Monday, June 30, 2008

Freeper Patriotism

So Obama is giving a speech re: patriotism today. I looked at the thread that announced he would give the speech, not the one that discussed the actual speech. And we get a pretty good look at what patriotism means to Freepers.

mc5cents here's patriotism and reflexively posts this guy:

Cause true patriotism comes from killing bad guys.

SECURE AMERICA has some words on the subject. In fact, a list:

Here are things I know about Patriotism, that Obama does not know about

1. It is not issued by the Government.

2. It can not be taken away by
the Government.

3. Being a Political Hack has nothing to do with being a

4. It is much harder and difficult to be a Patriot then to be a
Politician. More personal sacrifice is required.

Personal sacrifice such as shooting people. (ordering others to do so counts).

Dems_R_Losers totally knows how the Liberal Mind:

[I]t will be the usual liberal blather about how “dissent is the
highest form of patriotism” and more garbaage about how the Dear Leader gave up
the chance to work for a white-shoe law firm to become a community organizer,
which shows his TRUE patriotism. I could write this speech right now in about 5

Somehow...I don't think that's how his speech turned out. But since I doubt Mr. Losers will actually hear the speech, I guess that's no biggie.

popdonnelly is kind of a knee-jerk kinda guy:

Leftists have been redefining patriotism for 40 years. If you want to know
who the leftists are, look for who praises Obama’s speech.

Remember this is before the speech has been made! Even saying the speech is well written means you must not be Conservative. That's some good intellectual honesty you got there, Freepers!

Then it gets weird...


Isn't this a little like Hitler giving a speech on tolerance for Jews. oops, I just questioned his patriotism, my bad ...

Yeah, that's a strained Hitler analogy. And then you laugh? I'm confused...

libs_kma isn't helping me on that front:

Equating himself with McCain where patriotism is concerned?
As far as Patriotism goes, Hussein Obama couldn't carry John McCains jockstrap with a dump truck.

With a dump truck? So the idea is that McCain has a Huuuge cock cause his patriotism is so big. Wait, sorry. I mean Patriotism.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Saturday pix

This one guy posts these two pix together all the time.

See, people cheered enthusiastically for Obama, and they cheered enthusiastically for Hitler! Uncanny!

And by people, I mean young women. So the Beatles also = Hitler!

I'm not sure who decided this, but the idea of Obama throwing things under the bus, whenever there is a perceived change of opinions is out in force!

Now that's a patriotic gun! Can't you just here the Battle Hymn of the Republic playing?

Quick! Vote based on the candidates outfits!

John Kerry said something, and someone decided to make him look gay! Hah! So relevant! And witty!
Just goes to show ya, once the Freepers work up a good hate, they can't let it go, even after 4 years.

Exxon: not a problem.

To a Freeper, there is no such thing as pollution, or any other environmental problem! Witness the discussion of the Exxon oil spill. As it turns out, not a problem!

Old Professer wishes we'd just ignored the problem, cause then it woulda gone away:

Well after the botched early attempts at ‘cleanup’ by the local do-gooders and
assorted volunteers from all about; a review was done by some outside biologists
of the beaches and they determined that far greater damage was done by the steam
cleaning operations than by the spilled oil.

The birds suffered the most killoff I suppose but in the scheme of things nature did the majority of the work as the tidal and storm action turned the slick into tar balls much as it does with natural seeps and those that wash ashore get covered with dirt and fall back to the sea.

OldNavyVet remembers the 1950s, and assumes they are about the same as a supertanker.

I went to grade school in Ocean View, Virginia (very near the US Naval base at
Norfolk) from 1941 till 1946, while German submarines were sinking numerous
tankers forming in convoys off Virginia Beach, about thirty miles from Ocean

Oil from those torpedod tankers made its way into Chesapeake Bay and onto the beach at Ocean View.

Oil is hydrocarbon made from organic life forms, and — over a short period of time, perhaps a year — nature took care of that spilled oil. Throughout WW-II, swimmers at Ocean View beach were generally bothered more by jellyfish than oil.

See, oil is a hydrocarbon, so there's no problem! Nature can totally handle it. Which is why I drink jet fuel all the time - it's a hydrocarbon, so my body can totaly handle it.

kellyrae wishes everyone would just chill.

I went on an Alaskan cruise about 5 years ago and we stopped in Valdez for
a half a day. It was the most beautiful spot on our cruise. There was absolutely
no sign of any environmental disaster.

We don’t want to let oil tankers leak all over the place, but one spill, even a big spill, isn’t the end of the world.

There is zero perspective in the environmental wacko brain.

See, if it's pretty, it can't bedamaged! Besides, who cares about a little environmental boo-boo, eh? What could possibly go wrong with that line of thinking?

EyeGuy fnishes us off with his simple logic:
“In His wisdom God made the earth able to clean up our mistakes...”
My major argument against the socialist’s Climate Change scam.

Ah yes, god helps those who sit back and aren't a steward of nature. Sounds like what Jesus would say.

The good old days.

Girl, 14, kills baby at school. Tragic? Yes. But some Freepers see this as a symptom of our immoral, modern time. They yearn for the good times. And by good times, I mean the 1800s.

isrul goes for some old time religion. And justice:
I'd like to punish her with a noose. Stuffing something in the infant's mouth
and then claiming she didn't know it was in the toilet. Yeah. I believe that.
Self centered little demon makes the bad seed look like Shirley Temple in Heidi.
No sympathy or compassion for her.

