Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Freepers vs. Apple Computer

The Indiana "gays are specially exempt from nondiscrimination laws because freedom" fiasco has been amusing to watch, but didn't have too much new (though check Monday for some greatest hits). Until Apple cames out against the cluster. Freepers suddenly hate Apple and call on big government to end it.

a fool in paradise has suddenly discovered that Apple users can be a bit cultish:
Apple isn’t a corporation, it’s a religion.
Cowboy Bob sees signs of anti-gay backlash. This time for reals!
My sense is that the gays are beginning to sense a backlash building. The best way is stop the backlash before it builds momentum. For this reason, the gays are trying to go “Alinsky” on Indiana, although more than 20 states already have similar laws.
wardaddy explains that Apple is not liberal, but #1 with liberals:
I can’t say most Apple folks are libtards

But I have no doubt that most by far of libtards who can afford it own Apple

It’s a standard libtard tech piece like a Subaru or Prius or Patagonia

The latter being overpriced for status like Apple

They won’t be swayed

I own 9 Apple products of the 15-16 personal devices I own

I won’t buy more

They go into the Starbucks ignore box
donna discovers the joys of government trust-busting!

The main statutes are the Sherman Act 1890, the Clayton Act 1914 and the Federal Trade Commission Act 1914.

These Acts, first, restrict the formation of cartels and prohibit other collusive practices regarded as being in restraint of trade.

Second, they restrict the mergers and acquisitions of organizations which could substantially lessen competition.

Third, they prohibit the creation of a monopoly and the abuse of monopoly power.
The subtle knife that is Oliviaforever remains a national treasure.
A corporation is once again attempting to override the will of an elected legislature and governor.
VanDeKoik tries to pick a fight:
After 81 posts we have yet to hear from FR’s chief Apple kiss as and his PING list groupies of fellow phony conservatives.

They can run their mouths real good extolling their love for this company until this stuff pops up. Then they scatter like cowards.
Star Traveler shows up loaded for bear:
You’re another APPLE-HATER TROLL that can Get Lost!
Jim Robinson then lays down the law. Against some random libertarian.
Where in the Bible does it say to not make hamburgers, or provide any other service, to gay people?

What about all of the the adulterers, lairs, thieves, etc?

The libertarian side of me believes that the government shouldn't enforce any discrimination laws, that people should be free to discriminate to anyone they choose.

But I also can't stand all of the self -righteous, probably closet homos, who pick and choose what sins they want to be offended about.

Taxman is empowered!
I will oppose Apple!

And, I’ll get my FRiends to oppose Apple!

And, they’ll get their FRiends to oppose Apple!

We’ll boycott Apple!
DiogenesLamp has decided Apple is Nazi now.
Nothing new here. All the big corporations in Germany in 1933 signed on to Hitler’s totalitarian programs.

And this is what i'm thinking. The Nazis had this term called "Gleichschaltung" which "Among the goals of this policy were to bring about adherence to a specific doctrine and way of thinking and to control as many aspects of life as possible."

The left comes more and more to resemble the Nazis, and they are slowly following in their footsteps. The Nazis were also full of Homosexuals.
DiogenesLamp then wonders what he can buy that's sufficiently Freepish.
I hate Microsoft too. Seriously looking at Linux, but the question for most people will be "which does the most damage to my cause? Using a Microsoft product, or not using a computer at all?"

I think the benefits we gain from using a computer, offsets the damage we do by using a Microsoft product. It would be desirable to get the computing benefits without supporting Microsoft, but that is an unrealistic approach for most people.
NorthMountain has this incomprehensibly ominous post:
For leftists, the issue is never the issue.

The issue is always The Revolution.

You have been warned.

Harry Reid to step down

Y'all ready for your 10 minutes of hate?

I started to write about how Harry Reid's soft-spoken frankness made him especially infuriating, but then I realized Freepers aren't so subtle. If John Wayne were in the Democratic leadership, Freepers would be yelling about what a Faggy Criminal Demon he was, and detail the criminal and treasonous conspiracies only Freepers know he was involved in.

Oldeconomybuyer is sure something more is behind this late 70's retirement:
There must be an investigation underway that Dingy knows will end his career.
treetopsandroofs knows there was no treadmill accident, it was Liberal Nazis!
That beating was a message of some sort.

Had originally thought that the National Socialist Party did it simply to show that they could do this to their BEST FRIEND, so who wouldn’t they do it to?

But this makes more sense.
Rockitz likes Chinese politics:
I kind of like the way the Chinese treat corrupt government officials who are caught red-handed- they kill ‘em. Chinese government officials are, of course, all corrupt but appearances are everything in the Chinese culture.
maddog55 - America is over:
Guess he’ll be going out on top of his game. Him, Obama and Pelosi have destroyed much of America so there’s not much left for him to do. Obama get’s to continue the assault on America for another year.
liberalh8ter knows everything will change:
YAY! The day he retires should be designated Independence Day II.
Sivad calls him gay:
Harry, you found out the hard way that wasn’t a gay
bar and the guy you tried to dance with wasn’t one
of the Village People. 2017 can’t come soon enough
for any of us, you butt nugget!
MeshugeMikey also with the schoolyard taunts
Harrys a big LEATHER Fan!!
JayAr36 has a weird metaphor:
Proof that the Democrat cesspool is self cleaning. Just another feces piece flushed out during the expected draining.
So then the GOP cesspool...

MaxMax's poop metaphor doesn't say anything good about America's hygene...
Reid, a wet stain on the back of America’s pants since 1975.
Zathras hates Senator McCain (R-NV)
The REALLY good news is now McCain has lost his protection.

With careful selection, we could capture NV and kick Captain Queeg to the curb.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Monday Potpourri pt. II

CivilWarBrewing thinks every car accident is a Muslim plot:
..and am I the ONLY one who thinks that the cop who drove head-on into an oncoming truck in NY, KILLING BOTH OF HIS FELLOW COP PASSENGERS, was an ATTEMPTED SUICIDE TERRORIST ATTACK by a Jihadist cop? 2 INFIDELS DEAD. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3004278/Off-duty-cops-fatal-wrong-way-crash-left-strip-club.html

And what about the taxi driver who drove down a sidewalk in NY?

Similarly, Lazamataz needed 10 seconds and zero facts to figure out why that plane crashed in the Alps.
Consultant: something catastrophic happened ...

Yeah, a Muslim was permitted to buy a ticket.
JimRed thinks it's time to start the American Holocaust against Muslims:
OK, fair is fair. Let's start identifying, publicizing the addresses of and terminating activist Muslims. It is not murder, remember; it is preemptive self-defense.
Paladin2 also:
When will it be time to have a muzzies in America hit list?
demshateGod isn't limited to the 50 States, and has the mechanics all worked out:
The Philippines should start making body bags with little gold crescents on them, put a number on each one of them, and start filling them with everyone who speaks for this murderous death cult.
Notice how it's not just Muslims, but "everyone who speaks for this murderous death cult?" Well, Socon-Econ thinks Grover Norquist had better be careful...
Norquist ought to realize that there are legitimate reasons to wonder about his Islamic connections and do his best to rebut them, rather than give the snarling response of a perp who is on the verge of being discovered. If he can make a good case for his innocence, employing grace, wit, and persistence, there are conservatives of good will out there who will believe him.
And after the Muslim and the Muslim supporters, Roman_War_Criminal thinks blacks are all terrorists too:
Your question as to Why blacks get away with attacks, statements graft, corruption etc.? The answer is simple people are afraid of blacks and their supporters. The slightest criticism and one loses ones livelihood. The cure is rough: ordinary political processes are no longer applicable.

