Friday, December 9, 2011


It's amazing I haven't tweaked to this Freeper sooner. She is prolific and crazy. Indeed, she has a following outside of Freeper-focused sites, including Democratic Underground, and quite a few quotes on Fundies Say the Darndest Things. And you can see why. She is full of unsupported facts about sodomy, as well as ranting about hot Catholicism is a constant victim and also full of demons.

She does get pretty repetitive after a while. She has about half a dozen anti-sodomy "facts" that she works in everywhere she can. A favorite trick is to go on a media thread, and prove their bias by how they try to take down the Catholic Church but never mention homosexuality.

Bout time we get in on the fun.

On the Third World:
We are an immoral nation. Our sodomite leaders are forcing 3rd World Nations to remove their sodomy laws through “foreign aid” so that they can relive their past where homosexual kings forced their soldiers and boys to form sex acts on him or else be killed or put in prison.

We have forced the vile morality of Satan into our military and removed the Christian paradigm—the one where are Rights are from God—not Barney Frank.

We have no Objective Truth as the guiding force of Right and Wrong because of the sodomite in office and the sodomite in the DOE who is forcing sick, vile ideas into the heads of 5 year olds and telling them (to destroy reason) that this vile behavior is “good” and should be “celebrated”.

We can never be moral again if we do not force the Day of Silence and other celebrations of evil out of the public schools.

Like the Pope has stated==The Age of Relativism—is one of no Truth. There will only be evil celebrated.
On Obama:
He prefers men, so there is no danger of getting anyone pregnant. He goes to the bath houses with Rahm in Chicago. He doen’t keep it under wraps-—he is protected by the press and mafia-—It is the Chicago Way.
On Newt:
Newt is worse than McCain—esp. since he has that sick sister which means his childhood was probably crappy-—and he’s in thrall to the New Agers-—Tofflers. It really is sickening if you look how he voted....for the DOE, etc.—The most unconstitutional department which ruins and make slaves of future voters.

Very sinister-—Newt is too smart not to understand Hobbs and John Stuart Mill, therefore, he is sinister.
On Sandusky:
he had FOUR adopted sons.....and one daughter. I heard there may be a molested grandson.

If this stuff is true-—and studying homosexuals and pederasty for so long, I bet it is....because many homosexuals have no morality whatsoever. When they rationalize their sick vile sexual acts as “good”—they can rationalize anything as “good”. They are narcissists and only care about themselves and their lust.
On the War on Christians:
The War on Christianity has been going on for Centuries. We used to have a Christian country-—and since the corruption of our legal system by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. and the adoption of Marxist/atheist paradigm and the banning of God from the public square and the schools (Public Schools used to teach the Bible quotes and ethics up until the socialist Dewey who threw out the McGuffey Readers).

Public schools have been corrupting and brainwashing children into mocking God and hating Judeo/Christian Ethics for decades through their Skinner curricula-—which allows one way to think (mass conformity) to Marxist ideology (atheism)—they control the media—ever since Archie Bunker days they started destroying the morality and corrupting the minds of children.

The schools and media are conditioning their “students” to hate and ridicule the Tim Tebows in the world. Marxists hate Christianity—it’s philosophy creates independent, strong people loyal to family who will never follow mass movements of mobs—that sick ACORN mentality—typical of public schools and OWS.
And, because it was unclear, on homosexuality:
Performing homosexual acts is selfish and nihilism. It is evil to deny a child their biological father and chance for normal sexual identity development. If they have a boy he will be mutilating his penis at four like those lesbian’s Tyler ==who are forcing drugs now on their eight year old to prevent his natural development.....putting toxins into this confused and mentally ill kid....he is mentally ill because of his artificial evil, unnatural environment.
On....really on nothing, just being bughouse nuts:
nothing can change these people when corrupted in early childhood. It is why the first seven years are called the “Formative Years”.

That is why they (the muslim in chief) are pushing sodomy into kindergarten—to corrupt and dehumanize people, so they will grow up to be like the arabs—sodomy is part of their culture-—like the Ancient Greeks. That is why women are hated and they can brutalize human beings. Sodomy is the brutalization of humans—not even animals do their vile acts. Muslims rape the little boys (ask our Commanders and there speech to our men before they go into Afghanistan—it is disgusting and they are to “embrace” it and look the other way—it is their “culture” for thousands of years.

Zero was probably sodomized by Davis as a boy—that is why he has homosexual sex with people like Sinclair. It is a learned behavior—that is why it is being promoted in schools—most parents won’t allow the indoctrination into the death style at home. The movies all push perversion—to normalize the behavior—because it destroys morality and corrupts children.

Hitler was brutalized when a boy. Some German parenting practices and Russian practices were particularly harsh and inhumane during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Christian ethics had an effect but until Rousseau, the idea of keeping children innocent for their early childhood was unheard of except in Christ’s teachings.

Western Civilization with Christianity —Lincoln’s mother, father and stepmother were extremely loving to him, although his father didn’t like him reading, they treated him with respect all his life.

Charles Manson’s mother was a 16 year old prostitute—he was brutalized when young and neglected and sodomized while a boy.

Gacy—serial killer—was also brutalized and sodomized when 8.

There is a pattern. Children learn evil. They model evil. When children are not treated humanely and with dignity—they will never be able to treat any one else with dignity.

You know, she should be careful, for as you stare into the gay abyss....(though the fact that she's a woman all het up about butt sex does have my projection narrative a bit confused.)

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  1. It takes a special kind of crazy to write several paragraphs on why homosexuals are the root of all evil. And savagesusie isn't even the only person, or the only female, I've seen able to do that. All you can do is laugh as you realize that attitudes like hers are slowly but surely being relegated to the dustbin of history.

    By the way, your Rome2000 link isn't working.

  2. At the beginning of the post I was like meh... sounds like a regular homophobic freeper who sees Christian hating communists everywhere, then i got to the mutilated penis bit and wow....
    i think savagesusie takes the cake as the most insane freeper. she's even crazier than Rome2000. What kind of a woman is so obsessed with gay butt sex and pedophilia and manages to connect them to Islam, Communism and the Nazis ?

  3. Dear savagesusie,

    Please take your act to YouTube. We'd all love it.



  4. You gotta figure the "savage" part of savagesusie refers to Michael Savage. This stuff is pretty much de rigueur for his radio show. Maybe it's his female alter ego?

  5. I always thought the savage part was because of how much of a neanderthal she comes across as.

  6. I've been reading some of her quotes people have posted on FSTDT for a while. It's now got to the stage that I can start reading a post, get about two sentences in and think "this sounds a lot like Savagesu........ aah, it is!"
    She is a complete and utter head-the-ball.