Friday, November 28, 2014

Spotlight Friday: LeoWindhorse

"my great great great great grandfather watched Cornwallis surrender at Yorktown , my great grandfather fought at Shiloh and Vicksburg , my dad fought the Nazis in Europe . I am cut of the same clothe."

How this guy wasn't on my list before this is something of a mystery. Another Freeper wanna be killer of bad guys, he also wants individual liberals to be taken out. He'll drop his pre-Revolutionary War roots whenever he can, and seems to think Israel is a country of nothing but Freepers.

Also puts a space before every punctuation mark. Weird.

The post that got my attention
the wrong side won in 1865
Yeah, he takes Ferguson personally as a native of Missouri
I invite all this filth to get the hell out of my state .

You DO NOT speak for Missouri or Missourians .
No one thinks they do, dude.

Hunt down everyone who organized protests in Ferguson:
figure out who these ‘organizers’ are , track them and hunt them down .

America has for far too long tolerated the intolerable . To continue is to invite the end of our great nation . It’s time to weed the garden .
Israel will hate Sarah Silverman because she voted for Obama
Israelis need to be reminded that this sickening woman was and has always been one of the American Jewish community's strongest , most avid and vocal supporters of Barack Obama . In both 2008 and 2012 she did all she could to bring out the Jewish vote against Obama's opponents , She has always done so using the most profane language and obscene conduct . She is 100% a member of what the Christian Bible refers to as a member of the Synagogue of Satan . And she's coming to the Jerusalem Film Festival ?

She should be protested , demonstrated against and have eggs thrown at her . At the very least .....

This woman is an enemy of Israel , via her rabid support of Obama

Israelis need to know ....
Hinting he wants bad things to happen to Sarah Silverman
I’m tellin ya , I hope something interesting happens to her , when she starts spouting her s#it over there . It’s time .
Put the wife of the Boston Bomber to death:
The only way this broad can redeem herself is to come out and publicly repudiate and renounce Islam . To publicly state her deepest regret and profound repentance for ever hooking up with that man and allowing herself to become brainwashed into the death cult by him .

Short of that , she should be placed on a horse , connected to a rope and hanged .
Al Sharpton should die:
speeding bus , where art thou ?
Kill Soros:
vile cretin - mechanics wanted
Kill all the rioters in Ferguson:
the rioters should be shot , especially all that wear that mask . Center mass shots . Throw the corpses into trucks and dump them in the local landfill , cover them up with bull dozers .
The mass graves are a nice touch.

Kill all Muslims:
I call for OPEN SEASON on all so-called jihadists , everywhere . No prisoners , no quarter . And their families . U.S. Military ; do the gene pool of the human race a big favor . Get some ! [ all ] No sanctuaries for our mortal enemies . Kill them all .
Shockingly, he knows no Muslims personally:
thank God ; no muz neighbors or co-workers

zero , nada , mai mee
"I want to kill bad guys!"
I’d love to be paid well to go help kill those people .

1000’s of old men , like me , would sign up .
Put us on a hill with a 300 Win mag and an electronic upload tally device .
Shall we say $400 a scalp ?
The best cure for PTSD:
the perfect medicine for PTSD = payback ....
Flying in from the Middle East? Gitmo!
Rep Duncan Hunter (jr) suggested today stopping ALL visa issuance from the entire Mid East for now , until we can assess “what is going on “ . Great idea .

I would add to that , intense interrogation of ANY American , and especially profiled ones , coming in on flights that could have been anywhere near an international jihad fight , should be held as ‘enemy combatants’ and sent straight to Guantanamo .

and I know many FRprs will have other suggested remedies , but I am trying to suggest something that might actually be put into practice
On earned citizenship.
my ancestors were never immigrants , by definition , they were forced refugees ; from the highlands of Scotland in the 1720’s . We’ve been here ever since . Fought and died here in every war , including the Revolution against Britain . Founded the town of Gallatin Tennessee... By rights & heritage I have enjoy every privilege being an true American. This is why I speak up the way I do . If you earn it , you own it . We earned it ...
He has his own pet Obama conspiracy:
Obama again sent in large numbers U.S. Navy SEALs in a single helicopter , into a possible hot LZ ,with heavily armed Taliban present. Does anyone remember Extortion 17 ? Does anyone remember the attack on high level CIA at Camp Chapman ? Everyone on that chopper were have been dead meat if any sort of double cross had occurred . Thank God it did not , but that is how Obama played this little charade .
Also he believes in the usual Freeper crap about Valerie Jarrett:
Hagel needs to immediately tell the nation to what extent he KNOWS Valerie Jarrett is involved in attempting to micro-manage our war on ISIS .

the evil midget needs to be exposed 100%
Yearning for a military coup:
the process is so subverted that elections no longer matter at this point .

” A side armed squad of uniformed Armed Service members walk into the Oval Office and state the following : “ Mr. President , you are under arrest for high crimes in office and treason against the United States of America . You will come with us “

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Not much has changed from Freeper Thanksgivings past - Freepers boast about how they have no liberal friends or speculate about how to better win arguments against liberals (mostly be being shockingly right wing).

This year's contentless trump card: Gruber and stupid Americans.

Amazing for a Freeper, Billthedrill laments how much mutual respect has degraded.
I had an aunt I treasured, an old-line, fire-breathing liberal who was actually up to the contest. We used to savor telling one another we were idiots because neither of us really believed it. What has gone from political discourse these days is that sense of mutual respect. It isn't pleasant without it.
In a similar vein, Fred Hayek gets along fine with liberals, if they like guns.
When I lived in Minnesota, I was invited for Thanksgiving by some liberals, and we did keep it civil. I must clarify however that these were old school Hubert Humphrey liberals, and they were pro-2A as well (as was Old Hubert).
USS Alaska undercuts another Freepers' attempt at taking the moral highground:
My non-scientific review of social media and studying what my friends and acquaintances Conservative friends display far more good manners and courtesy than my Liberal friends.

Liberal friends? Oxymoron.
Kickass Conservative's friends are kind enough not to call him an idiot.
I get this line a lot when having a “discussion” with a Liberal.

“Well, those are YOUR facts”. LOL
TigersEye keeps his Thanksgiving pure:
Civility will reign at my Thanksgiving table. No Gruber people have been invited.
TigersEye advises other people how to keep liberals in their place:
May I suggest that whenever a provocative statement or question is directed at you you simply reply "Gruber!" Say nothing else at all in response to politically loaded rhetoric.
Conservative Gato is also a Freeper 24/7.
We’re pretty fortunate as our whole family is quite conservative. I honestly don’t even think I’d invite a friend or family member if I knew they were liberal. I’ve just gotten to the point that I really don’t associate with liberals anymore. Why be around people that are helping to destroy this great country? I’d rather distance myself from them.
longtermmemmory demands that all Freepers be dicks to liberal relatives:
liberals must be told they are leftists. They should not be allowed to hide behind “classical liberalism” or any semblance of reason.

