Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Romney, while acting all Freeperish in the Republican primary, said he wanted to end FEMA.

That isn't looking too good right about now.

unless you're a Freeper. Then, it's totally an awesome idea:

cripplecreek knows FEMA makes ya soft!
Federal Emergency Mammary Analog.
Carry_Okie thinks without FEMA, the free market would solve all, just like in Victorian times!
Would Romney gut FEMA?

I wish he would. Since when was the Federal government supposed to act as an emergency service provider, especially for disasters within a State? Without FEMA the insurance industry would be forced to invest in a new disaster mitigation industry that would actually be accountable to customers and wouldn't possess emergency powers that are a serious threat to my liberty.
MacMattico's Dad didn't need Fema to save his small town from an ice storm!
When my dad was Mayor of a small city in upstate NY, and we had a HUGE ice storm, and our area was declared a national disaster area, he had things up and running long before any federal or state relief arrived. This issue has to do with fiscal responsibility, too— he had made sure money was available for such emergencies by balancing budgets and actually having a rainy day fund. FEMA eventually reimbursed, but really did no heavy lifting. FEMA had no knowledge of local characteristics, people, water supply or structures. My dad and other locals had plans in place covering every contingency based on local needs.
DesertRhino knows Hitler started with FEMA:
And FEMA is the federal skeleton of any martial law implementation. FEMA should be one target, then the creepy Nazi named Homeland Security Dept. They now have about the same manpower as the USMC, and twice the budget. And they are aimed right at us.
NoLibZone thinks FEMA's imaginary police-state powers may be a feature
Man I hope he guts FEMA.

Or teach the democrats how powerful FEMA is.

Politicizing Sandy

FreepFan found this thread, though it was in my queue.

The scars of Katrina cut deep, as Freepers lash out at how no one is blaming Obama for Sandy, including noted Romney spokesperson and self-promoter Chris Christie.

PLD knows Obama was just doing his job, so it doesn't count. Besides, he wants to kill all Christians:
Isn't that Obamas job? Like he let men die in Libya and watched them die .Guess what he is still on the campaign trail while doing his job for a change..Obama is a filthy communist and would love to see all of us Christians dead..He cant kill us unless he is reelected.
Blue Turtle knows you never tell the truth before an election! Politics uber allies! Also, the Dems were mean about Katrina.
A week before the election and you’re going to say that Obama deserves GREAT CREDIT? I don’t think so....we need to fight until the end. Obama did NOTHING that deserves great credit. BUSH did waaaaaay more for New Orleans than was ever reported and look how the DEMS handled that. Sorry, friend...we fight til the end. No more Mr Nice Guy...our country can’t afford it.
LibLieSlayer wants to blame Obama for every death:

I can be just as political as the rats and their faux messiah. FEMA NEVER CREATED A BUSINESS... CREATED WEALTH OR HELPED THE ECONOMY... THEY REDISTRIBUTE WEALTH ONLY... AND VERY inefficiently at that.
Ayep, end FEMA! Say it loud, say it proud!

Gay State Conservative quibbles about the modifier:
“Credit” would have been fine for Christie to say...”great credit” was way over the line.
BuckeyeGOP knows Real Americans don't care about helping New Yorkers:
Seriously, the only people that Obama will score points with on the hurricane are the libs in NY and NJ. Everyone else has a brain and cognitive thinking skills.
Sans-Culotte laments how after Bush screwed up Katrina, people care about Federal Disaster Response!
I heard an O-bot here at work yesterday say "wow, this hurricane will give Obama a chance to show his leadership skills". Before Katrina, people didn't look to the president for "leadership" during and after hurricanes. Aside form declaring a federal disaster area, the POTUS has diddly to do with hurricanes. However, after Katrina, the MSM used it as an excuse to blast Bush for lack of leadership, thus setting up Obama as a " great leader".
No word on Freepers' response to Romney wanting to close FEMA yet, but I'm sure that's coming.

Obama Summons a Hurricane

For whatever reason, Freepers are none too happy about Hurricane Sandy. And thus, they come up with their own ideas about why it is a conspiracy, or God's will:

Sets hope maddog55 is only a sociopath on the Internet:
New York City could use a good cleaning...
airborne likes to read God's mind:
Looks like the majority of those in the danger zone are liberal Democrats - and it is liberal Democrats that are going to be adversely affected.

Is God sending America a message?
goron doesn't need no ad-hoc conspiracy theory - he has a well-worn crazy one all ready!
Sandy Manipulated To Disrupt Presidential Elections.. Will Provide Shortages And Riots?

There have been rumors for quite some time that these elections wouldn’t happen due to some ‘October surprise’. Couldn’t it very well be that our ‘October Surprise’ will be a man made weather event that ‘knocks out power to millions’? We know that HAARP is busy!
Professional thinks this is all to shut down New York City, though he's not clear on motive...
Conspiracy theory....

Someone is trying to shut down greater ny city. NYSE closed, un, media centers....

They seem too certain, exaggeration, dire, serios, pleading....

Like y2k
American Constitutionalist knows God hates Obama, so he's attacking New York City. That makes sense!
The God of Israel is just warming up on showing Obama and his thugs how powerful the God of Israel really is.
The God of Israel is telling Obama and his thugs " do you really want to go there ? "
hosepipe knows this is proof liberals are terrified about Bengazi:
WHats the storms LAST name again... Hurricane Sandy BENGAZI?.....

70 to 80 miles an hour winds are a popcorn fart.. MAybe some beach erosion.. blown down trees.. a lot of rain..

BUT shutting down the SUBWAYS!... very very suspicious.. Seems to be a “TELL” like in poker.. the liberals are OVER ACTING.. Hypocrisy on steroids, Kabuki Theater Catastrophe, Political Boondoggle, a crisis NOT TO BE WASTED..


Monday, October 29, 2012

One of us! One of us!

As predicted, Freepers are now embracing Romney as one of their own. For instance, evidence Romney may not be as super pro-life as he says he is? Liberal distraction psy-ops!

Perdogg finds it all so predictable:
This is the new phase in the media against Romney, just like clockwork.
Viennacon parses the language carefully - this is no time for knee-jerk reactions!
There’s no legislation with regards to abortion that I’m familiar with that would become part of my agenda

That’s how I want it, because you aren’t familiar with this issue. Leave abortion legislation to our experts in Congress. No need to get into the weeds on that one. Just focus of fixing the economy, we’ll handle the rest, including ending the money pipeline to Planned Parenthood.
MNJohnnie knows Obama is super abortion man!
Of course notice this same media has still not made a point about Obama adding, for the very 1st time, a Taxpayer funded abortion on demand up to birth plank to the 2012 Democrat party platform.

The only radical on Abortion in this election is 0bama, a fact very carefully covered up by the Mass Media
r0tten just concentrates on gross metaphors:
Smart man. No need to campaign on these issues to distract away from the biggest issue: This abortion of a president.

We need to get a rusty, AIDS-infected clothes hanger to pry him and his ugly wife out of the White House.
Txngal doesn't feel right:
This article feels like a distraction.
GeaugaRepublican has priorities:
I believe this is the LAST election of consequence. If we do not repeal Obamacare, another entitlement, and so much more that Obama is getting ready to unleash including all of the treaties in the offing.We are heading for the rocks. I am giving all of my time and much of my treasure to get Romney in. This is not a sporting event this is it. If Obama stays in, I do not think people have really thought through their plan B. What would happen to FR? This administration does not handle criticism well.
1010RD won't be psy-opted!
Liberal psyops in an attempt to salvage the campaign of our Abortionist-in-Chief.
BlatherNaut also knows ya gotta be pragmatic about abortion:
Why care about Romney's personal thoughts on these issues (which are ultimately between him and God), as long as political necessity forces him to take the side of the pro-life cause?

