Tuesday, April 28, 2009


[Note, this post was created on Tuesday, as I am attending Scott Murphy's swearing in and reception Wenseday. ]

Freepers hate Obama. Personally. As though he were the guy who stole their girlfriend. And just like a jilted lover, their hate is all-encompassing, from wishing him to fail (US be damned!) to wishing he were killed by the Swine Flu to hating him and his stupid ass face on TV and being super excited when FOX decided not to broadcast him.

manc may not be familiar with the fact that Obama is President of the country where he lives.

he’s on TV nearly every day.

He really does love himself along with that racist wife

I'm not sure Obama is the guy bethybabes69 is who she thinks he is.
Ooooh, I bet [FOX not boradcasting Obama's address] will go down well with his furious narcissism.

I'd love to be a fly on the wall in The White House when he's raging about this one!

I wonder what his rants would be?
Obama raging? Okaaay.

combat_boots beats the all to common tattoo of death/reeducation camps.

Guess FOX people will get to go to the camps first.

To which briarbey b replies:

I was thinking the same thing....sigh.

Freepers just want to be oppressed like the Jews...SO...MUCH!

jazminerose thinks FOX is the vanguard of something huge!

And so the revolution begins . . .

FrdmLvr is taking action!

FANTASTIC! I’m actually going to watch “Lie to Me” this week (a lame-looking show) just because of this decision. And I’m going to write and call Fox and let them know how happy I am with their decision. AND, I’m going to write and call the other networks and let them know I’ll be watching Fox instead of Chairman Maobama’s show.

Morgana may or may not be in second grade.


Arlen Specter

The self-immolation continues!

wk4bush2004 sees no downside:

YES!!!! First RINO senator PURGED!!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!

Bean Counter starts a circular firing squad:


St. Louis Conservative joins in:

What about Collins & Snowe?

Aaand icwhatudo as well:

I wonder if Mike Steele will still support him...

pollywog has a plan, if a tentative grasp of politics:


tired&retired goes to JFK:

This is not just about Democrat vs. Republican. Specter has been in the tank since days on the Warren Commission. His connections to Dulles who was fired as head of the CIA by Kennedy for the Bay of Pigs fiasco and then appointed to investigate his former bosses murder along with Specter smells. Kennedy’s assassination stopped the dismantling of the CIA which Kennedy promised just prior to his demise!

Swine Flu Truthers

Obama moves one way, Freepers push the other.

Man50D knows what to expect:

It wouldn’t surprise me if this is a manufactured crisis to prevent large groups, such as the tea parties, from gathering in public.

Possible reasons for faking the flu other than stopping future tea parties: Nationalize health care getting Sebillius confirmed, funding research, cap and trade, sweeping away all the bad press for the Democrats, a power grab by the "internationalist cabal.

Polarik may have read a bit too much into "The Stand."
THEY NEED TO CALL IT WHAT IT IS: A genetically-engineered retrovirus or RNA virus that was created in a lab by combining human influenza, avian flu, and swine flu.
exnavy is too worried to make sense:
This flu thing is way beyond global.
Doubt the military taking over the streets soon.
If you see any uniformed, blue helmeted troops be sure to sound the alarm.
To borrow Thane_Banquo's snark, you mean it's gone intergalactic?

Rightly Biased goes for the funny, but fails epically:

Actually he will prolly handle this just like he handled the pirates.

He will just tax those that catch the flu.

Obama taxed the pirates?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday potpourri.

Carley cares about American Security.

Let’s see if [The CIA] have the courage to shrug.

As in Atlas Shrugged

freekitty goes a bit tribal.
Thank you and Get Out Obama. You are not of the people.
MrB isn't blasphemous.

And it’s not necessarily Sarah that they hate, it’s Christ.

Morgan in Denver isn't projecting at all.
Maybe [Michelle Obama]’s looking for a REAL man to satisfy her sexual needs? Than again, she’s ugly and that tends to limit interest from the opposite sex.

At least the puppy is cute.

sscoots969 has a plan to stop the Democrats:

Can we start by getting names and info of individuals who make these things happen. Then we start terrorizing them (in the most non-harmful way of course) until they finally decide to stop trying to destroy our nation.

Mariner is never over dramatic about foreign policy:
IF Pakistan falls to the Taliban (assuming there will not be a pro-Western coup), then civilization has no choice but a preemptive nuclear strike and invasion.

