Monday, November 30, 2015

Monday Potpourri Pt. II

Caipirabob really explains why Freepers love Trump regardless of what he does or says:
No one cares if Trump did this or not because it’s irrelevant as a factor regarding his position and what he offers as a Washington outsider being sent to crush e DC elite.

We don’t want a president, we want a wrecking aimed at the hopes and dreams of socialist weenies.

Trumps election is basically the whole of America quoting the Conan line “Crush your enemies, drive them before you, and listen to the Lamentations of their lobbyists...” (Ok, a little liberty taken here.)
Objective Scrutator has turned No True Scottsman into the only true thing:
All liberals are criminals, and all criminals are liberals.

The above statement is 100% certain; the other details are irrelevant.
Objective Scrutator also REALLY hates kids today:
There’s plenty to critique about other generations, but Millenials are absolutely worthless and need to be left to starve in the streets. Make them think twice about Satanism and socialism.
Newtoidaho thinks after the 2016 election the mass lynchings will begin:
What we need to do is build a whole bunch of gallows because in about a year we’re going to need to do a lot of hanging of these criminals currently occupying the federal gov.starting with everyone at the white hut.
Windflier thinks Obama is super-special evil:
None of us has ever seen anything like Obama in our lifetimes. There isn’t one solitary thing he’s done while in office that has benefited the American people. Not one.

He honestly hates this country and its citizens, and has worked tirelessly to harm us in every way possible. I think future Americans will wonder how on earth we kept our cool during his eight long years of wanton destruction.
rarestia fondly remembers when everyone conformed slavishly:
It used to be that society set the rules and the templates, and parents raised their children to abide by those rules. Nowadays, kids are left to “find themselves” and become rogues to conformity. Add on top of that this idea that everyone is a special little flower, and we’ve got a world full of weirdos. Problem is... when everyone’s weird, doesn’t that make weirdness the norm? When will our definition of “normal” become “nonconformist” again?
MayflowerMadam is certain Trump was just using a telescope and not BSing about 9-11:
My husband’s PhD is in Physics/Adaptive Optics and was in charge of the mega telescope at a space surveillance site. He checked out the photos of the telescope in Trump’s penthouse and identified the size, make, etc. He did some calculations and said that with a line of sight to the WTC, the jumpers could’ve been seen — easily and clearly.

I cannot understand why the people in our own party are so vicious when it comes to Trump. I can’t understand why they’d rather see Hillary as president than Trump, but that’s exactly the mindset.
holyscroller reserves his hate for only one corporation:
Anyplace but Starbucks. The owner DESPISES Christians and has stated he does not want Christians even patronizing Starbucks. OK by me!
chasio649 hates Christmas:
If it bothers you, don't shop anywhere. Make Christmas be about Christ and serving others. Shop for groceries only and give them away.

Nice idea....Tired of swapping money with folks that have have very little knowledge of Christ.
Mechanicos want to the Ayn Rand school for indoctrination, I guess:
Thanksgiving used to be taught as an example of why Americans should reject collectivism. This history has been erased from our schools ...
polymuser had a kinda weird plan for Thanksgiving:
Think we’ll all bring our guns, have an after-dinner cleaning & oiling party (love that smell), and talk about government gun grabbing.
marvel5's Putin boner is getting out of control:
Putin is Reagan on steroids.
Pollster1 thinks God Obama is both super weak and super evil:
To the extent that Obama "lacks fire", that is another reason why we should be thankful to God on this Thanksgiving Day. To deal with someone at Obama's level of evil who had all that malice and bigotry plus fire/energy would be too much. God, in His mercy, chose not to throw quite as much at us as he might have.
wideawake explains why every nonviolent drug offender is actually unemployable and violent, and so should stay in jail:
Drug addicts are unemployable and spend all their money on their habits.

Legalizers assume that there are zero consequences to society telling addicts that their life decisions are valid and should be guaranteed by law.

Legalization means more unemployable addicts who will survive by either directly robbing and assaulting productive human beings, or by giving votes to politicians who will indirectly rob productive human beings through taxes and through insane employment laws.

And all addicts are inherently violent - for every "nonviolent" drug addict there is usually at least one friend or family member who has been menaced or assaulted, and who is too embarrassed to file charges.

Monday Potpourri pt. I

Angels27's evidenceless knowledge cannot be shaken:
We know that 0bama is arming his Muslim brothers. We just need the evidence.
blueunicorn6 remembers how peaceful the Middle East was before 2008:
Remember what the Middle East was like before Hillary and Obama set it on fire for their buddies Soros and the Saudis?
As someone whose already settling for Hillary, I'm highly amused at how Fightin Whitey thinks Democratic pragmatism is a mysterious force that makes conservatives impure:
Dems vote in lockstep on every crucial issue. That or the national party will run them off.

Republicans often turn out okay in Democrat eyes.

Never happens the other way 'round, not anymore.
demshateGod wants less policy, more fascism!
While we’re running around trying to put out every little fire the left starts, they’re codifying their well laid plans for America. Bad legislation isn’t the problem, elections are not the problem, the American people are not even the problem. The problem is the left. As long as they’re free to speak, organize, plan, vote, work, teach, use their mods to make any demand they want, there will be no hope to return to sanity.
Head Freeper Jim Robinson has been especially active of late. Here he's jumping into the Putin lovefest:
Putin’s thinking, if this little bitch faggot even comes close to tapping my toe...
SkyPilot has a very Freep post:
Pardon my language, but if the Muslim Faggot is not restrained, he is going launch WW III and/or get a lot of people killed.

Putin is not playing games here.
Jim Robinson starts a whole thread around this profound realization:
Obviously, Obama is pretty close to insanity. They should not allow an insane president to run our country into the ground.
Lionheartusa1 was making crap up about Obama almost immediately:
I knew right away when I heard him say ,,, “ The Muslim call to prayer was the most beautiful sound on earth “ he was a dyed in the wool muzzie . Every thing after that has made perfect sense to me .
Kaslin explains once again how Obama was elected only because he was black:
obama was never fully vetted

he paid millions to conceal his background

now we know he is a communist, muslim, racist
out to destroy (change) America


That arrogant pos wasn’t vetted at all. All they were interested in getting a “black” president in office, that’s all.It didn’t matter to them that he voted present 129 times while in the Senate and that he voted for abortion on live babies while he was in the Illinois legislature.
mad_as_he$$ is still kinda rooting for Ebola:
that reminds me....whatever happened with the Ebola outbreak? We got an Ebola Czar and within a week we heard no more, like it was suddenly cured.

There has been a new outbreak in Liberia last week. All one family.
DungeonMaster's racism has defeated his nationalism:
I almost never mention Russia without saying "Russia, not ashamed of being white".
DungeonMaster seems to think Israel is a constant hellscape of terrorists killing people:
Terrorists in Europe and America are a good thing. It will take a lot more Paris’s to equal the average week in Israel. Then liberals will start to understand what Bibi is all about.
norwaypinesavage has mixed up Obama with Bush:
President Obama has never made a mistake in his life. Don't believe me? Just ask him.

