Saturday, December 31, 2011

Saturday Pix

Vote Newt, he'll explode!

Palin didn't get me a card, so I made my own! That's not creepy at all!

Freepers hate that

Kwanzaa is evil, of course.

Freepers - totally the bane of Mitt Romney!

This must have taken hours to make.

Freeper's hate has given them the power to read dog's minds!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Liberals cannot be reasoned with!

Freepers project hilariously.

MrB is amused how liberals think everyone else is evil, since they challenge their assumptions:

What’s funny about liberals is that they don’t understand the concept of a “worldview” as a lens of assumptions through which all input is filtered and subsequently all conclusions are reached.
Their mindset, I guess, is that what they assume or believe “just is”, and has nothing to do with presuppositions. Since they can’t self-examine and accept that they have said presuppositions, there’s no way to get them to understand that others have other presuppositions.

Others are either “stupid”, “wrong”, or downright “evil”.

skeeter thinks liberals contempt for those with different points of view mean they are kinda evil.
I am even more skeptical of the typical liberal’s intentions - good intentions and the intense contempt they obviously feel towards those with different points of view cannot coexist within the same brain.
Common Sense 101 is pissed at how morally inferior liberals always pretend like they're all morally superior:

Herein lies one of the greatest paradoxes of liberalism… exactly HOW can one portend to suggest they are morally superior when they openly espouse moral relativism or worse, immorality?

no-to-illegals knows liberals never admit mistakes. Unlike Freepers, who do so all the time.
Being a human one should be more than willing to come forward and say, “I was mistaken, and I made a mistake.” Because of my upbringing I do admit mistakes. Cannot remember the last time I witnessed this or the above quote from a liberal, whereupon a liberal admitted a mistake. Being human, all make mistakes. Liberals must think they are gods
Old Retired Army Guy's brother won't become a Freeper, despite all the hilarious e-mails he sends. Proof he's close-minded.

I have a brother who is a retired school teacher and lives in CA. He is a died in the wool Democrat and I learned long ago not to talk politics with him as it is like talking to a wall. Once in awhile, I email him little humorous digs about his party and liberal positions, but his response is usually “mute”. Bottom line is we aren’t going to change Liberals opinions, we just have to outnumber them.

chimera has an example!
I am reminded of the recent attempts by conservative students to get satirical petitions signed to "redistribute excessive GPA" (you can see some of the videos on Youtube).
The liberal students they encountered who refused to sign it literally went into brain freeze when confronted by the contradictions in their "beliefs". They got that deer-in-the-headlights look and usually walked away muttering "it's not the same thing as taxes".
But you could see the utter astonishment in their faces that, first, someone would actually challenge their liberal beliefs using reason and logic, and, second, that they might be right.
College republicans, on the other hand, do super well when challenged.

Obama can't win

There's a weird bifurcation in Free Republic these days. There's the folks saying only non-Romney can defeat the Obama Juggernaut, and there are those who say Obama is universally hated and cannot win.

It's not like they fight, they just hang out in different threads.

jmaroneps37 knows where the roaring enthusiasm is!

Will someone please sit the liberals down somewhere quiet and gently explain to them that their “Road to 270” won’t work because there is no enthusiasm on their side and there is roaring enthusiasm on our side?

wally_bert is pretty sure Obama will not relinquish power, just like Bush before him:

The backup plan - martial law and become dictator for life long it lasts, life could be short anyone who tries it.

bmwcyle is going to blame voter fraud early:

The Plan — CHEAT

sushiman agrees:

voter fraud on a scale never seen before .

dandiegirl knows no real white people like Obama anymore:

What they are doing is driving white voters away from them in droves. Suing states that want to protect it’s citizens just can’t be a good re-election strategy. People are fed up with Holder and BO acting like dictators. People are fed up with the hypocrit that is Micelle Obama.


The real strategy is ensure Mitt Romney wins the nomination so the conservatives and libertarians stay home or put up a third party...

Hey, what are you dong here? Get back to the "Anyone but Romney" thread!

Romney 45%, Obama 39%

Silly Rassmusen can't fool Freepers, Romney is a trap!

CainConservative knows Romney isn't electable.


Obama-lite will never beat Obama. Nor should he.

On the other hand, a real conservative has a great chance one-on-one versus Obama-lite or Obama himself, imo.

EternalVigilance is a ray of sunshine:
Hemlock vs. cyanide. Who cares, you're still dead either way.
bruinbirdman thinks Rasmussen is in on the conspiracy.
How convenient. Rasmussen comes out 5 days before Iowa and declares Romney is the only Republican who can beat the Obammunist.
sand88 thinks Mitt is the head of the Conspiracy!

Nothing on this Earth will EVER get me to cast a vote for the sociaslist Mitt.

I sincerely believe that Mitt is the one behind ALL the attacks on Consersatives (Palin, Cain, etc.) and the attacks on Newt.

Words cannot express how much I loathe that vile man. I will glad vote down the ticket and NOT cast a vote for this fraud.

NavyCanDo remembers how Freepers fall in line.
Never say never. I said the same thing about John McCain. Many of us on FR did. It took one very wise pick for a VP running mate (Palin) to change nearly every ones mind. Within days many of us McCain haters were reaching for our check books or asking how to volunteer. Whoever is nominated, be it Romney, Newt, Perry or whoever, they better remember why McCain picked Palin.

It’s not an accurate poll, for a finite number of reasons, and one of the major reasons is because the MSM hasn’t, fully, gone after Mitt, yet.

finite number of reasons?

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Vote Rogue

There's an ad out to write in Sarah Palin in Iowa. Freepers buy it enthusiastically!

Windflier notes that drafting candidates has worked before:
Eisenhower resisted all efforts to get him to stand for the nomination, but finally relented to pressure from his supporters when they drafted him at the convention.
Jim Robinson is fully erect behind this.

Go, Sarah!!

If I lived in Iowa, you’d get my vote next week!! You betcha!!

