Thursday, June 30, 2011

6th Circuit upholds Health Care Mandate

Another court decision against Freeper's desires. But this time, there is hardly any 'black robed tyrants' muttering. More 'when the revolution comes.' I think this means Freepers realize they may lose this one:

KTM rider analyzes the decision with a fine eye:
the courts have decided that under the commerce clause, Marxism is the supreme law of the land
chris37 has a well thought out plan:

No, I’ve decided that I’m not going to do it.

The judges, scotus, obama, and the rest of the government can go fvck itself.

I will never obey.

As to what 'it' is, he is unclear. But he is channeling an angry 3 year old very well:

mojitojoe is going to get out of here for good once Medicare kicks in:
they can go eff off. I don’t need their sh*tty gestapo death panels health care. I can very easily get my health care ( and it is EXCELLENT) at my home outside the U.S. If it’s not repealed and I reach the age where Medicare kicks in, I’m out of here for good.
LowTaxesEqualsProsperity hates Bush:

A GW Bush appointee approved rape of the populace under the commerce clause.

Proving once again that W was a piece of crap president and sure as hell no conservative, look at the crap he put on the bench.

LowTaxesEqualsProsperity would also like to impeach everyone who disagrees with him, cause they are Nazis:

Any and all federal judges that vote to uphold the individuals mandate are in violation of their oath and should be impeached.

Next they will say shoving people into ovens is okay under the Commerce Clause, if it reduces costs and is in the general welfare.

Tritors. Impeach and remove them all.

NoNAIS knows wacky costumes are the key to a good protest:

I say we all by powdered wigs and black robes. Then we make our own decision as to the application of The Constitution.

Can you imagine that - hundreds of people showing up dressed as Citizen Judges to protest.

douginthearmy isn't advocating violence, he just looks forwards to it:

I’m not advocating violence, but if the Civil War II kicks off in my lifetime, I will make it my personal goal to bring some of these liberal judges to justice.

chris37 is getting all sovereign citizen:

I will only say this.

A person only has as much power over you as you give them.

I have taken all of my power back.

All of it.

I reject the tyranny of those in black robes.

I reject the tyranny of the US fedral government.

I will die before I submit to tyranny.

This is America, this is where the Freedom Of God lives.


Freepers love Israel, and the Jews of the bible and Holocaust. And they go gaga for Netanyahu. But they are not big fans of American Jews. They have too much faith in Obama, it seems:

The Sons of Liberty
thinks Jews invited the Holocaust:
I USED to think Jews were very smart and I always wondered how they let The Holocaust happen. After seeing them support the muzzie Hussein, who openly advocates their destruction, I now know they are the dumbest SOBs around.
Tuketu invokes the Holocaust as well:
My wife, 4 friends and their kids are all Jews, as is my Email buddy. ALL DID NOT VOTE FOR OBAMA. The former Boss did and as far as I am concerned needs a "S" tattooed on his arm for SCHMUCK!
onona says Jews are retards:

Not lambs, retards with no, absolutely no, sense of being...

Their focus is not on God, not on Country, and not on Survival.

The state of Israel is just the harbinger for the US.

Ann Archy knows Jews and Obama share one thing in common:


MestaMachine knows liberal Jew is an oxymoron. Also capitalization fits in there somehow as well:

Since the ONLY people in my family I associate with are hardcore conservatives, I don’t know.

If Jewish liberals are finally LEARNING that being JEWS, all the liberal stink in the world won’t ingratiate them to literally ANYONE in the world, then that is a good thing.

But to claim being a jew, and also being a liberal is an oxymoron. You just can’t be a real capital J Jew and be both. You just can’t.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The ur-Freeper

Rome2000. He's excited about Civil War 2, where we clear all the commies and at last found a state that doesn't allow seditious anti-capitalist speech! He wants to nuke the Muslims, thinks Obama is evil, is not afraid to get personal against libs, and loves his bible (but not Lutherans.)

He's like someone took all the angriest positions Freepers have, and mushed them all together.


Foreign policy:
The TOLLEY-BON (AS THE MUSLIM IN CHIEF PRONOUNCES IT) in Afghanistan is nothing that about 75 neutron bombs couldn't solve.

You don't shrink down to the size of a roach and fight bugs with swords to take care of an infestation, you get an exterminator and wipe them out wholesale.

Start with the Saudis, who owe us about 10 trillion dollars in reparations for 9/11.

Use cruise missiles and blockade the sons of bitches,screw letting these subhuman camel jockeys take out our troops.

Americans should be paying 10 cents a gallon for gas, certainly no more than the degenerate ragheads in the "Kingdom" pay.

God help the perverted homicidal freak muhammedans if we get a POTUS who isn't a muzzie communist or is in bed with them like Bush.

And the socialist crooks in DC that are working overtime to destroy the United States and the capitalist system will get whats coming to them.

Payback time for enemies foreign and domestic is right around the corner.
On the necessity of loyalty oaths:

That son of a bitch Warren in US Vs. Brown threw out the provision in Taft Hartley that required union leadership to sign affidavits that they were not communists.

As a result, union leadership is comprised of nothing but.

We are getting ready to hit the CPUSA and the communist American labor movement so hard that they wont have time to crawl back under the rocks they came out from.

On getting rid of all the Communists:
Van Jones is a red communist son of a bitch who ought to be set adrift on an iceberg along with every other red son of a bitch in DC.The muslim in chief can steer.
His plan for Unions:

In about 10 years the leaders of the "organized labor" movement will be more hated by more Americans than Osama Bin Laden.

All it takes is a GOP POTUS to declare war on them.

Issue an executive order immediately stopping all withholding of union dues from employees paychecks in the public and private sector.

That, coupled with investigation of union bosses by the DOJ, along with indictments and imprisonment of the corrupt degenerate socialist crook bastards, will really put a crimp on thier style.

Finally, outlaw public employee union contributions to political candidates.
Fascism, is there anything it can't solve?

On giving the franchise to all those non-white males:
The perverted degenerate evil moslem son of a whore arch criminal in the White House is a direct result of pissing on the warnings of the Founders.

There was a REASON the "right" to vote wasn't put in the Constitution.

The Founders specifically warned against enfranchising women, imbeciles, those under 21, and non freeholders, and for the first 150 years of this Republic these groups did not vote.

After 4 Constitutional Amendments and Motor Voter, these are the groups that vote for democrats and will continue to do so.

On Protestants tolerating Islam:
This abomination exists in the realm of those misguided by the heretic Luther.

Other impressive Freepers I've focused on:


NY Spits on Jesus

I was traveling over the weekend, and so didn't get to Freepers' crazy reaction to NY legalizing gay marriage. That did, however, allow the threads to mature to a spectacular bible-quoting level of crazy.

