Thursday, December 22, 2011

Freepers not excited by 2 girls kissing. No sir!

I'd discounted this thread far to early, so thanks to euphgeek once again for drawing my attention back to it.

Freepers respond to two women kissing after one returns home from Naval duties. Their rage seems more diffuse than usual. I daresay the primaries and House shenanigans are sapping their will.

Or maybe it's that the two women seem to be hot.

US Navy Vet has his southern bigot impression spot on, if you just switch out FAGGOT for NIGGER.

And the FAGGOT LOVING “AP” Make sure to cover these 2 WORTHLESS BITCHES!

A_perfect_lady loves good haunches!

It’s funny; if they’re two hot young women with lots of hair and a fine set of haunches, men are more than happy to watch them kiss. But if they’re doughy with cropped hair and glasses, it’s a crime against God.

warsaw44 vehemently disagrees:
Not all men. Not me. Theres nothing exciting about any of it. Its horribly sad.
Never mind the many Freepers who agree:

dsc is really worried about our vocabulary:

“Homosexuality - it’s just partner-assisted masturbation.”

I prefer “accomplice-assisted masturbation.” I don’t want to let the sodomites steal another word.

for-q-clinton posts a random pic of lesbians he found:
Many Freepers post about how this is sick and they are disgusting and look like men, till Ha Ha Thats Very Logical posts the real pic:
Freepers then eagerly pursue a tangent about pre-1970s Naval women.

Round 9 is unperturbed, though. He knows this hotness is a trap:

Govt. working hard to normalize the perverse. Notice, they didn’t choose 2 hulking, hairy dudes or 2 masculine females. This was planned. It’s gradual, whether it’s this or friendly gay characters on television, the advertising is omnipresent and working to effectively change attitudes.

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  1. Freepers seem the most upset that most Americans don't hate gays as much as they do.