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‘This Country is made for Only Me’

Back at the end of July, Jon Stewart did a little segment where he really got at part of Freepers' exclusionary world view: “You just want that person to give you your country back, because you feel you’re this country’s rightful owners.
There’s only one problem with that: This country isn’t yours. You don’t own it. It never was. There is no real America. You don’t own it. You don’t own patriotism. You don’t own Christianity."

Daily show stuff rarely made it to Free Republic back when Stewart was on, but for some reason this did. And thus we are treated to Freepers trying to explain why America is a country created of the Freepers, by the Freepers, for the Freepers, and no one else. SPOILER - do not expect a lot of content, if sometimes a lot of words.

Regulator tries to belittle Stewart on this little website here:
Awww, whatsa mattah, Jonny?

Worried we’re on to the game? You gonna lose?

With just a little quoting out of context, BookmanTheJanitor proves Stewart thinks America is a fantasy!
There is no real America.

...says it all.
Arm_Bears doesn't bother with the explanations:
You don’t own patriotism. You don’t own Christianity

As a matter of fact, boy, we do.
Lent goes with the usual Freeper technique to avoid engaging a liberal - call them scared and then move on in triumph:
Trump is smoking these frauds out and they’re panicking. He Looks strung out.
On this site full of retired engineers and IT guys, HarleyLady27 gives a whole thing about how real Americans are noble blue-collar blah blah blah that was old in the 1960s.
OH BOY (rubbing hands together)

For your information Jon Stewart, it isn't YOUR Country either, we just let you live in a ‘small’ part of it...

This Country belongs to the thousands of workers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, brick layers, waiters and waitresses, nurses, Mothers that take in extra children so their Mothers can work...

Your the biggest jackass of them sit there thinking you are King and guess what, your what we working people of America call a ‘grunt’ a low celled brained idiot that doesn't know anything, never had anything to know the difference so while your sitting here trying to look and seem important remember this: It is the Veterans that fought to keep your a## protected and gave you the freedoms to write and say that garbage you speak out of your mouth, and the Police Officers who don't care who you are when you call them, just to save your sorry a## so it doesn't get shot off...and you and your high and mightiness are just about as sick as what you look like looking back at those ‘few’ that really do look at you and those ‘very few’ that actually really listen to the filth that comes out of your mouth...

Take your garbage and go sit in the gutter where you belong because your not good enough to walk in the foot step of any human being on this earth!!!
Sarah Barracuda with Freep's brand of very carefully modulated antisemitism:
This coming from the self hating Jew..I think we should send him to Syria, let ISIS play with him for a little while..and if they cut off his, would actually make him look smarter
excluding no doubt many Freepers Toespi - Real *ahem* Pure America is everyone descended from the American Revolution and that's it!
Sorry but I have to speak out a$$hole because I have a patriotic duty to remember ALL twenty-three ancestors of mine, both maternal and paternal who fought and sacrificed in the American Revolution, which makes me pure American bred.
lexington minuteman 1775 also plays the American Revolution card, before he takes refuge in anti-Muslim paranoia:
Actually we do own it Jon...hence my FR screen name... 
and one day when a Sharia headsman lops off your fugly will understand that Trump was right all along but you will be in hell and so you wont be able to tell anybody...ain’t that the pits!
Stuck in strawman-land, Spok completely misses the Stewart's point that liberals can by patriotic Christians as well:
“You don’t own patriotism. You don’t own Christianity.”

Actually, Jon, we do, because you people (the left) despise patriotism and Christianity. These institutions will only survive because we do.
An a long but confused post, Pollster1 starts out by saying America belongs to every legal resident, and then acts like America is the only country to fight Hitler, and also some other wars that didn't happen!
Of course, by the end 'every legal resident' believe all Freeper things, and liberal citizens do not exist or something.
This country is ours. And we are willing to defend it against illegal invaders and communists. There are immigration laws. The traitor in our White House is ignoring those laws, but they still exist, and they mean something.

We do own this country - along with every other legal resident of this country. Our ancestors built and defended America, and we owe it to our children to keep this country free. We owe it to them to pass it on with more freedom than when we received it, and so far we are failing at that task. So far, but we still have time.

There is a real America, even if John Stewart is oblivious. The real America is the one that stopped Hitler (a German national socialist), Stalin (a Russian soviet socialist), Mao (a Chinese socialist) and will stop Obama (today’s American/Kenyan/Indonesian/global socialist) and roll back his socialist destruction.

We do own America, since we honor the actual written Constitution that guards American freedom. America is not the land, or even people who sneak in. America is an idea written down as the Supreme Law of the Land - and ignored by tyrants who want to topple freedom. We own that idea, and we will use it to stop the thugs who just want power over others.

We do own patriotism, since we love our country even with its flaws (even with the most dangerous flaw in our history currently ruling America, we still love our country, the opposite of those who only love America for the first time when it’s ruled by a tyrant).

God owns Christianity, and we are thankful for that. We fall short of meeting the standards God wants us to aspire to, but we still hold up those standards as an ideal and strive to do our best - the opposite of denying God and rejecting His word, i.e., being a liberal.
Toliph fastens onto the Jewish bit before seguing into white genocide:
Not interested in jewish lectures.

We built the place, and we’re taking it back.

Did they expect us to go to our demographic deaths quietly? Trump is the beginning, not the end.
Bellflower with the eyes analysis:
His eyes have that pathetic, I am lost look. He needs The LORD desperately. Sadly he doesn’t know it.
Gator113 knows what looking thin means!
It looks like he may have AIDS....or perhaps a drug habit.
clintonh8r knos what Stewart has been doing:
kiryandil sums up most of Freepers' arguments on the thread that I'm skipping because they're even dumber than this stuff:
Jon Stewart, Cuck for Musloids...
cymbeline blames Stewart for Trump being an asshole:
Some people why Trump sometimes speaks coarsely.

Could it be he’s noticed how viewers flock to trashy TV performers like Stewart, which doesn’t speak well for a lot of Americans. I think Trump has realized how to get their attention and possibly their votes. To many of our fellow Americans being trashy is being cool. It’s sad that our kids have to be exposed to that type of entertainment. Adults haven’t realized what these media cool guys and gals have done to a lot of kids. Maybe it’s not as bad as I think.

Maybe a lot of parents have given up on keeping their kids in a wholesome environment. “Giving up” - that’s one thing Trump is fighting.
In a performance unworthy of even high school debate, Redwood71 is pretty sure Steward proved you can't own anything, man.
That also means you don’t own an original idea, or a job, or a brain, you must be living in the Twilight Zone, Jon. Nobody owns anything, like your opinion in the public venue. 
Back to the empty declarations. IronJack argues only veterans are citizens. Wonder what he thinks about black veterans?
That’s right. We do. Why?

Because we fought for it. We bled for it. Our friends and family died for it. It was a purchase paid in blood. And if we don’t own it, you two-bit pussies who never broke a sweat sure as HELL don’t.
Brooklyn Attitude basically proves Stewart right:
So who owns America? Those that love it or those that hate everthing about it? Who are the patriots? Those that attack it and side with its enemies or those that defend it? those that respect and revere its history, laws and traditions, or those that denigrate them?
RollingThunder lists the only jobs that really count as American, and then lists the traitors he doesn't like, before triumphantly pointing out that liberals think they are right, but in reality they are always wrong:
Hey you dipshit! THIS IS OUR COUNTRY! You and your Liberal Jerks are the ones who are the enemy. Schmucks like you disparage law-Abiding American Citizens, Law-Enforcement Officers, The Military and Veterans and Legal Immigrants.

