Friday, December 2, 2011

Newt Gingrich: Pro-Life But Says Life Begins at Implantation

Freepers seem to be getting more and more politically tone deaf. Maybe that has something to do with the coming primary, and will swing to other way come the general.

But nowhere are Freepers more hidebound, un-nuanced and ideological than abortion.

Newt tries for a bit of nuance, saying life begins at implantation, thus alowing In Vitro fertilization and the morning after pill and tubal pregnancies to be treated. Freepers will have none of it:

BarnacleCenturion seems to think he's Pope:
Newt just became a Catholic a few years ago and is already a CINO.

It’s excommunication time!
JimSEA is sure life begins with new DNA:
I’m not all that religious but am quite interested in science. The moment of creation of unique DNA is clearly the beginning of an individual human life. If human life is to be valued, as I believe it must be, that is the beginning point.

People spend much of their lives presenting absurd arguments in support of what they consider their self interest.
gimme1ibertee has seen enough documentaries to know it's based on 'all kinds of activity'
I'm not an embryologist,biologist or any other kind of 'ist',but i've watched enough documentaries to see what happens when a sperm cell and egg merge. All kinds of activity-the spark of life-is ignited.
wagglebee read his bible, and knows it's whenever God says it is.

Read Jeremiah 1:5 very carefully, God KNEW us BEFORE we were formed in the womb.

Life began for each of us the moment He decided to create each of us, for us to interfere with His decision in any way is killing.

Also holds true for bacteria, I presume. Penicillin kills!

EternalVigilance keeps perspective:
There is no moral difference between blocking the already-created human being from implanting in the uterus and locking a five year-old boy or girl out of the house with no clothes on in subzero weather, or locking Grandma in a closet without food and water until she's dead.

What a wonderful police state EternalVigilance would make!


  1. One thing that I used to call out constantly in my Freeper jackass days was that Freeperswere very inconsistent in their views toward Catholic teachings. On the one hand, they'd root on the Pope when he would say something pro-life. It would be all "Yay Pope!!!" Then the next day the Pope would criticize the Iraq War or the death penalty (both pro-life issues in their own ways) and the Freepers would be all "Eff you, you dress wearing queer false-Church leading douche! Go worry about the child molestors and stay out of American business!!"

    Just shows what purely political animals Freepers are. And how the cliched term "Reactionary" truly does apply to them. And how ethically inconsistent their ideology is.

    It's one of the reasons my eyes started opening up about FR and knee jerk conservatism in general.

  2. You know Freepers are way outside the mainstream when their abortion views are way to the right of the majority of Mississippians.