Anything less will ensure the destruction of the West and the assimilation of all of Western Asia under Al Queda/Taliban.Blockquote

It's an existential threat to at least 30 countries near-term, and the rest of civilization in the long-term.
PittsburghAfterDark is a horrible person:

Dear God,

Please save our nation by smiting the Evil One with a lethal dose of swine flu.


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday Pix

It's funny how racist caricature is so natural to Freepers they don't even see the racism in this picture.

Zbigniew Brzezinski makes for a very tired Vader.

This may be Jim Crow, or men and women; I cannot tell. Either way, it does not bode well for big tent Republicans.

So Achmadenijad nuked a book, and then made a political ad about it?

Yay, the MSM people like Megan McCain 'cause they're all gay!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Rape and Somalia

There's a story that a Canadian journalist kidnapped for the past year in Somalia has become pregnant. Between the Somalia, Islam, Journalism, kidnapping and pregnancy angle, it's like a case study in Freeper Madness:

trickyricky blames the victim, and her father:
She should have slit her own throat with a rusty nail first.
She looks so happy!
If I were her father, I think I would be slitting my throat with a rusty nail.
hinckley buzzard agrees:
Sounds like a bit of force may be involved here.

She may not have been forced. From the filephoto she looks halfway moslem already and may just be a "Stockholm" hostage.

JMack wishes we would bomb Somalia, but we won't cause we're not manly:

Liberals will oppose total war, until it appears the war may come to their homes, and endanger them, at which point total war will be totally acceptable.

So long as partial war only endangers loyal patriotic manly courageous men, liberals are OK with them dying. The fewer of them around, the less liberals will have to confront their own cowardice, selfishness, treason and inadequacy.
"loyal patriotic manly courageous men." Freepers worry more about manliness than most heterosexuals I know...
Lonesome in Massachussets starts what becomes quite the Africa bashing session:
A lot of Westerners, especially young people, think that they can be a “fly on the wall”, observe these vile savages close up and not wind up in the pot. Think Nick Berg.
"Wind up in the pot." Wow, cannibalism. It's like a metaphor straight out of the 60's.

piles it on:

Because when people emigrated out of Africa eons ago looking for a better life and mastodons, the dregs stayed behind....


(I think he means white people)

MikeWUSAF agrees:

Would it be un-PC of me to point out that the continent was more stable and productive under the apartheid?

Well, yes. Because order at the expense of freedom is kinda...fascist.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Freepers come out for Civil Rights

The DoJ has requested the Supreme Court overturn longstanding precedent that keeps police from asking you questions after you lawyer up. Suddenly Freepers discover that civil liberties are more important than law and order! Who woulda thunk?

yefragetuwrabrumuy sounds like a liberal:

This is very bad news for civil rights, if Obama gets his way. People have to have some legal “shell” they can crawl into where the police cannot intimidate them, and use a vast array of coercive means to obtain incriminating statements. Note, I did not say “evidence”.

domenad focuses on what's important: attacking Obama.

Wow, I’m really quite stunned to see this. I’d expect this from Medvedev or Putin, not Obama. Hey Obama, there’s quite a few of your poorer brothers who rely on that protection not to get hustled by some cracker cop who thinks he just caught himself a big fish. You might want to think about them for a minute.

wolfcreek knows where this is headed: first they argue against the Jackson Decision, then Communism!

Communism doesn’t allow for lawyers to be present.

That’s where this is headed!

Because defense attorneys are all that stands between us and Communism.

Still Thinking thinks step two is torture of Conservatives:
If you're an American born conservative, pulling out your fingernails and drilling holes through your joints is a "prudent medical examination".
SonOfPyrodex manages to go even more ridiculous:
The first question that will now be asked is "Are you now or have you ever been a member of any party other than the Democrats?"

And then the night sticks come out.

And then the death squads.
And then the death squads? Wow.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tin foil brigade

So the acting head of Freddie Mac commits suicide. I expected Freepers to blame Obama. I did not expect them to say Obama killed him. Just when I think I have a handle on the crazy.....

is the OP and starts off strong:
Obambi-cide !!
Falcon4.0 similarly needs no evidence:
Let the Body Count Begin.


concerned about politics gets to work on a motive:

Like Vince Foster, he had an important story to tell. He's new, and I can just imagine what he found in the office files. The democrat politicians are deep, deep, into this Fanny/Freddie induced economic crash.

