Thursday, December 1, 2011


After the initial shock of the type charges Freepers can't brush off - consentual sex (can't look like a hypocrite after yelling about Clinton for a decade!) Freepers nerves have settled. The Cain folks and the Newt folks keep to their own threads mostly, so they can focus on external threats like reality.

In the Cain camp, they have regressed back to the early days of Cain, when the main thing was his race. 999? Gone. Debates? Forgotten. We're back the the simple days of 'Cain is a victim cause liberals fear a conservative black!'

tflabo :

Whom they fear they smear! The uppity Cain is the runaway turned conservative renegade off the Black Democrat plantation and refuses to wear the wool over his eyes.

Plus Cain is unabashed in his love for God and the Constitution. Big target on his back.

The fact that he's sufficiently doctrinaire is a bonus. The important thing is that he's black and not liberal!

tflabo follows up that Cain's enemises include Satan himself:
Methinks its more like the ‘Prince of Spiritual Darkness’ El Diablo throwing his goblins and gargoyles at Cain.
Ask the evicted Sharon Beach a lick how well thats turned out for her being played from the hot one.
JLAGRAYFOX has an exhortation that ends with an awesome analogy:

First, none of the other POTUS nominee candidates are Black Conservatives!!!

You gotta be kidding me to ask this question. Obama is terrified of Herman Cain!!!

Cain must be destroyed in any way, in any manner, and... Obama, Axelrod and the media are doing all possible to kill Cain off.

God forbid this Black American gains the nomination as GOP nominee for POTUS and garners 20-30% of the Black & Hispanic American voters, which he will.

It’s political curtains for Obama and a good portion of his Democrat Party as a good number of Blacks will desert the economic slavery plantation of Obama and his slaveholder Democrat Party!!!

Herman Cain, I know, we all know, how painful this awful, hateful, charade is hurting you and your family in many negative ways. Washington & Lincoln, who both took terrible abuse of all natures during their trek to greatness, you must stay in the race, win or lose.

The collective, destroyers of the American Republic, Obama and his “traitor” Democrat Party cannot be allowed a victory of destruction on your behalf. Hang in there, Mr Cain!!!

The American people have your back covered and, I believe your family will see and support the greater cause you are fighting for. It is not only freedom, liberty and opportunity for America, you seek, but.....a greater cause in freeing the Black economic slaves, held captive on the Obama/Democrat slave plantation.

Finally, a Black American will have the chance and opportunity, like Moses, leading the Jews, to lead Black Americans, enmasse to an America that practices equality & individual, multiple, diverse opportunities and resulting success for all its citizens!!!

Cain is Moses. That means blacks are Jews, liberals are Egyptians, and Conservativism is Israel!

And then the Red Sea is the general election. And the Seven Plagues are the economy...I could go on.

McBuff knows why Cain is hated:

In case anyone has been watching. . .the Dem plan is to divided the country, basically into two groups:


Group Two: POOR - MINORITIES - UNEMPLOYED - PUBLIC SECTOR - UNION. Newt as leader of Group one fits perfectly as the template foil.

Newt is white, arrogant, etc. ..Romney? he's so tragically white its pathetic. . another perfect fit for the template.

CAIN? HE BLOWS THE STRATEGY OUT THE WINDOW. . and that's why , as Herman indicated, the Dems fear him. . .and that is another reason why I'm sticking with the Cain Train

So it's liberals that divide the country into the workers and the moochers?

StonyBurk is worried about the pornogropher-black-gay-liberal coalition spending money to dig up damaging facts about Conservatives!

I hear that porn king has lots of money and a track record of spending it to buy s-— to sling at Conservatives/ Christians who have a chance at public policy.

The ACLU —and the Homosexual Community likewise have more liquid assets they are willing to spend to destroy or damage any Conservative Christian.

No doubt Jesse Jackson’s Rainblow coalition has contributed as well - can’t have any black who is not controlled by the Democratic Plantation boss - appear acceptable.

Plenty of suspects

My answer would be—NUTS! David wasn’t freaking out about Goliath; but David had stones, and trusted God.

Tebow Time.

Tebow Time indeed! Cain is Moses and Tim Tebow and David all in one!

Names Ash Housewares blames Dems for racializing this whole thing:

Democrats see everything from a race perspective, there is where the understanding of why Cain is their worst nightmare begins..

here is a true descendant of slaves, raised in the segregation south, not a half black raised in Hawaii by white people.

You have to understand why that really freaks out the dems. Obama effectively loses the race card, their most potent weapon.

See, Democrats are the ones who racialize everything. Cause they have to - blacks are kinda like robots, and all vote for the most black candidate.


  1. Why have the fundies taken to revering this Tebow person so much? All I know about him is that he's a football player.

  2. I kinda get it. Football is a big thing to a lot of people, and he prays on national television. Plus he's loudly pro-life.

    Freepers don't get a lot of celebrities; they can get a bit frenzied about the few they have.

  3. That's right, we liberals fear Cain! Please don't nominate him or Obama is doomed! And also, please don't throw us into that briar patch!