Thursday, December 8, 2011

What If Tim Tebow Were a Muslim?

I guess Freepers aren't feeling victimized enough these days, so they've decided to speculate on how much Tim Tebow is oppressed by comparing his demonstrative faith to a hypothetical Muslim version of himself.

There is something of a point here, in that mass media ribbing of Muslims has does not occur due to crazy Muslims playing the heckler's veto card. But as is always the case on Free Republic, they somehow sense the approach of sanity, and so work extra hard to stay in crazyville:

Grunthor knows where Muslims go:
Well he’d be bound for hellfire. Thank God he’s not, huh?

That forgiveness sure seems hard to find these days!

353FMG wants the NFL to celebrate Christmas with bible passages everywhere, or something:

If TT were a muslim they would allow passages from the koran posted all around the stadium during ramadan.

Broncos akhbar!!
vetvetdoug thinks all Muslims are sex beasts:
If Tebow were a Muslim he'd be buggering lesser men and raping women. It was just not meant for him to be a Muslim.
Reminds me of the fear of black bucks back in the day. What is it about bigotry that goes to rape all the time?
Hoodat knows who is responsible for teams winning football games:
Denver's record would be 1-11.
Patton@Bastogne has this magnum opus"
If Tim Tebow were a Pig-Faced Muslem ... THEN ...

1) President "Zero" Obama would want to have sex with him in the White House Locker Room ...

2) NASA would qualify Tebow as the Next Moon Mission Astronaunt ...

3) Chris Matthews would have tingles up BOTH legs ...

4) Ron Paul would apologize to Tim Tebow (on the football field's fifty-yard line) for the "Crusader's attempts to Steal Allah's Homeland to give to the Zionist Jooos" ...

5) "Rev. Jesse Jackson" would congratulate Tim Tebow as the FIRST "Hymie-Town" Knut Rockny-style NFL quaterback ...

Camel-Dung Praise be to Allah and his prophet Muhammed ... the Deviant Child-Molsters they are ... and Swine Piss be upon them BOTH ...
So to recap, things that are Muslim lovers: Obama, NASA, Chris Mathews, Ron Paul, and Jesse Jackson.
Also, it's weird how they often lapse into the caidence of Islamic prayer when mocking Islam.


  1. "buggering the lesser men"?

    The more I think about that the more I think vetvetdoug has issues.