As soon as I heard FOX report this, the first thought that popped into my head was "Why was he killed?" I didn't even have time to think about it.
chicagolady totally agrees:

EXACTLY!! Vicne [sic] Foster was the 1st thing I thought of also.

GREAT MINDS think alike!

Miss Marple has totally objective suspicion:

Why didn't he leave and select a place away from home?

And how did he die? This seems so odd to me.

668 - Neighbor of the Beast
also contributes:
Sometimes you take one for the team.

Do the records suggest he made contributions to Demrat causes and campaigns?
This was an over 500 post thread. Mark my words, this will make it's way to the right wing blogosphere, and from there to Fox and Friends and then to the MSM. We will see this story. At the very least, we will see an Obama death list on Snopes by 2012.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


This whole DHS report on right wing extremists gives a wisp of form to Freepers' wartime footing against Obama. This, of course, makes them even crazier. Thus, their responses a Thomas Sowell article on the issue:

Eric Blair 2084 repurposes Patrick Henry, but gets a bit distracted partway through:

“Give me liberty or give me death, or at least a beer and a cigarette (waive the smoke free laws for 5 minutes before you kill me) while I’m blindfolded before libs shoot me for being an enemy of the State.”

Atom Smasher proves how Xtreme he is:

I’m not hiding...I’ve got my Tea Party stickers, my Don’t Tread on Me stickers, and my FR stickers all on my jeep.

Come & get me!


rawcatslyentist wants to take action, but seems to be in seventh grade:

I'd say it would be fun to see a little live teleprompter vandalism/ civil disobedience.

A jar of moths released nearby, or maybe a few wet tea bags on the lens would be hilarious!
Jar of moths?

Lest we forget, Canedawg reiterates the standard Freeper narrative about Obama:

I have no doubt that [Obama's] economic policies are intended to cause failure of the capitalist economy, and allow a transition to the model of the State controlling the people and the means of production.

Alinsky Rules are intended to produce instability in the existing foundation, and promote insecurity of the system, in order to allow a “change”.

Afghanistan may or may not be different. We’ll have to see how it plays out. But I have no confidence in his decsion making, i believe he is operating from a bad faith, un-American position, as he is a usurper, a marxist and a fascist.

I cannot think of a better encapsulation of the Freeper alternative reality.

is the latest in a long string of inexplicable LOTR analogies:
[Article] If you fit into any of these categories, you may not have realized that you are considered a threat to national security. But apparently the Obama administration has its eye on you.

Hmmm, "the Eye of Sauron", eh? Well, I gotcher "eye" right here, Toothpaste Boy. Whyn'cha take a closer look?!
Toothpaste Boy?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday potpourri.

dennisw recaps the talking points of crazy people this week:

Rahm sez-— Your teleprompter ratings are way up boss!!

The Kenyan/Somalian will do an FDR imitation fireside chat bull crap...mark my words. 0bomo has now proven how bold and decisive he with with his rag tag Afro-pirate bruthas. He aims to surf this wave

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!!

Feckless thinks Rahm is a problem for Israel and has a solution:

Hey Rahm, ever heard of the Mossad? There could be a two Rahm (as in pieces) solution you steaming pant load. God, how I’d love to sit on that jury. The guy would never spend a day in jail......

Cicero has uncovered a sinister plot to end the military!

Does it strike anyone as typical of liberals that FIRST they argue that you have to include women in the service and in combat and you can’t put them into segregated units, and THEN they complain that the military is abusing women in the service?

It was an obvious ploy. First they say, “Women are BETTER and STRONGER than men, so include them in all aspects of the military.”

Then they say, “These poor, victimized women are being abused by men. Why are you subjecting them to abuse by forcing them to use the same latrines as men?”

Then predictably we will soon hear the third complaint: “We must solve this injustice by abolishing the military. Women are being abused in the military, so we will replace it with Obama’s civilian security corps.”

LibertyRocks thinks that some unreported inauguration plot is fake, just like the Oklahoma City bombing was...

Another OKC ‘false flag’ type op (this time with a different ‘friendly’ group doing the ‘dirty work’) with ALREADY developed FASCIST/COMMUNIST/SOCIALIST government propaganda from the left to back it up?

Nice, isn’t it that Fascists, Communists, and Islamic Radical Terrorists all LOVE to get cozy like this???

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday Pix

Wow, that's a troubling picture!

