Monday, August 1, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. IV

ladyrustic accuses a fellow Freeper of being Christian Taliban, which is awesome. She then argues that conservatives can all come together, united not by ideals, but by hating liberals, which is Freep:
You are a religious fundamentalist who would, no doubt if you could, drag us back to the time when women had few options in life and were subject to the directives of men, when men who differed, especially sexually, were ostracized or even beaten and had to hide who they were. Your views are nearly indistinguishable from those of the Taliban, and are grossly incompatible with the freedoms that define western civilization.

And many conservatives including myself, reject such thinking. Many of us are happy to see the tent of conservatism expand to include all who believe that progressives seek to remove liberty and impose a totalitarian fascism on the world. We may just need to agree to disagree, and pull together to fight the enemy.
Tucker39 must feel very clever that he went back like 300 years to find policies about women he likes:
In old english common law there was a term applied to a certain type of female: “The Common Scold”. You can find a description on your favorite search engine. It is described as a troublesome, loud female who went about disturbing the peace and tranquility.

As related to Shrillary, she’s all that and more, to the point where she’s an enemy to our Nation and our way of life.

Under English Law, common treatment was to subject her to the “Ducking Chair”. It was a chair suspended from a long boom which extended out over a river, lake or pond. When the scold became unbearable, she’d be tied into the chair and ducked underwater several times.

That would NOT be severe enough punishment for her OR Slick, IMHO, in light of the fact that HE sold our missile secrets to the well as being in on the sale of our uranium to the Russkies, among numerous others.

It also occurs to me that a ducking chair might be a whole lot simpler than waterboarding, and even more effective. The effectiveness could be dialed in by varying the dwell time of the chair staying underwater.
Vision Thing needs to up his nickname game:
Go Trump! Give the bitchlary clinton no time to breathe.
Fhios thinks Bill Clinton is a woman, or a mercenary:
Look at all the key players around Hillary Clinton. they’re all women. Aside from a few male mercenaries.
Sweet irony! originalbuckeye may want to check what his tagline is saying ("In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." - George Orwell), before he advocates ends-justifies-the-means lying:
Why can’t Republicans be like Democrats and lie about what they will do once they are elected??? That is ALWAYS how Democrats get elected! Republican Party=Stupid Party. Period.
DBrow is working hard on the Hillary is a crypto-Muslim thing:
No matter what the temperature is ...She always has long sleeves on and pants..

She does not want to offend her Muslim backers. A practicing Muslim woman never shows her forearms, calves, or ankles.
Lil Flower's sons are doing it wrong. Trump douches should be individualistically rebelling, not following their mother's politics. Sad!
There are still some level headed, smart ones out there. My 20 year old son has been on a Facebook mission to wake up what few friends he has that are idiots and he’s done a pretty good job, and he does it with well, reasoned comments not memes.

My 25 yr old son has a good head on his shoulder as well but he is more in your face and will tell people in the harshest of ways how stupid they are. He pulls no punches but most of his friends are conservative anyway because they’ve been working long enough to have some sense. My 20 year old is still in college so he’s dealing with some nitwits.
Gamecock's Mom notes that refugees these days don't look white!
My mother, who was raised during WWII in Germany took one look at these "migrants" and observed that they don't look anything like the refugees that came from the East as those counties were being overrun by the Russians
It's Freep doctrine now, but Uversabound's Pope hatred is pretty awesome:
This pope is working for the enemy. So sad. So very very sad.

This pope is working for the enemy. Thank you finally one of you got it.

Jim 0216 is one of many Freepers who find Trump's normal-seeming vice to not give them the crazy they now crave:
I’m not at all sure about Pence. To be honest, so far what I’ve seen, I don’t like.
Carl Vehse knows Hillary will nuke anywhere the money guys ask her to:
Hillary Clinton Suggested Trump Couldn't Be Trusted With The Nuclear Codes

HilLIARy is projecting onto others. She'd sell the codes in an instant if the price were right.
Does snoringbear know that there is porn on the Internet?
I only watched Fox because they have the hottest babes anyway. All the coming out accusations against Ailes has the network spooked for sure. Will be interesting to see it the leg camera returns after the convention. No leg camera no me. I do miss Elisabeth Hasselbeck though, lol!
Freepers incandescent hatred of Angela Merkel is interesting, since it's just about the only time I see the nationalistically myopic Freepers make common cause with anyone in Europe. Usually other countries are only good as ways to help Freepers hate Obama yet more. Sasparilla:
Get the men in the White jackets. Merkel is way beyond her expired by date.

