Thursday, December 8, 2011

Situation Room Photo Fake!

euphgeek, you're a goldmine.

Freepers really, really, really hate that Obama killed Osama Bin Laden. I mean, it goeas against Obama being Muslim, it goes against Democrats being weak on security, it goes against Bush's heroism.

So they take refuge deep, deep in the crazy:

Let's review.

After the initial shock and crazy shotgun of whatever comes into their head, Freepers decided that Obama didn't give the order, it was a quite, secret brief military coup. So it doesn't count. And besides, Osama is still alive, Obama just faked his death. And they finally settled on yelling crazy things and not thinking about it.

Except there is that picture. The situation room picture. Freepers love pictures, since it lets them use their gut and talk about Obama's beady, demonic eyes. So they talk about how in the pic Obama was afraid and not in charge-looking, and whatnot.

Till some Freeper has decided it must be a 'shop. From the pixels. Freepers think this will help, somehow! But without a good motive, all you have is ephemeral 'Everything about Obama is fake!' blathering.

Just like his fake birth certificate.

The Kenyan lizard was playing golf while Osama was getting a hole in one.
indylindy manages to be condescending to anyone less crazy than him:
Most FReepers knew it was a fake when it first came out.

It is hard to miss.
Brookhaven brings the science:
The silver tag on the right breast of the officer next to Obama should be OK for a size benchmark. It is a standard item and its height can be determined.

The size of Obama’s face can also be determined from other photos (say the distance from his lips to his eyebrows).

With the benchmark, someone can determine if the size of Obama’s face in the photo is the same as it is in real life.

If it’s in the ballpark size wise (say 90-110%), then there’s no evidence it was photoshopped (as the slight variation can be blammed on sitting slightly away from the table).

If it’s way off (say 50-60% of what you would expect) then it’s pretty strong evidence it was photoshopped in (as that is way too much variation, imho, to be accounted for by Obama sitting slightly behind the officer).

SparkyBass also has some Internet Expert Analysis:
The key to me is the lighting. The “hot spot” off Biden’s forehead is toward the camera... overhead lighting no doubt.
The highlight off Obama’s skull is coming from the back wall... his proximity to the gentleman in the uniform next to him suggests he, too should have that “wall sourced” highlight... he does not.

Conservative Vermont Vet prefers to use his vast understanding of Obama's psychology to prove this is fake:
What leads me to believe (as I did then) this was a fake is that anyone as Narcissistic and so full of himself as Dear Leader is, would NEVER cede the position of “honor” to anyone, especially a “Military” person; he would have insisted a pic be taken only after he assumed his “Rightful” place as Community Agitator in Least!!!
Joe Stalin & Adolf Hitler used to do this all the time, doctor photos to remove the folks they had murdered from history. expect any less from POTUS Obama. Obama, Hitler, Stalin, one and the same!!!
DBrow does not know what high heeled shoes are.
Obama’s bio lists him as 6 feet tall. But Michelle is listed as 5-10, and she’s taller than Obama in most pictures.

Barack Hussein Obama - secret midget?


  1. The only other people I can think of who live in alternative realities are schizophrenics.

    Freepers, please come back to us. Please come back to the real world.

  2. I'm not sure the freepers were ever here in the real world with us, anon.

  3. I think Freepers are grabbing onto every bad thing they can find on Obama no matter whether it's true or not so that if some day they're ever right on one of them they can say, "See? I told you so!" It's the old "even a blind squirrel occasionally finds an acorn" theory. But at the rate they're going, all they'll end up with is a tree trunk full of rocks.

  4. Michelle taller than Obama? They're called high heels, morons.