Preoccupation with Romney's past positions regarding abortion and "gay" rights while the economy is being gutted by Obama is akin to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. If Obamacare isn't repealed, the pro-life battle will be truly lost, not only on the abortion front, but also in regard to the sanctity of life at all stages.

When Obama complete his mission of reducing the middle class to serfdom, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and Freedom of Conscience will become fading memories. In short, we'll have reached the ultimate goal of Marxism, that of a modern form of national feudalism where the citizens produce, and the government owns everything, including a permanent stranglehold monopoly on your body, your mind, and if they can manage to wipe out all your religious tendencies, your soul.
Friendofgeorge is just gonna pray, cause he knows what God thinks:
We can only pray that Romney is going to be a pro life President. Funny (not really) that Obama is so quick to say he is NOT pro life.

We KNOW that anybody that is NOT pro life, is NOT Christian, so why doesn`t Obama just cut the charade and stop saying he is Christian.

I KNOW Obama is NOT Christian, Franklin Graham knows Obama is NOT Christian and The Lord is quite certain as well that Obama is NOT Christian.

Monday Potpourri

E. Pluribus Unum knows Eric Holders' mind is straight from "Birth of a Nation."
The white devil shall not be allowed to escape slavery to Eric Holder's people.
gaijin knows Hillary is acommin!
Bill and Hill r only campaigning for Hussein to the extent that permits them to credibly claim in four years to voting blacks that they played nicey-nice with the bisexual Muslim.

exPBRrat knows gays love them some underage girls.
“Normal” men will feel guilt and soon avert their eyes from underage girls...no, so with the politically privileged perverted gays. No they plan out their future abominations carefully, step by step.

Just wait until the PC cops set their eyes on the Armed Forces promotion policies toward gays in the same way it fast tracked negro promotions.
Doc Savage is just a trainwreck of antisemitism and drama.
It is understandable that as a progressive yuppie Jewess writing for a communist yellow-sheet such as the Compost that you would include this sentence fragment, “...she has taken full responsibility...” If Hitlery had indeed taken FULL responsibility she would have resigned immediately and then shot herself. Until she does their IS (depends on the meaning of the word IS) NO responsibility has been taken.
central_va doesn't like Romney in the debates, and is voting for him only under protest WITH CAPS:
He looked wimpy and stupid. If I get enough nerve I will vote for Mitt Milquetoast. I will also be leaving the RINO party FOREVER.
manc has done a study of Obama voters: Said this in 2008 and I'm still saying it.
The obama voters will go down in history as the dumbest voters this country has ever produced.

Every obama voter I've ever talked to has been really stupid and dumb, hell most have no idea what is going on and I had one black family tell me outright that they did not know that the Dem party was the party of slavery, KKK, segregation and that they only vote Dem because they want their food stamps and welfare and Romney and republicans will cut it,
Gator113: ...
Attention Secret Service: Stand down.
dalereed has a plan:
The poor are using all the taxes, tax them more than the rich!!!
Norm Lenhart's foreign policy seems to be to kill everyone:
Muslims understand violence, not feelgood or any other diplomacy. They use diplomacy as a means to stall effective action against them and as a propaganda tool to sap the determination of the west. All the libs and others perpetuating the cant kill crap simply ensure that eventually, when muslims have enough weapons and jihadis, we will either do that very thing oe be overrun.

Anyone who has read their very words stating the issues above can see it. Unless they are determined to go full ostrich. It’s time for a lot more shooting and a lot less fantasy that muslims are just like us and can be reasoned with. Hopefully Mitt will see the reality and most importantly ‘admit it’ once elected.

We can kill our way out of it. To the benefit of every non fanatic in the world. We just lack the will.
klimeckg speculates on Romney smiting Obama in the debates:
Did you notice at the beginning of the deabate, While Obama was rebutting Romney was looking in his eyes and the two were eye to eye. Then Romney looked down and wrote on his pad. This threw Obama off as he began to stumble his words and got nervous. Maybe Romney wrote the words, “Your kingdom is divided and given to .....”
Sacajaweau is a Lance Armstrong Truther:
Lance....Know thy enemies.

May all the cyclists who testified against him rot in hell. The guy worked every day of his life to win these races.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Ten minutes of hate against Colin Powell.

General + Black would usually equal Freeper Hero, showing how totally pr-black they are!!

General + Black + endorses Obama, though...that just confirms all their suspicions!!!

scooby321 knows Powell insn't a soldier, really.
I am sure Mr. Powell was taught to leave his men behind in a Mission
mia knows voting Dem violates the military oath:
So much for all his promises to “uphold our Constitution.” Liberalism is more important than the present and future of our country. Obviously Powell approves the policies that are crippling our nation.
MrB has broken the code!
“Black Code” : never side with a non-black against a black, no matter what the issue.
Kenny Bunk totally heard that Powell is only general cause he's black!
Powell is a man without principle nor integrity

As it happens, he is also a man without much specifically military talent. He was Al Haig's Affirmative Action window dressing mannikin. He had a great deal of social ability and diplomatic skill, but as a soldier without Affirmative Action, he would have retired as a Major.

The one chance he had a big time command command was in Iraq, and his "plans" for that are still a subject for mirth at the Pentagon. Good man at a cocktail party.
TexasPatriotVeteran is all tainted by association now:
I served under him while he was the 2nd Brigade Commander with the 101st. He wrote me a letter of recommendation that enabled me to receive an Active Duty ROTC scholarship. Until 2008 when he announced his support for Obama I worshipped the ground he walked on. At that time I threatened to burn the letter but my wife hid it on me. With his second endorsement of Obama I have now lost total respect for the man. My wife hid the letter again. But if I can find it I will burn it.

Harry Reid's auto accident

Senator Harry Reid was in an auto accident. But alas, so near the election, the combination of Freeper madness and moderator gun-shyness lead to the good thread getting pulled. Here's the lame one.

But! An anonymous benefactor in the comments archived some of the more choice comments from the first thread.

Also, I have faith the Freepers will not be able to stay politically palatable for long. I'll keep watch.

Obama releases sexy, Muslim ad.

Wow, it's knee-jerk central on Free Republic these days! The Obama campaign released an ad where current literati it-girl Lena Dunham talks about voting for the first time with a clear double entendre about sexy times.