Dante3 echoes the lack of compassion for this 14 year old.
She should be tried as an adult - for sure she will grow up to be a dangerous

Rehabilitation? Never heard of it! When Dante3 was 14, his sense of maturity and consequences were already completely defined! And by defined, I mean awesome.

EyeGuy gets philosophical. Kinda.

Standards of decency do not evolve.

Our society is not maturing in the sense of becoming more civilized and wise. We are becoming more brutal, coarse, barbaric and perverted. America of 100 years ago was MUCH more civilized.

Ah yes, 100 years ago, when Blacks sat at the back of the bus, women couldn't vote and colonialism was killing many, many people. In other words, the good old days!

MrB goes philosophical as well, but morally:

Everyone has this innate sense of right and wrong - whether they listen to it or
not is a matter of parental training.

Timeouts, Love & Logic, reasoning with a child, not wanting to “break their will”, etc, leads to children with a sense of right and wrong suppressed by their stronger sin nature that enslaves them to their nihilistic tendencies.

"Stronger sin nature" what comes from not breaking a child's will? Damn! That's some serious 1800's thinking there.

Speaking 1800s reasoning, wintertime tells us how it should be for unwed mothers:

Probably because their parents keep it hidden

This is how unwed motherhood should be treated.
The mom should be secluded. There should be a sense of profound shame and sorrow. The baby should be adopted and not aborted.
Forget the baby showers, the free day care at school, the school support groups, the nursing mother’s rooms at school, and the gangs of other girls cooing over the new baby....etc.

Shame! SHAME! That is the only way to treat unwed mothers. And no supporting single mothers neither! SHAAAAME!

But wait! montag813 notes that one must
Take great care with how you treat the mother during pregnancy. It has been
shown that women who have experienced great stress during pregnancy (WWII women during London "blitz" is the largest study done) have had a much higher risk of hormone related abnormalities in the child (hermaphrodism, sex organ deformities in extreme cases, homosexuality is less extreme cases).

This explains all the total gaylords of the 1800s. In fact, I here they were accepted in some places at that time! Better look back to the really old day of the 1700s! That's the ticket!

Thursday, June 26, 2008


So the long awaited Supreme Court Second Amendment decision is at last here. 5-4, Scalia opinion and all the dicta a Freeper could want. Welcome to a case study in Freeper-ology.

NY.SS-Bar9 is a bit overwrought about legal matters.
Tears of joy...

xmission does the expected gloating
NEENER NEENER NEENER to the Brady bunch

I expect he's talking about the Brady Bill, not the sitcom.

MinuteGal celebrates as warranted, but there is a brief slip and lack of the usual optimism about the eternal morning in America:
Hey, Hey, NA NA NA NA.....WE WON!!!!!!!
Praise the Lord and pass the
WHOO HOO!!!!!!!
(, we needed this, whew...)

JackRyanCIA remains paranoid, as per Freeper requirements.
They can't take everything all at once and risk revolution. They will be back
later to confiscate the guns. For that you can be sure and for certain.

chesley goes straight gloom-on-doom.

It's already too late. America was mortally wounded in the 60s, all we can
do is prolong the death throes as long as possible.

Although, if we fixed the immigration problem right, got rid of birth-right citizenship, we could possibly prolong it for your lifetime and mine.

Vote for McCain. He's not good, but he's the best we've got. Which nicely demonstrates what is wrong with America.

Wow, the 60's? What about Reagan? Still, this is a well known neocon trope, that the 1960s were super bad for America. Also note the apocalyptic "America dead in a generation" rhetoric.

More interesting reactions later, but this is a decent catalogue of the knee-jerk Freeper reactions to just about everything.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

RNC Convention Fears

Sometimes I'm not sure which type of crazy Freepers love best, obsessive hate or paranoia. Why not both? When some guy on the internet says he's gonna "shut down" the RNC convention through protest, the Freepers get scared. But angry scared, case all Freepers are Men, even the women.

weegee wonders about the protesters:
Wonder how many rioters coming to America are coming into the country for this
from Canada, England, Germany, France, etc. They should be denied their travel
visas. But the shadow government encourages such rioting.

Wow. First, the idea of European insurgents streaming across to bring down America is pretty crazy. But then the idea of some shadow government weaving RNC convention chaos into it's dastardly plans is also crazy.

Later in the thread, though, weegee is not at all unsure about what types will be protesting the RNC convention:

Just show the Communist Manifesto copies they are selling at their bookstands.
The media has blacked out all Communist involvment in the so called “peace” protests.
Ergo the media is pro-Communist.

But then silverleaf sees weege's commies and raises him a Nazi.

kristallnacht was merely an exercise in free speech

coming soon to a city near you

bert advocates solving the problem in the usual Freeper fashion.

After about a hundred deaths, the problem should dissapate.

And their you have it. Upon the inevitable invasion of the RNC's nominating ritual, after only 100 Eurpoean Communist Nazis are shot, the RNC convention will begin exactly as it should.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Obama's Birth Certificate, yet again.

Freepers yearn for another Rathergate re: Obama's birth certificate. Thus, the conspiracists have been given free reign about ObamaBirthCertificategate, as I call it.