Unfortunately, my vote won’t count out here in la la land.

Rebellion is brewing!!

Go TEA Party!!

Drill, baby, drill!!

Eye of Unk thinks this is another clever Palin tactic!

I don’t think she EVER said she would deny the peoples wishes.

And I totally respect her for NOT playing the predictable standard politics game, changing the tactics shows leadership skills.


Please make it stop!!

Alas, he may be the only one not having fun here.

Gunboat diplomacy looks gay when Obama does it.

Iran is threatening to close the important oil-transport corridor the Strait of Hormuz, so the US has sent an aircraft carrier. Freepers once again find themselves torn between loving manly Arab bullying and hating Obama. And once again, they focus on hating Obama:

2 Kool 2 Be 4-Gotten just assumes Obama had nothing to do with this.
if the ship is in the SOH it’s because the Navy itself worked out a plan to do this - not because Zero thought it up on the golf course.
silverleaf thinks this is a cynical political move:

Obama handlers call Panetta and order him to send a gun to the knife fight, because potus is being taunted by Iran and needs to look “strong and decisive”, even as he further emboldens our enemies and drains the energy out of our presence and image in the region by his ordered retreat from Iraq

for this guy, military strategy - and everything else- is pinned to his poll numbers

It has never been so egregious risky and antithetical to our national interests as with this naive inexperienced immature group of anti-American apologists who see the US military as toys they can wield. This started big time with Clinton and Cohen, now it is nuke-war dangerous

Witness the childish joy of barry reveling in his overuse of Air Force 1
silverleaf follows up that Iran would totally get away with somehow sinking our carrier, cause they'll blame the Israelis.
oh and of course, should there be an “incident” the Iranian govt can issue back channel private denials for any “mistakes” committed by the Rev Guard and assure the Europeans and the weak dick obama people that they “the moderates” will deal with it if we do not “over react”

To the UN they could claim it was all an Israeli zionist plot to attack a US carrier and start a war, and demand an investigation, most of the 3rd world would believe this. Also many US democrats. And Ron Paul.

I believe the Iranian “moderates” have played this card before, such as over Pan Am 103 and maybe others
OrioleFan isn't sure what to do, but knows whatever Obama does is wrong.

The most unqualified occupant of the White House in history. A metrosexual, who has to be dragged in off the golf course to witness the take down of Bin Laden. A person with no record of accomplishment - in his life. A person who votes "Present" or doesn't vote at all to avoid taking a stand on an issue.

I have no hope Obama even knows what the right decision is, much less that he will make a decision at all. That puts our military in harms way waiting on the procrastinator in chief.
USS Alaska knows what to do: Nuke Iran.

A single boomer, like the USS ALASKA, travels alone and could turn the entire 75,000,000 mooselimb persians into statues of glass.

It does require the political will to issue the correct order.
Gen.Blather thinks this is fine tactics, but only when Reagan does it.
Reagan would have pulled the trigger and the world knew it. I don’t think the world believes Obama would pull the trigger; that would not be sufficiently “nuanced.” If you’re not prepared to use it, don’t risk it.

We’re asking for disaster here because the Rules of Engagement would need to let the Navy react instantly to whatever happens or to any perceived threat. That may mean shooting down an “unarmed” reconnaissance plane. Can anybody believe the ROI say anything other than, “If something happens, call the White House?”

butterdezillion has this whole attack scenario worked out. And Obama is behind it all!

My suspicion is that Iran would do an EMP attack on the mainland US as a “begin operations” signal to Hamas and Hezbollah operatives who have been coming in through our soft underbelly (while the DOJ gags and binds Sheriff Joe from trying to protect our underside). I know Bam was working on having authorization to supplement the whole martial law thing with detaining and sending to Gitmo anybody he wants to make trumped-up “suspicions” about.

If the timing is just right this could all happen when Obama and his family are all in HI where it’s easy to keep invaders at bay. Is Pelosi still there too? It would conveniently happen before Sheriff Joe’s posse comes out with the truth about Obama being a fraud enabled by an entire criminal system, yet far enough away from the expected release of the report, that only the “conspiracy theorists” would suspect a connection.

Obama didn't celebrate Christmas

A lot of right win sources have been harping on how Obama didn't give an official Christmas address, but totally did for Kwanza. It's crap, of course.

And exactly the sort of contentless, narrative-affirming crap Freepers love:

maine-iac7 has a new rumor to monger:
And the usurper in chief gives a state dinner each year in honor of the start of Ramadan - then promptly scoots of to Camp David for the week of Ramadan - where the press cannot intrude - and the sounds of silence in the media is deafening
detective is sure everyone's gotta be a Freeper by now!
Is there anyone out there who still doesn't realize that Obama hates and despises sincere Christians and wants to hurt them?
Blame the non-FOX press, dude!

Jewbacca brings in the obligatory gay thing:

muslim, homosexual, marxist, and illegal alien

The Obama's a homo thing is totally on the rise. I hope it's not a fad, and bubbles up to FOX soon.

Reddy thinks youtube comments are gospel:

Interesting remarks in the comments re: moochelle being with him in the Christmas production but not in the Ramadan video... hmmm... since she’s a woman, she would have had to cover her face while sitting next to the Muslim in Chief?? (not that there would be anything wrong with that!)

MrB is totally living in the Star-Wars universe:

There are only two sides in the cosmic battle,
and if you’re not on Christ’s side,
you’re on the opposing side.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Attacking Iran

There's all sorts of chatter about Israel attacking Iran. Secure that Obama won't do anything so low as actually invade (then they'd have to go all hippy), Freepers get their Neo-Con on.

mkjessup knows Obama won't bomb Iran, but if he does it's cause he's playing politics:
"the White House was thrust into action, reassuring the Israelis that the administration had its own “red lines” that would trigger military action against Iran"

Those 'red lines' would be downward arrows on graphs representing plummeting poll numbers for the Kenyan Kid around say, October next year.