Am I incorrect in saying that people that act like this (threats, intimidation, mob, riot) are terrorists?

By the very definition, it seems their actions are terroristic. I highly doubt the solution is political—conventional maybe....
fish hawk:
now we’re cookin, let Muslims kill Muslims. Save our ammo for the Revolution upcoming.
Sirius Lee is amused by a scene from Ferguson:
one of the funnier moments was when the white-priviledge commie agitators, full white guilt, stooped down to pick up the dozens of plastic cup covers that the fat Queen of the EBT Scam knocked over a minute before.
stilloftyhenight is not fooled by Britt Hume's neurolinguistic tricks!
I caught the Hume interview. He kept using the word “moderate.” Repeatedly. Brainwashing 101? I wish I had counted how many times he used the word. It was blatantly obvious.
MrB tells us a story from his past:
I saw this 30 years ago in college.
Simple example, but an example nonetheless.
Young black man harassing a McDonald’s cashier, saying “give me a large fries!”
She tells him the price and he says “NO, GIVE me a large fries”.

The manager walks up and asks what the problem is, and he says “She won’t give me my fries because I’m black”.

The manager gives the man “his” fries.
lee martell indulges in some science:
The writer may have spelled DE-volving incorrectly. Then again, it truly is becoming more common to see teenagers and young men close to seven feet tall. Most of them are in proportion too, not overly obese. I’m talking about people you may see in the grocery store, not on a TV basketball game. Most these supersized kids are black or white, with latinos and second generation-asians not far behind. I say it’s due to growth hormones in the meats and milk products.
Life is hard for willywill:
the whole point of EVERYTHING in this country is to displace the white, christian male from power.
arthurus does not believe in evangelism or humilty:
The Pope should not be visiting a head of state. Heads of State can visit the Pope in Rome.
IronJack has also not read his Bible:
The lines are being drawn between those who serve Caesar and those who serve the Lord.
And then Jesus said "I render no taxes to Caesar, I'm JESUS, Bitch!"

dware places his hopes in the police officer's crusade:
Until the LEO’s across the country, who took an oath to support and defend the Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic, go to DC and arrest the traitors, they are all bad cops. When they choose to honor their oath, and put the traitors in jail, I’ll be there with 100% support.
Mastador1 is having trouble saying what he wants to without saying "nigger."
Your right he's not Amish, he's Black and acting like a ..............well you know the word.
minnesota_bound's cartoonish view is what most Freepers think Obama is going to do with Iran:
Iranian demands:
We get to make nuclear bombs
We get to bomb Israel
We get to bomb America

obama and Kerry: Ok
Methinks dead has a racist story to tell....
I’ve severed all my ties with ethnically Asian legislators in the Nordic states, for reasons I shant discuss.
ctdonath2 makes with the dramatic prophecy.



Nuclear war within 12 months.

Monday Potpourri pt. 1

SoFloFreeper doesn't care what Obama says or does, he knows what he is!
Whatever Obamugabe is doing to “fight” terrorism, it is for PR purposes only.


Full stop.

End of story.
2ndDivisionVet is getting down to business:
Well, I’m a semi-shut-in who can barely walk, but I started raising $2 million dollars for Ted Cruz today. Remember Fred Thompson?
BigEdLB thinks everyone laughing at Ted Cruz signing up for Obamacare is good news for Cruz!
I am beginning to really like the way Cruz plays with the MSM. He is driving them insane. All he did is sign up for the Senate coverage when his wife took a leave of absence. And since she lost the family coverage, he signed up through the Senate, which is now part of Obamacare. A story made out of NOTHING. But the MSM is BORED so...
keats5's Internet sleuthing has revealed that Harry Reid is getting secretly re-beaten up every day!
Google this year’s photos of Harry Reid. His bruise keep shifting, and today’s stories shows what appears to be new bruising on his jawline. There are also older photos of bruising, sometimes on his right eye with the left one looking fine. Other times on his left eye with his right one looking fine. In the photos with his bruised eyes, his jaw looks fine.

As we all know, bruises start purple, and then turn green, then yellow. These are all dark purple bruises.
bgill reacts as one might expect to Michelle Obama speaking against sweetened tea.
I’ll be sure to add an extra spoon of sugar from now on.
jersey117 is not doing to well:
I'm feeling an immediacy to do something as we daily see the situation worsening exponentially. If Boehner and the Rinos cave, we indeed have a major life decision to make.

Sad that it’s come to this. I haven’t had a full night’s sleep since 2008. I weep for my country.
Nixon's Southern strategy continues to bear fruit like MoochPooch:
Wasn’t it about 50 years ago when the country was being torn apart by race riots? Wasn’t that during the day of LBJ’s Great Society? What about Viet Nam? As I remember, those days weren’t all that good.

Although I was just a kid in 1965, that seemed like the last "normal" year -- before the hippie movement, Black Panthers & student protests.
grumpygresh has a plan to annoy the government, thereby toppling it.
If you see something, say something. Overload the phones with warnings of suspicious MSM reporters, totalitarian pols, and various other leftist cretins.

We should also put up red dots on the mailboxes of our favorite enemies.

This is a dis-info campaign designed to discredit anyone opposed to local police militarization and federalization, and the routine presence of the military on the streets and roads.
glorgau forgives Ted Cruz all his trespasses:
In the other thread, I said this was a dealbreaker, but upon further review, the proposal was all part of the convoluted internal politics of the senate and was known to be never passable.

Ted is back on again. ;-)
kidd - better than Reagan!
Cruz refused to attack his rival.

I guess Ted Cruz recognizes who is on the right side of most issues and that it will be impossible to be a party of one.

The man is better than Reagan.
dsrtsage is trying to play the race card.
Reagan was NOT a lawyer.

Anybody who doesn’t like him is a full on racist
Somehow, the current White House decor piasa think of drugs and Chicago.
1970s Chicago dopehouse meets classic molding, not even as liveable as shabby chic.
FlingWingFlyer REALLY hates America:
When America finally falls, I hope it falls REALLY HARD AND IT REALLY HURTS. We deserve it.
Finny's Internet studies make her believe that 2/3 of Americans are Freepers.
Having read literally thousands of such anonymous comments on MSM and apolitical or outright lefty sites, from L.A. Times to yahoo, from Washington Post to Hollywood Reporter, I can tell you true and sure: by a margin of nearly two to one, "we" hold political correctness, not to mention liberals, in contempt.