For this reason, alone, the US will never abandon it's goal of eliminating Assad, at least not until January 17, 2017.
Aleya2Fairlie thinks forcing people to think black people are as smart as whites will soon erupt in racial war:
It’s not a coincidence they are also less intelligent on average 10-20 IQ POINTS by customary measurement and less likely to reason

Hence let’s fight is the reply of the easily frustrated and confused


and Arabs and Amerindians no better just a little smarter

But who’s really really stupid

White folks who refuse to believe empirical unpleasantries when it’s shooting at them

whites will be blamed and targeted until they’re forced into the very apartheid behavior that they never intended or wanted and, indeed have fought and died to prevent.

There’s only so much unfair denigration and blame that can be absorbed before survival mode kicks in and retaliation is inevitable.

Blacks will be emboldened by a false sense of entitlement by their Liberal handlers until the delusions lead them to start attacking whites in ways that will make deadly force against them unavoidable.

That is, unless whites can have enough intestinal fortitude to stand back and let them destroy their own race by themselves. That would be much more desirable. But, as I said; there’s only so much pushing that can be tolerated.
njslim totally saw Muslims celebrating 9-11 and then getting beat up, guys!
All the stuff about Muslims celebrating on 9/11 is true

In Paterson were dancing in street - until other residents
(mostly black and Hispanic) gave them “attitude adjustments”

Dunkin Donuts near here - owners were celebrating - customers
took offense and gave them beatdowns (Dunkin Donuts in my
town is run by Muslims)

Afterwards nobody would go near place until closed......
E. Pluribus Unum's latest conspiracy theory makes no sense on many levels:
Bobby Jindal dropped out of the presidential race to sink Vitter.
Bloody Sam Roberts's evidenceless protestation of voter fraud slides right down to America dying, yet again:
Example of what could happen in the Presidential election, a fix that was in. America could be a communists dictatorship after 2016. Better watch out, King Obama is fixing the voting with illegal plants and double or triple voting.

Count on it. This is why it does not matter who gets the Republican nomination. The last two presidential elections were just warm ups. This next election will see voter fraud and electronic cheating on a massive scale. It's a done deal. Yet it won't keep me away from the polls.
Regulator knows all about every Democrat, regardless of what they say:
Edwards is an ENEMY.

If he claims to be a Democrat then he buys all of their nauseating attitudes: Abortion, Queer “marriage”, mass illegal immigration, Open Borders, punitive taxes, Statism, the massive federal government, indifference to Muslim terrorism, contempt for Congress, it goes on and on.

The fact that he tries to portray himself on the other side of these issues means he’s lying. If he isn’t, then why is he in their party?

This guy wants to HURT the United States for his own gratification. He’s only interested in ONE thing: his own privilege.
envisio doesn't get why the President of France doesn't treat Obama like the ISIS-lover everyone knows he is:
One would think the President of France would want to be in France right now, instead of being halfway around the world rubbing elbows with the one that supports the very people that terrorized his country.
Roman_War_Criminal is really angry at how words caused America's death:
All those White Men who fought & died for Freedom, and it was all brought down by one skinny, black, muslim, gay racist.

The entire country is lost because we allow the left to use language as a weapon. F’ them and everybody who plays by those rules.
Iron Munro is sure all Obama's actions in the Middle East have been a hoax:
He has been running a fake war against them.

He has been actually making war against those fighting ISIS.

Putin has stepped in to prop up the anti-ISIS element in Syria.
That is the main reason Obama is so P-O’d at Putin.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Spotlight Friday: Patton@Bastogne

A Freeper since 1998, and another engineer, formerly a FORTRAN programmer. He really comes to life during Presidential elections. Well, sort of life. He has a mechanistic system. He picks his chosen candidate (Newt, Cruz), and then makes a collage denigrating each of their opponents. He then pastes this same collage in every thread mentioning said opponent that he can find, generally without additional comment.

If he's feeling charitable, he'll do a similar repetitive copy-paste job promoting a thread he's posted about his chosen candidate.

So at any given moment his posting history has like three different posts on it, with each one posted twenty times.

His profile has a bunch of gifs proposing a 'Free Republic action network." Adorable.

Obama is serving both Muslims AND Russia:
Obama has given Iraq to the Caliphate, and Syria to Putin ...

after Putin threatened to blackmail Obama’s sorry corrupt ass with Hillary’s e-mails ...
Rick Santorum is secretly working for the Jeb Bush cabal!
Rick Santorum is Jeb Bush's political lap-dog whore ...

Follow the $$$ money ...
Somehow, I don't think he actually followed the money.

Impeach Obama and he'll burn the whole thing down!!!
I personally believe that "if" Obama faced genuine impeachment. he would attempt to physically destroy America, probably by starting WWIII with the Russians ...

After all, Obama's a muslim, most of whom are, by definition, clinically insane ...

And if starting CWII seems to work ... Obama would try that too ...
Obama used Ebola to destroy America's 2014 shopping season:
Boston / Philly / New York Ebola cases ?

Subways ... AMTRAC ... taxis ...

It's be a disaster ... all happening JUST BEFORE the CHRISTMAS SHOPPING Season.

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade may be a BUST.

"Thanks" ... Obama ... you "bastard" ...
That Hillary is unelectably ugly!
Hillary ! is going the (very ugly) way of Helen Thomas (RIP) ...

"No (hetrosexual) man" will EVER vote for that wrinkled b@tch ...
Treason. Treason. Treason.
That's the "dirty little secret Kenyan Elephant in the Living Room" reality in Washington, D.C. ...

It's as clear as the Noonday Sun over Mecca that Obama indeed wants ISIS to succeed ...

Under normal circumstances such actions would be considered (even by Bill Maher) as "treason".


A very ugly word that "no one" dares speak.
Except on Free Republic, where everyone is brave enough to say treason!

Obama and the military:
Sieg Heil, to the Sodomite Bastard Kenyan, Barrack Hussein Obama ...

Clearly, the long-term goal of Obama's "brownshirts", al a this Equal Opportunity "officer" ...

is to discourage FUTURE enlistments of Evangelical Christian Patriots to the U.S. Military.

Once this is accomplished, future U.S. Presidents can order the U.S. Military to OPENLY rape and pillage the U.S. Constitution ...

KNOWING that the U.S. Military had long ago lost it's Conscience.

This traitorous "bastard" from Kenyan should be court mashalled for treason, and left to ROT in a U.S. Military Prison.
Soon, Romney will move to destroy the only lace where Romney criticism is OK - Free Republic!
And "know this" ...

Free Republic is the "last bastion" of Romney criticism standing ...

and Romney will try ... with all his might, power ... and Bain Capital "mafia friends" ...

to DESTROY Free Republic ...

and do so without a SINGLE drop of blood on his GUILTY-AS-HELL hands ...

after all, he's a "professional" political assassin ...

To trust Romney is to trust Hilter and Stalin ....

and we all know how "that" turned-out ...

just ask Rippentropp ...
These days the pasting machine is tuned to Cruz:
Rush Limbaugh has best stated Senator Ted Cruz's strategic and magnificent contributions to defeating Obama and the GOPe-RINO establishment with these words:

We stopped the Gang of Eight bill. Ted Cruz led the fight against the establishment. We would be living under amnesty right now if Cruz had not succeeded.