Otherwise, Israel is sh*t outta luck if they're depending on the U.S. to do anything about Iran.

Thanks George W. Bush, for talking the talk, and talking the talk, and talking the talk, and then passing it off to your Muslim successor.
DCBryan1 likes to invade countries over 25-year-old grudges:
You idiots need a trigger to attack Iran?!

Here, let me help you with that:

1983 Marine Bombing


Here is another reason:


Twenty-six years ago, the world watched one of the most horrific atrocities taken against innocent civilians—this event was aired live on televisions around the world. TWA Flight 847 was hijacked, terrorists held their captives for seventeen days, and brutally murdered 23-year old Robert Stethem, a proud American and a U.S. Navy diver. This terrorist attack was conducted by the Iranian supported terrorist group Hezbollah.
reefdiver agrees, though at least he limits it to the leadership.
Long memories on that one. The sand rats in charge over there have it coming.
Texas Eagle is concerned because Israel reportedly thinks the Obama administration doesn't lie about everything ever all the time.
“The Israelis view Panetta as an honest broker.”

We are so screwed.

At least they're not Muslims.

A more fruitful thread about the Ultra-Orthodox Israelis being dicks to little girls who don't dress right:

heylady has a pretty low bar.
animals , just like muslims who behead or stone girls to death. /s
Jewbacca would like to take this story as a reason to reiterate that Muslims are evil.

I don’t defend these idiots.

I do note:

1. If she was a in an arab neighborhood, she would be dead, raped, and/or kidnapped. This would not, however, be newsworthy. Only Jewish folk behaving badly is news.

2. It is other Orthodox Jewish people who are putting a stop to these fanatics -— a direct contrast to how muslims behave, where the looniest rule.

3. The actions of this particular groupd of Haredi are not backed by a sound reading of the Torah or any generally-accepted Rabbinical authority — again, a direct contrast to the koran, the four corners of which contain text directly to this effect.

Linda Frances would like to take this story as a reason to reiterate that the press never covers evil Muslms enough.
Where is the articles on Muslim honor killings and stoning of women??? We've had honor killings here in the US, but how many have newspapers,magazines....reported that?
I'll bet you compare the women stoned, beaten, killed or spit by islamist to Orthodox Jews, it would be a million to one.
new york times and others like them are there only to manipulate ignorant people into believing lies likes “most islamist are peaceful and most Orthodox Jews are violent”.
BlackVeil thinks the girl is a plant:
I have some doubts about the this particular case, which has made such a splash in the media. The innocent young attrative girl is an ideal image. Yet the story presents few details as to why she is menaced - it just says she believes she is. Other women living in the area have been harassed by the loons, but these ones are either not so photogenic, or don’t want to be in a media campaign.
ClearCase_guy knows these Orthodox aren't fanatics, they're false flags!

Sounds like Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptists have a sister chapter within the ultra-orthodox Jewish community. Question: “How can we make our religion look really, really bad to the rest of the world?”

mas cerveza por favor knows how to stay Right Thinking:

Religious zeal is a good thing but only if it is for the True Faith.

Though a lot of Freepers do call him on this.

James C. Bennett just wants to kill these guys too.
Sometimes, animals disguised as humans ask to be taken out. These freaks are literally begging to be machine-gunned into lawn fertiliser. It's the same disease that afflicts the bulk of the subscribers to that human cancer called Islam.

Sen. Ben Nelson (D., Neb.) to retire

You'd think Freepers would be thrilled that this Democrat is retiring, further stretching a year already numerically against the Democrats. But they'd prefer to get in some last licks at this guy, or plot their post-apocalypse revenge:

Despite my intro, PGalt is happy, if a bit creepy:

GRRRRRRREAT news! Thanks for posting.

DEPOPULATE socialists from the body politic.

live - free - republic


GOPsterinMA is not a fan:

Bye you treacherous bitch.

He doesn't specify a reason

verga also prefers to stay mad without noting any particular sin:

I hope the B@#T@RD has trouble sleeping for the rest of his natural life, and is seated in the smoking section for his eternal one.

Signalman explains it all:

His political career ended the moment he voted for Obozocare.


lgjhn23 thinks this is a sign of some kind of financial apocalypse:

With all these clowns bailing out, it makes one wonder what they know that we don’t, especially with the new lock up laws with no trial. They KNOW the big crash is coming and bailing out now in hopes that the “unwashed masses” forget who they are.
Not a chance, clowns! We’ll never forget who brought this upon us. Ever. They can run but can’t hide.

ponygirl also looks forwards to his being hunted in the lawless post-Obamacare hellscape.
His vote came at a price... a cushy lobbyist job and other assorted perks after he resigned because he knew he would never get re-elected after voting for that monstrosity. He only held out until he got the deal he wanted for his "retirement."

When this society collapses, I hope people like Nelson spend the rest of their days looking over their shoulders.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Are Ultra-Orthodox Jews secret Muslims?

Ultra-Orthodox Jews are apparently harassing other Israelis, including vandalizing bakeries open for passover and harassing small-girls on their way to co-ed elementary schools.

EagleUSA therefore has this question:

This is hard to understand. With all the problems and issues the Israelis are facing, that these “extremists” (whatever that means) are stirring up problems within the Jewish country.

This begs the question: Are they really Israelis, or Muslims in sheeps garb??

I suppose it's a small step from 'All Muslims are extremists' to 'all extremists are Muslim.'

A rich liberal is a hypocrite.

Nancy Pelosi is of on a fancy Hawaiian vacation. Freepers, well practiced now at vacation-based rage, dive in.

Cheerio thinks she and Obama must have fled to plot!
Nan Piglosi and the Zero plotting on how to get her the Speakership back.
Obama wants the house to be in Democratic hands? Zounds!

skeeter indulges in a bit of sample bias:

It never ceases to amaze me how commies always go first cabin.

bray thinks the Occupy movement is going to be a political force:

You can bet Occupy SF will be campaigning for that $100 million hypocrite.

