Monday, December 12, 2011

I'm totally on a government list

Freepers really want to be oppressed. Nothing would confirm that they are the dangerous truth-tellers they wish they were like the government coming down on them.

Luckily, Freepers are also blessed with strong imaginations, so actual oppression is not needed. Some call it paranoia, but Freepers totally read about it on Free Republic, so it's totally true.

Thus, a story about the government seizing a hip-hop website for suspicion of copyright violations sends Freepers into a frenzy of chest-beating apocalyptic predictions:

bgill :

Many on FR already suspect we’re on some government list. It’s only going to get worse. The government has grown so big, it thinks it own The People.

Sadly, We the People, have blindly given ourselves, body and sould to the government to do with what they wish. It’s only a matter of time when our last freedoms is taken away.

Silly bgill, everyone knows Freepers are the only Real 'the People.'

RetiredArmy knows they'll change the law:

I have always felt the government keeps its eyes on web sites like FR. They want to know who to zero in on when the time comes.

Especially the dimocrats and their leftist commie friends.

Every post here goes on to that big google cache in the sky and all are saved to review later. We all know they can track where you are posting from.

We call it free speech as long as we are not advocating over throwing the government, under the law we are fine. HOWEVER, when the time comes, they will simply change the laws to be what they want them to be and charge you now for what you said 10 years ago.

I don't believe for a minute that America is the same country I was born into over 60 years ago. Not for a minute.

Wait, so now Freepers don't want all liberals thrown in jail for sedition?

Shadowstrike expands his paranoia beyond Free Republic:

If you've got a Conceal carry permit, you're probably already on their list.
If you have a Sams membership card, you're probably already on their list.

If you are a registered Republican or Independent, you're probably already on their list.

If you own more than one gun, or own a dog, you are probably already on their list.

Why worry about FR?

We are probably already on more lists than we care to know.
Free Vulcan predicts secret police coming:
Now, put this in the context of recent legislation to make the CONUS a designated military theater of operations so that the govt can take into custody or assassinate people living inside our borders.

It will all be done in secret. They won’t even tell you they have them, and they will hold them as long as they want without trial. It will be illegal and they won’t care.

Secret police type of govt is coming down on us real soon.
GeronL is waiting:
FR will be one of the first to go when the time comes. It will the sign we need to take up arms to defend ourselves.


  1. The ironic thing is that Bush laid the groundwork for indefinite detention of American citizens without trial and Freepers supported it.

  2. "If you... own a dog, you are probably already on their list."
    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot are they talking about???