made millionaire, just started out above the fold.

ridesthemiles is pretty sure that having an educated workforce didn't help him at all:

Note to Ms Warren:

I have owned more than one house at a time, due to an inheritance. I have actually paid more years of property taxes than I have total years myself: I am 71 & have paid out 78 years of taxes. Currently sending year 79 to local county.

I have produced NO children.

Therefore, I have produced NO grandchildren.

I have paid an enormous amount of money to ‘educate’ children with my property taxes monies.

I have never hired anyone for my bookkeeping business—mostly because I never met anyone who had the initiative to put in the hours required to meet deadlines & accuracy standards.

Therefore, Ms Warren, I would like a refund for all the money I paid into the system, which I never got back since I didn’t hire anyone.

" I never met anyone who had the initiative to put in the hours required to meet deadlines & accuracy standards." Why do I feel this guy is just a dick with an inferiority complex? More than most Freepers, even.

eCSMaster flips a reversal:
Sorry Liz, I May call you Liz, right? But you got is bass-ackwards.

If you didn't have companies mining materials, making steel, making cars, making medicines, ..., generating wealth and hiring employees, you wouldn't have those government services.

In fact, you wouldn't have

your own job

so sit down, Liz, shut up and thank capitalism for your own comfortable existence.
That would be devastating, if your two choices were capitalism and abolishing companies. Course Freepers can't tell the difference between raising taxes to 1990s levels and Communism.

Argus loves him some strawmen:

This is a clarifying argument. The liberal Democrats maintain that the wealth of the country rightly belongs to the government, that is to say the permanent ruling class, in other words themselves. They then have the right and responsibility to re-distribute it as they see fit. Those of us who believe that the fruits of our labor should be our own, are their enemies.

Clock King is afeard of such logic:
I know that rage equates to fear, but these people are dangerous. They are types who lead to millions dead in the communist societies, by starvation, death camps, and execution squads.

In defense of booing gay soldiers

We know Freepers hate their 'enemies' more than they love America, for all their patriotic rhetoric. Witness how they're fine with booing a soldier 'cause he's gay - "They were booing the gay part, not the soldier part!"

lbryce thinks the booing was heroic, somehow:
One man's worst moment is another man's finest, most heroic hour.
Well, being an asshole on natural television is kinda bold, I guess.

Ann Archy knows how gays think:

What if he said he’s a PEDOPHILE???? What would be the difference??? He ONLY wants to think about SEX, ANAL SEX!!! They were RIGHT in BOOING! It’s DISGUSTING!

It's amazing how this guy got to be a solider, what with thinking about ANAL SEX!!! all the time.

anton knows the crowd was just being honest:
Honesty is the best policy. Coddling a pervert who incidentally got beat up, fired, served his country, is sick, etc., is polite, but not honest.

These homos need to accept that their actions are sick demented and immoral, not parade their deficiencies as though they were badges of achievement.
central_va sees the military as representing him, so this soldier just turned him gay or something:
We pay their salaries, Every sailor, soldier, airman and/or marine is a representative of our country. The faggot soldier give the wrong impression, that we are weak and effeminate and not serious like the Europeans. It's dangerous. You are dangerous and are probably gay to boot. Heck maybe that was you in the youtube.
Trailerpark Badass:

What if it were a Muslim soldier saying the US military is killing innocent Muslims all over the world?

Am I allowed to boo him?
Erm, no. I can't wait for a Muslim Medal of Honor winner.

bvw knows they were just booing the soldier cause he wasn't really loyal:

One they booing his homosexuality. Two they booed is defiant public defense of immorality. Three they booed his questionable commitment to duty, for by his appearance and question he brought shame upon all.

Despite the sick fads of current society much of morality is still an absolute. Homosexuality is wrong.

The audience would have likewise booed a UN Soldier defending sex with children that was done so that those children could get food.

Mmm, come for the "He brings shame upon all," stay for the "he's kinda like a pedo."

Rick Perry's self-immolation

Rick Perry did spectacularly bad in the debate on Thursday. Landed no good blows on Romney, continuing to sound crazy, and then alienating Freepers by saying "I Don't Think You Have a Heart" if you oppose in-state tuition for children of illegal immigrant.

