Friday, December 2, 2011

Freepers - not a fan of Glee

Glee is losing ratings. Too late for Freepers, who know it has gayified children everywhere, if not television:

so_real thinks watching Glee makes you die of gayness, and that the producers will go to hell.

I mourn for the glee generation as it matures and these kids see their gay friends succumb to the illness, domestic violence, and drug addiction that so frequently accompany the gay lifestyle. I mourn for the lives that were wasted, convinced so early on to choose the less healthy path.

And on Judgment Day, I expect I'll mourn for those who did the convincing.

the glee generation?
I turned off the fagvision box a few years ago, and off it will remain.

Except for football, of course.

Yep, nothing straighter than football!
PLD doesn't care what the surveys say, so long as he can indoctrinate, there will be at least some bigots out there!
No matter how they advertise queers they will never get the people of this countries blessing..I have taught my children that this is not normal and now we are teaching the grand ones it isn't normal..All I can say is good luck you pathetic people when it comes time to go before God..

dfwgator is a clever one:
The love that dare not speak it’s name, is now the love that won’t STFU.

Yeah, especially when you watch it every week.

Secret Agent Man knows what glee is promoting:
Real-life lesbian Jane Lynch promoting the track-suit lesbian image in the school (not the gym teacher but that’s what she’s going for).

track suit lesibian gym coatches? Seems a pretty focused product..

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