Friendofgeorge gives us the title:

They just spit on Christ

whatisthetruth knows you cannot defend gays unless you are gay:
If you have many gay friends, then you are part of the problem, and not the solution. There is no reason for anyone with any decency to have many gay friends, unless you're just fooling yourself and your own closet hasn't been fully opened yet.
Gene Eric gets a lot of attaboys for preemptively proclaiming victimhood.

The idiots didn’t legalize homosexual marriage, they’re laying the groundwork to persecute those that don’t support it!

MadMax, the Grinning Reaper thinks crime is going to be rampant now:

Welcome to the GAY APPLE, folks. Everything Guliani did to clean up the city is now going to be undone over time.


Welcome to HELL,New York!

Tears of a Clown would like to speak for Jesus, as all good Christains do:

GOD damn gays and their sodomy, rest assured they will burn in hell for this even if they dont burn in america just yet.

jesus is not pleased with new york, more evil in a time of obama evil, sickening. just sickening.

'evil in a time of obama' sounds like a pretty cool novel.

Rome2000 looks forwards to shooting all the married gays:
the coming backlash against the perverted marxist degenerate scum democrat party and their supporters in the populace and the press isn't going to be pretty.

The nation cannot endure half evil marxist and half good capitalist.

Somehow I don't see these homosexuals, communists and welfare cases taking up arms to prevent the free states from leaving.
leprechaun9 knows the best answer is to just yell that all dems are fags:

Well at last! Andrew Cuomo can marry his father, Mario!

greene66 wishes NY to burn:
truthfully, after this vote, I don’t give one single, solitary iota of concern for the survival of New York. It can burn in blazes, and I will react by grinning from ear to ear. It’s no longer a state, but a damned cancer.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Obama and the Medal of Honor

Freepers love the military, and hate Obama. When Obama honors Medal of Honor recipients, they resolve this conflict by muttering mostly. But then Obama screwed up that one of the honorees' posthumous status, and Freepers saw their chance to strike!

kristinn hates personal apologies!
The Showboat-in-chief didn't have the guts to announce his apology. He left it to the Monti family to announce it on Facebook.
Renderofveils thinks getting Obama's mistake is a slap in the face to America!
The apology should have been to SFC Monti's family, the entire military and veterans, and the country as a whole for the grave disservice a Commander In Chief speaking so callously of two soldiers' sacrifices.
Sequoyah101 is a partisan hack, and proud of it!

I give him credit for NOTHING. I give no quarter to enemies.

lentulusgracchus notes Obama talked too black in the ceremony:

There is a certain courtly English that is used in military citations for valor. It is stately, dignified, and grammatically precise, not extemporaneous, colloquial, and "street".

Obama shows his unfitness for office, by his not bothering either to learn to use it, or to resort to the assistance of people who know this special language of military citation, to ensure that American heroes receive their public due.

Obama spoke instead as if he were canvassing for votes in a Southside Chicago bar.
I see my hands centers everything he writes.
"Apology accepted"

Why in the world do people so readily accommodate evil?

would hate Obama to honor his son:

God forbid anything were to happen to my son, but, if my son is killed in action I will not permit this man to have anything to do with any service or ceremony for my son. I would invite President Bush, but not this empty suit.

USMCWife6869 is also horrified by Obama honoring her husband:
Right after I read this, I asked my husband, who is preparing for his fourth combat deployment, if it HAD to be the President that gave out the award. Because if it has to be him, I would spit at him, I think. If, God Forbid, anything were to happen to my husband, I would not want his name to even cross Obama’s lips.

Wisconsin Supreme Cort Melee

Newly elected Conservative triumph Justice Prosser seems to found his hands around the neck of Chief Justice Bradley. Freepers do not need to wait for facts to know which side gets violent, of course:

has an easy time with political controversies:

I would believe Prosser’s account. I would not believe a Democrat if they said water was wet.

tbpiper thinks the 61 year old Chief Justice was an assassin or something:
Given the overwhelming ugliness of the liberal oppositon in Wisconson to everything conservative, I'd say Prosser had to defend himself.
longtermmemmory just chooses to deny anything at all occurred:

I call complete fake story.

utter BS by thugs of the MSM.

ADSUM thinks this was all a plot:
This appears to be an intentional provocation by the leftist that have nothing left bit attack.
Martin Tell knows unions are all about faking having someone's hand around their throat:
Union thugs specialize in this sort of tactic.

I once worked on a case where strikers tried to stop cars from entering a work site. A car brushed past a striker blocking the entrance. Striker got out of the way; his buddy spoke to him, and then he fell down and the other strikers called the cops. Driver of the car was arrested, but fortunately, the company had a CCTV on the top of the building.

Striker lost his job and got sued for malicious prosecution. Maybe it will happen to Justice Bradley as well.

I can always dream.
Yeah, Chief Justice, union thug, same thing.

marktwain projects a bit:
Remember, in Liberalistan, they believe that any action taken to advance the cause is ethical. That is their standard. Lie, cheat, assault, murder, rob, rape... it doesn't matter as long as it advances the cause.

As long as the "Progressives" controlled the media, it worked for them. Now that conservatives have a little bit of media, they can no longer hide their crimes and sins. The take down of the Weiner is prophetic. The only leftists that still seem untouchable, are black liberals, who have Charlie Rangel to hold up as a standard bearer.

Asteroid-based partisanship

NASA reports an asteroid will miss earth by 7,500 miles. This is more proof Obama is an idiot, of course:

andy58-in-nh is remided of how Obama never works:
Having no entries on his otherwise busy travel calendar, President Obama will barely avoid working in the Oval Office again today, as he jaunts off to another fund-raiser on his way back from a round of golf. “Whew”, the President was quoted as remarking. “That was a close one!” “Now do you think I oughta go with the wood or just lay up and chip for the green?”
FrankR hates NASA:

Another brilliant thought from the CAIR and Muslim Support Center, formerly known as NASA.

Mouton uses the asteroid as an analogy for rich people:

Ozero is probably waiting for it to slow down and change course so he can begin a dialogue with an alien ship. The good news, after hearing his words, they will depart saying “no significant life forms present on this planet” Here is a transcript of his welcome:

Hello out there, this is president Obama, ruler of the US and the entire planet. Welcome. Now, let me be clear, if you land here, do not expect low income tax rates and since you seem technically advanced, plan on my IRS removing any monitary gains you make selling your technology as part of my social justice program.

Da Coyote likes some few scientists:

Thankfully, folks with real degrees in real science can calculate orbits.

Now, just think of a “climate change” dunderhead was doing those calculations.

Oh, the humanity.......

Oy. To do satire well, you need to understand the other side. Thus, Freeper satire is pretty hamfisted.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday potpourri.

caww has his own special polling that no one else knows about:

Heard tonight Bos approval’s in the 30’s now. He’s in desperate mode now.

Hmmm. Can't find that poll on Google.


