Thursday, May 31, 2012

Initial reactions to the John Edwards verdict

There was a mistrial for John Edwards, but it was announced after Rush went off the air! Thus, Freepers flail and are petty until the narrative is laid out for them.

 onyx is sure there's partisan corruption here somehow:
Yep. Typical corrupt democrat skates.
Fuck yes, Uncle Slayton
Agents of the Obama-Clinton-Soros-Edwards Machine must have gotten to the jurors.
 -Clinton-Soros-Edwards Machine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You keep working your magic, man!

 NormsRevenge knows it was those ladies:
Did he smile and wink at the jury..
 tennmountainman also hates the jury:
Looks like the same jury that let Casey Anthony off.
These jury morons probably don’t even have a high school education.
 He actually gets dinged for being elitist.

Russ seems to think Democrats still love Edwards:
Now he can run for President in 2016. He will be a shoo-in for the nomination. Dems love the corrupt, the liars,and adulterers. Edwards is the whole package.
 tflabo gets a bit ribald:
Silky Pony rides again. Is Rielle gonna ride him like a Lady Godiva, ehehehe. Taxpayers savings let him go-who cares-—hes done politically.
 Fishtalk thinks this is bad news - for John McCain.

For now, until I learn more, let me summarize with the thought that if John Edwards is not found guilty of violation of campaign finance laws, NOBODY EVER WILL!!
But darn if our guy, Juan McCain, didn’t waste yea many years of his life on campaign finance reform, not because Americans across the fruited plains couldn’t sleep at night for concern about it, but all to make Juan look like the hand-across-the-aisle he wanted to be perceived as.
All the while a Marxist was arming up, choosing his Communist army, getting money from Planned Parenthood and public service unions, all ready to transform this country while John refused to allow mention of his middle name and continued pushihng his campaign finance reform. I sleep better every night knowing this law finally got passed.

Congressional burglaries

In a story I must admit I did not see covered much, it seems some liquor, computer equipment and whatnot has been stolen from three Republican congressional offices.

Freepers, ever eager to jump to conclusions, declare this Obama's Watergate.  For reals, this time!

 treetopsandroofs knows this is big!
This is how Watergate would have been reported with a ‘Rat president.
Gaffer is pretty sure Obama's involved.
Thieves with White House passes is my guess.
wrencher just knows it's Negroes:
If they find out who it is, don’t be surprised if he has a father that looks like Obama.
Col Frank Slade is adorable:
Nice to know they keep alcohol in their offices....
Actually, that may explain a lot....
No one tell him about Congress in the 70s, eh?  TurboZamboni is comfortable enough to be racist:
Well they do spend like drunken ____...
That blank?  It isn't 'sailors.'

Lazamataz has enough evidence to know who's responsible!
It's not all that baffling.
Note that only Republicans were burglarized, and staffer computers were stolen.
Eric Holder. Barack Obama. Very simple, actually.
Why Holder?  MHGinTN blames affirmative action for the low caliber of Obama's thieves:
Sounds like some of the less than professional hires common to this thuggish administration. The ‘thieves’ photgraph data but are so amateurish that they steal items out in the oipen in offices.
When they broke into Trey Gowdy’s office they revealed for whom they work, IMHO. Eric ‘Just Us’ Holder needs something, anything, to blackmail Gowdy into backing off.
I hate these obamanoid thugs and the fraud train affirmative action sonofabitch they rode in on.
Come NOvember, We The People must boot the bastards out, because it’s a sure thing the feckless Republican Congress won’t do it. They have too many ‘skeletons’ in their own closets.
These ‘thieves’ were looking for ‘skeletons’.
 Erik Latranyi has a theory:
Here is my theory:
The thefts cover INSERTING information into the oversight or homeland security documents to cover for malfeasance so the administration can say “everybody knew”.
 George from New England knows that no matter what happens, it's Obama's fault.
My Thursday prediction... There will be (probably false) reports of more break-ins, in (D) offices, just to balance the fact that only (R)s have been hit so far.

Obama's kill list.

Yesterday I classified the three types of events that set off Freeper crazy.  The news that Obama has a list of Al-Queda people to target with his drones is certainly type 2.

Freepers love a badass government that assassinates foreigners, but hate Obama.  What to do?

Mostly, it seems, just make up reasons why when Obama does it, it sucks:

JudgemAll explains kill lists are gay:
Obama the narcissist has a kill list of his own every time a head pops up in front of him that makes him feel “criticized” or “inadequate”, because he is a faggot muslim.
He must get a hard on getting into the intimate secrets of Bin Laden...
unkus knows this means Obama killed Breitbart.
I wonder how many other “kill lists” Obama “personally oversees”.
albie also with the gay:
Only the straight ones make the list.
 TruthShallSetYouFree hypothesizes that Obama's not really responsible:
They had to set up a grid for Obama that looks like the NCAA basketball brackets before he would deal with it. He picked Kentucky over Abdul Rahman Yasin in the finals.
It sounds flippant, but this is basically the Freeper version of the Bin Ladin raid. What starts as a mean joke soon becomes gospel truth with these folks.

 Gaffer knows Obama's too lazy for a kill list:
A lot of work for a slacker that doesn’t even start his schedule until 9 AM and then clocks out at 3 PM.....yeah, this is really believable
 biggredd1 agrees
commie valerie jarrett has said that commie kenyan obama is NOT a morning person. The list is probably distributed early afternoon.
 Sub-Driver is happy the left Obama worshiping strawman is unhappy:
  A few heads just exploded on the left........
 jospehm20 knows the list is just more proof Obama's a terrorist:
He does that to make sure none of his close friends are targeted.
 tobyhill chalks this, and everything else Obama does that he might approve of, up to politics:
  The polls must really show Obama in trouble.
 jmax thinks the list is a way to blackmail big Muslim money:
Those who don’t ‘bundle’ a couple of million $$$ for his campaign, stay on the list.
 LibLieSlayer manages to think both that a kill list is totally common, but also Obama's lying.
  1) There has always been a “kill list”... even when the coward draft dodging clintoon was in office.
2) Everything that we were told after bin laden was killed... if he was killed... was all staged and a lie.
3) obamao never gave the go order to kill bin laden... those around him knew he couldn't do it so the decision was made for him and he was forced to go along after the fact.
4) Everything out of this administration is a lie. Anyone supporting or believing in obama is far too stupid to be allowed to vote. This is 100% bovine poop!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

'Polish Death Camps'

 The three best sources for Freeper crazy are when 

1) something agrees with a narrative they have - time to overplay their hand!
2) something disagrees with a narrative they have  - time to streeeeeetch to maintain coherance!
3) something that is so minor it has no narrative weight - time to make it super important!

So basically everything.

In a textbook example of case 3, Obama misspeaks in an awards ceremony for a Polish anti-Nazi hero.  Freepers realize this is no mere misstatement, it is evidence Obama's a Nazi/Muslim/racist/stupid/Russian!