How quickly they turn:

roses of sharon's heart is broken:

Perry saying we have no heart...breaks my heart.

The GOP is dead, they just don't know it yet.
Brian_Baldwin also plays on the heart thing, but has been reading too much Joseph Conrad or something:
I don’t think I have a heart, either.
You ripped it out Mr. Perry and squashed it in a Aztec ritual to illegal aliens. All you need now is drums in the background, some torches, and such, as folks swing to the song of your Presidential ambitions slowing walking down that trail of tears into a dark jungle.

So the only question now is, can you be Surviorman? Will you eat a grub to survive?
ChildOfThe60s is done with him:

Yer outta here.

His attitude on illegals means he can’t be trusted on *anything*.

GWB screwed us six ways to Sunday. I’m not voting for a repeat performance of those 8 years.

Anyone notice that the lower Obama sinks in the polls, the harder the GOP establishment works to kiss off the next election?

dagogo redux is sure he's been bribed b the drug kingpins:

I can’t help but think that Perry - following in the august footsteps of Clinton, the Bush dynasties, and Obama - was bought off long ago with drug and human trafficking money.

teg_76 knows who to turn to:

Perry’s done. Palin is the only person who can save us from Romney now.

TwoSwords agrees:

I think the Palin/Cain express just left the station.

fluffdaddy has an interesting spiritual opinion:

Perry’s no savior, but Romney is, in fact, the Devil.

reaganaut disagrees...sorta.

Romney ain’t the Devil.

Maybe not, but he is one of his minions. And even wears an apron that signifies Lucifer’s ‘priesthood’ in certain religious ceremonies (I have firsthand knowledge of that).

No thanks, I’ll pass. Never Romney.

gaijin also turns to Romney now that Perry is done:

Exactly...! I cannot wait to NOT vote for Romney..!

I will take NO chance —none— on voting for something who turns out to be even 10% RINO.

Nooooooo way.


Yes, PALIN. Hehehe.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

No need for Reasonable Doubt

Freepers are ritually stoked about Troy Davis receiving the death penalty. With a twenty year old case, I guess they can't work up their usual glee, but they still have their grim determination to kill, right or wrong. Also, as the NAACP is involved, get ready for racism!

tupac and just about everyone else on the thread are sure this guy is guilty, cause Ann Coulter says so. Hooray, bias!
We agree on that, Ann Coulter knows how to clear it up and make sense. Guilty! Thanks Ann.
I clicked through and her article has numbers I can't find anywhere else. Like 37 eyewitnesses.

Our man in washington is hilarious!

I am disgusted that we put Troy Davis to death tonight.

We should have done it in 1989.

Sarah Barracuda and a number of other freepers think this orchestrated to cause riots:

With liberals its ALWAYS about race, they use it to their advantage so they can have riots, etc..but they don’t give a damn about the black community at all, they just use them for their own agenda. Liberals hate cops so to them what Davis did was a good thing. They see the police as the enemy, they are truly despicable pieces of scum.

bluerose wonders where the white women at:

Disgusting. I see the black loving Kardashian sisters are siding with Davis.

dools0007world has some interesting analysis:

I believe the manic behavior of these anti-death penalty freaks is a subconscious reaction to their pro-abortion zealatry.

politicalmerc brings in the vigilante justice angle:
We here in Atlanta insure the wanna-be Africans who are really Americans that want to tear something up keep that conduct in the West-end ie they get to tear up their own neighbourhoods if they want and then no body will notice.
Happy Rain knows the Death Penalty is needed for civilization:

Only a truly civilized and virtuous society has the moral authority to expect it’s people to obey the law and to expect as well the ultimate justice for violating the ultimate law.
Societies without Capital Punishment or fail to use Capital Punishment in an effective way degenerate.

Europe: degenerate. China has some hope, though.

BO Stinkss had better be trolling.