Better than campaigning for Christine O'Donnell!

Hoosier-Daddy thinks this is some sort of birther thing:

They are very afraid of what Sheriff Joe is going to come up with...

juno67 knows any liberal had better be wearing ashes and sack-cloth.

I find it interesting that she is in the top 1% of earners while at the same time she is supporting the raising of taxes on the top 1%. Is she writing some exception into the law for top Democrats?

Because it is inconceivable to Freepers that some politicians might argue beyond their own self-interest.

bvw needs no evidence to point out that being a liberal means you're a criminal.
"It's Pelosi's right to pay $10,000 a night at a Hawaiian resort"

No. No quite. Pelosi's "earned" that money by grift, bribe and using her public office for her own enrichment.

We are paying for it.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Newt fails to get on the Virginia Primary Ballot

Another Fresno Grifter find.

Seems like just about everyone who is not Romney or Ron Paul has failed to get enough signatures to satisfy Virginia's restrictive ballot laws.

In a rare treat, this has made Free Republic Founder Jim Robinson crazy! This dude never posts, and when he does it's usually large vanities. But here he's totally active in this thread he started starting a Facebook petition (those always work!).
Dude is clearly not a fan of rules:

Jim Robinson writes a post on the Virgina GOP facebook page. And by post, I mean purple, purple prose:

You people are absolutely nuts for trying to keep Newt Gingrich off the Virginia ballot! In case you haven’t noticed, Newt Gingrich is the leading Republican contender for the presidency nationwide and in VIRGINIA!!

You are attempting to disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of Republican conservatives in Virginia who would mark their ballots for Newt Gingrich. He’s a favorite among the conservative base and the tea party.

And Rebellion is brewing!! Advise you get your act together and get him on the ballot!! This treachery will not be allowed to stand without a whole lot of blowback!! On YOU!!

I hope he talks like that in real life.

Jim Robinson is threatening Rebellion!

I don’t care what it takes, but Virginia had best get his name on that ballot!!

Rebellion is brewing!!

To be fair, he adds that on the end of about 2/3 of his posts.

Jim Robinson lays out his case:
there’s no reason not to allow Santorum, Bachmann, Perry, Gingrich, et al, on the ballot, assuming they’re still in the race after the early primaries. There’s no doubt that they are legitimate Republican candidates.
legitimate candidates - JimRob knows it when he sees it.

Jim Robinson is acting a bit kooky:

Yeah, Not again in Va! You betcha. These yahoos should get their act together pronto!

I'd like to see a few thousand grassroots conservatives and tea party people cheerfully "occupy" their offices.
Occupy? But that's what evil pooping, raping Marxist hippies do!

Diogenesis thinks Romney is the cause of all the GOP's current problems:
The "rules" in Virginia favor(ed) Romney since

he was EXEMPT from the the "rules",
that made a "St." not a street ... to exclude the Speaker.

FReepers and America have watched
Team Romney 'hack' down Gov. Palin (and her children),
Mr. Cain, and previously Sen. Thompson, Gov. Huckabee,
... as Romney has helped and lauded Obama.

It is NO secret that the GOP is on open 'double secret probation'
and is about to go DOWN THE TUBES
and the way of the dinosaurs and Whigs.

By their choice ... and the 'helmlock' of Rove.

And given the lack of moral fiber of the lying RINOs
the sooner the better for America.
savedbygrace thinks it was an inside job!

I’m even more convinced today that it was in inside job in the Gingrich campaign.

I understand there were a lot of sigs turned in without addresses. Those had to be reviewed by somebody in the campaign organization before, way before, sending the pages in to the VRP.

So, somebody (or several somebodies) should have pulled them way before last week. This would have been a trusted somebody, if you know what I mean.

skinny, ghetto crackhead

Commenter Fresno Grifter has been busy digging up the crazy that gut buried over the holiday:

So Brent Bozell said, "How long do you think Sean Hannity’s show would last if four times in one sentence, he made a comment about, say, the President of the United States, and said that he looked like a skinny, ghetto crackhead?"

So far, just a rather racially charged hypothetical

Then he said, "Which, by the way, you might want to say that Barack Obama does." Which is really edge close to straight-up saying "Obama is a skinny, ghetto crackhead," but doesn't quite pull that trigger.

Have no fear, though, Freepers are happy to oblige:

knows Obama is more fancy-evil than a mere junkie:

Actually looks like a crack seller and pimp.

Lakeshark denies Obama the nobility of poverty:
Pfft. He’s never seen a ghetto.

Untrue. Untrue. They often pass them in their limo..........
oldbrowser feels victimized already:

The media has been waiting and waiting for someone to make a statement like that so they can play the race card for years to come. This will be shown as absolute proof that the conservatives are racists.


They said worse about Bush.

Alas, no links were forthcoming.

ROCKLOBSTER knows no insult of Obama is complete without a few additions:
Hussein Obama looks like a gay skinny, ghetto crackhead moslem Communist. (with big floppy ears)
Well, he DOES look like a skinny, blue-lipped crackhead. The truth must hurt much.
Cowgirl of Justice:

But his lips are so blue anymore. Either is it lipstick or maybe a brown tattoo? He is so thin-skinned that he def has had something done about it.

It Keeps them Warm

Bonus points if you get the reference.

Conservative writer Victor Davis Hanson writes how the Right, unlike the Left, doesn't viscerally hate those in opposition. Freepers fall all over themselves to prove him wrong like being batshit insane was some sort of tribal test:

BTW, this thread is 42 posts long, and every single one of them is awesome.

piytar sounds healthy:

Hate? Far too mild a word! I utterly despise the corrupt sack of $#!\ and everything he stands for. Every time I see him I want to vomit.