Freepers go full humorless scold, before moving on the screeching about abortion:

struggle knows people over 30 hate tame sex jokes:
This ad makes me laugh my butt off. In a time when men are supposed to run for the Presidency and look presidential, Obama is making goofy, amateur-hour ads. I wonder who thought this would be attractive to the 80% of voters that are over 30 years old.
old and tired goes with the "more in pity than in rage" ruse:
This poor kid. Was she raised by wolves? Was there no one who could’ve told her that this sort of talk isn’t clever, it’s just weird. I pity her.
Red Badger knows what kind of girl tells sex jokes!
We know what you are, now we're negotiating the price..................
maryz thinks when women talk about sex, it makes them a sex object. Also, abortion:
Remember the old days when the feminists were protesting vociferously that they refused to be considered just sex objects? Apparently, sex object (as likely to get pregnant as an inflatable doll!) is the way to go today! My, times have changed . . .
skeeter smells Muslimness:
Besides being warped, a double entendre ad involving young virgins having sex with a 50+ year old man has a vaguely muslim flavor.
workerbee seems to think the Left has no women in it:
It's amazing to watch. ALL the Left talks about in regards to women is sex, the ability to have sex, the consequences of sex, the doing away with the consequences of sex, the sex parts, sex sex sex sex sexsexsexsexsex!!! The Left views women as nothing but receptacles for a penis (or facsimilies thereof).
rovenstinez knows Obama is super dumb:
I think they’ll see this ad also backfired as well as Big Bird. They have totally run out of ideas. There heads are empty and their faces show it. Better get a candidate who has 2 earned doctorates and graduated at the head of his class, the other guy, we haven’t even seen his records.
djf wonders why no one is coverin this huge scandal:
I've been watching this story since last night. Obama releases an ad with BLATANT SEXUAL OVERTONES AND NOT A SINGLE MENTION OF IT ON THE MSM!!!!
Well, he's not really wondering, just an excuse to complain.

Arbiter of cool Barb4Bush knows what men like, and it's not girls talking about sex!
I was wondering about the Dunham name, too. If she was related to Obama it would explain why they used such an annoying person in the ad. She is one of the least enticing woman I’ve ever seen. If the point was to attract young men: BAD CHOICE. If the point was to make her a role model for young women: EVEN WORSE CHOICE. I’ve never seen a less cool woman. Woman never choose nerds as role models.

Wisonsin shooting

Jeez. Election plus mass shooting equals extra loathsome crazy!

onedoug is still waiting for that one Muslim killer:
Dare I say it: This is an islamist sceanrio I’ve been worried about for some time. I hope I’m wrong.
Yeah...I don't actually believe he hopes he's wrong.

tsowellfan thinks Obama is to blame, somehow:
It appears that more mass murders have happened under Obama than any of the recent Presidents and they have increased dramatically in the second half of his first term especially in his third year. I also noticed an increase after his campaign worker (who was in his 20s) mysteriously died of a heart attack.

I'm not at all implying that the death of the campaign worker had anything to do with it, it's just a reference point from which I noticed the increase.
VanDeKoik, on a thread full of wild speculation, would like to preemptively claim victimhood:
NBC reports 2 White guys wearing Romney sweaters and carrying swastika flag were seen screaming “Jesus is lord” as they ran to their pickup trucks that were covered with NRA and Tea Party stickers with nooses tied to the AM only radio antennas.
"He's a Muslim!" "He's a Liberal!" "I blame Obama!" Just don't call him a Freeper, that's bad!

Please tell me WVKayaker is joking:
Spa is located on Moorland Rd...

Moor (mr)

1. A member of a Muslim people of mixed Berber and Arab descent, now living chiefly in northwest Africa.
2. One of the Muslims who invaded Spain in the 8th century and established a civilization in Andalusia that lasted until the late 15th century.
Eva blames Obama:
Obama is a very divisive president. His actions have been very disconcerting for everyone, both sides. Obama likes it that way. it works to his benefit. The state of mental health care in this country is very poor. Obama likes it that way. He would actually like to increase the number of people on psycho-tropic drugs. It works to his advantage.
afraidfortherepublic plays some "no true Scotsman"
The guy was a former Marine, so he is probably a citizen.

But he must have had a foreign upbringing. —or upbringing by foreign parents.
lgjhn23 wants to lock up all liberals:
Libs are suffering from a debilitating mental disease. THEY need to be registered and/or locked up. As the disease progresses to it’s final state: mental zombieism, they become self-destructive as well as extremely violent towards society.
editor-surveyor has this guy pegged:
NO, not Islamist, this is a LBJ ‘Great Society’ case: Black man out of work, wife leaves him, he freaks out.
editor-surveyor the goes on to prove he's a complete nutcase, who thinks just about every mass murder is orchestrated:
Really sick nut cases are generally under some sort of mental care.

Yes, they are, and that appears to be how they are acquired to do these massacres.

Jared Loughner in Tucson is a perfect example. It appears that he was hand picked by the sheriff to do the job.

The Columbine killers were similar, and it appeared that they were allowed time to do their work too.

Tim McVey was also previously identified as a useful idiot, and steered by the feds to the camp where he learned to do the tasks that they wished him to do.

Laws are already in place to do what you suggest, but they are not being followed WRT those willing to commit these acts.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Obama makes Bullshit a Black thing

The stoking of racism has come to this. Freepers just about yell "Nigger" whenever Obama does anything edgy, like saying the word 'bullshit.'

Uh-oh, Genoa hates Obama now:
That does it.
Texas Eagle thinks it's time for Romney to get ugly:
Good. Take the gloves off.

Not that Romney would ever sink to Soetoro's level.
“I think this is called projection.”

Yup, the dirty pot calling a nice, clean kettle black.
meyer may be quoting Sarah Palin, but that's just an excuse.
There he goes again, shuckin’ and jivin’.
generally sees a pic of Obama. So:
He frequently looks deranged and that photo captures it well.

He is not a one-dimensional person. He has a few other looks: arrogant, smug, clueless, drug-addled, frightened, hostile.
Hehe, like six-year-olds, bad equals ugly.

JLAGRAYFOX knows what sort of people say "bullshit"
What is there to say??? POTUS Obama and his Black Racist, Hate America wife, Michelle are the lowest form of humanity in the universe. Obama is nothing more then a Criminal Chicago Thug, Low Life, Dirt Bag!!! End of story!!!
Coming from the biggest mack daddy of them all. A shuckin’ jivin’ lyin’ ghetto king SOB.

Wishful thinking

I'm perverse. Besides my Free Republic habit, I listen to a lot of right wing radio. My usual reaction is bemusement, and sometimes pity. But Dick Morris's cynicism just gets to me. What a tool! You'd think Freepers might be a bit skeptical of the dude who thought it'd be Hillary-Condoleezza Rice in 2008 calculates there will be a Romney landslide. Freepers have never been ones to turn down validation, even this.

Buckeye McFrog is short and sweet:
OK, I get it. I get it. Morris is wrong more often than the National Hurricane Forecast. But it appears he is pretty much on-target with this guess.
GilesB is feeling California:
With an approval rating that low, that spells more trouble for 0. I have suspected for some time that 0 internals do not look very exciting in CA, and approvals of barely 50% in a dark blue state spells big trouble. Lowered d enthusiasm means lower d turnout. The GOP base should be emboldened and enthusiastic. Although the tracking polls won’t show it, the CA vote could be much closer than people predict....and it is possible that the boatload of CA EVs could go to Romney.

Call me crazy - but I’m saying it’s possible. Despite the color on all of the EV maps, CA is not as solid for the Big 0 as everybody thinks.
wayoverontheright lays out the case:
Let's remember some of the "effects" that may be in play for our side.

1-The Bradley effect. The experience that whites don't want to openly say when polled they're against the black guy.

2-As someone else pointed out on the thread-the fact that undecideds typically go 80% for the challenger.

3-The enthusiasm gap. This typically manifests itself in certain apoliticals who just aren't excited enough to get off the sofa and turn out for someone they're just not wild about. Republicans are livid, wired, you know...."broken glass".