You praise and worship the traitors and Anti-American scumbags like Obama, Clinton, Kerry, Lynch, Al Sharpton, BLM, etc. YOU ARE THE ONES WHO SHOULD BE THE TOLDED THAT THIS COUNTRY ISN’T YOURS.

You are a bunch of sick, demented, perverted, people(?) who think that only you are right. Well you ain’t, and you’ve never been right, only wrong!!

And now This Word from Outer Space

Everyone's in on it edition:
she and her half black co conspirator started ISIS and gave ISIS access to our most protected intelligence that was restricted. And they did so as an act of treason, illegally.
We know it.
Congress knows it.
The military knows it.
The judiciary knows it.
The State governments know it.
Our allies knew it.

No one did a damned thing, because the are ALL IN ON IT.

Our constitution does not have a remedy for corruption when ALL the key players are unwilling to do their duty.That is to: Charge, impeach, remove, bring treason charges, convict and execute.

Should have been done when we protected then flew the Saudi’s and Ben Laden’s out of the country on the day immediately following 911... and our leader got up and said Islam is a religion of Peace.... LYING through his teeth.

I knew it then.
So did everyone I talked to: Dems, Pubs and Indepdents.

and Obama? he is clearly and with NO DOUBT ONE OF THEM... ISIS itself. The founder, financier, the intelligence source and the coordinator of all their efforts to destroy the USA, Israel and the rest of Western Civilization. Hillary is his sidekick.

I believe we could elect trump by a 90 to 10 margin in every state, precinct and political district... but the fix on counting is a done deal. As it is, I believe he is ahead in 48/50 states by about 55 => 28 percent, but the polls are being projected to show a different picture.
"We need to kill all the people covering up how everyone agrees with me!" brought to you by MIA_eccl1212, who will be someone to watch should Hillary win.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The problem with Blacks

Another anonymousB find. It will mean a nonstandard mini-spotlight, but one that's well worth deviating from format.

As Freepers fantasize about any kind of black vote for the GOP, you have the GOP base with thinkers like DiogenesLamp. Old DL has been spotlighted before for his desire to kill all the liberals and hatred of women, among other things. His delusional, hateful crazy stands out even among Freepers.

And now he wants to get into race, huzzah!

He read a book:
A few weeks ago I read parts of a book written in 1860. It presented me with ideas and a world view I had never considered. These ideas could never be published today because they are absolutely politically incorrect.

That they may be true does not matter in the slightest. Too much is invested in the current narrative now, and no dissent or correction will be tolerated.

This is an excerpt I thought highly informative. Read what the London Times had to say.

Other parts of that book are also very interesting, including it's treatment of labor and capital. (Early part of the book.)
The 'book' was a pamphlet written in 1856 intended as an argument against secession that became a secessionist manifesto. Way to go, Thomas Kettell!

See, blacks didn't evolve for cities like white people did...
The Liberals of 1860 thought that this group of people, who were the evolutionary product of a very different region of the world, would behave like Swedes or Poles or some other European. This demonstrates that they simply did not understand the larger scientific context regarding why there is diversity on planet earth.

It's because evolved characteristics give people advantages in the environments from which they evolved.

We all came from Africa if you go back far enough. We all just acquired traits that made survival easier in our respective regions. Some of these characteristics are involved in social interaction.

People evolved to live in sparsely populated communities (such as villages in Africa) will not necessarily "play nice" when crammed into heavily populated cities. I think social behavior for densely populated areas was evolved in regions of the world where such things existed, not in African communities where the populations were never so dense.
Yeah, evolution is a big thing over like the 200 generations we've been in cities.

The upshot? Liberals need to have blacks kill and rape them.
Every wealthy liberal should have several fatherless families living as close to them as possible.

The crime needs to go where it can do some good by producing assaulted, raped and/or murdered Liberals.

Liberals *NEED* violent crime inflicted on them, especially if it's is caused by their own policies.

The Nation needs for Liberals to have violent crime inflicted on them so that the survivors among them will stop being stupid and wake the F*** up!

Hollywood, the Hamptons, Silicon Valley, San Fransisco, all these rich white Liberals very badly need poor fatherless families living right next to them.

Of course that's a pipe dream, because the liberals who *want* these policies will build their tall walls and hire their guards and live in peace in their lily white compounds.
But let us not generalize based on race!
I work in downtown Dallas and there are a lot of hard working black folks.

Amen. I've known many in my life. I've also known a lot of lazy white trash, so it's a good idea to look at people as individuals, not as part of a group.
But...but you've been arguing racial genetics this whole...How the fuck?!

Blacks love Trump

Very few people seem to believe that Trump's speeches about how awful life is for blacks is actually for black people, especially given Trump's poll numbers with them.

Most think Trump's making a try for moderate Republicans who want some reassurance Trump isn't all that radical.

We will see how that rebranding works, but Freepers are responding really well. And they are very enthusiastic. Like many of the ridiculous excuses they use for why liberals succeed despite being so obviously evil, Freepers have come to envy the concept of a 'black plantation' that reliably votes they way you want.

And so, unconstrained by any legitimate polls, Freepers have begun encouraging eachother with talks of Trump winning over blacks:

Ignoring Trump's entire campaign, polymuser argues 'it's the economy, stupid.'
The relevant question, I think: Will blacks benefit from Trump’s immigration and American workforce policies?

Seems very simply YES to me.
IVAXMAN is hoping everyone sees Hillary secretly hates blacks:
I am hoping that Black America sees Hillary’s KKK comments as proof that she is only using Black America for their votes. She will forget them after the election.
IVAXMAN adds some numbers to hope for:
If he gets 40% Hispanic and 20% Black, Hillary is toast, no way she wins.
TexasFreeper2009's enthusiasm proves he's not racist, so lets hate Muslims together!
Welcome home Black Americans!

The Republican Party that bleed to free you, has missed you!

Now unite with US, and help us stop these liberal, globalists America hating, Islamic coddling, global warming huckster pedaling, traitors from destroying the worlds economy.
Generously, AmusedBystander once knew some good blacks, and will forgive them Obama:
I lived in Florida for many years and the blacks that I knew there were good people who wanted to raise their families like everyone else. Many were ex-military and as patriotic as anyone else.

Their dalliance with Obama is regrettable but understandable. They will have no such allegiance to Hillary.
reasonisfaith thinks blacks will be offended by Hillary calling out Trump's associations with white supremacists, because that's super untrue:
I believe black people understand Hillary’s lies about Trump are just another insult to them. She thinks they’re stupid. But now they’re seeing her for what she is.
Helpfully, LostPassword calls all minorities 'Oppressed-Americans.'
Trump will get almost all of the “American” votes. The outcome depends on if more voters consider themselves “Black-American”, “Mexican-American”, “Other-oppressed-American”, than consider themselves “American”. Oppressed-Americans want someone to punish their oppressors so they will vote D since Rs don’t divide people into mostly imaginary oppressed/oppressor groups and when there is a real problem they will help the oppressed, not punish the oppressors.