How’s that VDH?

mojitojoe knows nicknames are the key to sanity:

I suffer from Obongo the Marxist Islamic Kenyan syndrome. I oppose him, hate him, detest him, despise him, loathe the ground he walks on and live for the day he leaves the White House.

crazydad wants a stronger word than hate:

Hate is like you a far to soft word.
I do believe that if someone is doing wrong to you, your family or your country, it should be screamed out loud and that person should be told how you feel. I despise and loathe this person.
He is everything that is wrong with the world. He is in my mind a demon from Satan.
His plan is to destroy the only god fearing, freedom loving country in the world. As he plans for Isreals demise also.. God please let us have a normal American loving President back next year.

Only god fearing, freedom loving country in the world? What about the Vatican?

genghis prefers his hate wide-spectrum:

this is bs
i hate all democrats
everyone of them
b.o. is just like boxer, durban murray and the rest of the #$%^%$

MaxMax clearly doesn't read Free Republic.
It's not really derangement since we try to make sense of Zeros chaos and
I doubt many here are confused about his leadership direction.
We don't froth from the mouth or blame Zero for snowy days in march.

On the flip side the RAT supporters blamed everything on Bush. That's derangement.
Kolath knows it's Sarah Palin that's the real victim here:

ODS is NOTING compaired to PDS.

Give Obama the PDS treatment and wsatch him melt like butter on a skillet.

MestaMachine knows it's supporting Obama that's crazy:

“Obama Derangement Syndrome?”

Absolutely. Every single one of his supporters is afflicted with it. What we NEED is for selfless conservatives to provide them with a cure.

a 'cure' for liking Obama? Sounds a bit Stalinesque.

Stepan12 proves his rationality be Hitlering all over the place:
He is scum! If that means someone calls me full of OBD syndrome, then so be it.

Maybe it is not fair to compare Obama to Hitler. Hitler, afterall, would never had to use a teleprompter. He could write a line or two on a piece of paper and makes a half and hour to an hour speech from that. Hitler also had CIC ability and the Messiah clearly doesn't have any.

Hitler worked to kill Jews on his own, while Obama leads from the rear and is hoping Iran will do his dirty work against Israel, which has 5.5 million Jews. Obama has been midwifing Iran's nuclear bomb.

Nah.... Obama isn't Hitler. He is like a more incompetent copy. Maybe an affirmative action Hitler.

re_nortex prefers Stalin:

I hate Obama with every fiber of my being, much as I hated his fellow Marxist Joseph Stalin.

re_nortex knows Cheney is one of them:
Vice President Dick Cheney saw right through the facade of Hussein with a genuine FUBO look.
Popman knows if it's visceral it's gotta be okay:
Initially, I just despised him for what he stood for....

In the last 2 years I have learned to hate him with the brightness of 10,000 suns

A visceral hate wells up within me whenever I see his puss

SueRae also feels it viscerally:

Speaking for myself, it is indeed visceral. Anyone with half a brain can see the damge he’s done to the country...and he thinks he’s doing great. I despise the criminals in his adminstration and in high office that continue to thumb their noses at the will of the people and our laws.

Take the Pledge, Support the Nominee [as long as it's not Romney or Paul]

If Freepers represent the any sort of proportion of the GOP base, Romney is in trouble in the general election.

CainConservative is loyal up to a point:
While I will personally vote in the primary for the candidate I think the most qualified and conservative, I will support the candidate who wins the Republican nomination, whether it be Paul, Romney, Gingrich, Perry, Bachmann, Santorum, or even Governor Johnson.

So will I unless it's Paul or Romney.
heiss has his pet issue preventing him from halting Obama:

Other than mitt, newt and paul, i will support any gop nominee.
Amnesty must be stopped

Head Freeper Jim Robinson weighs in:

I hereby pledge to support the nominee as long as he’s not an abortionist, gay rights advocating, Reagan denying, socialist healthcare pushing, mandate loving, gun grabbing, liberal judge appointing, two-faced, flip-flopping, lying RINO hypocrite or a whacko drug-pushing isolationist.

That leaves Gingrich, Bachmann, Perry or Santorum. Huntsman? Who?

greene66 has his limits:

I’ve voted exclusively GOP my entire voting life, never wavering a single time. Not for Perot, not for anybody.

But if Romney is the nominee, the GOP can just go choke to death. Three years of backstabbing conservatives, backstabbing Palin, backstabbing the Tea Party, backstabbing the grassroots... like I’m going to ‘reward’ these scumbags with my vote? To Hell with the bastards!

sushiman has a cunning plan, my lord:

Trump :

Pro Life
Pro Capital Punishment
For smaller government
Do Away with Dept. Of Education
Opposes Gun Control
Thinks that legal immigration should be difficult and illegal immigration should be impossible .
Maintains that Israel is our best friend.
Not in favor of same sex marriage.

No , he is not a Conservative , but neither are Gingrich or Romney . If I had to classify him I’d say moderate to right leaning populist . I think he’d kick ass and certainly would upset the status quo . If Repubs would get some balls and not be afraid of voting 3rd party I daresay Trump would have a chance to win . Lots of fed up Dems and Indies out there + if it is Romney , well , you get the picture .

Bryanw92 sees the upside:
It will easier to gain traction for forming a 2nd country if Obama gets re-elected.
prisoner6 just wants to watch the world burn:

Maybe it's a boil that needs to be popped. With a RINO in it just keeps festering.


The country may die but The Constitution and FREEDOM will live.

From a dead, entitlement country perhaps a new land of opportunity will arise like The Phoenix from the ashes.
Seaplaner keeps fear alive:
I'm so terribly worried about what a second (scorched-earth) Obama term would do to this fine Country (and my two "kids" who wear our Country's uniform), that I will support and vote for the GOP nominee, whomever that might end up as being.

Even (cough) Mitt.

Within a year into an Obama second term, I suspect that FR, Fox, Rush, and any other dissent will be completely illegal.

donmeaker also hates Obama enough to fall in line:

I will vote for a syphilitic camel over Obama.

Paul was my representative in Texas. He was glad to accept the support of the local racists.

