Monday, December 19, 2011

Leaving Iraq: mixed messages

Freepers are passionate about Iraq, but seem a bit scattered in their message. I suspect this is because Rush is on vacation.

Marine_Uncle knows it's time. And Obama has nothing to do with it.
It is time for our men and women to return per the agreement GWB agreed upon, NOT the Kenyan usurper.... to bring them home.
See, Obama can't ever do anything good for the military. Just like Obama didn't order Bin Laden killed, it was a secret coup!

silverleaf is all set to praise Bush for the good parts to come, and blame Obama for the bad parts:

“Bush’s war” in Iraq is over

Now begins Obama’s war

But now, who will now keep track of the Iraqi civilian death toll?

FreeAtlanta goes one further, and blames liberals for all the bat parts of the Iraq war:

The irony is that if the leftist supporting Islamic Terrorist had not destabilized the country, we would have been out a long time ago.

Slings and Arrows forgot about all the Contractors we're paying!

Iraqi civil war in 3...2...

RetiredArmy knows leaving means the troops are losers now.
Thanks Scumbama. Another 5,000 US military deaths, for what? Iraq will end up being just what happened to South Vietnam, belonging to the enemy. The Izzie brotherhood will start here next.

Lancey Howard thinks the war went awesome, and it's the press making it bad.

The US won. The Iraq war was a success, and America and the world are better off for our going into that place and defeating the dangerous and evil Saddam Hussein and the terrorists who wanted to take over. US and NATO troops are leaving Iraq victorious, and with heads held high.

But CNN just has to make the headline negative.

bert agrees, ya just gotta frame it a bit smaller then 'Iraq.'

History will record that George W Bush directed his general Tommy Franks to conquer Baghdad. He did, successfully.

Bush bashing is of no comparison to the record of history

The Baghdad war was the best!

catbertz is looking to the future.

I supported the Iraqi war, but sometimes wonder if we should have kept our powder dry until its time to deal with Iran.

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