Wednesday, December 21, 2011

And now, this word from Outer Space:

Closed community edition:
People with liberal friends are as awful as liberals. The stunning nonchalance with which they refer to their liberal friends belies a severe and self indulgent mental disorder. They're repugnant, dangerous, and should be shunned.. or worse.
Cult-like mindset brought to you by I see my hands (The old sod ne'er shall be forgot.)


  1. I notice that he erased his post so that it's now blank. A few Freepers seem to agree with him, though. It really says a lot about Freepers that some of them consider even being friends with liberals is something to be shunned for.

  2. I suspected such might occur, which is why I didn't save the quote for Monday.

  3. If you believe that you shouldn't watch liberal TV shows or films or even shows or films with a liberal actor in them, it is only a logical next step to say that being friends with a liberal is wrong. Or that being friends with friends who are friends with liberals is wrong.