Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Joe Scarborough won't vote for Newt

This Newt thing is awesome. Freepers want to pretend it's tea party versus the establishment, but Newt is so suboptimal as a Freeper, and as a candidate, they can't really do it.

But that doesn't stop them from piling on when one of their hated RINOS says they'll vote third party before they vote for Newt. And by piling on, I mean ranting so hard they are mostly incoherent:

dps.inspect has lost hope and is spiraling into insanity:

Then Obama will have another 4 years to finish off America as we knew it... “Gd-damn the pusher man”

Keith in Iowa is my new hero:

Tokyo Joe joins the Savage Wiener and Glenn Beck in the socks-smoking arseportal club...

Socks-smoking arseportal club! SOCKS-SMOKING ARSEPORTAL CLUB!

McGruff sees a pic, and therefore knows Scarborough is emasculated by his lady co-host.
From that screen capture it looks like Mika has his junk in a lock box. Leave Joe. Please!
cherry also makes no sense, but he knows nazis paid off Scarborough!
voting for what you consider "right" but knowing that it just gives us more "wrong" and evil....well, maybe we've all been wrong here...maybe Beck has been bought and paid for all along....sure, buy gold, buy all of his advertised food stuffs....but then vote for bamey boy?....

obvious that Scarborough is nothing but a rino hack being paid for by his master nazis....but Beck is another story....

we're supposed to "love" everybody now...dontcha know...just love...
Brookhaven knows what's happening:
We’re being Goldwatered.

This isn’t about Gingrich. ANY candidate not named Romney would be getting the EXACT same treatment.

In 1964, when conservatives failed to fall in line and put the GOP establishment candidate on the ticket, the Rockefeller Republicans disavowed the conservative candidate (Goldwater) and worked to undermine his election.

It’s clear that Romney is their guy, and if he doesn’t get the nomination, the GOP RINO’s/old-guard will work to undermine whoever is the nominee.

This is NOT about Gingrich. This is about the GOP old-guard struggling to hold power. If they can’t pick the nominee (Romney), then they will undermine their own party (as the did in 1964) rather than let conservatives get a foothold on politocal power.
Funny, I thought that's what Freepers are doing, only in reverse.

treetopsandroofs thinks Sean Hannity is in on it.
Several weeks ago, Hannity’s radio show stopped its intro that was saying “Making Obama a one-term president”.

I think the word went out that Hussein is in for another 4 years no matter what anyone does, and many prominent right wingers are worried about their careers.

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  1. If the freepers are already shitting bricks about how bad this election looks for them, I'm concerned a few may off themselves when Obama wins next year.