Wednesday, December 7, 2011


(This thread is awesome. It has made my day.)


The crazy is at 11.

boomop1 knows what this meal is!
effing anti America, celebrating the sneak attack.
MissMagnolia is sure that the private school is surrendering to Japan:
a metaphorical, Obama-style ‘bow’ to the Japanese
TruthShallSetYouFree knows there are other days when certain food is Forbidden:
I’m sure the kids enjoyed the shish-kebab, hummus and baba ghanoush that was served on September 11th.
This confirms what Genoa knows about the liberal mindset:
Think like a liberal. They’re on a mission. It’s about reconciliation and reaching out to one’s enemies.

I’m sure today’s menu is no problem at all for the school administrators, or for the family at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Good taste and appropriate presidential behavior really don’t enter in. The memories, the loss, and the feelings of the folks at home aren’t a factor.
crosshairs thinks Obama probably called the school:
Sounds like it was Barry’s idea. Another “in-your-face America” moment.

I also got to thinking, barry is going to Hawaii in a few days. Why couldn’t he have gone a little early to recognize the 70th anniversary of Pearl Harbor by laying a wreath at the U.S.S. Arizona or something.

It’s a rhetorical question, of course.

Course if he did that, Freepers would rage about politicizing this Holy Day:

mkjessup thinks the Obamas need to die for their daughter's schools' Lunchtable Treason:

True cosmic justice would require that the Kenyan and his Wookie meet the same sort of end that Mussolini and his wife enjoyed.

[DISCLAIMER - this exercise of free speech as still allegedly guaranteed under the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States is NOT intended to be interpreted as any sort of physical or mental threat directed at any life form, living or dead, or functioning with an IQ over 58 - (which kinda leaves out Comrade 0bama), thank you very much So you Secret Service trolls can get on back to your coffee and donut break, kthx!]

AdamBomb also blames Obama:
Wow, we are being governed by one sick b@$t@rd.
Vermont Lt will have his revenge on the Japs!
I kicked a Toyota today in a parking lot.

Did not leave a mark, but I did it for my Uncle.

I have forgiven, but the japs owe my family, one full uncle, the leg of another uncle, the eye of a third uncle, and the mental state of a couple more.

When I get that package in the mail, I will forget.
Sounds like he would be in favor of reperatisn for slavery too!

Yehuda prefers to blame Michelle Obama:
The only issue not confirmed (but most likely) is that the anti-American FLATUS (sic), code-name BigFoot, conferred with her imams, “Rev” Wright and BillyGoatLover Ayers, and then ORDERED THE JAPANESE MEALS FOR THIS DAY.
LibLieSlayer actually calls it treasonous food!
Serving food on the only day in America that it could be considered treasonous food... to two daughters of the ONLY traitor to ever serve as president
dmz thinks this is all a plot by the Liberal Media to make Freepers look silly:
It isn’t news. It had one goal, and we are seeing it played out on this thread. Manipulation successful.
I'll say!

Secret Agent Man proves this cannot be coincidence:
Standard liberal denial (just a coincidence).

To libs there are no coincidences. They tell us they are the intellectuals and think really hard about things and are on so many different levels than we are.

Not only transparent, but poor liars on top of it. Just admit it, you’ll feel better. It’s offensive they expect us to believe their lies.
LibLieSlayer has a firm policy that assures he will always be completely nutballs:
NEVER give a leftist the benefit of doubt... NEVER. It only enables people like obamao and clintoon.
Dec 7 American Lunch:

Great burger


A Coke (or milkshake)

Slice of apple or cherry pie

Sounds like treason to me...


  1. Vermon LT was the most hilarious. Every pearl harbor day he kicks s toyota !!!

  2. Agreed. He's mad enough to kick a Toyota (probably made in Alabama or Kentucky) but he is too chicken to kick it hard enough to leave a mark on it. The car's owner just might punch him in the nose for this madness. So, completely ineffectually, Free Republic marches on.


    They're really reaching here, except for teriyaki the menu is all Chinese or generic Asian food

  4. Good lord. If this is all Freepers have to attack Obama on, he's already won the 2012 election. It's just food, people!

  5. They're really reaching here, except for teriyaki the menu is all Chinese or generic Asian food

    And the Chinese were our allies in WWII, so if anyone's being unpatriotic here, it's the FReepers (as per usual).

    I hope these guys made sure that they exclusively used computers containing good old-fashioned American semiconductors to type their rants. Anything less would be a slap in the face to the Illustrious Dead.