This sounds like Trump’s been making that conversion in voters from “Oppressed-American” to “American” in FL. Hopefully it will continue across the US and he’ll win a landslide.
353FMG is impatient, but wants to offer Freeper truth to minorities:
Minorities finally seeing the light of truth? It’s about time that they leave the democrap plantation for a better life and freedom.
TakebackGOP thinks the reason blacks love Trump now is because Trump was so brave making that speech in some white suburbs telling blacks how bad they have it:
Would this have happened if Trump didn’t make his speech in Milwaukee the night of the killing? Trump is great on taking on these issues.
jokemoke is pretty sure Hillary is only calling Trump a racist because she's so worried about him winning blacks:
Well, this explains Hillary’s panic and the new “Trump is a racist” ad.
Sir Napsalot agrees, and blacks aren't into caring about Trump's associations!
Hence the multiple "If you support a bigot, you are also a bigot" thing. Apparently this racist or bigotry labeling doesn't work well with these black voters any more. 
And I hope more than just blacks, but Trump's message also work on other minority groups that are traditional Dem voting blocks, too.
Typical_Whitey also understands the heart of minorities loves Trump's manliness:
This is exactly why HIllary is playing racist card, which at this point will fail because Trump unlike weak GOP candidates actually stood up for himself and his supporters, and lets face it folks, minorities don’t have anything to lose at all voting for Trump unlike Pandering HIllary who will do nothing to create jobs and in fact ship all the existing jobs overseas putting everyone on govt dependency for the coming dictatorship.
upchuck loves Trump's message to blacks, how could blacks not agree?
Trump’s, “What do you have to lose?” question is reverberating nicely.
Apropos of nothing Maverick68 goes on a digression about how Hillary will oppress the nativists, but Trump will oppress the anti-nativists!
And if we get a President Hillary, people will be PROSECUTED and PERSECUTED for even SUGGESTING that we do something about illegal immigration.

Electing Trump is more important than anything he will do as President, electing Trump will be the DEATH of Political Correctness as well as the MSMedia...

There is a LOT more at stake than the issues and THAT is exactly why the Left is panicking.
Aand that's it. Freepers forget about the black vote. LostPassword has some paranoid fantasy about American Muslims:
Let’s hope Hillary’s Muslim supporters don’t start exploding. But if she wins suicide bombers are almost guaranteed to reach the US over the next 4 years.
stanne wants to hate Obama some more:
It’s been strange to me that a guy named Barrak Hussein Obama could win POTUS after 911.

It was a surrender.
MayflowerMadam wishes there were more bigotry about Obama in the campaigns:
You wonder if he would’ve won if the MSM had been allowed to mention his middle name. Even McCain scolded people who pointed out the “Hussein” part. We on FR knew it ‘cause we’re tuned in politically. 
But I have friends who had no clue until he took the Oath of Office — in 2013!
In one of the more telling quotes every on this site, MayflowerMadam blames Obama's elections on Americans not getting engaged and understanding Obama's Muslim middle name:
This same woman who didn’t know Obama’s middle name until he started his second term could tell you, and did, the name of every contestant on “Dancing With The Stars”, who they danced with, and every winner.

I have no use for these people; they’re the problem.
This afternoon, stay tuned for a bit of black outreach anonymousB found.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. IV

zzwhale tells a horror story about MR. DARK BROWN getting to vote despite being homeless and speaking in awful dialect!
ELECTION OFFICIAL: just fill out the form...


ELECTION OFFICIAL: no problem sir, ill fill it out for you ....

that plus the secret program that the kid in DC was working on to program the machines and tilt the vote to reflect polling data......

Anti women's sufferage Freeper woman Korah thinks voting rights are just a means to an end:
looking at the latest poling in Nevada that shows women support Reid by 2 points over the Republican, I tend to agree that women should never have beenj given the right to vote.

I could have lived very satisfactorily my whole life without voting if I knew that my fellow sisters who always voted liberal were also not voting.
detective is pretty sure Dr. Drew lost his show because he speculated about Hillary Clinton's health last week:
This is a lesson to everyone in the media.

If you tell the truth about Clinton then you will lose your job.

This is how they keep the honest people out of the MSM.

Nothing but paid liars left.
blam - whites are just so inherently dedicated that attempted persecution of whitey is just making them more rich!
The attitude today is; White males, who needs'em, they caused all the problems anyway.

White males say, see ya around.

Actually, not long ago, I read an article about White males who have been 'bumped' out of the work-place for all the diversity BS have been forced to start their own small service companies just to have a decent paying job, and.....are quietly getting rich.
Bushbacker1 is so impatient for a legitimate Hillary Clinton scandal he's beginning to question long-held idioms:
How can there be smoke without fire?
CivilWarBrewing remains the vanguard of Freeper sexism.
BTW, if the British were ALL females would our Forefathers have let them WIN the Revolutionary War?

Because that is what we are dealing with right now. The enemy within are mostly females. They are the ones committing the bulk of the traitorous actions and arrangements.. Do we just let them WIN?

Call me crazy, I don't care. Look inside Hillary's team and tell me the bulk of the traitors aren't female. Go ahead. Tell me that. Look inside the IRS scandal, or Benghazi and that Ms. Lamb bitch who was watching the drone coverage of us getting our arses kicked that night. Or Cheryl Mills and Huma and countless other b*tches KILLING America in DC.
Thus far he's only gotten attaboys. Freeper women, like Freeper blacks, know when to just move on.

Speaking of knowing when to forgive Freep it's trespasses, EQAndyBuzz seems to be quite aware of Freep's ever changing allegiances:
Do we now like Ann Coulter? It’s getting confusing.
Sarah Barracuda is another to check on should Hillary win:
I HATE HATE HATE this “woman” I wont live under her rule Im sorry I just cant she MUST be defeated
canuck_conservative is sure alt-right is made up:
Liberals are so insulated and elitist they use these terms that no one outside their inner circle can understand.

Like “alt right” ... no one has a clue what it means ...

or their other favorite term, “dystopian” ... I can guarantee no inner city voter (or even suburban voter, for that matter) has any idea what it means

Liberal elitism ... helping to defeat itself!!
tcrlaf has never heard of it, so it doesn't exist!
“Alt. Right” is a meme created by MediaMatters and disseminated to media talking heads via DAILY KOS, just two weekends ago.

It did not exist before that.

I’ve been talking about this for more than a week. Is everyone paying attention now?
Meanwhile, VanDeKoik is trying to bring the angry young men of the alt-right to the angry old men of Freep. Good luck!
She done f***ked with the alt-right.

Now the fun starts....


dforest knows Hillary's supporters are all warmongers:
These people want to see Hillary start a Nuclear war with Russia.

Yep, they are all itchin’ for another war.
On the same thread, RoosterRedux explains that Hillary supporters are all ignoring the necessary religious war on billions of people:
The truth is, the Bush Doctrine is simply wrong. Islam is a much bigger monster than anyone can fathom.

But Trump gets is...and many of the American people get it.
Hehe. who knows what evil? is fighting the good fight!
Democrat = Communist. Spread the word on social media.
Wallace T. - by conservation of intelligence spending, because the USSR once controlled the American Communist Party, Russia must control Hillary Clinton:
In the Cold War era the Communist Party USA was controlled and funded by Soviet intelligence. The KGB did not disappear, but morphed into the FSB. Vladimir Putin is a KGB veteran, and many of his henchmen are ex-KGB agents. Why would Russian, ex-Soviet, intelligence abandon an existing asset in the United States? Besides, running the Communist Party costs money.