They have abdicated all reason with the Obama administration, obamacare, reid, the entire democrat party, endorsement of hedonism as equal to marriage, and the collapse of the ivory tower.
Arthur McGowan knows its always the liberals who are uncivil:
Every situation I’ve ever been in where liberals and conservatives were mingled, the liberals proclaim their beliefs loudly and confidently, because what they think is that all halfway-decent people think. Conservatives are expected not to bring up “politics.”
ViLaLuz is circularly amused that all evil groups are liberal:
I was sitting next to a Republican. It was if I was sitting next to a KKK Nazi...

Both Democrat groups! Ha ha ha ha ha aaaaa!
Kickass Conservative smugly notes that all criminals are liberal:
Q. Why do Liberals lock their Doors?

A. To protect themselves from other Liberals.
Liz makes with the hu-man jokes:
Here's a couple jokes that'll shut down the Prog/Lib blathering.

<><> Mrs Gruber bought a fancy new nightgown to celebrate their wedding anniversary. When she put it on, Gruber griped about the "lack of transparency."

<><> Mrs Gruber confided to her BFF that to get Jonathan in a romantic mood, she coos in his ear. When she whispers "stupid Americans," Jonathan gets so aroused, he delivers wild, uninhibited sex.

<><> Spicing up your sex life by cooing "Stupid Americans" is the number one sex aid in Progressive circles---so much so that Viagra sales are (cough) down---since Progressives are the (cough) biggest users of Viagra.
"Liberals only get boners for awful things. Eh? EH?" You know, jokes!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Sexism rising

anonymousB found this thread. Well done.

Noted Republican Dana Perino says she thinks Obama's executive immigration reform is Constitutional.

Freepers disagree. And find special ways to disagree with her because she's a woman:

BenLurkin knows what women on the news are good for:
Dana, darling.

Just sit there and look pretty. Okay?
Gritty also attacks her for being pretty:
Go buff your nails and do your hair, Dear. We are no longer impressed if indeed we ever were. You were a flack for Dubya and that is what you still are. But now you have expanded your role and are a flack for all the whores in Washington.
FredZarguna finds her unattractive:
There’s no accounting for taste. I don’t find Dana very superficially attractive, but more importantly, she’s got nothing going on in the upper story.
dandiegirl shows it's not only Freeper men who carry the anti-woman banner:
I used to like The Five, but the females on the show talk so loud and are so shrill that I can’t watch anymore, even though I agree with what they are saying and Dana drives me nuts.
OKSooner, though, is clearly a guy.
Yeah, show us your t**s.
TADSLOS likes the B-words:
Bush Barbie bubbles on. How this bimbo keeps a job is beyond me.
A Crawford Ranch Production presents:

The Woman with the Golden Kneepads

Starring - Dana Perino
VRWC For Truth seems to be quoting Saturday Night Live unironically:
Dana, you ignorant slut.
Enterprise makes an old joke:
Dana is ignant. Gadzooks, she’s a veritable cunning stunt. And egad even, she’s a genuine ignoranus.
sergeantdave jokes that she's actually a man, haw haw.
Perino is criminal.He ought to worry about keeping his scrawny chicken-neck out of the hangman’s noose.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Obama's Ferguson

Ferguson will pass. It will not create a race war, and it will likly not really move race relations either way.

But the right is going to make of it what it can.

So the more media-savvy right is staying away from the Confederate talk, and is instead doing all they can to blame Ferguson on Obama.

Freepers, having already gone full racist last night, fall in line.

TheThirdRuffian explains that negroes can't be real Americans.
Western civilization requires westerners.

Obamasons have never had a civilization that was not imposed by outside any larger than a band of brigands.
Texas Eagle senses organization behind the protests, which can only mean Obama.
So far, Fox News has shown footage of protests in Ferguson, St. Louis, LA, NY, Oakland and Philadelphia.
A lot of the signs look pre-made and the marches all have a similar feel to them.

It’s almost as if all these communities have been, I don’t know, organized.

I wonder who would have the know-how to do this?
Eagles6 - a vote for Obama is a vote for riots in Ferguson 6 years later.
I wrote to folks about this before the 2008 election. I said this is what you are voting for.
Rome2000 sees the Communist plot:
Just like he did in Kenya in 2006, Hussein Obama intends to foment riots to further the MARXIST cause.

Class and Race war is a two way street.

The golfer just declared war on the working class citizens of the USA.
butterdezillion wants Obama arrested for Ferguson:
From the sounds of it, there is an army of outsiders that is qoinq from business to business, first lootinq and then burninq down buildinqs while police and fire depts are kept away by qunfire. This is not riotinq. This is systematic war beinq waqed on the locals by Holder and Obama’s lifelonq pals. This is “the course” that Obama told them to “stay”.

Ray76 said that Obama spoke as the leader of an invadinq army when he qave his executive amnesty announcement, and now we see his army LITERALLY committinq acts of war aqainst the people of America.

Whoever is supposed to arrest the “President” if he commits war aqainst his own people need to qet out the handcuffs and do what must be done. It is WAY past time.
Old Sarge - this is the new Vietnam.
I manned the walls for nine hours last night, trying to keep everyone abreast of the crap going down.

Nine cities were burning last night. Nine. This was an organized insurrection.

The Liberal Tet Offensive. It’s the Sixties all over again, but with crappy music.

The Bill Cosby rape allegations

As witnesses keep piling up, things are looking worse and worse for Bill Cosby, at least in the court of public opinion.

Unexpectedly, Freepers are either reserving judgement or (perhaps overzealously) siding with the alleged victims, at least for now. The current GOP attempts to cozy up with Gamergate MRA-types might change this, however.

Luckily, it's Freep, so I was able to find no shortage of people declaring conspiracy, or generally being bizzare asses.

Celtic Conservative gives Cosby a courtesy Freepers normally reserve for White people:
I’m gonna adopt a “wait and see” attitude on this one.
dennisw believes women when they're white:
Cosby looks guilty here. So far only white women are making allegations
SkyDancer thinks it may be a setup:
Is Bill running for public office as a Republican?
Secret Agent Man is sure Obama is behind this!
before the nationwide ferguson obama is planning any black who has said blacks need to be responsible for themselves,must be torn down.
GladesGuru goes a long, long, way to drop the name of Denise Richard's(?) sister:
A mother brought her 14 year old daughter down to an interview for a short video. The mother and my colleague and I spoke with her at some length regarding her hopes for her daughter. Seems she had a sister who had married some actor named Sheen, evidently a man arguably of less than exemplary behavior. Knowing this, she was still planning to send her daughter out to his place for the coming summer.

The daughter was pretty, but not a head turning beauty, and intelligent, a rather sweet, ‘girl-next-door’ in short. While that was what was needed for the video, and while the mother would have been present during all taping events, the mother seemed content to have no presence at all during the coming summer.

She felt the sister's hosting the girl around HollyWeird would be good for her future in the entertainment world. The daughter was on the intelligent side and seemed quite capable of becoming a functioning professional in a number of fields so selling surface was not her only possibility.

HollyWeird’s promising allure of glamor and gold (rarely actualized, sadly) can be said to all too often exert a less than salutary effect on parents and offspring alike.