Kevmo has a simple request:
There is one simple way for the candidate to clear up the issue once and for
all: produce for public inspection and objective analysis the paper copy of his
original Hawaiian birth certificate — if one exists. Ordinary citizens are
required to produce one to get a passport or a driver’s license. Surely it’s not
too much to ask from a man who aspires to hold the highest office in the land.

Though somehow, I suspect that there might be another hurdle if Obama releases a paper copy...just a feeling.

Grampa Dave examines the scanned certificate and comes up with some questions:
Why is the certificate # blacked out?
African is not a race!
Where is the indentation of the official seal and the folded marks we have on our valid birth certificates?

Actually, these are good questions, but they are ones that Freepers could answer themselves. Not that they will, as the answer is not the purpose of this little inquiry.

SlowBoat407 sees circles within circles.
I still think it’s a diversion. Somebody wants Obama’s opponents to get all spun
up over the prospect of a falsified birth certificate, and by the time the real
one is produced, we’ve wasted a bunch of time that we could’ve spent fighting
his Marxist agenda.

Whoa! That Obama is a genius, and his agents are EVERYWHERE! Just like the Commies! Oh noes!

nikos1121 will sing us out with a fantasy about the result of this amature detective work:

This is going to get ugly real fast, I can feel it. The first time he’s asked will really be the key on where it goes. And if he lies, (actually he did lie as his autobio says he was born here, the media will zero in on him.

I think the posturing the past few days is in anticipation of this, as he will say that they are attacking him because he’s black.

This could be fastest freefall since Tom Eggleton.

Ladies and gents, hold on to your hats, cause noted expert nikos1121 thinks this is gonna get ugly.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Thatcher: Man enough to Lead

There are some threads where Free Republic's "old timey values" (read: bigotry) are especially evident. To wit: masculinity as leadership, and femininity as wimpiness. In this corner: Maggie Thatcher. In that corner: Gordon Brown

Edgar3 sets the tone:
Lady Thatcher would kick Brown’s ass! What a sniveling weenie.

kittymyrib decides to add a might-makes-right spin to things:
Gordon Brown will never be the man Margaret Thatcher was in her day. In fact,
I’d still bet on her in hand to hand combat with this wuss.

exile adds a troubling Aristocratic air:
Baroness Thatcher is twice the leader “Lady” Brown is.

Cause they're British, get it?

Niteranger68 is too obsessed with Muslims to stay on topic:
Gordon Brown - Muslim houseboy

Listen - I kinda agree with the thesis here -- I give no props to Brown, who apparently decided to blame Thatcher for his problems now. That's pretty weak.

But to describe such lameness as feminine, and to say that women leaders you like are "manly" says quite a bit about how you view women, Freepers.

And Now This Word from Outer Space

Slavery Nostalgia Edition:
With inflation running at over 1 million percent and the murder of political
rivals’ families most would say that it is already a complete failure. However,
the “global community” doesn’t want to hear the solution, return to rule by
those most capable, i.e. the white settlers.

Crazy supplied by Blood of Tyrants

Friday, June 20, 2008

Saturday pix

Bitter, table for 1? Bitter, table for 1?

This nice looking propaganda poster shows how sad Arab children and women are, and how kinda retarded looking western women are.


The lack of sense in this picture makes you stupider just looking at it!

Bush Love

Free Republic posts a thread saying Bush is the next Truman. This leads to much excoriation of truman, and lots of effusive praise of Bush.


Bush is also like few politicians in another respect -- class. The man
embodies dignity, elegance and decorum. Despite the continuous discharge of
attacks against him and his good name, Bush has never responded in kind. He
plays the hand he's been dealt, doing so with unsurpassed class and grace as
only he can, never whining, never complaining, never allowing any grudge to
fester as he goes about his business, carrying out the most stressful job in the
world with unrivaled confidence and optimism, unswayed by the fickle wind of
public opinion.

I agree wholeheartedly - and I am going to miss the President sorely
when he's gone.

Cause when I think Bush, I think dignity.

dalebert has some advanced analysis:

Well Bush is my favorite President ever. I have loved having him for
President even though he was not firm enough on illegals. If Republicans in
congress had been better men things might have gone better. All in all with
what he had to face Bush has done a great job.
Wow! Bush is my favoritist President too!

And what did Bush face? Well, ishabibble has the answer:

President Bush hasn't had a moment's peace since the day he took office.
First, it was the Gore/FL election debacle, and then 9/11 happened. Every single
thing that he has tried to do domestically has been shouted down and derided by
the BDSers and the MSM. He had a good plan for Social Security (my kids are at
the age where they would have benefited greatly) but Bush could not get the
traction.His SCOTUS picks and the elections in France, Germany, and Italy (all
swung to the right) are only two of the things he has done, DESPITE the hatred
and vilification he has endured since Day One. No POTUS has ever had it worse
than President Bush. It's is the major symptom of what is wrong with our
wrong-headed country.

But he sure looked and sounded great yesterday when he
stuck it to the Congress...again! The man does not know the meaning of the term, “lame duck”.

Democrats! Jeez, if it wasn't for the opposition, imagine what Bush could have accomplished! Stupid democracy....

Freepers looove the torture!

I know, they say they only support torture for intelligence reasons, but I see my hands looks at the more cathartic aspects:

Torture him until he talks, then torture him some more. Torture him until
he dies. Let rats and pigs eat his body.
The guy he wants to torture is OBL. Yeah, I'm not a fan of him either, but I don't become a total savage because of it six years later. Though Freepers tend to equate savagery with manliness.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Drill Dril Drill!