Despite Putin rebranding Russia as a Christian, Orthodox nation, it seems likely that Russian intelligence is still funding the American Communists. If Putin wanted Trump to win, you would think the Communist Party USA would be promoting the Green Party, which is openly socialist. The party's advocacy of Hillary Clinton makes me think that the line about a Trump-Putin alliance spread by some liberals is a deliberate deception.
Undercutting the pretext of moderation of a fellow Freeper, SatinDoll shouts that Free Republic is all the due process you need!
Seriously, a good case could be made that Hillary and Huma committed treason and should be put to death. After a trial and conviction, of course.

Why bother with trials?
SubMareener is a weird Jewish truther:
Our government helped, supported, or aided in the attack on 9/11. 
However, the more important fact is that the whole thing was part of YHWH’s Isaiah 9:8-19 judgement warning to America. Rabbi Jonathan Cahn explains this quite well.

The Clintons and the Bushes are evil people, and this is what you get when you let evil people run your country.
In response to the epipen price gauging, ThomasMore explains that there is no price gouging in capitalism:
Do you believe in supply and demand, or do you not?

Do you jest? Of course I do. That doesn’t make it right! Nor do the laws of supply and demand figure into this rise in cost. Simply because they COULD, Mylan did. When the pill that cost 14.95 was raised to over $900, was that supply and demand; or GREED?

Let’s agree to disagree.
jonrick46 has turned his hopes Hillary drops dead into some really vivid fantasies:
There is a woman I know. Her name is Karma. She has a sixth sense and powers that no one else has. I call her a superwoman. She knows the heart of people like the Clintons. Hillary, are you reading this all knowing god of gog? Karma knows der Hildebeast is a bad bad girl. She is really bad.

Karma has a consequence for Hillary and it is not good. It will begin with a cough. Cough! Cough! It is baaaad Karma! People like her might choke on a bone and drop dead. In Hillary’s case, Karma will bring a painful death. Very painful and very bad like coughing on a sharp bone that hurts really bad as she chokes to death. Or, like the modern version of the Wicked Witch melting when water is thrown on her. I know that is a fantasy tale, but what if a bucket of water was thrown on her that caused her to melt and make her scream. Karma has her powers and will be soooo baaad!
Mark17 speculates about what percentage demonic Hillary is:
Sounds Demonic to me

It could be. For quite some time I have thought maybe she is demon possessed, or maybe she really is a demon, that looks like a human. I don't see how she could be this evil, without a great amount of Satanic influence.  

Monday Potpourri pt. II

cicero2k explains that if you're a competitive woman you need who sleep with your male bosses:
Say you are in the business of hiring beautiful, smart young women; in a field they are eager to join.

You are the lone male gate keeper. There are more applicants than positions.

Some applicants will try to get an edge.

Many men would succumb to the pressure.

Perhaps a hiring committee, or female management, but some women will always try to get an edge.

That competition is also a part of the culture that Tantaros and other women signed up for and are now complaining about. These are smart women who knew or should have known.

She could always go into accounting, or something that has more openings.
MinuteGal is also pretty into the victim blaming for women making themselves too sexy for men to resist blackmailing them for sex:
Females should not be allowed to objectify THEMSELVES then cry 'foul' when it's convenient for them.

The other day, Kimberly Guilfoyle had SO much cleavage showing that someone could stuff a hundred one-dollar bills as a tip into it.....and still have room for the jar.

Brave Freeper dp0622 stood strong against alleged fat harassment without developing anything approaching empathy:
Women think the only harrassment that can take place is sexual against them.

No, there’s racial, political, fat, unattractive (in that person’s eyes) and many more.

one female boss asked how much have i gained since working there. said it was terrible. i cursed, told her it’s my business and went back to work.

i had ten harassment suits if i wanted at different places.

wasn’t worth it and i think it’s nonsense.
elcid1970 is about to die, but can fight Civil War 2 against Hillary who is more about to die:
I’m nearly 70 with heart trouble & can’t walk ten steps without gasping. Somehow it doesn’t seem to matter anymore, at least if I can die on my feet clutching a weapon.

But I’m the youthful picture of health compared to Hillary, and she’s soon going to rule our lives!!!? Makes no sense!
Enchante is enthusiastically buying a suspiciously on the nose anti-Muslim rumor:
Some of our troops in Afghanistan apparently observed, with night vision, lonely Taliban availing themselves of the livestock.

Would have been good sniper targets just for the embarrassment to the Taliban the next day.... shoot both the humper and the livestock, make the Taliban clean up.
treetopsandroofs may want to look up how many Freepers have posted 'I hate America now' before he laments how dissent is no longer patriotic:
American soldier was killed today and another wounded. Where are the media like they were when Bush was in? Where are the anti war types on the left protesting like they did under Bush?

the media are just scum, and the liberal left activists are nothing but full of hypocrisy .

Dissent stopped being patriotic on Jan. 20, 2009.

Free speech is now a crime, unless you’re discriminating against Caucasions, Christians or Conservatives.
rockrr is fantasizing about burning DC again:
I have come to the conclusion at this point that all of DC needs to be burned down. I'm perfectly fine that this scenario be LITERALLY.

I’m happy to provide some napalm if that helps.
DesertRhino explains why freedom of choice doesn't apply to Muslims:
The two extremes. Burkas that cover everything. Micro bikinis that let labia flap in the breeze.

Most women will choose something comfortably in the middle. How about giving them the freedom to make up their own minds without government deputizing modesty enforcers?

No. No freedom to wear enemy uniforms that can conceal bombs or whatever at the beach. And France gave us the bikini, I don’t want the beaches taken over by moslems that ruin it for everyone else. Women in burkinis will attract aggressive moslem men who will bother normal women. Close to 500 people dont agree with you. They’re dead.
miss marmelstein agrees - her fear of Muslim clothes requires legislation:
There’s modesty and then there is stupidity and hatred. And all of those frightening get-ups should be banned.
DrPretorius is amazed at how he doesn't believe anyone who disagrees with his own deluded worldview:
Hillary Clinton has released a detailed medical record showing her to be in excellent health,” said Jennifer Palmieri with the Clinton campaign,...

It strikes me as amazing to find myself in the position of immediately discounting this claim as just another outrageous lie made by another Marxocrat liar. I swear it has gotten to the point that I wouldn’t even believe a statement made my a Marxocrat that water was wet.
Yet Lisbon1940 knows Trump's health needs no evidence:
With Trump’s obvious good health, does anyone need more than 5 minutes to summarize it?

I haven’t seen him having any seizures.
heights may not realize the Daily Mail links make up a majority of Freep's non-election year paranoid rumors:
I stopped going to Daily Mail, their Anti-Trump articles, loaded with Thousands of Phony ‘Best Rated’ arrows was all I could take.
Pravious thinks prisons are just full of Republicans, I guess?
Democrats don’t get arrested. Laws are for us.
2harddrive's diaper spam continues!
U.S. Judge Grants Nationwide Injunction Blocking White House Transgender Policy

Good news! BUT: I am surprised that Matthew Drudge of the Drudge Report has not yet mentioned the Hillary Clinton diapers story, especially considering that WikiLeaks’ top lawyer in London, was murdered - pushed in front of a train - within 3 days of Wikileaks’ Hillary diaper story breaking!
gaijin has a different story he's trying to spam into (Freep) reality:
The story about the CAT BURGLAR NINJYA ASSASIN scaling the wall at the Ecuador Embassy in London SHOULD BE FRIGGIN’ HUUUUUUGE NEWS..!

Yet I have only seen that news at FR and Drudge...!

What the hell is going on...???
WashingtonFire - traitors everywhere, and the only cure is populist paranoia stoke by a drunken opportunist!
Joe McCarthy was 50 years too early.

