Thursday, May 3, 2012

Obama's composite boyfriend

So Politico had an article about how a girlfriend in Obama's 'Dreams from my Father' was actually the composite of a number of girlfriends he had. Of course, in the preface, Obama says exactly that. Freepers, though. Well they have issues with Obama's book and his girlfriends, so this news allows them to jump to conclusions they had already jumped to: magellan thinks there's some kind of wide-ranging Ayers-based conspiracy of fake girlfriends:
This story smells on so many levels. It is either in advance damage control, anticipating the inevitable in-depth comparisons between the "girlfriend" in Dreams From My Father and Genevieve Cook. Politico is an arm of Obama's reelection campaign. David Maraniss is an in-the-tank Democrat sycophant. What are the chances his two and only two girlfriends kept journals or diaries of their relationship with Obama, never lost them or threw them out over the last 30 years, and never thought to promote themselves or write their own book? Even during such an historic campaign as 2008! But suddenly, were eager to share them during his reelection? My guess is Genevieve Cook and Alex McNear are Democrat operatives, these journals were probably written by Bill Ayers, and the idea for this "biography" of Obama by Maraniss was concocted by David Axlerod.
Doc Savage is pissed Rush doesn't go all tin-foil hat, like Real Conservatives do:
I've listened to Rush since 1988. He can be quite good and on point at times, but at other times you can hear him pull back obviously afraid to confront any 'conspiracy' issue lest he lose revenue. He KNOWS Obama didn't write 'Dreams'. And he KNOWS Ayers did, but he he chooses to dance around the subject. The primary reason this marxist fraud was elected in 2008 was because of his book, 'Dreams', considered the greatest literary masterpiece EVER by a President. In 'Deconstructing Obama' Jack Cashill, Ph.D., clearly and definitively PROVES Bill Ayers wrote the book; Obama did not date women; and that the NY girlfriend 'compression' was in fact Diana Oughton, Ayer's marxist terrorist elitist Long Island girlfriend killed in a bomb-making accident. Too bad Rush and every other so-called Conservative voice in America are nothing but Chicken-Sh*t RINO's!
over3Owithabrain sees evidence of racism:
It's telling what Obama chose to lie about. A made-up racial incident showing Whitey's insensitivity to the black plight. Just like "police acted stupidly" and "Trayvon could be my son". What a racist, hateful divider this prick of a president is
Lucky9teen thinks composite characters are kind of communist:
He just does what he always does...he redistributed traits from the others into the one...
Kenny Bunk is sure this is to cover up how Obama's super gay:
In the run-up to the election, The Mombasa MF is going to be touted as the biggest STUD ever. Team Obama is pulling out all the stops to quash those nasty "Gay" rumors, right now, Sweetie! Headlines coming to tabloid near you soon: Michelle Furious over Hubby's Contacts with Old Flame! Is Barry This Hottie's Baby Daddy? Starlet Swoons In Obama's Arms! What a Dancer! Michelle Complaining about Barry's Roving Eye! Etc. ad naus. Barry gay? No Way Hosay! He's the macho man who slew Osama bin Ladin!
PGR88 also with the Obama's gay:
The girlfriends were imaginary, the boyfriends were real. It’s a MAN’S COUNTRY, baby!
Cicero adds to the theme as well:
Actually, I would say that the girlfriend is a composite of Barry’s gay bathhouse buddies. Just a bit of fictional transgendering there. And what’s wrong with that? It’s a hate crime if you object!
luvbach1 laments his comment #12 is far to late for his clever 'Obama is gay' comment:
Dare one speculate that Husseins’ composite girlfriend was a mix of boys and girls? I see others beat me to it. Great minds in concert.

Not to worry, another half a dozen posted about Obama's gayness after you, so you were fine!


  1. Freepers sure are obsessed with homosexuality. Especially when it comes to President Obama. Sorry, Freepers, but he's taken.

  2. This is more fun than the birther threads. Go, Freepers, go!

    Freepers (Where'e the birth certificate?) made fools of themselves and they are at it again. Thank you, Freepers. This is funny stuff.

    Well, OK, it was funny in Jr.High School.

    Let's all play, shall we?

    Freepers, you are gay!

    No, that doesn't work. It just sounds stupid when a grown man says it. Listen and learn, Freepers. It just sounds stupid when a grown man says it.

  3. For my Freeper friends,

  4. 'Freepers'.

    Sounds a bit like 'faggots', don't it?

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