353FMG knows Muslims hate Poles on account of the Nazis:
The man is a muslim — what do you expect him to say?
BTW muslims were on Hitler’s side.
Jack Hydrazine  also senses Muslimness
He’s not a moron, just a lover of the Islamo-Nazi organization, Muslim Brotherhood.
If you look at the links between Islam and the Nazi Brotherhood and Obama more than likely being a Muzzie then it’s completely par for the course that he say something such as this.
What's with Muzzie anyhow, it's like they're trying to make a new ethnic slur catch on.

exit82 has further evidence, after checking into seventeenth century Islamic history!
Obama, the good Muzzie that he is, knows that it was the Polish Cavalry that broke the siege of Vienna in 1673 by the Muslims.
Verginius Rufus knows this is a symptom of Obama's out of control racism:
For Obama they are all just “typical white folks.” Differences between Germans, Poles, Jews, Russians, etc., are trivial. The only difference that matters is black or not-black.
immadashell knows natural born citizens never misspeak:
It looks like the only group who haven't figured out the usurper by now is the lamestream media led by the NY Slimes. 
jakerobins thinks Obama is trying to piss off Poland in a scheme to destroy Europe:
Obama continuing to alienate allies! Leave it to an authoritarian socialist like barry......God help Poland if Barry gets re-elected and Putin decides he wants Eastern Europe.
LibertyRocks takes this all very personally:
We have (we believe - yet to be confirmed through genealogical sources) members of our own family listed by Vad Yashem as having been murdered trying to hide a family of Jewish neighbors under their barn - a mother, and a 4-year-old girl shot, their father remains unaccounted for to this day.
This hits home for me in a very real way. My disgust is literally making me sick to my stomach. I’ll tell you one thing I know - Poles KNOW Fascism and Communism first hand, and if Obama is trying to propagandize these people he is even more of a fool than I thought.
 This pattern of fake outrage to one's fellow Freepers has always struck me as odd - who are you trying to convince?

SuziQ knows the media was all over Bush's misstatements!
my first thought was "what if George W. Bush, or Sarah Palin had said this"? The MSM would have been all over them like white on rice, and we'd be hearing about it for weeks.
 immadashell agrees, after surveying the five gaffes Obama's made in the past four years:
In defense of 0dumb0sh_t, please remember he has a lot of geography & other facts to keep track of, with the 57 states plus 2 more but not Hawaii, the island of Maldives off the coast of Argentina, the Austrian language, Navy corpse men, which year it is, and the list just goes on & on & on.... poor 0dumb0sh_t! So much to keep track of and so little time!
By this time in Bushes first term there must have been 50 books written about his gaffs. Has anyone seen even one about the zero? 
Dear Poland,
America takes no responsibility for the big-eared moron and his hairy, bushwhacking wife. He doesn't even know how many States we have. Please direct your anger at Kenya and feel free to punish them, harshly.

To be fair, I can see liberals writing a similar thing re: Bush, only without the shots at his wife or the birtherism.

Gumdrop allows Obama's so stupid because he's racist!
I remember that Minster Louis Farakhahn was also in attendance at many of Trinity Church’s sermons by Rev. Jeremiah Wright. In fact, this so-called Christian church did not require baptism to be a member of the congregation and often included Muslims like Calypso Louie. Since Farakhahn addressed the congregation many times, and since Calypso Louie insulted Pope John Paul II many times,(He wears a dress, He is so old he needs a diaper, etc.), so maybe Obama does think the Poles are the culprits in WWII. His history knowledge is at about the First Grade level.
RoosterRedux sees evidence Obama's staff hate him:
Perhaps insulting the Poles sends a message to someone else.
Or perhaps Obama was sabotaged by his speech writers or someone else...or perhaps his staff has such low moral and energy it is becoming error prone.
 FrdmLvr actually expects this to effect the vote in November:
This ain’t gonna play well with Poles in Pennsylvania, Detroit, Chicago who tend to be blue collar Democrat union members who probably voted for him in 08. They take great pride in their Polish heritage and their Catholic faith. This, along with the recent abortion mandates for Catholic hospitals have got to be making some of them decide to either sit home or go for Romney in November.

Romney Clinches nomination

Freepers do not give up hope!

Still Thinking laments how fictional characters aren't on the ballot:
Greaaaaat. I want Jack Ryan, and what do I get? Governor Goodhair and the First Whiner. [facepalm]
 TomGuy blames too many conservatives in the primaries:
The 'conservatives' were shooting themselves in the foot. They ran too many candidates [shades of 2008] and kept the voting split, even when it was obvious certain ones were not going to win. And the 'conservative' candidates did themselves in -- they didn't need much assistance/attacks from the other candidates.

The GOPe ran one candidate. The GOPconservatives had 5 or 6. More is not always better. It wasn't in 2008. It wasn't in 2012.

What's that definition of insanity?
Somehow, Freepers thought all the candidates were insufficiently pure at one point or another.

 myself6 has some demands:
F Robomney...
The GOP better wise the F up and dump this idiot at the convention.
IF enough of the delegates choose to abstain from the first round of voting, robomney will then be denied the number he needs and at that point those delegates are no longer required to vote for him in all subsequent votes.
IF the GOP actually nominates this SOCIALIST prick at the convention without doing ANYTHING to stop it. Im F’ing DONE with the GOP.
NO MONEY! NO SUPPORT! and they made an eternal enemy out of someone who USED to be an active supporter. Good job DH’s.

cripplecreek thinks the GOP has paid Freepers to shill for Romney:
I think the party uses manipulators here at FR too.
They don’t post for years and suddenly show up and spend a couple of months steady stream posting attacks on other candidates only to disappear after their final post calling to unite.
 CatDancer misses Palin:
For me it’s been 48 years. Goldwater, Reagan, Palin: the three I wanted among my votes. At least I (and the country) got one of them.
Bigtigermike knows Palin will always be around
You better believe that Sarah is still relevant as today — more people seem to care for example, more about her endorsements and who it is than Romney and his endorsements when it’s he that is the nominee. The Mittwits had a meltdown the other day when Sarah refused to mention Romneys name as the GOP nominee — they went wild attack all Palin sites because it’s obvious that they still fear her and her influence even if people try to deny it.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

An all-female sub?

An apocryphal tale of Michelle Obama sponsoring an all female sub lets Freepers get the sexism ball rolling once again!

 ImJustAnotherOkie with the tampon joke plus Michelle Obama is fat, lol!
 Isn’t cotton a fire hazard. It will need to be treated with some chemical. Could be a bit itchy.
Just imagine of the uh...Cotton Storage was flooded. It would blow the sides of the boat out.
Advisor: “Uh, Michelle this may need a tad more thought”?
Michelle: “Shut up honky and brings me mo Ribs”!!!
 ElkGroveDan makes with the PMS humor:
“Coming up on tonight’s 10 O’clock News, military leaders in Moscow are on high alert due to intelligence reports indicating it’s ‘that time of the month’ aboard the American Navy submarine Illinois. ...”
 rbg81 knows most women secretly need a man:
Women are intellectually capable of handling a nuclear sub.
Perhaps. But its been my observation that the first reaction of many women is to look around for a man to help them out. Its on page #1 of the Female handbook (in bold print).
  rottndog is concerned about massive pregnancies:
 EVERY US Navy seagoing platform that has allowed women to serve has had a 30%-50% pregnancy rate—pregnancies occurring both on and off ship. Pregnant women can NOT serve on submarine, or any other combatant vessel for that matter. The instant a medical determination of pregnancy exists, that woman has to be transferred to a shore billet. What you will have is a boat that is insufficiently manned to deploy. Ain’t gonna happen.
And, BTW, have served on a submarine, I will state as fact that MOST women simply don’t have the physical stamina to do the job.
LibWhacker doesn't like women's priorities
 If I’m wounded in battle and Justin Bieber is wounded in battle, whether it’s on a sub or on a battlefield on the surface, and a choice had to be made by all those pro-choice ladies, which one of us would the wenches save? Sorry, the answer to that question just doesn’t sit well with me and I would never in a million years join such a fighting force.
Pro Choice equals pro-Beiber somehow?