Romney is a Mormon, a religion that was begun by a professional fraud, and furthered through perversion.

Yet I would vote for either of them over Obama.

Monday Potpouri

April Lexington thinks fiction is a liberal conspiracy:
Actors are scum. Leftist scum. Stupid, empty-headed Communist scum. No degrees. No education. Just an ability to convince the ignorant masses that they are someone else. For money. .. so... I don't support them financially. Why would you expose your children to a fraud pretending to be someone he isn't? Movies are make believe.
It all started with that commie Chaucer...

EQAndyBuzz has a plan to deal with an EPA administrator:

Pitchforks and torches in front of Jackson’s home.

Force the police to come and then tell the cops with the cameras rolling what this commie is going to do to their family.

Send it viral.

That’s how you beat the left.

Yes, angry mob justice is like liberal kryptonite! I think you should do this.

mas cerveza por favor on the serious dangers of some Catholic schools.

Diocesan and Jesuit schools are even more dangerous than public schools for Catholic students. While both venues are anti-Christian, the modernist “Catholic” schools specialize in specifically targeting the Catholic faith for destruction.

Dubh_Ghlase thinks there's a civil war on right now:
It's coming...

I see the elites walling themselves in behind ranks of military-armed "police" for their protection, while civil war (that THEY have created) is waged among the population. This has been the plan all along, and zero is the culmination of the effort...
John S Mosby on the gayness of Obama:

As in our chief executive, he of the effeminate spider leg, mack daddy tutu persuasion and his field harridan, white hating, manly butch of a wife— the only kind of woman he could rise to pollinate (while taking one for the team). No surprise they travel separately, and she’s getting it on with a member of her security (true).

I was skeptical till the "(true)."

Only politicianslie is smart enough to see the obvious:

WOULD IT BE CHEAPER to do a Pearl Harbor style attack


Spend a few $Hundred Million on making Obama POTUS?

Obviously Obama is a plant, a Trojan horse plant who is here to destroy America. If you ask who he is working for and what is his religion, stupid is too weak of a word to describe Americans.

Conspiracies such as this are fantasies, they couldn't happen here or so Americans apparently think.

Americans really are stupid enough to let him continue the destruction of their country.
marty60 thinks the tech bubble was Clinton's fault and only Democrats got rich off it. Then 9-11 ruined the liberal takeover:

I got a sneaking suspicion back in late 80’s early 90’s that there was manipulation of the system ( econ) by the Democrat insiders. Everyone has forgotten the huge bubble Clinton created with the Tech Stocks. Wonder if only Dems became millionaires on that one.
Then when Bush became Pres all of a sudden it burst. The Dems have been pissed ever since 911, because the War (s) delayed the planned damage to the Repub admin. Zero thought the Solyndra types would create yet another money maker for the Insiders. But they got greedy. Always a mistake.

True Republican Patriot is not a fan of Obama, but is a fan of hyperbole:

Old Sarge, while You are 1000% Correct, You are a Million Trillion % Short of the Evaluation of Obama Hussein, You left out that Obama HUSSEIN IS A FOREIGN MUSLIM TERRORIST installed in Our Highest Honored Office and the Most Powerful in the World
by the words of Farrakkon: “Obama was NOT ELECTED! but HE WAS SELECTED by US!” and “HE IS OUR PROPHET FROM ALLAH!” Glenn Beck played the videos of these statements and where is the a chirp from the media? Our Media is a Communist and Socialistic Perversion of PROPAGANDA that makes Hitler, Stalin and Musalini as well as Castro, Chavez, Ayers and Obama’s other Whore’s look like Amateurs!

Venturer thinks Obama would have been impeached if he were white:

Obama is vulnerable to racist innuendo

What a Joke that statement is.

His race is his shield, If he were white he would have been impeached long ago.

When it's a capital 'J' Joke, you know it's serious.

Free Vulcan hates genocidal butchers.

So love the the population reduction crowd. The kind of people that’d gun down your whole family and bury them in a ditch for their brave new world. Nothing like genocidal butchers getting on their high horse.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Saturday Pix

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!

Haw haw, donkeys look silly!

Perverting Goodwill towards men seems healthy impulse.

What's going on here? Why photoshop in Kermit?

Love this Donkey though. He just don't give a shit.

Keep complaining about it, Freepers! It only makes you double-standards all the more clear.


Yes, Birtherism is just a big conspiracy to make Republicans look bad.

I like the stark declaration "ENEMY." Seems legit.

Well, he sure looks scary!

Healthy eating means you never eat anything ever. And never NEVER get caught in a psychedelic food collage.

Jesus Christ, they will not let up!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Freepers discuss 'It's a Wonderful Life.'

Conservative Michael Grahamwrites a wacky piece about how It's a Wonderful Life glorifies the insolvent George Baily and vilifies the successful banker Potter. Freepers discuss:

Fiji Hill would change only that George's wife became a spinster librarian, because librarian is too cool for her dystopian life. He has a much worse job for her:
Had I been in charge, rather than giving her a prestigious profession, I would have made her a New Deal bureaucrat.
Mich Patriot thinks Potter is only a jerk at the very end:

I’ve raised criticism of this movie for its “hate the rich and powerful” message too, BUT overall I like the movie very much. I get past my distaste for the central message by remembering that Potter was indeed a jerk in the end, by not giving the deposit money back to the Baileys.

Because being a capitalist means you never have to apologize for being an asshole!

RushingWater wants a buffer angel.

Well I like the movie except the angel is shown as a namby pamby when in reality they are awesome powerful beings. Also in reality the Building and Loan should have turned the corner with its success and been much more profitable. Oh, the plot holes!

LibLieSlayer loves the movie, but still hates liberals!
I loved the movie... Jimmy Stewart was a full blown Military Hero... though few know it... and I HATE all progressives. I hate that they make me hate!
Ghost of Philip Marlowe likes the movie, so liberals must hate it!