With Moochelle on a romp to Africa, Obama is free to romp around the WH.
By the way has anyone seen O’s lover Reggie Love.

Reggie Love? The President's personal assistant? Well, who needs proof.

mylife has an interesting villain:

IMHO the Chicago mob is running the country now.

Theres always go syndicate go betweens, but these guys are tired of what ever leverage they had, and are rolling on them.

They want all the rackets.

Regulator feels like he's living in Apartheid South Africa:
So the black wife of the black President in a white country was in the land of people who revolted because they were the racial majority and they were not running the country?

My what a concept. The racial majority asserts the right to take control over a racial minority.

What if the U.S. were to say the same thing to Michelle and her husband?
wac3rd has a rather broad definition of Civil War

If there is a Civil War, the Left will side with the Mexicans, like they side with radical Islam and everyone else who hates Christianity and America.

A Civil War...with Mexico?

Talisker still can't stop obsessing over Hillary.
Everyone wants Obama impeached or defeated. but who do you think is waiting in the wings, like a snake in the grass? Hillary, that's who. So interpret things at least at two levels if you want to see what's going on - the Obama level, and then underneath, the Hillary level. Once both are considered, THEN look at the exterior events and ask yourself what they could mean, for and against these factions.
Black_Shark is already a grumpy old man while in college:
One major problem. The youth. My generation. The generation currently in our Universities.

My generation is worthless as a whole. We have no ambition, no drive. We have no knowledge of even the most basic economic theory, mathematics, medicine, philosophy, politics, anything.

Yes, no knowledge of politics. My generation wouldn’t know socialism if it bit them on the nose.

What can my generation do?

We can get drunk, have sex, and kick some b******s a$$ at modern warfare 2/halo.

who_would_fardels_bear wishes Obama were a Nazi:
Whatever their faults, the "National" socialists at least pretended to care about their nation.

Has Obama done anything to suggest that he cares about the United States as a unique nation? If anything he preaches against American Exceptionalism.

Never mind Obama saying America is unique in like every speech for the last 3 months.


You can’t see that the 0 is a full fledged dictator?

This will be quite a surprise to the Republican primary candidates!

HighlyOpinionated has his priorities!
When 'enviro-mental-ists' care about unborn babies as much as they [claim they] care about 'the earth' then and only then shall I give a damn.
maica knows how to engage liberals:
His evil is definitely intentional, and I do think he sees himself as the first Muslim dictator of the US.

Perhaps your observation is the key statement we can use when talking to our "liberal" friends and acquaintances.
"Wow, I was thinking you were kooky, but when you said Obama thinks he's a Muslim dictator, I really saw the light!"

unkus thinks liberals have hidden ways to escape the coming apocalypse:
Power and greed are all they care about. I’ve always wondered where their “life boats” are hidden. Do they think themselves immune from the disaster they are bringing upon us? They have no souls.
rawcatslyentist on the First Amendment, and Islam:
>"I said the role of Islam in America is for those that believe in Islam to practice it and leave us alone.

Too bad, MudHamhead (Pigs be inseminating him) didn't command it that way!

IsLame is SLAVERY/SUBMISSION. It has been ILLEGAL in the civilized world for 150+ years now!

Is SLAVERY protected by the 1st ammendment? Didn't think so!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday Pix

Freeper-on-Freeper photoshoping!

...was this originally an anti-pornography ad?

Palin the erection slayer!

This is always a favorite conspiracy theory as election season ramps up.

Wow, Obama is shooting cops, and the media is covering it up!

Real Republicans don't golf with the enemy!

Wow, this is some They Live stuff right here. Except it's 2 women being subliminally sent away from the solidarity they should have with another woman, sicne that is how women think.


Palin seems to have a large effect on Freeper penises.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Rick Perry

Rick Perry is running for President! Freeper reactions are mixed:

Friendofgeorge has standards:

So a President Perry would be the result of all the hard work put in by the Tea Party??

Hard to get excited about that.

Sarah Palin or bust!!!

I tell you this though, if I had to choose between Perry or Bachmann, no contest, would never ever vote for Bachmann

newfreep's guilt by association has staying power:

Perry was the TX chairman for (D’rat/Socialist) Owl Gore’s 1988 run for President. Owl Gore!

Just another Bush “Compassionate RINO” from TX.

No Thanks!!!!

ilovesarah2012 does not live up to her name:
If he can beat Obama, I’m in.
sklar brings the tin foil:
he attended the Bilderberg Conference in Istanbul Turkey in 2007.

After the Controlled Media pushed McCain on us in 2008, the NWO was already lining up the next GOP sock puppet. Now he's ready for his turn.
ejdrapes is rueful, and accurate:

LOL. Before long Perry will be to the left of Obama ‘round here. ;-)

Right up till he gets some primary momentum, that is.

SlaveNoMore lists things Perry will have to explain away:
1. TransTexas Corridor support (NAFTA highway)

2. Attempt to force Gardisil on my daughters

3. Border control flip/flop - against it before he was for it

4. Fraternizing with globalist Bilderbergers

5. Likes big government

6. Bottom line - As we say in Texas, "all hat and no cattle"
Revolting cat! lets us know Perry has sewn up the spite vote:

My Texas moonbat relatives despise Perry, which is enough of a recommendation as far as I’m concerned!

GOPsterinMA analyzes the sexy angle:

Is there such a thing as “too Texan”? NO!

Plus Perry has a raw, sexual energy about him, so he has the right package for sure.

In the end, I'm more worried about Perry than anyone else in the race at the moment. Freepers are lukewarm now, but they don't have the burning hate they have for Romney - they'll come around if Perry wins the primary. So he has his crazy base, but is not so crazy that he can't tack moderate with some plausibility.

Though if Palin gets in, all bets are off.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

All liberals have abortions

somewhat vicious liberal radio host Stephanie Miller speculates that Palin and Bachmann may have had abortions. A bit unfair, but nothing Rush doesn't do. Freepers flip out:

babygene knows the only reason why you'd be pro choice is if you're trying to get forgiveness for abortions you've already had:
I Suspect that those who support a woman’s “right to choose” mostly have a dog in the fight. Either they or someone they loved has been down that path and it is very personal to them. They seek to avoid their guilt by trying to get the rest of society to buy into it and, in effect, tell them what they did was OK.
Grunthor agrees

Miller and Lavoie do not know a pro-choice woman or a woman that has never had an abortion. I know this for a fact. How else can you ask this question with any seriousness? It’s like a cheater always accusing his or her spouse of cheating.

Miller and Lavoie have had abortions; take it to the bank.

Note that Lavoie is a guy, so that's quite a trick.Norm Lenhart thinks Stephanie Miller is setting the ground for Civil War 2!


The libs have so poisoned the waters that they are terrified that Palin or another strong conservative will get elected. They also fear a repeat of 2010.