 Robwin asks this out of left field:
I wonder if Obama’s daughters will be allowed to take command as a class project.
rottndog knows women engineers just aren't as good:
I just don't see Naval Reactors giving the key to the reactor plant to such a woman. And I don't see any way an all female engineering department could pass ORSE.

This is an insane PC idea that will only end up with dead sailors.
nvscanman thinks women can't nuke people:
Can they be trusted to launch if such an order
was given or if other circumstances required that they do
so. The psychological differences between women would make
such one wonder if women have what it takes to perform an
action that they know could kill millions.
But what about Mamma Grizzlies?

 shalom aleichem is concerned about all the lesbians:
No one yet mentioned the Gay thing. That sort of makes the sub target rich for the L-gals. I guess they did not see A Few Good Men.
 Desron13 hates the military now:
OK, we now have the first all female sub crew. Anyone want to make a prediction how long it will take to have the first all gay sub crew? My guess is not long. I'm third generation Navy and fifth generation military. I wont be encouraging my son to continue the tradition. By the time he's old enough it would be like encouraging him to join a San Francisco bath house. Time to start keeping the powder dry at home. Makes me sick to my stomach!
Secret Agent Man knows what this is like!
Utterly stupid. It will appear like Obama has his equivalent of Kadafi’s female guards.

Not a Fan of Colin Powell

Yep, Anon again.

 Colin Powell comes out for gay marriage, and Freepers commence the ten minutes of hate:

knows any success by blacks is 'cause of affirmative action:
Powell was never more than a token.
An errand boy for George Bush.
Made his mark by lying about the My Lai Massacre.
Moved up as an affirmative action officer in the military.
NKP_Vet has decided Colin Powell is motivated entirety by racism:
Just because Colin Powell was given everything in his career in the military and political life by republicans means nothing to him.
As a general he went right along with the promotions, always keeping his mouth shut about personal radical leftist views. Since his retirement he has shown his true liberal colors. Like most blacks in this country he is a bleeding heart liberal through and through and voted for Obama because of the color of his skin and nothing else.
He was on Hannity last night and Hannity tried his best to get him to say one negative thing about his hero Barry Soreto. Aint gonna happen. He said all people do is criticise Obama and they basically don’t know what they are taking about it.
Colin Powell nauseates me. That this overrated affirmative action former general can give a glowing speech in 2008 endorsing a complete known and tell the world how great that unknown is proves one thing. Like 95% of the rest of blacks, Barry Soreto got Powell’s vote because he was the same skin color.
I wanted to throw up when I heard Powell’s endorsement speech from 2008. Now this “Christian” man comes out and endorses sodomite “marriage”. You can bet your bottom dollar that if Obama had said he supports REAL marraige, which is man and woman, Colin Powell would be all over TV saying that marriage is between a man and woman. Blacks play follow the leader with their new hero. Nothing more.
 jazzlite thinks Powell is an imposter somehow:
He is an imposter in my mind. Who in their right mind respects him? I am sure he doesn’t care..However, one day the history will be written..The wind may not be blowing his way when that happens.
A. Morgan is one of many who commences with assuming Powell's gay:
Powell always looked a little lite in the loafers... now, we know for sure.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Birthers

Freepers know Memorial day is a time to rail against The Usurper: Oldpuppymax knows all military deaths ever are basically anti-Obama:
From Trenton to Fallujah, none of the men who died on battlefields did so in order to help place or keep a usurper in the White House.
noinfringers2 is sure his long-dead brother woulda been a birther:
I am a WWII vet. My brother was killed on Okinawa. Being of like feelings in many years of our lives for our Nation both can be taken as ‘birthers’. I believe it is reprehensible for anyone to name call us reprehensible or tag our patriotic senses as such.
fr_freak knows every day is Birther Day!
Memorial Day is the day to remember those who died defending this country. You can do that by firing up your BBQ, drinking beer, and being fat dumb and lazy, or you can spend a few minutes at least thinking about the disintegration of our Constitution.

Monday Potpouri

Pontiac on the difficulty of proving anything:
A birth certificate would not be proof. A woman can claim anyone as the father of a child on a birth certificate. Of course the fact that she was married to Obama Sr. at the time made the legal assumption that he was the father.
One could get DNA from Obama and his half brother in Kenya and confirm that they had the same father. That would be a reasonable level of proof.
I have seen photo analysis of Obama Sr and Obama Jr. that suggest that Sr is not the father.
chris37 hates all the Negroes playing Basketball.
Sons of Obama as far as the eye can see?
I’ll take a big, fat pass.
NC pastor wants to isolate gays, lesbians until they "die out"
Since it's not genetic, it's not possible to cure it in this way.
Enforcing the law (Levicitus 20:13) has proven effective in reducing recidivism.
Levicitus 20:13 - "If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They are to be put to death."

HerrBlucher thinks Obama intimidates Corey Booker:
Booker looked down right scared in that vid. The thugs got to him, and threatened him Chicago style. We have got to get thug obama out.
Eleutheria5 jokes Obama is hiring Iran to nuke Texas:
O: OK. When you’re ready to strike, aim for these states that are colored red. So long as you do that, I’m ok. I’ll sound all Churchillian as I prepare to go after you, and then I’ll get reelected, and then we’ll have an inconclusive war, and then we’ll have an armistice.
A: We’ve looked all over your country on satellite, and so far we haven’t found any places colored red or blue. Some of it’s muddy brown and some of it’s green, and some is black. But no “red states”.
O: Um, uh, um. That’s just a political designation. See here? That’s Texas. That really big place over there next to Mexico. That big city is Dallas. Hit Dallas, OK?
A: Okey, dokey. You da One, dude.
O: Please. Don’t try to talk jive. It just doesn’t work with a heavy accent.
A: Okley Dokley.
O: Sigh. Saving the world isn’t easy.
Awright, the last bit was funny. equaviator knows Obama's golfing is much more elitist than Eisenhower's.
Was Ike trying to project an elitist image with his golf? I don’t think so but I think Obama does because the word on him is supposed to be that he’s a really good golfer.
Zhang Fei just assumes black servicemen are mostly rapists:
The odds are good that 50% of the GI rapes and murders reported in Japan are by blacks, just as they are stateside.
rogue yam just throws this into some random thread:
Obama is down!
Time to start kicking!
RushIsMyTeddyBear and the case of Obama's handshake:
He grabs her wrists as if it’s bondage.....NOT the hands with affection.
Real, little ‘dominatrix’, there in the WH.
lentulusgracchus explains Romney's New World Order connections:
the RiNO's have been in a holding pattern for Mittens ever since Bush 41 gave Mitt the official dedazo ("pointing finger" -- Mexican politispeak for the way the PRI used to pick its presidentiables) at a 2007 candidate clambake in Houston. Bush Sr. greeted all the candidates ..... just one of them, a lot more warmly and personably. It was clear as glass, even then, that Mitt was his boy. His, and the RiNOate's, and the CFR's, and the Trilateral Commission's, and the Business Roundtable's, and the Bohemian Club's, and the New World Order's.
Conservative Vermont Vet is worried about the Bald Eagle.
if our Fascist, Neo-Commie, Hate-America, Dear Leader gets reelected, in 4 years, this magnificent symbol of all we stand for, will end up being replaced by this "bird" as it awaits our "demise"

Friday, May 25, 2012

Click it or Ticket

A surprisingly fertile thread brought to my attention by Anon:

Freepers love authority, except when it inconveniences them.  Thus, police are awesome when harassing hispanics, but when they start enforcing seatbelt laws?  Well, it's Nazi Germany!