Guess it sounds like Rush Limbaugh says that Ted Cruz is a "doer" as well as a great "speaker".

I agree with Rush Limbaugh.
And if you don't like Cruz...
You're free to disagree with Rush Limbaugh, ConservativeJoy and myself ...

I just hope that you don't lose too much money betting at Blackjack, Fantasy Football, or the Ponies ...
Donald Trump is a stalking horse for Cruz!
Vanity) : Donald Trump is FORCING Dr. Ben Carson’s Exit : Why ? To KEEP Ted Cruz at Number Two !
The Obamacare website was made to fail, in a well thought out plan for Obama to murderer Americans and turn America against him:
Personally, as a former computer programmer (FORTAN Expert system), I believe the software was deliberately written to fail.

Why ?

Because imagine the rest of the United States "political catastrophe" if everyone could visit an " quality website" ...

and just "click" ...

discover that they're premiums and deductibles have just doubled or tripled.

There would be blood in the streets.

So ... No ... this isn't about software.

Rather it's about one-million DEAD Americans come next Nov-2014 (election day) ...

DEAD Americans MURDERED by Obama "The Magic Negro" ... Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

DEAD Americans who were denied timely healthcare, hospital visits that were cut short, mortally sick patients who had their doctors changed and health plans canceled.

Those type of horrific DEATH memories and RAGING ANGER "transcend" GOP-RAT politics for most Americans.

People will FLOCK to the election polling places to DESTROY the Democratic Party.

Even James Carville and Howard Dean know this.

Remember what Obama "The Magic Negro" said in an off-hand remark when he ran against Romney in 2012 ?

"It's about REVENGE" ... or something close to that.

Well ... President Obama, you POS Kenyan importee, Islamic pig turd, and gay sodomite ...

your chickens are a' coming home to roost, butt-boy ...

paraphrasing the black-racist preacher boy of yours, Rev. Wright ...
Well, if Obamacare didn't doom Obama, Syria surely will!
The myth of German Invincibility was shattered in January 1943 when some 265,000 Germans surrendered to the Russian Red Army.

Just like the Germans' irreplaceable losses in men and equipment eventually cost them victory, Obama's incredible loss of face, honor (amongst staunch liberals), and political capital are staggering.

And even today, the Iranian leadership threatened to kidnap, rape and murder Obama's daughters if America attached Syria.

Clearly, America's Ignorant Sodomite Kenyan is being played globally as a "Monkey with a Hand Grenade" (as state by Putin's Russian news media) ...

and an abject pathetic excuse of a coward.

Even once loyal Black Americans are questioning Obama's emerging "gross stupidity" in this affair, and wish that other African Americans such as Condi Rice or Colin Powell were in charge.

Though not publicly reported in the "news media cycles" (yet), rest assured that the Halls of Congress are filled with whispers that "Obama's Finished".

Even GOP-E RINOs like "Juan" McCain have turned their backs on The Kenyan, once slavishly loyal politicians, who just recently, were the Washingtonian equivalent of "Obama's Sodomite Call Boyz".

The Judeau-Christian scriptures teach that "Pride goes before a Fall" ...

Perhaps The Almighty has determined that Obama's divine judgement is at hand ...
Giant Newt boner:
Newt's 2012 Presidential Primary campaign showed the rest of "geniune" Tea Party Conservative America how to kick the Liberal MSM's @sss during presidential debates ...

Newt Gingrich was "geniunely" the Last Conservative Standing ...

and he stood as the Ted Cruz / Winston Churchill of that strategic moment ...

Newt Gingrich scared the HELL out of the Karl Rove / Mitt Romney / Jeb Bush / Juan Mcain ... political whores of the E-GOP ...

especially with his INCREDIBLE South Caroline victory.

Finally, patriots like Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz and Newt Gingrich gives us ALL HOPE that The Lord God Almighty ...

still wishes to rescue the United States of America ...

from the Goddless Sodomite Pro-Abortion Allah-Worshippers ...

who seek to destroy HIS divinely-inspired creation.

P.S. Experienced political campaigners know that Newt Gingrich's 2012 presidential primary run was merely a warmup for 2016 ...

I personally met Newt and Callista Gingrich at the last Florida primary campaign stop in Tampa ...

they each graciously gave me their signatures in my copy of "The Federalist Papers" ...

As I departed that extraordinary "moment in time" ...

I looked at Newt Gingrich and said, "Thank you, Mr. President"

Newt Gingrich quickly, instinctively, looked up from his written signature,

as a sniper would when suddenly recognizing his prized target.

There was a genuine "fire in his eyes" ... the same fire that General Washington had at Valley Forge and Yorktown.

I will never forget that moment.

I firmly believe (and pray) that Newt Gingrich will be the 45th U.S. President of the United States of America.

"Let it be written. Let it be done."
Newt's affairs prove how patriotic he is!
"Energizer", you're probably like me ... just an average guy ... getting through life ... raising a family ...

We both probably work 50 weeks in an office or drive a truck or build houses ...

You and I HONESTLY don't have a leg to stand-on when it comes to criticiszing Newt ... or Tiger Woods for their stupid immoral transgressions ...

Why ?

First, Christ commands us NOT to ...

Second, "IF" we were powerful or wealthy ... with SCORES of beautiful, intelligent, sensuous Women hounding us EVERY DAY for "incredible" sex ...

how long (precisely) would you be able to say "no" ?

weeks ? months ? years ?

what if your spouse (secretly) spurned you at home, treated you with scorn and disrespect at home, as you slept on the sofa (alone) for weeks at a time ?

You have to admit that it would be "very" difficult to turn-down the emotional affection and more offered by a BEAUTIFUL admiring woman ...

I know that I would have trouble ... I guess that's why The LORD has made either you or I as a "Donald Trump" character in life ... we simply couldn't survive (morally) ...

So let's cut Newt some slack here ... He's supposedly living as a man whose sins Christ has forgiven ...

Just like Christ does for us when we (momentarily) stop and wonder (for a micro-second) what an incredible time we'd have with the beautiful, smiling 30-something single girl over in the next-door checkout aisle at Home Depot ...

and Christ just then reminds us that we're guilty of adultery
This wasn't a lecture, just the truth ... One of many anti- Doctor Carson collage:
Obama's a Muslim:
Obama is gonna give us all Ebola!
Not a fan of Romney:
Target: Rubio
Ted Cruz cheerleading lazy collage:
Anti-illegal immigration collage

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

No post today - I'm with my family.

Friday's set, but Saturday Pix may happen late.

I'm keeping an eye out for the Freeper Thanksgiving Sadness Thread to post next week though!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Obama shoots down Russian Jet, is Gay.

It's a helluva international incident, and I'm still not quite sure what to make of the ramifications. But Turkey shot down a Russian fighter jet after it flew over their airspace. Obama backed up Turkey, who is a member of NATO. So if Putin attacks Turkey, we're at war with Russia barring some fancy diplomatic footwork.

But Freepers don't much care about that - World War 3 is already happening in their heads, so all they care about is how to use this against Obama, or whoever else they don't like this momen.