They know that once back at the wheel, we will force this crap to end. There will be prosecutions over slander/libel. There will be prison for those who pull Wisc. union style crap. The ‘free speech’ that they have so thoroughly abused without repercussions will suddenly have many.

And that’s when they are going to get really violent. There will be CW2 and the libs will start it if their fearless reader doesn’t beat them to it through his policies, first.

Lancey Howard knows no Pro-Lifers could have had an abortion:
the abortion industry has been keeping careful records for decades and offering glimpses of those records to rat operatives who need a little fodder for "opposition research" and legislative vote extortion, that's why. When rat operatives go "digging up dirt", the abortion mills are the first place they look. If either of these women had had an abortion, we would know by now.

Palin quits bus tour

Despite protestations to the contrary, it seems that Sarah Palin has decided to take a bit of a rest from her bus tour of Real America. Freepers, always willing to spin for Their Candidate, do so in spades:

RoadTest knows this is another masterstroke:

I find what she does fascinating. This move (or non-move) is true-to-her-form: it’s politically atypical, unexpected and unexplained. I still have the impression she is on course for - - - something. But by keeping everybody in the dark she keeps her opposition off balance and unarmed.

Just watch.

CT Hillbilly is pretty sure this is cause Sarah doesn't want to miss the 4th of July:

In her show, she had said how much they love the 4th of July in Alaska...and it may have something to do with the family fishing business too.

But I love it when she reloads; it’s always worth the wait.

LibLieSlayer loves the spite he sees:

Palin just wants to pi$$ you off... and it worked!

samtheman is waiting for Labor Day cause he likes the metaphor:
Since everything Palin does is automatically put into the harshest media glare possible (as they try to “ignore” her, hahahahahahaha), what better way to highlight the Kenyan King’s Unemployment Problem than to declare her own candidacy on Labor Day.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Panetta Conspiracy

The Senate confirms Leon Panetta as SecDef 100-0. Freepers can't understand this:

Outlaw Woman
thinks the Republicans are clearly part of some kind of conspiracy:

Oh isn’t it great? This guy has extensive communist ties.

If this doesn’t prove that ‘they’ are all behind crashing our country I don’t know what else does.


Please forgive my language.

Don Corleone knows this is a Communist plot.
Big Commie; big mistake. 2012 can’t come soon enough.

When the entire senate votes for a known Communist sympathizer it is going to take more than an election to straighten this nation out.IMHO
Yay, Civil War 2 time again!

Jack Hydrazine knows Republican is just another word for Right-Wing leftists:

Of course the Pubbies voted for him!

The Dems are Left-wing Leftists and the Pubbies are Right-wing Leftists.

A Leftist by any other name is still a Leftist whether they have a D or an R after their name.

The Cajun knows you just say no. To everything.

Panetta is a liberal Rat, you fight liberal Rats every step of the way.

Are we going to fight to save this country from liberal Rats are not?
It's that simple with me right now and the hell with our fine Republican Senators who don't see that.
Dr. Sivana thinks we're living in Soviet Russia:

When you have been relented to a barrage of Stalins, Zinovievs and Trotskys, a Bukharin might look pretty good.

I think that's what you call a group of Stalins. A pod of whales, a knot of frogs, a barrage of Stalins.

Operation Fast and Furious

It seems Republican Darryl Issa has uncovered a rather badly thought out plan in this "lets give Mexicans guns and then forget to track them" plan. Freepers, though, are never satisfied with reality. To them, it's an article of faith that Obama is behind this. Indeed, this is Obama's Watergate, and will bring him and Eric Holder down.

thinks this will lead to Eric Holder getting assassinated by Obama.
I've noticed this story is starting to get some play in the MSM. It could end up being big, I predict it will take down Holder, because there is already claims by the agents involved that the order can directly from his office. Perhaps if it looks like he's going down,

Holder might rat out who in the Whitehouse gave the order, either that or Holder might get “Vince Fostered” if it looks like he's going to implicate the Whitehouse.
ichabod1 loves this one phrase...

He’s a turd world politician from a turd world country and a turd world city. You KNOW that he’s never believed in any law besides what he can get away with, so I gotta think there is illegal activity all OVER this turd world administration.

Erik Latranyi thinks socialism:

I think an angle here may be that the Obama Administration is arming socialist groups along our border.

GladesGuru also thinks Obama is toast:

“They might get Holder, but they’ll never get that slippery Omoslem.

He’ll escape on his magic carpet to another halal camel BBQ.”

I disagree. Obama firmly grabbed the “Third Rail” of gun grabbing, politics death move. Then he proceeded to p*ss on the issue of the Second Amendment through BATF’s Messican “Circus of Treason”.

Stick a fork in him - he’s done.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kill all crazy people

Some woman who killed her children got a lighter sentence because she was mentally ill. Freepers are not ones to shy away from howling for the blood of those they do not know. But here one Freeper was arguing that if you're crazy enough, maybe killing wasn't the answer. We therefore got something a bit more meta than the usual torture fantasies:

PROCON thinks people are getting off for insanity like all the time:
Don't get me wrong, I believe that some folks do suffer from these illnesses, but in this day and age, (the past 30 years, perhaps), too many criminals have been getting off on legal technicalities because of their so-called mental illness
Darryl Lecht hates how crazy people never get punished:

In America, crazy people are exempt from punishment. There is a cottage industry to make excuses for this trash.

samtheman's justice is wide ranging, if not very contemplative:
She deserves a bullet. And her defenders deserve to be pistol-whipped.
Niuhuru thinks crazy people are too rebellious these days:

Having had to deal with crazy people for some time, I think there is a HUGE need to start getting these loonies in line.

hopespringseternal thinks coddling the mentally ill leads to more mentally ill people, somehow:

I don't care what your excuse is, you murder five kids you need to be put down.

This Freudian nonsense that treats people like machines excuses all kinds of horrific behavior. When you excuse and justify evil you wind up with a lot more of it.
dennisw leads the 'they are demons' brigade:
She should have been executed years ago. If someone with severe mental problems robbed a store or a bank I can see trying to understand their problem and getting them some treatment. But when you kill five people you don’t deserve to live any more. You are a proven demon
Shalmaneser wants a more soul-based justice system:

The fact that she wants to go on living is proof she has no soul. Any human being with a soul who had killed his or her own children would kill themselves. How could any rational being with a conscience live with that kind of guilt?

Yes, suicide is the only rational answer, otherwise we kill you!

Where the WHite Women at?

It seems noted Black Democrat Van Jones has a white wife. This is gonna be craazy!


Poor woman.

Dick Bachert:

Jones is married to a — a — a HONKEY??? A black women not good enough for him?




Can’t even marry his own kind!