It's so silly Obama reads is speeches! Cause Bush never did, much less Regan.

Erm, Obama didn't pay off the pirates, dude.

I have no idea what this icture is supposed to insinuate. Obama is like some Gay-Pirate Che figure?

Aaand of course Obama is a secret pirate. Secret MUSLIM pirate.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Secession fever!

A satirical Weekly World News story provides a springboard for Freepers' wildest Conservative fantasies:

Lots of posts like that of laotzu

I am proud, and grateful that I, & my children, are Americans.

However; we are Texans first.
(does anyone really get homesick for Nebraska?)
But it's the liberals who are elitist, see?

ParadigmLost kinda kicks things off into fantasy land:
As a serious comment to this, imagine what would happen if Texas did it. And they were very very successfull at building not only a sustainable economy, but a profitable one for the citizens there.

They would become the enemy and the cause of all of the problems left in the rest of the old USA. Texas would be the evil empire to them.

Texas would have to set up a military at once, because within 10 years the old country would attack and try to destroy it. The would have to, because a successful Texas would be exposing the lie that their socialist world was built on.

Just my opinion.
Niuhuru notes:

Texas would get all the military veterans and two thirds of the US military. The other third would be the useless wimps who want to be nice to the enemy.

which brings us to:

okay, so we wait 5/10 years, build the Texas economy and military to its peak, and then we take the rest of the country back.

It might be bloodless, but I would doubt it.

On the other hand,

It might actually be bloodless if we play our cards right.

After we get all the business people, all the brilliant minds, all we need to do is wait for them to BEG us to reunite and send our leaders into the government.

Then we set our terms and reunite. Then we diplomatically and politically entrench ourselves.

Objectivism yay! Texas is only lulling us into a false sense of security by being the 18th in per capita income!

But don't count the damned Union out yet:

They would combine with Mexico to fight Texas. Count on it, so the preparations for defense in both a military and “Hearts and Minds” way would have to start at once.

Never mind, though

Nahh.. Texas would invade Mexico, take it over and execute all the drug runners and other criminals.

Wow. Texas secedes, annexes Mexico and then 2/3 of the US Military goes over to Texas (3rd Amendment, anyone?). Later, conservatism makes Texas is so cool it just takes over the Yankee Union, whose liberalsim has caused it to fall into ruin and buggery.

Crazy people sure are crazy, eh?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Liberal gets murdered; Freepers rejoice.

I know some Dems that really kinda hope Republicans die, so I guess this shouldn't surprise me. But nevertheless, just cause both sides do it doesn't mean it isn't despicable.

A 19 year old woman was strangled by her boyfriend. But it turns out she was kind of a liberal. Thus...


If someone raises their child to embrace evil and tyranny and murder, and call such things “good”, then is it any surprise that they meet such vicious ends themselves?

Were this child not stabbed and strangled, would she have gone forth into the world happy in the knowledge that she was encouraging such a fate for other children?

Perhaps in the final analysis, this was just proactive karma.


A Racheal Corry wannabe gone.....I think I’m gonna cry.

but then maybe not.....:-)


Another dead facsist. What a shame.

My parents danced in the streets when fascist Germany died in April, 1945.
I’d dance, too, but not enough American fascists are dead to suit me.

And then one Alter Kaker notes that rejoicing in death isn't something nice people do...

sergeantdave answers
You disgust me. I bet you have no mirrors in your house to see your traitorous face.

My father killed left wing 19 year old neo-fascists with bombs dropped from a B-25. My brother killed left wing 19 year old communists in Korea. I killed 19 year old communists in Vietnam.

You’re crying about dead communists and fascists. I’ve learned long ago that there’s no point in reasoning with left wing assholes. You don’t belong here on FR.

Nonstatist blames the victim:
She really pissed her ex off rather badly though, wouldnt you say? Im sure theres two sides to the story, although killing is never justified
fkabuckeyesrule is pretty irony impaired.

Gee was her boyfriend also a “peace activist”? Deep down too many liberals are people who actually love violence.

Yes, it is the liberals who love violence.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Teabag America!

Freepers have been yelling about tea parties for years, but the squawking really got big once Obama won in November. So, of course, they take complete credit for the current Fox News created fiesta. I sprinkled grass seed on the asfault last year, so this ain't AstroTurf, folks!

Anyhow, here are Freeper reactions to these tea parties.

jdub is all "these are my tea parties MINE!"

