Monday, December 12, 2011

Dealing with gay family member

AUJenn posts this:
We have a close family member who decided a few years ago that she was gay. I say 'decided' because up until then, she had always dated men and was actually about to get married. It came as a huge shock to everyone and has taken a while to get used to. She has had the same partner since she announced her lifestyle change. It has been difficult for me and other family members to accept and get used to their living arrangements, lifestyle, etc, especially on holidays. But as time has gone on, I have accepted this is how she is going to live and there is nothing I can do about it. But I don't like it.

I have always been polite and cordial because I see no sense in being rude or hostile. And if I were hateful, it would just give conservatives/Christians a bad name IMO, and would add fuel to their fire. That being said....she has announced that she and her partner are having a baby. The partner is pregnant. This has really thrown us for a loop, as we never expected this to happen.

It so happens that I have a small child and am expecting again, so it really makes me think. I am completely against their doing this. But I have no idea how to publicly act or respond to this situation - especially at upcoming family holiday events. I don't feel like happily telling them 'congratulations!' or talking about baby things. I think about how this poor kid is going to feel about his/her parent situation, or how I'm going to explain to my children why this baby 'has two moms' and on and on.

If anyone has a gay family member or has been in a similar situation, I'd love to hear how you handle it. Thank you -
Hearteningly, most Freepers say 'live and let live.' Amusingly, this infuriates the Freepers who know Jesus wants you to take the the 'be an asshole' approach.

apillar knows ya gotta keep your kids away, lest they catch the gay:
I have a similar situation with a Niece. The problem for me is that I don't want my children exposed to that sort of lifestyle or to feel I condone it, anymore than if the Niece was an drug abuser or into the occult. Therefore, I will not let my children spend time around her and her “partner” unless I am present.

She has asked to take the kids places or for them to spend the night, I am always polite but firm in my refusal. I feel bad, because I let the children do things with other relatives, but you have to draw the line somewhere.

I recently explained to my older child what homosexuality is and why it is considered sinful and wrong. I explained that this was they type of relationship that my niece and her friend but that we should still be polite and hopes she renounces her sin.
RoadGumby thinks it's fine, so long as you make sure she denies who she loves and acts straight:

I would welcome her to my home, not her partner.

The child? Part of me says No, it is of no blood to you, the child could/would be used as a pawn to crack open your door. Part says to welcome the child, it is innocent, not deserving of rejection in all this.

longtermmemmory posts many like this:
She has elected not to exist.

There is no need to support or even have her part of your or your children’s lives.

You do not need to buy her presents.

You do not need to endorse her choice of having a fatherless child via “congrats”.

Keep her away from your children.

Keep the door open if he ever reprents and finds her way back to normal. Until then, she has elected to exclude herself from the famil in favor of a sex fetish.
the second she brought her fetish sex partner into the family event she made it your business.

there is no passive go along to get along because it only endorses the bad conduct in front of your children.

There is right and wrong, and kombaya blindness is only teaching endorsement to your children.
longtermmemmory warns not to get involved with the children of the lesbian couple:
No the child is already lost.

There is no BS about loving example. Homosexuals are very clear on this. anyone who does not endorse homosexuals is wrong and must be silenced as a matter of law.

“for the child” is mere self delusion.

Anyone curious what savagesusie has to say about this?
Performing homosexual acts is selfish and nihilism. It is evil to deny a child their biological father and chance for normal sexual identity development. If they have a boy he will be mutilating his penis at four like those lesbian’s Tyler ==who are forcing drugs now on their eight year old to prevent his natural development.....putting toxins into this confused and mentally ill kid....he is mentally ill because of his artificial evil, unnatural environment.

Best answer is following: You should never stand back and allow evil—Bonhoeffer said it best-—not saying anything is condoning the behavior and allowing evil to magnify and destroy tons of others because of your silence in the face of true evil—that denial of God and Natural Design and hatred of your own body.
WhistlingPastTheGraveyard knows gays can't stop putting cocks up everywhere around their hosue:
I had a similar situation with a gay cousin. When he was in the closet, he was tolerable. Once he came out and started bringing the boyfriends around, he (and they) became unbearable. He’s recently taken to sending out Christmas cards with pictures of him and his boyfriend sitting on Santa’s lap. Fortunately, I forgot to give him my address the lat time I moved and I don’t get them.

My liberal brother used to take his kids over to the cousin’s house to show how open-minded and progressive he was. He started noticing that every room had phallic symbols all over the place... gay art, gay nick-knacks, gay coffee mugs, gay ashtrays, etc.... and then his kids started asking questions. That’s when the visits stopped.
I think PieterCasparzen wants to execute the gay family member:
Such acts are sinful, and they are grave sins. The Bible says that they are worthy of death if convicted of the crime in a competent court. Of course, the acts are no longer illegal in America and in many nations.

In order to know what to do, it helps to think hypothetically for a moment. Imagine the family member had committed murders; this is also defined as a sin that should be punished by death. Imagine that murder was no longer punishable under American law
scripter is pissed at Free Republic's sudden attack of tolerance:
Some of the advice offered here is eye-opening. I find it amazing so many freepers are willing to put up with homosexual behavior in front of children.
madmaximus agrees:
Threads like these sure attract a lot of pro-faggot trolls.
madmaximus singles out one of the 'goodwill towards men' trolls:
So you chicken out by by “tolerating” faggots and dykes??

Myself, I would probably disown/avoid any family member who’s queer.

Alcoholics are not demanding approval, are not demanding special rights, or trying to silence opposition. You are falling for the homonazi agenda, hook,line and sinker.
madmaximus points out that Freeper Jesus is a dick:
Jesus and Scripture said that He will turn family against family on issues like this. The Bible says to love God above others, including family.
manc knows that gays are trying to gay you, even when they seem to be being nice
This is what homosexuals do, they go to church, they get your respect and then they tell you what they like sexually. They hope by doing this they will win over people because they hope people will say" well they are nice and I have known them for some time so maybe I have no problem"
little jeremiah also knows that gays are totally sex maniacs, even when they are not:
that’s been part of their method - keep what they actually DO hidden away, and present themselves as cleancut, normal kindly people who are merely victims of nazi-like bigots.
kaehurowing has a story:
My cousin decided to turn gay when after he graduated from college and went into the entertainment business in L.A. I guess it was the cool thing to do then. Before that he had been heterosexual with girlfriends. I guess he was technically bi-sexual.

He eventually died of AIDS, along with his “partner” and all their gay friends. I just shook my head and said what a waste of a life.

scripter posts this towards the end of the thread. No explanation.
The trash needs to be taken out. No prisoners. Just ass kicking.

Who does this refer to? Gays? Fellow Freepers? Who cares, the point is that this problem can be solved with manly beatdowns.


  1. Karma's a bitch. Whatever group you hate, you'll end up with in your family. The opinions of the country is changing so quickly that nobody will ever again be elected on an anti-gay platform like Bush was in 2004.

  2. @ euphgeek
    Not at a national level, no, but there are plenty of places in this country where running on a platform of racism and homophobia guarantees a voting block. at the local -and sometimes even state- level. Just look at Arizona.

  3. @thatoneguy,
    Of course, I meant at the national level.

  4. "Dear Freeperland, I have a relative who is exerting her individuality and freedom of choice. How can I stop this? Her personal life is my business, you know."