Free Republic is bumpin' today! Freepers are busy bashing Obama mostly. They've got the buttsex, the opting out of public funds, Aaand the birth certificate returns!

But today I'm focusing on the gas prices. Cause I found a thread that shows the awesome reasoning I see on both sides of the issue.

brownsfan seems to have become a prolific poster by leaving out the thinking step some use before they post:

Saying: “We can’t drill our way out of this.”, is the ultimate in thinking like
a loser.

You can’t become buff with one workout, so why exercize at all?

You can’t get rich saving $1, so why save?

You can’t get to be an expert reading one book, so why read at all?

Friggin’ loser left is actively destroying this country. It’s very painful to watch, but the majority of Americans are signed up for it

That is some awesome empty rhetoric (lifted almost verbatim from Rush, by the way). I like this post 'cause it can be extended to everything from trying to fly to negotiating with Iran. is living in a different reality, like many Freepers, but this one seems a bit...different.

with dims running the White House and veto proof Senate and House all this
bashing of President Bush, Sen. McCain and Republicans seems to be rather stupid
on conservative Internet forums???

Or, are the bashers shills and plants from DNC?

I think all dissent must be plants from the DNC sent to sabotage the internets!

chimera joins in on the empty rhetoric fest:

The 'Rats spend most of their time and energy telling us we can't do it, while 'Pubs spend their efforts finding ways to get things done. One says no we can't, the other says yes we can. One wonders what the 'Rat responses to earlier initiatives would have been:

"No, Columbus, you can't get to the East by sailing West."

"No, Wilbur and Orville, you can't fly a heavier-then-air machine."

"No, Groves, everyone knows you can't fission your way in to winning the war with an a-bomb."

"Sorry, Goddard, this liquid-fuel rocket of yours will never be able to fly men to the moon."

Guess if you say "we can't" often enough, it comes true, and we never do anything. Fortunately, there have always been people too smart (or dumb) to listen to those who say "you can't", and go ahead anyway and do the thing.

This is pretty lofty rhetoric about trying new things for drilling oil, a century old process. How about, you know, facts? But, oddly enough, neither the amount of oil (2.6 billion barrels, or about 3 months of US demand) nor the possible impact on the area are discussed. Huh.

gleeaikin notes the real reson behind this excited debate:
I think that the propaganda benefit of suggesting that we will drill is probably the most valuable part of this.

Unfortunately, from reports I’ve heard, it will take 5 to 10 years before the well would be drilled and producing. Also there is only enough for 3 or 4 years of supply for us. There also are apparently areas where the majors have leases where they are permitted to drill where they have not and could if they wanted to. So, what is that all about?

Huh. It's like the question at the end of the second paragraph forgot the first paragraph exists!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

And now a little story from manc

Here's a story from manc, and I'm sure it totally happened. I've broken it up, to better comment on it.
I am too certain that Obama is here to destroy this country and he right
now is the biggest threat to our survival and the security of this

Pretty good crazy credentials to start out. Obama is here to DESTROY evokes both fear and loathing. And the use of superlatives is good too. What about Bin Laden? Or *gasp* Soros?
every time I see an Obama sticker though it’s not many here where I live thank
Goodness I question the person about his racist church, his friendship with bill
Ayers, his typical white people comment or his greedy white folk comment, or
even n his small town America comment.

Not many liberals in manc land eh? And I'm sure you're super popular going up to talk politics to everyone with a hint of liberality! I wonder how you'd do if someone came up to you and has some questions about McCain?
Most have never heard about them all they have heard is change, change
changepoint out Hitler changed Germany, the communist changed eastern Europe
they just look dumbfounded

So after you compare Obama to Hitler, they just stare at you dumbfounded? I might as well!
One never even knew about his friendship with Bill Ayers and thought I was
making it up


Obama voters have to be the most dumbest voters this country has ever

Well, last I checked smarties like you were outnumbered.

I'm not racist but...

In one of the endless series of articles about Europe's slow decline into barbarism, there's a mention of how whites in Europe aren't going to college.

Cue Freeper's "I'm not racist but" fiesta

brownsfan has valid questions:

Not to be racist, but can anyone tell me of a country headed by a black
that is well run? I was asked that question, and couldn’t answer. Surely there
is one?
No, that question isn't racist at all!

After some of these cities are pointed out, WildcatClan notes that
The population of all those (Belize, Barbados, Bermuda, Turks and Caicos)
combined, have a population of less than 700,000. They are technically
countries, but from the perspective of an American they would be Mayors of 2nd
and 3rd tier (populated) cities.
What losers these blacks are! Running small, crappy countries well.

brownsfan again, decides that race isn't the only thing white males share:
[L]ike my workplace. It’s dominated by women now. But in crunch time, when
something absolutely has to be done, they look around for some man to get it
done. Sorry if my observation sounds sexist.

Yeah, I'm sorry too, cause that observation is just about the freaking DEFINITION of sexist.

Convert from ECUSA is hoping for a solution to the problems of other races and genders doing well:
I’m so fed up that every election I keep hoping for the fed-up bashed RWM

Totally! I think you should campaign on that message! RWM backlash party!