4-The embarrassment factor among blacks. Obama's embarrassed many of them. After the first debate many are embarrassed FOR him. They'll want him off the stage. They won't vote for Romney, but the story of this election will be how blacks stayed home in significant numbers, IMHO.
gswilder knows Obama's Get Out the Vote plan is desperate.
what do you sense as the state of the race? Not who you want to win, but who looks like they are winning. What are the fundamental issues of the election? This all points to a Romney win. I wanted McCain/Palin to win. But by mid-October, I knew Obama was going to win. The crowds, the way the campaign was acting and reacting. Right now, Romney is drawing HUGE crowds. A lot of late donations. Romeny doing big picture stuff (did you see Ryan’s poverty speech today? excellent) Romney doing a major economic speech Friday in Iowa.

What is Obama doing? Talking about small issues. Flying around all night in a gimmicky GOTV effort. Romney is calm and self assured. Obama flailing around, throwing stuff at the wall.

Have faith my friends. I really don’t think this will be a razor thin Romney win. 52/47 Romney and 300+ EVs.
meadsjn also with California turning. Is this some kinda long-buried Freeper dream?
I'm predicting Obama loses by 59% to 39% minimum spread in the popular vote, 395 to 140 Electoral Votes, and that any rioting will be confined to only a few inner-city locations.

Heck, the enthusiasm among Democrat voters is so bad, even CA might go Republican.

Black voters aren't turning out. Obama is down from 2008 in every single demographic; down 22% from 2008 among Independents (one third of the entire electorate); and he has totally lost the blue-collar working Democrats.
Haiku Guy has no argument, just yells about Obama.
If you are thinking landslide, then pull out all the stops to make the landslide as big as possible.

I don’t want these guys to lose. I want them to be beaten. I want them to be crushed. I want them to get a drubbing so bad that it will be years before anybody admits being a Democrat in public.

Let the name of Obama be stricken from every book and tablet, stricken from all pylons and obelisks, stricken from every monument of the land. Let the name of Obama be unheard and unspoken, erased from the memory of men for all time. < /SETHI>
Need more serenity, Haiku Guy!

FerociousRabbit must have different polls in VA and FL than I see.
Dick Morris is a broken clock. This time, however, is one of those times where the broken clock just happens to be correct.

We were told of the battleground states in the south that Obama carried last time, VA, NC, FL. All have moved to solid Romney.

We were told Obama had CO. It is now solid Romney by most accounts.

IA was Obama country. It is now leaning Romney in recent polls.

NH and WI are supposed Democrat strongholds... now within the margin of error.

OH is tied.

Gallop had Romney up by 6 or 7. It was considered an outlier. Now Ras has moved towards the outlier. Less than two weeks to go so there is little Obama can do to stop the rising of this particular ocean.
Well, it's nice to see they're trusting the polls again, I guess, even if only a small subset. LibLieSlayer knows ya gotta have faith in Morris:
Dick has access to polling data we are not allowed to see.
goldstategop doesn't need the science.
I agree with Dick Morris.

Its not based on anything scientific - just a feeling we’re looking at a landslide.

The polls are all converging now and state polls - always lagging indicators, appear to be following suit.

And folks on Intrade are dumping once sure fire Obama stocks as fast as they can.
I mean, if you're counting chickens already, why not go all the way? If Romney wins, no one will remember this false triumphalism, and it feels so good!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Was Obama wearing an Earpieceduring a debate???

Not this is the stuff.

Drudge has a random pic of Obama up on his site. Freepers commence the internet sleuthing.

RummyChick: This means something. This is important
Hillbuzz frequently posts that Drudge will put up something to send a message. Such as the Obama is gay message.

Drudge usually doesn’t leave up a picture in the prime spot this long. I think he is trying to tell something.
knittnmom sees another important detail:
Odd looking bulge in his cheek in the upper picture. I’m not seeing the earpiece, though.
xsmommy explains the jaw thing:
i thought the point of the pic was to show his clenched jaw and how furious he looked?
Graewoulf agrees, the story is Obama's rage!
It shows that Obama is clenching his teeth in a controlled rage. Obama gets that way each time Romney tells the truth to Obama.
dagogo redux thiks the earpiece is nothing compared to the obvious meth use:
Yes. Wearing an earpiece. Even with it, he didn’t come across as very effective.

I’m more interested to know about the tic in his right cheek and its relationship to possible stimulant use. An awful lot of blinking as well, and an unusual amount of jaw clenching. Looked like he was tweeking - but then, not the first time.
willyd knows Obama was earpeicin' it in the second debate too:
If you watch the second debate the signal went out while he was answering the question about the auto bail out and he pointed to his head as if to say the feed was dead...then he proceeded to ramble for 30 seconds incoherently until the feed came back.
BradtotheBone thinks there was some hadnsignals or something too:
I can believe that Obama had an earpiece during the debate. Didn’t anyone else notice that everytime Romney began to hit Obama hard during the debate, Obama would look away toward the audience at someone, like he was getting coached?
Of course, when there's a picture of Obama, you get someone like maggief:
He looks ill. How much weight has he lost?
Also, GnL
I don’t know, but he looks like a drag queen in that second picture.
If you click through to the thread, I hope you like huge, grainy pics of Obama's ears!

Mr. President, we must not allow... a bayonet gap!

One of Obama's more telling lines was in answer to Mitt Romney's blind invocation of Naval fleet numbers as evidence that Obama is weakening out military. Obama said, "[Romney] mentioned that we have fewer ships than we did in 1916. Well... we also have fewer horses and bayonets, because the nature of our military's changed."

Freepers, military experts all, school Obama with their special version of the facts:

Bloody Sam Roberts explains how vital bayonets are to the modern military, on acounta he found a picture:
The below pic is an M-16 combat rifle affixed with a bayonet.

Some things just never go out of style Mr. Obama.
holden knows no one can understand the military unless they've been in it. Also, no Democrats are ever in the military:
I think Gov. Romney maybe hasn't spent enough time studying how our military works.

Projection of his own inadequacies, as a typical Democrat. Knowledge about the military to them is always some form of book learning, at best.
Voter62vb kinda skips over the debate to the Romney landslide:
Not unsurprisingly, the left (like Bill Maher) Tweeted with cathartic joy in regard to Obama’s snotty reply.

Have to think that Romney would have rather unloaded what he really thought but is now sure he has to battle (and somehow “work with” ) these pukes for the next 4 to 8 years.

A resounding landslide victory will be beneficial. But then unlike the aftermath of 2010, the landslide must be heavily pounded on the heads of the leftist machine to squelch the upcoming fleas on the tail of the dog that want to wag the world and reality.
O6ret lambastes Obama for not having sci-fi technology:
Zero is so up on the latest technology....that’s why he used the real-time drone video to save his ambassador in Benghazi.

Truth be told he was probably peeing in his pants thinking that Hillary would launch an attack and he would have his own Blackhawk Down just in time for the election.
grobdriver knows nothing can defend against swarm tactics! Which is why Poland destroyed Nazi Germany:
More Obama/Liberal crap.
Of course it's about counting ships. A few highly capable ships at the bottom of the ocean serve no one. The fewer the ships, the more resources the bad guys can throw at each one. No capabilities can defeat swarming.

Reagan had it right about increasing the size of our blue water Navy. Means more jobs and better defense capabilities.
Celtic Conservative knows when you've lost the talk radio vote, you've lost crazy America:
The phrase I have heard from local radio personalities and coworkers about this response from Obummer run along the lines of "condescending prick". If they've noticed it, doubtless many others have as well. His snarky riposte has likely cost him some votes.
Doogle makes with the name calling:
....his smugness is only surpassed by his ignorance. The all knowing little boy king has been out of his league since his madrassa days...
bunkerhill7 knows sarcasm is an Indonesian trait: We have [”we own”] these things called aircraft carriers where planes land on them. We have these ships that go under water, nuclear submarines.”