Our government has never been more riddled with Anti-American traitors than now.

Pray for Mr Trump and his victory. Our nation will not survive four more years of this.
politicianslie laments how Benghazi has moved away from it's origin as Obama Muslim paranoia:
The email also clearly shows that while Americans were under siege in Benghazi, Clinton was likely more concerned with spinning the lie that the attacks occurred because of an internet video.

I read for a while and you were the first one to mention Obama.

Who did Hillary work for? OBAMA

Who is the one who approves troops attacking a foreign nation? OBAMA In fact, the Secretary of State is a PAWN when it comes to military action overseas.

OBAMA had to approve/or block the rescue of Americans in Benghazi, the fact is, Hussein Obama blocked the rescue attempt.

Who was raised in a Muslim country and his school records show he was a Muslim student? OBAMA

Whose name is Hussein? OBAMA

What is it with Americans, can't they THINK without the US gubermint and the presstitutes telling them what to think? Hussein Obama, America's FIRST Muslim President, was not going to approve the US military attacking his terrorists doing a special op in Benghazi.
Whose name is Hussein? OBAMA!!

Bloody Sam Roberts yells at pop-culture cloud:
A female Captain Marvel? Puhleeeeeze.
Don't know much about comics, but I looked it up. Looks like Captain Marvel has been a woman since 1982.

Monday Potpourri Pt. I

jsanders2001 wonders why no one is using a public website to solicit a hit on George Soros and his family:
Surprised a gofundme account hasnt been setup to raise 5 Million for a Soros removal team. $10M for the family. Can’t let that evil or it’s spawn live on the face of the earth. He’s caused far too many problems and I’m sure his sons have already been raised to carry the torch in the event of hi death.
ROCKLOBSTER is outraged at semantics:
The term "Democratic Party" a lie.

There's nothing "democratic" about a party whose claim to fame is stealing elections.
Different thread, 5th MEB also gets really exercised at 'Democrat' vs. 'Democratic.'
Democratic or Democrat ????

All the talking heads bought into this democratic bullshit because it makes the PROG/LIB/TRANSI/SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST/DEMOCRATs sound so socially acceptable.
ROCKLOBSTER has mixed up impotent silliness with toughness:
To hell with the Media. Fight back. “Knife....gun...” you get the idea.

I liked the guy at the Trump rally, who yelled at the reporter:

"Your name is name is Patriot".
Alas, Ketill Frostbeard burned too bright and too crazy for Free Republic.
Well, it’s sad to see that you have such a low sense of self-esteem and confidence in your own faith that you have to lash out in anger and offer nothing but snide comments toward those with whom you may disagree.

You are new to this forum, having only joined a month ago. I hope you stay and learn more about us. We are not as closed-minded as you may think.

Good luck in your future endeavors.

Good luck to the sheep and the corpses in this nursing home. Opus me out.
I still have him on the Spotlight list, but I'm not sure if he even counts as a Freeper. What do y'all think?

Based on what I've seen around my neighborhood, TigersEye became a hipster after Obama's reelection:

I've been flying that flag since the night of November 6, 2012.
Arthur McGowan is worried about his taxes. And for Freepers, fear leads to melodramatic labeling...
If the IRS were NOT a terrorist organization, these scams wouldn’t work.
madison10 has the latest on Hillary:
She weighs close to 290 according to rumors.
canuck_conservative is not good at playing the race card:
Hillary’s got real e-mail problems ... so what does she do?

Blame the black guy.

How is that not racist??
Enchante injects a lot of drama into a picture of Chelsea, Huma, and Hillary.
Chelsea is not looking so happy left in the background.... I wonder how she regards Huma as Hillary's "2nd daughter"?? catfight, catfight???
Mr. M.J.B.'s fan fiction is getting steamy:
Perhaps the Muslim Brotherhood’s single greatest infiltration of the US.

They knew of Hitlery’s fondness for yearling oysters, so they placed teenager Huma in Hitlery’s lap a couple decades ago and she never left.

Strong possibility Huma and Hitlery will share the same bed in the White Masjid.
"yearling oysters." Wow.

null and void has a whole new depth of Huma conspiracizing:
I've been saying for years, Huma IS a pre-placed assassin, she was placed next to Hillary!™ to take out President (God Forbid!) Hillary!™ at a critical juncture. 
Although she may never have to, as a live Hillary!™ is proving herself to be more lethal to western civilization than a dead one would be... 
Ditter tells a harrowing story of dealing with a pushy black bank teller:
Scary events are not just in bad parts of town. I was at a drive in window of a Chase Bank in the Galleria area recently. I was getting cash with a check from that bank and I am a signer on the account. The girl (black) at the window kept asking for more and more identification from me while conferring with another black cashier.

Finally my gut told me I should leave so I took my drivers license and check and went to another bank.

That evening on channel 2 news I saw where 2 older women were followed home from that Chase Bank and robbed after cashing a check at that window.

A few weeks later a friend told me that that same bank was closed because it had been robbed.
R_Kangel - Obama really should be more careful about naming his foundations:
The Clinton Foundation and the Obama Mafia should be found guilty of Treason at the very least.
Future Useless Eater Internet sleuths a video of Hillary in a parade:
Hillary was only able to walk about 4 minutes before she tanked, with a zombie look,

Shortly after that picture was taken...
Hillary raised her hand to her forehead like she was feeling faint, and an aide
(wearing a brown/white striped half-sleeve top)
quickly slapped Hillary's hand down and away from her forehead,

So instead, Hillary brought her fist to her mouth, and coughed once into her hand.
Then Cuomo signaled for Hillary to turn right and get out of that crowd.

It took Hillary six shuffling steps for her to turn 45 degrees to her right
and she looked unstable as she made that turn.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday Spotlight: Romans Nine

Another loud and proud Freeper Christian. This rural Missouri engineer has no glimmers of empathy, faith-driven White Supremecy, demon-haunted cosmology, old man eccentricity, theocratic tendencies, or actually being in some rural Maine cult. In fact, other than his screenname and dickwaiving about how powerful his God is and how deep his Bible study is, his faith doesn't seem to have any actual presence in his life at all. Even his Pastor seems mainline Freepish, when he comes up.

His name refers to a Bible verse about how the Jews kinda suck now that they're not into Christ. Odd choice, seems to me.

Kinda racist, kinda hates Muslims, spots so many bull dykes among liberal women, was for Cruz, now was always for Trump. The usual.

Seems particularly into pissing on graves (especially Jane Fonda's) and hating MLK, and laments the youtube conspiracy that keeps anyone from watching the youtube videos he totally didn't make but thinks are the best:

Lives in rural Missouri and racism is totally over, guys!
I live in rural southern Missouri and I he answer is no.

I never hear “nigger” anymore except by blacks.

Sorry to tell the race baiters but cultural racism on behalf of whites towards blacks has been dead for many years. Now black on white racism is getting ginned up since the Obama administration has decided it needed a distraction for other nefarious actions.
Also, kill all the black ferals:
These feral hood rats need exterminated before they do this again.
Mercy and forgiveness are for God to dispense. I am not God.
Also on the no-racism beat, his Pastor keeps a Martin Luther King hate-file:
One day at lunch I asked my Pastor if MLK was a communist. My Pastor is 75 years old and followed politics closely his whole life.