I'm suspicious about over-enforcement for revenue reasons myself, but dila813 blames the cops for...following the law:
I never thought I would see the day where a police officer would enforce such an immoral law.
Why not blame the legislature? I thought Freepers love doing that!

prisoner6 makes an interesting point about line drawing and weighing risk. USING LOTS OF CAPS!
We are all CRIMINAL NOW!
Take the farking seatbelts and shove them where the sun don't shine!
You want to be safe in a car? GET RID OF THE FREAKING DIAGONAL BELTS! Replace them with an "H" harness and anti-submarine belt. And even though you are in a car WEAR A FREAKING HELMET!
It's not about SAFETY it's about CONTROL!
dila813 isn't doing well in court. Probably because he keeps insulting the Police Officer:
Then they say it is defamation, The judge says no name calling or I would be in contempt.
 jagusafr is a judge in traffic court. This scares me:
great - guess I’ll be seeing a bunch of these in my court next month...
HiTech RedNeck has a plan:
somehow these legal bullies must be halted. There sooner or later are going to be citizen organizations that will wait for such unjust things to happen and then jump on them with all fours.
"jump on them with all fours?"

SkyDancer debunks seatbelts:
Seat belts kill. Any speed much over 45 or 50 mph and you hit something, you’re dead. Our bodies are 60-70% water. When you go from 50mph to zero in .007 seconds or less your body stops but your insides keep going. Much like dropping a glass of water. The glass stops when it hits the ground but the water sprays all over the place. That’s your insides. That’s what killed Princess Di. Her aorta popped loose from her heart from the sudden stop of the crash.
Concepts like stopping time and crumple zones seem lost on this guy.

mylife tells some stories:
I had one pull a gun on me in my driveway in a case of mistaken identity.
I had one beat me up for grins to impress a rookie.
I could go on.
redgolum also has a story that lacks a certain...realism:
A friend of mine had a cop walk into his own home and start giving him grief.
My friend just sat there and calmly asked where he was supposed to be (the cop was in the wrong house), and if he had noticed that there were three pistols, two rifles, and a shotgun laying on the kitchen table where my friend was sitting. He was cleaning the guns after a weekend of shooting.
The young cop turned white, ran out of the house, and called for back up. Dispatch was laughing so hard he couldn’t breath. They know my friend, and sent the rookie to the wrong house as a joke.
packrat35 knows if you're in a union, you're an enemy!
As many of us learned some time back, the police are NOT your friend. Remember most are union civil servents and know where their bread is buttered.
NFHale feels Nazi-like.
We’re being conditioned and forced into a mindset where we just sort of take it and shut our mouths about it.
Funny...Officers Hans and Dieter Friendly in 1930s Germany...Officers Boris and Yevgenny Friendly in Soviet Russia... Seems like we saw this movie somwhere before
Nah. Couldn’t be...this is America, after all, and it could NEVER happen here....
christx30 likes when officers die in the line of duty:
And somehow it’s a tragedy when they get hurt or killed on the job. Maybe if they were acting like human beings instead of totalitarian assholes, people might trust them again.

Attack ads

There's something of a kerfuffle about some GOP Super PAC planning to run a Jeremiah Right ad in this day and age. You need to be pretty steeped in Obama hatred to think that kind of retred will play well. Kind of like a Freeper:

DBeers knows Reagan would call Obama a Commie...
Reagan had no problem calling communism the evil empire and telling them to "tear down this wall".
It is time for the truth to be told unvarnished -people will identify and rally to the truth tellers -they are the leaders.

NE Cons knows no one knows about Reverend Right, so this ad is all new material, basically!  
Many Americans have NO idea this stuff is out there. It’s not preaching to the choir. It’s getting the word out, informing the (mostly ignorant) masses
avant_garde only loves two conservatives:
 There is only two Republicans in my lifetime who had Democrats running for cover; Ronald Reagan and Sarah Palin! McCain lost the last Presidental elections because he had his pants below his knees and one hand on his ankle and the other hand trying to cover Sarah’s mouth.
 A surprising number of Freepers have a bit more political savvy than that, like  lodi90
 The kenyan doesn’t care now about this stuff now. Anything that takes the focus off the economy and his performance as POTUS is fine with him. I don’t think it’s an accident that we suddenly now have his (white) ex-girlfriend appear. The dims WANT this stuff dredged up now because it is a distraction.
The obamacare secret deal with Big Pharma is much more promising for the GOP. I want to hear more about that.
The thread runs about 50-50 for/against. Nice to see some Freepers manage to retain some semblance of sanity in their anti-Obama derangement:  reaganaut1 wants a full court press on racism:
Yes, talk about Jeremiah Wright, but make it part of a broader look at the racial favoritism of the Obama administration. Talk about Eric Holder and his embrace of Al Sharpton. Talk about the New Black Panthers. Talk about racial preferences for medical schools in Obamacare, and racial preferences in Dodd-Frank. Talk about double standards in “hate crimes” prosecutions.
 TomasUSMC thinks calling Obama gay is the key:
 econjack wants some adds yelling about Alinsky:
 my liberal twin gave me a copy of Rules for Radicals for Christmas, written by Saul Alinsky decades ago. If you read that book, you will see that Obozo is walking right down the chapter outline of what Alinsky proposed all those years ago. The GOP should make political hay out of that, too, as I still believe the majority in this country are not in favor of what Alinsky sees as a future.

Obama hates NASA

Freepers love NASA, as it reminds them of the Cold War. Needless to say, this makes Congress' recent NASA budged cuts all Obama's fault:

 driftdiver knows Obama is trying to crush dreams:
 he’s doing it to hurt America. Its a program that inspires dreams, hard work and education. Not something he wants.
Who would benefit from declassifying the technology to put heavy payload rockets into space? Seems anyone wanting an ICBM would be very interested.
 GeorgeWashingtonsGhost assumes everything Obama does is bad, and then figures out how:
  Obama wants to scrap NASA all together because NASA is an American tradition that evokes too much patriotism and American nationalism. No one seems to grasp my gripe, but there's a reason for everything Obama does and it's usually not favorable to America.
StormEye is pretty sure it's racism:
Too many white guys made the space program successful. Can't have that in anti-white, multicultural, everybody is smart and a genius, America.

Saturday Pix

The key here is the sinister storm going on as well.
Oh, God, why would someone do this?!
What;s funny is this picture implies Obama's the black Superman, but Freepers don't get it.
By this standard, Reagan was also a loser.
Don't hijack Bones, you birthers!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hate Groups

Via an Anon.  Maybe the same one, maybe a different one.  But thanks!

Marvel as Freepers start out offended at being compared to a hate group, and end up acting quite a bit like a hate group!

