Friday, December 23, 2011

Obama goes Christmas Shopping

There's a pic of Obama and Bo the First Dog shopping in PetSmart. Freepers provide their usual analysis:

teacherwoes seems unfamiliar with PetSmart
According to many state laws pets are not allowed in many stores except if they are a guide animal.
If Obama took Bo into Best Buy then the law should be all over him. Oh wait, he is above the law..sorry. Not enough coffee.
sodpoodle does not approve of Obama spending his own money:

A $41 chew toy for a dog is a disgusting display of decadence.

I hope his supporters on welfare, food stamps and housing vouchers are happy for him.

Probably so.

geege wants you to know all the Obamas are ugly:

I have to say “BO” is cute and the only thing easy on the eyes in that family.

Ann Archy has decided Obama's family hates him:

OMG!! I actually feel SORRY for the poor bast@rd!!! His wife and kids couldn’t WAIT to go on a vacation!!! WITHOUT their MEAL TICKET!! Oh, wait....WE are their meal ticket.


He looks like hell.

Agree....I thought he looks sick...very sick....
I think he's looking pretty good for being on Death's door this past February.

Auntie Mame knows no thread with a pic of Obama in it would be complete without...

He’s looking mighty gay in a lot of these photos.



  1. Hilarious. These people are completely out of their gourds.

  2. That first comment is just amazing. It's almost like the pinnacle of the "All Obama hate, All the time" mentality.

    First, I got to Petco all the time. There are always animals in their shopping with their owners. Hmmm, I wonder why? Maybe because it's a PET SUPPLY STORE!!!!!

    Second, even if Obama was "breaking the law" by bringing a pet into Best Buy, do they really think someone should be arrested or fined for it? I thought Freepers were for small government (I know they really aren't, but for argument's sake....)

    Yep, that Obama, he's above the law like Al Capone or something, since the SWAT team didn't tazer him down for bringing a dog into a store.

    Sadly, I think Freepers think it would make them look sane if the President was impeached for bringing a non-guide animal into a store. High crimes and misdemeanors, indeed!