Watch for Republicans trying to claim this protest as support for them. I just learned that my county’s tea party is “sponsored” by the county GOP. I sent an email to the state coordinators voicing my diapproval.

The Anti-One finds a new thing to compare the media to, and it isn't Nazis!
I see what's going on with the Tea Parties and how the MSM is NOT covering it and I keep thinking of Tiananmen Square. Listen folks. Obombanation is NOT our whole problem by a long shot. Until we start to hold the communist scalawags in the MSM accountable for the mis/dis... information we're doomed. Slander, lies, treason, etc are all things they should be taken down for.
Yeah, Tienanmen Square wasn't covered by anyone!

Ulysse wants us to remember the tea parties are about everything, not sour grapes about the election, not at all!

And what about TEA PARTIES about USA independancy,sovereignty,freedom(free speech,fair debates in the MSM),respect of US Constitution and laws?


My hearts in London - Everett knows the Conservatives are about to win, like the political ninjas they are!

Stealth in any operation is important. Hopefully, they are surprised when they are overrun by our grassroots efforts.

GAB-1955 knows how important this is, but there's a problem:

My wife says she would like to go, but with her poor vision, she would be a liability. She is worried that this might be the kickoff of a Civil War.

Yep, can't go cause of the totally gonna happen violence and war.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Everyone out to get you means you're special.

Michelle Malkin uncovers a DHS report on right wing extremists. Clear proof all the DHS is thinking about is targeting Freepers!

JSDude1 flips the rotation:

DHS: The “real” Violent Extremists..

DHS used to be needed to save us all from Terrorist Muslims. Now it's the terrorists. I think; the scare quotes confuse me though.

oldbrowser thinks the solution to a report on right wing extremists and violence is a threat:
comparing the Tea Party movement to the Weather Underground

Not quite yet, but soon.
DoughtyOne knows what Freepers are like - German Jews in World War II!

And when should we expect the empty rail cars? I don’t want to be caught without a grey suit for the camps.

True Republican Patriot is pretty sure the report is due to the hand of Obama direcing DHS.
Brought by ZERO, the guy who campaigned in KENYA for a Cousin who Burned Christians Alive in their Churchs! and never said a word against His Cousin, hence Guilty by Association.
Guilty by Association? Capitalizing it, and then using it unironically? Wow.

Ajnin tries to inject sanity:

I work for DHS and haven’t seen anything like this and I looked for it.

Syncro replies:
You've been mushroomed.
As in "Kept in the dark and fed shit." As in "I would rather trust my paranoid fantasies instead of your lying eyes."

Monday, April 13, 2009

Obama acted unilaterally in making the decision to go to war with Somalia.

Sunday, there was some pirate shooting by Navy SEALS. Killing your enemies with guns is what is best in life to a Freeper. But what happens when something good happens on Obama's watch? Rationalizationpalooza! Freeper ideological contortionists outdo themselves in this one. Bonus points galore!

Miss Behave wants everyone to know that Obama had nothing to do with anything good. EVER.
And Obamination CanNOT take credit for ANY of this operation due to the sailors now letting the WORLD know that they were "under attack for a WEEK!"Obama was doing NOTHING for a WEEK LONGER than anyone even KNEW!
Bonus points for capitalizing the "not" and the initial letter in CanNOT.

Neoliberalnot tries the dubious tactic that wingnuts have been obsessing over nothing for the past week and a half:

Don’t be taken in by the obama left-wing media shills. This was a fairly minor incident — a group of community pirates, who could have hailed from Chicago, held one man hostage. Don’t get me wrong, I am very glad he survived and the criminals were dealt with, but this is little more than a daily gang incident in many of our biggest cities.

Our great leader was once an organizer of these specimens. The media, of which he controls much of the nightly news shills, have blown this way beyond the recognition it deserves in an effort to make BO look presidential— as if it were equivalent to 911. This is all about taking political advantage in order to secure power over the serfs.

Bonus points for slipping in Chicago thieves in there.

Typical_Whitey knows his liberal strawmen:

1. Obama acted unilaterally in making the decision to go to war with Somalia.

2. He directed the military to Murder Somali citizens who were negotiating in good faith for the release of their captive U.S. Merchant Captain.

3. He has made America less safe because now all of the Somali Pirates are saying they will kill Americans on sight.

4. He did not follow the path of the Europeans who have successfully negotiated (Talked to the enemy)the release of other hijacked ships and crews.