Jim Scott knows this story is just the media trying to get people to vote for Obama again, by reporting on white supremacists.
This blatant fear-mongering by ABC (echoed by the rest of the left media) about 'growing numbers of white supremacists', assumed to be intent on attacking blacks, is hogwash and has been trotted out numerous times but with no real evidence to back it up except the biased opinions of some left-wingers.
I see this kind of rubbish as simply a roundabout way of stoking 'white guilt' that the leftmedia hopes will manifest itself in more white people ignoring his failed, disastrous presidency and voting for Obama in November. I hope this nonsense falls flat with the electorate, as it should.
This election will be our last chance and if America blows it based on media BS and it's unending distractions from Obama's failures, we're screwed. Permanently.
IronJack knows the real hate groups:
Save your propaganda, ABC. A bunch of tinhorn race whores calling someone a “hate group” doesn’t a hate group make. The radical left doesn’t own the stage anymore.
It’s just as fair to call the NAACP and the SPLC “hate groups” and “racists.” They’re certainly “radical”.
junta is also angry at the paid Conservative shills:
I really don’t think in the era of President “Lynch Mob” Hussein that POW camp style propaganda is going to work very well for much longer. Of course it depends on how the paid conservatives react to it, but even those paid shills are walking on thin ice.
SaraJohnson knows what Blacks are really thinking, and what dialect they all use:
Listen up Cracker! Get it through your Honkie head. Only whites can be racis cause Blacks have no power. Only Blacks have civil rights, too, so Black racists don’t commit any hate crimes against crackers so that proves dey are not racis. Leader of the Klan, Masta Holder, seys so. Congress did not object to the new order of race hate cause, unlike you, dey know dey white devils. :)
skeeter knows the media reckoning is coming, though he doesn't specify how:
  ... and they publish this crap at a time when black mobs are targeting lone whites for beatings and shootings in cities across the country as an after effect of the Trayvon hysteria.
The media deserves every bit of what they have coming.
Tzar hates blacks so much it makes him like Mexicans:
Yeah, Hispanics will become part of mainstream culture just like the many immigrant groups before them. Even many Africans and Asians have become part of the mainstream culture. The only ones who won’t are native born blacks, Somalis, and a few other groups with exceptions to each.
pterional knows America won't have any whites by 2032, thanks to Ted Kennedy:
Combine Mexico, Africa and a little South East Asia in a salad bowl and you have what the US will look like in 10 - 20 years. Even in the most remote parts of the country. The US government has made it where there is no place to hide and live out your live in peace. They have transplanted unproductive violent people with no work ethic or morality all over this country using the US census as a guideline. Similar to spreading cancer cells though out the body.
Ted Kennedy and his ilk have socially engineered this country for the primary purpose to keep the Democrats in perpetual power. The by product is a slow painful death of a superpower.
Jewbacca's decision to have kids was a political act:
I’ve had six kids. Everyone do their part.
Smokin' Joe thinks white people are being hunted?
  That is beyond bigotry. All I see there is the glorification of hunting white people, then blaming the whites for not paying "generational reperations"--something I'd bet changes no matter who is "paying". It is a frothing at the mouth display of delusional hatred.
I want "my" 40 acres and a mule back. Two can play this game.
Vigilanteman takes solace that blacks will target white liberals first:
  Yep. Funny thing about mobs of color.
They really don't care about the politics of the whites they attack.
But if they could tell, they would actually prefer preying on libtards.
If, for no other reason, than conservatives are better armed and more inclined to fight back.
 Pining_4_TX thinks Republicans are throwing the election because they're afraid of the race riots:
 I have my very own pet conspiracy theory that all the establishment types, Republicans included, don’t want Obama to lose. Hence, they have given us Mittens. They hope he loses, because they are scared to death of inner city blacks. (yes, you may hand me the tin foil hat now!)
 Uncle Lonny lays out facts to obvious to site:
Black on white violent crime is EPIDEMIC compared to the reverse. And much of it is motivated by race hatred of whites.
Obama’s Attorney General, Eric “My People” Holder, has explicitly said before the Senate Judiciary committee that Federal Hate Crime Laws DO NOT protect white Americans from racist attacks. This has given the green light to his racist Holder Youth to violently attack whites nationwide.
Just the other day a white jogger was murdered without provocation and for no known motive in Kansas City by two black thugs in a drive by shooting. And that is barely the tip of the iceberg.
Gettin mighty close to Stormfront now...

 IronJack is fed up as a white person:
  I think that is the sensibility that is starting to pervade the white perception of race. Even with a so-called "black" president, countless advances in the corporate, political, and social arenas, and boxcars full of money spent on entitlement programs that favor them, black hate groups are STILL refusing to acknowledge the efforts whites have made to enfranchise them, and are becoming more strident -- and childish -- in their "demands."
Like millions of other whites, I've had enough. And with leaders like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Louis Farrakhan, the black "civil rights" movement has forfeited any high ground. I can draw a line in the dirt with a clear conscience now.
 PLD knows the race war is coming, and the negro savagis will soon stop capering in celebration...
 these savages will get theirs in the end..They are flying high right now because whites are afraid of getting arrested.just wait until the election.I believe no matter how it turns out we won't take the murdering scum any more..

Obama's evil Christmas Card

Following Their Sarah's lead, Freepers analyze Obama's Christmas Card, and find all sorts of satanic things in it:

DollyCali is curious about something he glimpses through the window on the card:
is this something perhaps from Africa? representative of something? would be nice to have an explanation of sorts on inside right bottom
Molon Labbie is amazed at how Obama doesn't act Muslim:
I am surprised that the dog made the picture. Dogs are considered unclean animals in Islam and certainly would be unwelcome in holiday depictions of Ramadan...
marty60 knows the deal:
The Dog doesn’t surprise me. Michelle must have picked this out.
That Dog belongs to HER.
I thought it belonged to the daughters.

Also, Obama is a Muslim, married to an infidel?

Iron Munro sees racism in Obama going to Hawaii:
I think it would be fabulous to spend Christmas in the White House. Why do they hate it so?

Because it's the WHITE House.
patriotspride notices the signature:
There’s something very strange about Obama’s signature.
I agree. I’d like to know what a hand writing analyst would say about it. Something about it is “sick”.
He’s one evil man.

Agree. It’s almost Satanic....
Dude, you guys been there already:

Lumper20 sees no reason to explain why this card is so bad:
This is one sick man. He has two broken arms from patting his own back.That is still no excuse for this crap.

More Dresden Bombings, please!

The Neo Cons may be out of favor with America, but Freepers are always down for a bellicose strategy!

sickoflibs  wishes we were back in Iraq:
  Three weeks to ‘Mission Accomplished’ then 15-20 years to weed out the dissenters/partisans/terrorists and rebuild the nation and then abandon it when the next Dem POTUS takes over after demonizing the idea for years.
This sounds familiar for some reason.
Did abandoning Iraq make any sense?
redgolum's America has two modes: firebombing civilians and thinking about firebombing civilians:
We still haven’t “Won” Iraq. Problem is we don’t want to fight like WWII.
We firebombed civilian cities and turned areas into smoking rubble. We broke the will of the people long before we broke their armies.
 ClearCase_guy knows religious nationalists are easily dissuaded by violence:
I really hate nation building. Our military should be used to break things and to kill people. Make the other nation weaker, and very reluctant to tussle with us ever again. Then leave.
That's victory. That's how wars are won.
Road Glide comes right to it:
The only way to “rebuild” Islamic nations — after first defeating them militarily — is to make the -removal- of Islam from those nations priority one.
Just as we “de-Nazified” Germany after World War II, if the West has any hope for survival in the current worldwide struggle, we must de-Islamicize Moslem nations, once and for all.
Otherwise, the West will lose.
FreeAtlanta is feeling old style colonial:
 The only place we should occupy is their oil fields, pipelines and seaways to get the oil out.
If they have other valuable mineral deposits, then we should mine it and extract it. Leave them with nothing that can help them to fight and kill us later.
If they have nothing, then just bomb and kill their leaders, then leave. Repeat as necessary.
nathanbedford thinks Obama's going to invade Iran for electoral reasons:
There is however another war aim which we ought to consider: the re-election of Barack Hussein Obama.
If you want to know our intentions in the Persian Gulf we need not look to our Armed Forces there, our pair of carriers cruising there, or our newly deployed Raptors there as described in the companion news story, we should look instead to today's private sector job numbers, a pathetic 119,000, and know that Friday's job numbers will be toxic for Obama's reelection chances.
Consider Obama's recent ploys: he spikes the football on the anniversary of Obama's assassination; he accuses Romney of cowardice and an inability to pull that trigger; he takes a ride to Afghanistan and appears before the troops and has a speech broadcast back to the nation.
The ground is being prepared, the public conditioned to hail a strike against Iran in time for an October surprise.
As for this president shrinking from violence, nothing could be further from the truth. He is a traditional leftist, the most bloodthirsty ideologues human kind has ever known. On March 4 I wrote the following vanity:
Nevermind the Ides of March Beware the Surprises of October
 odds, on the other hand, thinks Obama is a secret Muslim slave...?
Every time I look at those pics of Obi bowing to the Saudi King, it reminds me of the Arab tradition of slavery (Servitude) - so Common with their black “servants”, anyhow.
Obi’s African (Keynan?) father would have been one such slave or, worse, servant. Perhaps proud of it.
Obi should have been more proud had he made it to the top job in an Arab land, hey.. even an African one would’ve done. Alas, he had no other choice. Especially with his liking for “Pink”.
“Gholam-Hussein” (Servant of Hussein), as the Saudi Arabs did put it for their “black” and non-black slaves (servants), once upon a time at least, seems only Very appropriate, in Obi’s case.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Rutgers' gay spycam thing

