Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Obama bans bibles from Army Hospital

Somehow I suspect there is more to the story than the blog Free Repubic linked to says. No matter, this is directly in Freepers' victimization wheelhouse:

SkyDancer thinks this is cause Obama's a Muslim
Just rip out a Koran and place the Bible inside it. It’ll be passed through with no problem.
Don Corleone takes it in the exact opposite direction:
Make no mistake! Obama and his sycophants are ANTI-RELIGIOUS to their core. Marxists only believe in the STATE and its supremacy.
Wow, Obama really is all evil things to all Freepers.

Busko adds witchcraft to the brew:
Send in some New Black Panther letters,a witchcraft book and a koran and things will be ok for this Marxists group running this country.
PLD has more of a martyr complex than Antigone:
..I know God is with me and he will be with me forever unless I follow these disgusting Muslims or Communist..I will not denounce Christ,they can kill me but I will never say there is no God..and will as long as I am able study the Bible..
Da Coyote is ready to poop on liberals. Only he calls poop "Obamas."
Do it anyway and keep doing it.

Give the “Obama Salute” to anyone who objects.

Take names and ADDRESSES of anyone who objects.

Then do something about it.

Camp out in their front lawns. Take smelly Obamas on their cars.

It’s time to play liberal...because the constitution no longer appears to matter.


  1. Why hasn't "tempest in a teapot" caught on to describe the antics of this merry band of hysterics?

    Walter Reed wanted to "respect religious and cultural practices" of their patients. They implemented a policy poorly, they are now fixing it. There is not much to this, is there?

    Except now I've got Da Coyote outside pooping on my car and I can't decide whether to pick up my Glock or my Nikon.

  2. Where is main stream reporting this attack on religious freedom?