What has the above to do with the instant case of Cosby v. whomever? I would ask why any person expects to discuss business other than “funny business” with a HollyWeird ‘Star’ who insists on meeting in a hotel room.

I am hardly a “HollyWeird ‘Star’ but I always hold all interviews in a public place. That is why God created coffee shops in book stores.

Think I am joking? Try interviewing hopefuls who have the intelligence, appearance, and three ounces of metal embedded in their face, or sufficient tattoos to have satisfied a squad of WW II Marines!

At least a cup of espresso and browsing a book shelf helps remove the lingering taste of cultural devolution left by such “happenings”.

In short, color me suspicious.

And a bit nauseous, too
Erm, what Cosby did my job listen to?
Lots of my friends used to listen to Cosby when we were kids, had his records, thought he was the funniest comic going. A few years ago I saw some old videos posted on youtube. I was really surprised to see how ANGRY he was while going through his routines. He seemed to be boiling over mad. Really disappointed me, I thought I had found something worth watching, but after one, well, that was enough. What a shame, he has really spoken well for people taking responsibility for their actions.
CorporateStepsister totally heard this seperate, non-rape story that makes her hate Cosby:
My better half, Mrs. Liberty, is from Southern California, and as it happened, her Dentist was the same as Mr. Cosby’s. One day, when the Great One was scheduled to come in for a cleaning and checkup after Mrs. Liberty, she noticed the entire staff of the office was packing up their personal items and heading for the door, while a new staff of people, all black, were coming in.

They were literally restaffing the office entirely with blacks for Mr. Cosby, because he didn’t want any white employees around when he was getting his dental work done.

She asked the Dentist why he puts up with that, and he told her Mr. Cosby pays for three appointments, so he accommodates. Otherwise, Mr. Cosby goes elsewhere.

The above story indicates a very hateful mind, belonging to one who knows better than to let that mask slip very often. He is the worst kind of racist.

Tells me everything I need to know. Hateful monster.
Inevitably, rlmorel sensed the evil from looking in Cosby's eyes:
I was telling someone earlier, pretty much my whole life, anytime I saw him talk, watching him would set off some kind of alarm in me, that he wasn’t the nice, funny guy he occasionally tried to act.

Something in his eyes or behind his face.

Obama proves he's Muslim once again

In responding to the latest episode of violence in Israel, Obama said "Too many Israelis have died; too many Palestinians have died. And at this difficult time I think it’s important for both Palestinians and Israelis to try to work together to lower tensions and to reject violence."

Freepers, who manage to get even more Manichean than usual when Israel is involved, decide that noting that Palestinians also die is still more proof Obama's a Muslim, but quickly spiral off the the usual demands for a Muslim Holocaust:

Iron Munro - "Obama's inner Muslim:"
Obama’s inner muslim cannot allow him to make a statemenmt critical of Islamic terrorists without working in his usual moral equivalency.
SkyDancer is just set off:
Piece of garbage ..... the man-child is sickening.
TBP also sees what Obama really means:
Once again, he shows his true colors. They are not red, white, and blue.
GOPJ diagnoses delusion:
Obama's so STUPID he thinks Democrats won the midterms because Americans (those who didn't bother to show up to vote) support HIS ideas. Now he's telling us how the Palestinians 'feel'... This is seriously delusional...
arthurus is no longer actually responding to what Obama actually said:
That is how Moslems think.It does not matter who or how many die so long as all who are left alive are Moslem.
logi_cal869 mistakes being shunned for craziness for victory:
I love it when a Lib decides to interject their own feces into a conversation about Israel.

The last time I stated categorically, “There is no such thing as a ‘Palestinian’...”...

The debate self-destructed with my ‘bomb’ and not another word of it has since been spoken in my presence.
realcleanguy equates anyone who thinks Palestine exists wants to kill all Jews:
Correct. When you educate the liberal on the history of the “Palestine” name and creation, they melt into the ground and disappear. They do not want to hear facts. They, like Muslim Arabs, want to see the destruction of Israel, death of all Jews, so that prophecy cannot be fulfilled. The power of Satan is great in the world. Liberals and Muslims have fallen under his spell
Capt. Tom has totally studied the Koran, guys. And you won't believe what he found!
Since the Jews in Israel are unlikely to be subjugated or converted to Islam, they must be killed.
That's what Allah wants done.
Read the Koran and Hadiths for the justification of killing Infidels. -Tom
huldah1776 is gonna be sooo smug when he's in Heaven!
I can’t wait to see everyone in this administration kneel before the Jewish Messhiah and declare Him Lord of all. I wonder how Reverend Wright taught the books of Isaiah and Revelation.

The race war is manifest at last!

So there is indeed violence in Ferguson. Freepers are pretending to be disgusted, but anyone whose read them in the past few weeks knows better.

Initially, before the right explained the proper message, Freepers did what they usually do when a story feeds into their narrative - take it to a violent, racist extreme.

LeoWindhorse starts us us off with this doozy:
the wrong side won in 1865
How was that not pulled?

ConservativeInPA agrees:
This Yankee agrees
Post5203 also:
+1 and Amen.
Maceman, dissents because this sounds almost pro-slavery:
the wrong side won in 1865

In this context, it sounds like you're saying that slavery should have prevailed, which is pretty appalling and an embarrassment to FR.

If you have any shame at all, you'll kindly hit the "Report Abuse" button and ask the moderator to delete your disgustingly ill-considered and unhelpful comment.
mikefive hates black people, yet has clearly never actually seen one:
Ok, I’ll be honest. I’m tired of you and your feral’s taking money out of my pocket so you can sit on your fat a$$ collecting welfare, EBT benefits, subsidized housing while wasting money that we pay for your schooling, which when you graduate, you can’t even hold a conversation in English yet still have enough money to get your purple drank on, all the while bitching about how my 6’3” white a$$ isn’t doing his fair share. F*** you....honest enough?
Pox is ready for the war already:
Bring it. I’m prepared and more than ready to see this ended once and for all, if possible.

You will lose, IMO.
2ndDivisionVet thinks maybe this 2003 article about urban insurrection may finally get some use!
What Good Can a Handgun Do Against An Army?
Pox is a badass:
A handgun, garrote or any other “weapon” is only a tool that depends entirely upon the resolve and fortitude of the individual that wields it.
RginTN equates Obama winning to police shooting a black man dead:
And yet white folks didn’t start a race war when Obama won twice. This lady is doing more harm to black people than the KKK.
Iron Munro knows blacks aren't like the rest of us:
There is no room in a civilized society for idiots like this.

It’s time to stop pretending that these are normal people.
Objective Scrutator is having some trouble with the nuances of this racial scenario, so he invents an even more fanciful scenario:
Actually, this isn’t really about race (because the Leftists and the Sharpton/Jackson/Soetoro crew are more than happy to have Bill Cosby smeared for daring to tell the truth about black communities). The Left and its ferals are upset that Michael Brown was killed because they believe in a fundamental right to be a criminal, and they also believe that their victims should be powerless to retaliate.
Mastador1 is eager:
OH HONEY! This is just a warmup for the race war that’s gonna be fought tween the Blacks and Browns over gubmint goodies and freebies, I don’t think we’ve seen nuthin yet!
Pining_4_TX knows who to blame:
Where is the National Guard? Are they just going to let these criminals continue to run wild? Shoot them! All of them!

