Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Drone "Crashes" Really More Obama Treason

There was a second drone crash, this time on some African island. Two crashes of the supposedly redundantly failsafe'd drones is a bit strange.

Freepers know what's going on, though!

jakerobins may be joking:

What’s up with these drones? Are the “Pilots” surfing too much porn on their computers and getting viruses?? LOL......

Why doesn’t Barry cut out the middle men and just fly some drones over China and Russia so they can “Malfunction” and be given directly to our Commie enemies?

COBOL2Java thinks Obama gave the drone to Robert Mugabe:

"Hello, Robert? Barry. Listen, I'm 'crashing' another high-tech drone. Yeah. This one'll land in Africa. You interested? No, you'll have to bring it to Zimbabwe yourself."

treetopsandroofs isn't buying any sort of sanity:

They crashed THIS one to try to add credence to the “crash” story of the other one.

No sale, Hussein.

You’re still a dirty traitor muslim.

2harddrive doesn't blame Obama - he blames Muslims in the military:

The drone in Iran did not crash, nor was it hacked, not did it “lose contact”. It was sent there by a treasonous Muslim “pilot” flying it for the US. My theory, anyway. You heard it here first.

C210N predicts an EPIC drone crash BLIZZARD:

Question for ALL:

Shall we expect a BLIZZARD of crashes like this near the end of zer0s one and only term? Will this BLIZZARD complement like-minded “los-Alomos fires that make hard drives become invisible”? Will the BLIZZARD of drone crashs AND hard drives missing complement a Friday Night dumping of presidential pardons of EPIC proportions of leftists, anarchists, alinskyists, communists, obamunists... alone with the usual cadre of bad guys?

Second question: Can you say “Scorched Earth” exit?

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  1. Let me get this straight. First, Obama is too much of a pussy to have any influence in real military matters like the OBL mission or is "leading from behind" on Egypt. But now he's personally piloting and crashing the drones to hand them over to enemy combatants?

    The mind boggles at the pure insane hatred these people have for Obama and his liberal minions.