Thursday, December 1, 2011

Forced sterilization and more

Freepers found a video of some lady with 15 kids demanding welfare. Here, Freepers have stumbled into a legitimate grievance - such free riding is indeed a problem, albeit one with minor costs compared to other entitlements, defense, etc.

Luckily, you can always can count on Freepers to overplay their hand to crazy town.

And at least half a dozen Freepers agree.

Forced sterilization is ExGeeEye's go to punishment for shoplifters too, it seems:

What is the moral difference between what she’s doing and, say, grocery
store shoplifting?


Along with enforced sterilization. No sense in inviting recidivism.

Revel prefers to go the debtor's prison rout:
Sends kids to foster home. Send mother to chain gang to pay for them.
Little Ray thinks only women are capable of saying no to sex:
Men of certain caliber will almost always say “yes.” Its up to the women to say “no.”
CodeToad is ignorant and belligerent about current Constitutional law:
Welfare is unconstitutional. Where does the constitution give government the right to take from one to give to another? That is theft!


chris37 hates civilization:
let them all starve.

Her offspring aren’t my responsibilty or anyone else’s.


  1. From this same thread,

    "I had a conservative uncle who committed suicide at age 65 rather than collect SS. He was forced to retire and had no other means of support. And he payed into the system for 40+ years."
    by PuzzledInTX

  2. If that's true, then these people are legitimately insane and need psychological help.

  3. @thatoneguy,
    But then we already knew that.

  4. @ euphgeek
    I sort of always figured the freepers were all just assholes; a condition that can be treated by repeated kicks to the head.