Immigration flailing

I thought I would enjoy Freepers' reactions to Obama's immigration reform plan. But there really hasn't been much of a reaction. They'd already been at near maximum froth in anticipation, and Obama's plan is rather less than many on the right were predicting. So Freepers are left without anywhere else to go. Indeed, they're having trouble maintaining their heights of paranoia.

So, in the face of lots of lame 20-post threads, here is Freeper's initial, tellingly contentless reactions to Obama's speech.

Candor7 is sure Obama is about to get his at last: molson209 won't just listen to Obama's words, he wants some right-wing spin:
Is there a Translation ,so everyone can find out what he’s really up to ?
This is a declaration of outright demographic warfare on the People.

The systen is broken because Obama would not enforce the laws on the books, gaming the system to overload it.

Obama broke the system himself, very carefully planned that.

Now Obama is about to reap the whirlwind. He has no idea of the forces he has just unleashed.
VRWC For Truth also intimates undefined doom for Obama:
El Douchebag will be going down hard.
SkyDancer is not happy:
Sorry, can’t watch it. I’m throwing up in the bathroom. From now on, I live in 0bamarica.
SkyDancer continues with his 0bamarica odyssey:
Welcome to 0bamarica ... now the fun starts .... even after 2000 years we still look at Rome’s emperor’s ... can’t ever forget them, never will the USA ever forget the 0bama regime.
loungitude takes offense at the most unoffensive part of the speech:
My fellow Americans

Stop right there you flaming piece of crap.
GOPJ at last says it:
Obama’s crossed over to ‘creepy’...
Yeah, Freepers have been calling Obama creepy since 2009. (BTW there are 3 pages in that link. The third page is full of old oddities. And if you thought my editing is bad nowadays...)

Olog-hai also finds minor randomness significant:
Totally left out “America” or “The United States of America”. Even Captain Obvious cannot hold back projectile barf.
Old Sarge yells at the TV:
Even as we are a nation of immigrants, we are also a nation of laws.




Democrat_media wants an American Tiananmen
This socialist POs Obama just declared war against the American people

Are we going to live on our knees being the slave of this cretin and the rest of the socialists/democrats or are we going to fight for our freedom?

Are we men or are we mice hiding under the couch?

I don't know about you all but I've had enough: give me liberty or give me death!

If we all had the bravery that this guy had that stood up to thousands of Chinese tanks then we would win:
Texas Eagle is not very funny:
He left out one key word.

He should've ended the speech with...."NOT!"
kelly4c has almost cottoned to the basic inaction behind right-wing grumbling.
We’ve only lost if we sit back and take it! If enough of us would channel Heston and scream “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!” and follow that up with demands and protests well then at least we can say we went down fighting. I mean, this is it. This was supposed to be the nail in the coffin. Do we stand by our convictions? Let’s wait and see, but not too long. If our reps actually represent us here and win great! If they don’t...we have some serious thinking to do.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Hagel out

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is stepping down, reportedly under pressure. There's sniping from both the Obama and Hagel camps, and regardless of who you believe it does not seem like Obama dodged the usual 2nd term disorganization.

Freepers have hated Hagel for a while. But now they hilariously leap to his defense in a particularly stark reminder that consistency is at best a secondary virtue for Freepers.

caww is one of the few to remain unhappy with Hagel:
The buzz is make no mistake Hagel was fired....Doesn't surprise me in the least...he was a bad choice to begin with and should not even have been considered.
Hoodat also still hews to his crazy original hatreds:
Hagel was hired because of his incompetence. (Oh, and his hatred for Israel, too.)
livius, on the other hand, turns on a dime:
Yes, Hagel might not have been great, but he was obviously way too supportive of the US for Obama’s tastes. I do recall that there some of Hagel’s thoughts and goals became public this fall, and Obama was obviously outraged then.

He may seem weak and incompetent to us here, but by the standards of the WH, he was positively a Gen. MacArthur.

Betcha Obama appoints a Muslim now.
In the absence of a Muslim, Freepers will declare a secret Muslim.

Many Freepers, including jersey117 love the Muslim idea:
Betcha Obama appoints a Muslim now.

He would do that. Just to be in our faces.
GraceG's conspiratorial nature causes an odd conclusion:
Eric Holder is looking for work, and in his new position they can cover EVERYTHING up under the pretense of “National Security”....
sarasota blames Obama:
Under the bus. Who can he blame next?
Any day now, UCANSEE2!
The coup is almost complete.
Chgogal contradicts himself in one post:
Hagel’s view of America was closest to Obama (so thought Obama) but obviously not close enough. Hagel recognized dangers to the US and tried to defend. Obama sees the dangers and then aids the enemies.
"Hagel agreed with Obama on almost everything except for the minor detail of trying to destroy America!"

txhurl's comment got deleted, but Laz quoted her:
Why can’t I wake up to the news one day that a coup d’ etat has happened in my sleep?
Nothing earthshaking. In my experience, deleted Freeper comments are rarely something actually beyond the pale, usually the Admins just take a notion.

txhurl has a whole scenario for how the White House works:
The way Jarrett chose Hagel’s successor is how quickly he jumped to fetch her a drink. She really did ‘mistake’ 3 & 4 birds at the WH as waiters and ask them for drinks.
Wow, that rumor she's quoting sounds exactly like the rumors about the Clinton White House! Even the made-up BS isn't original these days.

Monday Potpourri

Better stay armed and avoid the inner cities like the ebola infested ghettos that they are.
skeeter is getting higher and higher standards for "One of us"
Like the Kennedys and Clintons, the Bushs obviously feel entitled to rule.

They certainly are not one of us.
wardaddy laments how Whites are not standing up to Blacks like the used to:
White folks won’t do shite.

They already give away their spoils to the petulant black Baal over whatever

Many even give up their daughters apprdciatively looking around anxiously for congragulations from peers

Never in history has the preeminent been so eviscerated with nary a defense

Only group bucks this is the group generally blamed for all this anyhow...southern whites....but admittedly the younger ones are weak too

But if Dessalines type roving black mobs hit other immigrant group enclaves like Viets or Hispanics

Then the story will be different

But except on the Hindu Kush where we still do most of the fighting and dying....white balls are in a velvet lined lock box for safe keeping

Its the saddest evolution I’ve seen in my life besides infanticide

The utter submission
gaijin insists Obama be impeached, if only to be fair to Bill Clinton:
Clinton impeached, but NOT Obama...?

That’s crazy.

Impeach him!
Norm Lenhart insists on impeachment for principle, and damn the consequences:
Barry has taken numerous highly unconstitutional actions, ignoring the law of the land. The Founders put in place a specific remedy for a president doing that. Impeachment. If we honor the law of the land, we impeach. If we do not, we are no different than Barry ignoring the law of the land.