Nat Turner:
You would be surprised how many so-called "pro-black" revolutionaries have married outside of the race....Its a case of "For Me but not for Thee"

Monday, June 20, 2011

Freepers give peace a chance

Conservatives have always hated the War Powers resolution, what with their unitary executive and whatnot. But now that Obama is in office, they are sounding more and more like Code Pink if you switch Libya for Iraq. Well, except that Code Pink never claimed Bush was advancing a secret Muslim policy:

suddenly discovered Congressional war powers in the Constitution!
I really hope the SCOTUS slaps him down on this. Forget the War Powers Act, this is purely a Constitutional issue. Congress, and only Congress can authorize engaging in war.
JudgemAll has the diagnosis:

Obama is a “feel it or want it that way” vigilante. This categorizes him in the war criminal vs. those who calculate the risks reasonably before shedding blood or castrating nations willy nilly without a plan.

Powerful words, if it weren't for Bush doing exactly that with Freepers simpering over how manly he was.

Carling thinks Obama wants to get impeached as an election tactic.
This is literally an impeachable offense.

It's almost like Barry wants it at this point, yet dumbass Boehner is going to play 18 with him tomorrow.

I'm guessing Barry is just trying to see how far he can go without losing the next election. An impeachment proceeding would probably rally people around him at this point, so I can see where he's coming from. He's playing politics with American troops, all so he can get himself the best angle for his rightful throne.
sbMKE thinks it's all the other Dems want Obama impeached:

NYT is laying groundwork for impeachment?

It sure seems as though the Dems are looking to through Obama under the bus for the last couple years - blaming a runaway administration for their collective failings.

Obama is playing with folks that are much much more politically astute than he could ever imagine.

silverleaf is pretty sure this is all part of Obama's plan to nuke Israel:

What exactly is obama’s agenda? Who benefits from this?????

Something is just... off ... with this entire situation.

Is this a dry-run for using US forces against Israel without Congressional constraint???
livius knows only a Muslim would bomb Libya:

His evil is definitely intentional, and I do think he sees himself as the first Muslim dictator of the US.

Dengar01 is enraged at liberal hypocrisy:
You want to know the sick part of this?

The liberals (mostly not Kucinich) all defend Obama!!!

Where is Code Stink? Cindy Sheehan? ANSWER???

It's a democrat war which means it's a good war. Kinda like when Clinton bombed Serbia to cover up his scandal.

By request: The he-man woman hater's club:

Partisans of all types have their share of issues. With many Freepers it's paranoid religious zealotry, seeing everything as part of the war on God. But there is a segment whose neuroses are more secular and mysanthropic. It is these Freepers who are evident in a thread asking if the over-40 unmarried are freaks:

'Love' does not compute for RegulatorCountry

Well, be prepared for a wave of such “freaks” then, because outside of religious considerations, there are precious few reasons to marry and a whole boatload of reasons not to, for men

Redak broke of an engagement just in time! SUrely this is generalizeable:
I actually looked at the mother of a woman I was engaged to and was repulsed. I began to see her footprint on her daughter everytime a situation became stressful. Ultimately it broke us up, and then her girlfriends came out of the closet an completely ratted her out. She had No intention of moving to Alaska or of a real college degree. She was just milking the relationship since I was young making alot of money for that age (lots of overtime) and I was frequently gone for months at a time.
piytar equates women with slaveowners:

Why do I have a hunch that this blogger is a toxic feminazi, one of the many women who with their spineless leftist “men” have made marriage into basically slavery for men, slavery that the woman can usually bail on with no consequence but poverty for her “sperm donor”?

Nah, couldn’t be...

PS Never married, just seen it too many times. Although to be fair, I did have a female friend get raked over by a meterosexual pedophile who knew how to work the system. Although she did finally get some semblance of justice - after 4 years of H#!!.

warsaw44 has trouble with all the sluts:
Try finding a nice girl with traditional values, who hasn’t had relations with the entire fifth fleet, who is interested in starting a family.
TigerClaws blames America:

Expand your search. American women = the problem.

Sorry gals!

Yep, foreign brides are properly subservient, I'll bet!

death2tyrants also has a story:
I knew a guy who had a wife like that. I remember a time he had to call his wife for permission to buy something out of the vending machine. She had him working 12hr/day 7 days per week, and he never saw a dime of it. Eventually he found her cheating on him and he divorced her.

Monday potpourri.

Gator113's scared:
Obama is going to do far more than break us, the evil bastard is going to kill us.
GlockThe Vote knows how to break Obama:
The Obama Depression. I love it! They need to keep hammering away with that line!

Yeah. Obama will crack if that phrase is used often.

DocH doesn't like Republicans talking with Dems at all:
ANY Republican who hangs out with our domestic enemies (you know, the ones PURPOSEFULLY trying to destroy our economy and our way of life and replace it with something dark, ugly, and foreign) AFTER work (I don't even like them "reaching across the aisle" DURING work) is a true, traitorous RINO and has NO BUSINESS in OUR party.
unixfox on Weiner:
You just KNOW he was picked on every single day when he was in school.
Probably never fought back or stood up for himself either. What a little pansy.
My Freepers were bullies thesis continues to gain traction!

FARS is still humping Obama's race:

The half black, half white reference was quite appropriate and not racist. Obama is NOT REALLY BLACK (African American), he is half white and ALMOST HALF ARAB with a mere
6.25% Black African-American, assuming the American part is real.

That percentage is less than the Federal minimum to claim a formal ethnic minority status. Arabs may have darker skins but VEHEMENTLY deny being blacks! Even those who have lived in Africa for countless generations, for wom being called a Black is a huge insult!

Obama has NO CLAIM on being FORMALLY black or African-American RATHER THAN just a DARK SKINNED mixed race ARAB.


Make no mistake, there are leaders in power (See Obuttface) that seek to devalue/destroy US sovereignty. The UN empire seeks world domination just as the British empire once ruled most of the world. We fought a revolution with the Brits and now, Obuttface, is going to lead us back to our historical subservience to another world empire.


MestaMachine just wants Israel to nuke someone already!

Israel would never nuke the US. But there are other places...maybe more dear to o bam and closer to his heart.

353FMG is worried about Muslims existing in the Air Force:

Would you trust a muslim pilot in charge of a nuclear armed US fighter jet? Yet, the day will come that this will be a reality.

We are concerned about Pocky-stahn and their nukes. What about our nukes in the hands of US Muslims?

lentulusgracchus has a plan:

I've argued a couple of times for a constitutional convention to kick the six New England "blue"(actually very pink) States and the downstate part of New York State out of the Union.