Anon, again:

In a somewhat complicated story, a Freshamn at Rutgers webcammed his roommate having gay sex in his dorm room. The roommate later committed suicide, and not the Freshman has been sentanced to 30 days in jail.

Most Freepers seem okay with this decision, actually (progress!), but when it comes to the gays, there's plenty of less sane folks:

skinkinthegrass doesn't much care about the suicide:
really don't care...the dead guy; was having queer sex (not his roommie) in a shared room.
Vide has a vision for a better world where gays are segregated:
In a less messed up world, his parents could sue the crap out of Rutgers for placing their their son in a dorm room with a homosexual.
elpadre agrees that there should be a lawsuit for gay-mixing:
it seems to me that the University bears some responsiblity for knowingly placing a sodomist with a straight guy.
The progressives are working hard to normalize deviant behavior within society, IMO.
GadareneDemoniac thinks everyone in the story is gay:
In my opinion, this character will enjoy 30 days in the cooler. He’s as big a three dollar bill as his “roommate” was.
MrEdd has some weird gay-porn version of the facts:
Since I think that a sexworker who was not closeted about his homosexuality was not stable enough for us to guess why he offed himself, yeah, this sentence was a joke.

It was a political conviction made to pander to the gay lobby, and they should have just let it go.

The decedent was running a gay porn internet webcam business from a shared dormroom, and the university refused to grant Ravi a room mate who wasn’t displaying his dorm room as a sex setting.

Sorry the kid is dead, but I blame his upbringing and the university more than Ravi, and the kid’s johns more than either.
JudgemAll blames the dead guy:
Suicide was the real hate crime.
Yes, hating people who have committed suicide isn't pathologically callus at all!

namvolunteer has really thought about this gay sex thing a lot:
Maybe he didn’t like the smell in his shared dorm room after Clementi shat himself every time while getting cornholed.
I’d throw the roommate off a bridge if I came home and found that disgusting scene and odor.

Scptt Walker: Freeper hero

Thanks to an epic amount of Koch money poured into Wisconsin, Scott Walker is ahead in the recall polls. Freepers are over the moon. Could Scott be the new Sarah?

 sickoflibs is a fan:
Looking for a conservative hero? Here he is: Walker.
We won’t find them at the national level for sure.
 Road Glide is already proclaiming Walker for President:
If Scott Walker wins this one, and then goes on to deliver his state for Romney in November, he will have earned himself the title of “contender” in 2020 - or maybe even 2016.
 JLAGRAYFOX is rubbing his hands in glee:
We must work to get every voter in Wisconsin to come out and vote to retain Governor Scott Walker. While any margin of victory for Walker is acceptable, a landslide defeat by Walker will devastate both Obama and the Democrat Party, not only in Wisconsin, but...across the entire country. We cannot afford to let up on our campaign for a massive Walker victory. Wisconsin, Save Our Blessed Nation!!! Vote for Scott Walker!!!
 re_nortex Loves To Capitalize:
 Governor Scott Walker represents the very best virtues of Constitutional Christian Conservatism. He's done great things for Wisconsin and is poised, on the national stage, to restore American Greatness.

Say it ain't so, Sarah!

As is often the case, politicians need to deal not just with Freeper-world, but also reality. So eventually, all their living heroes fail.
Here, Sarah Palin endorses non-Freeper Orrin Hatch.

While not a full blown hate-on, Freepers sure do snap at her:

Lucky2 Hates to say it:
Hate to say it but this time Sarah’s wrong. Hatch is past his time and needs to go!
Texas Eagle  also notes certain impurities in Their Sarah:
I still love Sarah Palin but she does have a little bit of a crush on big government.
In her book, "Going Rogue", she applauds Title IX funding because it allowed her to play basketball. Something to do with not enough girls wanting to play basketball in Alaska.
vette6387 is SO over her:
“I’m SO over Palin. She has disappointed in so many ways.”

Me too! She’s an amateur. Hatch is the quintessential “it’s still my turn” Republican. Just when will we get over this “positional politics” and start cleaning house for the benefit of the country. This country is going to go bankrupt. Schiff said last night on a late radio show that he is certain that within the next four years we will go bust. The only question is will we just drive into the ditch, or will we go off a cliff! The longer we wait ( and with Hatch we will be waiting) the more onerous the crash will be. Nero is fiddling while Rome is catching fire.
Loyal Sedition remembers a previous apostate:
Going Ann Colter on us?
 editor-surveyor is done:
Good bye Sarah!
Obviously we never knew you.
There is none worse than Hatch.
 MotorCityBuck thinks she's Jumped the Shark:
  Big Time! A Jumpin the shark moment if I have ever seen one! Not that it was not expected. She is a Republican. Sad.
 OrangeHoof blames McCain's uncanny control over Palin:
 Somehow, I’m betting McCain is calling in a favor here for his “good friend”.
 Resettozero rails against the FReeper Palin haters
If a FReeper can say good bye to Sarah so very easily, then it is likely that FReeper wasn’t a supporter at the time just before he heard the news about the Hatch endorsement.
Why do these threads with “Palin” in the title attract anti-Palin FR members so quickly? Why won’t they just skip such a thread? /rhetoric
 grey_whiskers also outs the trolls:
I notice your signup date is over a year AFTER she resigned as governor.
Nice try, n00b.
Did you try to find out *why* she supported hatch? (Mark Levin supports him, too.)
He's been very good on the judiciary.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Yet another birther fail

Mmm, is there anything more delicious than when Freepers get their birther hopes crushed?

As an Anonymous commenter found, the Arizona Secretary of State is switching from asking Hawaii to prove Obama's birth, to "I didn't mean anything, Obama's totally still on the ballot!"

mosaicwolf hates how politicians are all political:
Strength of character, honor, integrity, means nothing anymore. Bennett is a typical politician, Republican or democrat. All they are concerned about is their own political career and advancement. What scum.
Hotlanta Mike sees the sinister pattern everywhere:
Corey Booker and now Bennett getting in lock step with the regime, very telling. Chicago on the Potomac’s tentacles can reach anywhere...
EyeGuy tries to figure out who to blame:
Sounds like someone got to him

My bet would be on the King of aisle-crossing appeasement, MCInsane.
FlingWingFlyer has a different preferred villain:
Probably La Raza and their illegal alien gangs. They're pretty much running southern Arizona these days. Every day is Cinco de Mayo in Phoenix and Tucson.
freekitty makes a sagfe assumption:
Probably Soros.
FreeAtlanta also assumes Soros:
One after another, they fall in line. I don’t want to know what Obama Soros or whoever is using against these boys to steal their manhood. It must be terrifying.
HANG THE EXPENSE knows only men with testicles can stay birther:
My guess is they threatened his family.Where are the men?
null and void knows what happened:
How brave would you be if, say, you got a picture of your daughter getting off her school bus with cross-hairs drawn on her pretty little face?
I swear, certain people shouldn't be allowed to see political thrillers.