Hitler defended the Storm Troopers the same way. What’s with these Germans?
cgbg wonders if Hillary supporters are all robots:
The pro-Hillary comments were fascinating—they seemed almost non-human, i.e, artificial intelligence.

There is something really creepy about the Hillary campaign.
bgill with the inevitable Chelsea attractiveness judgement:
I happened to flip over long enough to see Chelsea, looking all puffy and odd, blathering something about grammy reading some choo-choo story. Does she have some chin implant that worked its way loose or what? Her chin and teeth were mesmerizingly strange. Didn’t wait around for grammy.
exit82 still doesn't want any debates:
Debates are passe.

Trump proved that.

They are a waste of time, and just gives the Leftist media opportunities to happily bash our candidates.

So sick and tired of them.
castlegreyskull is also already spinning Trump's debate performance:
Will the moderator provide the Democrat candidate the questions in advance?

Provide the questions in advance? I am convinced that Candy Crowley was obama’s debate coach in 2012.
wastedyears also clearly fears the debates:
It’s because crooked Hillary has no energy and can’t think on her feet. Topics are also being announced a week in advance to give her team all the time in the world to prepare for the questions (that they’re going to receive anyway).
AlanGreenSpam has this whole thing about how Democrats are the real negative ones in this campaign, as he angrily insists Trump is super optimistic!
isn’t it time Hillary comes up with a catchy campaign theme that encapsulates her political philosophy? How about “Make America GUILTY Again!”

After all, her entire campaign can be distilled into the following GUILT themes.

. “Make Corporations GUILTY Again”
. “Make White Males GUILTY again”
. “Make the US Military GUILTY again”
. “Make our Borders GUILTY Again”
. “Make our Police GUILTY again”
. “Make Liberty GUILTY again”
. “Make Capitalism GUILTY again.”
. “Make Successful People GUILTY again and again and again.”

The foregoing is the essence of the Clinton/Obama legacy. Notice how these thugs NEVER COMPLIMENT America. Never!

In reality, it is the “Greedy Liberals” who should be declared GUILTY for wanting to steal other people’s money for their various socioeconomic fascist agendas. After all, their programs require the implied use of government force on otherwise free individuals (e.g. if you do not pay your taxes to support their socioeconomic fascist agendas, someone will come with a gun to your house and take you to jail).

Compare Trump’s campaign theme to other recent democratic campaign slogans:

. The condescending “It’s the economy, Stupid!” theme concocted by the almost sub-human James Carville for Slick Willie Clinton’s campaign.

. The vacuous “Hope & Change” theme adopted by Obama managed to suck in a lot of gullible Obama Kool-Aid drinking sheeple.

. Hillary’s “Stronger Together” them is bland and unpatriotic. It does nothing to celebrate the individual and is all about collectivism/socialism. . And Hillary’s “I’m with her” theme is just laughable. What does that have to do with running the most powerful country in the world?

None of these campaign themes come close to matching Trump’s theme of optimism. This is the same recipe that won Ronald Reagan his re-election with his “Morning in America” theme.

The Republican National Convention has been a celebration of optimism for America and a “can-do” attitude.

In contrast, the Democrat convention will be a celebration of whining negativity and grievances from their loose aggregation of GREEDY special interest victim groups (socialists, anti-racist racists, and feminazis).


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  2. She does not want to offend her Muslim backers. A practicing Muslim woman never shows her forearms, calves, or ankles.

    So, can we finally agree that Michelle "Bare Arms and Legs" Obama is NOT a secret Muslim?

    1. Taqiyya being a Shia doctrine and therefore as likely from an ISIS supporter as a Southern Baptist going large on the veneration of Mary.

    2. But the Shiites, being Muslim, WOULD lie about that

  3. Chelsea, looking all puffy and odd

    Guys, grow up -- she delivered a baby like five weeks ago.
    Have any Freepers ever seen a real-life woman, clothed or unclothed?

  4. Don't pick on the kids! People are too
    obsessed about being "fat". TWINKIE weighs
    185 lbs. and can whup FANG'S butt and he
    knows it. (He's 240 lbs., but tall.)

    Eat a good meal or two and quit harping on
    "fat". Me and FANG had steaks at Shoney's
    for my birthday last Friday night.

    I had chopped steak because my teeth are
    "iffy"; but what we had were very tender!


    1. And you're still giving Hillary your guns when you die.

  5. "This pope is working for the enemy. So sad. So very very sad."
    "This pope is working for the enemy. Thank you finally one of you got it."

    These kinds of comments always make me think of one of the letters from Screwtape to Wormwood.