There is no excuse. There is no rationalization. There is no win lose. There is either adherence to our laws or our country is a meaningless ‘thing’ with no value.
Jim Robinson's impeachment fever is also up:
Actually, amnesty opens the floodgates and the Republic is destroyed. No borders, no constitution, lawless, godless, unlimited socialist government. There would be no constitutional remedy left. We’d have to fall back on the last recourse as defined by the Founders in the Declaration.

As the man said, this one is for all the marbles. It’ll be impeach and remove or bye-bye Constitution, bye-bye Republic.
bert. Just, bert.
He fancies himself as Lincoln and the Emancipation Proclamation that was also illegal.

He was so tightly focused, he forgot about Boothe
I mean...that analogy...on so many levels...!

Today's "It's cold so global warmign is a fraud" brought to you by 2nd Amendment:
Right now, I could use some global warming. 23 degrees in Chattanooga this morning. Fired up the old V-8 and sprayed some hair spray at the sky to kill some penguins and polar bears!
SunkenCiv - the Clintons used Street Dope, which is worse than normal dope.
The only highs of those years was the street dope they were using by the crateload.
ExCTCitizen wants to bomb Honduras:
“Guatemalan President Otto Perez warns the US will be
inundated w/ even more contagious illegals if billions
of US tax dollars are not handed over.”

In sane times, that’s a declaration of war and a reason for a coup....

If we had a REAL AMERICAN in the White House, if Otto Perez said that, we could drop a few bombs there and say, “FU Perez”
Defending slavery is becoming a thing, I guess. Publius:
Slavery’s been around a long time. For individuals on the losing end of military campaigns, offensive or defensive, it was the alternative to summary execution.

Correct. Slavery was the original pro-life position.
No Obamacare for ottbmare! He'll just be his own doctor, and complain about it:
My sympathies to you and your family, but it sounds as though, with some struggles and sacrifices, your family is going to have insurance coverage. There are many of us who can’t dream of affording premiums and deductibles, and have no coverage at all. I have to be my own doctor.
5th grade sex ed makes steve86 ally with ISIS:
ISIS should head directly for the administrators of this school district or whoever in Satan’s name approved this.
pghbjugop will even defend Mary Landrieu, so as to better hate Democrats generally
Ignoring our common disdain for democrats, just try to imagine these rats who retired liked Levine, Rockefeller, etc. who are on their way out the door and know full well that the Kenyan would veto the bill anyway, still stuck a knife in Mary’s back.

How void of anything decent to do that to a loyal colleague who she and every other one were needed and voted for obamacare. They have no constituency now they are retired. Obviously, anyone who celebrates butchering babies at anytime time for any reason (and they all do) is not really human anyway, but I own dogs who treat each other better than these pigs in the rat party do.
Whose the real racist now, asks SaraJohnson as she dehumanizes foreigners who want amnesty:
I love the way foreign racists stand up on their hind legs and shout their hate at the white race in America. Classy.
Like Manson before him, contrarian hopes for a spark to trigger the coming race war:
I can picture a scenario in which an accidental discharge in the correct wrong time can trigger a tsunami of reflexive actions in which several things happen including reducing the looter populations, decreasing EBT customers and accomplishing urban renewal in one fell swoop. unintended and un anticipated of course..
Lazamataz has yet more proof of Obama stealing the 2012 election - the look on his face when he won:
Gruber was right. The American public is stupid. They elected this monstrosity- twice.

Once, yes. Twice, no. I remember Election Night 2012. Obama was the most surprised man in the room.
But wouldn't such a fraud expect to have won?

jsanders2001 doesn't understand how black women can straighten their hair and yet still all hate white people:
How many black women (or men) do you see sporting natural Afro hairdos these days?
I see more black wonmen with straight blonde hair than with Afros.

They’re trying to look like the very people they hate - .white women (people ) which is sort of ironic don’t ya think?
What job does ilovesarah2012 do, that everyone is on food stamps?
I worked with a lot of black women. They think nothing of spending $200 and hours and hours having their hair done. Doesn’t matter to me except when they are getting food stamps and Section 8, which many were.
Once again, liberals create a spike in gun sales. This time for self defense against them when they riot, pillage, and loot on the streets.
Sacajaweau is kinda strange:
Always said a computer mouse was designed after a sperm...not a mouse because of how it functions....blasts through the data to get to its target. Surely a male thing.
Bill Cosby sets PGalt off:
Lefties, liars, scumbags, socialists, totalitarians, criminals take what they want, rape what they want and kill what they want. Psychopaths, all.
Does blueunicorn6 realize he's become a parody:
Well, Obama and Hillary paid the ransom in BENGHAZI.
Mouton makes an odd distinction:
“Chief Justice Roger Taney, writing for the majority in Scott, also concluded that people of African ancestry (whether free or a slave, including Scott) could never become “citizens” within the meaning of the Constitution, and hence lacked the ability to bring suit in federal court.”

Hence, the 13th and 14th amendments made them junior (not second class rather in age order) citizens.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Spotlight Friday: Torahman

With Obama's immigration executive action coming down, Free Republic is spiraling down to a singular focus. As is my wont at a time like this, I look for a spotlight that stands out from such a repetitive crowd.
Well, I need look no further than Torahman. Sure, he'll briefly touch on Obama being evil and immigration being bad, but he's more into fighting for his own brand of messianic Judaism. This includes a divine commandment to kill all the demon-Muslims, hatred of the Catholic Church, and a desire to keep Israel pure for Jews only. Also God hates lesbians (also gay dudes, but he's less into talking about them).
But it's his fire and brimstone style that I like the best.

Really, I'm not doing him justice, you have to see to believe.

Make the Children Pray! Pray all the time!
Sunday School is for religious instruction in the denomination of your choice. Prayer at every activity is a commandment incumbent upon every human being. Prayer to and acknowledgment of the One true G-d is what the whole creation gives forth at all times, and should be on the lips of every child on the face of the earth. Soon, it will be a living reality. You should pay double if you are an unbeliever, because it will take extra effort to counteract the bilge you have contaminated your children with.
The King of Sweden Congratulates the State of Palestine
Sweden is doomed. This statement is a de facto attack on Israel and the G-d of Israel. I would counsel anyone living there to re-locate. Pronto.
Where Israel is loved:
Israel, ship to North Carolina! Wilmington can take anything you ship. You WILL be Welcome there where Israel is LOVED.
Take one man and one woman; put them in a romantic environment and come back in a year or so. They’ll be holding a beautiful little baby.
How to make a woman:
Ovaries? Fallopian tubes? Cervix? Uterus? Childhood as a girl? Puberty and the onset of menstruation? How dare the government or anybody else call this self-created monster a Woman? Frakenstien had more integrity than these jackasses. Mental illness is nothing to be proud of. Repent, and learn to walk in Torah. You will find peace, and rest for your souls.
No period, no woman!