The left has to cheat for a reason. The left, whether Democrats or left-leaning Republicans like Thad Cochran, would lose if they didn't, because liberals/leftists ARE THE MINORITY. It's why they have to cheat.

Americans are great and will be even greater when they figure out how much they have been bamboozled by illusions created by the MSM of a fake "liberal" majority.
The Toll has an odd metric for whose opinion matters:
I don’t care what the UNARMED think.
jacquej thinks Netanyahu can solve everything
Maybe Bibi can mess with our elections, supporting Ted Cruz, just to mess with the dems’ heads?

Is it getting late? Should I go to bed?

I want Ted Cruz to win so badly, I can’t stand it!
Triple also thinks Netanyahu is the Freeper Messiah:
Can Bibi please release the real LFBC facts - through a third party?
SatinDoll just wants Israel to screw America.
When Mossad possesses intelligence detailing the nukes intended to take out Washington, D.C and New York City, they will not let Americans have a “heads up”.
Will Ted Cruz give GodAndCountryFirst the World War III he wants?
I am also pretty sure Cruz, as president, would bomb Iran. And if Russia tried to interfere, he’d bomb them, too. We need a president like that.
Responsibility2nd suddenly accepts Supreme Court precedent! It's a miracle!
Cruz is not a NBC

So? How many lower and even Supreme Court decisions do you need to accept that the definition of a NBC is NOT what you, I or the Constitution thought it meant but what the Courts say it is.

Cruz is eligible.
Does willywill's logic apply to Ted Cruz?
am i being simplistic, or is all we need to know is that [Jarrett] was born in iran. you always have allegiance to the country of your birth, no matter your parents roots.
concernedcitizen76 doesn't skimp on the drama re: Jarrett
she’s a one woman death cult and world destroyer. Her mind and soul are poisoned with enmity and revenge. It’s too bad.
Windflier on the left's demonic terror about Cruz:
It's Palin Redux.

Remember how the left reacted to her acceptance speech? They're doing it all over again, and for the exact same reason.

Ted Cruz has the power to exterminate their entire movement. They know this, and like demons, they're shrieking to the rafters in terror.
Yeah, remember when Sarah Palin destroyed liberalism?

JRandomFreeper is the loneliest superspy:
This is why, way back when, I asked you to change my screen name from my ham radio call sign that was tied to an address, and started using JRandomFreeper.

Thank you for that opsec after 9/11, Jim.

Of course, it doesn't matter now since I don't have friendlies around to worry about.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Well, he's not Black...Muslim or gay?

The mystery of the motives of the co-pilot who crashed his plane into the Alps remains. I gotta admit that it's gotten me interested in the story where I wasn't before. Freepers, though, do their usual murderer routine, and try to blame this on one of their stock villains. The amount their tribalistic black-and-white morality requires them to strain to keep a heterosexual white male from ever being a bad guy is hilariously pathetic.

WhistlingPastTheGraveyard will not give up hope of Islam being involved:
For some reason, as soon as they release a non-muslim name, everyone automatically rules out the possibility of terrorism. Apparently, the 100,000+ muslim converts in Germany — grown adults who have freely chosen to follow a religion of violent conquest with a fixation on aviation — are incapable of participating jihad.
Mouton lays out the two possible motives:
One of two possibilities now:

Islamo Nazi.

Lovers (as in fag) spat.

Obviously the guy was deranged and either of these potentials are predictive of deranged behavior.
Old Sarge reaches the same conclusion:
Pics of young Andreas are on another FR thread.

Pegs the needle on the gaydar.

Either a lover’s spat, or he got outed and was about to lose his job and decided to go out in a flame of glory.

Cannot discount that possibility - although he may have also been a recent convert.
...Fired for being gay? In Germany?

In a thread full of BS speculation, catman67 speculates about the other side's BS speculation:
Check to see if he owned a gun!

This would provide additional ammunition for the gun control crowd!
TADSLOS knows gay = AIDS.
My guess- Homo who recently found out he has AIDS and can’t pass his upcoming flight physical, which means his flying career is over. Flying is everything to him. He decides to go full tilt Raging Drama Queen and take out everyone with him.
Witness Red Badger's logic!
I’ll rule out ‘gay’ just for starters.

That leaves “muslim, etc.”

The ‘etc’ part could be anything from psychotic to sociopath.
Both kinda rare types.

That just leaves the ‘muslim’ part................
Smokin' Joe is smoking the good stuff:
I would think the other FB images were selected for a reason. Trotting out my AP English 'symbolism' for way back in High School...I'm not sure what the pic with 3017 in it means.

Golden Gate? SF, the homo capital of the US.

The Bud light sign (NY) also says "exclusive partner".

Trick or treaters? (in disguise) might be indicative of a closet homosexual either with or looking for a steady relationship with another. If that went wrong, or disease made him unfit for flight duty, maybe that would be a motive.
onedoug doesn't bother with facts:
Islamist facilitation regardless who he was or why he did it.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Spotlight: evilC

Another one-note Freeper who likes to tie every issue back to his own obsession. In this case it's immigration allowing nonwhite Americans to take over.

Convinced that skin color demography is destiny, evilC's racism is amazingly brazen, if scholarly. And omnipresent - he'll chime in on threads about climate change or Ted Cruz to shake his fist at minorities.

Oh, and we can't forget his weird thoughts on the Jews...

Immigration is OK, if it's white immigration.
If we must have immigration (and there is nothing that says we need immigration, especially mass immigration) we choose people that are already as most like us as possible instead of as unlike us as possible.
Those guys hating the Irish and Germans were silly, but these dusky people are different!
What many would consider America's golden period (1945 to 1970) was one of low, controlled immigration focused on White Western Europe. During that period we built the Interstate Highways; put a man on the moon; created a broad, strong, prosperous middle class. Why was that so very wrong that it needed changing?

Demographics aside, proposed immigration reform would boost numbers from a very high 1 million per year to an insane 3 million per year. I guess waiting until 2040 or 2050 for Whites to become a minority in their own country is just too long a wait for some.

Again I ask: What is so wrong with an immigration policy that favors White nations? What is wrong with the desire to live in a country that looks like you? What is so wrong about wanting to maintain a particular demographic makeup, one that served the country well?

More diversity means less White. It is obvious why non-Whites would “celebrate diversity,” but why should Whites even want, let alone celebrate their own dispossession?
The Space Race was won only because of our whiteness:
America’s post-war (1945 to 1970) golden period was a time of low immigration with that immigration concentrated on White Europeans.

This was a time of widely shared prosperity with a broad and deep middle class and a narrowing of wealth gaps. During this time America built the Hoover dam, created the Interstate Highway system, and put a man on the Moon. We did all of this with a ‘white bread’ population and low immigration.

The post-1970 high ‘diverse’ immigration period has brought a narrowed less secure middle class, collapsing infrastructure, and the need for Russian rockets to launch our satellites.
If only Whites were as insular and self-serving as the Jews!
Jews are a distinct group who are not (and I doubt they really see themselves as) White.