He answered yes and them said let me show you something. He went to his study and came out with a file about two inches thick. It was all articles from the 50’s and 60’s about MLK. I was floored with what I read. The Rev. was a serial womanizing commie. He loved his white women. Very common knowledge back in his time. I refuse to acknowledge MLK day. I will never celebrate commies.
Same story, no Pastor:
I remember thinking that King was a Christian. I was reading an old newspaper when I came across this article about him. I was shocked so I asked a good friend of mine who was in college during Kings heyday.

He brought me a file with hundreds of articles some of which chronicled his communist connections and behind the scenes actions.
The FBI files on him also documented his extreme womanizing. He makes BJ Clinton look almost celibate.
Conservatives have forgiven past sins by Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Robert Byrd, SOROS when he was a twelve-year-old.
Liberals never never never stop. They still want to trash Reagan 30 years later.

We conservatives trash each other. Go figure?
Gays and sexuality:
The act that homosexual males engage in is of a violent nature so to try and make me feel surprised by this is not effective.

All the real life lesbians I have known had extreme mental problems beyond thier sexuality. They were not like the Hollywood portrait painted in movies and tv shows. Most were militant bull dykes.
Personally I think most rape cases we hear about are actually people who regret what they have done or wish to cause thier “partner” shame.
So many Bibles!
I have approximately 50 study bibles. Let me know what you are looking for from a study Bible and I can help you pick one that is best suited for you.
The CDC are hoaxters:
Every year the CDC and WHO comes out with some new scare that is going to infect the world.

I am the only one that notices this?

Hmmmmm let me think why would they do that?
Bill Clinton only supports Hillary because she feeds him celebrities to bang:
Elizabeth Banks? I guess she she swings both ways. I bet she is the price Hillary had to pay to get Bill to pull out one more good speech.

If I had been in that room I think I would have puked.

Bills son in law looks like a real firebrand. What a sissy boy looking metrosexual.

That whole place was devoid of alpha males except for the bent one.

Anybody else notice all the bulldykes in the crowd? Some fine looking specimens for sure. I bet a bunch of their breaths smell like rotten chicken in the morning.
Wimpy Obama would be beaten up by FOX News tough guy:
Obahole is great at answering with non-answers. The main stream love it.

Major Garret would eat Obahole for lunch.
I bet that smirk on O’s face would look good on Majors hand.
He wants to beat up Joe Scarborough:
I will never be close enough but if I was I would punch him right in his €0€#$ucker and happily take the punishment.

These people are our enemies same as ISIS.
Grave pissing:
I would (and will, if I live long enough) piss on his grave.

I hope to share in this pleasure. Him and Hanoi Jane and Hillary.

Never forget Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty, and Ambassador Stevens.
More grave pissing:
Pelosi, nothing can stop her from showing off her stupid.

Can’t wait to read of her demise.
She can join Hanio Jane at the end of my piss stream someday.
“ex nihilo”

What a wonderful Creator we have! I will worship Him.
Where have all the birther videos gone?
Anybody know what happened to the video called “Dreams From My Real Father”?
You could watch it on the internet for free and them it was gone.
It did a great job of telling the story of his childhood. It claimed Frank was his real father.
Who does no one watch these awesome youtube videos?
YouTube is a terrible site.

Ever notice a lot of videos with a right sided message only have 231 views?
Trust nothing!
I do not trust anything anymore.

A very large part of pro-Trump or pro Second Amendment videos on Yuotube only show 237 views even several days after the first time I look at them. Videos with links from sites that I know are getting many many hits.

The ruling elites (D and R), big banks, media, and social media giants are all working to destroy our Nation. We need a plan to destroy them.

I’m afraid no election is going to make any difference.

Hillary bitch slapped the FBI. The FBI ran and hid.

The Clinton Foundation ownes many many key official and key officials families.

The Mafia is jealous.
Israel is too liberal these days:
It is my understanding that the Isreali culture has become very liberal.
I have read several articles that elude to this. I have no first or second hand knowledge only what I have read.
Is this real language? self-hating union memeber:
I have been a member of two unions Local 541 Teamsters and Local 101 Operating Engineers in Kansas City. My father was Local 2 Sheet Metal Workers, grandfather and my uncle were union plumbers, my grandfather and uncle on the other side where union roofers, my fathers in law was a boilermaker and my wifes stepfather was a teamster.

I cannot believe how uninformed most union members are especially since they allow the unions to control such a large part of their lives.

Union pensions are exactly like a pyramid scheme, without more coming in on the bottom the top gets lopsided and falls apart. I wish no ill on any union member but I despise the unions unyielding blanket support of democrats and their Anti-American ways. I am amazed at the total ignorance of union members as it concerns politics and the results of democrat policies.

Union pensions will be cut drastically, there is no way around it except for the Fed gov to bail them out. This is exactly what the illegal bailout of GM was all about.
No way to tell how many tyrant traitor Hillary has killed:
she should be tried for treason and hung.

No way to know how many American lives she has cost and the amount of damage to our intelligence networks that has been compromised. Years and years of sacrifice down the tube to finance her quest for ultimate power.

We need to understand she is just as evil as any despot that has ever lived.
A Cruz guy back in the day:
I guess you do not know much about Cruz. Lazy he is not.

Are you angling for Trump?
An adulter, a promoter of greed and sensuality, a man whose word is so good he has been married 3 times.
Sorry but as a Christain when there are other options I will take the better man.
The Constitution, the Country does not need a business owner to “run” it especially one who has had habitual bankruptcies in his businesses. That kinda negates the whole business man mantra.

Bill Clinton, he claims to be a Christian doesn’t he?
Cruz-Hillary debates:
Can you even imagine Hillary Clinton debating Ted Cruz?

Makes me giddy like a school girl thinking about it. I bet Cruz would loose part of his tongue by biting it to keep from smiling. That old hag would scream like the witch on the Wizard of Oz.
Now, of course...
These polls are bunk.

Trump is going to beat Hildabeast like a drum.

Top it off and I bet she knows Trump will appoint a special prosecutor that will be honest and she will be indicted.

I believe Trump will win in a major landslide.
The wheels are off the Clinton machine. Bill has lost his mojo the butcher of Bengazi never had any.
Laws don’t matter.

We the people are allowing this to happen because we are collectively too scared to do anything about it.

The DOJ is not for Justice anymore.

The country is lost. Trump cannot save it, no one person can yet we lack the fortitude to stand together so here we shall fail together.
He wouldn't mind shooting some libs before he gets into heaven:
I will not give up on the land my forefathers fought to protect and preserve. If that means my death to do the same then so be it. I’m only passing through heading to my eternal home anyway.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Connecting the dots and they all lead back to Soreass.

I know I just did a Soros post, but this one is pretty diverse. Turns out Soros gave some money to Al Gore to publicize global warming. You'd think a liberal giving to a liberal cause would be pretty normal, but with SOROS evil plots are assumed.
Between Soros and Al Gore you get an almost potpourri-like melange of craziness on all sorts of topics, from Soros scapegoating stuff Freepers don't like, to calling global warming advocacy anti-white, to some amazing junk science; I cannot let this thread go unmocked.

Freedom'sWorthIt explains that global warming is because Soros is leading the elites who want us to be poorer so we are easier to rule, which is some questionable sociology, especially if you believe Freeper CW2 chest-beating.
Global Warming is a lie meant to degrade the way of life of all so that the empowered elite can rule over us without a whimper from us “peasants”. It is also meant to bring the USA down to a third world status so that tyrants around the world can flourish while the majority of people in the world suffer.

