Friday, December 16, 2011


The internet is full of bigots, and you can find people claiming victimhood everywhere along the political spectrum, and apocalyptic evangelicals have dedicated forums. Arguably, Free Republic is special in that in contains all these ingredients at once.

But it's Free Republic's political fervor that makes them so special, if you ask me. They are so sure the other side is evil/demonic/Nazis that the ends justify the means. They aren't just hypocrites, they are proud of their hypocrisy, since it comes from not trusting Obama. Likewise all their other double standards. They spin, but they will at times acknowledge that it's all crap to take down Evil Obama.

Which brings me to redistricting. Texas Republicans havedrawn districts to maximize Republican votes. That's not illegal, sadly enough. But, thanks to the Voting Rights Act, cutting down Latino votes is illegal. And the Supreme Court is reviewing the case.

Freepers argue this redistricting is cool, entirely because cause it helps Republicans.

Enough is ENOUGH knows California's new redistricting is more of a problem than Texas

What is POLITICO’S “guide” for the democrat controlled redistricting that was imposed in California?

Everyone knows nonpartisan means liberal! Course, that was Schwarzenegger's plan all along!

Brilliant actually hates California's old districts.

Why is it that they mess with Texas, but California is the most gerrymandered State in the Union, and they do nothing about California?

Point is, California is bad so forget Texas.

TribalPrincess2U likes the classy anti-Obama Hispanics.

Our Hispanics are more the classy kind.

They will vote Republican because the ones I know, know what 0
is doing and know that keeping America FREE is the most important thing.

traditional1 does not cotton much to the history of voting.
The OBVIOUS gorilla in the room is: Race determines interest, not in what America is about based on the Constitution, but rather, what's in it for me?

How does race under-representation become "discrimination" or "disenfranchisement", when LEGAL Citizens (regardless of color) still get one vote and WHY do races and ethnicities seek to have SPECIAL treatment of their "Rights" (whatever that means, since we're all Americans, under the same Constitutional Repubublic)?
Revel just hates the Courts.

Remember the sodomy laws? The supreme court is out to screw up everything Americans. Better get used to it.

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