The Jews survive because they always as “is it good for the Jews?” unlike Whites who always ask “is it good for everyone else?”

Jews will viciously attack anyone who threatens (or even questions) their interests; Whites will invite hostile aliens into to their countries and hand over control.

Their high intelligence and intellectual aggressiveness allow them make best use of that ethnocentric outlook. That is why we have the American Israel Public Affairs Committee but not the American British Public Affairs Committee which would make much more sense given our historical, cultural, linguistic, and racial connections to Britain.
A generous proposal to deport blacks:
I would support reparations on the condition that the recipients leave. After all the case being made is that life in America is unbearable for African -Americans. The recipients should be given enough money to set themselves in the African country of their choice (or that will take them).

We could pay for at least some of this with a tax on wealthy African-Americans These wealthy African-Americans, unlike the rest, have benefited greatly by being in the United States. They should be glad to help out their less fortunate brethren; they might decide to forgo reparations, remain in the United States, and accept their acquired wealth as ‘account paid in full.’

The excess expense above the amount raised by the wealth-tax described above would compensated by the 50 percent fall in violent crime, 40 percent reduction in the welfare case-load, and end to massive expenditures to close ‘education gaps.’ I would consider all of these previous wealth redistributions to African-Americans as a sunk cost, and would not seek to recover them from any reparations paid.

The United States might never win another world sprinting competition but for most sports we could probably get by (Teams of White men once competed in basketball). White people have created (and do create) popular music and entertainment, so I am sure we could do so in the future. I also imagine that Cadillac dealers and gold jewelry sellers could find new customers. Indeed with resources freed up from criminal justice, food-stamps, and education we might have more wealth ‘to spread around.’
Slavery was fine, compared to not deporting them upon emancipation!
America’s biggest error was not slavery; it was allowing the freed slaves to remain, thus creating a resentful under-performing minority. We compounded this error by allowing (for no good reason) massive African immigration.
The only problem with American schools is all the nonwhites:
If you break out the results by racial and ethnic groups (a fairer comparison) the United States does quite well: White students in the US do well compared to students in White countries (or White students in other countries, as there are few entirely White countries left); Asian students in the US do well compared to students in Asian countries; Mexican students in the US do well compared to Mexicans at home; African Americans in the US do well compared to Africans in Africa.

What we have is more of a diversity problem than an education problem.
Anarcho-tyranny in action. They will not stop the flood at our Southern border, but they will fuss over ivory in bagpipes.
That video of those frat brothers yelling nigger? Awesome!
It’s funny the moral outrage against ‘racism’ is only ever applied to White people. It is only White people would feel shame over it; do you think Blacks, etc. care about charges against them of ‘racism’?

In a sane country this fraternity (think of the origin of that word) would be able to exclude who they liked. The use of a crude racial identifier would be seen as distasteful by many, but otherwise not cause for outrage.
The horror of diversity:
Diversity means no White clubs and organizations; no White neighborhoods; no White countries (because it is only White countries are told they will be improved by diversity - nobody ever calls for a more diverse Africa).

If Africans in America want to be freed of White politicians, White policing, and White standards then they should also be freed of White tax donations.
Income inequality? Solve it by stopping immigration!
One thing never mentioned in any of these inequality discussions is immigration.

I cannot take anyone taking about inequality seriously if they do not discuss the effect of the massive levels of immigration into the United States and other Western European countries. How can labor (and that includes anyone who works for a wage) capture a larger slice of economic growth if employers have a bottomless pool of workers?
Ebola? It is caused by allowing blacks into America:
The question is not just why was an Ebola infected African allowed into our country (posing massive costs and risk); the real question is why was his Liberian family here in the first place. What possible benefit to the indigenous White Americans came from allowing these Africans to settle here?
Climate change? Meh. Immigration!
If Western Civilization collapses it will be more likely due to mass non-Western immigration than climate.
Islam? Whatever, the key is that they're all nonwhite!
Who cares if they are Muslim or not. The key point is they are an alien non-White people.
Israel? He likes their immigration policy...
Along with goading us into another Mid-East war, I hope Netanyahu lectures congress on how to implement immigration policy. That is something all his fans in the Republican party need lessons on.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

America in fifty years. Opinions?

anon1 knows what I like!

So much!

Notice how many of them think our Union is gonna be dissolved. Patriotism!

Resolute Conservative blames the Mexicans:
Non-existent? Splintered or overrun by hordes of illegals and a socialist paradise.
By contrast, Gay State Conservative blames Muslims:
As a nation with 75% of the population either named Mohammed or having a last name that ends in "z"?

Olog-hai knows THIS time the 1939 comparisons are correct:
You mean barring WW3 in a decade or less? Enough pundits have noted too many parallels to 1939 to discount such an eventuality. The amount of debt that the USA already has accrued is not survivable barring a great miracle from God—and what US leaders will lead the people in an act of repentance?
PATRIOT1876 thinks Islamic hate will burn hotter - maybe as hot as the EPA!!
The Socialists take over, then the Islamists take over them.

That's why the Muslims and the Leftists agree on so many things, both sides want to win for themselves (just like the other Big Government organization in Germany in the 1940’s that were pals with Islam).

Then the Islamists will find those in their ranks to kill after everyone else is gone, because hatred burns deep within their hearts....Sort of like how the EPA did a good job of cleaning up industry by about 1972 and then had to look for more victims and fake “science” to justify their existence.
Secret Agent Man keeps things super general, and thus weird.
It will be a place in which to live a decent, moral life, society will technically have made you a criminal. The actual criminals will legally be the “law-abiding”.

GeronL only knows oceans of blood:
cleaning up after on side slaughtered millions of their opponents... whether that would be dead liberals, conservatives or Muslims is not yet knowable
CivilWarBrewing likes his destruction mysterious and total:
Hiroshima, after the blast.
Genoa just wants the apocalypse already:
Part of a worldwide millennial kingdom with King Yeshua in control. Praise God. Come, Lord!
gaijin also predicts rampant Spanish speaking:
America will be two or even four countries, comparable to the Former Soviet Union.

To comply with the law, people will carry trackers which also function as wallets and permit operation of Authorized Vehicles.

Spanish will be REQUIRED for any form of employment.
laplata is too busy being drematic to predict much:
I weep for the children.

Unfortunately, most won’t know what freedom was all about and what they will be missing.
Pollster1 - nuke or Muslim-1984:
I have been an optimist for more than five decades. The last six years put an end to that.

America in 50 years will be far different from today. At best, it will be a land just recovering the technology of the 19th century. At worst, it will put George Orwell's "1984" to shame, look like a nightmare inspired by the ravings of a 7th century pedophile/murderer, or both.
Sequoyah101 expects his kids to have fought the good fight, but lose:
I’ll be dead. My kids will be in concentration camps or killed. I trained them to be nails that stick up.