Cue the half-baked conspiracies! Always good for when you're confused by events, but know you want to use them to attack Obama.

Neoliberalnot finds deciding who to side with is independent of what happened:
I side with Putin any day over a pack of Turkish Muslims.
soycd agrees - Turkey is preemptively evil.
Ethnic Russians are not evil islamo filth like Snackbar refuge in turkey. turkey should be removed from NATO or have its islamo government removed.
Democratic-Republican will NEVAR FORGET!
I'll warm up to Turkey when they give us back Constantinople. This would be a wonderful gesture of peace towards the West because as we all know, Islam is a religion of peace.
Cruz2Victory also digs deep into history to find a reason to resent Turkey:
Putin is right. Our muslims in the white house are happy that Turkey went all muslim again. Isis IS Islam, without all the head fakes. Turkey is where the muslims ended up last worldwide jihad, I think. They are just staging where they can pick up where they left off.
Zuben Elgenubi thinks Russia is just a catspaw of...Iran?
Somebody is bankrolling Putin during this war. Russia's GDP equals that of Italy. Does anyone think Italy could afford such military adventures?

Question is who is bankrolling. Putin was in Teheran the past two day, claiming part of that $150 billion in Iranian money, selling anti aircraft missles and uranium (of all things).
Blackyce thinks everyone is working for some Muslim!
Seems Turkey and Obama are working for the Jihadist.

Seems like Putin is working for the Ayatollahs.
Just like the Jews of the 1930s, the Muslims secretly control everything!

Biggirl loves her some Putin.
Turkey must have lost its collective mind.

Don’t f*** around with Putin. Unlike Obama, he actually means business.

BINGO! We have a WINNER!
Jeez, Biggirl! Calm yourself!
Unlike Obama, Putin puts his money where his mouth is. Erdogan had better watch his step.

Yep, because you cannot mess around with Putin.
manc thinks Obama ordered Turkey to do this:
Hmmm, doubt Turkey gave this order on their own..something stinks & it’s coming from the White Hut.

My thoughts too.

Fairy boy needs a diversion and a break from Russia’s bombing. What better way than to get the Turks who are and have never been a friend of ours to shoot a Russian plane down, thus hide behind NATO.

This all stinks of the white house yet again protecting ISIS and their crony pals.
butlerweave also thinks Obama's behind this:
Shooting down a Russian jet ,a little something Obama’s people and Turkey’s President cooked up at the G20 meeting to try to stop Putin bombing their friends
CivilWarBrewing doesn't really bother to think too hard about his Obama blaming:
Our Satan-in-Chief is trying to start WWIII.
Trumpinator does not take kindly to people noting that Russia isn't a superpower:
Russia does not have the means to declare and enforce a no fly zone over Syria. The US could do it, but not Russia.

Sorry for the Putanista’s reading this, but Russia’s military isn’t really all that strong. Only a fraction of it is considered 1st world and even Turkey could chase them out of Syria is they wanted.

Go back to Mecca.
dp0622 also finds blind hate to be a simplifying force on foreign affairs:
Not one drop of blood defending muslims anywhere anymore!!!!

and @$#@#$ the term “moderate rebels”.

What does that mean anyway? will someone PLEASE explain that to me.

Is that admitting that there are extremist muslim rebels? Obummer never uses that term, so what’s a moderate muslim look like.
dragnet2 is very pro-Putin, and is all over these boards defending him with some choice Freeper logic:
Our sovereign borders are violated by millions from God knows where during war time, leaving hundreds of thousands of American victims.

How come you and Obama not all concerned with that?
dragnet2 in a similarly fallacious vein:
Obama agrees with Turkey’s actions, and it appears you agree with Obama. No?
The best part? in Freeperland, that's legit reasoning!

dragnet2's rhetorical dudgeon gets so high he kinda throws over France and England and all US allies:
Anyone Obama supports or allies himself with, such as Turkey and ISIS, is suspect and questionable from my perspective.
Mat_Helm wants Obama impeached for treating our NATO ally Turkey like an ally:
Why is Obama still in office and not impeached? The muslim president is a traitor. Obomination arms ISIS and sends in U.S. aircraft to protect Turkey who is supplying ISIS and buying and shipping the ISIS oil in turn supplying ISIS with arms and Toyota trucks. Turkey bombs the Kurds who are the only folks standing their ground and killing ISIS. Why on earth are we letting Obama get away with this?
I know it's sorta sarcastic, but Forward the Light Brigade seems pretty excited about nuclear war, actually.
how many Nukes would turn the USA into a 3rd World pest hole?

The Good news—The illegals will flee first rather than glow and be drafted. Black Lives Matter will fade as the fake crisis it is when the Urban Blacks are killed in the Millions by Russian Nukes. We will not need to worry about Bruce Jenner when there is no internet or electricity any more. It will not be Global Warming—but Nuclear Winter to worry about. The draft will end unimployment problems. No need to worry about elections when Obama has the congress make him President-for-life.
Realizing that America hates Obama, stboz prays to Putin to save us all:
Here’s hoping Vladimir Vladimirovich realizes the p_Resident is no longer our “favorite” to live in the White Hut. Perhaps he can suggest that the Congress do its constitutional duty and impeach the boy.
Meanwhile, Cedar wishes Free Republic would stop with the humor already!
This thread is great. Lots of information. And no (lame) jokes being posted. This is FR at its best.

I know so little about the subject, I sure can’t comment on Putin and Turkey. But this thread is a place to learn— and an example of what FR can be once again if the constant joking will stop. A little humor is fine, but the comedians are trying to take over. I wonder sometimes if they are liberal plants just trying to wear everyone out. Many threads will have 50 joke attempts but only 3 or 4 informed posts.

Trump's Muslim registry: "He didn't say that - but he should have!"

In perhaps the epitome of a Trump news cycle, a reporter asked Trump if he'd be for registering American Muslims. He sort of generally goes along.

Another reporter follows up, and Trump of course doubles down.

But then Trump gets wind that this does not actually look good for him. So he reverses and blames the media.

Freepers, in maximum Nazi-but-for-Muslims mode, love the idea of a registry, but also love blaming the media. So they try to go along with this triple-reverse, and kinda split the difference, and try to paper over the confusion with righteous anger.

Jim Robinson just busts out with off-topic hatred of Muslims:
The simple truth is that all of Islam is at war with us and our ruling class refuses to believe it. Islam is an ideological movement with world conquest as it’s goal. All muslims are brainwashed from birth to hate Jews and Christians and to commit jihad (holy war) against the western world. They will have peace only after all other nations have been conquered and forced to submit to Islam.
Lumper20 knows the Founders wanted America non-Muslim:
It is a damn good idea. None of our founding fathers ever intended for a stinking Muslim to live here. Get out of America Muslim trash.
Sasparilla knows that Trump was talking about something unrelated to the reporter's question!
Trump was talking about the wall and legal entry to the USA,
Not registering Muslims, but registering legal immigrants as they came through the wall legally.

