Friday, December 30, 2011

Obama can't win

There's a weird bifurcation in Free Republic these days. There's the folks saying only non-Romney can defeat the Obama Juggernaut, and there are those who say Obama is universally hated and cannot win.

It's not like they fight, they just hang out in different threads.

jmaroneps37 knows where the roaring enthusiasm is!

Will someone please sit the liberals down somewhere quiet and gently explain to them that their “Road to 270” won’t work because there is no enthusiasm on their side and there is roaring enthusiasm on our side?

wally_bert is pretty sure Obama will not relinquish power, just like Bush before him:

The backup plan - martial law and become dictator for life long it lasts, life could be short anyone who tries it.

bmwcyle is going to blame voter fraud early:

The Plan — CHEAT

sushiman agrees:

voter fraud on a scale never seen before .

dandiegirl knows no real white people like Obama anymore:

What they are doing is driving white voters away from them in droves. Suing states that want to protect it’s citizens just can’t be a good re-election strategy. People are fed up with Holder and BO acting like dictators. People are fed up with the hypocrit that is Micelle Obama.


The real strategy is ensure Mitt Romney wins the nomination so the conservatives and libertarians stay home or put up a third party...

Hey, what are you dong here? Get back to the "Anyone but Romney" thread!


  1. The Republicans are likely to win the next Presidential election. I've got $100 that says so.

    Heck, the Republicans could even, possibly, win without the crazy base, the Freepers and their ilk.

  2. @Anonymous,
    I'm not going to bet on it, but I doubt Republicans will win in 2012.