The Bolsheviks will be in power and a full fledged thugocracy will be established with ignorant peasants providing the strong arm.
faithhopecharity has some sorta Muslim organ-harvesting situation:
Slave state of islsmonazi caliphate Supplying little boy toys and young girls for their jihadist “soldiers of allah” Also spare parts ( human organs) harvested from any dissenters. All churches and synagogues burned down or turned into mosques or brothels all private property confiscated. and obama still telling us how wonderful Islam is
Wait, 103 year old Obama?

Cementjungle fears all the non-Europe world:
1. Once great cities like NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles will still be uninhabitable from the Iranian nuclear attacks of 2017.

2. Southern states will be part of Mexico.

3. Russia will own Alaska and will be exploiting its oil resources.

4. The remainder of the country will be controlled by various islamic clans or bands of pro-Democracy pioneers with skirmishes over resources being commonplace.
MeganC - anything but a conservative will lead to America the weak. With bonus genocidal Mexicans!
America in fifty years, at this rate, will not exist.

Hawaii will be taken over by China.

California and other parts of the Southwest will either be an independent Hispanic state complete with Aztlan-sponsored ethnic cleansing or it will be part of Mexico.

Texas will be independent again.

The US military will be second rate. Maybe even third rate.

China will dominate the mining and manufacturing sectors and the remainder of the US will be subject to a mercantilism relationship with China.

Or we could elect a conservative next year and see this country prosper through the end of the century.
Forward the Light Brigade breaks America into pieces, but only has 2 figured out - the Good One and the Obama One. Also, the horrors of being English.
America will be five states—one one.

Most poverty ridden like Greece today—One a democracy the rest socialist multi-party places where the rich rule.

Freedom as we know it will be a bitter memory. We will be like England is now—living on memories only.

We will still have superbowl—it will be the only thing that unites us to any degree.

Hollywood will be just a tourist trap—all films made in South America or India.

One of the five will be Obamaland where he will be the founder.

Alaska will be part of Russian Federation.

A large russian Naval base will be in Long Beach. Russian and Chinese will be taught in our public schools.

No cars will be made in the former USA.
Wallace T. deals with his feelings of Christian persecution.
The climate for conservative Christians will be hostile, not unlike Eastern Europe in the post-World War II era or Mexico in the 1920s and 1930s. Conservative Christian Americans will migrate in large numbers overseas, to Latin America or Australia, where their beliefs will not be marginalized and there will be greater freedom to live according to their faith. Other Americans with an entrepreneurial spirit will migrate to East and South Asia and Latin America, as high taxes and regulation will make this country an unappetizing place to do business. By 2065, even Oklahoma and Wyoming may resemble 2015 Massachusetts as a regulatory hellhole, and Massachusetts resemble some Communist nightmare like Belarus or North Korea. In shirt, the most moral and enterprising Americans will be lost to foreign nations.
cuban leaf can't stop thinking about virtual orgasms:
There will be almost (if not literally) NO reason to go to a particular place to perform your job unless it requires physical interaction with other people.

The walls of every room in your living space will be ultra high definition floor to ceiling 3D video monitors giving you the ability to “think” you are anywhere in the world you want to be - or on a space station or on Mars. In fact, it could be a live “webcast” from anywhere in the world at the press of a button. Visit downtown Paris at night and then immediately switch to a beach in Hawaii. Ride with a man in his glider. Visit the great barrier reef. All in souround vision in 3D and in real time.

Most people will get their sexual pleasure without the involvement of another human being.

IOW, I expect the Lord to return in less than 50 years.
cuban leaf's fantasy gets creepier:
But by 2063 we were already on version three of the fully wireless direct sex link between two people (and an “orgy option” enables a “teleconferencing” mode). Simple eye contact (with the right visual cue codes) with a person in Starbucks can communicate the desire for an encounter. Once the wireless handshake is completed, a fully realistic and creative in every way sexual encounter progresses while the two parties simply sit motionless in their chair in front of their tall, skinny machiato.

With happy ending.

However, in 2014, a few enterprising young men successfully hacked the software enabling them to “virtually rape” women if any eye contact whatsoever is made.

And because there is no recording and no proof, these cases are completely impossible to prosecute.

This has significantly altered the cultural landscape, not to mention sales of the devices to all but the sluttiest of females. Oddly, sales INCREASED among the homosexual.
"The sluttiest of females." Ugh.

The best part of GenXteachers lovingly imagined dark and gritty future? His Freepish good guys are the ones who nuked New Mexico.
In 2065...what was formerly the United States now exists as several polities- the Southern Union occupying much of the old Confederacy’s territory, but having its capital in Austin, because Texas is the predominate power in a regional republic whose economy is largely based on oil production. The old Northeast and much of the Midwest lies in the hands of the Northern Union, which still has its capital in Washington DC and still claims to be the actual United States, although that only means anything at the UN, where Red China and the Russian Empire (now under the rule of the Czars of the Putin dynasty) still recognizes that rump state. Most of California and Arizona succumbed to Mexican conquest during the Second Civil War of 2037. New Mexico, claimed both by Mexico and the Southern Union, is largely empty due to being a combat zone during the Mexican Incursion of 2044, and Santa Fe nothing but a radioactive ruin after the Southern Union deployed nukes. The rest of California, Oregon and Washington became an autonomous part of Canada in response to Russian aggression. The Russian Empire took Alaska into ‘protective custody’ during the 2nd Civil War, and Hawaii has maintained a precarious independence as the headquarters of the UN, due to the destruction of NYC during the war. Utah, Nevada,Colorado, Idaho, and Kansas are claimed by all sides, but in reality is a no-man’s land where skirmishes are fought periodically.

The 2nd Civil War ended in an armistice, with both sides employing poison gas and engaging in atrocities during the conflict that left most population centers in ruins. The Southern Union formed a constitutional republic of sovereign states, with a common currency and foreign policy, where marriage was specified as one man, and one woman, and citizens were required to own weapons to serve in their state militias, which remain active in repelling incursions from the Northern Union and putting down rebellions in what were formerly liberal enclaves, as well as turning back refugees from the Northern Union. Economically, the Southern Union practices capitalism and shows some signs of recovering, thanks to protectionist policies that allow for the growth of domestic industry, and to the exploitation of the oil of the Gulf of Mexico.

The Northern Union formed a parliamentary democracy and attempted to enact a full communist state, but only succeeded in creating a dictatorship by committee which has held power continuously since inception. The head of the Politburo of the Democratic Party is the actual head of government, regardless of who the prime minister is. The economy of the Northern Union resembles that of East Germany of the Cold War years- state controlled, technologically backward, unproductive, and agriculture largely in the hands of “cooperative ventures”, which are really collective farms. Christianity was abolished there, although pockets of Islam exist in some urban areas, which sometimes rise in revolt. Perversion and drug use are commonplace in the Northern Union, encouraged by the government as a way to prevent the ‘citizens’ from thinking too much about their predicament, which is a standard of living rapidly shrinking to that of North Korea.