Soros is truly evil and Algore is one of his many puppets. Obama is another one. And, of course, Hitlery makes three.
b4its2late has decided Soros is behind all bad things:
Scares the hell outta me how engrained the corruption is.

Connecting the dots and they all lead back to Soreass.
Bringing back the oldies, ichabod1 cites abiotic oil:
I don’t know the final answer on Global Warming. I do know we have been dependent on unfriendly countries for oil, and I don’t like the idea of using up all our own oil or coal to be free of those countries influence. It just does not make sense to me to waste a perfectly good resource like sun to make oil and coal companies and unfriendly foreign countries happy. I have grandchildren and they will have grandchildren, and I hope we still have resources in the ground by that time.

IT’s ok, because the oil replenishes itself. It’s sustainable.
WENDLE does a level of cherry picking such that I cannot believe he himself is sincere:
There is absolutely no “global warming”. In fact, the Ant Arctic Ice has reached all time records in covered square miles. This is all a lie to get your stuff.
Yeah, lets concentrate on 2014 and ignore the Arctic, that's the ticket!

DoughtyOne has this amazing post about how global warming is a plot to take our cars and depopulate white people:
We have a bunch of Leftist think tanks driving all this, and I think it is related to wanting to destroy personal car ownership, reduce the global body of White people, and the ultimate destruction of Western civilization.

Nobody but White’s are being asked to stop reproducing in top level nations. If a Hispanic or Black family has a lot of children nobody says a word. Whites? OMG how could they?

Where is diversity pushed?

Central and South America? No.
Africa? No.
Asia? No.
The Middle East? No.
North America? Yes.
White dominated Europe? Yes.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what is going on here.

We are seeing a systematic attack on the United States and Europe.

We better wake up and grasp what is going on as a people, because if we don’t in less than 30 years there may be no White self-determination on the planet.
butlerweave offers the weakest of burns:
Did Al pay taxes on his being a Phony ?
When politics interferes with your faith? angcat, get off Free Republic!
It seems evil has won. I don’t know what to ask god anymore at night.
LUV W manages to switch tones from fury to joking pretty fast...
God help me, but someone needs to take that evil bastard DOWN.

Stand back, I feel the lightning about to strike! LOL!
Soros scapegoat time! butlerweave:
Is Merkel on the Soros payroll ?
E. Pluribus Unum:
I’m waiting for the email that proves Soros bought Glenn Beck.
sevlex is angry about some fancy car?
Was Soros involved with the CCX?
Jenny217 knows SOROS is everywhere and in everything. Except Trump.
Seem everyone has been on the Soro’s payroll one way or another. Diabolical, destructive and cynical in his plan to take over with a One World Order Government. Only thing standing in his way is ‘America’. God help us! Go Trump!

Hillary's Diapers

For whatever reason, Wikileaks has pretty quickly slid down the road to Freeper level Madness. First it was promising anti-Hillary scoops that never materialized, then posting anti-Hillary cartoons, then calling for Hillary to be jailed, and now it's full on tin-foil stuff including ole Vince Foster.

Including taking the fact that someone at the DNC once searched for adult diapers and deciding it could only mean one thing.

Well, this broke the brain of Freeper 2harddrive who has been spamming every thread he sees with off topic pleas to get the word out. Check out his posting history to see his obsession.

This Hillary health thing has a lot of Freepers pretty excited. It's got the Internet sleuths scrutinizing her every photo, it's got the death wishers' hopes up, it's another bullet on the list of 'Hillary lies,' and it's got more than a whiff of pettiness as well, which brings all the Freepers to the yard.

2harddrive knows the occasional CAPS always help you look SANE:
WHY does Drudge NOT carry the Wikileaks news about Hillary Clinton wearing DIAPERS? That was 3 days ago! Especially since Julian Assange's TOP lawyer was murdered 2 days later? To send a MESSAGE to Julian, perhaps?
ground_fog knows when you add conspiracies together you get a narrative:
she has a catheter patch on her leg it was just exposed too..the old bitch is falling apart..not healthy enough to be working in a toll booth much less the Presidency
I don't think Cats Pajamas is taking this seriously enough:
What is that protruding from her stomach? .

She eted a baaaby.
UnBubba starts with what I thought was a joke, but then makes it dark:
I heard Hillary wakes up three times a night.

Twice to pee.

Once to change her diapers.

P.S.; My late friend had the same problem.
Daffynition posts a pic of Hillary with a shit-stain on her butt. A bunch of Freepers believe it; she doesn't give a damn when it's debunked.
You do know that image is a photo shop right?

Here is the real one that was taken in 1996.

Congrats. You found the missing linx. Pffft.
MarMema has a whole new theory!
insulin pump?
Catheter, diapers AND an insulin pump? Wow, news just keeps getting worse for Hillary!

AnthonySoprano wants to point out the serious issue of Hillary's secretly narrow shoulders:
I work with lots of women that age, but none exclusively wear pant suits.

And the Mao jackets have HUGE oversize shoulders. She was snapped on some trip and her shoulders aren’t much wider than her head. She has narrow shoulders.

The media likes to put up stock photos of her during stories, and they show her 10 years ago. That’s purposeful.
jazminerose argues that this is totally an important issue that Hillary's medical records do not clear up somehow:
Anything to do with her health is a legitimate issue.

And don’t think our enemies wouldn’t jump on
the opportunity to embarrass the US.

Bowel or bladder incontinence are symptoms about which we have the right to know.
caww is amused that some are indulging in some wilful ignorance of the publicized fact that Hillary has briefly left the the campaign trail to do some fundraisers:
"Where's Hillary" hashtag still ongoing....folks reporting their last sighting...LOLOL
I guess having never seen Trump, ZagFan is pretty sure 'Hillary fat' is the message that will catch fire with the American People:
If you want to focus on Hillary’s health I would focus on her bring overweight, something that’s obvious from photos.

Ask the question, “Is Hillary Clinton OBESE?” Most people would understand this and it’s not complicated like all of these other suspicions. When greeting Biden the other day on the tarmac her thighs looked huge and a spare tire was evident.

Emphasize that she wouldn’t pass Michelle Obama’s fitness test.

Heck, Michelle wouldn’t even pass her own test. Her butt looks huge lately and her toned arms look flabby.

Trump's immigration confusion sewing Freeper chaos

I'm quite a bit less worried about Trump bringing in a Trump whisperer to keep him on message, since Trump's latest messaging has been as unwise a move as I've seen him make.

Persecuting illegal immigrant is the one principle Freepers will not trample to worship at the altar of The Donald. More than that, Freepers tend to be on a hair trigger on the issue, ready to come down upon any who evince a hint of empathy or pragmatism. This is somewhat cancelled out by their cult of personality around Trump, but Trump still has a lot less room to maneuver than he does in any other arena.

And yet Trump has decided to try to finesse this issue. Of course, to Trump finesse means to both soften and stand firm simultaneously. So you get '"There could certainly be a softening because we're not looking to hurt people," followed shortly by "....but we’re going to follow the laws of this country and what people don’t realize--we have very, very strong laws."

On most other stuff, Freepers are content to listen to the dog whistle and ignore the first part, but this issue the muddy message leaves Freep riven with chaos and angst.

Arm_Bears will give Trump one more chance...
Trump is on the verge of shooting his candidacy in the head.
ncpatriot is all in still:
Trump is very tough, but he has a lot of compassion too.
Sir Napsalot is trying to focus on the red meat and ignore everything else:
The excerpt is misleading.