It is not just a nice movie.

It is an excellent movie with an excellent message.

Liberals don’t like it because it is an excellent example of how pop culture can praise traditional American values and how it can be done artistically.

And, as we all know, all communication channels in this country are only supposed to speak the Marxist message.

Merry CHRISTmas, everybody!!

Health Care: Still an evil plot.

When I first started doing this blog back in Oct. 2007(!), my favorite part was when a fresh news story got Freepers all riled up. Well, that and how much they rationalized hating all Muslims.

The Muslim thing is still strong, but I find the confused instinctive yawlps of 'HITLER! SOCIALIST!" on every new story get pretty repetitive. Ya gotta go mining for any sort of innovation in the crazy with the 1000 post breaking stories.
These days I prefer threads after an issue crusts over. Because then Freepers themselves cherry pick the most crazy ideas and hold on to them. You get shorter threads, but much more crazy.

Case and point the Supreme Court is gonna hear argument about Obamacare. 27 post thread, dense with prime crazy.

spots the rare elderly conservative:

I was at the gym this morning. An elderly man, bent over with scoliosis, was pushing his walker by me. Affixed to the frame was a large sign that said, in bright red, “I DON’T LIKE OBAMACARE.”

Mr. Wright gets a bit exercised:

As is the case with this bunch, any rule of law, constitutional requirements, ethics, moral standards, are all thrown out the window.

State-run, lame-stream, liberal-left, communist-progressive media WILL NOT make an issue of the Kagen participation in the hearings and decision. They are all in this together to f - - k America.

Graewoulf offers some legal analysis:

Obama”care” was robo-signed by Congress, and is therefore illegal.

Obama”care” reduces competition, and therefore is illegal by the 1890 Sherman Anti-Trust Law.

Obama”care” is designed to be a US Federal Government monopoly, with no competition.

Obama”care” also is illegal according to the US Constitution, because it violates our freedom of choice.

Will THE NINE SUPREMES notice any of these three violations? I seriously doubt it.

Impeached Bill Clinton proved that the US President is above US Federal Law, so anything that the President wants he gets, regardless of the Federal Laws that he has violated.

Graewoulf tries to top his own crazy offering:
Chairman Obama has shown NO respect for the US Constitution since his birth in Kenya.

His High Poo-Bahness probably views, (with his typical arrogant scorn), THE NINE SUPREMES as irrelevant to the harm he has been chosen to do to America.

BTW, FDR tried to pack the US Supreme Court to insure that the USA became a Socialist Nation very quickly. Now that we are FINALLY the Union of Socialist States in Amerika (USSA), maybe Dictator Obama will simply abolish the 4 th Branch of Government?

oneolcop thinks this is going to turn into martial law somehow.
I believe the people behind this regime fully intend to ignore the rule of law and use unions and the federal bureaucracy to take control and destroy the rule of law and throw out the constitution in the name of some sort of concocted "emergency."

There is an effort by some of the behind the scenes operators to unionize the armed forces, thereby putting the military under the operational control of their union bosses. They'll start with the enlisted ranks and, if they can gain control of them, the next step will be to have a work stoppage or some sort of work action that will tie the hands of the commanding officers (via a court order issued by one of their allied federal judges).
BuckeyeTexan is so tough!!

If it goes the “wrong” way, I’ll be purchasing some tar and feathers and a ticket to Capitol Hill where this monstrosity was invented.

4th branch?

Obama goes Christmas Shopping

There's a pic of Obama and Bo the First Dog shopping in PetSmart. Freepers provide their usual analysis:

teacherwoes seems unfamiliar with PetSmart
According to many state laws pets are not allowed in many stores except if they are a guide animal.
If Obama took Bo into Best Buy then the law should be all over him. Oh wait, he is above the law..sorry. Not enough coffee.
sodpoodle does not approve of Obama spending his own money:

A $41 chew toy for a dog is a disgusting display of decadence.

I hope his supporters on welfare, food stamps and housing vouchers are happy for him.

Probably so.

geege wants you to know all the Obamas are ugly:

I have to say “BO” is cute and the only thing easy on the eyes in that family.

Ann Archy has decided Obama's family hates him:

OMG!! I actually feel SORRY for the poor bast@rd!!! His wife and kids couldn’t WAIT to go on a vacation!!! WITHOUT their MEAL TICKET!! Oh, wait....WE are their meal ticket.


He looks like hell.

Agree....I thought he looks sick...very sick....
I think he's looking pretty good for being on Death's door this past February.

Auntie Mame knows no thread with a pic of Obama in it would be complete without...

He’s looking mighty gay in a lot of these photos.


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Republicans Cave on Payroll Tax

After enduring about two days of awful press regarding their intransigence on the payroll tax hike, it seems Boehner got the Tea Party in line and managed to vote for McConell's compromise bill. But not after much political bloodletting.

Freepers, of course, see this not as an unforced error by the Tea Party caucus, but as surrender!

MichaelP sums it up:
How stupid! Why pick a fight and then give in? Now the rats look like winners.

Was there any doubt at all that the timid little geek would give in to the big bully on the corner?

I continue to be amazed at how much Freepers love the high-school bully imagery.

Venturer is pissed that Boehner didn't even have the decency to ruin Obama's vacation.

Boehner folded up like a cheap suit, as expected.

Obama’s Air Force One plane is warming up for the Hawaii flight even as we speak.

Obama nailed it again.

Thanks for nothing Mr. Boehner

clintonh8r plans a Tax Revolt
There's really only one way to stop this.

Forget eletions. Starve the beast. Stop paying taxes. It will take courage and millions of people, but somehow it must be done.
Worked great in 2009!

Terry Mross sees this as proof the Republicans are working with Obama in some kinda grand conspiracy

The GOP is not that stupid. They knew exactly what they were doing. They’re helping to get obama re-elected. All they had to do was say “The democrats and obama say they want a year extension. Come February we will remind them.” Now come February they’ll be the heartless republicans who were taken hostage by the tea party and “tried to raise taxes at Christmas”.