Such is the world of 2065.
Lets end with EQAndyBuzz's happy future, with maximum freedom through government media control, technological magic, and of course massive political purges:
America will be a thriving democracy. After the enlightenment period from 2016-2032, where Presidents Cruz and Walker put down the left wing revolution in 2018 and deported 20 million illegals, American companies that went overseas came home. Corporate taxes were eliminated and the 10% across the board income tax with a 5% cap on state taxes and 3% VAT were put into the constitution at the 2021 Constitutional Convention.

Municipal Unions were outlawed and a performance based compensation system was put in place. The fairness doctrine was implemented. Any news in the form of commentary or lies about people in the media was met with multimillion dollar fines. NBC folds and the NY Times is purchased by the Murdoch group.

The Chicago Cubs still haven’t won a world series and Malia Obama’s Senate bill to give the Cubs the ring based on their continued participation is met with laughter. Her husband, Jesse Jackson IV, calls the Senate racist. Rush Limbaugh and Paul Shankman do a 3 hour bit on it.

The world still hasnt burned up yet. The new meme is Global Warming is caused by Global Climate Stability. Realizing that the sun comes up, the sun goes down, it rains, snows and everything in between, Al Gore gives his annual Global Warming speech around the pool at the Fountainblue Hotel in July of 2029. It’s hot out. Gore says, “see, I told you.”. He’s thrown into the pool and 20 lounge chairs follow,

Solar power is now 1.25% of all energy resources. The new Tesla can go 350 miles on a single charge. Except in Winter. Oil is stabilized at 40 dollars a barrel. Clean coal is being mined at record levels after the EPA is shut down in 2021.

The biggest question asked in American schools in 2050 is, “what’s a liberal and when did the Night of the Ivory Tower Purge take place?”

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

List your favorite obama nick-names!

One of the silliest partisan exercises.

Here are some highlights, many from some of our Spotlight friends. Go figure.

Bronco Bama [ bareback rider]
'Black Marxist Muslim gay illegal alien', or

Eboma, or

0bama (with a zero)
T-Bone Texan:
Bath house Barry, the Turd-burgling Butt Pirate.
When you ask them to do some namecalling, out of all the things they could go for, most Freepers go straight for the 'faaaaaaag' button. It is weirdly obsessive.

atc23 goes with the racism
The Purple lipped Clown Prince
peeps36 gets a twofer:
The Purple Lipped Penis Puller
GrandJediMasterYoda's anger cannot be contained by a single name.

Twice unconstitutionally elected foreign born radical Muslim and enemy of the United States.
Tennessee Nana doesn't believe in democracy:
that guy in my White House
Zippy. (In my mind I see Urkel, wearing a beanie with a little propeller on top.)
R.I.C. Raghead in Chief
Any guesses about rktman 's?
(p)ROTUS. Halfrican-American
IChing one-ups FARK's "Fartbongo"
RightGeek opts for a joke:

From Dreams of My Father: “So I said to my mother, ‘Mommy, how come I’m black and you’re white?’ She replied, ‘Don’t even go there Barack! From what I can remember about that party, you’re lucky you don’t bark!’ ”
Wow, V K Lee is really, really bad at this:
big black blob
Blind Eye Barak
Basil Fawlty
Fawlty Towers
King Putz
King Putt
Krinkles the Klown
lyin’ king
o dark won
President DooLittle
Richard Cranium
sequin-studded Starina
The creature
The black moron

Some were mine; some were ‘borrowed’
Now I'm bored. Luckily, raybbr's geekiness is here to save us!
Thulsa Odooma
FamiliarFace recalls an old Rush Limbaugh bit that has long since died to all but Freepers.
The Magic Negro.

I had forgotten that one. Thanks for the reminder.

The culture of killing

Most of my views are pretty weasly-moderate. But I am pretty passionately against the death penalty, for whatever reason. I even thought of making it my career briefly, before futility and science's siren song lured me back.

Freepers, on the other hand, think violence is the solution to just about every problem.

But on a thread about how Missouri recently executed a man missing part of his brain without any examination of his mental state, three Freepers banded together to shout down the pro-death crowd with bible verses and solidarity.

Naturally, this made some death penalty die hards *ahem* go amusingly crazy.

Politicalkiddo sets the level of analysis:
If he had enough of a brain to kill someone, he had enough of one to be punished for it.
Graybeard58 is one of The Three:
The death sentence is among other things, an exercise in futility. It solves nothing, it heals nothing, it satisfies vengeance which many confuse for justice, it reconciles nothing, is irreversible, and is unjust.

We are in a very small minority here but we are in agreement.
P-Marlowe rolls Old Testament to show that God loves him some death penalty. No word on stoning adulterers, though:
The death sentence is among other things, an exercise in futility. It solves nothing, it heals nothing, it satisfies vengeance which many confuse for justice, it reconciles nothing, is irreversible, and is unjust.

You are aware, aren't you that God decreed that "Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man." Genesis 9:6?

I noticed that you use God in your tagline. Are you suggesting that God's decreed punishment for murder "solves nothing, it heals nothing, it satisfies vengeance which many confuse for justice, it reconciles nothing, is irreversible, and is unjust."?

Do you believe that you are more wise, compassionate and holy than God?
P-Marlowe follows up with this head scratcher:
Those who have a blanket objection to the death penalty have no respect for life.
P-Marlowe then confuses immediate defense with the death penalty:
Tell me, if a madman had your child by the throat and was ready to stab her in the heart and you had a gun nearby, would you execute the bastard or forgive him in advance and let him go through with his intentions?
Rainier1789 knows you gotta execute the mentally impaired, to keep people from arguing they're mentally impaired:
Next you’ll have the defenders of vicious murderers arguing, “The arresting officer said he was “one sick bastard”, therefore we must let him live”
wardaddy makes me reeeealy curious:
I have questions about this circumstance....severe brain trauma or surgical excision do alter personality markedly

The dulling especially when loss is frontal lobes raises my interest

I have personal experience with this

Monday, March 23, 2015


So Ted Cruz skipped the usual exploratory fundraising and went straight to the 'I'm running for President' bit.

Should be interesting. At the moment, I'm not too worried about a candidate who isn't bothering to gather a large war chest, and who wants to end the IRS.

Maybe it's that this was expected, or that Freepers are too busy raging at the GOP with the election still so far away, but Freepers reaction was somewhat more muted than I expected. Oh, there are lots of threads with lots of posts, but not much enthusiasm compared to previous stunts.

Still, even a listless Freeper is a pretty crazy dude. Here's what we got on the JimRob started thread.

CivilWarBrewing knows what's important:
NO teleprompter.. Very impressive.
manc also keeps his eyes on the crap no one who isn't a Freeper cares about:
What a great speech and yet not one teleprompter for him.

I can see why the Dems are afraid of him. He is smart, relates with his background, done well for himself and can articulate his views.
Windflier is only slightly less trivial:
Love Ted’s symbol/logo. It looks like an American flag in the shape of a flame, which very much communicates to me in these perilous times.

I think it represents many things about us and our country - the eternal flame of our founding principles, the torch of liberty being carried forward by each generation, the fire of longing within our hearts for the restoration of this magnificent land.

Brilliant positioning.
C. Edmund Wright is already very confident:
His speaking style is very inspiring! I hope he catches fire quickly and his poll numbers jump up from lagging to leading.