Also, not sure what the "R" stands for. I'm sure it's not racist but...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Obama's father's day speech

Obama criticizes the Black community. Freepers remain unimpressed.

max americana is sick and tired:
cant this jackass simply say “ HAPPY FATHER’S DAY” like the rest of America?

Yeah! Where does he get off giving rousing speeches on holidays!

I see my hands knows that Obama wouldn't really be unhappy with Black culture.
I bet he was winking and nodding like mad. All a big show for whitey

Yeah! Everything Obama says that freepers might agree with must be a lie to hoodwink the white man. WAKE UP TO CIRCULAR LOGIC AMERICA!

hiredhand brings up the issue everyone is worrying about: abortion!
Tell the “boys” to be good fathers, but tell the “girls” to murder the unborn.
It just goes to further prove what we’ve said for a long time; that liberalism
is a mental disorder.

In other news, hiredhand have a half a loaf of bread, which enrages me.

SLB only read the word "Obama" in the headline.
Just wait, we ain’t seen nothing yet. If BHO makes it to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave I
fear The World As We Know It has come to an abrupt end.

My favorite part of this is the "abrupt" part, like Obama will get supernatural powers after being sworn it.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday Pix

Such quality photoshopping

Wow, domestic abuse is funny when it happens to the Clintons!

I actually had no idea elephants could look so cute!

Remember, some Freeper had to go online and search the internets for gay wrestling pics, and then examine the pics carefully in photoshop. Now THAT's funny

Friday, June 13, 2008

And Now This Word From Outer Space

Never-say-die edition:

Did [Obama] register for Selective Service (aka “The Draft”) as he was required to do as a male U.S. Citizen born after December 31st, 1959? Males who don’t register within 30 days of their 18th birthday are not eligible for certain Federal progams and benefits:

Senator Obama produced his birth certificate only after prodding from the blogosphere and select media outlets, he shouldn’t wait to produce proof of his registering for Selective Service, if indeed he did register. Registration is the law. A man who fails to register may, if prosecuted and convicted, face a fine of up to $250,000 and/or a prison term of up to five years

Crazy supplied by 2ndDivisionVet (McCain could never convince me to vote for him. Only the Marxist Obama can!)

Tim Russert Killed by Hillary Clinton

So says EarlyBird

Hillary’s revenge. She executed her payback for him asking that question about the (then) New York governor’s (what was his name again?) law for drivers licenses for illegals.

Russert’s question at that first debate — and Hillary’s horrible answer — started her slide into defeat. Rush asked that question of his radio audience before Russert asked it of Hillary, so Rush likes to take credit for it. Therefore, Rush — look out! Hillary’s on the warpath!

Democrats hate too much

[I]f you are one of those people who thinks Hillary has a chance in getting back in this thing then you know this is bad news. Many people always felt that Tim Russert was ready to take on the Clintons if he had too... He knew about the Juanita Broaddrick story (actually watched the 5 hour interview) and told people later that he felt like he was going to throw up. During debates he brought up the Clinton Library and questioned the bizarre pardons made by Bill Clinton in front of a national audience... Early in the election during a Clinton campaign conference call with several journalist on the call, a Clinton surrogate made sure to say that Russet should be shot... Basically, the Clintons always knew that Russert would be a problem for them.
Though it must be said the vast majority of the thread seemed to have genuine sympathy and prayers for the man. (Theysay other threads had to be pulled due to anger, though)

Ann Archy (Abortion.....The Human Sacrifice to the god of Convenience.) gives him the highest praise a member of the Em-Ess-Em can get from a Freeper:

Hannity talking about it now. Say’s Russert gave him a $10,000 check to benefit the Freedom concerts. Didn’t want it known so Sean didn’t say anything.

Closet Conservative??
Stay Classy, Freepers.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sharpton for Supreme Court!

Free Republic was down when the news about the Supreme Court ruling that detainees got access to Habeas review. I ached to go see the crazy I was sure had formed. And now you can see it too:

MartinStyles is clearly a well trained attorney:

They aren’t just enemies. They are ILLEGAL COMBATANTS.

These people are devoid of ALL legal protection.

I can’t believe the USSC is protecting them.

Yes, clearly there are no laws, since MartinStyles said so. Thus, the USSC must be wrong.

roses of sharon ( (Who will be McCain's maverick?)) looks at the 7 Republicans on the 9 member Court, and knows where to lay the blame, and what must be done!

Democrat perfidy, they are traitors.

The President should defy this ruling!

Because a Constitutional crisis over like 400 guys is totally worth it! I agree, what's the worst that could happen?

keat (What I wouldn't give for a nice pair of Moccasocks.) goes all fatalistic on us:

With obama and a 60 dem senate, we could literally see sharpton on the
USSC. Or worse. Want to think about this a bit more?

The pendulum will swing. Many Americans will die. We will then wake up and kill terrorists with a vengeance that will frighten even me.
At that point the Libs on the SCOTUS can just sit back and watch in terror.
I will live to see this, I am sure of it.

Whoa. Okay I need a numbered list to respond to this:

1. Sharpton on the Supreme Court? Cause he and Obama are totally friends.

2. A vengeance, eh? Someone sees too much lord of the flies, methinks.

3. Libs sit back in terror? Well, I suppose I'm glad you don't have us being killed, like so many Freepers threaten.

Speaking of which...
pgkdan (Tolerance is the virtue of the man without convictions - G.K. Chesterton) has a certain amount if irony in his tag:

No more f’ing prisoners. Kill every damned one of them! I hope that one or
two of the homicidal maniacs who get off because of this ruling take the
opportunity to visit Ginsberg or Kennedy or Souter and thank them in

Yup. I guess Chesterton doesn't have convictions.