That would expel about 30,000,000 Democrat votes and allow us to get our house back in order by getting the illegals to go home, sealing up the borders, and rolling back Marxism-Leninism out of our institutions. We'd need to introduce the Roman censorate, to expel disgusting or disruptive people from federal office and public life, and the Athenian ostracon (ostracism) to exile people from the community and physically expel them from the country.
Signalman noticed the new DNC head is Jewish:
This yenta Wasserman Schultz is the best thing that’s happened to the GOP in quite a while.
garjog has found the truth:
After seeing Obama's signature, I found this on a hand writing analysis page concerning people who sign their name adding "An O With an Inner Loop". It says such a person is probably given to telling lies
EBH thinks Osama's death is bad somehow:

Things I believe are true...

Based on the statement from 0bama during the 2008 debates, we knew where 0sama bin Laden was. Were 0bama’s statements leaks to the intelligence we had?

So that begs the question ...Why wouldn’t Bush have gone after Osama? What was so valuable in keeping Osama alive in Pakistan?

The couriers in and out? Leading to other top leaders in Al-queda and emerging leaders?

Did the Saudi’s order the assassination?

samtheman won't enjoy it

if the muzzies ever completely take over, i’m going to grow a beard and stand in the public square and watch them hogtie and bullwhip the leftist wenches who helped put them in power

i wont enjoy it, but i will watch

I won’t enjoy it because of what it will mean for the rest of the country, that it will mean it’s all over for America. But yes, I will be cheering that bull whip every time it strikes leftist flesh.

But I won’t be enjoying it.

Freepers still hating Bachmann

Bachmann continues to not be Palin. Freepers are therefore not pleased and think she's evil. These primaries are gonna be awesome:

M-cubed sounds a bit zombie-ish:
This is Bad..I did;nt even read the article....

I MUST HAVE..........PWS..*G*
Slump Tester hates anyone Rove likes now:

Between her wanting to keep picking my pockets for big corn and Rove’s glowing praise, I’m not feeling “electrifyed” with her at all.

SoConPubbie Leaves a window open to love Bachmann if Palin doesn't get in:

Get back to me when Michelle Bachmann fires that creep Rollins and decides to “Man-Up” and attack the inherent Socialism in RomneyCare when directly questioned.

Until then, she is not fit to lead.

Diogenesis is really not a fan:

She is a RINO Backstabber vying to be Ms. Romney II.

Not interested in a backstabbing Poser
who is FOR Romney/RomneyCARE and GLobal Warming.

What a nut. She ought marry Ron Paul, too.

Diogenesis I mean really:

Conservatives simply do not support RomneyCARE.
(like Ms. Romney-Rollins Bachmann.)

Conservatives simply do not support ethanol supports.
(like Ms. Romney-Rollins Bachmann.)

Conservatives simply do not support intelligent design paid for by taxpayer money.
(like Ms. Romney-Rollins Bachmann.)

Conservatives simply do not support the Global Warming Hoax.
(like Ms. Romney-Rollins Bachmann.)

Conservatives simply do not support Romney.
(like Ms. Romney-Rollins Bachmann.)

Conservatives simply do not attack Gov Palin.
(like Ms. Romney-Rollins Bachmann.)
Diogenesis no, really:
There is one conclusion.

RINO Bachmann is a saboteur for Romney.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday Pix - Flag Day Edition!

Ahh secret Muslims pedophile Weiner. Free Republic hardly knew ye.

Real Men use Bunny Ears.

Is this a protest sign or a science project?

Gotta say, Weiner looks really content as a weiner.




A repeat, but it's been at least a year and Freepers do love it so...

Not that Israel did anything this week, but Freepers don't need an occasion to photoshop their favorite Man.

Friday, June 17, 2011

First female marine general

Freepers are like two generations behind. Their reaction to a girl marine:


I sure feel better now that she is in charge don’t you? Isn’t it just wonderful?

Makes me retch.

She shouldn't be in the Marine. PERIOD!
youngidiot sees the real flaw:
It'll be hard for her to insult them about “sucking di*ks” and stuff like that. This is wrong on so many levels.
ansel12 doesn't understand statistics:
there were women in my unit who were certainly stronger and more physically capable than I was.

You just admitted that the females have female standards, not the real standards, then you describe those mythical women that i always hear about but have never met.

I will tell you something about your "scrawny" male body, I can turn it into something that is superior than almost all females on earth, it has built in capabilities and reserves of strength.

Women can't do the job on their best, most healthy day, give them a year of malaria and canned peaches and Marlboros and they really can't pick up their 100 pound packs.

Yes, all women are like the average woman, and all men are like the average man!

Weiner is also a secret Muslim

Congressman Weiner's wife, Huma, is not only a Muslim but assistant to Hillary Clinton. The right-wing blogosphere is speculating like crazy, and Freepers are taking the lead:

Terry Mross has a friend who speaks for all Muslims:

I’ve posted on here before that I have a friend who was married to a Saudi. Spoke to her today and she said for Weiner to marry Huma he converted or she doesn’t practice Islam. A muslim woman is not allowed to marry a non muslim. Yet, not one word of this in the so called press.

Elendur agrees:
i was told the same thing, by an Imam trained at their top University, Al-Azhar, in Egypt.
That Imam personally told me, there are NO exceptions.
If the woman does, she is caste out, as an apostate.
(and he was also on the state board of directors for C.A.I.R.).

...and Huma’s Imam, showed approval for the marriage, by publicly telling her to stay with her husband.
which can only mean ONE thing...

OMG! All Mixed Muslim marriages have a secret Muslims in them!

who_would_fardels_bear has a different spin:
Huma is the lesbian girl-toy for Hillary. She married Weiner as cover. That's how he got the seat.

Unfortunately because she is not interested in having sex with him, he took his interests elsewhere. They should have sent a few escorts his way.

If anyone converted it was Huma to a false Judaism, but more likely they are both secular agnostics.
who_would_fardels_bear follows up:
Weiner was one of the most staunchest supporters of Israel in Congress.

He was doing a real bad job at advancing the islamofascist agenda.

But then again, if your headwear is branded by Reynolds, then he purposefully engaged in his internet antics in order to bring disgrace on all staunch supporters of Israel.
unkus thinks this is some kind of conspiracy, just like everything else he ever writes about:

The weiner sexcapade is nothing but a symptom of how rotten these people are. The bigger picture is how Huma/Muslim Brotherhood/Sec. State of the US are all part of the larger plan to take down the United States.

AmericanInTokyo is making a list!
2013 should be the year to have tons of fallen, seditious Democrats hauled up to the hill under oath and under subpoena for a lot of national security violations for the last number of years under Obama....Obama himself should be forced up to the Hill under oath and indicted.

I am making my list right now. Van Jones, Cass Susstein, Anita Dunn, a whole ton of people are on there, including Huma and Weiner.
Aw, Nixon, it's like we've forgotten about you already.