Idiot reporters think they have him with their fqntasy.
SC_Pete knows this was a coordinated conspiracy between everyone in America who isn't Trump or Cruz:
This was an orchestrated SMEAR—coordinated by the media, RATS, and GOPe. The hits were simultaneous and IMMEDIATE. Trump is fighting the evil of the world. God bless hom.
seekthetruth thinks a registry is a great idea:
In my opinion, ALL American Muslims who are really against Islamic Terrorism should be glad to have their names added to a data base. After all, they would have nothing to hide and certainly would not be carrying out any terrorist actions! So why would they fuss about it???
2nd Amendment is also a supporter of the thing Trump didn't say:
I’m a Cruz man, but the more I hear of Trump the better I like him!I think registering members of a known terrorist sect is a good idea!
Objective Scrutator wants MORE than a registry!
The Muslims should be lucky if a database is the worst they’re subjected to. They certainly deserve worse, and they certainly do worse to the non-Muslim societies they enter.
2nd Amendment gives us the thread title:
No, Trump didn’t say it! . . but he should have . .
nikos1121 may be confused, but this is good news for Trump:
This should add at least 5 more points to his lead...
TTFlyer knows with enough hatred, anything makes sense!
The Enemies of Freedom:

The Media

Democrat Party


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Cheering for ISIS

Just as they're in high dudgeon about a phantom horde of New Jersey Muslims cheering for 9-11, Freepers cheer for New York to experience it again, after ISIS says they're targeting New York as well as Washington DC:

Old Sarge knows New York is all liberal, and should therefore all die:
So let them detonate. They’re run off all the patriotic Americans, all that’s left are Leftists - the collateral damage to us would be minimal...
I want the USA back will believe everything ISIS says:
Believe these subhuman savages, even if 0bama won’t.
DiogenesLamp wants some media deaths in there:
Might I recommend that they visit the "news" outlets there? I can think of no better place for an ISIS attack than the headquarters of the Democrat Propaganda corps.
DiogenesLamp follows up by generally hoping for a terrorist attack with hundreds or a few thousands of casualties, to get America's hatred up to the appropriate level:
They and Us refuse to realize that the enemy is a doctrine called "ISLAM" (Submission. The word "Islam" means submission in Arabic.) and that they will never be safe unless they either "Islam" (submit) of wipe out those people trying to force them to "Islam." (submit)

We need an attack. We need an attack just like we needed Pearl Harbor. We must go to war with these bastards before the Iranians can produce their Nuclear bombs.

We are faced with a situation in which we would be better off to deal with the loss of hundreds or a few thousands of lives, rather than wait until these religious nut-jobs have Nuclear weapons, and are able to kill millions.

The only thing that will galvanize American will against "Islam" (submission) is another attack from "Islam".(Submission)
ilovesarah2012 hilariously tries to answer someone objecting (on the grounds that NYC might have a few conservatives still), with off-topic anti-Obama bluster:
but do you not realize that expressing disappointment that DC might not be hit, in favor of NYC, which would affect the lives of Freepers and other conservatives, is offensive? think about that. cheerleading for a hit anywhere on US soil is offensive

Obama is offensive. His supporters who want to bring possible terrorists into my country are offensive. Liberals who celebrate abortion are offensive. Those in my government who are working to silence Christians are offensive. Forcing homosexuality on children as normal is offensive. Fomenting racial animosity and encouraging riots and looting is offensive. Forgive me if I have no sympathy for Obama and his minions.
And of course, this works like a charm. He even gets an attaboy from OldSarge

gr8eman is pretty stoked that only evil liberal cities will be targets, not where 'regular Americans' live.
Once these people see that regular American won’t let them get away with raping and pillaging, they will all go to cities and continue their terror there. I don’t know if the libs are smart enough to figure that out yet, but they’re going to learn it pretty soon. It’ll be interesting what they’ll say about their demigod Obama after that!
Thank You Rush knows you can't blame Freeers for wishing for another 9-11.
None of us can be faulted for our thoughts at this point. I know what my doctor told me this morning when I had an appointment and he said he couldn’t say it to anyone but me. I told him I felt the same way but I hesitated to say it out loud! How far will we be pushed - even by those elected and sworn to protect us? HA! Those of us with a brain that we use know that protection is going to be up to us and no one else.

Trump: "thousands of people were cheering as those buildings came down,"

I can't keep up with Trump's latest blizzard of ant-Muslim crap, and the following Freeper simultaneous approval and spin. Especially since JimRob has gotten in on the action and is posting anti-Muslim screeds to whip up the troops.

Freeper Anonymous found the laame JimRob research, but for the good stories I went to the source: the initial post highlighted by ay-nony-nony The latest is Trump claiming he saw thousands and thousands of people in New Jersey cheering when the Twin Towers went down. JimRob has turned up 2 people in New Jersey and a video of some Pallestinians cheering. Freepers, beyond caring if the rest of America thinks this is ridiculous, make sure to fill in the gaps. Without citations, of course.

JLAGRAYFOX explains you need to trust Trump because...
Donald Trump does not lie...but Barack Hussein Obama & Hillary lie 100% of the time!!!
normbal is sure everyone saw the thousands celebrating!
EVERYONE saw this. It’s historically accurate. And so-called palestinians dancing in the streets handing out candy.
School of Rational Thought totally saw them guys!
I saw them cheering at the gym here in Troy, MI.
Lurker didn't see anyone celebrating, which is good 'cause he's a badass:
I’d have killed them on the spot.
GrandJediMasterYoda was a racist cab driver at the time:
They were also cheering over the Paris attacks. They’re ALL full of BS, every last one of them.

I use to drive a Yellow taxi in New York city about 10 years ago and worked with a lot of Muslims, all the time they would tell me 911 was justice for what the USA did to Muslims.

Oh yes, and the Jews..Everything was the fault of the Jews. Gas too high? It’s because of the Jews. Too much traffic? It’s because of the Jews. A bridge is closed? It’s because of the Jews. Toll increase? It’s because of the Jews. Rents too high? It’s because of the Jews.

That we have ANY Muslims in this country will always put us at risk for a terror attack, they’re all sc*mbags not to mention disgusting pigs who would piss in the cab rather than use a bathroom. I use to get cabs that smelled like sewers, one time they even gave me one with feces on the drivers seat.
On a similar note, usafa92 blames Muslims for his firty public bathroom:
On that same note, if you’ve ever been to Israel, you’ll notice the Palestinian controlled areas are filthy, trashy pig stys. They’re filty, disgusting, lazy pigs.

They do it here too. They stand on the damn toilets and break them, and half the time they miss the bowl. Our company was constantly sending out notices to use the facilities properly but to no avail. Most of them are savages and have no intention of assimilation.
Yes, the famous Muslim ritual of standing on a toilet...

Old Yeller is still stuck on black-hating gear:
They were cheering like the negroes did when O.J. Was acquited.
gop4lyf is also having trouble getting with the Muslim-hating times:
I don’t remember where I saw it, but I have seen a video of a paleo-BLM type saying that they weren’t concerned about the attacks because it was mostly white people that were killed. I believe it was on 9/11 or very soon after. I’ve only seen it once.
Phinneous saw a video!
I remember seeing video of arabs dancing on 3rd Ave in Brooklyn...