Even if he didn’t do it, he was guilty of something.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Freepers versus the AARP

Thanks to commenter kidglov3s for pointing out this short but sweet Freeper response to AARP having for older homosexuals"

Missouri gal on the flood of fornication:

AARP is a classic example of a nonprofit which has been taken over by liberal operatives. Look out, America. We are seeing a huge onslaught from the fornication agenda now. The end goal is to flood our culture with pro-fornication nastiness, aimed especially at your kids.

AARP is super important with our culture, and especially with kids:

ZULU lets us know even Churches aren't safe!

They are doing the EXACT SAME THING with mainstream Christian Churches. Like a vicious worm they attack at the top, and seizing the instiutional infrastructure, use it to change the thought processes of the members.
Sacajaweau is too crazy to stay on topic:

We just had a 14 year old homo commit suicide up here in NYS. It's all over the place. My question....why was this kid on facebook or whatever....making himself a target for the bullying. Why didn't his parents keep him off the web??.
Who solicited this kid into the homosexual lifestyle.
Cause solicitation is how gays are made!

George from New England advocates abusing the US mail system:

Take the time to stuff the solicitation, ppd return-address envelope, with stale sandwich meat and other disgusting stuff. Make it weight a lb or more before sealing it.The p.o. will make them pay a premium as it makes it way back there

"No queers in my beloved Corps!"

Too much hilarious DADT wailing for one thread. Here is the other. Now, sit back cause this thread was a gold mine!

Title post by Soothesayer9

GenXteacher knwos the stakes:

A sad day for civilization.

ladyvet knows other rights are soon to come:

Now comes the screaming for partner Bennie's and housing.

huldah1776 may be a bit overdramatic, but not in a gay way:

barf alert doesn’t even come close. Maybe weeping, wailing, tearing our
outer garments and throwing dirt onto our heads while sitting in ashes would
express our sorrow and revulsion.

ICE-FLYER. Hahaha.

The LYING SOB in the White House and former secretary GAYtes did this to ous with a lame duck Congress. They leid and lied and lied about the subvject its impact and more. Its the sickest injustice as it will be used by gays as proof that they do nto have to PROVE inateness of CHOOSING TO BE GAY which is what most of them claim.

No proof, NOTHING and now even others coming out (pardon the pun) to say they choose. They have won a victory that will most likely never be undone and will be the basis to ruin many good people by when they start to claim falsly that people should be courtmartialed for fictious hate-crimes (Read thought police)

This is a very bad day for America...she is fast fading into the past as a country no more. We used to stand for principles, now we believe the big lie of man-made global warming and the even bigger lie of being born gay and that its NORMAL!

manc has been thinking about this. Hard.

  • Now homo’s can have homo parties in base.Men can wear dresses after work on base.

  • same sex can kiss and hold hands on base.Homo officers will give promotion to their homo.

  • women can buy strap on and both sexes can buy homo mags.

  • men forced to ahve showers with homos acting up.

  • survival training consists of men having to share sleeping bags with other men in cases of hypothermia.

  • the list is endless and this had better be overturned.
Eagles6 forgot DADT let gays serve. Also he is a stupid bigot.

This will inevitably lead to wholesale contamination of the military blood supply. Thousands of legitimate and illegitimate service related aids cases will collapse the system ala clowardbpriven

Nice tin foil at the end there too.

Vor Lady has an interesting "fact:"

My daughter is a former Marine; she told me when she was in the number one crime on her base was homosexual rape. I wonder if the government has a policy for dealing with homosexuals harrassing straights...

Candor7 knows this is prelude to martial law:

I guess I’m going to consider them a hostile occupying force...

You are right......Obama liberal fascism requires a completely ineffective military ultimately turned against our nation’s citizenry.....this is the beginning of the military occupation of America, at the hands of the left.. A gay controlled military culture will fire on American citizens without hesitation or remorse.

LibWhacker on the New Army:

Sending your son off to serve in the military is going to be a lot like sending him off to serve a prison sentence, with organized homosexual gangs preying on the weak and, where gays manage to attain rank in numbers in a unit, forcing those soldiers who don't accede to their sexual demands to do all the most dangerous jobs in war zones.