Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Some recent brownouts in California showed how Freepers politicize everything, though they are split about whether to blame those who complain or to complain about the EPA:

winner3000 blames all brownouts on the EPA
Maybe most of the rage should be directed toward so-called environmentalists who want to send us back to the stone age.
Peter from Rutland knows anyone who relies on government electricity is a pussy:
These stories make me recount the ice storm of December 2008. We were without power for eight days, no generator (since solved) during a time when the temps never got above 20 degrees. I went through almost 2 cords of wood that week.

These people are whiners.
ProtectOurFreedom knows the EPA is going to kill our electricity in a well thought out plan to vilify themselves:

Utilities across the country with coal being a large fraction of their energy mix are planning load curtailments and rationing.

EPA is turning us into a third-world hell-hole with unreliable electricity.

abianice agrees that generator ownership is what separates the producers from the parasite Obama voters:
I tend to lump such people among the Occupy crowd. They have had many power outages in the past. They know they will be without electricity again and again.
So, did they prepare by buying a generator for such times? No. They’d rather whine and place blame elsewhere.
They lost $400 worth of groceries this time. Three such outages over three years and they’d be out the cost of a brand new 6000 W generator which would run their entire house with a few sacrifices such as using only one stove burner at a time.

These people are Obama voters.
WestwardHo is also prepared for a return of the 1880 tech level:
We lived in an area that experienced ice storms and power outages every winter.
I filled our old, oversized freezer half full with bags of ice to save energy.
The next ice storm was massive. Power was out for over a week. All our food was saved because of our oversized ice chest.
We left the area, and greatly downsized after our kids left, but I continue the same practice of keeping lots of ice, just in case.
For the same reason, we have a woodstove and gas cooking stove.
The days are upon us when we all have to be as prepared as possible to take care of ourselves. We knew a physician who did not know a gas stove burner could be lit with a match...simple things.

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  1. "They have had many power outages in the past.'

    As a resident of Southern California, I'm going to emphatically call bullcrap on this comment. We had our Enron sponsored rolling blackouts for a bit (and they were very short term, hours and not days), but long term power outages are very rare in Southern CA.

    Our power outages happen usually because of fire, earthquakes, or wind. The last time we had any wind like this was 4 years ago and other areas were hit harder. Of course it would be wise to have a generator (more for earthquake preparedness than anything) but it is far from a necessity.

    I would be willing to bet that it will be at least 10 years (if not more) for people in Pasadena to be hit with another weather related long term power outage (barring earthquake of course)