Anyone else?
null and void is the best: he heard a report from a fellow Freeper:
A FReeper reported a similar thing on 9/11, a local muslim owned store had a TV on and they cheered every time the network replayed the towers falling.
miss marmelstein is always eager to see what needs to be seen:
They did in Brooklyn as well. Nothing new here.
moehoward brings in England:
Hell there was video of pubs in Britain where they were cheering.
HarleyLady27 remembers how on 9-11 they played the cheering from Michigan, and worldwide. Also Obama woulda celebrated if he was President!
I seen it when I was arriving to was on T.V. it not only happened in New Jersey, it happened in Dearborn Michigan, and across parts of the U.S. and the world...

Why is it so hard to understand that there are people out there trying to KILL us??? What part of that don't people understand? Are they hiding under a rock?

Come on, open your eyes and see what's going on around you!!!

I'm thankful we had GWB as our President during all of this, I can just imagine the parades of muslims in the streets and the Rainbow Hut lite up in muslim colors if obuma would have been where he is now....
nopardons remembers a story about celebrating children:
It should be in the archives of the N.Y.C. papers and probably Jersey ones too.

There were even stories of little Muslim kids celebrating in schools, which horrified the other kids.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Monday Potpourri Pt. II

Art in Idaho is letting Trump know how to lock up the coveted NewsMax demographic:
Levin, Rush and Hannity as moderators or no more debates. They'll also be the moderators in the Trump/Hillary or Cruz/Hillary debates - or no debates. End of story. Start doing the Art of the Deal. Why should the left always determine the agenda? The MSM are all dem activists. To hell with them. These are our terms. Take it or leave it. Oh, and we need to know in one hour. .
KGeorge had some darker folks open a store near him, and is ready to start shooting:
Our government won’t take *common sense* steps to remove the threat of terrorism from our communities, then the people in those communities need to drive them out & God Willing, law enforcement will look the other way.

If the government can make lame excuses, then so should we.

(My neighborhood is overrun. Another new muzzie business opened up a little ways down the street just last weekend.)
frnewsjunkie is pretty excited about firing all Muslims, and forgetting about the Constitution:
I have no, absolutely NO qualms about shutting down mosques, keeping refugees out.. firing muslims from teaching, preaching, government jobs.. this is not normal times when we have the luxury of giving any of them due rights afforded to the rest of Americans.

This has gone on long enough. They are not here to assimilate.. they are here to take over.. to kill if they can and if we don’t conform to their ways.. to their sharia laws.. to their beliefs.

they are not here to be nice... they are here to take over this country.. America.. and take Jerusalem as their capital.. where they believe they can rule the world..

Given the fact they believe they are the only ones who have a god... forgetting/disbelieving in THE GOD.
WilliamofCarmichael thinks going Nazi on the Muslims would just be karma:
Talk about Karma! What if the very same Islamists partnered with Hitler to rid the planet of Jews really were subject to the very same abuse.

The difference of course is the Jews were not beheading, raping, murdering . . . .

Nothing wrong with nice comfortable "Sharia Camps" for Islamists, Jihadists..

while secular Muslims are accepted and protected. In my view.
Cen-Tejas is very excited about the idea of a new World War 2, but this time versus Muslims:
I think we are close to a WW II type effort! Meaning “The Allies” took on the Axix powers and devoted 100% of all nations human and material and emotional resources to the eradication of the Nazis and the Japs and the fascists of Mussolini.

Now, WW III will concern itself with turning Islam into the same dirty word “Nazi” has evolved to and the N word!

All western countries are going to have to join in and occupy whatever and whichever Muslim lands to eradicate 12th Century Islam. In the course of executing the “occupation” all principles and adherents of radical Islam will be hung, just like we hung the Nazis and the Japs and Hussein.
KittenClaws is all about literally branding Muslims:
I was thinking more along the lines of an image of a pig branded onto their foreheads.

Terrorists can not be compared to Jewish suffering. The Jews of Germany did noting to deserve their treatment, but muslim pigs have.
Sans-Culotte cites with approval previous attempts at genocide:
To me, this has to be handled the same way as the persecution of the medieval Jews or the American Indians. If we decide we cannot live with bombings and mass shootings and sabotage on a regular basis, we are going to have to expunge the people who are doing this.

It would mean we would be living in a place where there are signs that say things like "no Muslims allowed". Muslims will walk into establishments and be told "we don't serve your kind here!"

They will have to be run off, or treated so badly they carry themselves off. They are too entrenched in our society to do this any other way.

Do we as a people want to go there? Surely some innocent people would be caught in the nets along with the guilty. But it is clear that Islam is simply not compatible with any of the ideals of the West.
dragnet2 has decided zombie-like is just an insult and needn't have anything to do with zombies:
It’s a no brainer really. The violent zombie like fanatics want in so they can kill us. So why not just come in like millions of others have done illegally for decades. Things need to change fast.
silverleaf saw a sinister tour bus!!!
I have read other reports of people seeng buses loaded with ui people, heavily tinted windows , heading to parts unknown

Time to start paying attention
DungeonMaster hates his Democratic parents:
Everything he says is so infuriating I can no longer talk peaceable with any Democrats. Maybe my parents but I don’t like doing it.
subterfuge tells what everyone knows:
Trumpinator explains that electing Obama made America Muslim property:
Once a Muslim like Obama rules a country it falls under the Islamic concept of religious conquest of the infidel aka fatih and is to be forever ruled by a Muslim or to be retaken in jihad if need be.

As soon as Obama became president, in the eyes of the "Ummah" the USA is fatih and the non Muslims dhimmis of that land to be enslaved as the Muslims see fit.
lgjhn23 thinks it's time to assassinate Mr. Media:
When a fish stinks, the head stinks first.
Who is the head of most of the Media?
That’s the person that’s pulling the strings.
Take that person out of the picture and the media should go back to being just the media.
Dagnabitt thinks Carson only got where he is because he's black:
Ben Carson is the least qualified candidate running for president. A serial exaggerator with zero executive experience and zero legislative experience - were he white, he would be anonymous.
Norm Lenhart goes one step further and speculates that only a white dude could actually be a good a brain surgeon:
I am starting to seriously wonder if all the stories of his brilliance as a surgeon arent like those of Obama being a constitutional scholar. Did Carson do all there freat feats in the OR or was he assisting someone else of a lighter color that actually did the work?

I am not saying that is the case. But I have one hell of a hard time equating the ‘reputation’ with the reality of the man.
I love it when Freepers like dhs12345 thinks some petty little tantrum would actually be a grand gesture and bring America over to the GOP:
The candidates should show up and then refuse to answer any questions. And use CNNs expensive air time to demand an apology and to discuss the selective editing of the audio tape.

And then, spend the remaining time walking out to the audience and shaking everyone’’s hands.

Monday Potpourri Pt. I

dragonblustar is thinking seriously about the logistics behind the Pope calling a crusade:
How about instead starting a new crusade?

Big problem is that majority of Europe has become atheist or agnostic since the last crusade.

When reading the Bible, every time Israel strayed from God, God would use foreign armies to destroy her. Seems this same thing is happening to Europe.