It appears to be something a 5th grader foreigner from Indonesia who has never been exposed to anything nautically military would say in trying to explain what a navy is. But it slipped because apparently he reverted to Bhasa phraseology.

No American would talk like this - shows he has no American roots. Obummer`s a foreigner plant.

Debate 3 initial reactions

I'm pretty busy with school these days, so I missed the debate. But from what I heard, Romney was sweaty and nervous, and Obama rocked him.

Paradoxically, this makes for less crazy threads. Freepers can't get all bitchy, because they will never admit Romney didn't win. This means Freeper cheerleading has less reality to hold on to, so it's just that much more empty.

pabianice found the nut moment of the debate:
Obama snapping, “I am not wrong!” and then going into a snarly rant lost the debate for O. I am surprised no analysts has mentioned this moment.
Dansong knows Romney was being a secret genius:
To quote Quint from Jaws (of all things) “That shark is either very smart or very dumb.” I thought the same of Mitt at the start of last night's debate.

It was a brilliant strategy. We're not his audience. Undecided woman were - and he got ‘em. Big time. He also had Obama AND the press confounded and confused. They expected a testy exchange on Libya but they got a rehash of the first debate. Think of the self control it took for Mitt to execute as he did. Obama fell right into the trap. Mitt knows it's over.

I now believe him. he didn't get there by accident. Can't wait for Rush's take...
Shery just hates Obama, so he musta lost:
Can anyone name ONE presidential thing this guy has done (right)? People earn the right for office on merit. There is none so far. Empty platitudes don’t help someone who’s been in the office for 4 years already and has not made a significant impression that he can handle the job. This guy just wants the benefits that go with the job, not the work entailed. We cannot afford 4 more years of this and his Marxist cronies. We will either be a Marxist nation or an Islamic one. Not sure which would be worse, but I don’t want to find out.
rovenstinez won't be satisfied until Obama sends Hillary to negotiate with the Taliban:
When Obama said he promoted democracy and women’s rights, and freedom of religious expression. I wanted to gag. The new regime in Egypt has done nothing to stop the slaughter of Coptic Christians, I’ve been on a lot of websites asking the President to help some of these women accused of adultery or abanding Islam and converting to Christianity will die, and HE DOES NOTHING. Absolutely Nothing. The least he could do is send in the French Poodle Hillary Clinton to sweet talk the radicals. He has no fangs...when he confronts.
C. Edmund Wright may be crazy, but he's never in doubt!
Mitt is way ahead. Both campaigns know it. Blow out.
Luckily, Obama mentioned bayonets, and Freepers get all up on.

Also: Did Obama wear a wire????????

Monday, October 22, 2012

Yet more debate advice!

I suppose this could someday get tiresome, but Freepers just keep topping themselves!

Not it's just trash talk.

Happy Rain just kinda rants on about FDR and Obama and Stalin...
Obama wanted Israel destroyed and FDR wanted Nazi Germany destroyed...

Unfortunately, FDR thought it necessary to kiss Stalin fanny to get his agenda done and Obama thinks Islamist butt bussing was necessary to do his.

FDR did not live to see what his stupid and dangerous policies bred...

...God help we live through Obama’s.
Yaelle thinks Obama will cancel the debate:
I doubt it will happen. Watch for Obama to have a terrible vomiting stomach bug or something. He has to get out of it or he’s walking into doom. If Schieffer pulls a Candy-Collude it will be worse than Obama standing there twiddling his thumbs.

In fact, with Benghazi the way it is, for this debate you could give Obama his prompter back and Romney would still win.

Romney must not eat anything cooked by strangers from now until the debate. Making Romney ill or not showing is Obama’s only hope.
arthurus also thinks Obama will weasel out::
The kenyan's handlers surely know that a debate would be as counterproductive as a cancellation which can be loudly bnlamed on Romney. Alternatively there can be a National Emergency that requires the President's whole attention and precludes participation in a debate. They can try to gin up another Benghazi to attempt to rectify the problems stemming from the previous one and at the same time to cancel the debate.
trebb has a plan:
There still hasn’t been a debate...Romney ought to point out a few the foibles of both Zero and Bite-Me and then state he has a dinner engagement and will have to leave because he refuses to engage in a battle of wits with unarmed opponents.
Road Glide thinks that bowing pic is the key:
A little show and tell:
At the appropriate moment, Mr. Romney should reach into his pocket, and pull out a folded piece of paper.
He should unfold it, and hold it out for everyone to see: a clear pic of Obama bowing before the Saudi king.
And with that, Mr. Romney should say, “Is this the kind of president you want? One who bows and kowtows? As your president, I will STAND UP TALL for America before the world. I will stand tall and not apologize for what America represents! I will stand up for American dreams — and for YOUR dreams...”
American Constitutionalist is trying for some kinda conspiracy championship, is the only explanation I can think of:

Folks ? listen up...
That guy they arrested for that so called " Innocents of Muslims " film ?
His walk betrays him.
Take another look at the video of them walking him from the car.
His walking gait betrays him, his stance betrays him.
Take another look at his gait in the way he walks.... it looks like how a street thug's walking gait is.
Is it possible ?
They hired ?
Or they found a street thug who was already in jail to do this dirty deed to dress him up like this so called film maker and walk past the cameras ?
Then they give him a lesser charge for going along with this faked scam of pretending to be the film maker ?
Would it be interesting to see if other people at their jail or who may have been arrested and let go has the same walking gait and physical size as this guy does in this video of this so called arrest of the film maker ? 

Monday Potpourri

Happy Rain's paranoia makes him scared other people aren't as paranoid as he is:
The scariest thing is—we are right but nobody knows and absolute horror awaits us all from the ignorance...
...time to be afraid?
goldstategop knows voters will love Romney for his sense of humor:
Americans like someone who doesn’t take himself seriously. That’s why Mitt Romney will be our next and 45th President Of These United States!
Trailerpark Badass hates Obama for his subliminal demon-handshake:
Heck, just watching how he puts his hands all over people when he greets them makes me want to punch the TV.
Anyone that preoccupied with subliminal influence has no soul. 
hoosiermama thinks during the debate Romney was totally psychoanalyzing Obama:
Romney was using a techniques, taught by professionals and used in dealing with habitual liars or those not in touch with reality.
A: THe sky is yellow (when it’s blue)
B: Let me get this right you say the sky is yellow.
A: The sky is yellow
B: Oh, that’s an interesting idea...We’ll take a picture and have an artist match it on the color wheel.
It’s a method not to call the person an out out liar, but to help them get in touch with reality. They often go beserk when they know they’ve lost an important battle. Dandy simply kept BO in denial and enabled him. Kept him from having a breakdown on live TV. Shame.
SC_Pete has a new Law and Order series idea!
The entire debate was tigged: the interruptions “every time Obama said, “Candy”), staged theatrics, selected questions favoring Obama, the transcript and the Benghazi gotcha. What we witnessed was collusion and corruption o the political process. Chicago politics center state: COLLUSION: CRIMINALITY.
ridesthemiles knows Obama controls every single court in America:
This morning, the crawl under the ABC Morning News said that a FEDERAL appeals court has overturned the conviction of Osama Bin Laden’s driver!!!!
How many ‘Get Out Of Jail cards are Holder & Obama printing these days???
One good thing—Obama cannot pardon himself
Mr Ramsbotham worries the supercharges Romney economy may be inflationary.
Something sobering to think about: a lot of money, in fact, probably trillions, is being sat upon by people afraid to invest it due to the policies of the present administration. If Romney wins, this money is going to go to work, producing high inflation, which Romney will be obliged to answer for, even though he’s had nothing to do with it. He’d best be prepared for it.
Eye of Unk really wants a psycho as President:
It would have been better for the nation to just put the two in a caged wrestling/boxing match instead, no refs, no holds, anything goes.
Would Obama fight?
I know Romney would, and would go in from the start, no playing the numbers, no playing any sympathy card, no Romney would grab a chair, a fire extinguisher, he would drop Obama quick, hard and out completely.
last night Romneys body language was telling all the signs that he dearly wanted to knock Obamas smirk off his face.
The_Reader_David knows Intrade is fixed!
What percentage of the Obama warchest do you estimate it would take to push the Intrade price on his winning up, say 20 points? Not very much.
I’m guessing the Intrade price is now ‘Rat propaganda, which suggests it’s time to buy Romney on Intrade if you’re into such speculation with your money.
Tuanedge is still a big fan of this one black Republican actress!
Stacy Dash for president smart and sexy a winning combinationMmmm...no. Much as I revere Ms. Dash, that doesn't harmonize.
But can you imagine her as Press Secretary? I can. Big time.

"Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, how are you this fine morning?"Just heavenly, Ms. Dash...absolutely heavenly. 
Aevery_Freeman is a teacher who hates school:
As a teacher, I keep wondering when the educational system will realize that it is obsolete.
Students know it.
What we need are test (think bar exam) to perform the accreditation process. 
SkyPilot knows no veterans who are voting for Obama. Therefore they are a hoax.
I saw a "Veterans for Obama" road sign while driving to church on Sunday, and I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.
I know of NO veterans for active duty that are voting for Obama.
That sign is almost a cruel joke. The nearest I can tell, it is a front organization dreamed up by Obama and David Axelrod. They don't even need to have any veteran support, they boobs in the public who see the signs are fooled into thinking there are warriors who support these wicked, evil people. 
MichaelCorleone is really sexist, but only against liberal women:
Without meaning to do so, it looks to me that Hillary! is admitting that womyn just aren’t up to the job; her, Rice, and Jarrett are out of their league and they know it.
Womyn are by definition lazy, selfish and stupid.
Real women like Margaret Thatcher, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, et. al., would have been on top of the situation from the git-go and never would have let this happen. Yes, the good Ambassador would be alive and well today.
Raycpa loves him some Old Testament laws.
I’m not here to argue over shell fish.
However, I always saw the rule of removing the woman while having her period as having interesting side effects.
Of course there is the peace it brings to a married couple when the woman’s hormones can create turmoil. Then there is the time the woman has to herself away from daily responsibilities. I imagine that every modern woman would be grateful if they had a mandatory time out once every 4 weeks.
Finally,there is the natural consequence of the man and the woman’s children of having to take over the woman’s tasks. This would make for a well rounded family.
MeneMeneTekelUpharsin knows what Obama plans for the debates:
Obama debate agenda: Threaten rioting and/or civil war. Brazenly lie. Throw the entire nation under the bus. 
Romney debate agenda: Advocate peace and unification. Just tell the truth. Throw Congress and Federal Agency heads under the bus.
American Constitutionalist thinks this whole talks with Iran thing is full of Pre-Conditions
Remember Obama's 2008 promise of no " Pre Conditions " in talks or negotiations with Iran ?
Remember Liberals ? NO PRE-CONDITIONS....
Well, the pretext here for Iran to stop their Nuclear Program or Temporally Halt their nuclear program is to help Obama's re-Election campaign.......

Friday, October 19, 2012

'My son is NOT very optimal... he is very dead': Mother of U.S. diplomat....

Ted Brist points out how excited Freepers are about Obama saying the deaths of those Americans in Lybia are "not optimal." It's so blatantly out of context that I think this latest fake outrage does more harm than good, but as has been noted in the comments, Freepers are beyond political considerations at the moment, and more about hating Obama as hard as they can.

American Constitutionalist knows all real women hate Obama now. Also, boffo headline!
Might as well say he also lost the women vote ( Liberal NOW COW HAGS and Liberal women in general don't count as women ) because most women can and will identify and relate with this grieving woman.

Gaffer explains Obama was raised speaking Muslimish:
Well, you gotta admit, English probably isn’t his first language. His native language probably is riddled with a lot of “Allahs this and Allahs that”.
Genoa sees it's out of context, decides it doesn't matter.
To be totally fair, Stewart had used "not the optimal response" in his question. But still, it was an amateur move for Obama to reuse the inappropriate word in his reply. Really stupid.
Hotlanta Mike also thinks this story is the end for Obama:
Silent no more...I am sure Bammy has lost the military vote.
stephenjohnbanker knows Obama hates patriots:
To Obama, dead patriots ARE fixed.
Silly Freepers, ambassadors work for the State Department, so they can't be patriots!

The debate was fixed!

Freepers have yet to move on from that second debate. Now they are super excited that Obama moved towards a questioner as though he knew where e was sitting!

Freepers are shouting "PROOF!" too loud to hear Occam's Razor weeping in the corner.

carriage_hill is blown away:
Replayed it 3x; UN-FRICKING-BELIEVEABLE! Scripted right to the individual step and each word!

GET ON IT, DRUDGE! (not that it’ll ever be seen or heard by the GP)
GeronL at last sees the puppet strings!

They set that up big time.

Even planned Michele to lead the cheering.

All for a lie. Knowing the MSM would back up their lie. Knowing the sheeple might have forgotten all about any Youtube video
chris37 at last understands why the Obama campaign people said Obama would do well in the debate!
Uh...Holy ****ing ****!

Is all I can say.

That is quite illustrative.

I suppose that this is how Mr. Axlehole was able to predict Obama’s “strong” performance in advance.

What’s funny is that Obama still lost and is incapable of winning even when the entire deck was stacked in advance in his favor.

Mr. Obama, you are a worthless piece of human garbage.
haircutter actually thinks the cheating was so obvious everyone sees it:
I believe the majority of Americans knew that the Obama team had the questions in advance...B.Hussein O. answers to fast and to knowledgeable for a guy who depends on a TelePrompter for his every word...

as always...Fake, Fraud. and phony.
Sarah Barracuda knows even the audience was picked. Luckily, Libya will destroy Obama:
yeah I think its obvious to ANYONE with a brain that the questions and “undecided” voters were all hand picked in advance. Of course this guy knows Obama, but you know what..that ONE question about Libya has put the whole scandal into the forefront and will destroy Obama..Libya is NOT something they want to discuss
MayflowerMadam knows America is all Republicans, but Democrats cheat:
As Rush said, we have to remember that for the past 20-30 years, every Republican has won strictly because of his ideas, and with all of the media thwarting him along the way. People like the ideas; it’s just a matter of dodging the commie press and getting out the word.
The corruption and criminality is so widespread and so deep, it’s a miracle every time a Republican manages to win an election.
In Freeperville, you're not paranoid when none of your fears ever come to pass, it's just because you're that good!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sign wars

I worked on a campaign back in 2009 (I think?). One of the things that surprised me was the significance supporters put on yard signs. Running out of yard signs at your office was a big problem.