As I said on another post when, Romney gets beaten by obama the story will be “Tea Party Extremist Voters Stayed Home”. And that will be the story whether they stay home or not.

GeronL is unhappy:

Surrender in progress

Dawggie works blue:

Yup. Never make a deal with a liberal. You get the shaft and the lib gets lucky.


I think John BONER needs to be shown the door.
There is no opposition party. This is sick.



Mitt Romney tries to protest state's rights to defend his Massachusetts health care plan. Freepers go hilariously ballistic.

Goreknowshowtocheat has some weird plan for killing people or something:

I think people should be free to decide their health insurance requirements. But, if they collide on the freeways, they get left to tend for themselves. They did not contract for hospital or paramedics.


Willard is an idiot.

And a fascist, just as most are in government today.

Did you catch what I said?

Whatever, dude. Freepers think two-thirds of everything is fascist, and the rest socialist. We need better crazy:

preamble delivers:





Rome2000 has a litmus test:
The Romneys are cowards and snake oil salesmen.

Its unconscionable that they en mass have forsworn fighting this nations foreign wars, and he should be disqualified for national office based on that alone.

His father didnt serve either, and the rest of the clan were busy hiding in Mexico where they could practice muslim style polygamy.

Rome2000 then unleashes the madness:
Make no mistake about it.

This is where we hold the line.

This is our Stalingrad.

This PHONY SON OF A BITCH MYTH FLIP SLICK WILLARD RINO ROMNEY MUST BE DESTROYED, along with his enablers in the conservative media and I'm talking Hannity and Coulter among others, if they don't cease and desist.

lgjhn23 allows that Mitt is at least perceived to be white.

Mitt, you lie just like odongo does. You’re “birds of a feather”.
There is no difference between either of you two, except you’re a hetorsexual (perceived to be) white cracker with pretty hair. How’s that for racist, you socialist POS.

On a purely schadenfreude level, these primaries are awesome.

Sheriff Joe versus ICE

The DoJ is investigating Sheriff Joe Arpaio for prejudiced policies against Hispanics. Part of this seems to be investigating purported illegals Arpaio's men send them.

Just the thing to start up Freepers' anti-illeagal engines once again:

butterdezillion is responsible for like half the posts on this thread. He likes hyperbole, and does not like Mexicans.

DHS, Holder, and a bunch of other agencies are arming Mexican drug cartels, aiding in covering up the truth, demanding that they be the only ones who can enforce the laws, and then refusing to enforce the laws. They are literally holding this country hostage by refusing to let anybody but them enforce law and then refusing to do it themselves.

These people are declaring war on America openly.

butterdezillion thinks this is birther-related:
One lie is never enough, and I was saying back in January of 2010 that if we allowed the criminal actions of Obama in regards to his eligibility to go unchecked it would lead to full-out lawlessness.
That’s exactly what we’re seeing. Anybody who claims this is a fringe issue needs to look at what these criminals in positions of power are willing to do to cover for Obama, who they know to be an illegal, criminal usurper and enemy combatant in the White House.

They are willing to throw out all law enforcement.

csense also sees this as revenge for Sheriff Joe dabbling with birtherism:
I don't think the Feds are going to back down on this if it's related to Arpaio's investigation of Obama's birth certificate, and it very well may be.
Short of a National outcry (and even then, they'd revert to simply indicting him)I think they're going to squeeze his balls until he says uncle, or, more likely, squeeze the citizen's balls until they make him say uncle.

I don't think I'm wrong in assuming that having the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice breathing down your neck, isn't fun, and I'm sure they can make your life a living hell. Whatever he did, he pissed off some important people.
Bobalu has a plan - take hostages!

Arpaio should put up a large tent city, armed guards on towers, refuse entry to all federal officials, hold all the detainees there indefinitely. Feed them only what is delivered and paid for by the fed gov.

AmericanInTokyo has a solution:

Weapon and ammo up, even further folks.

bert has a plan:

arrest and jail ICE officers. Arrest and jail DHS and DEA and ATF officers.

dennisw knows what this is!

This is Gov’t perpetrated anarchy. Also known as anarcho-tyranny

Don’t back down Sheriff Joe!

Freepers not excited by 2 girls kissing. No sir!

I'd discounted this thread far to early, so thanks to euphgeek once again for drawing my attention back to it.

Freepers respond to two women kissing after one returns home from Naval duties. Their rage seems more diffuse than usual. I daresay the primaries and House shenanigans are sapping their will.

Or maybe it's that the two women seem to be hot.

US Navy Vet has his southern bigot impression spot on, if you just switch out FAGGOT for NIGGER.

And the FAGGOT LOVING “AP” Make sure to cover these 2 WORTHLESS BITCHES!

A_perfect_lady loves good haunches!

It’s funny; if they’re two hot young women with lots of hair and a fine set of haunches, men are more than happy to watch them kiss. But if they’re doughy with cropped hair and glasses, it’s a crime against God.

warsaw44 vehemently disagrees:
Not all men. Not me. Theres nothing exciting about any of it. Its horribly sad.
Never mind the many Freepers who agree:

dsc is really worried about our vocabulary:

“Homosexuality - it’s just partner-assisted masturbation.”

I prefer “accomplice-assisted masturbation.” I don’t want to let the sodomites steal another word.

for-q-clinton posts a random pic of lesbians he found:
Many Freepers post about how this is sick and they are disgusting and look like men, till Ha Ha Thats Very Logical posts the real pic:
Freepers then eagerly pursue a tangent about pre-1970s Naval women.

Round 9 is unperturbed, though. He knows this hotness is a trap:

Govt. working hard to normalize the perverse. Notice, they didn’t choose 2 hulking, hairy dudes or 2 masculine females. This was planned. It’s gradual, whether it’s this or friendly gay characters on television, the advertising is omnipresent and working to effectively change attitudes.