America has been invaded too, but most of our invaders are at least from Catholic countries. That is until recently, when Obama has increased the number of muslims coming in.
Mr Ramsbotham knows compassion and empathy are just weapons of the enemy now:
Too bad for the orphans, but the enemies of Western civilization have used our compassion and empathy, the likes of which have never been seen in human history, as a bludgeon to continually beat us with. We haven’t any more the luxury of allowing it, just as the ancient Jews discovered that they could no longer honor the Sabbath when under attack.
Chgogal knows what to do with refugees, or as he calls them 'combatants in civilian garb.'
[T]he rubber boats with combatants in civilian garb need to be sunk on sight.
Biggirl is pretty happy with the carnage in Paris:
Pretty much the events of last week handed to Mr. Trump the 2016 Presidential election.
Prolixus is sure Hillary will institute the police state Obama never did:
If the SPLC gets their way, and they often do, we will be charged with hate crimes for visiting FR. Hillary Clinton quite readily stated that the NRA and "probably" Republicans are her enemies. If she is elected POTUS, what do you think will happen?
CivilWarBrewing continues to be angry and paranoid re: Obama and Muslims:
I'm sure this will 'inspire' 0bamadullah to ACCELERATE the import of Syrian 'refugees'. Dirty rotten TRAITOR SOB MARXIST MUSLIM GAY ILLEGAL ALIEN HE IS.

How many people have to DIE at the hand of the DEATH CULT CALLED ISLAM before people realize that ISLAM MUST BE OUTLAWED AS IT IS A DEATH CULT THAT PREYS ON THE INNOCENT?

Walkingfeather is carefully parsing Obama's speech about Paris:
notice how he is careful to say “ How We need to make sure children are not being infected with this twisted notion that they can somehow kill innocent people....”

You are focusing on the wrong part... you are focusing on the “We” It is the last part of the sentence ... the notion of killing “ INNOCENT” people. You see he believes that the Koran is Holy and scared, he believes that alah has judged already and therefore others ARE NOT INNOCENT! That is the point.
Salvavida wants some quality Franch ethnic cleansing:
The only metrics that are real are those that correspond to reality: kick the Muslims out of France, burn their mosques to the ground, and bring the sword to them without quarter.
JimSEA finds new depths to his hate:
I had thought that nothing Obama could say could further deepen my hatred for Obama. I was wrong, his speech was stunning.
miss marmelstein, who claims an encyclopedic understanding of gay people, is going to burn bridges with some transsexual she knows.
What do you tell a friend who has just told you that his niece is now a nephew (a scientist, by the way) and you have to accept it?

She, of course, was a lesbian who decided to do The Full Monty. My friend expected me to jump with joy and I didn’t. I told him it was ridiculous and that I had no intention of honoring her choice. I just will avoid her like the plague!
txrefugee slanders Truman:
Putin sounds like Truman.
I Hired Craig Livingston may not be clear on the Nazi philosophy:
Himmler, at least, is on record as bemoaning the fact that Germans hadn’t adopted Islam because it was compatible with their aims and Christianity was counterproductive to it.
Norm Lenhart is hoping Russia takes us over:
We proved we are too collectively stupid to live as free people and govern ourselves. A guy like Putin looks good to anyone remaining sane when compared to the tribal chaos of Obamerica.

When Russia traces these guys to a Barry/GOP funding source, we should turn them ALL over willingly and wash our hands of it. Them and any of their lesser evil accomplices.
dp0622 is too furious to copyedit his story about how his coworkers were all strawman liberals whose bedroom habits he knows very well:
guy in nyc told me there were only 8. out of ALL those refugees.

heard the same thing when i worked at rock plaza during 9/11 from some gay dude

i wanted to slug the guy..

another guy actually told me the following,



Sorry, forgot to shut off caps.

Very German looks. blond/blue. that was different.

lots of gay guys in graphics. maybe 20 percent of us were straight. which was cool because the gals in the office were gorgeous. INSANE but gorgeous.

the only conservative besides boss out of 50 workers, was i.

boss was a real white power kind of guy lol.

i went along with it and had it made Then a fellow paesono took over and i had it made :)
Jim Robinson is pining for McCarthyism, but against Muslims:
Muslims use our laws and freedoms of religion to fight against any constrictions or interference in their agenda and establishment of their Mosques and Community Centers as their beach heads.....they utilize a vast number of ‘Attorneys’ who focus on just how to ‘use’ and ‘abuse’ our laws and freedoms favorably toward Muslims but their motives have nothing to do with “freedom’.....rather to continue the march of making America an Islamic Nation.

‘Stealth Jihad” is making huge progress here ...and they have many times said they will conquer this nation without firing a single bullet as they infiltrate our political and legal systems. There is no pushback currently to speak of against this.

Someone in congress needs to take this subversive un-American activity into question. Are you now or have you ever been a jihadist?
Jane Long is sure all the people she has made up are working together:
Jihadists an Commies are in cahoots to achieve their ultimate goal of infiltrating and destroying the USA.
Objective Scrutator wishes we had the election while people are at their most objective:
I wish the election was held today. Conservatives would win in a blowout, and no realistic amount of Dhimmicrat poll-tampering would change that.
Dead Corpse is still making dire threats of violence:
If you want to see what “deadly rage” really looks like, keep pushing us you jug-eared freak.

Shall not be infringed.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Spotlight Friday: bert

Ahhhh...bert. "Kent State did not result in nearly enough deaths."

Having done a search, it looks like he may be the most sited Freeper on this blog - this is gonna be a long one!

bert is always willing to go beyond his fellow Freepers whether with Muslims, women, or blacks. And always willing to declare something the enemy, whether it's General Electric, Comcast, or a fellow Freeper who pastes something once too often. He is also not afraid to repeat himself, about a General Sheridan quote, ejecting New York from the Union, what The Wire teaches about black people, or dancing on the edge of nigger (nigball, nigerific, nigfic, etc.) The other greatest hits are scornfully calling Obama and other prominent liberals pacifists and explaining that the Emancipation Proclamation was an unjust taking of property, seemingly without understanding what the implication of that logic is.

His profile is amazing. He includes some titles:
K.E.= Knight Errant

N.P. = Natural Philsopher

+12 = carbon positive

(K.E. N.P. N.C. +12)

Further down he explains N.C. stands for Neo Confederate. His profile also contains a paean to Don Quixote, which seems fitting. He's in his 70s, but was some kind of engineer. And this means he thinks anyone who doesn't have a technical degree is a lousy Democrat.

Nowadays he spends his time making an exhaustive study of caterpillar color variation and hating everyone not white and male.

His most common post
Purge new York from theunion

The state is simply no longer America
More purging:
Purge Westminster

It is simply not required in America
He changes the phrasing, but here's a decent idea of his Quixotic crusade

Aren't in a scientific, technical, engineering or mathematical field? You are probably a liberal:
Those that can STEM. Those that can’t vote Democrat
It's not racism, because it's only the blacks who live in cities!
There is confusion between being racist and describing a sub culture.

Being a culturist and discussing subcultures is not being racist. It seems pretty obvious that in the cited neighborhoods there is a criminal subculture that is a portion of a larger community that taken together is a minority of the American population.