God hates lesbians:
She ought to be ashamed of herself. Sex between women is an abomination. The perfect Law of G-d imposes the death penalty for public brazen homosexual sin. The standards for imposing this punishment are rather high, so it was very rarely carried out - because it was an exceedingly rare event. That’s the function of the Torah: to keep us on the right path, the way that leads to life. L’Chaim!”
God also hates the children of lesbian couples:
This perverted woman committed a horrific crime on this innocent child before she was even born. She denied her her rightful expectation of a loving father as all that a man gives to a daughter. And she forced this innocent child into an evil, perverted relationship that G-d calls an abomination. She will be judged by His Torah and it will not be good for her. In the words of the Nazarine, it would be better for her (Parker) not to have been born.
Getting all his Freeper bona fides out of the way in one post
The choice is clear if you are one of the remnant that can still think in a linear, logical manner.
If you want another thirty million Hispanics to come here and get on the gravy train vote Democratic. If you want condom instruction in the fifth grade vote Democratic.
If you want an even greater flood of sexual perversion than the one that is now destroying our humanity vote Democratic. If you want more innocent children raped and murdered vote Democratic.
If you want to see Israel destroyed and the Jews finally wiped out vote Democratic.
If you want to destroy what is left of true virtuous manhood vote Democratic.
If you think it’s about time we taxed the churches and synagogues and confiscated them for government use vote Democratic.

If you hate the G-d of the Bible and think he needs to be thrown to the junk bin of history vote Democratic.
If you think it is wonderful for a woman to kill her newborn baby by sucking out his brains and throwing him in a garbage bin vote Democratic.
If you love the explosion of profanity of all kinds, curse words, filthy sexual slang in our culture and in the mouths of your children vote Democratic.
If you think Islam is a great religion of peace, and we dare not so much as utter a whimper when they rape and torture screaming little girls and then cut their heads off vote Democratic.

By now you might be saying “That’s outrageous! I know lots of people who vote Democrat and they don’t believe that!”
That may be true, but the people who love and want these things Do vote Democrat because they know that their agenda Will be advanced by a Democrat government.
Together they dominate the Democrat Party.
If you are a decent, honest, hard working, religious, patriotic American they HATE your guts and they want to destroy the world you love.
They want bad things to happen to you.
They want to rape your children, either physically or spiritually.
Don’t let them do it. FIGHT.
He said rape 3 times. He seems like a big fan.

re: Obama
Obama is a humanist, socialist, and an anti-Torah sexual revolutionary. He is the man of sin with a small “s” because he is only deluded. He is not possessed. But he hates the Torah, and that puts him in good stead with the atheists, the LGBTXYZ creatures, and, odly the Muslims who understand in their own non-linear, perverted way that rejection of the Torah by Israel and America will lead to their demise. Obama knows this and he agrees with the unbelievers. We have maybe three years to repent

After that: chaos and an imposed order.
Keep Israel pure:
The ISIS psycopaths are the darlings of the so called “Palestinians”, the heros of Allah. The god of Islam is DEATH! Why don’t people understand this? Islams have no more right to set foot on the Temple Mount than my dog has a right to crap on your dinner plate. What the United Stated must do in no uncertain terms is to tell the world that this is so, and that we will assist Israel in her long overdue job of taking out the Trash.
The Israeli Empire:
Canada will be judged for this affront to Almighty G-d. The land belongs to the Jews only. All of it. The so called Palestinians have no right to it whatsoever. They can convert and become a part of Israel. Or they can submit to the authority of Mendinat Yisrael and be good visitors. But they will never never never have this fantasy country. Never.
Muslims - convert to Judaism now, and be saved!
The destiny of Islam is annihilation. Please warn any Muslims you know to leave Islam at once! The prophets foretell the swift destruction of a huge part of humanity; these are the enemies of Tzion.They will be wiped out, down to their last heartbeat. But Hashem will bless those who bless Yisrael. There will be a remnant, even from those nations who fought against her that will survive, IF they repent, and turn from their false gods. Make your choice now. Walk in the way of Torah, and live.
Also Americans and Canadians, convert to Judaism or die:
The only hope for Canada (and the West at large) is to return to its spiritual past and re-discover the trunk and root of the tree that nurtured its blooming. That tree is the Torah, the Eitz Chaim, the Tree of Life.
Why do we allow The Apparel of Threat?
It is the Muslims who should be required to wear western, Canadian clothing. They wear their garb as a direct challenge to our way of life. It is the apparel of threat. It may be sheepishly referred to as “our religious tradition” but it means that it will be Canada that bends the knee and grovels at the feet of Islam. Because Canada has lost it’s faith it cannot project a power capable of defeating this assault. Liberalism, which is altogether without convictions except for the conviction that having convictions is passé, cannot and will not withstand the force of a people who are passionately engaged with a penultimate vision.
"penultimate vision?"

The only hope for Islam:
Have faith in the G-d of Israel. To Him alone belongs vengeance and He will recompense. There shall not remain on this earth one single Muslim. There shall not remain on this earth one single Koran. Not one single mosque. Nothing. The only hope for the Muslim is to run as fast as his legs will enable him, away from Islam. It’s judgement and annihilation is at the door. Rejoice.” Moshiach comes soon.
How to treat Islam:
There is only one way of dealing with ISLAM. Eradicate it from the earth. No Mosques in the USA. None. Any Churches in Saudi Arabia? No. Okay, I get it. Now get the hell out of our Judeo-Christian country, and take your filthy ideas with you. We’ll turn your mosques into Churches and Synagogues where good, life affirming things are taught.
Well, maybe not that Judeo-Christian.
This whole chain of argument is laughable. The “church” is a third century invention designed to replace Israel in the master plan of G-d. There is no such thing in scripture. The Nazarine never heard the word. He was a Jewish rabbi/prophet who lived entirely within the context of Torah Observant Judaism. He kept the Torah. Ate Kosher. Kept the Shabbat. Followed all the regulations regarding access to the Temple. He reaffirmed the eternity of the Taryog Mitzvoth. In short, he was not a Christian; He was a Jew. What got him in trouble was his passion to bring the burning flame of Torah to the entire world, to every nation. That’s what the “New Covenant is: the Torah, written on your heart.
Catholics are bound for the pit:
You may know the Catholic teachings but you do not know or understand the bible. Don’t be afraid of leaving Rome. It will fall into the pit with all other man centered religions. You still have time to walk with the Messiah. He is not going there. He is going to Jerusalem.
Islam is a Demon:
Islam is a demon. He is Molech. He drinks human blood shed by his servants the Muslum terrorists who are filled with his lesser demons. When terrorists die he eats their souls. We must warn Muslims to “Get out of Islam now!”
Islam is a Demon:
Islam is a demon. The people possessed by it are irrational. They act by compulsion. Islam is a demon that eats people.
Islam is a Demon:
ISIS is ISLAM. It is the very essence, the heart and soul of ISLAM. And Islam is a demon. It eats the souls of men and drinks the blood of the innocent. The Torah teaches us that One Thing HaShem hates is the shedding of innocent blood. There is an underground river that connects the Left to Islam. It is the shedding of innocent blood. One national pro-abortion spokesperson recently said that abortion was sacred.
Islam is a Demon:
Islam is a demon, from lowest depth of hell. He eats people, consumes their souls. Drinks their blood. He is everything that Muslims accuse others of. He lives inside the bodies of Muslims, and executes his filth and hatred through them. He shows his work to the Almighty to express his contempt for the Creator. He will be exposed and destroyed at the coming of the Moshiach who will execute vengeance on the enemies of Israel.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Rebellion. This time for real!