You will get your wish.
lexington minuteman 1775 makes a show of grudgingly giving Cruz his respect:
It’s been a while since we had a Christian who is proud of his relationship to Jesus and publically proclaims it.
I am impressed and I don’t impress easily.
eartick is still remembering when he got to vote for Reagan:
May be the THIRD best vote I ever cast in my life when I vote for him in the Primary and then FOURTH for President of these United States.

gleeaikin tries to engage with what Cruz has actually said. It does not end well.
I’m not sure Reagan ever IMAGINED a country with no IRS, or else how would he have paid his large military bills which buried the Soviet union finally. So maybe we can imagine an IRS under a new name The Fund for International and Border Security, and Killing Ebola if it gets in.
American Constitutionalist - if Cruz plays his cards right, he'll get Hispanic conservatives, AND conservatives!
He will definently get the tradition conservative Hispanic vote.

His words he chooses and the inspiring style he sounded like Ronald Reagan.

If he sticks to conservative issues he will bring out the conservative vote.

Say no to milk toast Jebs, or Paul Ryan, Paul Ryan reminds me of Martin O’Malley to much.
Like many Freepers these days, sorrisi is getting emotional:
I literally cried this morning watching his announcement. I haven’t heard such uplifting principles in so long. I hope the young people understand the importance of liberty. So far he is the only one who has never broken my heart.
FrdmLvr wants to keep things in the lowest possible partisan sewer:
Only thing missing from that speech was: “Imagine a First Lady who knows how to dress appropriately and attractively!”
Does anyone else catch a whiff of a threat in onyx's enthusiasm?

Conclude before reading

I'd mined it for quotes earlier, bu commenter PatR highlighted a facet I didn't initially tweak to.

There was a six-person shooting in Mesa Arizona. As is usual, Freepers don't bother with the facts, with each Freeper dropping the story into their own preferred narrative. Except in this case the guy was white. It said so in the story. While some wend with more universally applicable narratives like media victimization, many Freepers really couldn't believe whites kill people anymore, and so performed some amusing gymnastics to keep to their narrative.

GOPJ urges the dickish high road.

Guess we can all riot now - call in the Feds and be victims.

Or we can do the 'white thing' and assume even if the lowlife is white - that we don't stand with criminals and trash...

AND we can pray the cops get him soon...
*spoilers* It doesn't work.

AEMILIUS PAULUS clearly didn't bother to read more than the headline before deciding what happened:
Was the shooter a “TEEN?”
RightOnTheBorder read further, but only to the first sentence that allowed him to draw the conclusion he wanted:
The shooter, a man in his 40s with a large tattoo on his neck, was still at large

They don't have a code word for an older minority criminal so they just don't say anything. So everyone be on the lookout for a MAN, with a TATTOO. That is all.
Zuben Elgenubi is one of many to cling to some hope about the 'White' description:
A “white Hispanic”. Count on it. Drug deal gone bad.
Perhaps showing a bit more demographic savvy about Arizona, ColdOne prefers his criminals Latin.
Gang member? MS13?
AZ native GoldwaterCountry has it all figured out:
The murderer is most likely a member of a particular subculture (Hispanic gangbanger) with ties to the south of the border drug trade. The Mesa PD are saying a home invasion and carjacking were also tied to the shooting. I’m from suburban Phoenix and know that home invasions and carjackings (along with kidnapping) are cottage industries for criminals from Mexihole and Central America.
Clint N. Suhks knows what goes beyond race!
Religion of peace?
Pilgrim's Progress goes with Muslim...but covered up:
Was the Amish individual shouting anything about Alley Ahkbar, or did the media only forget to mention it.
SoFloFreeper just wants to preemptively claim victimhood:
Quick! Someone in the media blame Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, the NRA, George Bush, Bible ‘clingers’, or the history of American oppression!
That no one actually went this rout will not dissuade him being just as convinced next time.

Logical me just dissolves into worldwide paranoia:
It's all over Europe and Africa, and coming here. AZ just had a killing. And we have King Obama for the turmoil in all over. This insane child has messed up most of the world. And growing.
LurkedLongEnough's tin-foil will never call him racist.
It’s the socialism. The O’Ministration stages one of these ‘bout every month to put something in the headlines to make them [uniformed racists] believe murder by gunshot is about race, guns, or overstep by any current law enforcement official.

Anything but a lone-wolf Islamic terrorist, or a criminal intent yet to be discovered through due process, or terminated via suicide.

The truth binds patriotic armed Americans together. Stay unified against division is my only message.

Monday Potpourri

Are these 30 post Monday monstrosities all tl,dnr? MeshugeMikey is sure Obama will soon act as crazy has he secretly is:
Obies currently coming unwound. The Drama Level has been steadily rising over the last few months and even moreso over the last several weeks.

He can barely contain his rage.

WHEN he goes full JIHAD the entire world will be watching
Jesus Christ, who let someone like Din Maker teach black kids?!
This is ‘I am gonna slap yo bitch ass because I am from the hood,’” Watkins insisted.

I teach in a predominantly Black High School (85% Black, 14% Latino and 1% White and Asian.) and I must say that the above statement is 100% correct. That IS most of this generation of Black America. It’s been “ghetto” for a long time. Now, it is gangsta/thug-ghetto. Fo sho bro.
Lazamataz has a great plan for Israel:
Netenyahu should immediately put feelers out to China or Russia.

The US has -- literally -- become the Great Satan.
baltimorepoet thinks all of American history is useless, now that Obama's President:
Were the 600,000 lives lost a worthwhile sacrifice so that we could reach the circumstances we are in now, with the Obamination as President?
In trying to sound like a badass, bert implies America is held back by Obama's mere existence:
for American flowers to bloom, Obama must be in CLAY
QBFimi is racist:
In the days of Ellis Island, if you showed up with some dumba$$ uggie-boogie name that no English speaker could pronounce, they helped you out.

Dontcha just love multi-culti America?
hoosiermama makes a hilarious pun around black mail and negroes!
The crystal ball says Mrs Clintons email will be found also!
The Clinton Foundation is the thimble. It will be found and sew them both to the wall.
Obama has a family trust. Expect donations soon from Clinton camp (black-male funded)
junta's hate makes the left a bunch of contradictory bad things:
The Left’s rhetoric is stale and at the same time growing ever more extreme, think Jonestown another lefty utopian project.
Yeah, Jonestown was super boring!

truth_seeker thinks blacks won the Civil War, but doesn't mean in the 'Glory' sense:
Revenge would have consisted of depositing freed slaves in the neighborhoods of abolitionists.

Had both sides been able to predict the future, they would have shipped the slaves back to Africa, as Lincoln preferred.

The blacks ultimately “won” the CW, with the outcome being “gibmedat” and affirmative action and layer upon layer of social programs that prop up a violent, criminal culture.

Coming to a shopping center or public space, near you.
Yosemitest hates black cops!
Get rid of the Negro Police force that won’t go after Negro Criminals.
Da Coyote is confused:
The fact that Israel has any liberals whatsoever is one of the most confusing things that exist in our world.