Needless to say, in this thread Gina found, Freepers take this to the extreme:

Cindy of Nashville tells this story:
I was just on my way home from the store sitting at a red light. There were 2 vehicles parked along the curb making everyone have to go around them. The front vehicle was jammed full of campaign signs, a woman in the other vehicle got out, took an Obama sign out of the front vehicle, walked up to a Romney/Ryan sign, pulled it out of the ground and hurled it like a frisbee into the field, then put the Obama sign where the Romney sign used to be. The person in the car behind me blew their horn and yelled at these people, "We saw you, go get that sign and put it back up." The Obama people told them to "Go to hell". The light turned green, people were blowing their horns so I had to move on. I don't know if a fight ensued or not. Seems like most of the Obama supporters have no shame. I have decided the best thing to do is stay away from them, don't do business with them, don't help them, try to always live without having to have any dealings with them, because most of them are the dregs of society. They prove this everyday for all to see.
To tell the truth, this could be real. Sign wars do get heated. Luckily, Freepers are never ones to shy away from complete fantasy.

lovesdogs tells a story of her own:
Just the other day an Oidiot supporter was in my dog park lecturing a bench of conservative seniors about her idol. When she got to the part about how his bow to Saudi royalty was a cultural thing, I let loose. She got the lecture about what the Revolutionary war was about and how our leaders never bow to foreign power. Right about that very second her dog submitted to a much larger male which was a quite useful illustration of my point.

These people are not use to our side taking getting in their faces. We are the polite ones and must continue to be in most instances. But when they are behaving badly we must call them on it.

As far as the signs go, my city says that signage of any sort cannot go on public property which includes swales. While I would never remove a sign on a swale in front of a home, business is fair game as are parks. If anyone wants to check local ordinance. You might be doing your city a favor if you remove signs on public property.
Yes, everyone knows businesses are public property! roadcat advocates a MacGuyver solution:
Others use pepper spray or oil, or poison ivy, dye, grease etc. you don't need to injure others to make a point while still making them suffer. I liked the one where the property owner connected up his low-wattage light wires to the sign.
harpu just wants to shoot liberals:
It's also against the law in Texas to remove or deface a politcal sign in place.

Personally, however, I kind of hope someone would mess with the sign I have my front yard so that I can shoot'em for 'cause'.
max americana has a plan:
I have advocated absolute war against libtards for the past 5 years as I have stated time and time again, we simply cannot co-exist with these bastards but Freepers think I’m just a mean right-winger for which I really am.
MtBaldy goes into detail about how to be a total crazy asshole:
I agree with you and say the same thing, hurt them however and whenever you can. Don’t break the law but look for any legal way you can find to make their lives miserable. If you work with one and know they’re stealing, drop an anonymous dime on them. If you have firing authority, look for a way to fire them. If you have liberal neighbors look for a way to call the police on them. If you have liberal acquaintances look for ways to damage their relationships or maybe get them evicted from their dwelling if they rent. I guarantee they will do the same to you if they find out you’re a conservative. Conservatives need to stop taking the high road and get down in the gutter with the libs.
ottbmare wants a Civil War:
The more I see of this behavior the more I think Jeff Davis had it right. Maybe we ought to revisit the whole CSA concept. All the leftists can stay north of the Mason-Dixon Line while the normal people can live to the south of it.

Nah, it would never work. Conservatives fight with each other too much.

The Benghazi Rathole

This whole Libya thing is interesting in that it has become self-propelled. What was once an issue the right hoped to use against Obama has now become entirely a creature of the right, getting more and more crazy even as it gets more and more inconsequential.

Who knows, maybe this will go all Swift-boat and end up mattering, but for now it seems to be one of the more pure examples of a Freeper echo chamber I've seen. The resulting resonance makes Freepers' reaction to Hillary's taking responsibility are especially concentrated crazy.

Washi is pretty excited about the 'Obama needs women' meme. I am too.
Someone with the time and the talent needs to draw or photoshop an image of Obama hiding behind Hillary and Susan Rice and distribute it far and wide.
BlessingsofLiberty thinks the Clintons and Obamas live in a sinister cloak-and-dagger world:
“The interrelationship of the Clintons and the _resident has been held up as a model of pragmatic success.”

Indeed...like a cockroach nest.

They have so much intel on each other that it is like they have become connected at the hips. Plus, they now have new illegal and corrupt activity that they have partnered together to create.

Hitlery must have been a really bad little girl in her life...and we all know what Bill Clinton and Obozo have in their past.

A real den of thieves and trash...and dead bodies.
BarbM's version of Hillary would never admit anything, so this is HUGE!
I read this in a different light: Hitlery is P.I.S.T. and yes there will be h.e.l.l. to pay for being thrown under the bus. I bet Slick Willy is shaking and he's not even in trouble this time.

It's easier for Hitlery to swallow a camel than to admit she was at fault.
Da Coyote just wants Democratic leaders to die:
One could only wish that Hillary, Nancy Botoxi, degenerate Reid, et al could be in an airliner piloted by the Obamadork. (Video of the crash at 11.) Party afterwards.
txrefugee hates how Democrats always get away with things:
Democrats are expert shape-shifters. Because they have no principles, they can lie about everything, and they know that they will get away with it.

Republicans, on the other hand, are required to be as blameless as Jesus, because they have moral standards to uphold.
blackdog knows this is bad news for Obama:
At least hillary is being more presidential than the president......................Hillary’s admission makes Obama look really bad, especially to women paying mind.
I added paragraphs to blueunicorn6's wall of text:
Folks, I’m evidently not doing a good job of communicating how serious this appears to be.

Obama and Hillary helped kickoff and prosecute the war in Libya to kill Qadaffi. While killing Qadaffi may have been a good goal, professionals look to see what other unpleasant consequences an operation like this might have. Obama and Hillary didn’t do that. Thus, adequate resources were not devoted to securing the man-portable anti-aircraft missiles that Gadaffi had secured in Libya.

Evidently, Obama and Hillary don’t know where those missiles are, or can’t get to them. The al-Qaeda attack at Benghazi may have been to just fight with Americans, but why so many terrorists for one attack? They had mortars, why not lob a few rounds into the compound? More likely, it was to slow down the search for the missiles and show Obama and Hillary that they (al-Qaeda) mean business.

The commercial of Obama and Hillary may have been a requirement from al-Qaeda to embarrass them and to let al-Qaeda know that Obama and Hillary were aware of what’s going on. It may have been a signal “We got your message.” The lack of security at Benghazi may have been caused by al-Qaeda saying they wanted to come in and talk about the missiles but the heavy security was frightening them off.

It may be that the Obama administration reduced security to try and show a willingness to deal. Maybe they’re just that incompetent. Doesn’t matter....six people are dead due to Obama and Hillary’s “We Are The World!” foreign policy.

And now we get to the coverup. It’s the missiles. They kicked off and supported the military and clandestine operations in Libya that put those missiles out of our reach. Al-Qaeda may have the missiles or some other group may have them and is trying to sell them.

Maybe they’re just buried in the sand. Doesn’t really matter. Think of this as Fast and Furious but with SCUD missiles instead of pistols. That’s the best analogy I can come up with.

It appears that Obama and Hillary were naive, stupid, incompetent and negligent in this matter. These are the people charged with conducting our nation’s foreign policy. It is painfully obvious that they are not capable of performing satisfactorily in their jobs. They need to be immediately dismissed before we suffer a catastrophe that makes this Benghazi debacle pale in comparison.