Feral Canadians riot in Vancouver

After all their Drudge-fueled feral blacks thing, it is amusing to see how Freepers deal with Canadian riots over hockey

Major Matt Mason blames anarchists and Muslims:
This is mostly the work of anarchists, and possibly a few ROP-types. And yes, some drunken Canucks fans.
Well, glad hockey players fit in there somehow as well.

re_nortex blames this on typical liberal rioting:
As I understand it, Vancouver is very liberal so this type of feral behavior is quite typical of what leftists do. It's not too far removed from what happened a few months ago with the union thugs and goons in Madison, Wisconsin.
mad_as_he$$ doesn't feel temperature, I guess:
I have been to Hongcover many times. Basically it feels just like San Francisco.
mrspeelwerneeded thinks this is fueled by how much Canada hates America:
Canadians have always had an anti-American mindset.
Mashood shows he can be racist against whites too:

Canadians, by their very nature, are a violent bunch. They and Australians come from penal stock... untrustworthy.

...penal stock? What is this, 1880?

Al Gore's Kiss of Death

So Al Gore has complimented Mitt Romney for his acknowledgment that global warming is a thing that exists. Freepers, who hate Gore for being a success only slightly less than they hate Romney for being a RINO, pile on:

businessprofessor has an interesting picture of this:
What an endorsement! Mittens and Goreacle in a deadly embrace.
Where do I sign up to get my Romney / Gore 2012 Bumper Sticker??? /MEGA MEGA MEGA SARC!!!

Anyone know where I can buy the puke bags they have on airplanes?

Every time I read another story of the imposter Romney I get sick.
PapaNew knows Romney is one of those liberal sleepers only Freepers can detect:

Romney to Gore: “Shh, shh, quiet, not now. I’m supposed to be a conservative. Wait ‘till I’m in office, then we can talk about all this liberal stuff I agree with...”

Dengar01 again:

The people who support Romney are RINOS, they are not the base of the party, we are!!!

Mark my words, Romney WILL NOT win the nomination. Enough of us know he's a fraud liberal piece of trash.

I would just like you all to do one thing, it is very easy, tell your conservative family, friends, neighbors, ect... that Romney is a fraud.
hattend and many others curse out a bunch of politicians:

Kiss of Death.


and just for the hell of it


thankfully he doesn't use "Fuck." Cause Free Republic is a classy site.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hating Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow likes that her daughter is learning about homosexuality in second grade. Freepers shun!

miss marmelstein seems to know an awful lot about Ms. Paltrow:

Listen Gwynneth, sweetie. Why don’t you learn to cook before you write simpleminded cookbooks? And after you were diagnosed with brittle bone syndrome, why do you continue to lecture people on the joys of veganism? In other words, why don’t you just shut up?

MortMan knows learning about sex early leads to such horrors as liberalism:

Raise up a child to have no objective standards, and they will be a worthless liberal as an adult - until (perhaps) they get mugged.

ImJustAnotherOkie keeps it classy:
Gwenneth, you are a

Stupid Bitch!

That's what's wrong with it.
EDINVA notes she's ugly too:

I’ve never thought Paltrow was cute, maybe just barely attractive. Unfortunately, she inherited her dad’s looks rather than her mom’s, who was ‘cute’ in her day. Worse, she seems to have inherited the vacuous Hollywood gene.

NCC-1701 argues hypocrisy:

Ole Gwen is a hypocrite. She’s married to a guy but is in full support of homo “rights”. If she supported it in that manner, she would divorce her hubby and get involved in a lesbo relationship. Live the life, baby. Walk the walk, don’t just talk the talk. See how much she likes it then.

Guess you can't be for civil rights unless you're black. And only fetuses get to lobby against abortion.

Flag Ettiquette

Freepers are all about patriotic ritual. They still go on about how Obama didn't cover his heart during the national anthem in 2008, so this is clearly very important to them

Heh. In reality, they just use it as another reason to hate the left and feel special.

Witness their reaction to a blogger dinging their beloved Rep. Allen West for taking the flag underwater with him:

suddenly discovers legal formalism:

I understand that the Flag Code is a series of suggestions, and not Federal law.

Free Vulcan also conflates legality and propriety:

Burning the flag is OK, but letting it touch water is a crime.

Your elitist double standard in favor of your political stripe Mr. Hendley is exactly why we don’t want you and your kind in charge of this country. There will be two sets of rules: one for you guys and one for anyone who’s not ‘your people’.

30Moves strikes a blow for freedom!

I left a comment on the site - Bill Ayers was mentioned.

elcid1970 really doesn't like civilian criticism of the military:

“We’ll let you off with a warning, West.”

That’s Lieutenant Colonel West to you, you worthless pencilneck geek! You couldn’t issue a warning to a wombat and you couldn’t lead a f@rt out of a phone booth! And you are not even worthy to shine Lt. Col. West’s uniform shoes.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

First, pound on the table.

"When the facts are against you, argue the law; when the law is against you, argue the law; when both the facts and the law are against you, pound on the table"

Janet Napolitano points out that profiling terrorists makes you blind to other demographics. Freepers basically refuse to engage, going straight to pounding on the table.

I'm talking complete lack of argumentation. Not in their usual alternate reality marshaling of bad evidence but in the "shut up and fuck you" total lack of argument. Usually this is how folks react when they have no argument, but Freepers are used to that. In this case, I think this is what they do when they feel like the country is actually with them.

ari-freedom thinks only examining Muslims can only end well:

Napolitano: Concentrating Terrorists Screening Efforts on Muslim Men Under 35 is Not Good Logic

I agree. We should also look at muslim women and men over 35.

AlanGreenSpam thinks this statement is proof of zombie she-maledom.

Wow, this is depressing to have such a cowardly she-male in charge of our security.

She’s so brainwashed about political correctness that she’s no longer intelligent or logical.

Watching her is like watching a brainwashed zombie. I’m serious.

hope is pretty sure abortion is somehow involved:
The elite program of these are extremely evil, beyond Marxism, and Communism. They want a world that supports their philosophy.

They are the modern Margaret Sangers!
Jack Hammer manages to marshal an argument:

Janet, you simple tool - Israel has used the very method for decades to keep the peace on El Al, with a success record that is the envy of every nation on Earth.

Not good logic?????

Tell it to the Israelis, you simple-minded twit.

Yeah, cause Israel's time-intensive expert program is totally scalable, ya twit!

takenoprisoner is pretty sure this is sexy times:
She would rather molest our children, wives, and mothers, than go after the culprits. What does that tell you? It speaks volumes for me. She’s not on our side of this war. She enjoys watching our relatives being molested. She prolly downloads airport cam clips of molestations to take home at night, for further review.
Vigilanteman also sees sexy times:

Was it just my dirty mind, or did anyone else notice that Big Sis was holding the mike like it was a personal vibrator?

jonascord imagines further sexy times:

She gets all quivery and damp at the thought of being able to do tha OTHER thing Che liked, using a .45 to blow the right wing brains of non-Marxists all over his/her/it's shoes.