I was going to wait until the plan actually dropped, but it's getting too good.

Freepers are awesomely crazy about this upcoming Obama executive action in immigration. Not quite the 'roam the streets looking for Democrats to punch' post-Obamacare crazy, but there's still time.

So far, it's the usual anger and grasping for dodgy schemes that will never happen. But the potential is amazing.

rlbedfor has no idea what the current status quo is, does he?
State law enforcement should make sure to arrest all illegal aliens regardless of what obama does. The law is the law.
Like those lucky poor people before them, ThunderSleeps knows it's super awesome being an illegal:
Yeah, can I just declare myself a “shadow American” and stop paying taxes etc. until this thing is decided? There might be some advantages to starting over with bammy-amnesty. Kind of a do-it-yourself witness protection program. These illegals have got it pretty good in a lot of ways. Wonder how many legal citizens we reboot through amnesty if it becomes an option?
Common Sense 101 wants destruction, not talk:
And by “fight”, we mean destroy this executive order abomination, not whine about the lawlessness and talk it to death like you pu$$ies usually do.
Girlene has an actual plan, though it is crazy:
Fight Impeach or be complicit in lawlessness,” Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton told Breitbart News
Democrat_media is legit:
i already hated Obama more than anything or anyone . now i hate Obama even more
Democrat_media has a plan straight out of 1930s Communist agitators:
all of these orders are unconstitutional and illegal by Obama

we must call and protest until Obama resigns. we have to go on strike and not buy anything also only food
You an Alinsky, Democrat_media!

Democrat_media also has more Civil War-esque plans:
governors of states like Texas can also ask a federal court or Supreme court for an emergency injunction to stop Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty order

States can also secede or call for a constitutional convention.
aquila48 - now is the time!
Time for pitchforks.
jsanders2001 has a weird choice of violent imstrument:
Flaming arrows is the only answer they will understand
Seriously, though jsanders2001 is totally not going to pay taxes:
I’m ready to stop paying taxes and be lawless too. It’s going to take a massive taxpayer revolt to remove the funds that they are using to opress us to get their attention. Hell I’ll just dump out what money from the bank I have left so they can’t freeze the accounts and if the want to file a lien on my house which isn’t paid for let ‘em.
central_va - America is totally over.
After today even more so, we do not live in a Country or Nation. We live in an economic free trade zone to be manipulated by our Ivy league gloBULList betters.

Grasping at Ebola straws

Already pretty into doomsaying, once Ebola got spun from simple apocalyptic scenario to an anti-immigrant, anti-Obama story, Freepers worked up quite a lather about Ebola.

But it looks like the danger is receding for now, with America now Ebola free. The risk won't completely abate until we get the epidemic in Africa under control, but that's not enough for Freepers. So they've gone coverup conspiracy, and are jumping at every death from approximately the right region of Africa as probably Ebola.

Thus, when a woman on the Ebola watch list went from zero symptoms to dead in in a Brooklyn hair salon, Freepers ignore how these symptoms don't fir at all, and go right back to their previous Ebola dance.

First things first. RummyChick starts out with some racial stereotyping:
Ain’t nothing going to get between a black woman and her weave - not even Ebola.

Black woman seem to have a high propensity to care about their hair. That’s not a bad thing. Perhaps it is because the hair is so difficult to work with that they spend so much money on it.
RummyChick also thinks Ebola might hide even as it kills you:
Remember that the Dr who died from Ebola also tested Negative.

So, the woman could have Ebola. Question is..can anyone catch it if the test is negative.
trisham has his own facts:
You may walk around with Ebola for a short time but towards the end, you are in no condition to make it a hair appointment.

I’m not sure that I agree.
RinaseaofDs wants to zot a noted naysayer:
Oliviaforever - August of 2013.

You smell ozone?
The iron of old Olivia getting zotted for being too calm about Ebola would be staggering.

JimRed's tin foil has been secure for years:
UN Agenda 21, coming to a salon near you!
Vendome assumes Ebola, and jumps straight to quarantine-based hatred of the dead woman.
She’s dead?

Well, good.

WTF was she doing going outside while carrying this disease and taking the chance on infecting others?

FK Typhoid Mary and her modern day siblings.

Darwin took this selfish woman out and now she is no longer a walking hairdo...
The Freeper embrace of slavishly following voluntary governmental quarantines even when they don't exist a twist I did not see coming.

Bushbacker1 stays on the Freeper Ebola straight-and-narrow.
My tinfoil hat theory. We're under biological attack! Not only by Obola, but the disease carrying "illegal" minors coming in from Mexico, Central & South America.
RinaseaofDs knows there's a coverup, just like with UFOs.
She’ll test negative, just you wait. The Ebola Czar will make sure of it.

Obama’s not an idiot. He needed a politician in that job, not a doctor.

He needed someone who was willing to pants a journalist, lift them by the legs, and smack them in the junk until they stopped printing Ebola stories.

It was a weather balloon.

Ferguson riot hoping

Freepers really want their Civil War, and these days the race war narrative seems the most likely possibility. Add in some unresolved unhappiness with the whole Civil Rights movement, and you get Freepers hoping (and therefore predicting) massive bloodshed when the grand jury hands down its indictment (or lack thereof) of Officer Wilson for the shooting of Mike Brown.

Don't get me wrong - the danger is real. But so is Freepers' gleeful disgust.

Da Coyote - lock and load!
So one side wants to worry the other side.

Two can play.

It is long past time to reverse the worry.

Lock and load.
LeoWindhorse - also lock and load!
lock & load baby
ThomasPaine2000 - also. Man, no points for originality here.
Lock and Load,,, I just upgraded to Home Defense 2.5, just sayin...
Extremely Extreme Extremist breaks out the dialect. I blame Rush Limbaugh for this impulse, I think.
Hear that, Teabaggers! Don’t be messin’ wit muh peeps as they be tryin’ to get they justice on fo’ Mike Brown, fo’ sure playa! Ya’ll crackas best be standin’ the F back!
unixfox calls false flag:
Designed to take Grubergate off the front pages.
2ndDivisionVet thinks the FBI is behind the coming riots:
The FBI and DoJ had a significant hand in “infiltrating” those trouble-makers, $#*+-stirrers, community organizers, NGOs, anarchists and communists into the mix. What a pant-load!
dragnet2 also vastly overestimates the FBI's capacity:
Well now is time for the FBI and law enforcement to cleanse us of all the violent thugs.

They know where they're at, know where they live and on and on. Like hundreds of thousands of gangsters, they've got them all cataloged in every detail.
Hulka fondly remembers the Civil Rights era.
I say hose them down, first, with fire-hoses, let them shiver in the sub-zero cold and then send them to Hades to warm up.
ozzymandus is sure riots are inevitable, and knows the way to solve the problem:
If they took that cop out and lynched him from a street light, there would still be riots. There are going to be riots, period. Best solution would be to shoot as many rioters as possible.
Captain Peter Blood has a rather drastic solution:
Why wait? Just get everyone together and destroy the town now rather than wait. Then the government can come in give out free money to compensate everyone and they can move somewhere else. End of Ferguson and problem.
whatshotandwhatsnot has a different drastic plan:
A day before the GJ announcement make a PSA that there will be no police presence in Ferguson. Give business owners and the innocent time to leave or hunker down. Go on to say that no government funding will be available for rebuild or replacement of any business or personal property damaged or destroyed by looting. Build and maintain a military perimeter and let it burn. After a few days bring in the bulldozers and body bags.

