Sunday, December 4, 2011

Goodbye, Cain.

Awwww. Cain dropped out. On the upside, some awesome Freep reactions:

Savage Beast is the first of many to invoke lynching:
The Democrat Party: The party of slavery, Jim Crow, segregation, racism, the Ku Klux Klan, and LYNCHING!
WKTimpco thinks white folks and Dems never go down for sex scandals:

Sad, and this was purely manufactured.

This wouldn’t have happened to a white
conservative or a black liberal.

Racism is alive and well in American liberalism.

Rashputin knows Dems hate black men. This may be news to Obama:
The democrat fascist thugs just can’t give up their love of lynching black men. They’ve been at it for a hundred and fifty years at least and they’re going to continue doing it as long as they have any power of any kind.
DoughtyOne thinks Cain was basically the modern MLK.
It’s a shame to watch a guy get taken down for doing the same thing Martin Luther King Jr. did, and he got a national holiday to boot.
Noob1999 has a plan - start attacking Obama!

Turnabout is fair play.


Jam his phony birth certificate down his corrupt throat!!

Oh shit, Freepers are going to attack Obama!

JudgemAll is too angry to make sense:
Now raping kids is going to be seen as self defense. All is twisted. It figures only hate of God in society will make it possible for those disorganized criminals to have a shot at thieving the world and desustaining everything. I am watching the idiots implode en-mass.
sodpoodle thinks Cain is totally going to stick around:

Herman Cain is superb; a realist and a fighter. He has not given up - he has reloaded. I admire his ‘solutions’ from the outside. Aligning with his supporters against the ‘media and Washington insiders’ is the way to go. This might be the TEA party leadership headquarters for pulling a real organization together OUTSIDE the GOP.

There are many conservatives who may not have supported his candidacy, but they sure as hell will support his organization.

What a concept - he’s brilliant.

That was a brilliant flame out!

struggle thinks everything is going as planned:

Something tells me this was a deal struck be Newt and Cain.

Cain sticks around, and talks crap about all the s*** that they’ll throw at Newt.

Cain gets nomination for VP. No Obama race card.

Pretty good strategy if that’s what it pans out to be. I would vote for Cain, but Newt (even with all his defects) can slam Obama like a mighty god in debate.

America is NoGrayZone's dead cat:
That is a pic of my 19 year old Kitty, 2 days before she died, with me, at home. That is how I feel right now. Same month too. I knew she was dying, which is why I was home. That is how I feel about our country. Devastated.
Safrguns keeps hope alive!
I’d like clarification from Cain on what “suspended” means too.

It means that he is giving the media what it wants, without giving them what they want.

It’s a strategic retreat that will most likely mean he will not win the initial primaries/caucuses, but also leaves him in the perfect position to be the last man standing prior to the republican convention.

Dengar01 want someone's head for this:
I pray Ginger White gets what happened to the two white young adults in Knoxville, TN, where the blacks got off because they were black.

I pray that all her children, grand children and great grandchildren are cursed. I'm usually not into paganism but in this case I will pray that hell comes down on her like nothing else.

She is an evil B&%#& See you next Tuesday, Gloria Allred should be in jail and David Axelrod should be deported.
rarestia thinks it's Civil War 2 time...

Obama’s “people” aren’t going to take a bullet for him, and when masses of the well-armed populace start sweeping the streets clean of the communists, it’s only a matter of time. I, for one, would stand for America.

null and void knows Obama's plan to go down in history:

History is written by the victors.

If this covert muslim single handedly brings down "The Great Satan", his praises will be sung in mosques for millennia.

What better write-up, how much more glory could any human hope for?

I see my hands has the answer:
Think about the day Zero is reelected. You will look back on this pathetic slate of contenders for the Republican nomination with derision. Now is the time to take it to them. Now is the time to tell them all to step down.

No Palin, no peace.


  1. this must be the most hilarious post yet

  2. I agree Anonymous #1. That was funny stuff. Although, I do feel a bit sorry for JudgemAll, he's practically frothing at the mouth.

  3. Cain! Cain! Come back!

    I'm gonna miss Cain way more than the freepers could imagine. The man was comedy gold.