When this is all over, we're going to have to establish war crimes tribunals like Nuremberg for these criminal traitors...
Well, this got oddly creepy. I suppose Freepers don't exactly pound on the table...

Monday, June 13, 2011

Obama's Katrina gain

Freepers really musta felt that Katrina was awful for Bush, cause they can't stop looking for a Katrina like thing for Obama. Starting in 2009 every disaster has become Obama's Katrina. From fires to oil spills. Thus, there is this nice little bit of sample bias - The Blaze went to Alabama and found some families that applied to FEMA for rebu9ilding funds and were denied.

Maybe these FEMA decisions are wrong, but that's not important. See, being from Alabama, they are all white! Freepers have decided Obama's tyranny extends to individual FEMA decisions:

ken21 knows why these families were denied:

the tornadoes did not happen in a liberal area; therefore,

the residents do not qualify for government assistance.

Never mind the families that got assistance! They are probably secret liberals anyway.

SatinDoll agrees.

Is Alabama a red state? If yes, there’s the answer to this situation.

The problem with Barak Obama is he doesn’t believe he is President of the United States, but only of a few states.

Sweet projection! OBAMA is the one who doesn't think he's leading part of the country?! I thought Freepers said he wasn't their President, and that liberals should all be shot...

Bean Counter thinks it's not politics, it's whiteness!

These are white people and are therefore ineligible for Federal assistance of any kind.

BilLies tries some Hispanic outreach:
The ObamaNation not only doesn’t like whites (couldn’t help it with a runaway mother like that) but also doesn’t like Hispanics acting uppity against their betters, Negros.

More violent youths

There are some young muggers in Staten Island. Schooling is clearly failing these kids. Freepers have some ideas.

all the best thinks reading 'Thou Shalt Not Steal' would have helped.

Welcome to post-Christian America. Surely wouldn’t want to post 10 commandments on the school’s wall.

Graybeard58 blames Islam, somehow.

There are two violent cultures clashing here and one is the “religion of peace” and I believe it starts before middle school.

samtheman thinks schools should be more like jails.

We need (as you say) to end the welfare baby-boom subsidy.

And for the short-term: We need educational camps, out in the woods, surrounded with barbed wire and filled with a daily regimen that includes not only enforced study but enforced hard work wherein the little hottentots earn points for parental visits. No points, no parents. (Which in the long run will help them earn more points, I’m sure, since the problem is primarily the parents.)

junta wants to bring up Weiner.

Any nice white libs send their children to this school? Maybe Weener can send his brat to this school when the kid is of age?

Ruy Dias de Bivar thinks this may be racial.

Have you ever heard the poem “Kentucky Larn’in”? It is about little black boy who steals a watermellon and shames his mammy so bad she refuses to give him a piece when she cuts it up.

She finds it is not ripe! and then berates her boy for stealing a green watermellon.

Mouton thinks police child-killing squads are the answer.

Solution: Long ago, the NYPD had a squad that was internally called the “assassination squad” but was actually called the stake out squad. On weekend evenings, officers would secret themselves in a liquor store and when some armed dirt bags came in to rob it, they would announce their presence and then promptly dispatch the lowlifes with a blast or two of 12 gauge oo buck. Worked well till one guy actually lived. While on the stand he was asked by the PD if the officers had announced they were under arrest before the shooting began. Guy said, I don’t know but I do know that one guy said “april fool MF and blew his S..t away”.

Similarly now, what the police need to do is set up phony pizza deliveriers while covering the plain clothes officer. When the vandals show up, it is assault on a police officer and open up. Then yell out, halt. Usually no one can recall when the halt was said and the firing began. A few dozen like incidents and the muggings stop IMO but if not, it is not the same group.

Monday potpourri.

Good Old Rome2000 really hates when solders accept the Congressional Medal of Honor from Obama.
They might call it the "Congressional Medal of Honor", but the POTUS is the one who names the recipient in the name of Congress.

This guy is a hero, like dozens of others, and this is a political stunt.

And he ought to tell Hussein thanks, but he's not for sale.
kbennkc on that coward the Dali Lama:

He was a absolute monarchist before he fled his country and left his subjects to the brutalities of the commies, like a scared little chicken.

Pacifism: it's not a philosophy, it's being a wuss!

Absolutely Nobama joins the ranks of those who love paying extra money to confirm their partisanship:

As far as the false religion of global warming is concerned, I purposely leave the tires on my aircraft carrier sized SUV as soft as possible. I spray DDT daily on my crisis garden. I also collect old aerosol cans.

JLAGRAYFOX is attacking that Congresswoman who got shot in Arizona. And her husband, for some reason.

No one should have to go through what Ms. Giffords is going through, but if she is close friend of Wasserman Schultz, she is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. She should resign and take care of her health and life.

I hear she is a nutso eco-maniac and...her husband in my humble opinion is a traitor to NASA, standing by “Dirt Dog” POTUS Obama as he dismantled NASA and layed off hundreds of loyal NASA workers while he destroys the American Space program and weakens our nation!!!

Cut Medicare, not NASA!

13Sisters76 looks forwards to the purges:

When the day comes that we regain our ability to identify the enemy within, we will be sending the SEALs into such groups as the Communist Party headquarters...

tennmountainman keeps fucking that chicken:
When the scandal broke, look who Huma ran to:

Not her sister, not her mother, not her father....

She ran to Hillary, her dyke lover.

Cicero knows all about Obama's Judicial Nominees without needing to do research or anything!

Block them all. Seriously. Block them all. You don’t even have to look at them to know they are all Communist extremists. Because ALL of Obamas appointments fit that model.

madmaximus responds to a New Jersey press shield law not applying to Freepers:

FUNJ beaucrats, FU government!!! FU liberals!!! FU Gen Y!!!

Fuck Gen Y?

miss marmelstein does the inevitable "analyze into his eyes" post on Weiner.

I would advise anyone who is not afraid of going blind or going crazy to take a second look at the Weiner photos. Not what everyone is concentrating on: the bulge, the waxed chest hairs, but the FACE.

Look at the darkness in that face as he stares into the camera, daring someone, anyone to complain about his emails and tweets. That’s one bad dude - much worse than people suspect, I fear. He’s a psycho, I’m tellin’ ya.

Well, at least she didn't see a demon.

savagesusie knows the Founders were all about the Bible.

All Founders knew that you can never be FREE if there is no virtuous people. Virtue as described by the Bible, of course....not some marxist who thinks he is god.

LibLieSlayer's reality remains safely hermetically sealed:
obama’s popularity is like the rest of the media proclamations... nothing but lies... economy... lies... wot... lies... health care... lies... popularity... ALL lies.
ZULU knows about Muslims:

The ONLY damn thing Mosques EVER were were barracks and arsenals for the maniacs who follow their pedophilic, slave-dealing, lying “prophet”.