F15Eagle wishes we were still in constant fear of being nuked:
The country is done for.

The Undocumented Kenyan won’t even provide a $12 paper LFBC to the State of Arizona for elections.

Nor any other state. Gee, that would cost $600.

Instead, fear, intimidation, cover stories, misdirection, shell games, etc. all are what rule the day.

A nation conquered by political correctness.

Unimaginable during the Cold War.
editor-surveyor knows all Capital "P" Patriots are birthers:
Time to replace him with an American Patriot.
TheBigJ pops out of his bunker to share this incoherent violent screed:
Nobody in law enforcement, government is coming forward to challenge Zero; at this rate Sheriff Joe and some associates might be getting an “accident” soon. Sorry, just giving an opinion on these heathen scum who would view a simple few who dare not succumb to threats and pose a risk to Zero’s myth as hard targets. Sure it’s insane, the info would get out anyway with others of Cold Case Posse but this administration is using the nuclear option and the corrupt congress appears hijacked. Look at former CIA director William Colby’s demise after going against the Clinton admin, releasing FLIR footage over Branch Davidian Compound in Waco. Dangerous game indeed. Targets of opportunity also available for our patriotic side, although unaware if Constitutional militia is organized or have enough intel on this issue. And of course there’s the cojones factor. Regardless if more Brietbarts occur eventually a guerrilla campaign will begin as the nation falls to tyranny.
lyby knows this is only going to be settled by checking Obama's DNA for Muslimness or something:
I am ready for some DNA testing, da**it. Our society is so far (medically) advanced, yet it cannot be “proven” the seeker of the “highest” office in our land is eligible? What a bunch of bullcr*p. Of course, there was a time when one could “trust”... Or WAS there? (rhetorical question)

Counting chickens

via an Anon.

In response to an article about Mitt Romney possibly winning the popular but losing the electoral vote, Freepers don't really get too involved in the complications of electoral law. Instead, they just count their chickens:

bolobaby ain't sweating it:
Forget it. Obama is gonna feel worse than Mondale after this coming election.
E. Pluribus Unum also sets the bar high:
I think it is going to be an historic landslide.

I wouldn't be surprised to see Nasty Pelosi presiding over no more than two dozen Democrats.
Sooth2222 explains why:
Many conservatives just stayed home in 2008. They'll crawl to the polls over burning embers in November to vote against Zero.
a fool in paradise predicts Democrats will lie about something or other:
the media loves the lie that “Gore really won”. Even in 2004 when Bush got more votes (after also winning back Congress in 2002), they claimed that the Rat “really won”.

Vote tallies don’t matter to Democrats. At all. They will take the count by whatever means necessary. Which is why they insist that middle America is brainwashed to vote against their own interests in voting Republican.
Vigilanteman knows why the Founders had an electoral college:
For the umpteenth time, our founding fathers had the vision to design a system where a president needed both deep support (popular votes) and wide support (electoral votes) to win the office.

In the event of a split decision, the wide support took precedent, as has only happened three times in 56 presidential elections.
Yep, had nothing to do with the practicalities of a nationwide election in the 1700s!

jimsin is stil humping Palin:
'How Mitt can win the popular vote AND the election...'

Time to bring in the BIG GUN Mitt....the one who made it almost possible for EVEN McLAME to have a chance at winning....the only Republican I know who can fill a 60,000 seat venue at the drop of a hat....

'60,000 greet Sarah Palin at Florida rally -- 9.21.08'

The birther resurgance

So the Arizona Secretary of State is demanding Hawaii show him Obama's Super Original Long Form Birth Certificate. Plus, someone at Breitbart found a flyer from 1991 written to promote Obama's literary agency that says Obama's born in Hawaii. The assistant publicist has said it's a fact checking error, but the birthers...

It's clear at this point that they will never go away. Long after Obama's no longer President, they will be challenging other Democrats of an inappropriate background and hue. Like nowadays, they'll subside for a while, but a single story will bring them back exactly as they were, true believers till the end.

Anyhow, I'm finding a new kind birther these days. In contract to the conspiratorial "He's Malcom X's clone born in Kenya, I know from some pixels on the third faked certificate" types, these guys are eternally reluctantly persuaded that he's Kenyan types. Examining the evidence, they're finally coming around to the truth. Just like they did last month, and the month before.

Anyhow, here's the highlights of the 800 post thread:

w1andsodidwe echoes the party line here:
i guess this proves Obama is a liar. Either then or now. Which is it Barry? Or can’t you remember?
GBA knows the 'Obama lied on a flyer 20 years ago" is weak, so he punches it up a bit:
So who are you going to believe: a fake (according to Arpaio's cold case posse) birth certificate or a promotional booklet produced in 1991 by Barack Obama's then-literary agency, Acton & Dystel?

Since the promo booklet is older than his fake birth certificate, then is it more valid or is it like software and the fake BC is the latest rev, so it's more valid?

What do you suppose the blackmail value of the truth is in today's market?

How much is it costing us, in blackmail, to have the messiah as potus?
Iron Munro knows every hangnail folks at gets is Obama's fault!
If you work for Breitbart the odds of you having a sudden heart attack or other fatal episode of some sort are now about 1,000,000 times higher than the national average.
Carry_Okie has a suspect:

To Democrats, staying in power is life itself. If they think they can't hold a seat, they'll force an incumbent into retirement to exchange new lies for old.
This story somehow convinced dfwgator to vote for Romney
I am now firmly on the ABO [Anybody But Obama] bandwagon.
Yosemitest has been steeping in this for ages:
The forgeries I'm aware of, are the three Birth Cretificate Barack Hussein Obama II has forged.
I don't trust evidence put forth by Obama supporters.
The disappearance of too much evidence on Obama is strong enough for me to know that he was born in Kenya.
a fool in paradise
knows Obama said he was Kenyan just so he could insult America better.
  I think he claimed to be from Kenya because he saw it as benefiting his career. He is a habitual liar.
It also permitted him the opportunity to talk smack against the United States among his peers with the "eyes of an outside observer" (some who knew him then said as much recently).
VanDeKoik is at last convinced by the avalanche of evidence: THIS SIMPLY CANNOT BE A TYPO!

Too many times this has been said and written over the past decades to not be true.

If it was not, why didnt this guy, whom I can only assume wasn’t doing anything more important back then, not call them up and say “Hey, I was born in Hawaii, dufus”? PA-RIVER is also starting to believe:
I'm starting to believe he was born in Kenya.

I'm thinking the woman got pregnant by FMD [Frank Marshall Davis], and was then shipped off to Kenya to give him credentials of BHO at birth. The objective was to keep FMD out of jail.

I think the SOB is an illegitimate bastard and never had legal citizenship. Everything about the SOB is fake. His wife is a beard. His name is a beard.
And we also have our Obama is gay treat as well!

At last, BerryDingle is no longer in doubt:
Hussein Ubama was not born in the U.S. and he can’t prove he was. His citizenship is no longer in doubt.
jcsjcm knows Natural Born citizen means you're genetically loyal to the US:
Obama’s parents hearts were never with the United States. There was no natural flow of allegiance through them.