How can they possibly allow such disease to exist on a country bordered by the scum of the earth?
Dr. Thorne finds crying babies hilarious:
The New York Times is having a drooling, apoplectic meltdown over Bibi's flogging of their goddess Obama. Reminds me of a screaming,
rolling-on-the-floor tantrum I once witnessed that was thrown by a spoiled little miscreant in toney Wilton, Connecticut.

I laughed out loud - kind of like now.
Captain Jack Aubrey reveals his ignorance in replying to a NYT editorial saying Netanyahu ate Matzo made with Christian baby blood invoked racism.
Isn’t this what Israilies call a blood libel?

If not, it has to be pretty close.
Logical me knows due process only emboldens criminals!
When they get this guy, immediate firing squad. Otherwise we never will stop or even slow down the killing. It will spread all over America thanks to King Obama. We are at war and this child has no idea the damage he has done.
jsanders2001 joins the tin-foil 'all shootings are false flags' brigade:
Seemingly random shootings that are unconnected? Hmm. You have to ask yourself - why would a person do this on random targets (a trade school and several restaurants) that apparently have no connection to him? Answer - politically motivated or ordered shooting to inflict fear into people so that they don’t feel safe anywhere. Why?: to incite fear to make people demand that guns be removed from the populace. Who would profit the most from this? Leftists and the current administration.

Someone somewhere will finally come clean and admit that there are teams working for the current administrative but they’re going to have to be smart and go rogue and staight to a trusted news media source they know they can trust and honestly there aren’t many of ‘em....
Joe Boucher makes with the racist beat-poetry:
one more thing,
Hey obammy,
Keep backing your kind,
Mooselimbs ya a-hole.
Show the world your true spots,
worthless half breed.
Diogenesis on Obama's plan to genocide everyone:

The White Mosque (abetted and enabled by the 114th EXEMPT)
wants genocide of ALL Christians and Jews, starting
world wide, to then be augmented by concentration camps
in the USA to include extermination conservatives.

Wake up America.
demshateGod blames the lack of American anti-Muslim propaganda for the latest ISIS massacre:
...and as naive as politically correct, diversity is our strength, Coexist, Islam is peace propaganda could make them. I don’t blame the victims, I blame Bush/Obama’s ROP and leftist media/education/entertainment.
Billthedrill hates Obama's warmongering:
We’ve had Presidents who have let us slide into war, but never one that came into office actually wanting to start one. What 0bama and his team meant by “transformative” turned out to be very ugly indeed. Never before has the country had one come into office thinking that the Hippocratic “Do no harm” was diametrically opposed to his actual policy. Foreign policy will take decades to recover, race and other social relations, maybe never.
cuban leaf explains how he lets his liberal friends know he's crazy:
I was trying to give a liberal friend some perspective about the way I feel about obama’s competence and, other than saying I truly believe I could be a better president than obama, I came up with this:

Imagine, if you will, that on a scale of 1-100, all of our presidents other than Obama rate between a 40 and 90. I would put Obama at 5, only then because he doesn’t drool when he speaks. I honestly would want to put him at a negative number but that’s like rating a woman an 11 on a scale of 1-10. It’s not how it works.

The 5 makes the point.
demshateGod isn't just saying 'not in my name,' he's saying 'not my policy analysis'
I hate how a bunch of leftards now speak for all of the US. I didn’t say Netanyahu’s election wouldn’t affect nuke talks. Did you?
Iron Munro has a long post
Obama has been looking for a turn against Israel.

When it didn’t happen on its own he precipitated a crisis by sending his Dirty Tricks team to Israel to overthrow Netanyahu in the Israeli election. When that didn’t work he decided to fall back on Old Reliable - Playing The Race Card.

That works to a degree because his True Believers are stupid enough to believe that mid-east Arabs are a different race than mid-east Jews.

Obama has also been trying to create a reason (excuse) to publicly take action against patriotic Americans.

He wants an open uprising or rebellion - one that he can use as an excuse to take action - disarm us, declare us to be terrorists, throw us in camps, declare Martial Law.

He will create some sort of crisis and take whatever unconstitutional action against Americans that he can get away with.

So far he has gotten away with everything he has tried and he has almost 2 more years to complete his Fundamental Transformation of America.

he knows to do that he will have to remove or de-fang the opposition and he is showing himself to be more brazen every day.
Gaffer dreams of Mossad assassins:
Here’s a hint Hussein....you push it too far and Israel WILL protect itself. Even from you.
MomwithHope joins the 'Obama gonna pardon everyone' crazies:
He will have an army to pardon, all promised well in advance I’m sure. I just hope it’s not people like the Ft. Hood shooter. Although realistically the muslim brotherhood is probably making their own list.
ASOC takes his cues about he hazards of particle colliders from military sci-fi:
What **could** go wrong?

Well, some folks have given this some thought

In John Ringo’s Into the Looking Glass, the University of Central Florida is destroyed by a 60 kiloton explosion that is first thought to be a nuclear weapon, but turns out to be a mishap from a Higgs boson research experiment. Following the explosion, gateways to other worlds are opened and a war with the aliens on the other side of the gates begins..

Not always right, but this is very much unknown territory...
Star Traveler neglects The Balfour Declaration in order to better vilify England:
There’s an evil and built-in hatred of the Jews and their homeland, Israel. The British government tried their best before 1948, and even after 1948 ... to first prevent Israel from becoming a state, and then prevent Israel from defending itself (by keeping zisraeli fighters in British concentration camps) ... and now trying to DESTROY ISRAEL with a “unilateral declaration” for a Palestinian State ... instead of “by negotiations” with Netanyahu, as he has been trying to do all along!
realcleanguy tells a completely realistic story of the cartoonishly anti-men lesbians who raised him:
My wife is the product of the same upbringing. Her mother decided after having 2 children and 5 years of marriage that she was gay and moved out. It was her moms partner that made my wife detest lesbian relationships. He moms partner hated men so much that my wife said they would have these lesbian couples over and they would all rant how much they all hated men. She said at first it confused her, and then she saw how they fed off each other on the hated. Today she still doesn’t like lesbian women because of the hatred many have. She said they are more intolerant of her being straight than she being intolerant of them being lesbian.
TomGuy thinks impeachment is basically like the filibuster:
[Impeachment] takes 67 votes in the Senate. Yeah?

What did Majority Leader Reid do when faced with a similar obstacle?

Answer: He changed the Senate rule -- because he could do that with a simple 51 vote.

Now, McConnell has the power to call for similar rule changes. Will he? No. He already ceded that authority, just like Boehner ceded the 'power of the purse'.
Jim Robinson shows up to show he's keeping up with his website's crazy Obama-Israel fictions:
Traitor Obama is going all in with his Muslim Brotherhood buddies in their Islamic holy war against America and Israel.
jsanders2001 keeps things dramatic:
Satan hates Israel. Let me re-phrase:
Obama hates Netanyahu.