Fist Bump Again...

A new spin on the Fist Bump:

Berlin_Freeper (McCain will be the first ex-POW President.):

I would call it a gender bending fist bump.

She fist bumped like a man and he like a woman.

Wow. That IS a new spin, I'll give them originality...

They are so desperate. This is gonna be awesome.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Can’t we find a way to GAG the bitch?

So says WellyP (How much does Huma know?).

Who has engendered such hatred and misogyny? Well, Nancy Pelosi said that it mattered when the troops came home. I must confess to some surprise at how violent the response was:

roses of sharon ( (Who will be McCain's maverick?)) asks the questions no one but a Freeper has:

Why isn’t this women swinging from the gallows?

Or in Iran with her fellow terrorists?

sappy lays the country's problems at her feet:
Nancy, our gas prices have doubled since you took the Speakership. What do you
plan to do to lower prices as you had promised and failed to deliver?

Yes! Gas prices have been slowly climbing throughout the GOP's 6 year majority, but now that the Dems have one more seat? Well, it's all the Dem's fault now!

Polybius is clearly a thinker.

Pelosi Statement on McCain Comment That It Is 'Not Too Important' When Troops Redeploy from Iraq

It really isn't, Nancy.

What IS important is VICTORY.

Yes. Pelosi should pay attention to what's really important - undefined goals!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Obama: Secret Whitey.

Remember Hidabeast Thursdays? That was where many of the Fox News/Michelle Malkin talking points began.

Now the same thing has begun for Obama - throwing crazy ideas together to see what sticks.. From the Fist Bump, to the Whitey Tape, Free Republic is a vital link in the Right Wing Scheme Machine.

The current crop: Why won't Obama release his birth certificate?

Jeff Head (Freedom is not free...never has been, never will be. ( thinks Obama may not be a citizen:

Obama's mother was 18 when she had him, and had been living in Kenya.
Therefore, he may not have qualified because of her whereabouts in the five
years before his birth.

A technicality for sure...but may be a part of the law. And that
is a law the founders put in place to protect America from exactly (IMHO) this
kind of candidate.

OKSooner thinks that's silly. But all is not lost! Another last name revelation could sink this guy!
His birth name is Barack Hussein Mohammed Obama.

PennsylvaniaMom (Thank you Pittsburgh Penguins for a great season!) takes the above and does a double reverse!

That's what he sez his birthname is...but what if the birthname is really Barry
Dunham? When did he legally then 'become' BHMO? I'm just asking...

Whoa! Not a secret Muslim, a secret Caucasian!

GraceCoolidge continues to add details.

I doubt it has anything to do with citizenship. I suspect it is that his name at
birth was "Barry," or perhaps his father was listed as "unknown." Another
possibility is that his mother checked "white" for his ethnicity or
something like that.

Wow, an undercover Caucasian BASTARD! Niice!

And now this word from outer space

Hellfire and Brimstone Edition:

Obama MAY spend four years in the White House, but he IS going to spend
eternity in Hell. Saying you’re a Christian does not necessarily make it

Yes, at this point Obama seems "too far gone." I wonder if
he truly even has a soul. As others have said, this
infanticide issue can reach people and wake them up about the truth of
Obama, even if they are not religious.

Crazy supplied by Elvina (I am not wearing a burkha.)

Conservatives hate Hannity

In addition to Free Republic, I have been known to indulge in listening to conservative talk radio. Of the main political hosts, there is one I cannot stand. And that is Sean Hannity. The silly, stupid little man can only keep one talking point in his head for an hour. Little did I know, this opinion was shared by Freepers!

raybbr (You think it's bad now - wait till the anchor babies start to vote!) has a gender-based generation to make:

Hannity could be leaving? Oh please let it be true! I can’t believe anyone who
sucks so bad could rise so high. Hannity is the Sheryl Crow of talk radio.

I agree. That fake laugh of his makes me ill.

But. The womens sure like him. (blech!)


True Republican Patriot (God Bless America and The Republicans) shouldn't post so much when he's hungry - he seems easily distracted.
Hannity is SOOOO BBAAADDDD! that he has the Idiot, Alan Colmes, on just to
improve his image by comparison. Does he really care about Our Country? I
sincerely have my doubts. He focuses on inane trivia and misses the giant
issues. Sean Hannity isn’t worthy of cleaning Rush’e Grill after one of Rush’s
Allen Bros’s Steak Barbecues! Gosh, those steaks are Wonderful!

wilco200 (Typical White Person) sees Hanity's purpose:

The only good thing about Hannity is that he is a broken record.

He’s gonna hammer Obama with Rev. Wright, Ayers, Pleger , etc from now until election day. No concern about him getting off point. I can’t listen to him on the radio, but on H&C it’s not as bad. i get a good chuckle out of him asking the same
exact question to every single guest every night of the week.

Everyone has their place, Sean’s doing just fine in his

A True Conservative, then....

not so fast! Resolute Conservative disagrees!

Sean Vanity is all air and lip service. He promoted Rudy as a conservative and
calls liberals his friends and great Americans. He is a RINO.