The black urban subculture is inherently criminal all across the country.
Criminal, and not really American:
the problem is not American law enforcement but the black american subculture that masquerade as Americans
Everything he knows about urban black people, he learned on The Wire:
I am a fan and a student of a TV series called The Wire. Although the 5 year series ended several years ago, it predicted exactly the incident in question where a kid became a serious liability and was eliminated. In our society today, a kid can commit serious crimes and receive no punishment because he is a kid.

I can not stress enough the understanding of today that can be gleaned from watching and in fact studying the various characters that make up the narrative of the Wire. The Wire is set in Baltimore and all the people recently/currently in the news there are depicted in the fictional TV series of several years ago.
Not his first post on this theme.

And the blacks in Africa.
white men prefer families to the village of unaccountable promiscuity of matriarchal africa
Also not racist - thinking you need to pay for those emancipated farm equipment:
Emancipation was an illegal proclamation

It was an unconstitutional taking
It's just that minorities can't be educated:
You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink

You can lead a minority to school, but you can’t make him think
In fact, minority repression is the natural order:
This is a basic Darwinian process........ survival of the fittest.

Being a minority with special needs means those needs can not be met because limited resources are expended for the greater good.

The whole point of the Obama presidency was to destroy the natural order.
Thus, any amount of force is fine when used against blacks:
The negress at the scene was typically black and resisted.

when black people learn they have no right to resist, the world will be better
Lets call Obama racist in the same sentence we call him 'boy!'
Remember, the boy in the White House is a black racist
He's so not racist he loves to nig things up!
it is a nigflic and they fear the KKK will picket in protest
More hilarity!
it is racist black mail using nigball as the excuse
Black America is soon gonna die:
Zimmerman will be the cross upon which Black America is crucified and dies
Speaking of Zimmerman's shooting of Travon Martin, he was an enthusiastic rumormonger about that too:
So far, none of the MSM has asked how many kids now have no biological father since Travon died
And speculation about Marilyn Monroe being forced to go black:
Some say that Marilyn Monroe suicided after JFK handed her off to MLK
Germany was are best when they keep their bloodlines pure:
the genetic diversity induced by losing WW II diluted what was fundamentally German

Russian and American occupation sperm are responsible
What does this even mean?
The devil is not negro
Also incomprehensible:
Her father yelled at her pregnant mother’s swollen belly..... are you a girl or a boy?

hillary thought from the womb...... I think I’m a man
Putin will defeat Obama, and liberalism:
Putin is good for America. He has shown that Obama is weak and totally ineffective. His followers are all wound up in ideology that is shown to be failing. The collapse of liberalism is in process.

Putin is removing some of the props
Cheney love:
Dick Cheney had gravitas.

He was elected. He was and still is feared
General Sheridan
Was General Sheridan a right winger?

I think he was quoted “The only good queer is dead queer”

Of course that would be not PC today and he probably would have caught hell for saying it. The thought police would have been all over him
He loves him that quote, a whole lot.

Obama: Peacenik!
Recall if you can, the word Peacenik.

Obama is one

There must be peace at any cost (what ever peace is)
2009 hoping:
By july 23 it will be all over
2010 hoping:
I wrongly predicted the coup to take place around July 23, 2009. That was 6 months plus a day or two from inauguration and was about as long as I thought the Messiah would be tolerated. Perhaps I got the year wrong. Maybe 2010?

The coup will be action by the Praetorians. Like Caligula, the Messiah will be terminated and a Claudius inserted in his place. The nation will cheer.
2014 hoping:
The time for the Coup D’etat is drawing near
Yes, Obama is a terrified dictator:
I think Obama is at panic........ he may even have had or certainly is near the Ceausescu moment

He can never go into the public, before such a crowd as those that gathered to hear other presidents. He doesn't dare. He is a prisoner contained by extremely vetted very small audiences
Yes, Obama's assassination is nigh, because Lincoln:
He fancies himself as Lincoln and the Emancipation Proclamation that was also illegal.

He was so tightly focused, he forgot about Boothe
Corporate priorities are gayness, not profits!
Stroking the Queer culture is more important than profit.

Profit is a sin for queer, moonbat anti capitalists.
Women can't be independent, so they turn liberal:
single women,——

at some point after a meal of Ramen noodles in an apartment with the lights off and heat cut back to 65 degrees the single women that insist on a life goal and purpose of making a difference come to a very harsh realization....... it ain’t going to happen

They then reach out submissively for a daddy that can’t knosc them up but will pay some bills

American tragedy
Comcast is an enemy:
Univision is NBC, Comcast that is also an American enemy
Patton@Bastogne's antipathy with Carson makes him an enemy:
stop the have become the enemy of all good and true FReepers
Problem solving: throw a collective GOP tantrum right on the Senate floor:
Go to the floor and get in Dingy Harry’s face. Intimidate him, make him mad, induce appoplexy, induce stroke.

Disrupt, disrupt disrupt. Speak loudly, even yell over the top of every democrat who comes to the floor. Make comments about their drunken wives. Slander their grand children.

Generally, destroy the alleged decorum already badly broken by the disgusting procedure changes. Make the Rat’s lives miserable and make them mad as hell.
Lets start arresting immigration officials:
arrest and jail ICE officers. Arrest and jail DHS and DEA and ATF officers.
In fact, just jail everyone who works for the AP:
The AP has outlived it’s usefullness and must be abolished as an American enemy propaganda outlet. Those that write for the rag must be rounded up.
Wish we'd shot more hippies:
Kent State did not result in nearly enough deaths. Had there been more, Obama and Hillary would not or rather could not have risen to power.
So long as we're a police state, why not go with some CIA assassination of politicians?
The CIA should arrange a stroke or cardiac arrest for the committee head releasing the report
Hang John McCain
by attacking the very fabric of the Republic using the IRS as a weapon, McCain is the enemy and is as guilty as Lois Lerner who must be executed for her crimes
And of course...
one wonders, why is soros breathing still
Naturally, Obama must also die:
for American flowers to bloom, Obama must be in CLAY
Haha just joking, Obama is forever:
they will never be gone. they will just be out of office but still here

Hillary has shown the way. start a charity that perpetuates the administration as a shadow government.

Obama is forever
When can he just shoot anyone looking Muslim?
Will a vigilante movement rise up and begin to slay the bearded young men that speak arabic?
Vince Foster explained:
The body of vince was driven up a weed overgrown drive and then carried through the woods a hundred yards or less then arranged on the back slope of a gun emplacement at the extreme edge of the park.

Vince was killed elsewhere, probably the White House
More Foster
Remember the guy that rolled up dead vince in the carpet? and carried him to ft Marcy Park?

he probably had a top secret clearance

A top secret clearance is required where criminal activity and money is in play
Obama plays golf because he can cheat:
Obama plays golf because he knows he can not prevail and is powerless to actually do anything. The stress of being a loser drives him to the golf course where he can lie about his score and stroke his self esteem.
Family troubles:
The best I can do is to try to educate and train our 11 grandkids.


I have but one and he has a mother that I worry about
Against the wall!!!

Stand them all against the wal!!