Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday Potpouri

cameraeye knows there are no coincidences:
Funny how they blow up a mosque on one of their holy days and by chance Obama is on vacation in Hawaii. He really knows when to head out on these holidays, don't he?
Myrddin is pissed at all the lazy poor people.

I'm putting in 70 hour weeks. I consider myself a "working person" with that level of effort. I receive compensation that you might label "rich".

I would argue that "working people" in your context is the low wage earners and union types. The same folks that are flopped on the couch drinking beer and watching football games while I'm still at the office.

Why should I get screwed out of even higher taxes to subsidize the slothful that won't work more than 40 hours a week, but want all the perks that come with my level of effort? If taxation removes the incentive to work harder, I know where to find the beer and TV.

odds can't stop thinking of how black Obama is. Not that it matters.
On Obi alone, too bad he was (still seems to be) too engrossed in making it to the top-job, as a black-man (well, half blood)... Boohoo... slaves helped build the White House, his wife’s ancestors, bla bla bla... (part of his inauguration speech).... as if... talk about having a serious complex. We all too often heard too much how a black-man became the president of the USA. Big Deal! He has got a non-black, idiot for VP. Not to mention madam-lash for madam-secretary.

It isn’t his (or any one’s) skin color that makes a difference.
Say what you will about Obama, but he has expanded PLD's vocabulary:
I have tried to keep my temper and not say bad words but there is just something about Obama, his thugs, and the whole democrat party that make me say awful words but I think the words I call them fit perfectly..I didn't learn most of the words until Obama and thugs came into power.
PALIN SMITH knows abortions render God powerless, kinda like kryptonite:
"I see little hope left, maybe it is time for Christ to come again. "
Maybe he's tried but was aborted x number of times already.
hal ogen understands everything, except why liberals have kids:
Bottom line: DIM/LIBs want to kill all children. After all, they are so inconvenient and they pollute. Death to children!!!!!!
Old Sarge really really really wants to be opressed:
I can well forsee the day where church meetings will be spread by text messages, like flash mobs. It’d be the only way to get around the Thought Police.

But yet that disgusting warbling “call to prayer” will be heard in every community, becuase we mustn’t offend our new Muslim masters.

Cringing Negativism Network has an awesome plan:
It’s clear Romney is behind all the sliming. How about Gingrich, Cain and Palin get back in, and gang up on Romney.

At the Trump debate
I think this should happen.

Joe Boucher uses his time well:
About once a week I write the and tell the quota boy what a P.O.S. he is.
AlexW is super nonpartisan:
Not related to the post, but from childhood, FDR’s
deceleration of war has been my favorite presidential speech, even though he was a Dimocrap.

Liking words from a Democrat? Such generosity of spirit.

The EPA is a rogue agency and their mission is to destroy this country.
Dengar01 smoothly transitions from superlative hatred of the last Democratic administration to superlative hatred of this administration.
I called my father today and said that I have never seen anyone more smug or narcissistic than Holder. He is in a class of his own!
Forget "Fast and Furious", Holder pardoned Puerto Rico terrorists and helped pardon Mark Rich!!!

Then he goes on to Congress on the witness stand with the most smug pompous look I've EVER seen in my life!!!

I NEVER thought I would say this in my life, but Eric Holder makes Janet Reno look like a legitimate Attorney General, oh where oh where is John Ashcroft when you need him! I bet ya Jerry Sandusky wouldn't be prowling the streets right now if we had a real Attorney General...
Sweet. All set till the next Dem administration is the worstest ever.

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  1. Amazing how Freepers find "freedom" to be such a threatening concept. If people are free, they'll totally force you to become a gay muslin commernist!