5. He has a captured Somali citizen who is being detained against our Constitution and is most likely being severely interrogated because of course Obama doesn’t torture to get information.

I guess the only real question I have is what other then skin color is the difference between Barrack Hussein Obama and George W. Bush on this issue?

Bonus points for unexpectedly playing the race card.

FTL sees some wagging of a dog here:

So has this story been beat to death yet?

Interesting how Zero gives the go ahead as a story is breaking in the UK about Obama’s brother George accused of “sex crimes”. Clinton did basically the same thing - multiple times.

I hadn't heard one of Obama's like 12 half-siblings was in trouble. THAT MEANS IT'S WORKING!

Monday potpourri.

longhorn too goes all Rev. Wright on us:

I believe the Lord is removing his protection and blessings from the United States because of the sins of this country.

"God Damn America?" Wow.

Arthur McGowan knows him some philosophy:

“Capitalism” is not an “ism.” I.e., it is NOT an ideology.

So-called “capitalism” is simply a name for what happens when people are free.

That's why it took so long to occur naturally in History!

Swede Girl sees a whole sexy thing when it comes to crowds at Baseball games:

President Bush is a man's man. I think that manly men relate to him on many levels and also respect him for a job well-done. Thus, the cheers and whistles from a crowd of manly, red blooded, patriotic American men.

Biden is not a man's man. He is a wind bag and manly men cannot stand him. He just is not respected and is seen for what he is....a pandering idiot who wants only to be in the spotlight for himself. The crowd consists of many men who, in spite of living in lefty-land, still have a few molecules of testosterone within them, and enough common sense to recognize a putz when they see one.
MaxMax has a political plan:

Our next (R)President better fire everybody (D), and have them all investigated.

And I thought a Rove was partisan!

holyscroller knows why Obama hasn't resigned yet:
Do you seriously think Michelle is ever going to let him resign? That will be a freezing day in Hell. Michelle and her Momma LOVE their new digs, and it's going to take an Army to get them out of the White House. Regardless of what ever happens to Zero, Michelle ain't goin nowhere! Watch and see.
Quix has a blood libel thing going on:

I’m sure the Religion of Peace would be happy to give lessons [in shooting babies]

As would lots of globalist thugs.

Evil is . . . evidently spiritually genetic with lots of them.

And getmeouttaPalmBeachCounty_FL thinks Obama's dog is secretly Ted Kennedy's.

I’ll bet that this new dog is the same dog that Teddy had “adopted” back in January. Teddy called him “Cappy.” Isn’t it odd that the Kennedys have anything to do with this dog story?

Kennedy “adopts” the dog from the same Dallas breeder where his other two PWDs came from; he trains it, then “returns the puppy.” Now, the Obamas are “rescuing” a poor, innocent, pure-bred puppy, by having it “rehomed” to them. Enter again, Teddy.

The motive for this cloak and dagger stuff? Clearly to enrage getmeouttaPalmBeachCounty_FL

Friday, April 10, 2009

Saturday Pix

Someone spent a lot of time with this image. I think that is punishment enough

Freepers don't advocate violence, really!

Oh, that Obama and his secret Muslim harem!

Now Obama's hispanic? And what's with the yiddish insults?

Aaand we're back on the Aye-Leagal bandwagon. Cause they don't want jobs, they want to take over SW America!

See? Thanks to thought balloon technology, you can tell Obama's totally a Muslim!

I don't even know what this means. You get to fuck an SUV if you join daily KOS?

Obama's Passover = HOLOCAUST!

The knee-jerk comparing of anything involving the Jewish faith to the Holocaust still manages to shock me. Maybe it's because I grew up in an 80% Jewish school, or maybe the layers of prejutice it implies. There's the tokenism (Jews are Jews and nothing else!), the Israel used as a tool for the apocalypse, the straight-up anti-semitism for any Jew who isn't for the extermination of all Muslims, the nostalgia for the damn-near good versus evil days of World War 2.

Anyhow, Obama is holding the first ever WHite House passover seder. Freepers go ballistic:

...our gentile President...

Don't forget Soros his Jewish Puppeteer and big financial provider holding a Jew Minstrel Matzoh Show at the White House, just ahead of his attempted future destruction of Israel

Soros is in the same league as Jews that sold other Jews out in the camps!