Take it from the Freepers, folks! Sean Vanity: Liberal.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Hillary Drops Out?

Freepers are torn about Hillary dropping out. On the one hand, they hate her, on the other hand, they love to hate her. And so, their reactions to her speech were even more schizophrenic than usual.

murron (Proud Marine Mom) has a double dream - that she won't drop out, and that internet rumers are true:
I don’t like listening to her either, but I think I can stomach listening
to her in defeat. But there is this nagging feeling I have that she is going to
do a Gotcha and say that although she was prepared to concede and throw her
support to Obama, she has come into some new information in a form of a video
that she will now disclose that will prevent her from endorsing him and throwing
in the towel herself. She will then proceed to show the video, which will be the
much talked-about Michelle Obama “Whitey” video.

I don’t trust her.

JRochelle (Keep sweet means shut up and take it.) keeps hope alive that Hillary won't work to unite the party, even if the evidence is pretty scanty:

The fact that she and Chelsea both wore black was a clear signal that she is
It was a sign that she is mourning her loss and she wants her
supporters to take it out on the black guy.

And before you think it, that smiley face wasn't a sign of sarcasm, many others echoed that thought.

retrokitten ( for when FR is down!) also analyzies the speech, and thinks she's stoned:
I was just thinking that she seems extremely well rehearsed. She seems relaxed,
but it’s fake relaxed. Someone loudly yelled, “We love you, Hillary!” she should
have given an, “I love you, too!” but couldn’t stop talking. It was like she was
afraid she would lose her place.

"fake relaxed?" Yeah, you truly understand human nature, chief.

Rebelbase is just pissed, and crazy.

Aghck! Gag! Horrid!

What’s deal Hillary? Debts paid off, cabinet position?
Supreme Court?

No acceptable predjudices in the 21st century America.

I am a political bigot! Your ideology is inferior to mine.

Okay, that made no sense. And last as well as least, we have penelopesire ("The only CHANGE you will get with the Democrats is the CHANGE left in your pocket") who likes her some naked sexism:

“I’d like to see the cat fight ensue between her and Michelle, my belle, to
push her away.”

Don’t forget Pelosi....she will be clawing her way into the queen bee bash too.....LOL

Haha! Crazy women, always fighting over the presidency.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Saturday Pix

Nothin' but anti-bama stuff.

Someone took a lot of time making ugly-Bama.

Cute, and not even any liberal bashing!

Wow, this screw up totally tells people about the "inner Obama." He wants to grow America. Probably by adding Mexico and Iran!

Please, please please run with the fist bump thing!

And now this word from outer space

From the Fist Bump Thread, Pot-Kettle-Black edition, via Spunky (You are free to make choices, but not free from the consequences):
I must be getting old, but I don’t *want* my President trying to be hip. I
saw a clip of Obama dancing—poorly, might I add—around at some rally in Puerto
Rico too, and I thought, what a buffoon. Presidents should have some class. Act
like a grown-up.

Cause Bush is super mature.

Fist Bump

Really?! A fist bump?

caver (Yes, I did crawl out of a hole in the ground.):
The “fist bump” is just short of gang signing. Nice going Barry.

Fist bump? How charming. And what a marvelous example for all the black
kids in projects all over the country...especially Chicago.
It legitimizes being a thug and a punk. Nice.

Sacajaweau ("The Cracker" will be renamed "The Crapper")
I noticed this, too.
A kiss and a hug with your wife is appropriate. A fist pump??....spells Wright's followers.

It is more evidence of the penetration and corruption of our dominant culture by
the minority. There will be a lot more of this if Obama gets into the White

Words fail.

ltc8k6 provides a palate cleanser. Sort of.
Obama just said that in 2016 he will be wrapping up his second year as
president.That ought to be a big story, but it won’t be I guess.

Obama: Scary black fascist

Yes, folks, Barak is an SBF! Proof: he said *gasp* he was gonna whoop Congress if they didn't pass his health care bill! Free Republic doesn't take kindly to people using metaphores.

Salamander (And don't forget my Dog; fixed and consequent......) gets the racism out of the way early:

I guess it’s more socially acceptable than “Ah’ll pop a cap in they @sses!”

When will people realize that attributing broken English to black people is RACIST! I love how Free Republic claims Democrats are the party of racism, and then turn around and pull this kinda stuff.

Boagenes (I'm your huckleberry, that's just my game.) is a master at reading the tea leaves:
You know, friends of mine think I’m engaging in hyperbole when I say that Obama
is another Chavez or Mugabe in the making...

Yes, Obama was saying he would dissolve Congress if his health care plan doesn't pass! Silly friends, accusing Boagenes of hyperbole.

Aria (NO RAPIST ENABLER FOR PRESIDENT!!!) goes full out conspiracy:
Yes, cocky. But if you're him, why not? He has just beaten the Clinton
juggernaut that no one thought possible, he can give a speech but has little to
back it up, has an extraordinarily thin resume and a bunch of lousy friends of
20 years and yet he is hailed ALL OVER THE WORLD as the second coming. Someone big is behind all this.

Yes..People don't like Obama on their own. It must be Soros the Mindtaker!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Lalalalal I can't hear you.