I wish our country would come together on this issue and realize that to be a natural born is to naturally flow through both parents. This is how it should be!
“Natural born citizen” is commonly understood in conservative circles to incoporate BOTH concepts. Born to at least a naturalised citizen and born within the borders of the US or it territories.
Conservative circles since about 2008...

DiogenesLamp also knows "Natural Born Citizen" is code for "Loyal American"
It has long been my understanding that citizenship is a characteristic of nature, not of the location you happen to be when you are born. Just as an unborn child is a person even before it emerges, so is an unborn citizen still a citizen before it is born.

That characteristic which makes a child both a person and a citizen is that which is acquired from it's mother and father.

John McCain was born to citizen parents in the service of our nation, and he himself fought and suffered on our behalf. I do not regard him as having any taint of foreign influence about him, and that is after all, the salient point behind article II anyway.
SamAdams76 hopes Romney goes birther. So do I.
Mitt Romney can make this a page one issue tomorrow. All he has to do is mention it in a press release or campaign appearance and the mainstream media will go absolutely berserk. Of course, Romney will take a beating in the media but like the homosexual marriage issue, it will drive even more voters to the Romney camp. It all depends on whether Romney has the balls.
liberalh8ter is sure Obama's goose is cooked this time!
Can't wait for Sheriff Joe's next presser. I'm not particularly handy but I'd like the opportunity to swing a hammer at least once as the gallows are built.
Sheriff Joe is the new Freeper hero on this, now that Orly Taitz has imploded.

TheBigJ knows that America is over:

Excuse me, the office of the Presidency is vacant.

Doesn’t matter what Oprah or Jimmy Fallon or lamestream hack media propaganda ministry or so called conservative reps spout.

Simple fact is no clear certifiable documentation has been presented by Zero affirming Natural Born Citizenship (or much else in background for that matter) because he’s a fraud. Everything hidden, scrubbed is for a reason.

Currently a foreign born non-natural born citizen and illegal alien is squatting in the White Hut.

The Republic has been usurped, we have been in Constitutional crisis.

John McCain is also ineligible being born on Panama soil yet on the 2008 ballot, just as Roger Calero, born in Nicaragua, Socialist Worker’s Party, on the ballot in 5 states is ineligible.
j_hig likes how Breitbart didn't go full birther:
Breitbart News has the right approach. If you say “See, he was born in Kenya and he’s not eligible” you won’t be taken seriously. But you say that the spirit of the requirement to be a native born American is not met because Obama feels his link to Kenya, was raised in Indonesia, and even when he did come back, living in Hawaii is quite separated from the mainland and was only recently a state when he was born. While he may be loyal to this country, he is not 100% “from here” and is more of a citizen of the world.
Yaelle also knows Rush is secretly on their side:
Rush is very knowing on this topic when he can be discreet. No doubt he was ordered by clear channel to not speak of it. But his tone told volumes last week when Drudge put up the Breitbart story, just as rush was going off the air (coincidence?). Rush very carefully and ominously sent his entire audience to the lead story on Drudge right then, spelling out the link.

He does what he CAN.
hummingbird knows Margaret Thatcher woulda kicked Obama out!
"Are they [Congressional Republicans] afraid of this man? Are they afraid of telling the American people who Obama is?"

Kinda' looks that way and that makes them ineligible for holding a congressional seat.

Why don't they put on "their big girl panties?" Why don't they man up?

Don't any of them remember a real man: Margaret Thatcher.

More of a man than this sorry lot we have.

There must be some really bad backroom on this; why else is ANYBODYscarred .

Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Potpouri

WoofDog123 knows it's Nazi time:
“I wake up in the night with my heart pounding: “Is this Germany in the 1930’s? Should I stand and fight, or take my family and get the hell out?””

There was only one right answer for the family in the 1930’s, though it doubtless would have entailed considerable hardship as well.

If the US didn’t reach the point of no return in 2008, an obama win in 2012 would be the tipping point for certain. Fiscally, the point of no return was reached in 2009/2010.

sagar really hates the government caring for the poor and sick:
This pre existing condition is ridiculous. The insurance companies exist to make money and maximize shareholder wealth. Being stupid and throwing money at the already diseased and dying isn’t doing any of that.
JLAGRAYFOX advises more advertisements attacking Obama's main weakness - being evil:
Obama and his evil wife Michelle are not nice people. They are actually, evil enemies of the state. They purposely are working to weaken our country, across the board, period. My input: Attack, Attack, Attack!!! I am not advocating personal attacks. I am saying, that every response from the Romney team and Romney, himself, needs to frame Obama and the Democrat Party as they really are, destructive to the USA, and more importantly, destructive to the freedom, liberty, education and opportunities for all of us, our children, grandchildren and children yet to come.

Soft balling it with these Obama and Democrat thugs and America haters ain’t gonna cut the mustard!!! Get with it Romney, time is running out!!! Being nice will get you beaten.
dfwgator likes Romney now cause of the gays:
My stance on Romney was in the past driven by the belief that he couldn’t win....but I did not think that Obama would implode like he has by going overboard with the gays. A mindbogglingly stupid move, which has now made it Mitt’s to lose.
17th Miss Regt on Obama's reaction to Arizona's going birther:
And a bucket containing the head of Ken Bennett's dog will be delivered to his office. A few minutes later he will recieve a phone call telling him the next bucket will contain his wife's head unless Obama is on the ballot. It's the Chicago way.
Califelephant blames Obama for driving Freepers crazy:
Obama’s a Muslim. Obama’s a Christian. Obama’s an Atheist. Obama’s a Secularist. Obama’s White. Obama’s Black. Obama’s Indonesian. Obama’s a Hard Left Socialist. Obama’s a Wilsonian Progressive. Obama’s a New Deal Democrat. Obama’s a Moderate. Obama’s a “nice guy”. Obama’s a great family man. Obama’s gay. Obama’s the Antichrist. You can make a case for any or all of the above. That’s because Obama is the most Chameleon-like politician this country (and maybe ANY country) has ever seen. He’s constantly morphing himself into whatever ‘persona’ he thinks will achieve his objectives at that particular point in time. It’s his #1 political skill.
"I had to punch him officer - he just had such a punchable face!"

MtnClimber hates unions for causing him unfair working conditions. I also wants to beat them up, of course:
I only worked for one company that had union workers. They SUCKED. Every thing everyone one else did was subject to a possible union grievance: things like moving your trash can or desk. The work they did really, really sucked.

It took the BASTURD UAW workers over 6 months to deliver equipment and when we finally got it we found some did not work, but the warranty had expired. I had very hard work hours, 80-90 hours a week for over 6 months to make up the schedule loss. I had to do this to make up the schedule these BASTURDS cost me when we could go over to shipping and recieving and see the equipment, but could not pick it up. How I would like to meet them today in private!
haircutter is taunting Obama on the internets:

Pennsylvania's New VOTER ID LAW have you worried???

I certainly hope so...for we plan to send you back to Chicago, maybe Michelle can get a job checking into why the high death count among the youth occurs there...
Ann Archy doesn't know anything about political campaigns:
WHY the HELL do Democrats have to BUS in people??? Republicans wouldn;t THINK of doing it, and NO self respecting Republican would get ON the bus!
Innovative knows Obama's waiting till reelection to do most of his evil:
In a second term there is nothing to stop Obama from dismanteling freedom and all that’s good about the US and turn us in USSA.
ncfool loves being a Jew:
Axelrod is evil and is the Jewish Hitler. I can say that as I am a Jew....