The press should be screaming about this to force Obama and Hillary to resign, but they appear to be too invested in them to do the right thing. This leaves impeachment or voting the Obama administration out. The quickest way to protect our country is to vote these Democrats out. This isn’t about partisan politics, this is about preventing a national catastrophe.
What's weird is that it imputes incompetence, not evil to Obama and Hillary, which makes it more reasonable. Except that it has a completely made up set of facts. I mean, if you're just making shit up, why not go the extra mile and have them be sekret Muslims?

Miami Rapper Bizzle Shot 7 Times

Rappers are like, super blacks, so Freepers hate them extra. When one is shot, they work on outdoing each other in how much contempt they can have for a dead stranger:

GlockThe Vote knows what's important:
One less vote for obama.
Revolting cat! noticed this guy was black:
Who gets his Obamaphone?
Revolting cat! also knows rappers live in a world of constant danger:
Oh, please, this is news? Dog bites man?
RochesterNYconservative prefers drugs and alcohol to gunplay:
You never hear any country musicians, hard rockers or heavy metal people shooting each other over a dis.
Google hits says he was a Christian Rapper.

Whatever that means.
Because you can't be both!

bray is a witty one:
What was the condition of the bullets??
Blood of Tyrants knows all about someone once he learns they're a rapper:
Live like a thug, die like one.
MinuteGal is shocked by conspicuous consumption! Also, Obama.
The linked video is nothing more than mindless "chanting by rote", flashy autos, red convertibles, smoking weed, bling necklaces, baggy clothes, tattoos, huge diamond rings on multiple fingers, show-off car wheelies, multiple gang hand symbols flashing, arrogant, strutting "Ive got mine" attitudes......

These debilitating videos are churned out by cheap "rappers" by the scores while our tax money is handed out on the streets by "community organizers" to buy votes and keep the peace and the bling alive and well in the 'hood.

Obama will escape all this when he, Moochelle, grandma and the kids flee permanently to serene Hawaii to escape what he and his ilk hath wrought in the streets of and like Chicago.
Texas Eagle agrees that the important thing is that Obama probably to tally loves this guy:
I wonder if President Pimp With A TelePrompTer will attend the funeral himself instead of sending The Vice Pimp.
a fool in paradise is also one to never waste racism without bringing up Obama:
“Ho’ hol’ hol’ hol’ it now, ya’ll! Befo’ I get into this debate, I firs’ wanna give a shout out to the recently departed Bizzle...”
Kenny Bunk makes with the funny murder humor:
Just because I am always bad-mouthing Rap "Culture," at the VFW Bar, I wish it clearly understood that although I am President of an Organization (Maine Mozartean Moose Hunters..MMMH) that has in the past recommended the firing squad for all rappers (after a fair trial of course) that I had nothing to do with the demise of this "sensitive young artist."

What should be obvious is that any paid-up MMMH member would not have required 7 shots to finish off this tiresome earsore Obama voter.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Was Obama possessed during the debate?


The Great RJ saw the signs:
I was watching the debate with a friend of mine who is a retired Catholic priest and he made the same observation saying he could see the devil’s horns when Obama spoke at the end.
bgill didn't watch or anything, but totally agrees:
I simply couldn’t stand it anymore so switched off the last half. From what I did see, Choom’s eyes had some serious freak going on.
Wings-n-Wind has no doubt. Also, he has pics!
I have no doubt that he is possessed several times over...






I hope God will eventually have mercy on him...

I also hope America receives divine deliverance from this extraordinary demonic deception in a few weeks.
Samogon was frightened:
I haven't noticed him blinking, but his dilated pupils at the end were outright scary. Horror movie-like scary...
The Sons of Liberty knows the answer:
When you're "The One", the antiCHRIST, of course you look possessed!
Universal Health Care, and allowing gays into the military? Jeez, we have the worst AntiChrist ever. Ol' Sox is hip:
While watching the debate last night, I told my wife that he looked like a Goa'uld (Stargate reference).
rurgan knows why Obama looks so frightening:
Yes this Obama is an evil communist MUSLIM. That was it's first religion, the religion of its father , raised in a Muslim Indonesia etc.
All biff can see is hate:
I have noticed in still shots this morning taken from last nights debacle the sheer hate for Romney in Husseins face. I don’t know if it is a hate for whites, successful people, Christians or just opponents but there is no doubt that he hates Romney.
Project much?

Samogon allows it might be drugs. NAZI DRUGS!!!
Nazis were playing with amphetamines to keep soldiers alert. Since our libs are direct descendants, I wouldn’t discount them using the legacy research. Added PCP, perhaps? To enhance the delusions.
Samogon follows up"
And the curious fact that his behaviour changed gradually towards uncontrollable rage. I was honestly expect that if debate lasted for extra few - he would go berserk. It’s a powerful shit he is on!
A powerful shit indeed!

RushIsMyTeddyBear wants evidence:
are there any medical professionals who would like to chime in?
wrench misspelled 'Ibogane.'
He looked to have taken a heavy dose of Provigil.
I can't tell if ottbmare is mostly serious, entierly faking it, or channeling Hunter S. Thompson:
Some physician friends and I were having fun diagnosing him. There’s a consensus that his doctors have been trying to adjust his dosages so he’ll be awake and his mouth works but he won’t have a complete psychotic break. It’s a delicate balance. They did well tonight, I think. Obama’s doctors, I mean. Not an easy task figuring out what pharmaceutical cocktail to give him to counteract the unknown street drugs he and Reggie have been sharing. My hat’s off to them. < /sarc>
mountn man thinks it was drugs AND possession:
I was telling my mom, half way through the debate, that Obama was coked up or on speed. He was talking fast, and clipped his words. He was rushing his sentences.

Near the end, when Mitt was hammering Zero on Libya, and Zero told Mitt to move along, you could see the venom in his eyes. Almost as if possesed.


Twitter may be loving them some women in binders, but Freepers are all caught up in Obama's takedown of their great white hope - Romney's Libya offensive.

I guess Michelle Obama started clapping, only to be joined in by the rest of the audience? Or that's what Freepers are saying:

manc is all over this:
When Crowley jumped in and defend oabma I saw his wife start the clapping and cheering.


She is a street thug, he is a street thug and both showed there was no class shown yet again.
Mountain Mary knows the whole debate was a set-up, but didn't work:
Moochie’s clapping was most likely scripted. But Axel’s ploy failed because the entire room didn’t join her as planned.
Chickensoup knows what this means:
Because she has no class, is entitled and has never has played by the rules.
What the hell is wrong with crosshairs?
Girl got all uppity.

MuttTheHoople is fucking stoked:
it was Mitt's finest hour. He stood alone, one against 100, and kicked a$$. This is what he's going to face when facing the Media the next four years as President. He showed me he can more than hold his own.
CitizenM is just angry:
Rules? The Obamas don't need no stinkin' rules. They are the Rulers, doncha know.

Always said...Michelle ain't no lady. What a pitiful example of respectable behavior she is.
When those two are booted out of the White House the standard for morality, decency, decorum, and class will have to be picked up from off the floor. They have lowered it so much that it's no wonder today's generation treat people with such disrespect.

The Obamas have made an art out of ridiculing. They are professionals at it. And they claim to support anti-bullying - when all they know is how to make fun of, laugh at, or criticize others.
hcmama keeps it classy:
Along with the myth that this women is even remotely attractive, (and I know she really can’t help looking like Patrick Ewing, she was born that way) the media has tried to spin this image of the Mooch as the epitome of class and grace. Girl is just as butt-ugly on the inside as she is outside. Ugly to the core.