Only worse. The kapos could make a legitimate claim that they did what they did under dire circumstances to save their own lives (or try to). Soros' support of "Osama" Obama is completely voluntary.
ExTexasRedhead again, looking into Obama's soul:

God will not be fooled by this charade put on by Zero who, all the while, is plotting to sell out Israel.

It's totally clear Obama's gonna sell out Israel 'cause he bowed to that Saudi King!

doesn't want anyone to forget the oppressed Christians:

Then he goes on to insult the Christians with an Easter egg event, highlighting homosexual families. He seems hell-bent on underminig the Judeo-Christian foundation of America. Two strikes at their holiest feasts in one week.

Two strikes! Like blasphemous shock and awe!

hinckley buzzard
wins for the most offensive comparison though:
Reminiscent of Dr. Josef Mengele who enjoyed giving little Jewish girls and boys rides around the Camp in his limousine while treating them to suger candies. Then he dropped them off at the gas chamber.
Yes, Obama honoring a Jewish tradition at the White House is just like performing human experiments. Yeesh.

Nuke Somalia

The pirate problem has suddenly become a big dick waving contest, where the dick is Freepers' imaginary super-navies:

stboz starts strong:
Stop the bullshit. Nuke the pirates.

I'm sorry (a little) for any innocents who die. God doesn't seem to have a dog in this fight, so.....blow their asses away.
Fichori tries to make a funny:
The WH has to much historical and sentimental value to just waste it like that.
1. Obama did not make the pirates do this.
2. Therefore, nuking Obama would not solve this problem.
3. Also, you are joking about killing the President. WTF?

farmer18th may have a boner:
That [Nuking Somalia] is not bad strategy, but I think it would be better, still, and more surgical, to outfit NRA/GOA cruises in the area, allowing an entrepreneur to insure and outfit a Carnival Cruise lines, where we could take our sons on training missions in the Somali waters. Night watches. Automatic weapons. Harpoons, Washing our feet with the blood of the wicked.

I am 100% serious by the way.
myaccount2009 has an even better idea:

We need to send in an entire fleet and show these pirates who’s boss

Mad_Tom_Rackham goes kind of sci-fi:

In my opinion, these ships should be fitted with massive flame throwers. They'll get the necessary attitude adjustment.

If only we used out super-navies with the nucular flame-lasers to kill everyone not American, the USA would be safe, and super-mega cool!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

And now this word from outer space

Reality is just like TV edition.

Jim Noble on that Canadian pilot attempting suicide by flying to Missouri:
The enemy learned something important tonight.

We won't shoot first.
Yeah, lets always shoot first, it's the civilized thing to do!

Levi Johnston: the leftovers

Here are some posts that didn't fit into the (awesome) post below:

Pilated starts off cruel:
Levi and family are human excrement and are lowly classed people. Greed rules these peoples minds. How sad for the baby as all this crap is his legacy and when he is old enough to understand what happened he will be sad knowing the whole world laughed at his father’s family because they sold his birth story for greed. I hope they get run out of their town tar’d and feathered.
Perdogg think that it's important to point out that Bristol is totally hawt:
He has good taste in women, you gotta give him that.
Lexinom has some advice for Levi:
Get married. Marry Bristol.

I remember very well a sermon from 15 years ago: People blame "it" when they say "it" didn't work out.

Marry your wife, Levi. The woman with whom you've had the relations that consumate marriage (read Exodus 22:16).
Because an unhappy family is much better than a happy one, so long as that marriage certificate is there! Also, the Palins kinda kicked HIM out.

knows that whatever Levi is, he totally didn't live with the Palins, technically:
Did Levi change his address to the Palins? If not, then he legally was NOT living there.
Technicalities for the Win!

Levi Johnston: Destroyer of Western Civilization

So Levi goes on the Tyra Banks show and dares to imply that Sarah Palin was anything less than an innocent saint when it came to knowing her daughter might be having sex with the dude she was living with in Sarah's house. Well, he's no longer a fine upstanding young man. Observe, the panopoly of terrors that is Levi Johnson:

thinks he's the Doom of Western Civilization:

Levi Johnston has played a major part in bringing about the fall of western civilization. He did this by helping to produce anti-Palin propaganda for the media.

I'd think this was a joke, but his tag line is "The United States of America Rest in Peace November 4 2008" I'm afraid he's serious folks!

Publius6961 thinks he's a girl:
My sons may not be the perfect gentlemen, but I will forever be grateful that they are both heterosexual, and real men, in the "gentlemanly" sense.