Silly Obama, duping people into liking him with words. If they were smart, they wouldn't listen to him. Thus, when he says he's a friend to Israel, Freepers are left with nothing but flat denials.

hinckley buzzard:

It was a strong speech to a skeptical audience and they ended up giving him a
standing ovation. NEVER underestimate your opponent

Yup. Glib-talking psychopath. And never underestimate the gullibility of the audience, hearing what they want to hear.

SJackson (It is impossible to build a peace process based on blood, Natan Sharansky) agrees, but ads a bit of a racial fun:

And he'll talk to those Iranian dudes!
And he'll be really mean, he's from
the south side of Chicago>
Barry "Bad, Bad LeRoy Brown" Obama, from
Don't no Iranians mess with Barry!

tobyhill (The media lies so much the truth is the exception) sees Obama's parsing:

****”I’ll do everything in my power to prevent Iran from obtaining a
nuclear weapon. Everything,”***

He’s parsing words because he can always claim congress didn’t give him the authority to use military force to stop Iran.

2harddrive (...House a TOTAL Loss.....) takes it up a notch:

In other words, Osama Obama is saying he will COVER FOR Iran while it
builds its nukes!

Yep, Freepers got nothing to say to this! Only bald denials! Keep up the good work, Obama!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Signs of steps

We already know how Freepers love them some black conservatives. But it is heartening to see when overt racism is shouted down, even here. Wait, did I say shouted? I meant murmured.

pissant (THE Conservative party: provides this gem:

Within the last dozen years blacks have pounded a white truck driver’s head with
bricks, raped and executed a group of four college students, beat the crap out
of a young white girl on Halloween, and committed atrocities too numerous to
list. That kind of “institutionalized racism” in the black comunity has set back
race relations by decades. Obama and his church contribute to the poison, after
people like MLK and countless others paved the way out of the white racism you

Not a lot of response to this, but at least one poster, brwnsuga (Proud, Black, Sexy Conservative!!!), speaks out:

... within the last dozen years whites have kidnapped, raped and tortured a
young black woman, whites dragged a black man to death in Texas, whites tied a
young black child to a tree and beat him.... all terrible things. Don’t try to
pretend some white folk and just as evil as some black folk. All humans have the
capacity for evil. My point was to show where we were as a country and where we
are today.

No one else speaks out. Well, stevio (Crunchy Con - God, guns, guts, and organically grown crunchy nuts.) stays on message:
Colin Powell’s a lib, maybe not as bad as obama, but he would have diluted
the Republicans just like McCain and “W” are doing.

Silence speaks volumes. Only the rare black Freeper calls him out. Everyone else is talking about how the Dems in the KKK!!1!1!oneeleven.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


The following posts were in response to that one guy shooting a Koran and the subsequent apology:

chesley (Where's the omelet? -- Orwell) starts things out by denying the existence of tact:

that's digusting. the apology, I mean.

The Muslims have to understand that we do not treat our own sacred scriptures with as much respect, so why should we treat theirs that way?

vetvetdoug: has an awesome strategy - provoke all 1.5 billion Muslims!
Who ratted on the S/Sgt.? Every Christian house in the United States should have a Koran to use as outhouse paper. Let's give the Islamopedophiles a dose of their own medicine.

How dare the United States of America have one of it's general officers KOW TOW to anything of Islam!


OldSmaj (Death to islam. I am now and will always be, a sworn enemy of all things muslim.)
This behavior discourages any Islamic moderates from joining us.

Any who do are seen as traitors and dupes because of actions like this.

Who cares?

Read my tagline and then realize that I am not alone.

My "fellow travelers", so to speak, are legion.

We shall prevail.

We have prevailed, many times in the past, and we shall prevail again.

We are led by the true God, not a barking moon-bat child molester.

(And yeah, I'm sure they feel the same...but...time will tell, right?)

As I said: Crusaaaaaade! Religious wars RULE!

Never say die.

Free Republic runs on hate and paranoia. Yes, the transition from hating Hillary to hating Obama and extolling Hillary's virtues is going pretty smoothly, but some people can't let go of the hate of the past
Jack of all Trades (This line intentionally left blank) remembers the hate fondly:
The listing of Clinton's "accomplishments" is a real hoot. To put it another way...

He rode the dot-com bubble, high jacked the Republican fiscal policy, ended Democrat control of Congress via gun control, signed a disastrous middle east agreement because he was too busy getting Lewinsky'd to really care. Had the most indicted, and "suddenly dead" cabinet in history.

Some legacy.

Shorter Jack: That was OUR fiscal policy, damn it! Stupid good economy. Also: blow jobs!

LibLieSlayer (Could I ever vote for mcstain? NOT if jerk-face keeps running his liberal mouth!!!) echoes many by giving Hillary supernatural political powers:
They will NEVER go away... anyone thinking that they will is delusional.


SgtSki goes for some short-term actions, forgetting how much conservatives love their first ladies.

It's time to pressure congress for a new amendment prohibiting the spouse of an elected president who completed 2 terms for running for president. We don't need another Evita Peron here in the USA.
I predict that the first First Lady to run for president and gain the nomination will be a Republican. (Why are Pickens and Buffett always news--not Soros??????) reminds people there is another villain to hate out there:
The fat lady ain't sung yet—and Mr. Soros seems to have a few coins jangling inside his pocket.
That Soros, he's everywhere - funding Obama AND Hillary. It's fascinating to me the powers they give this guy, who is just a liberal whose generous with his money. He's not in politics, though, so he'll be around to hate for a while longer.