In the same sentence Trump talked about softening, he said

....but we’re going to follow the laws of this country and what people don’t realize--we have very, very strong laws,” he told Hannity.

To me, that's the strong indication of where Trump's so-called softening is going to come from.
SharpRightTurn is not amused:

How about enforcing laws, deporting illegal aliens (just as Mexico does), and regain control of our borders? Anything wrong with that?

I’ll take sovereignty; Trump can keep the softening.
Will88 is already blaming the GOPe:
I’m afraid some of the GOPe types have gotten to Trump and convinced him that the party must pander specifically to Hispanics rather than appealing to them with issues that affect all citizens and legal residents.

It worked so well for that master panderer Juan McCain. Trump will damage his chances with this by causing some number of voters for whom immigration lawlessness is a top issue to stay home, and it will win few if any new Hispanic voters.

They just can’t figure out that such pandering will likely subtract more votes than it adds.
Donglalinger's crisis mentality is not having any of this Trump nuance:
The wall needs to be built asap,if not Reagan amnesty 2.0 is coming
9YearLurker would like to remind every Freeper of all the ridiculous things they believe and how much they hate illegals:
let’s not pretend that there are only 12 million of them. There are 30 million, at least. And every single one of them — and their offspring — immediately get affirmative action placement at the front of the line of white Americans.

They also already are a majority on the dole, at least three generations in, even if they are those “great, great ones” Trump is talking about that he now more openly admits he wants to legalize.

This population votes overwhelmingly Democrat. It is also overwhelmingly low-skill, at least three generations in.
TheStickman doesn't trust FOX News's transcript of Trump's words:
Are suggesting that Fox News and Trump are part of a left-wing conspiracy to elect Hillery?

FNC has proved this to be the case going back to the very 1st “debate”. eMost of FNC’s talent spend hours daily bashing Trump.

Vote Trump 2016
GOPe Means Bend Over Spell Run is another who picked a sentence he liked and ignored the rest. But how long will the halflife of these denialists be if Trump continues down this path?
This Fox story must of been written by biased liar Megan Kelly.


Which means all illegals have to be deported. As such, Trump’s simply softening his statements to appease those ignorant offended soccer moms that want to appear compassionate while they commit suicide via illegals!
Windflier blames the messenger for asking those trick questions:
Hannity, you frikken dope. What have you done?
Jay Thomas knows the problem is that you always read or hear Trump's words via that evil media:
Listen to Trump not the media, people. It keeps the blood pressure in check. (not you)
Jay Thomas has decided townhall is not media, I guess:
Smell like shamnesty.

Smells like not reading the article nor watching the town hall.
anti-Trump lurkers begin to smugly unveil, like AmericanInTokyo:
Interesting to sit back now, and watch this unfold on FR, a day many of us warned would come.
central_va has always been single issue. Well, plus loving the Confederacy:
Trump is about to lose me. I am not sending any more cash. He is lightening to the squishes.
bobsunshine explains that anyone who doesn't like Trump's new position is just too dumb to see the cleverness in Trump's new position to not do anything different from Obama:
Agree 100% Trump didn't change. He is being very smart on this issue. We all know he can not immediately round up people and put them on a train back to Mexico or wherever ( except for the criminals - Send them back ASAP). Now think what Trump is saying – “we will be humane – we will follow the law” . The Law says deportation if not here legally or overstayed your visa. He is trapping everyone into believing he wants amnesty or something.

Second, who is our “Deportation Force” – — ICE, yes our own government agency. Since the Law is already on the books, they just need the go-ahead. So if you are caught here illegally, then you go back. Period. That’s the law which hasn’t been enforced. Now Congress might not like the law, then they’ve got to change it. I don’t think anyone will fault Trump for “following the law”. So get on board the Trump Train, we still have a few more cars with empty seats, and vote for Trump.
Luircin knows all who doubt Trump on Free Republic have an evil agenda:

Sore Cruzers, sleeper trolls, and accounts I’ve never seen before all getting together for one great big circle jerk of hate on this thread.

I guess they had to go somewhere.
 A commenter hoped Trump never tried to pivot and drove the Freep-train all the way to losevill. I think I agree that would be both the most fun and the best for the country. But seeing Freepers tortured by slowly increasing cognitive dissonance has it's appeal as well.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

NASA: Last month was Earth’s hottest in recorded history

Freepers love to scoff at global warming whenever there's a hint of snow on the ground. But it's been a really hot summer. Record-breaking apparently.
This leads Freepers to have to reach a bit more to discount claims of global warming. And the fallacies they reach for are really quite a testament to motivated reasoning.

dasboot goes with the usual imputing an agenda and refusing to engage:

Trying to stay relevant.

Want more dollars.

Their product is fear.

They must needs to debauch our virgins and throw them into the volcano.

We gots trouble! Right here in River City!
Another of those anti-human environmentalists, Bryanw92 wonders if maybe the temperature we evolved in might be suboptimal for 'the planet'
Statistical obfuscations and outright lies.

The big question is always “what is the perfect temperature for the planet?”
blam is sure the data was skewed somehow! Doesn't bother to look into how:
"NASA: Last month was Earth’s hottest in recorded history"

How many standards did they have to change to reach this conclusion?
MichaelCorleone hates NASA now, which reminds him he also hates Cruz now:
I remember when NASA was a respectable organization.

BTW, isn’t Ted Cruz on some committee or sub-committee for Space or NASA? I don’t hear much from him. Too busy trying to trash Trump I guess.
556x45 is also sure NASA has changed and is probably full of minorities now:
I remember when NASA was a respectable organization.

Was just thinking the same. There was a time when real scientists and engineers worked there. It seems anymore its a parking lot for ‘diversity’ and PC. Sad really given its legacy.
Actually, NASA has a problem with their staff staying on much longer than other agencies and not moving on.

Innocently, I'm sure, The Great RJ mixes up the hottest year in the US with the hottest year in the world:
Has NASA conveniently forgotten 1934?
pfflier explains that you can't break a record twice!
They have said that for a year or two now. Repeat a lie often enough...
BlueYonder proves humans collecting data on anything is useless:
The thermometer was invented 400 years ago (plus or minus a couple of decades).

The Earth is 5,000,000,000 years old.

The thermometer has been around for .00001% of the earth’s history . Temperature records haven’t been kept for all that time - but let’s ignore that for the time being.

The question is, at what point do temperature records even become relevant, scientifically speaking?
mountn man prefers speculation to any sort of data:
I wonder if they took into account May, June, or July of 1956?

When 5,7 and 5 nuclear devices were detonated above ground, by the United States.

6 of which were hydrogen bombs.

Those would skew your temperature readings.
Talk about man made global warming.

in 1961, the USSR had a total of 57 devices tested in Sept, Oct and Nov.

Something tells me the heat from these blasts would tilt all the other readings combined.
Moonman62 starts with hyperbole and then declares it was strawman NASA's hyperbole all along!
According to NASA every month is the hottest on record. The temperature shouldn’t be dipping below 100 by now.
sarge83 blames sequestration on 'king of science' Obama:
NASA’s attempt to be relevant and get funding for anything since they voted their king of science in obama. Then he promptly gutted their agency. You made your bed NASA.
AllAmericanGirl44 - trust no one!
I’m more convinced then ever that ALL the agencies have been co-opted. 
minnesota_bound - SOROS! *mic drop*
George Soros gave Al Gore $30 million over 3 years to lie.
How much has he given those that run NASA?