Harsh, yes. Realistic, yes. People are tired of being held hostage by perpetual victims, race baiters/hustlers and thugs.
pallis doesn't bother coming up with some elaborate plan to do what all the Freepers are wanting:
The best thing to do is kill them all, and send in the street sweepers. It will have to be done sooner or later, because we have let this insanity go on for too long.
lentulusgracchus has a weird and simplistic revisionist Roman history. Also, this means we need to kill Obama.
What is largely not taught about the Roman Revolution was that it featured lots of organized thuggery like this, always directed to political objectives, and that such thuggery was an integral component of Caesarism and Caesar's party (previously, Gaius Marius's party -- Caesar's uncle -- which carried the "tradition" back about 50 years before Caesar's death, and nearly to his birth).

After Caesar died, his "master of thugs", Marc Antony (yes, that Marc Antony) used those thug gangs to kill off a great part of the Roman nobility, in cooperation with Caesar's nephew and adoptive son, Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus. Almost the first to die was the noble Marcus Cicero, together with Cicero's brother Quintus, who had conquered Aquitania (the Bordeaux country) while Caesar's great lieutenant during the Gallic Wars.

Antony and Octavian's objective, in slaughtering the ranks of Roman nobility, was to eliminate any other body of knowledge of how to organize and run the Roman state. They killed off the knowledge workers and officeholder class, leaving everything to themselves to settle and decide.

That's what's waiting for us if we don't stop this Caesar-wannabe in the White House and his Beast-in-Waiting.
RedHeeler knows black people super well:
This will be done because of JJ/AS and Calypso Louie, in the name of allah and the black freedemonic struggle. The cause is irreparable. There is no healing.
Old Yeller knows who needs to die.
When it becomes a shooting war, might I suggest that Sharpton be taken out right away. The head of the snake and all.
What's amazing is Sharpton did nothing but calm people down in this case, from what I've heard.

CivilWarBrewing just wants the Racial Holy War to get started:
Blacks live under their OWN rules. We see that everyday in our White House, and THEY SEE IT, TOO. There is NO REASONING with people who defend a THUG who pushed a cop, reached for his weapon and then turned on him and charged at him a SECOND time.

There is only ONE language they understand and it's called "DOUBLE TAP".

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Obama is micromanaging the military to destroy it

Some generals think the President is micromanaging them too much, I guess. This is pretty completely unsurprising.

Freepers have a bunch of reactions to this, all of them crazy.

Amagi knows who else micromanaged the military!
Hey, Obama is just like Hitler in micromanaging the military, only dumber and more psychotic.
As if he didn't before, GrandJediMasterYoda now hates everyone who voted for Obama.
All our military heroes who gave their lives, were maimed, injured in defense of freedom in the middle east and how did the majority of the American people thank them? By making the enemy their commander in chief who not surprisingly threw away everything they sacrificed for. Probably the most disgusting thing this country has ever done when it comes to the military and why I will never ever have any respect for someone who voted for this Islamic piece of rat slime posing as our POTUS.
Temujinshordes hates LBJ
LBJ put politics over everything else, including his country, his family, his mistress, and his illegitimate son. He had zero integrity, no ethics, and largely charted the course for the disastrous path this country has had since he gained congressional power. The grass grows well on his grave.
Oh yeah, Dan(9698) hates Truman!
It started with Harry Trueman.

He is the first to intentionally cause the Military to lose.

Woodrow Wilson also went for a stalemate for WWI to end in an armistice. That was just time for the enemy to rearm and start again 20 years later.
lavaroise has gone on beyond treason:
I think it is beyond treason. This guy hates the world.

Right now he plays it as being for the world and against America, but he has even more contempt for the idiots he uses in the White House drinking the Kool Aid bit by bit.
SkyPilot explains that God hates Obama, because of all Obama's secret evil doings:
People need to realize that Obama's 2009 Cairo Speech was an all out attack on America, the West, Israel, and Christianity.

["Cairo Decoded" link]

Obama GAVE PERMISSION to the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, and what became ISIS to launch violent revolution throughout the Middle East. He would secretly fund, support, and aid their conquest and slaughter.

Obama WANTS the Caliphate, because he WANTS to destroy Israel.

God has other plans.

When Israel strikes back at her enemies, and they are given under the hand of the Jews and they break like waves on the water, then the world will shake its fist in frustration and tremble in fear.

Obama is cursed by God.
ilovesarah2012 is military coup hoping:
Apparently they don’t hate him enough.
bert goes with a lynching metaphor:
if they pulled the leash over a tree limb nd yanked it hard, the military problem would be solved.

leashes can be pulled in two directions

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Deficit and Debt

Via Anon.

An article in noted liberal rag notes that under Obama, the government's yearly deficit has shrunk aster than any President since LBJ.

Freepers could just crow how awesome the GOP House's sequester has been and move on, but they either can't be arsed to make the connection, or they really want to blame Obama for all things. Thus, they decide math has a liberal bias.

Cubs Fan knows America didn't have debt until January 2009.
Absurd, the deficit has grown to nearly a trillion every year. This article is a joke.
dontreadthis assumes the author of liberal statistics skewing:
the mathematical priciple is simple: redistribution is not spending
BitWielder1 also knows the numbers lie:
If you torture numbers you can make them say anything - and these ones are screaming for help.
dalereed also:
” The fact that you can make a case for him being a fiscal conservative speaks ill of statisticians.”

i was taught in stasticts that it was a course in how to make figures lie.

If you really want to tell a big lie, use a graph!!
Speaking of graphs: jwalsh07 funds a graph of a different number that doesn't look so good:
Some truth. You don't have to adjust for inflation, TARP or anything else. The data is the data and it does not show Obama as limiting government one damn bit.

[graph of spending/GDP]
Trashing the value of the dollar helps him greatly in this statistical fantasy.
Uh-oh. The numbers in usconservative's head don't agree with the numbers in another Freeper's head!
Bush started with the national debt at $5.9 trillion and end it at $10.7 trillion.

Obama started with that $10.7 trillion and is currently around $17.5 trillion.

In 2012 the national debt exceeded 100% of the US GDP.

Where'd you get those figures? I had seen the national debt at 7.2T when Bush took office and around 9.5T when he left. (Don't remember where I saw that...)
usconservative mixes up debt and deficit. Also, racism:
Obama ... "most frugal?"


He's DOUBLED the National Debt by himself. Tell me again how "frugal" the hnic is.
hnic? Googling...Head Nigger in Charge....bleagh.

ridesthemiles - if there isn't a budget, spending decreases don't count!
Sooooooo- What category contains the “Vacations” that MOOOOOCHELLE & Barry have gone on?


A ‘continuing resolution’ is NOT a budget!!!