Thursday, December 8, 2011

Obama admin destabalizing Russia in a Well Thought Out Plan.

Vladimir Putin has accused Hillary Clinton of signalling his opponents to protest the upcoming election where he's hoping to return to the Presidency.

Freepers, of course, side with Putin. Because nothing makes die hard cold warriors embrace the Kremlin more than unsubstantiated accusations of an Obammunist Conspiracy!

x_plus_one thinks Russia is the Islamic world.

Millions of $$$ are transferred from Arab oil states to politicians like the
Clintons with the implicit guarantee that Islamic Interests will be

This is the same old story - the rich and privileged think they
are above the frey and can excape the inevitable blood bath of moslem wars.
Clinton is doing her job - destabilizing the islamic world and promoting global
anarchy for the purpose of greasing the skids for islamic takeovers everywhere -
including the clueless USA.

manc uses previous conspiracies to bootstrap into this one:
Clinton ,bozo Ayers etc are all behind these protests in the middle east and would not surprise me if they were behind this.
EBH thinks Putin's accusation is proof Obama is behind the GOP primaries.
If, if these accusations are true 2012 will truly be an interesting election year. We're going up against a regime that has for all intents and purposes been changing the world. Not for the better, but in country after country raw, real, dramatic changes.

If they can do these things ...who is to day they have not already tampered with the GOP nominations. Sure we say certain candidates scare them, but will it really matter which candidate wins if what they are orchestrating abroad is fully brought home to America?
cunning_fish knows he may sound a bit crazy, but expects Freepers are down:
Putin’s opposition are all-leftists.
Moscow is facing a communist uprising.
The World has turned upside down.
US State Dept is sparking&praising communist takeover of Russia and Russian government is cornered and bitching about it.
Just a few decades ago one could think you are insane if you ever could joke like that.
When I first joined FR...and a “conspiracy” thing would come up we’d get people saying “No way,” and “it can’t happen here.”

Wonder if they still think like that?

No, they wouldn't. But not for the reasons you think.

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  1. It's a long time until the November elections. Freepers have to learn to pace themselves. This level of hysteria is not healthy and I suspect many of Freepers are geriatric. There could be strokes and heart attacks.

    Freepers, calm the fuck down. You are going to hurt yourselves.