There's white trash --- and then there's girly men in men's bodies.

This clown is a disgrace to the word "man."
yongin goes with Soros mole:

Levi, being unemployed, must be receiving money by Soros groups to trash Palin. However by appearing on Tyra, he showed himself to be a fool and white trash.

Albion Wilde tops them all with "corpse."
Yep, somebody shoulda taken care of this "South Philly style."

Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday potpourri.

Some random tidbits I found catching up on the news these past few weeks:

tallyhoe sees the recent shootings in a...unique light:

Why is it as soon as a Democrat get elected to the White House crazed gunmen go on rampages?

Turbo Pig manages to top that:
This needs to be repeated often and loudly;
"Obama caused this man to kill these people, not the guns."
kinghorse has a solution to crazy people going on rampages:

Make his family pay. Ban any relations living overseas from ever entering the country. Punish any family in the USA. That’s the only way to protect gun rights and slow this crap down. You have to realize you are condemning your family as well. Then the family will take a more active role in policing it’s misfits. What’s going to happen is a police state unless something drastic is done.

springtime4hillary reads volumes into a bow:

Americans shake hands- that’s our instinct. Obama is a nation of islam black panther and so when he sees an arab king he gets on the ground. But none of that Reverand Wright stuff about God da_n America, and the no birth certificate, and the fact that he talked about his “Muslim” faith, and says he can recite the muslim call to prayer fluently- none of that means anything. He’s really on our side. No really. Millions of people wouldn’t have voted for a traitor after all.

FrogMom is feeling repressed:
I am not familiar with the Left being systematically suppressed in America.

Neither has the Right. But there are conservatives who'd like to silence the Left and libs who'd like to silence the Right.

Excuse me? The Right hasn't been systematically suppressed? Have you SEEN the main stream news in the last 10 years??

Have you READ a main stream newspaper in the last 20 years??

You, sir, haven't been paying attention.
FlingWingFlyer believes in growth for growth's sake:
I just hope Hillary and her old windbag hags don't murder the child that God sends with the cure for cancer or "a new form of alternative energy." SORRY BO! TWO CAN PLAY THAT GAME!
Why so angry at the Secretary of State? Also, old windbag hags?

Wpin takes American Exceptionalism to the point of madness:

America is not just a place, it is an ideological perfection of God’s creation. You will probably never understand that or the fact that capitalism cannot be destroyed, it is impossible. Consider the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, China, Cuba, and any other despotic left wing ruled economies in these terms...the capitalist (free) economy was as large or larger than the legitimate economy. The liberal governments could not kill it, stop it, or breed it out and neither will your side here.

ideological perfection of God’s creation. Welcome to empire, ladies and gentlemen!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday Pix

Michelle Obama is ugly, but only Freepers can see it!

I have no idea what the picture above is supposed to mean.

Michelle Obama is totally the dominant one in the marriage! So unnatural!

Why the close-up?

Obama is black. Looter-guy is black. See where I'm going here?

OMG! Obama reads a book Freepers disagree with! PROOF he wants to kill America!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Triumphant Return

If you ever want to relive high school AND summer camp all at the same time, I recomend volunteering at a political campaign. You meet such people!

What did the Freepers think about the election going into extra innings? They are not getting their hopes up:

pissant is typical:

And work it they will. There is maybe a 2% chance that he can pull this out against the schemers.

wk4bush2004 further elaborates on the sinister plans:

“after all outstanding absentee and military ballots are counted”

They mean, after all the military ballots are rejected and they “find” ballots, courtesy of ACORN.

ACORN are like the ninjas of politics. When you cannot see them, is how you know they must be there.

chimera points out how there is no way out:

When it comes to close election contests, the ‘Rats win about 99.999999% of the time. They know how to make it happen. The ‘Rat will “win” this seat, it’s a pretty safe bet. The sure sign of doom is if the ‘Pubs file in court. That is the kiss of death. They won’t get any justice there.

Bringbackthedraft would like to add some total lies to the

Damn, that’s the area where I saw a woman with a Hillary sticker in a grave yard with a clip board. She was acting suspicious when she saw me stop the car to look. Hmmmmmm ?

It's odd. Rush and Steele are declaring victory, and the Freepers are all doom and gloom. Usually they are in lockstep with Limbaugh. Maybe the Franken thing has them in a funk.